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Becoming the TOTAL teacher. Indiana State’s future educators experience a teacher’s life—more than 300 hours of it—before their student teaching semester. The TOTAL, Teachers of Tomorrow Advancing Learning, immersion experience puts them in elementary classrooms from 7:30 in the morning until “whenever” in the afternoon, as full-time interns at local schools.

The TOTAL approach to practicums applies evidence-based practice: ■

Intensive, bell-to-bell time in front of real classrooms starts sooner and lasts longer.  ield experiences are stronger when they F intertwine theory and practice.

Bayh College of Education’s one-of-a-kind program develops students into dedicated teachers much earlier in their college careers.

“They come in and they’re nervous and just don’t know what they’re in for. And once they get into it, they realize this is what they want to do for a career, and they go for it 100 percent.” —LeeAnne Bamberg, TOTAL coach teacher, Vigo County School Corporation “My TOTAL semester finally gave me the ‘This is what I’ve been waiting for’ feeling.” —Cora Jo Cox, elementary education major

“I feel like I’m prepared to use all kinds of different strategies in my classes because of what I’ve learned as a TOTAL intern.” —Brittany Parrett, elementary education major


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