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Study abroad makes us better servant leaders at home. Today, we serve ever more diverse populations. Our faculty and alumni must operate within a rich global context to be relevant at home. Taiwan (top) Learning from the Asian Experience: Under the direction of Dr. Karen Liu, elementary education students received an in-depth view of teaching strategies and pedagogies used in Chinese classrooms. Ireland and England (middle) An Elementary Education and Special Education: Expanding Horizons to Dublin and London trip explored Irish and English children’s literature combined with historic, cultural, geographic, and elementary school experiences. Dr. Pat Wheeler and Dr. Kathryn Bauserman led the study group. South Africa (bottom) Dr. Mary Howard-Hamilton, of the Higher Education Leadership faculty, has led study trips to South Africa. Students were immersed in South African culture while studying the country’s newly transitioned higher education system.

Germany Students traced the footsteps of Friedrich Froebal, the “Father of Kindergarten,” visiting historical sites and early childhood education centers in Germany, with Dr. Yong Joon Park, associate professor in early childhood education. Great Britain Future social studies teachers accompanied Dr. Kevin Bolinger on an 18-day sojourn across the United Kingdom, immersed in the history of “The Island that Ruled the World.” India Eight graduate students in clinical mental health counseling traveled to India for an international conference on art and play therapies organized by professors. They studied recent neuroscience discoveries about how people process trauma and used creative arts as a therapeutic tool.


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