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May 2015 Issue

Activities Report for the month of MAY 2015 ______

05.05 19h

CELEBRATION: BUDHHA PURNIMA - by ICC and Casa de Dharma – São Paulo

Celebration of Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana of Buddha Shakyamuni. The function was divided in three parts: Meditation practice (Vipassana – the technique taught by Lord Buddha Himself); Lecture illustrated with slides on Budha’s teachings; Ceremony of bathing the infant Buddha. Lecture and meditation were conducted by Arthur Shaker, practitioner and counselor of Casa de Dharma, a Therevadin Buddhist Centre in the heart of São Paulo that draws directly from the source of original teachings of Buddha. Mr. Shaker lived in India for many years were he learned Sanskrit, yoga and much of Indian art and philosophy of all streams. At the end, he has distributed to the audience the new Portuguese translation of the ‘Dhammapada’, a higher Buddhist treatise that registers the original words of the Buddha.

____________________________________ CELEBRATION: PEACE CELEBRATION - by Prem Rawat Association

07.05 19h

* Screening of special videos about wellness and peace culture produced by the Prem Rawat Association; * Bollywood dance performance of Bollywood Brasil troupe; * Poetry recital with writer Mr. Antônio Celidonio Rocha; * Inauguration of the Gandhi Panel produced by the ‘Ecos da Paz’ group; * Dance and musical textures performance with the musician Mr. Jorge Peña. The main purpose of this educational program for peace is to help its participants to discover their own internal resources. It is an innovative educational program conducted completely by volunteers by using audio-visual materials on different subjects.


14.05 19h

LECTURE: CONFIDENCE (‘choose the calm’ series) - by Brahma Kumaris Brazil

The Brahma Kumaris Brazil has been doing a series of workshops under the campaign ‘Choose the Calm’ designed by Brahma Kumaris India as a program dedicated to the spread of teachings and meditational techniques along with values for construction of a peace culture. This month’s activity was conducted by the couple Alvaro de Oliveira and Solange Viana coordinators of this campaign in Sao Paulo. The activity had audio-visual material as support and a meditation session.

____________________________________ COOKING CLASS: THE SECRETS of INDIA (spices) - by Ruchi Adlakha

15.05 19h

This very special class organized by the ICC was well received by all the participants of our Cooking Classes. Participants have been requesting to learn more about the secrets of the spices and the famous basic ‘masalas’ of Indian Culinary arts, so famous all around the world. We have prepared a class especially on that subject for them! Mrs. RUCHI ADLAKHA has taught special preparations of curry and also basic mixtures for perfect chais, a favorite of Brazilians.


19.05 19h|

LECTURE: THE ‘KATHA’ IN SHORT STORY - by Dr. Ms. Cielo Griselda – member of BrIndARC

With Dr. Ms. CIELO GRISELDA - Professor of English language culture and literature and member of BrIndARC – Brasil-Índia Associação de Redes de Conhecimento, that has its headquarters in the ‘USP’. She presented the discussion of the ‘short story’ genre in India and the several different thematic presentations of different parts of the Indian subcontinent. The Brindarc launched in December 2014 by Ambassador Sunil Lal at the ICC, is a network with a panel composed of competent Brazilian scholars specialized in many academic fields such as History, Literature, Archeology and Art, Sociology and Anthropology all devoted to study and promote the interactions of such fields between India and Brazil.

____________________________________ SEMINAR: HEALTH & YOGA


- by ICC Sao Paulo


In order to warm up for the upcoming International Day of Yoga the ICC Sao Paulo in association with CGI, had organized a seminar with renowned representatives of Yoga in Brazil. The seminar was named Yoga & Health with speeches and round table discussions with Professors Marcos Rojo and Cesar Deveza, Monja Cohen and Ms. Wali Biazon. Prof. Marcos Rojo is a veteran of Yoga in Brazil and is a teacher of physical education in the USP (University of São Paulo) and founder of the IEPY (institute for teaching and research of Yoga). Dr. Cesar Deveza is Physician and Ayurveda Vaidya, Yoga teacher and founder of the project YAM for the introduction of Yoga to juvenile offenders undergoing socio-educational programs. Ms. Wali Biazon is an educator and Yoga teacher who is the founder president of the Yoga Association of São Paulo. Monja Cohen is a renowned Buddhist nun of the Zen tradition famous for her charismatic way of teaching and for advocating the Yoga practice on which she is so actively engaged. This was her first discourse in the ICC. The Seminar attracted approx. 200 people and we plan to make it part of the fixed annual panel of functions of the ICC Sao Paulo. Photos:



26.05 19h

One more function integrated the cycle of Yoga related activities in connection to the International Day of Yoga. The workshop offered an experience into the meditational techniques taught by the Yoga guru Sri Sri Ravishankar, creator of the methods of the International Foundation - Art of Living. On the lecture, AoL Brazil introduced and explored their new program called ‘Happiness Program’.


28.05 19h|


Lectures of Indo Asia Tours are regularly held at the ICC as part of its tourism promotional activities. This time the tour presented was ‘The Incredible Cultures of East' (Índia, Bhutan and Thailand) – India one the richest and oldest civilizations of the world – Bhutan, the country of happiness and Thailand with its millenarian Buddhist tradition. CRISTIANE CURY is well learned on both Indian Culture and on Tourism as well and her lecture was incredibly engaging as she was able to give many interesting cultural facets of the Indian localities of the enchanting southern India.


Besides, all our regular activities such as Yoga, Odissi, Bharata Natyam and Kathak classes, and Library Services are being conducted as per schedule. Facebook of ICC Sao Paulo: YouTube Channel: Facebook of CGI Sao Paulo: Website of CGI Sao Paulo:

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Monthly Events' Report - May 2015  
Monthly Events' Report - May 2015