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The NEW McMillen Library Hoover Makes a Pitch for Success with Yankees New Program Offers Leadership Insight

Moving Forward

Volume one, Number two Copyright © 2005 Indiana Institute of Technology

Happy New Year! Hope your holiday season was filled with health and happiness, and now you are ready for 2005. It is always exciting to start a new year: making resolutions, parting with clothes that don’t fit anymore, cleaning out files of unnecessary papers, and experiencing a sense of a new beginning.

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On the cover: The Abbott Center is blanketed after the first big snow of the season.

A song from the movie Dr. Zhivago goes, “How do I begin to tell the story of how great a life has been, the great love story…” This song was brought to mind some time ago when we began to think about Indiana Tech’s 75th Diamond Jubilee Celebratory year and the Indiana Tech story. I have heard so many wonderful love stories about Indiana Tech, sometimes told with tears because someone at Tech cared enough to push a student to try calculus one more time, or not to give up on statistics. Your university started 75 years ago in June and we have a year of celebration activities planned. I encourage each and every one of you to take part in those activities that will excite, engage, and enlighten you. Let’s add one more resolution to your New Year’s list: make plans to attend a Hometown Tour/Alumni Cluster meeting; set sail with us on our Alaskan Adventure; join us for Homecoming 2005; see a Warrior or Lady Warrior ball game; search our web site for the latest activities; and visit your school. If you have Indiana Tech pictures or memorabilia you no longer want, please send them to Indiana Tech to share with others. This year we will “Celebrate the Past – Believe in the Future” and we want YOU to be a part of the celebration. With warm regards, Beth Regedanz Vice President, Institutional Advancement

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From the President


Tech Web Site Reborn


The NEW McMillen Library


Career Fair a Sucess on Many Fronts


Students Earn Who’s Who Recognition


New Program Provides Leadership Insight


Open Houses


Armed and Ready: Hoover Makes a Pitch for Success with Yankees


Global Business Expert Addresses University and Community


University Forum to Feature BellSouth President


Alumni Briefs and Alumni News




Faculty & Staff News

From the President Greetings! What is your New Year’s resolution? Our yearly resolution is to provide not only a quality education but also experiences that change lives. Developing the “head, heart, and hands” of our learning community is what Indiana Tech is all about. We provide an environment that fosters academic excellence, personal growth, and societal contribution to our community. A hallmark of our educational philosophy at Indiana Tech is the concept of connectivity. We expect our faculty members, staff, and administration to communicate clearly and directly with all of our learners. We believe that our relationship-based education model is an approach that provides great assurance of success for our learners. As an academic institution, Indiana Tech continuously strives for improvement of our current programs and carefully selects those we plan to offer in the future. This year we have strengthened our business programs by adding additional math and statistics requirements. We want to be certain that our business graduates leave Indiana Tech well prepared to join the business world with a strong skill set. Several new academic programs have been launched. Biomedical Engineering and Organizational Leadership are two of note, while many more are planned for the near future. As we begin our 75th anniversary year, it is awesome to note the wonderful progression that has occurred at this great university. To our alumni, if it has been a while since your last visit, I encourage you to return. I am confident you will be amazed. Best regards, Arthur E. Snyder, Ed. D President

Tech Web Site Reborn Of all the mysterious things happening on Oct. 31, 2004, one of the biggest treats of Halloween was the unveiling of the updated Indiana Tech web site. Besides changing the URL from to, the former web site had its “mask” lifted to reveal a completely new, clean look for Indiana Tech’s web presence. The new design encompasses a simple, easier to view home page and convenient navigation for the many points of interest on the site. The site is dynamic in that the home page photo image changes each time a person re-enters the site. The headlines on the front page update the visitor on all that has happened at Indiana Tech, while the events section shows upcoming activities. The site combines information that was formerly listed on the site with the information that was on the former site. Now traditional and non-traditional students can easily find information about degrees offered, course curriculum, faculty profiles, financial aid, student life, and how to enroll at Indiana Tech. They can even apply online. There are also links for alumni, friends, and those who wish to give. There is a direct link to the Indiana Tech Warrior web sites which will soon be consolidated into one athletic site with a look resembling the site. Watch for that site to be launched by the end of February 2005. Take time to visit the university web site to see the changes and find out what is going on at Indiana Tech. Many thanks go to Shannon Neumann and the web site committee for their work in redesigning the site and making sure the information is accurate and complete.

