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Wednesday March 4, 2014


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The final showdown: Men face their fiercest rivals in the conference PAGE 12

‘We are the champions:’


Track and field teams have much to celebrate after stellar weekend performances PAGE 14


Sycamore baseball emerges from the weekend still undefeated PAGE 16

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Correction: In the Monday’s issue, the Indiana Statesman misidentified Northern Iowa’s mascot as the Cougars. They are actually referred to as the Northern Iowa Panthers.

Research funds running short Funding for material support and travel for undergraduate research and creative projects from the Center for Student Research and Creativity is running short. Anyone anticipating applying for such support before July 1, do so by March 21, at 5 p.m. After all requests are received, the remaining monies will be distributed. This does not include student wage or stipend support. For more information on travel and material support requests see http:// htm .

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 2 News Editor, Andrew Christman

Pizzeria to open at second location said. “We aim to give very good high quality products, a warm and welcoming People craving New York-style pizza environment and good service.” from Wise Pies will be able to enjoy a Wise Pies started four years slice at a new location. ago when Wise and her “We are expanding and husband moved from adding a new location at Long Island, New South Third and Margaret York with a love for streets,” said Wise Pies coNew York-style owner Joni Wise. pizza. According to Wise “Our pizza has Pies’s website, Wise and been so wellher husband Zack Wise received in the purchased the former downtown area, Jiffy Lube location at 2961 we thought it South Third. They are would be a good remodeling the location idea to expand,” into Wise Pies Pizza and Wise said. “We want Subs II. The projected opening to introduce more people date is April 15, which marks the to our New York-style pizza.” fourth anniversary of the original Wise Wise said she is looking to Pies Pizza and Subs. extend jobs to 25 new employees. “Wise Pies has three objectives,” Wise “We also employ a lot of Indiana State


University and Rose-Hulman students,” Wise said. “Come fill out an application if you’re interested.” The new location will feature the same menu as the original Wise Pies, she said. Aside from pizza, the menu will feature hot and cold sub sandwiches, calzones, Stromboli and salads. Expanding to an area by the mall and Interstate 70, Wise said it opens up many more possibilities of customers since that has a higher volume of people passing by than the downtown area. Wise said she had participated in an ISU business plan three years ago where students helped her market their restaurant to the community. The plan focused on the downtown business crowd, families and students. “Going into the different location, we will stick to a similar business model,” Wise said. Photo illustration by Brianne Hofmann.

Students design playhouses for auction PAULA MEYER

ISU Communications and Marketing Indiana State University students in a first-year interior architecture design class were pleasantly surprised when their project involved designing and building two full-size playhouses, which were auctioned off as a fundraiser for Chances and Services for Youth. “While this is a drafting class, I wanted students to learn the importance of construction and how things go together,” said Azizi Arrington-Bey, assistant professor of interior architecture design. Arrington-Bey said the construction of the full-size playhouses, funded by grants from the Center for Community Engagement and The Lily Endowment, was the culmination of a series of projects for her freshmen students.

She started out instructing her students thought there had to be more kids out to use a nursery rhyme to construct there who wanted to live on a farm as a two-dimensional well, so I wanted to bring poem before asking her a small piece of that to students to draw designs “While this is a drafting someone’s backyard.” that describe a toy or class, I wanted students Freshman Taylor pastime. Those themes to learn the importance Nobbe’s playhouse design found their way onto was titled “Stump Lodge” research boards, two sets of construction and how and it came straight from things go together.” nature, resembling a of models and eventually design plans. tree stump with a rustic For freshman Taylor interior. Azizi Arrington-Bey, Harrell, the design idea “The hardest part was assistant professor of came very quickly. designing the structure, “I knew immediately interior architecture design since it had to meet the that I wanted to design dimensions of 6 feet by 6 a barnyard playhouse,” feet,” she said. he said. “When I was little — and still to Once the individual designs were this day — [I wished] that I could live on narrowed down to two and fine-tuned, it a farm with livestock, especially horses, because they’re my favorite animal. I CONTINUED ON PAGE 3

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 3

Continued FROM PAGE 2

came time to turn two-dimensional ideas into three-dimensional realities. Arrington-Bey’s students partnered with construction management, scheduling and estimating classes. They prepared a materials list, cost estimate and construction schedule. The actual playhouse construction was done jointly by the interior design class and student volunteers from construction and safety management. The collaboration built synergy within the College’s Built Environment division while showcasing how interior design works. “This project illustrates that people working in interior design actually design and build things,” Arrington-Bey said. “We don’t just pick out finishes.” Interior design students received training on the woodshop’s machinery as well as direction on how to construct their designs. “They all learned how to use a table saw,” Arrington-Bey said. While this class was an introductory drafting class, the students learned a valuable lesson from their instructor. “You can’t draft if you don’t know how

the building is put together,” ArringtonBey, a licensed architect, said. “Going from research boards to study models, final models and designs is how things work in the real world.” That approach for an entry-level class came as a pleasant surprise for ArringtonBey’s students. “My first initial thought is that we were just going to learn the fundamentals of design and build on the knowledge that we came in with, but it wasn’t like that at all,” Harrel said. “Yes, we did learn the basics, but we also got the opportunity to get hands-on experience. I learned how to work better with a team of people and how to deal with all different types of people that one will come by when working in a team.” When it was all over, two large playhouses were on their way to new homes and children anxious to enjoy them. For the interior design students, there was a sense of pride and achievement. “The feeling of being able to come up with a design idea and see it all come together is truly an amazing feeling,” Indiana State University students in the first year interior architect design class work Harrell said. “Building the playhouse only diligently to complete two full-sized playhouses to be auctioned off for a fundraiser held made me love interior design even more.” by Chances and Services for Youth (Photo courtesy of ISU Communications and Marketing).


