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Extraction of Second Molars

Extraction of second molars 1997 JCO, Efthimia K. Basdra, Gerda Komposch. Advantages: • Significant reduction in treatment time and appliance use • Faster and less problematic distalization of upper first molars • More promotion of bite opening • Less adverse effect on profile • More ease and predictability of upper third molar eruption Disadvantages include: • More loss of tooth substance • Increased distance of extracted teeth from location of crowding • Increased tendency of lower second molars to overerupt • More need for patient cooperation

Second molar extractions, open the bite.

Premolar extractions closes the bite.

Maxillary second molars are not often extracted in place of the more usual premolars. However, Graber recommends this approach in Class II, division 1 cases with excessive labial inclination of the maxillary incisors, no anterior spacing, minimal overbite, and upper third molars in good position. Jarabak suggests second molar extraction for non-skeletal Class II patients with a distinct horizontal, counterclockwise growth pattern. Rees and Witt indicate removal of the upper second molars in Class II cases with deep bite and a well-formed lower arch.

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