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“Heads Up” E-Magazine December 2010

Off The Post First Annual TOPSoccer Certification Course Favorite Activities Stuck Inside? First Touch Activities-ODP Europe Recreation/Community Soccer Plan for 2010-11

TOPSoccer Certification Course January 30th, 2011 Indiana Soccer is pleased to announce that an inaugural TOPSoccer Certification Course will be held in Indianapolis on Sunday, January 30th, 2011. The location will be the Indianapolis Marriott North located at 3645 River Crossing Boulevard in Indianapolis. The main objective of this course is to aid clubs and coaches on how to start a successful TOPSoccer program as well as prepare volunteers to successfully work with TOPSoccer players. The times of the course will be from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. 9-Noon-Clasroom presentations       

How to start a TOPSoccer Program Characteristics of players Challenges of players Prevention and Care of Injuries Communication Ideas for Coaching the TOPSoccer player The TOPSoccer buddy

12:30-2:00 p.m. Field/Player demonstration You can register for this course on the Indiana Soccer website under the Community Menu then select TOPSoccer. The course is free for all who wish to attend.

“Off The Post” December 2010 Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Indiana Soccer E-Magazine. In addition to the information available on the Indiana Soccer web site, this E Magazine will offer coaches ideas to help develop players while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. If you have any coaching tips or activities which you think the Indiana youth soccer community should know about, please pass them along and they might be included in a future E Magazine issue!

This section is to give you information with upcoming events and happenings around the state. First Annual TOPSoccer Certificate Course in 2011 On Sunday, January 30th, 2011, as part of Indiana Soccer’s Workshops and AGM, a TOPSoccer Certificate Course will be offered. Times and are posted under the Education and TOPSoccer section of Indiana Soccer’s website. Coaching Courses are currently being updated on the Indiana Soccer website We have set up a number of courses all over the state and the spring/summer calendar will be available shortly after the holidays. New Community Soccer section added to the Indiana Soccer website A section devoted exclusively for the community/recreation soccer coach, player and parent is now up and available. Webinar presentations for 2011 Indiana Soccer will have host the following webinars in 2011.     

Hosting a Community Soccer Day-January 2011 Running an academy style program-February 2011 TOPSoccer Webinar-January 2011 Directors of Coaching Webinar-March 2011 E License Course Webinar-March 2011

 College Soccer Webinar-March/April 2011 Happy Holidays!

Below are some of my favorite activities that I have used throughout my coaching career. I hope you find them useful for your players.

Activity #1 Four Squares This is a possession activity geared for the u12 and above player. Make a 30 by 30 square and then cut that in half so you have four 15 x 15 squares. The playing numbers can vary but for this example 3v3+1 is used. The team with the ball scores a point when they can make 3 consecutive passes in one square. The players can go anywhere but they only score a point when 3 consecutive passes are completed. Activity #2 “Three Way” This is a finishing game in which three teams playing must score in three different ways. As the coach you can create the three different ways they score. They must score in order. Example: 1) Must score off a backpass, 2) Must score a goal that crosses the line in the air, 3) Must score a goal that is finished with one touch. When a team scores, they come off. The team that scores in all of the three different ways wins. Activity #3 “Last One Back” Small sided game of anywhere from 2-5 players. Two teams play a small sided game however when a team loses a ball, someone must drop back and become the goal keeper. This creates a numbers up or down situation allowing teaching moments to address these situations.

Activity #4 All Up and Back Small sided game of anywhere from 4-7 players. Divide the field into half. The restriction is before a team can score they must have all of their players (except the goal keeper) in their attacking half. If they score before the defense gets everyone back then it is worth 2 points. This activity will give you opportunities to teach transition for both attacking and defending.

Stuck Inside? Below are some ideas for those that do some indoor training besides playing FUTSAL with your players. Soccer Tennis Tournament Have a soccer tennis tournament with your teams. Soccer Tennis is very easy to set up and the rules can be modified for every age group.

Soccer “Dance” Bring in your Boombox and have players perform footskills while music is playing! Afterwards just let them then play but keep the music going!

Wall Ball Have players get in pairs and play a variety of games using a wall. Give them a variety of challenges to do like: 1) Play the ball with one foot then receive with another. 2) Play against a partner but use racquetball rules. 3) Play “HORSE” and whoever can’t receive and get the ball back within two touches gets a letter.