The NEW McMillen Library

FOR OLDER GENERATIONS, THE MENTION OF A UNIVERSITY LIBRARY may evoke images of row upon row of thick books and students quietly hunched over card catalogs. The reality of today’s library bears closer resemblance to an Internet café. With the opening of Andorfer Commons on the Fort Wayne Campus, Indiana Tech’s library moved out of the building in which it had been housed for more than 40 years. It still bears the name McMillen Library, but it is now a much different facility. Visitors to the library in Andorfer Commons are greeted by an entryway with a fireplace, comfortable chairs and sofas, and the new Friendship Book Collection for leisure reading. Beyond the entryway, there are round tables for study groups, a multimedia room, and a reference area. The open floor plan allows easy access to the shelves of books. But for many students the main attractions are the clusters of computers providing access to databases, the Internet, and the online catalog.

One of the many computer workstations where students can access numerous databases and the Internet.

Library Director Garry Wilson sees a fair number of students using the library, but has hopes for more. “We averaged about 280 students a day at the end of the semester,” he said. “Of

course, they all want to use the computers.” In Wilson’s vision for the library, students would make frequent visits to the library on their own and at the urging of their professors. Assigned reading from faculty would inspire students to delve into the materials available at the library. Wilson hopes a portion of a $200,000 gift from the McMillen Foundation, which has been given to the faculty to select new resources for the library, will help make this vision a reality soon. Wilson, however, is well aware that the future viability of the library lies in increased use of technology. Recent technology initiatives in the library, all available from the library’s web site, have included: • Implementation of a library discussion forum that allows library customers to collaborate with library staff and others about the services of the library; • Subscription to NetLibrary, an E-book database, in collaboration with Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) and Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority (INCOLSA). • Trials of various online databases such


The help desk.

Library Director Garry Wilson

as Psych Info, Science Direct, Safari Books Online, and Reference USA.

The new online catalog will update a system that is already out of date at only six years old.

Two new, and very large, technology projects for McMillen Library are currently in the works. Another portion of the McMillen gift will be used to implement a virtual reference desk and a new online catalog.

“The current catalog offers no real-time data update capabilities for the remote campuses. Before I came to Indiana Tech, circulation at the remote campuses was mostly handled on the honor system,” Wilson noted.

“Virtual reference is a fairly new concept in librarianship that is being implemented in various forms by most libraries across the country,” Wilson said. “Research shows that most academic libraries have only implemented the e-mail aspect of it, and are continually working on systems that promise to offer some form of live interaction between the library customer and the librarian. “Our virtual reference desk will allow our students and our other library customers to e-mail questions to McMillen library’s reference staff, and when the system is fully implemented it will allow those users to get their answers via live real-time text chat with our reference librarian.” “The new system will also allow our library customers to see live video of our reference librarian, while getting Students can relax and study by the library’s fireplace. answers to their research questions,” Wilson added. “The advantage of live video is that the library school of thought suggests that for a library customer to trust an answer they The new catalog will use a district model, allowing the have to see the librarian face to face. Our virtual reference Academic Resource Centers at Indiana Tech locations across system, when completed, will possibly be the first such system the state to circulate their books and resources using the new to offer such seamless live interactivity between a library and catalog’s database. These transactions will be captured in the its customer. Some libraries have tried to offer live reference catalog’s database in real-time, using web server technologies. video and text chat, but have failed in their efforts. The This will ensure that all resource information contained in reason they have failed is because their systems required the the catalog for each campus is accurate at all times. library customer to install software on their computer, each and every time before the customer could use the library’s As technology and students change, the library will continue virtual reference service. Our system will utilize Java, and to virtually transform before the last chapter is written. JavaScript technologies, which automatically and seamlessly will install all software needed by our library customers without the need for their assistance.” If you have comments or questions about the library’s services, please hop online and visit


Career Fair a Success on Many Fronts Indiana Tech’s Career Planning and Development Center hosted its first comprehensive Career Fair in Andorfer Commons on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004. The result was a huge success for students, employers, the Fort Wayne community, and Indiana Tech. Sixty-two companies participated from the area, and nearly 300 Indiana Tech students attended the event The Conference Center in Andorfer Commons which was designed to help was packed for the event. launch their careers with locally based businesses. Companies and organizations of all sizes were present with booths and displays touting their employment opportunities. Some students had already received invitations for interviews by the end of the week. If ever there was a sign that the local economy was improving, this was it. It also showed that Indiana Tech is helping to reduce the area’s “brain drain” by linking area businesses and organizations with some of northeast Indiana’s best young talent. The event is already on the schedule for next year. Career Day 2005 will be Thursday, Dec. 1. The only problem now may be finding enough space to place all of the exhibitors as this year’s event packed the upper level of Andorfer Commons. What a nice problem to have!

