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At the Blumberg Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Special Education, every student matters. That’s what drives the Blumberg Center to ensure students with exceptionalities receive the education they need to succeed. And with all of the extraordinary work it does, it’s no wonder why the Blumberg Center is a leading resource for schools in Indiana. “Whether you teach special education, general education, physical education, music, or another subject at any grade level—you will be touched by what we do,” said Carol Wetherell, director of the Blumberg Center. “You will have a student with special educational needs—whether it’s an individual who is gifted and talented, has a vision or hearing impairment, or has a learning disability. And when you do, you’ll have us at the Blumberg Center.” The Blumberg Center—funded by an Indiana State endowment plus state and federal grants— has helped hundreds of educators, school administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents provide the best educational experience for students with exceptionalities.


Since 1985, it has secured $43 million for projects, faculty research, scholarships for State’s students, community engagements, programs, and trainings. The Blumberg Center offers direct consultations with individual schools and students across Indiana and provides professional development events to keep professionals informed on effective teaching methods, best practices, and special education laws. “I’ve found the Blumberg Center’s professional development training to be outstanding,” said Robin Thoma, Blumberg Center project coordinator. “After attending the center’s Focus on Inclusion Conference, I walked away with new ideas and strategies to implement, along with a support system of fellow educators.”

Bayh College of Education showcase piece  
Bayh College of Education showcase piece