Page 4 • Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Student arrested in connection to thefts BRIANNE HOFMANN Editor-in-Chief University police arrested a student Monday after recent thefts were reported at the Student Recreation Center. At 11 a.m., Jeremy Baker, a sophomore recreational sports major, was apprehended by campus officers as he was exiting the center’s south doors. Lt. David Smith, of the Indiana State University Police Department, said Baker allegedly removed cash from students’ wallets and stole an iPad last month. Although there were no witnesses, a surveillance system captured Baker on camera. “That’s how we pinned him down — through the video and the help of the Rec Center staff,” Smith said. Smith also said staff members were able to pinpoint the suspect, using the recreation center’s identification policy, which requires all students and staff to swipe their ID card at the front desk. John Lentz, director of recreation

sports, said the policy has been around for years but the center began cracking down on the policy last semester. Since then, thefts have decreased and staff members are better able to track any suspicious activity. “It’s worked out really well,” Lentz said. “We’ve been very lucky.” While Lentz said thefts are rare in the recreation center, at least 47 cameras have been installed around the facility for added security. “There are dead spots, but we can still see a lot,” Lentz said. Students receive locks when they rent lockers at the center but are encouraged to leave any valuable possessions at home or in their locked vehicles, out of plain sight. After being questioned in Public Safety, Baker was taken into custody and transported to the Vigo County jail. He was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning, where he faced five An Indiana State University student was arrested Monday morning after he was allegedly counts of theft, a class D felony. caught stealing on video footage (Photo courtesy of ISU Communications and Marketing).

SPRING BREAK 2014 - DESTINATION ST. LOUIS Spend your spring break in St. Louis to support our Sycamores at the Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament!

Arch Madness MVC Basketball Tournament March 6 – 9 | Scottrade Center | St. Louis, MO

While you’re there, join the ISU Alumni Association for pre and post game events throughout the weekend. All events are open to Sycamore students, alumni and fans!

FRIDAY, MARCH 7, 2014 Pre-game Reception

Team Send-Off

Kick-off the MVC tournament excitement with the ISU Alumni Association.

A spirited pep rally as the team Marches On! to a first round victory!

3:00 p.m. CST Crowne Plaza | Missouri Ballroom 200 N. 4th Street

4:45 p.m. CST Hilton St. Louis Downtown at the Arch | Lobby 400 Olive Street

Round 1 Tipoff

Post Game

Wear your Sycamore blue and make some noise!

The unofficial Sycamore celebration location hosted by the MVC.


6:05 p.m. CST Scottrade Center | 1401 Clark Avenue

For the full schedule of events, visit

The Fan Hangout Sheraton St. Louis City Center 400 South 14th Street

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 5


Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 6 Opinions Editor, Samual Clark Editor-in-Chief, Brianne Hofmann

A Young Man’s Guide to College

Finding the lady among tramps: picking Miss Right

We’ve known them all, guys. The blondehaired babes like Blake Lively; the brunette beauties such as Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston; and of course we can’t forget the darkhaired dames like Mila Kunis and Halle Berry. We can all agree that women are quite Columnist these attractive, but what separates the gorgeous women from the girls what can’t even stay in their own beds 95 percent of the time on weekends? It’s actually much easier than you’d expect. The difference between

Ben Ramseier

finding a diamond and a fake is all in the way women present themselves. Let’s start off with what we can see. The first thing to pay attention to is how a girl dresses. In a recent video discussion, one woman said that she believes a sexy woman dresses to accentuate only one thing. Meaning, a sexy woman dresses in a way that compliments whatever feature she chooses. This style of dress allows the girl to show off her figure in the right way, without sacrificing her dignity. On the other hand, the trashy girl dresses so that every guy knows exactly what he’s getting. For example, her miniskirt looks like it could be the bottom of her shirt it stops so high. Granted, that’s assuming her shirt is even covering her

stomach. Her makeup is caked on in the hope that a guy is drunk enough to use one of a million horrible pick up lines. Another giveaway is my very own “Volume Test Theory.” The girl with little class gets your attention from across the room by the volume of her voice. She will most likely still be yelling “YOLO,” “Stahhhhpp” or trying to get the attention of the guy who is standing right next to her. The sexy girl is the one who gets your attention from across the room by spaying everything through her eyes and nonverbial cues. The stark contrast between these two different types of women will signify either a red flag crying “annoying,” meaning

the trashy girl, or someone who sparks your interest and really draw out your curiosity, meaning the sexy girl. I’m sure there are other visual cues, but this is my last one — pay attention to her interactions with other guys. Is she trying to dance or make out with every single guy or clinging on to the nearest beefy shoulder? You can’t help but notice that she swaps guys faster than the bartenders are popping beer tops. If so, she’s a trashy woman and you need to steer clear. Or is she outgoing, but still intentional with her interactions? Maybe she’s unafraid to be here alone, or she’s willing Continued on PAGE 7

Big banks fail to gain support with Federal Reserve

Janet Yellen, our new Federal Reserve Chair, delivered some disconcerting words to the Senate Banking Committee last Thursday. While testifying before the Senate Banking Committee, Yellen faced questioning from Massachusetts Political Senator Elizabeth Columnist Warren, who is a heavyweight in pursuing bank regulation. Warren said that since the 2008 bailout of America’s largest banks, those banks are now 38 percent larger. Warren asked Yellen what information would she need to declare “with confidence” that “too big to fail” has ended. Yellen responded, saying that there are “demonstrable improvements” that have come from the Dodd Frank reform; however, she cannot be certain that “too big to fail” has ended until it is somehow tested.

Julian Winborn

Though Dodd Frank has made some progress in establishing regulations that make banks less risky, the fact that they have increased in size still boasts the possibility that if they were to enter crisis, they could potentially damage the entire economy if the government does not bail them out. Even if that is not the case, there is still a general belief among investors that “too big to fail” still exists. Warren asked Yellen if as long as “the market” still believes that banks are “too big to fail,” “do we still have a ‘too big to fail’ problem?” Yellen answered her question, saying that the market can believe that the government would save a failing bank until they put it through “resolution.” Though Yellen is not certain that “too big to fail” has ended, she is demonstrating a desire for it to end and seems to be disinterested in the government bailing out another failing bank. According to Bloomberg, Federal Reserve Governor Daniel Tarullo is very concerned with bringing Yellen’s

tests into fruition. Tarullo is in charge of bank supervision and regulation and stated that the market perception that banks are “too big to fail” needs to end because it promotes risky investments throughout the market. This year, JPMorgan, Chase and Citigroup will undergo “stress tests” by imposing measures that will offset the advantages they have because they are perceived as being “too big to fail.” This issue not only concerns the Federal Reserve, but also Republican Rep. Dave Camp. Camp is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, and in his newly-released tax reform plan he proposed a modest tax on large bank assets that total over 500 billion dollars. The modest tax will lightly assist with keeping banks from further “too big to fail” bloat and also generates some revenue in a tax proposal that lowers rates. No matter how modest Camp’s tax is on “too big to fail” banks, they already hate it and are going through dramatic means to kill Camp’s proposal.

