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Percival Raymond Begg (1898 -1983)

Biographical account of Dr. Begg, his life and contributions to Orthodontics.

His Family. Grandfather – sea captain – brought first Oriental sailing ship to Australia. Parents born in England, Married in Western Australia. Wife – Nellie , three children – Mr. David Begg, Dr. Janet Solly and Mrs. Diana Coates.

His early life. Born – Oct. 13,1898, goldfields of Coolgardie, Western Australia. Early education in Adelaide. Excelled in athletics. Worked as a Jackeroo – Boonoke, sheep and cattle station, New South Wales. Graduated in 1923 – B.D.Sc degree of Melbourne and the L.D.S diploma of Victoria, Australia

In Orthodontics. 1924 – Dr. Begg – Angle school of Orthodontia in Pasadena, California. Intr. In (mar.1924 – Nov. 1925 ).1916 Dr. Begg and Dr. Fred Ishii of Japan – first to treat patients with Dr. Angle’s new Edgewise appl. Commenced orthodontic practice in Adelaide. Professional career – spanned > 55 yrs.

As a Teacher. Jan. 1926, appointed – lecturer in Orthodontics, University of Adelaide. (Retd. -1964). For 2 yrs. – followed Angle’s teaching of full complement of teeth. Confronted serious relapse Started routine extraction of teeth – studies of Stone Age Man’s attritional occlusion of teeth.

A great visionary. Problems – Edgewise appliance – close extraction spaces and reduce deep ant. overbites – Evolution of Begg tech. 1930 – round archwire. Stopped using Edgewise brackets – 1933 Ribbon arch bracket with openings of the slots facing gingivally.

Ribbon arch bracket + round archwire – free tipping. Permit teeth to move independently of one another. Permits teeth to follow paths of least resistance – through cancellous bone. Roots not forced against - more resistant cortical plates.

AJ Wilcock wires. Early 1940’s – acquainted with Arthur J Wilcock – Metallurgist at the university of Melbourne. In collaboration with Dr. Begg – Cold drawn, heat treated wire, combined – hardness and resilience. Unique property – zero stress relaxation. 1954 – tested and rejected titanium wiresMr.Wilcock and Prof. J.N. Greenwood

Attritional Occlusion. Studied natural wearing away of Man’s teeth – Skulls of Australian aborigines. Doctoral thesis – “ Evolutionary Reduction and Degeneration of Man’s Jaws and teeth” – 1939. Relates to attrition ( lack of it ) – etiology of malocclusions and other dental problemsmodern man.

Publications First article – 1926 – interest in normal occlusion and etiology of malocclusion. Dissertation – “ Some Aspects of Etiology of Irregularity and Malocclusion of teeth” – D.D.Sc. – 1935 – University of Adelaide. “ Stone Age Man’s Dentition ” – AJO – 1954. Dealt with attritional occlusion. Mentioned “Round Wire Technique”

“ Light Archwire Technique ” – AJO – 1956. Concept of Differential force. Treatment of over 200 patients could be completed each year. Begg Orthodontic Theory and Technique – 3 edns.( 1st Edn. 1965) – translated into 5 languages.

1957 – Dr. H.D Kesling & Dr. George Dinham – Met Dr. Begg. Dr. Kesling – implemented new tech. in U.S.A with Dr. R. A. Rocke. 1959 June – Kesling and Rocke Orthodontic Group, Westville, Indiana – 1 st Course in Begg Technique – 31 students.

Refinements. Finished cases with detail and precision. 3 distinct stages. Root torquing auxiliaries. Mesio-distal uprighting spring. Importance of Free tipping of tooth crowns. Suggested taking stage models.

Memberships. Founding member – Australian Society of Orthodontists -1927. Honorary life member of Australian Dental Association. Associate member of American Association of Orthodontists. Fellow of International College of Dentists. Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons.

Fellow of the Academy International of Dentistry. Member of Pierrre Fauchard academy. Honorary professor of Orthodontics – Nippon Dental College. Honorary member of Australian section of the International Academy of Gnathology. President emeritus of various international societies in the name of Dr. Begg.

Honors & Exhibits. Albert H Ketcham award – 1977 – Highest award – AAO & ABO – advancement of Orthodontics. Officer of the Order of Australia ( AO) June 1981- Australian Government. Permanent display of Begg Technique – Smithsonian Institution( Washington DC) & Library of American Dental Association, Chicago,Illinois.

Retirement Dr. Begg Retd. In Oct. 1980 – 55 yrs of practice. Willingness to share – knowledge and experience – attract correspondence & visits from overseas colleagues. Interest in Orthodontics remained a consuming passion.

Tick Begg devoted his life to the shaping of new faces, new dentitions, and new lives. The Orthodontic profession and its patients were the benefactors of an outstanding mind and many innovative concepts.

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Copy of biographical account of dr begg/ dental implant courses by Indian dental academy  
Copy of biographical account of dr begg/ dental implant courses by Indian dental academy  

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