Students Earn Who’s Who Recognition The 2005 edition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges will include 31 students from Indiana Tech. Students are nominated for Who’s Who based on academic achievement, service to the community, leadership in extracurricular activities, and potential for continued success. The Indiana Tech students chosen for inclusion are: Ryan P. Camp, Hobart, Ind. Jujuan L. Cooley, Flint, Mich. Candy L. Couch, Georgetown, Del. Heather M. Creagh, Clinton Township, Mich. Michael J. Earnhart, Clifton, Ill. Steven M. Eckhart, Sylvania, Ohio JoVonna R. Ferguson, Columbia, Mo. Nejith M. Fernando, Dehiwela, Sri Lanka Cory T. Foster, Aurora, Ind. Christopher A. Goings, Miamisburg, Ohio DeNisha N. Gray, Fort Wayne, Ind. Alicia N. Harrison, Flint, Mich. Casey L. Hunsucker, Indianapolis, Ind. Adam E. Huskey, Smithville, Ark. Kelby D. Kershner, Decatur, Ind. Matthew P. LaMaster, Columbus, Ohio


Stephani N. Lincoln, Fort Wayne, Ind. Jesse E. Lively, Clint Township, Mich. Denise R. Muir, Fort Wayne, Ind. Jacob B. Newhard, Fort Wayne, Ind. Michelle M. Quinn, Fort Wayne, Ind. Kara L. Walker, Ferndale, Wash. Nicole M. Smith, Fort Wayne, Ind. David L. Snider, Fort Wayne, Ind. Christopher J. Snyder, Fort Wayne, Ind. Jolynn M. Stalsonburg, Lowell, Mich. Zachary J. Stauffer, Lowell, Mich. Amber E. Stewart, Fort Wayne, Ind. Aaron E. Tribby, Royal Center, Ind. Brian E. Turner, Fort Wayne, Ind. Shirleen F. Wilson, Landover, Md.

Open Houses Share your enthusiasm for Indiana Tech by inviting a friend, relative, or co-worker to attend an admissions open house. These meetings are a great opportunity for potential students to speak with admissions counselors and find out what the university has to offer. Upcoming admissions events in the traditional program on the Fort Wayne campus are: Jan. 21 – Open House Feb. 26 – Open House March 19 – Business and Arts Day/Netacads Event April 1 – JET/SET event/Business and Arts Day April 23 – Early Registration

New Program Provides Leadership Insight The newest program in the College of Professional Studies lays the groundwork to build organizational leaders for business, industry and beyond. The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership debuts in spring 2005 at all of Indiana Tech’s locations. The degree was developed specifically for adult students with some college and some supervisory experience. The course work is targeted toward people with education or experience in the functional aspects of business who want to prepare themselves to move ahead as a team leader or manager in any type of business or organization. The curriculum is built around development of four key competency areas: operations and administrative competencies, human relations and interpersonal competencies, decision-making and critical thinking competencies, and communication competencies. “We chose to focus on these competencies because skills in these four areas will prepare Indiana Tech graduates for leadership success in any type of workplace, whether it’s a for-profit corporation, nonprofit organization, or public institution,” said Jim Schaffer, associate professor of business administration. “This organizational leadership degree provides a great deal of career flexibility, because these skills can be applied to any industry, from health care to manufacturing.” Required courses include new offerings such as OL 3000 Employee Development, OL 3100 Business Ethics, OL 3200 Managing Organizational Change and Continuous Improvement, and a capstone course in organizational leadership. “Leadership is all about influencing, motivating, and creating change,” Schaffer said. “Graduates with this degree will be prepared for the challenges inherent in those three tasks.”

Students in the College of Professional Studies who refer a friend who enrolls in the program may be eligible for a free gift. Upcoming open houses for the College of Professional Studies are: Jan. 10 Jan. 12 Jan. 12 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Jan. 25 Jan. 26 Feb. 8 Feb. 10 Feb. 17 Feb. 21 Feb. 22 Feb. 23 Feb. 24 Feb. 24 March 7 March 8 March 10 March 15 March 15 March 22 March 24 April 4 April 5 April 12 April 19 April 20 April 21

Indianapolis campus Huntington office Greenwood office Elkhart campus Fort Wayne campus Greenwood office South Bend office Warsaw office Indianapolis campus Greenwood office Indianapolis campus Warsaw office Fort Wayne campus Indianapolis campus Kendallville Chamber of Commerce Huntington office Greenwood office Greenwood office Elkhart campus Indianapolis campus Fort Wayne campus South Bend office Indianapolis campus Greenwood office Indianapolis campus Greenwood office Elkhart campus South Bend campus Greenwood office Indianapolis campus


Jesse Hoover, right, with fellow teammate and outfielder Rod Allen.

Armed and Ready Hoover Makes a Pitch for Success in Yankee Organiation


FOR A YOUNG BALLPLAYER, getting drafted by a Major League Baseball team is a dream. Getting drafted by the New York Yankees is a dream within a dream.

“The Brewers were interested, the Twins showed interest the longest,” he said. Several other teams might have been interested if he had gone later in the draft.