US Youth Soccer Europe Five backyard activities to improve your first touch ACTIVITY 1 * Pass the ball against the wall with pace * As the ball comes back take a touch and pass it back * As you progress, pass the ball at an angle so you are forced to move when it comes back * As you progress chip the ball against the wall and try to control it as it comes back * As you progress take the first touch with the inside and outside of the foot on various angels to the patch of the ball coming off the wall (45, 90, 180, 270, 360 Degrees) Coaching Points * Stay on the balls of your feet * Get in line with the ball * Use both feet – TRAIN BOTH FEET AT ALL TIMES * Take the first touch into a direction (change direction) Question to ask yourself How many different parts of your feet/ body can you use to receive the ball?

ACTIVITY 2 * You juggle the ball and every 4 to 5 touches you kick the ball up high * As the ball comes down try to bring it down under control * Progress to bringing it down then immediately dribbling with it * Progress to kick it away from your proximity so you have to move to bring the ball down. * Progress to bringing it down but don’t allow the ball to touch the ground Coaching Points * Get in line with the ball * Make an early selection of body surface to control the ball * Relax body part on impact *Keep your eye on the ball Question to ask yourself When dribbling away with the ball when you receive it what else can you add to make it game realistic?

ACTIVITY 3 * You will need a friend or a parent to participate in this game. * Set two cones about 2 yards apart. * The first player passes the ball through the cones to the other person * As you pass the ball you start moving backwards * The receiving player takes a touch and then passes back through the cones. * See how far you can move back before one player knocks down a cone and then start again Coaching Points *Turn your body at an angle as you move backwards * First touch needs to lead you into your pass Question to ask yourself How can you challenge your team mate who is receiving the ball?

ACTIVITY 4 * Players stay in pairs and pass between two cones * Two other cones are set up approximately 15-20 yards away * Players pass the ball between one set of cones * On one players discretion they then knock the ball out of their feet and dribble to the other gate * The player without the ball tries to get to that gate before the person with the ball * The player that reaches the gate first scores a point * Switch roles after 5 attempts Coaching Points *Open your hip / body position * First touch needs to go into game direction when you take it away Question to ask yourself How can you beat your team mate when dribbling the ball to the other cone?

ACTIVITY 5 * Players stay in pairs * Set up four cones approx 1.5 yards apart from each other * Players pass the ball between the middle set of cones * Receiving player has two touches and receives the ball towards one of the outside set of cones * With his next touch, he passes it thru the next set of cones back. * Two touch limitation and you cannot pass thru the same set of cones the ball came thru * You receive a point for each proper received and passed ball * Who gets to 15 points first Coaching Points *Open your hip and be ready on your feet * Receive the ball with different surface of your foot (inside/outside) * First touch needs to go into game direction Question to ask yourself What can you do to receive and pass the ball better?

Recreation/Community Plan 2010 and beyond

Recreation Committee • Reestablished Fall 2009. • Members are: – – – – – – – – –

Jeff Smalley Tyler Carrithers Scott Craig Dan Kapsalis Bruce McCourt Ed Richardson John Simon Joy Tull Carlos Zavala

Indy Force Fishers Soccer Club Scott County Pike Youth Soccer Michiana Soccer Association NYSL Pepsi-Cola Youth Soccer Indiana Soccer Zionsville Youth Soccer Association

• If interested in being a part of this committee, contact the Indiana Soccer’s Director of Education.

Name Change • • • •

“Community” (instead of Recreation) “Inter-Community” (instead of Rec-Plus) Perception Partner with other sports like Basketball, Baseball in your community.

Perception (Reality)




Entrances of Play






Services • Recreation/Community Coaches “Webinars” • “How To Run A Recreation/Community Program “Webinar” • How to host a Community Festivals • “HD” program – Teaching both life skills and soccer

• SITS-Soccer In The Schools Program – Template geared for clubs/community soccer programs to work with local schools.

Services Continued • Improve the Recreation/Community coaching manual. • Increase Education Opportunities – E License through season – Promote Online Youth Module 1

• Parent Education – Sideline “Reminders”

Services continued • Webpage devoted exclusively to community/recreation soccer organizations. • Animated “Lesson” Plan Book for Novice Coach • Offer “Skills School” DVD from US Youth at every Youth Module • Still pass out “Novice Coach” DVD for free at every Youth Module • Community Coach – Be a resource for several “community clubs”

Growth • Work with local schools, churches, YMCA’s • Require any new travel/select club to also have a recreation/community soccer component attached to it. • Concept of “Community Coaches” – Run clinics for players and coaches – Attend board meetings, coaches, meetings, etc.

Feedback • Please send any feedback to the Indiana Youth Soccer Director of Education.

Heads Up E Soccer Coaching Magazine December 2010  

Indiana Soccer's E Coaching Magazine December 2010