STATE magazine Fall 2021

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Noah Malone (second from right), Brittni Mason, Nick Mayhugh and Tatyana McFadden won gold for the United States in the Paralympic universal relay.


On Labor Day evening, Noah Malone returned home from the Tokyo Paralympics. When he emerged from the concourse at Indianapolis International Airport, family and friends greeted him with applause while news media captured the scene. Malone, an ISU sophomore, smiled when the crowd burst into a chant of “USA! USA!” Soon, he casually dug into his bag as if he were trying to find some mundane item among other things stuffed inside. Instead, Malone pulled out his

gold medal. Then his silver medal. Then another silver medal.

Seven medals for the Sycamores, including four golds.

The crowd applauded more.

Malone was among many compelling stories of courage and perseverance. At age 12, he was diagnosed with a rare disease that left him legally blind with some peripheral vision. Still, he is a scholarship athlete competing in ISU’s NCAA track and field events. He was part of the Sycamores’ 4 x 100-meter relay team that went to the NCAA East Regionals.

Malone was just 19 years old when he won gold in the 4 x 100-meter universal relay and silvers in the 100 meters and 400 meters. It was a huge two weeks for Indiana State University at the Paralympics. Alumnus and swimmer Rob Griswold won two gold medals. Alumnus swimmer Evan Austin won a gold and a bronze.

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