Jesse Hoover, an Indiana Tech Warriors pitcher for four years, got the call of a lifetime last June when he found out he had been drafted in the 5th round by the New York Yankees. Hoover knew that a few scouts had been looking at him.

“The Yankees have a good organization. They really take care of their players,” Hoover said. “But the opportunities to move up may not be as strong with the Yankees as with another team.”

Indiana Tech Coach Steve Devine tries to draw interest from major league scouts by sending out spring schedules, rosters, and other information to regional scouts. He also has a scout night in the fall for professional scouts to come and evaluate players. Devine praised Hoover’s work ethic in fostering his athletic development and catching the eye of the scouts. “Jesse had a very strong work ethic and the desire to learn new things that allowed him to develop physically as well as mentally,” Devine said. “He got bigger and stronger in the weight room and took the information that was given him and applied it.” Hoover graduated from Indiana Tech in May with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, human resources concentration. But instead of polishing his resume, he found himself packing his bags for a shortseason single A team after the draft. In 55 2/3 innings with the Staten Island Yankees he posted a 1.78 ERA and racked up 90 strikeouts. “You stay pretty busy with 73 games scheduled in 76 days,” Hoover said of life at Staten Island. “The schedule isn’t that hectic because you don’t have to be there until about 1, but then you’re there until 10:30, 11 o’clock.” Although life in the low minors wasn’t as bad as he had heard, it definitely wasn’t glamorous. Hoover and his teammates were housed in old college dorms. “They weren’t very nice,” he said. “We didn’t even have refrigerators, so we couldn’t buy groceries. We had to buy all of our meals everyday.” Road trips around the New York-Penn league were an adventure at times. Although many of the trips were short commutes and most were less than four hours, the longest was nine hours by bus. “The buses seemed nice, but there was always some kind of trouble,” Hoover said. Most of the problems were minor, like televisions not working, but on one occasion the team found itself stranded on the roadside. The 9-hour trip from Aberdeen, Md., to Hudson Valley, N.Y., turned out to be much longer when the bus broke down about half an hour outside of Aberdeen. “The bus broke down at 2 a.m.,” Hoover said. “You’d think they could get another bus from Aberdeen, but that didn’t happen. So we waited four hours on the side of the road. Around 5 a.m. a gas station convenience store finally opened so we could get some food.”

New York Yankees. Major-leaguer Kevin Brown pitched one day in a rehab assignment, and Steve Karsay was there for a few days. “They wanted to see how he’d hold up, so Karsay pitched in a couple of games, took a day off, then pitched in a couple more games. He was a lot of fun,” Hoover said. “Mariano Rivera came and talked to us. He explained his faith and how it’s helped him.” After the Staten Island season ended, Hoover returned to northeast Indiana to spend the fall and early winter working out on the Indiana Tech campus. The Yankee organization provided a 150-page booklet with prescribed workouts for each day of the off-season. Depending on the day, the regimen may include weightlifting, cardio conditioning, or speed and agility drills. There is no throwing involved until January. “With the young guys, they want you to rest your arm,” Hoover said. “I probably threw 80 innings in the college season, then another 50 or 60 in the short season.” Although he doesn’t know yet where he’ll be assigned next year – he’s projected to go to the Yankees high Single A team in Tampa, Fla. – he enjoyed the time in Staten Island. “The team didn’t play real well, our record was terrible. But we had a lot of fun.” Wherever Hoover ends up, his success is also a success for Indiana Tech. A player drafted in a high round by a premier team gives Devine something to brag about in recruiting. “It gives the program some credibility as saying you do not have to play Division 1 baseball to have success past college,” Devine said. For young ballplayers, Hoover simply advises them to work hard. “The bottom line is you gotta do what the coaches tell you,” Hoover said. “And don’t be afraid to do more. They can tell you to run so much or lift this much. But it never hurts to do more.”


L 1

SV ERA 1 1.78

G IP 16 55.2

H 28

R 14

ER BB KO HR 11 26 90 0

Being in Staten Island had the advantage of being near the


University Forum to Feature BellSouth President

Louise Palmstierna, right, with student Jolynn Stalsonburg after the forum.

Global Business Expert Addresses University and Community The College of Business and Arts hosted a Business Forum on the campus of Indiana Tech on Thursday, Nov. 4 featuring guest speaker Louise Palmstierna. Palmstierna spoke to a university and community audience in the Andorfer Commons conference room on the subject of global business, drawing on her experience managing and producing seminars, product launches, and conferences for clients such as Microsoft, Volvo, and Volkswagen. Palmstierna was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and her education and career have carried her around the world. She earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Stockholm University and spent a semester on scholarship studying at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla. After completing her studies, she was employed by EF Education, an international language education company. Her business career began when she worked as event manager for EF’s entry in the Whitbread Round the World Race. This gave her the opportunity to travel the world for a year-and-a-half producing staff and public events. Palmstierna now runs “Powered by … Louise Palmstierna,” which allows her to help companies and their employees learn to communicate better. At the Business Forum, Palmstierna shared her thoughts on exploring new cultures and situations with the hope of inspiring others to expand their horizons. The Business Forum was one of the first events commemorating Indiana Tech’s 75th Anniversary celebration. Several more events, including additional speakers, will be scheduled throughout 2005.