According to Politico, the tax has bank executives so infuriated that they have “cancelled” their Republican campaign donations “for the foreseeable future.” Without Wall Street donors, Republicans lose an incredible amount of campaign financing. For example, during the 2012 elections, Wall Street provided nearly $10 million. Though there are Republicans such as House Majority Leader Eric Canter who are trying to restore the relationship with big banks, the general current against “too big to fail” is bipartisan and this tax proposal will certainly not be the last measure to keep banks from expanding further. According to the New Republic, critics of Camp’s tax argue that the tax should be on liabilities rather than assets or that there should be higher capital requirements. Whatever the proposition, the Federal Reserve and members throughout the Congress have “too big to fail” in their crosshairs, and they are determined to end it.

Continued FROM PAGE 6 to be patient. Her exclusivity will be a key part in her attractiveness, telling you she’s someone who’s actually worth the hunt. That’s sexy. Next up is revealing the character of the girl. When researching the differences between these types of women, I found that confidence was a huge factor in sexiness. Crass girls can be confident also, but the key point here is that sexy women don’t flaunt it. Whatever they may have, whether it is an extraordinary body or impressive job, they would be the last person to show it off. Trashy girls feel the need to flaunt. Sexy women know what they have and will determine which fortunate guy gets to experience the same things. The next characteristic you need is active conversation. When talking to

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 7

a girl you can find out a lot about her. offs. Talking to them just like trying to One thing to discover about her is talk to a little girl whose security blanket her social competency. Is she a good is a mobile device that her mom and dad conversationalist? bought. If a girl can’t carry a conversation, In any conversation, then she can’t be sexy. there are always The other thing you moments of slack or need to look for in your “Talking to them is like conversation with her silence when someone can flip the topic. Instead trying to talk to a little is humor. This is pretty of you always changing girl whose security blan- simple. the topic, is she capable Does she tell shallow of switching it up or ket is a mobile device that jokes that only deserve at least appropriately her mom and dad bought. a chuckle, or does she excusing herself? If a girl can’t carry a con- bless you with her wit Many times I have versation, then she can’t and have you asking, been in a conversation “Where did she come be sexy.” with where a girl up with that?” If a girl initiates it, but doesn’t can make you genuinely actively participate and laugh, then that is sexy. resorts to her Twitter feed. A sense of humor is important, but This should be one of the biggest turn- intelligence is a must.

Good grades show that a woman is able to work on her own and that she relies on herself to succeed. Not only that, but sophistication is a transferrable characteristic that can be shown in the social world. A girl who is knowledgeable about her studies, news, business or politics proves that she has an independent viewpoint about the given subject. This just proves that she’s not only easy on the eyes, but also able to instigate thought-provoking conversations that have you saying, “I don’t know what it is, but the way you talk about Obamacare is so sexy.” So there you have it, fellas. The differences that separate a truly sexy girl from the makeup-masked gossipmongers. The main takeaway to remember is this: sexy is found in the mystery of modesty.

Government watches as ‘mile high city’ climbs higher In February 2014, the thoughts on legal marijuana caught fire as discussions blazed. The state of Colorado recently released tax figures for their inaugural month of sales for the little green weed. Numbers have shown that the “Mile High State” is on track to make $100 million a year. Columnist over That is just in state tax ­— not including what they have to send to the federal government. All the other states are watching Colorado closely after passing the blunt law last year. They are the first state to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational as well as medical use. Watching other states make money on a banned substance must really annoy the federal government. Marijuana advocates in Colorado were willing to take a high tax percentage — 25 percent on recreational sales — for schools, health care and public wellness centers.

T.C. Wampler

Forty million dollars in tax revenue $1 billion out of the federal budget to be going toward schools is just a drop in the used for schools would be amazing. bucket for a booming industry that only With Colorado’s legalizations, many has room to grow. believe this has eased tensions with Not only does the other states for the tax money benefit the full legalization of the state in their budget, herb. Alaska will most “Not only does the tax likely be the next state but these dispensaries are also making jobs money benefit the state to legalize due to its that would otherwise collection of 45,000 not exist. There are also in their budget, but these signatures. Alaskans dispensaries are also hope to have the issue jails that are overflowing with marijuanamaking jobs that would put on the ballot in the related offenders. Laws election. otherwise not be there. November allowing the sale and National opinion has There are also jails that changed, as reported by consumption of the are overflowing with a CNN poll that found schedule I drug would not only make money, marijuana offenders.” 55 percent of the people but would ease the questioned felt that pot burden of convicts. should be legalized. A total of 749,825 Marijuana has not people were arrested in 2012 for marijuana always been viewed as harmless as it is violations. This war on drugs costs $51 now. Our forefathers outlawed marijuana billion annually in just the United States for a reason, and it was not until the baby alone. boomers that it was widely used again. One billion dollars of that is spent on In California, marijuana has become a just marijuana offenses. Being able to cut $14 billion a year cash crop for growers,

proving that it can be a good source of tax revenue. I, for one, am for the legalization of marijuana; not because I use it, but because I understand the financial benefits of getting it legalized. There are entrepreneurs all over the country waiting for laws to be posted to get their dispensaries up and running. It’s possible for everyone to make money with a new law allowing a once-banned substance to be sold to the masses. Being able to tap into the underground drug sales would also put pressure on gangs to sell their product in a more legal manner. Over the years, more studies have been done over marijuana and its effects than over FDA approved drugs. But here we are debating whether marijuana should have a law protecting it. This is as black and white as legalization of same-sex marriage in my eyes. It is stupid for state and federal representatives to not have this conversation with the people they represent.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 8 Features Editor, Alejandra Coar

