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Helping students be better counselors. What started out as a research interest brought Dr. David Johnson to the classroom to work with students as they prepare for careers as counselors. When Johnson steps into a classroom at Indiana State, he’s keenly aware of his responsibility to his students—and the future clients they will counsel. “A lot of my research, teaching interests, and previous professional interests have centered on the training of counselors and understanding what helps students the most as they seek to start a career as a counselor,” said Johnson, assistant professor of counseling. “In my mind, as long as I can relate what I’m doing to helping my students be better counselors, then I am motivated to continue what I’m doing.” A former therapist for abused and neglected children, Johnson understands counselors’ most powerful tool is themselves and the bond they form with their clients. “If someone doesn’t grasp this idea, I think he or she could wind up doing a lot of lecturing and giving a lot of advice. Most clients who seek counseling have had a lot of people do that. They need something more,” he said. “I always remind myself and my students that counselors forming supportive relationships with the people they help is what will make all the difference in their clients’ lives.”


Bayh College of Education showcase piece  
Bayh College of Education showcase piece