Indiana Tech’s ongoing speaker series reconvenes on Tuesday, March 22, 2005 when the University Forum will feature Rod Odom, president – network services for BellSouth Corp. The evening event will take place at Indiana Tech’s Andorfer Commons and is the second in a series that featured Louise Palmstierna in November 2004. Odom began his career with Southern Bell in West Palm Beach, Fla., in 1972 as an account executive and held a number of sales operations and training assignments over the next several years with Southern Bell and AT&T. Odom joined BellSouth, based in Atlanta, in 1983 as director of new venture planning. Since that time he has held a variety of sales, marketing, and operations positions including vice president of marketing for BellSouth Telecommunications, president of Small Business Services and BellSouth Business Systems. In January 2000 he was named executive vice president of network operations and in January 2002 was named to his current position. He serves on the Board of Oglethorpe University, the Board of Sheltering Arms, the Board of Piedmont Hospital, the University of Florida Engineering Advisory Board and the Florida Foundation. He is a member of Mt. Piscah United Methodist Church. Mark this date on your calendar to be sure to reserve your seat for an interesting evening at Indiana Tech’s University Forum. More details will be posted on as they become available.

Alumni Briefs February brings Phonathon

Help us celebrate 75 years of success! Indiana Tech looks forward to many more years of success, but this is only possible through our alumni and friends’ support. February marks our annual Phonathon, which means students will be placing calls to alumni and friends throughout the month. They hope to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the line when they ask you to help us “believe in the future” of Indiana Tech by making a pledge or donation. Your support means so much to the students, current and future, as we plan for the annual and future needs of this great university. Our phone number may not appear on your caller ID, so please give us a chance to talk to you. If you would prefer not to be called, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement now at (800) 937-2448, ext. 2219, or give online at www. before we call.

Alumni earn extra benefits While there are many great benefits to being an Indiana Tech graduate, those who pay dues to the alumni association get a few extra perks. For $10 a year, you can receive various discounts to national and local businesses, including hotel and car rental discounts. To take advantage of this great opportunity, send your $10 to Indiana Tech, Attn: Institutional Advancement, 1600 East Washington Blvd., Fort Wayne, IN 46803 or go online to Alumni dues help us stay connected to you through mailings and events, so don’t delay. If you are interested in making gifts monthly, you can do so through automatic bank withdrawal. Download the form at pdf/alumni/eft-form.pdf


Celebrating Indiana Tech’s 75th Anniversary! The Trip: 7 nights aboard the Island Princess, cruising the Alaskan coast and Inside Passage, with an optional 4-night land tour The Departure Date: June 18, 2005 The Guest List: Alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Indiana Tech For more information, contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (800) 937-2448, ext. 2219

Don’t forget about Alaska There isn’t much time left to reserve a cabin for the 75th Anniversary Alaska cruise. Make reservations soon! Cabins for Indiana Tech alumni and friends will be reserved for a limited time. The trip is a seven-day adventure along Alaska’s dramatic coast and Inside Passage. An optional four-day land tour also is available for those who would like to extend their trip. The cruise will leave Vancouver on June 18 and end in Anchorage on June 25. Don’t miss this opportunity to see Alaska and celebrate Indiana Tech’s history with President Arthur Snyder and his wife, Camille, and other university officials, alumni and friends. Call the Office of Institutional Advancement at (800) 937-2448 ext. 2219 for more information.

Lend Your Hand in Recruiting More than new buildings or innovative programs, the greatest measure of a school’s success is its alumni. At Indiana Tech, we are fortunate to have active, vital members of the community who showcase what is best about the university. This fall, our volunteers have shared their time and talents as volunteers in a new partnership between Admissions and Alumni. Many thanks to these pioneering volunteers: Sandy Bartolin, Jean Eaismann, Renee Gerber, Greg Lynch, Tom Smead, and Audra Wilcoxson. Their efforts are helping to shape next fall’s freshman class. But more help is needed. If you’d like to join this growing group of alumni who are building the future of Indiana Tech, volunteer options include: • College Fairs – Each year, high schools host college fairs as a chance for their students to get a quick look at many schools. Indiana Tech takes part in several, and we invite alumni to accompany us on these brief, one-time outings. The majority of our college fairs this year will be staffed in Northeast Indiana and on the East Coast. • Phone Calls – One of the greatest benefits of Indiana Tech is our relationship-based education. Volunteers are helping to build that relationship by calling newly accepted students to congratulate them. To begin volunteering, or for more information, please contact Sarah Miretti at (800) 937-2448 ext. 2269 or by e-mail


Alumni News 1960s 1900s 1960s

Roger H. Montgomery, BSMET 1964, was honored with the 2004 Galvanizers Association Annual Award. The Galvanizers Association is comprised of North American steelmakers along with South American, European and Asian steelmakers. Montgomery is employed by Double G Coatings Co. in Jackson, Miss.