Indiana State grad finds adventure in motorsports Paula Meyer

ISU Communications and Marketing Five years ago, Kyle Cunningham could be found tooling around a dragster as a crew member of Indiana State University’s student-led Team Sycamore Racing. Today, dragsters are still part of his life-just on a larger scale. Cunningham manages close to $5 million in projects in his role as marketing, merchandise and show car manager with Don Schumacher Racing in Brownsburg, Ind. The 2009 Indiana State alumnus can be found overseeing photo shoots ,promoting the team for NAPA Auto Parts and MOPAR, managing the Valvoline sponsorship, working with designs for team and souvenir shirts, as well as organizing the layout and design of Schumacher’s merchandise trailer that travels the 24-race NHRA circuit. Not bad for someone who had no desire to work in drag racing as a student. “I like racing,” said Cunningham, a Muncie native who finished his fourth season in racing, “but a career in the business side of the industry is what interested me.” He was fortunate to begin at Don Schumacher Racing, one of the titans in NHRA-winning 11 championships and 219 “Wally” trophies with well-known drivers including Tony Schumacher, Antron Brown and Ron Capps. Like in many industries, racing required him to start at the bottom. He was fortunate to get in with Don Schumacher Racing through another Indiana State alumnus. Keith Stein was in charge of the team’s show car at the time and hired Cunningham as a driver. “I drove the U.S. Army show car all over the nation,” Cunningham said. “I was gone 240 days my first year with the team.” He also ran the merchandise trailer. After earning $450,000 in a 26-foot

trailer at age 25, Cunningham was promoted to his current position. Today, Cunningham supervises the three employees in charge of the show car and works with sponsors to schedule appearances, like the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show in Las Vegas. But the bulk of his time is spent on merchandising. Currently in the off-season, he’s in charge of getting the team’s new 53-foot merchandise trailer ready to go. That’s no easy feat, Cunningham said, noting that the task includes overseeing the arts for the trailer’s vinyl wrap, designing, approving and purchasing apparel and supervising two employees. “It’s a shop on wheels and I’m really excited to see how it turns out,” he said. “We’re hoping to bring in some new elements such as LED monitors to make the experience better for our fans. The goal is to do a million dollars in sales trackside this year.” Cunningham is the primary contact for Schumacher’s Valvoline Funny Car, driven by Jack Beckman. In addition to producing a DVD for the sponsor and setting up meet-and-greets, he also sets the paints schemes and approves the design used for the car art, the crew shirts and fire suits. Cunningham, who graduated with a degree in automotive engineering technology and a minor in motorsports studies, has found his niche in the world of racing. “My minor in motorsports studies provided me with a foundation in business as well as technical experience,” he said. “I encourage students interested in doing what I do to pursue a marketing minor as well.” Since his job is marketing-focused, Cunningham has also dipped his toes into the field of video production. “I have absolutely zero experience in video production,” Cunningham said. “I’m learning as I go.” Many of his videos are products of

a Go-Pro camera mounted to the cars, tools and crew. He currently is creating a video that will show the fabrication of a single cylinder head from raw material using a Go-Pro camera. “Go-Pro, who happens to be a partner of ours, will make it a video of the day and it will get a million hits,” Cunningham chuckled. But he’s also learning how to use a RED camera, created by Jim Jannard, the founder of sportswear and sunglasses icon Oakley. “Jim (Jannard) used his engineers to develop RED, a $45,000 camera that shoots in 5K resolution,” Cunningham said. Cunningham and the team got their hands on one thanks to a deal proposed by Jannard. After being flown out to Hollywood

to get a crash-course in using the camera, Cunningham shoots and edits videos for research and development, sponsors and for racing enthusiasts to view on YouTube.While it’s hard work and entails long hours, the work had its advantages. “You’re getting paid to travel the country,” he said. “You get to see the country and have fun. There are only five states I haven’t visited.” Cunningham also has his share of travel tales to tell-sky diving in Phoenix, deep sea fishing with Schumacher in the Dominican Republic and touring Jay Leno’s collection of classic cars near Los Angeles. “I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather do,” Cunningham said, smiling ear to ear. “It’s been a life changing adventure.”

Kyle Cunningham, an ISU graduate with a degree in automotive engineering, now works with Sycamore Racing (Photo courtesy of ISU Communications and Marketing).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 9

Indiana State Student Success Spotlight

Student finds niche through helping others Haley Seifert

Special to the Indiana Statesman Being Terre Haute born and bred, I never thought college would be a huge change in my life. When I moved into my dorm in August, I thought having my parents in town would make college a lot like high school. However, once I got here, the 10-minute drive to my parents’ seemed long when I was trying to adjust to leaving the only home I’d ever lived in. My first few weeks in college were tough. Because I had a job off campus and found myself always coming and going, I discovered that I had missed a critical window of opportunity to form bonds with the people who lived in my dorm. I got lonely, and instead of trying to find a nook to squeeze into, I found myself leaving my door shut and spending a lot of time alone. It wasn’t until midterms rolled around that I started thinking about student involvement. I saw rush week and bake sales and student organizations all over the place, and I thought: what is it that I like? What is going to make me belong here? My answer came from a place I never expected: Saudi Arabia. I found out about Interlink’s conversation program, and I decided to become a part of it. Once a week, I talk to a student learning English

KEEP CALM Haley Seifert and help him learn natural conversation skills. As he told me about his life, I got a glimpse of an entirely new perspective on the world. I could see that hiding behind my good grades was not the way to go through college. There are people on this campus from every corner of the world, and while participating in this program, I felt lucky to be a part of this little corner of my own.



Page 10 • Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Party brings piece of New Orleans to ISU

Above: Ariel Begle, a freshman exploratory studies major gets her face painted during the celebration. Below: Students were invited to celebrate the event by accessorizing brightly-colored masks with jewel stone beads and feathers (Photos by Gary Macadaeg).

Above: Several themed decorations, such as street light replicas, were on display throughout Dede I Monday evening for the Mardi Gras party (Photo by Gary Macadaeg).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 11

Regional musician makes tour stop at The Verve Brianne Hofmann Editor-in-Chief Kevin Presbrey, a modern rock musician, will be making a stop at The Verve during his nationwide tour. Presbrey, a Chicago native, previously toured the country as the front man of Painkiller Hotel, a rock group inspired by ‘90s alternative bands such as Pearl Jam and Live. Now he’s focusing on his solo effort, “Dust unto Dust” with the help of producer, Ryan Hadlock, who has had platinum success with the Lumineers. “Maintaining your sanity and a rock band at the same time generally don’t go hand in hand,” Presbrey said. “So after several years of focusing solely on Painkiller Hotel, my gut instinct told me that it was time to return to my acoustic roots.” Presbrey said “Dust Unto Dust” was pieced together from song fragments and lyrical ideas that he had been jotting down for years. His largest inspiration, however, came in 2012 after the death of his father. “When I lost my father, who had been

such a big supporter of my music and inspiration to me, I spent a lot of time thinking about something he had told me over and over again throughout my life,” Presbrey said in a press release. “He’d say, ‘Do what makes you happy, and do it as much as you can, because you never know how long you’ll be here to do it.’ There had been rougher times throughout the last few years where I’d questioned my music career and my writing, and now without my biggest fan, it seemed like maybe it was time to hang it up and try something else.” Instead, Presbrey focused his efforts on doing something his dad would’ve loved. Inspired by his old collection of vinyl records, he turned to music as a “sort of therapy,” he said, creating a new sound that leaned on acoustic guitar, vocals and a 1970s feel. “Music is a big part of who I am, and even though my dad isn’t here anymore to cheer me on and talk shop after my shows, his guiding principles will always be here inside of me,” he said. “His passing was a tragic event that abruptly changed my

