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We are Indiana State educators, and we are excited about the future. Parents and educators alike see a changed world, and their schools and social services must respond in kind. At the Bayh College of Education, we are surrounded by dynamic students and faculty who are prepared to enact those transformations. Our close-knit community of teachers, researchers, and lifelong learners is uniquely suited to cultivate the next generation of educators. Leading by example, our instructors inspire students to take their A-game to the classroom. We immerse our students in robust practicums—the backbone of our programs. We show them how to access the vast resources our connected world provides, finding new ways to engage learners. Our graduates stride confidently into professional roles as teachers, counselors, school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, principals, and superintendents. Our alumni embrace diversity, champion innovation, instill kindness, create caring involved communities, and change lives for the better—one child, one school, one family at a time. We’d be thrilled to have you join us. Here’s a glimpse inside our world.


Bayh College of Education showcase piece