Donald F. Forbes, BSCE 1965, is the CEO of Nova Contracting Corp. in Detroit, Mich. Forbes lives in Southfield, Mich., and can be reached at


Renee Gerber, BSBA 1996, works in consumer loans for Sky Bank. Gerber has a 7-year-old daughter, Tanee Lee Booker. Roger Lee Nieter, BSME 1996, and his wife Debbie Jo welcomed two daughters in 2004. Hope Evelyn was born on June 7, and Marissa Jane was born Sept. 13. Nieter is an associate project engineer for International Truck and Engine Corporation.

1970s 2000s

Fred H. Bruns, BSME 1968, is a SHEA auditor for Boeing Co. He lives in Issaquah, Wash., and his e-mail address is


James L. Kalkstein, BSME 1975, is a senior program manager at FEV Engine Technology. He lives in Rochester Hills, Mich.

Bob Keister, BSME 1976, transferred from Dana’s Fort Wayne Light Axle Group to the Commercial Vehicle Group in September 2003 as director of engineering. Keister lives in Sturgis, Mich.


Donna Sark, BSBA 2001, is an analyst in accounting at Verizon Communications in Fort Wayne. She lives in Fort Wayne and can be reached at Jennifer (Logmann) Phillips, BSCIS 2002, was listed incorrectly in the fall 2004 issue of Trends. She married Albert Phillips, BSME 1999, in June 2004. They live in Noblesville, Ind. Jennifer is an IT consultant for Nexlink Solutions in Carmel, and Albert is a process engineer at Firestone Industrial Products in Noblesville. She can be reached at Ron Bortner, MBA 2003, is director of human resources at Superior Essex, Inc. in Fort Wayne. Bortner lives in Huntington, Ind., and can be reached at

75th Diamond Jubilee Hometown Tours Keep in touch with university news by gathering with other alumni in your area. The Office of Institutional Advancement is planning a series of alumni cluster meetings throughout the country to celebrate Indiana Tech’s 75th anniversary. The cluster meetings are a great opportunity to meet and socialize with other alumni, catch up on university news, and chat with Indiana Tech staff. Dates and locations for upcoming clusters are: • January 16 in Santa Ana, Calif. • February 20 in Atlanta • March 20 in Chicago • April 17 in Indianapolis A meeting in northern Ohio will be planned for July, and more dates and locations will be added later in the year. For more information on these events, call (800) 937-2448 ext. 2335 or e-mail Cheryl Gilliom at


In Memoriam We have learned of the deaths of the following alumni and friends: Lewis J. Cook BSCE 1955

John Mangan BSAEE 1950

Joseph Esposito BSEE 1959

Herbert Paul Myers BSEE 1940

Norbert W. Evans BSChE 1951

Robert L. Tanner BSME 1948

Wayne Galey BSEE 1950

Randall J. Williams BSME 1968

Carl W. Lilie BSELE 1958

Tom Romary 1943-2004

The Indiana Tech community suffered a deep loss with the death of Professor Tom Romary. A traffic accident in Columbia City, Ind., took the life of the 61-year-old associate professor of mathematics on Oct. 10, 2004. Romary had been a valued member of the Indiana Tech faculty since 1991. Romary was known for his humor and his dedication to making math concepts understandable for his students. He published a series of books entitled “Tom’s Tips” designed to simplify complex mathematical topics. Romary will be greatly missed by his colleagues and students. A memorial tree will be planted on the Fort Wayne campus to serve as a living tribute to his memory.

Share Your Stuff As part of the university’s 75th anniversary celebration, the Office of Institutional Advancement is seeking memorabilia from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of Indiana Tech. If you would like to donate Indiana Tech items from any time in its history, please contact Angie Carnes at (800) 937-2448 ext. 2410. Memorabilia that is collected will be displayed at anniversary events. The admissions office is seeking items of a different nature. We would like to celebrate the accomplishments of our students and display Indiana Tech success stories. If you would like to donate items that illustrate your accomplishments, such as inventions, patents, or awards, please contact Monica Ladig at (800) 937-2448 ext. 2348.