Modern rock musician Kevin Presbrey will be performing at The Verve while on his nationwide tour, promoting his debut solo effort , “Dust unto Dust” (Submitted Photo).

life, but in the end, the silver lining was on Saturday, March 29 at 9 p.m. Tickets the inspiration he gave me to create this will run between $5 to $8. album.” For more information on Presbrey, Presbrey will be playing at The Verve check out

The Bar Has Been Raised in the Field of Accounting. Are you ready? Prepare yourself with a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPAc) degree from The Paul Merage School of Business at UC Irvine. Our rigorous, full-time, one-year program – one of only two UC-based MPAc programs in Southern California – provides an intensive, focused level of training designed to prepare you for an executive career in accounting. „ Paid winter internship opportunity „ Proseminar/professional career development course „ Career management and advising „ Classes and networking with MBA students „ Pre-requisite courses available


Learn more about maximizing your career success:



Wednesday, March 5, 2014 • Page 12 Sports Editor, Alex Modesitt

Sycamores prepare for ‘Arch Madness’

Alex Modesitt Sports Editor

The regular season is over, the bracket is set and the 10 teams of the Missouri Valley Conference are preparing to converge on downtown St. Louis with hopes of capturing a league championship. A berth in the NCAA Tournament is on the line for all the teams who aren’t the Shockers, because it’s assumed that the second-ranked Shockers will receive a bid in the tournament regardless of what happens in the tournament. The tournament is set to begin on Thursday, but the Sycamores will have to wait until Friday to play their first game. Thursday consists of two play-in games that will determine who goes on to play Indiana State and Wichita State, the top two seeded teams. Drake come into the tournament as the eighth seed and will square off with the ninth-seeded Evansville Purple Aces in the fist play-in game. The two teams are vying for the right to face the Wichita State Shockers. The Purple Aces and the Bulldogs met twice during the regular season, with each winning their home game but losing their away matchup. Drake won the first game between the two 94-66 back on Jan. 1, 2014. Evansville got the better of the Bulldogs on Feb. 25, 2014, winning 61-48. The Evansville-Drake game is set to tip off at 7:05 p.m. The winner will advance to face Wichita State on Friday at 12:05 p.m. The second play-in game will pit the seventh-seeded Bradley Braves against the tenth-seeded Loyola Ramblers. The winner will move on to face the Sycamores in the second round. Bradley and Loyola met twice during the regular season with the Braves walking away victorious both times. Bradley won the first game 63-54 and the second 5538. The game is set to begin at 8:35 p.m. on Thursday. If the Sycamores find themselves facing Bradley in the second round they will come into the game with a little added confidence having beat the Braves twice already this season. Indiana State defeated

STATESMAN RUNDOWN Indiana State: Men’s Basketball vs. Northern Iowa 71-69 (L) Women’s Basketball vs. Bradley 73-60 (W)

Recent Contests: Men’s Basketball Record vs. Bradley 68-62 (W) vs. Southern Illinois 60-57 (W) vs. Evansville 59-54 (W) vs. Missouri State 77-66 (L) vs. Illinois State 77-59 (L) Women’s Basketball Record vs. Southern Illinois 72-35 (W) vs. Evansville 63-56 (L) vs. Missouri State 73-37 (W) vs. Wichita State 63-51 (W) vs. Loyola 66-45 (W)

Overall records: Men’s Basketball Rankings Wichita State 31-0 Indiana State 21-9 Missouri State 19-11 Illinois State 16-14 Northern Iowa 16-14 Bradley 12-19 Loyola 9-21 Evansville 13-18 Drake 15-15 Southern Illinois 13-18 Indiana State heads to St. Louis this weekend for the Men’s Basketball Missouri Valley Conference Championship and hope to bring home the trophy (Photo by Gary Macadaeg).

the Braves in the Hulman Center on Jan. 11, 62-59. The Sycamores then traveled to Bradley and defeated them 68-62 on Feb. 12. If the Sycamores face Loyola in the second round, Indiana State will enter knowing they handled the Ramblers twice this season. The Sycamores were

able to knock off Loyola 70-58 when the Ramblers made the trip to Terre Haute on Jan. 1. The Sycamores were also able to defeat Loyola in their house 65-61 on Jan. 22. The Sycamores’ first game is Friday at 7:05 p.m. in the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

Women’s Basketball Rankings Wichita State 22-6 Indiana State 17-10 Northern Iowa 16-11 Loyola 9-19 Illinois State 9-17 Missouri State 13-15 Evansville 13-14 Bradley 7-20 Southern Illinois 5-22 Drake 14-13

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Indiana State blast the Braves on Senior Day John Patrick Gibbons Reporter The Indiana State women’s basketball team defeated the Bradley Braves Sunday at the Hulman Center on Senior Day. Coming into the game, the Sycamores were hot, winning three straight games, including one against first place Missouri Valley Conference team Wichita State. Bradley had been struggling, losing two of their last three games. For seniors Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir and Anna Munn, it was the final time that they would play in front of the home crowd. It could not have started any better for them, as the Sycamores took a quick 11-2 lead after four minutes of play. From there, they would lead by as many as 10 points until senior guard Kelsey Budd led the Braves back into the game with 12 points of her own in the half. As the first half wound down, the Sycamores continued to shoot the ball well. Munn made the most of her final home game by scoring 12 points in

the first half. However, the Braves kept fighting and continued to trade baskets with the Sycamores, but sloppy play leading to turnovers from the Sycamores helped Bradley pull to within two as they entered halftime. As the second half got underway, the Sycamores started quickly, once again expanding their lead to 11 after a few minutes of play. As the half continued, junior forward Rachael Mahan got into foul trouble for the Sycamores, but Head Coach Teri Moren kept her in. “She went in with four fouls and I told her she couldn’t pick up her fifth and she really grew up,” Moren said. From there, the Sycamores would strengthen their lead to as many as 17 and would take control for the rest of the game, overtaking Bradley 73-60. Qaadir and Munn continued to shoot the ball well for the Sycamores as they both finished with 17 and 16 points, each ending their final game at home on a high note. “It hasn’t sunk in yet, but when I walk

