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Molding students’ minds and communities’ lives. The Bayh College of Education lives what it teaches through involvement with the community and schools statewide. One-on-one tutoring at local schools, therapy services for children in student- and professionalstaffed clinics, and conferences and events that offer fresh ideas—learning reverberates far beyond the classroom walls of University Hall. “We are preparing students to be teachers, administrators, and counselors, so they must be involved in their communities if they are to be effective in those roles,” said Dr. Denise Collins. “We have a responsibility as citizens to participate in the lives of our communities and use what we learn to best prepare practitioners to work in those communities effectively.” Education is not a field where the best outcomes are derived in isolation, and students and faculty in the Bayh College possess particular skills and expertise that are of value to their communities. “We can only deliver the highest quality programming for students if we are immersed in real conditions of practice,” said Dr. Brad Balch.

“We have to be in our partner schools, involved in professional development for teachers and programs for students in order to achieve the highest standards in education. Our partnerships are a two-way commitment, and it is an absolute privilege to be a part of it.” Service efforts: ■

Counseling student clinicians

Center for Mathematics Education

Project Read!

Sycamore Readers

Chi Sigma Iota

Camp Bruce

Sycamore Educators Day

Counselor Day on Campus

Focus on Inclusion Conference

Professional Development Schools

 uke Energy Power of Reading and D Power of Math Summits Law and Leadership Conference


Bayh College of Education showcase piece  
Bayh College of Education showcase piece