Warrior Baseball and Softball 2005 Men’s Warrior Baseball Day Date Fri-Sat March 4-12 Tue March 15 Wed March 16 Sat March 19 Sun March 20 Tue March 22 Thu March 24 Fri March 25 Sat March 26 Sun March 27 Tue March 29 Wed March 30 Sat April 2 Sun April 3 Thu April 7 Sat April 9 Sun April 10 Wed April 13 Sat April 16 Sun April 17 Tue April 19 Thu April 21 Sat April 23 Sun April 24 Wed April 27 Thu April 28 Tue May 3 Sat May 7 Sun May 8 Wed May 11 Thu-Sat May 19-21 May 27- June 3

Opponent Spring Break Games Bethel College (DH) Valparaiso University Univ. of St. Francis, IL (DH) Univ. of St. Francis, IL (DH) Indiana State Univ. Michigan State Univ. (tentative) Fisher College (DH) (DH) Fisher College (DH) Ball State University Olivet Nazarene Univ. Siena Heights (DH)** Siena Heights (DH)** Marian College (DH) Concordia University (DH)** Concordia University (DH)** Spring Arbor University Aquinas College (DH)** Aquinas College (DH)** Butler University Huntington College Madonna University (DH)** Madonna University (DH)** Indiana Wesleyan Univ. Ohio Dominican University (DH) Manchester College St. Xavier University (DH) St. Xavier University (DH) Region VIII Tournament Heartland Super-Regional Tourn. NAIA World Series

2005 Lady Warrior’s Softball Location



Mishawaka, IN 1:00 pm Valparaiso, IN 2:00 pm Joliet, IL 2:00 pm Joliet, IL 12:00 noon Terre Haute, IN 6:30 pm East Lansing, MI 2:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Indiana Tech TBA Indiana Tech TBA Muncie, IN 3:00 pm Bourbonaise, IL 3:00 pm Adrian, MI 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 4:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Ann Arbor, MI 1:00 Pm Indiana Tech 4:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Grand Rapids, MI 1:00 pm Indianapolis, IN 3:00 pm Indiana Tech 5:30 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Marion, IN 5:00 pm Columbus, OH 1:00 pm North Manchester, IN 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 12:00 noon TBA TBA TBA TBA Lewiston, ID TBA

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Opponent Spring Break Games Indiana Wesleyan Tournament Indiana Wesleyan Tournament Grace College Tri-State University Cornerstone University** Siena Heights University** St. Joseph’s College Aquinas College** Concordia University** Aquinas College** Siena Heights University** Indiana Wesleyan University Concordia University** St. Xavier University Madonna University** IPFW Tiffin University Cornerstone University** Madonna University** WHAC Tournament - 1st Round



Marion, IN 3:00 pm Marion, IN TBA Indiana Tech 3:00 pm Angola, IN 3:00 pm Indiana Tech 3:00 pm Adrian, MI 1:00 pm Rensselaer, IN 3:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Ann Arbor, MI 1:00 pm Grand Rapids, MI 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm Marion, IN 3:00 pm Indiana Tech 4:00 pm Chicago, IL 12:00 noon Livonia, MI 1:00 pm Ft. Wayne, IN 3:00 pm Indiana Tech 3:00 pm Grand Rapids, MI 1:00 pm Indiana Tech 1:00 pm TBA TBA

**Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference game HOME GAMES WILL BE PLAYED AT MEMORIAL PARK (1 block east of campus) PLEASE NOTE: All game times are local according to home team All games are double-headers HEAD COACH Becky Norris

**Wolverine Hoosier Athletic Conference game NOTE: All game times are local according to home team HEAD COACH Steve Devine HOME GAME

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Tony Fernandez, right, with Indiana Tech’s Athletic Director Dan Kline HOME GAME

Tony Fernandez Speaks at Indiana Tech Former Major League Baseball player Tony Fernandez visited the Indiana Tech campus to address the university’s athletes on Dec. 4, about what it takes to be successful in athletics and beyond. He also discussed the role athletes can play in making a difference in their communities. The theater in Andorfer Commons was packed for this potential Hall of Famer, and students had opportunities to have pictures taken with him, get his autograph and ask questions. One of the questions dealt with the current issue of steroid use among baseball players. Fernandez responded, “It’s wrong. I hope they ban them and every athlete will compete legally, the way they should.” After debuting with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1983, Fernandez


played for 18 years in the major leagues with the Blue Jays, Padres, Mets, Reds, Yankees, Indians, and Brewers. He posted a career .288 batting average, won four Gold Gloves, and was a five-time All-Star. His success on the field enabled him to be successful in helping those less fortunate by establishing the Tony Fernandez Foundation and Baseball Academy. “I have always felt that I needed to give something back to kids in baseball, so they can at least have a chance like I had,” Fernandez said.