The Indiana State Lady Sycamores fend off the Bradley Braves as a teammate shoots for a basket, adding a fourth game to their winning streak (Photo by Gary Macadaeg).

out of here it probably will,” Munn said. Junior forward Jasmine Grier also continued on her hot streak for the Sycamores finishing with 18 points of her own and going three for six from behind the three-point line. As the season winds down for the Sycamores, they will look to continue

their winning streak, attaining their Missouri Valley Conference championship dreams on the road as they face Drake and Northern Iowa in their final two games of the year later this week. “We can’t take any game for granted. We have to finish strong,” Qaadir said.

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Men and women sweep conference championships Craig Padgett

ISU Athletic Media Relations The Indiana State University men’s and women’s track and field teams took different paths to get there, but at the end were both crowned the 2014 Missouri Valley Conference indoor champions. The men led early into day one and never let up, extending their lead all the way through the finish for a big win with 151 points. Wichita State was second overall with 105 points. Southern Illinois placed third with 95 points, Northern Iowa placed fourth with 85 points, Illinois State was fifth with 81 points, Loyola placed sixth with 76 points and Drake was seventh overall with 64 points. “A win in the Valley is always special, because we have a lot of great coaches and athletes,” said John McNichols, men’s head coach and Missouri Valley Conference coach of the year. “To win two in a row is a great tribute to the hard work by the athletes on this team. We really did our business yesterday, as we had 13 qualifiers for finals and the next

best team had five.” The women’s side was a nail-biter throughout, as the Sycamores battled Southern Illinois and Wichita State from the beginning. In the end, the Sycamores won their first Missouri Valley indoor crown since 2001, taking a total of 130 points. Wichita State took second with 116.5 points, Southern Illinois finished third with 92.50 points, Loyola and Illinios State placed fourth with 68 points. Then came Northern Iowa in sixth with 67 points, Missouri State was seventh with 66 points, Bradley placed eighth with 46 points and Drake finished ninth with nine points. “I think our women did a great job, as we had a tough task in front of us,” said Women’s Head Coach and coach of the year, Angela Martin. “Southern Illinois and Wichita State have great teams, but we had two fantastic days. We had women [setting personal records] left and right. They were focused and they knew what they needed to do.” Continued on PAGE 15

Senior pole vaulter Lauren Rice springs through the air during her turn at the Missouri Valley Conference indoor championships Saturday and Sunday (Photo by Ayden Jent).

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The Sycamores had four conference champions on the second day, led by sophomore Katie Wise’s facility record in the 60-meter dash of 7.30 seconds. Her time puts her 13th nationally, and she’ll know at the end of the day if her time will place her in the top 16 for a spot at nationals in two weeks. Other champions dominating performance included a junior Carmelia Stewart in the 60-meter hurdles, as she won in a time of 8.44 seconds. Senior Greggmar Swift won yet another title in the 60-meter hurdles, as he dominated the field in a time of 7.73 seconds. Senior Mary Theisen dominated her specialty in the shot put with a toss of 56 feet 4 inches and junior Jonathan Jackson had a huge kick to win the 800-meter run in a time of 1:52.57. Sophomore Kimyanna Rudolph won her second straight pole vault championship, as she cleared 13 feet 10.50 inches. In all, the Sycamores had 14 allconference athletes on day two of competition. They included senior Keith

Housley in the 60-meter dash, second in 6.91 seconds, senior Kevin Piraino in the 400-meter dash, third in 48.65 seconds, Adarius Washington in the 60-meter hurdles, second in 7.88 seconds, freshman David Timlin in the mile, second in 4:11.18, senior Robert Webb in the heptathlon, second with 5,339 points, junior Demetra Camble in the 60-meter dash, second in 7.58 seconds, freshman Alethia Marrero in the 400-meter dash, second in 55.33 seconds, sophomore Whitney Walker in the shot put, third with a throw of 48 feet 10.75 inches, and Stewart in the triple jump, second with a jump of 41 feet 1.75 inches. The Sycamores received multiple honors after the meet, including the women’s Athlete of the Meet award, won by Carmelia Stewart for her efforts in the long jump, 60-hurdles, and triple jump. Wise won the women’s track athlete of the meet award, Theisen won the women’s field athlete of the meet award, and Swift won the men’s track athlete of the meet award.




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LOW FARES LOW FARES Like us on facebook ANYWHERE. ANYWHERE. and post today HOOSIERRIDE.COM HOOSIERRIDE.COM Follow @HoosierRide Follow @HoosierRide A SERVICE BY Junior long sprinter Ryan Dickson rounds the track at the Missouri Valley Indoor Championships. Both teams took first place at the weekend meet (Photo by Ayden Jent).


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Sycamore Baseball sees ninth straight victory Kevin Jenison ISU Athletic Media Relations hits with Cody Zimmerman hitting a The Indiana State baseball team is off to their best start since 2009 as they won their ninth straight game of the season and on the road as they finished off a three-game sweep of the New Orleans Privateers with an 11-4 victory Sunday at Zephyr Field. The Sycamores are now 9-1 on the young season which matches the start of the 2009 team. Indian State is scheduled to open their home season Tuesday by entertaining the Eastern Illinois Panthers in a 3 p.m. (ET) start. That game is questionable due to the recent winter weather. Brad Lombard (3-0) won this third start of the season as he went five innings in allowing three runs on seven hits while striking out and walking two. A.J. McElderry, Nick Kolarik and Trent Lunsford each worked in relief combining to limit the Privateers to a run on three hits while striking out two and walking three. The Sycamores scored 11 runs on 12

solo home run and a single, Jacob Hayes a double and a single, Landon Curry and Derek Hannahs two singles each, Michael Eberle a grand slam home run, and Mike Fitzgerald, Jeff Zahn, and Tony Rosselli had a single each. New Orleans took the early lead in the contest, loading the bases with no outs on two Indiana State errors and a single. The Privateers managed to score just once as Lombard worked his way out of the jam, striking out the final two batters. Indiana State came back in the top of the second as Fitzgerald, Romero and McClain each walked to load the bases with one out. Zahn hit into a fielder’s choice that got Fitzgerald out at home but Hannahs followed with a walk to score Romero and tie the game at one. The Privateers scored two unearned runs in the bottom half of the second to regain the advantage on a double, walk, a passed ball, and a single all with no outs. Lombard again was able to work his way out of the inning by retiring the final three batters.




