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Drugs Used to Treat Disorders of Eyes & Ears

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Glaucoma Mydriasis Induction Ophthalmic anesthetics

Degenerative disease of optic nerve Frequently associated with ⇑ intraocular pressure (IOP)

Beta Beta Blockers Blockers

Therapy aimed at ⇓ IOP

pilocarpine pilocarpine (Isopto (Isopto Carpine®) Carpine®) Causes Causes miosis miosis

timolol timolol (Timoptic®), (Timoptic®), betaxolol betaxolol (Betoptic®) (Betoptic®)

Cholinergic Cholinergic

Anticholinergics 

Atropine solutions  Atropisol®

Scopolamine solutins

Adrenergic Agonists 

Phenylephrine (AKDilate®)

 Isopto Hyoscine®

•• Local Localanesthetic anesthetic •• Tetracaine Tetracaine(Pontocaine®) (Pontocaine®) •• Ester, Ester,not notamide amide ∀∴ ∀∴chemically chemicallyunrelated unrelatedto tolidocaine lidocaine

Antibiotics 

chloramphenicol  Chloromycetin Otic®

gentamicin sulfate otic  Garamycin®

Ear wax break up 

carbamide peroxide  Auro Ear Drops®

glycerin  Ear Wax Removal®

Swimmer’s Ear 

isopropyl alcohol  AuroDri® Ear Drops

boric acid/isopropyl  Aurocaine 2®

•• Ototoxic Ototoxicside sideeffects effects •• •• •• •• ••

aspirin aspirin NSAIDS NSAIDS erythromycin erythromycin vancomycin vancomycin vurosemide vurosemide(Lasix®) (Lasix®)

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