Faculty & Staff News SEPTEMBER Marion Wixted was named Director of Operations for the College of Professional Studies in Fort Wayne. Her title was changed from Director of Academic Services to be consistent with other campuses and more accurately describe her responsibilities. Susie Ludlow was hired as staff accountant in the business office. Her primary responsibility is administration of the Perkins Loan program. Lisa Pride joined the Fort Wayne campus custodial staff. Amanda Parker was promoted from parttime phone center manager to full-time admissions counselor.

Chad Pieper joined the university as an admissions counselor for the traditional program. Martin Galvin joined the maintenance staff at the Fort Wayne campus.

OCTOBER Jennifer Gaff was hired as a student services representative in the Student Information Center. Terry Bultemeier also joined the Student Information Center as a student services representative. Thomas Stair joined the College of Professional Studies as an admissions counselor in the Greenwood office. Brienne Wyndham was hired as an admissions counselor for the traditional program.

Susan McGrade presented a paper at the fall conference of the Michigan College English Association. McGrade is an associate professor of English at the Fort Wayne campus and director of educational enrichment. Her paper focused on her efforts to create an atmosphere of student empowerment in her classes based upon both collectivist and feminist theoretical models, with an honest assessment of the successes and failures she has experienced in that endeavor.

NOVEMBER Rebecca Gruber was hired as executive administrative assistant in the president’s office. Jennifer Laws joined the custodial staff

at the Fort Wayne campus.

DECEMBER Rose Arant, associate professor of business at the Indianapolis Campus, was chosen as Indiana Tech’s recipient of an award for innovative excellence in teaching, learning, and technology. She will be honored at the 16th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, to be held March 29 through April 2, 2005 in Jacksonville, Fla. All full-time faculty members were invited to nominate someone for the award, and the final selection was made by the Committee on Academics.

campus, was the presenter for the December 2 meeting of the Networking and Information Technology Association (NITA). Goff has been a member of this organization for 25 years and his presentation focused upon how to make informed decisions regarding the upgrade of communications systems. Jeff Walls, professor of business at the Fort Wayne campus, learned that his presentation “What Motivates College Students to Cheat” has been accepted for delivery at the Teaching Conference to be held in Schaumburg, Ill., from May 20 to 22.

Tom Goff, assistant professor of business at the Fort Wayne

Women’s Soccer Wrap-Up

Men’s Soccer Wrap-Up

WHAC All-Conference Players: Kara Walker, junior forward , first team; Catharine Olson, senior defender, second team.

WHAC All-Conference Players: Carlos Ramirez, sophomore midfielder, second team; Zach Stauffer, junior defender, second team.

WHAC Academic All-Conference Team: Jo Vonna Ferguson, Stacey Spencer, Emily Olds, Kara Walker Final Record: 11-7-2

WHAC Academic All-Conference Team: Jake Billingsley, Aaron Clark, Edwin Laviscount, Nick Oswalt, Tyler Rasmussen, Zach Stauffer, Adam Wuerfel Final Record: 8-11-2


Looking Ahead March 22, 2005 University Forum Speaker Series, Fort Wayne campus

with Rod Odom

President - Network Services BellSouth Corp.

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Make Plans for Commencement Commencement is approaching quickly and students who plan to graduate must file a Petition for Graduation with the registrar’s office. The 2005 Commencement will be May 14 at Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne. Although the event was held on the Fort Wayne campus for many years, the university’s growth created a need for a larger venue. The 2004 ceremony was the first Indiana Tech commencement to take place at the Coliseum. Petitions for Graduation may be filed throughout the year, however students who would like to participate in the Commencement ceremony must file the petition prior to March 1. Students who file after March 1 will be charged a late fee, and those filing after May 1 will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony. If students have not completed all of the requirements for their degree program, they must be registered for all remaining course requirements and be scheduled to complete all course work by Oct. 1 to participate in commencement. Petitions can be filed online at by following the link to the registrar’s office under Current Students.

Great Graduation Gifts If you or someone you know is graduating this spring, consider a gift that will leave its mark on the university for future generations. You can be a part of the Andorfer Commons theater by sponsoring a seat in the state-of-the-art auditorium. The 210-seat theater is designed for students and other visitors to enjoy movies, lectures, and performances. Congratulate a graduate or celebrate your own accomplishments, by sponsoring one of the seats. For a $500 donation to the university, a brass plaque will be engraved

and placed on a chair in the theater. Another option to consider is ordering an engraved brick for the patio outside of the Abbott Center. The bricks will be laser-engraved to ensure that your message lasts for many years to come. The bricks are available in two sizes: 4” by 8” for $125 and 8” by 8” for $250. With either size, you will receive a mini replica of the brick. For more information on these opportunities, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at (800) 937-2448 ext. 2219.

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Fort Wayne, IN Permit No. 159 1600 East Washington Boulevard Fort Wayne, IN 46803

Trends: Winter 2005  
Trends: Winter 2005  

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