Zimmerman cut the deficit to one as he led off the third inning by hitting a 3-2 pitch down the left field line, off the top of the left field fence and over for a solo home run, the first of his Sycamore career. Hayes and Fitzgerald followed with singles but were left stranded. Indiana State evened the game at 3-3 in the top of the fourth. Hannahs hit a one out single and advanced when Curry reached on a Privateer error. Zimmerman hit into a fielder’s choice that got Curry at second but allowed Hannahs to go to third. Hayes walked to load the bases with Fitzgerald being hit by a pitch to score Hannahs with the tying run. Lombard worked out of another bases loaded jam in the bottom of the fifth as New Orleans used two singles and a walk to fill the bases with two outs but were unable to push across a run. The Sycamores took the lead in the top of the sixth. Hannahs and Curry each singled and Zimmerman walked to load the bases with no outs. Hayes hit into a fielder’s choice that got Hannahs out at the plate and Fitzgerald popped out to

first for Indian State’s second out. Curry scored the go ahead run when Rosselli was hit by a pitch. The big blow came next as Eberle blasted an 0-1 pitch over the left field fence for a grand slam home run and an 8-3 Sycamore lead. McElderry took over for Lombard in the sixth and lasted two thirds of an inning as the Privateers scored a run on two singles, a walk and a fielder’s choice. Kolarik took over and stopped the New Orleans threat. Indiana State got that run back in the top of the seventh. Zahn led off with a single, advanced to second on Hannahs sacrifice bunt, and scored on Curry’s RBI single to right field. Another Sycamore run came across in the eighth as Fitzgerald led off with a walk, advanced on a passed ball, went to third on Rosselli’s single to left and scored as Eberle flied out. The Sycamores will return to the diamond for their first homestand this weekend against Western Illinois. The first game is set to begin Friday at 3:00 p.m.

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Sycamore Softball drops last two games of weekend Blaine Kinsey ISU Athletic Media Relations Riemenschneider led off the inning with Sophomore Alexa Cavin hit an inside the park home run but the Indiana State softball team (7-5) fell 4-2 to Green Bay (2-1) and 7-2 to host Western Kentucky in the final games of the Hilltopper Classic Saturday. “It was a day we didn’t do a lot of things very good,” head coach Shane Bouman said. “We got lucky yesterday and got a couple wins that were probably unexpected and then, honestly today, we didn’t pitch very well, didn’t play defense and didn’t get any hits. We have a week of practice before we head down south so we’re excited to get back to town and get to work and we will be ready.” Game One After scoring early, the Indiana State softball team couldn’t hold off the Phoenix of Green Bay as the Sycamores fell by a final score of 4-2. The Sycamores got runners aboard in the bottom of the first before breaking into the scoring column in the bottom of the second when freshman Brooke

a double and advanced to third on a groundout by junior Megan Stone. Junior Aubre Carpenter walked and stole second before Cavin hit an RBI groundout to second base to score Riemenschneider. Sophomore Kelsey Montgomery kept the inning going with an RBI single through the right side to score Carpenter and gave the Sycamores a 2-0 advantage. In the top of the fourth inning, the Phoenix answered back, scoring two runs off three hits to tie the game at 2-2. Green Bay struck again in the top of the fifth as they scored two runs off three hits with two outs in the inning to take a 4-2 lead over the Sycamores. In the bottom of the seventh, the Sycamores loaded the bases with two outs but came up empty as a popout ended the game with the Sycamores falling 4-2. Game Two Pitching dominated the early part of the Sycamores game against Western Kentucky as neither team recorded a hit until the third inning. In the top of the fourth inning, the

Indiana State dropped its final two games of the weekend after winning the first two contests of the Hilltopper Classic (Photo courtesy of ISU Communications and Marketing).

Sycamore offense came to life when senior Shelby Wilson drew a one out walk before sophomore Ashley Dickerson came in to pinch run. After a flyout, Cavin hit an inside the park home run to center field to put the Sycamores ahead 2-0. Western Kentucky responded in the bottom of the fifth as they scored six runs, only three earned, to take a 6-2 lead over Indiana State. They then added one more run to their lead in the bottom of the sixth to make it 7-2.

The Sycamores got runners on in the top of the seventh but could not score and fell in game two by a final score of 7-2. Cavin was 1-3 with two RBI’s and an inside the park home run. The Sycamores final game of the tournament against Green Bay was canceled due to the forecast of severe weather. The Sycamores will return to action on Friday in Clearwater, Fla. for the University of Southern Florida-Under Armour Invitational.

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Staying in your beach body mentality on spring break

Whether you are going home, staying here or going to a place much more exciting than Indiana, it is difficult to make healthy choices on vacation. The biggest trap to fall into is the “I’m on vacation, it doesn’t count” mentality. I even fall into trap when I go home Nutrition this for a weekend. There’s Columnist something about when someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning that makes you want three times the portions. However, you don’t want all your hard work to fall by the wayside. If you’re going out to eat, ask for a to-go box at the beginning of the meal so that you can save some for lunch the next day. The portions at restaurants are often larger than what you would eat ordinarily or at least what you should be eating. I didn’t know until I worked at a restaurant that you can usually change out one side for another. If you really have a burger craving that you just can’t satisfy, you can at least switch out the french fries for a side of

Toni Tillett

veggies or a side salad. If you go home and your empty-nester parents are so thrilled to see you that they shower you with home-cooked meals and trips to Dairy Queen, you can suggest that you help plan the menu for your stint at home. They will probably be happy that you are getting involved, doing something with them and making healthier choices as well. If you are heading toward a vacation spot, try to buy some groceries at the beginning of the week. If the place you are staying at has a kitchen, great. It is cheaper and healthier to buy groceries ahead of time and make lighter meals for everyone. You can also stock the pantry and fridge with snacks for your busy or relaxing days. If you don’t have a kitchen in your accommodations, there are still some healthier options you can choose, such as cereal, apples, oranges, bananas, bread and peanut butter, granola bars or tuna and crackers can be good for breakfast or snacks to tide you over. One of the larger issues still remains: the journey to and from your destination. One of the hardest parts about road or plane Continued on PAGE 21

