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Functions Of Banks In India Presented by: Praveen kumar Http://indianbankdetails.Com

Introduction: ď ľ

Banks are the main financial source of Indian economy. There are 165 banks and more than 1 lakh branches are in India. All the banks and their branches are monitoring under RBI(Reserve Bank Of India)

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RBI is responsibility for all the economic problems in India. They have formed several set of rules and regulations.

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Banks are performing so many functions for their customers and the main function are listed in this presentation.


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Accepting Deposits Granting of Loans and Advances

Agency Functions General Utility Functions

RBI has issued IFSC code for all banks and their branches which are helps in EFT(Electronic Fund Transfer)


Functions Of Bank In India

Conclusion: ď ľ

These are the most important functions performed by the banks in India. Bank audit will be conduct by the RBI in year end.

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Function of banks in india  
Function of banks in india  

In India there are 165 banks and more than 1,00,000 branches are running successfully in urban and rural areas. The Important functions foll...