During spring break, dodge McDonald’s dollar menu or gas station burritos and shoot for a salad or a fresh fruit instead. Your body will thank you (Photo courtesy of

Transfer students are welcome

What really makes this school standout is the close-knit student body and the faculty and staff. The personal attention each student receives is unparalleled and the positive environment we have created is second to none. - Robyn Clark Charter Class member


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trips is how just plain gross you feel afterward. You do not get a comfortable or fully-satisfying sleep. The lack of fresh air and leg room always leaves you feeling less than perfect. And the amount of junk that you continuously shovel into your body leaves you wishing you had chosen carrot sticks over the microwave bean burrito. Gas stations, drive-thrus and airport food tend not to offer the lightest of options. A day or two on that, and you just don’t feel the same. Drive-thrus and restaurants now offer “healthier” choices. Some menus will have the nutritional facts listed right on it, or if you someone in your party as a phone with internet access, nutritional facts are always listed on their website as well, so you can plan out your attack before you even arrive. Choosing yogurt, apples or a salad as your side are always good options. Keywords like “fried” or “cheesy” can sometimes hint at a lower nutritional quality. You have to be cautious with stereotypes as well because not everything at a place like Subway is necessarily better for you than everything at McDonald’s. So plan ahead and research where and what you will eat. Another option is to pack your meals. Get an insulated lunch box or a small cooler and pack deli sandwiches and fruit or chicken wraps and yogurt. This can also save you time on the road

by not having to stop to get food. As for the snacks in the car or plane, just don’t bring anything with you that you shouldn’t be eating. If it is not with you, then you won’t eat it; it’s as simple as that. If you bring an entire bag of cookies with the intention of only eating half, then chances are you will get bored with the trip and consume everything you brought. It’s a good idea to pack some carrots, pretzels, sliced fruit, cheese and crackers, cheerios or other items your wouldn’t mind munching on. People may even find portioning out the items into baggies and writing times they can eat them helpful. Although it is a bit stringent, some may find it necessary. While you may not want to drink too much while you are traveling to avoid the constant pit stops, you should always pack lots of water instead of pop. If you are craving something flavored try a Crystal Lite flavor packet or MiO flavoring. The main point is to enjoy your vacation. And I know I don’t fully enjoy it when I eat too much sugar or starchy foods. You just don’t feel properly nourished. So try to add some extra walking or stretching into your vacation as well as hydration and some fresh fruit. Treat this spring break as an opportunity to replenish your body and mind to get reenergized to finish out this school year.

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Jake Odum earns All-MVC First Team honors

Ace Hunt ISU Athletic Media Relations A pair of Sycamores have earned AllMissouri Valley Conference honors as announced today by the league office following a postseason vote of head coaches, sports information directors and a media panel. Jake Odum was named to the All-MVC First Team while Manny Arop was a honorable mention selection. Odum is a first team selection for the second consecutive season. He joins Wichita State’s Cleanthony Early as the only repeat selections on the six-man first team. Odum is just the fourth Sycamore to earn consecutive AllMVC First Team honors, joining a group of Larry Bird (1977-78 & 1978-79), Carl Nicks (1978-79 & 1979-1980) and John Sherman Williams (1984-85 & 1985-86). He has been named All-MVC in each of his four seasons in the program and is just the second Sycamore (John Sherman Williams the other (1983-1986)) to earn all-league honors in four different seasons. “This is a great accomplishment for Jake,” head coach Greg Lansing said. “There have been a lot of Sycamores who

have won a lot of games but there have percent of his free throws to rank tied only been three others that have earned for ninth in the MVC and his 2.4 assistFirst Team All-MVC in back-to-back to-turnover ratio ranks third in the years. I know Jake would conference. He was a trade all of these honors First Team All-MVC for a chance to play in the Preseason selection as “This is a great NCAA Tournament and as a member of The accomplishment for well win this weekend in St. Bob Cousy Award Watch Louis. The name Indiana Jake. There have been List and The Lute Olson State Basketball means a a lot of Sycamores Preseason All-America lot more now than it has who have won a lot of Team. in recent years and Jake Odum is joined by has played a big role in games but there have Wichita State’s Ron that.” only been three others Baker, Cleanthony Early Odum ranks seventh in that have earned First and Fred VanVleet as the ISU all-time scoring well as Evansville’s D.J. chart with 1,511 points Team All-MVC in back- Balentine and Northern to-back years.” and is second in assists Iowa’s Seth Tuttle on the with 586 as well as fourth All-MVC First Team. in steals with 200. Senior guard Manny Head Coach Greg Lansing Arop His 571 career free joined Odum on throws is an Indiana State the list with honorable school record and Odum mention honors. Arop is the only player in MVC history with heads into the conference tournament at least 500 career made free throws and averaging 11.0 points and 4.6 rebounds to 500 career assists. This season, Odum is rank 15th in the league. averaging 13.0 ppg which ranks 13th in He was a Preseason All-MVC the MVC while his 4.6 assists per game Honorable Mention selection who posted average ranks second. He has hit 78.5 17 double digit scoring performances this

season, including a season-best 25 points against IUPUI. “We are really excited for Manny to be named honorable mention allconference,” coach Lansing said. “This has been a great year for him as he started off representing Canada at the World University Games and we are very proud of him for that accomplishment. He has been a very good player for us. Obviously everyone knows he can score, but he doesn’t get enough credit for how hard he works every day and how well he plays on the defensive end.” Others on the All-MVC Honorable Mention list are Drake’s Richard Carter, Loyola’s Milton Doyle, Illinois State’s Daishon Knight and Evansville’s Egidijus Mockevicius. The league’s Specialty Awards will be announced this afternoon at 3 p.m. The Sycamores own the No. 2 seed at this week’s Missouri Valley Conference Tournament and will face the winner of the Bradley/Loyola matchup on Friday at 7:05 p.m. (ET) inside Scottrade Center. The quarterfinal matchup will be televised live on MVC TV as well as ESPN3.


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What French word for sled is given to a Winter Olympic event? Answer: Luge











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