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The mission of the Indiana Repertory Theatre is to produce top-quality, professional theatre and related activities, providing experiences that will engage, surprise, challenge and entertain people throughout their lifetimes, helping us build a vital and vibrant community.

Welcome to the IRT’s 2015-2016 Season Annual Impact Report! This report contains lots of great information about last season and the amazing impact that your charitable gift had on our organization, and how we, in turn, were able to make great impact in serving the adults and children of Indiana with life-changing art. We hope that you will find the stories inspiring.


The Indiana Repertory Theatre will be a life-long destination of choice for people of all ages and backgrounds seeking enjoyable and meaningful experiences. Using theatre as a springboard for both personal reflection and community discussion, our productions and programs will inspire our neighbors to learn about themselves and others. As an arts leader in the state of Indiana, the IRT invites collaborations with other top-quality community institutions, with the goal of making Indiana a vibrant home of cultural expression, economic vitality, and a diverse, informed, and engaged citizenry.

Looking back at our accomplishments from the past season, we are keenly aware that none of it would have been possible without your support. After all, contributed income covered a full 50% of our expenses last season! It is no exaggeration to say that it is only because of you that the IRT was able to spend another season here in Indiana entertaining, engaging and challenging audiences of all ages, opening minds and sparking conversations. As you flip through the report, we hope you feel a tremendous sense of pride in what your investment has made possible, as we served a record number of adults and children from Central Indiana and across the state. As a donor to the Indiana Repertory Theatre, you are an investor, a partner and a champion! Thank you for making our 44th season possible. We look forward to sharing another fresh and exciting season of theatre with you in 2016-2017. With gratitude,


Because of your support, the IRT has grown to become the largest nonprofit theatre in the state of Indiana. As we look back on an amazing 44th season of producing professional theatre and arts education programming, we are incredibly grateful to count you as a partner in all that we do.


Janet Allen Executive Artistic Director

Suzanne Sweeney Managing Director

“I believe that people underestimate the power of live theatre and its impact on bringing people together to witness a story that may lead us to think about things differently, invoke an unexpected emotion and come away better. Thank you!” Benjamin Pecar & Leslie Thompson, IRT Supporters

The cast of IRT’s 2016 production of The Great Gatsby. Photo by Zach Rosing.




# of years Janet Allen has been IRT’s Artistic Director


# of performances in the 2015-2016 Season, 111 of which served children specifically


# of years James Still has been IRT’s playwright-in-residence


# of Indiana counties served by the Indiana Repertory Theatre


# of artisans employed by the IRT in the 2015-2016 Season


38,336 40,788 43,801

PUBLIC ATTENDANCE 2014 2015 2016 4

68,632 69,027 76,228

2015-2016 PRODUCTIONS The Great Gatsby April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream Peter Rabbit and Me A Christmas Carol The Mystery of Irma Vep To Kill a Mockingbird Fences Bridge & Tunnel The Mousetrap

Milicent Wright in IRT’s 2016 production of Bridge & Tunnel. Photo by Zach Rosing.




April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream by James Still premiered at the IRT last fall and was set during a volatile period for race relations in American history. The events of the play took place on that fateful day in April 1968 when Robert Kennedy announced the death of Martin Luther King Jr. to a predominantly black Indianapolis audience at what was supposed to have been a campaign rally. Both black and white leaders expected rioting and violence as seen in nearly every other major American city, but Indianapolis remained peaceful. IRT Playwright-in-Residence James Still sought to answer a simple question: why didn’t Indianapolis riot? His inquiry unearthed honest, thought-provoking, difficult and meaningful discourse about race relations in our home city. James spent more than five years listening to the stories and memories of Hoosiers. Some were in the park when Kennedy announced the assassination of Dr. King, others worked on the Kennedy campaign, and still others simply remembered where they were, what they felt, and how they spent the hours after tragedy struck on April 4, 1968. James captured the visceral memories of our community members and painted them into a picture of what that evening was like for the fictitious Fields family, who are busy going about their lives when the stunning news stops them in their tracks.

terrible day... All of Still’s research and interviews have been brilliantly woven into a story that reminds us of our choices in responding to injustice and hate; sorrow or anger; hope or despair; action or resignation.” Critics also couldn’t help but note the production’s ability to contextualize current conversations about race. Wei-Huan Chen from the Indianapolis Star wrote, “…Complicated and resonant themes form an undercurrent to that day-in-the-life simplicity. April 4, 1968 premieres at a time when Americans are having trouble agreeing on how upset they should be getting over racism. They are fighting not just over racism itself but also over where it begins and ends and how they should go on talking about it…” This production is an important addition to the IRT’s fourteen-play Indiana Series, which many of our patrons express is one of the most unique aspects of the organization. Above and beyond adding to the stories about our state and our communities, April 4, 1968 ignited community discussion and encouraged our patrons to reflect and voice their reactions to important issues of race in our community.

The production of April 4, 1968 impacted the Indianapolis community in significant ways. It discussed an important moment in Indianapolis history and allowed modern audiences to contemplate the similarities and differences between April 1968 and October 2015. A patron noted in their review of the show, “James Still’s April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream drew us in with the first sound of WTLC’s sixties music and kept us immersed in the events of that hopeful, then


James T. Alfred and Tracey N. Bonner in IRT’s 2015 production of April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream. Photo by Zach Rosing.


# of April 4, 1968 performances, including 25 public and 5 student matinĂŠe





in Indiana who watched April 4, 1968

to April 4, 1968

premier plays at the IRT, including April 4, 1968

the Indiana Series, including April 4, 1968

# of students

# of tickets sold

# of world

Tracey N. Bonner, Christina D. Harper and Nick Vidal in IRT’s 2015 production of April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream. Photo by Zach Rosing.

# of plays in




The IRT believes all people, particularly Indiana’s children, should have the opportunity to learn the lessons of humanity through the most vivid medium available, live theatre. The IRT reserves 40% of its production season for performances specifically targeting young people ages 3-18.

From our student matinees to our workshops and classes, every aspect of our education programming is underwritten by the support provided to the theatre by our donors! Continue reading to discover how our educational programming has helped one young artist explore her passion and gain self-confidence.


Alyssa Marie Gaines just completed the 6th grade at Merle Sidener Gifted Academy, and this past season she was in the cast of IRT’s production of A Christmas Carol. This was Alyssa’s second appearance in A Christmas Carol. In addition to performing on our stage, Alyssa has also been part of the IRT’s

Summer Conservatory, a program that immerses students in the creative process of theatre. Alyssa and her parents, April & Mark Gaines, provided insight into the impact that being a part of the IRT’s programming has had on their family.





My favorite experience at the IRT was also my first experience in live theatre; the first year I participated in A Christmas Carol. I had not done any shows before, and I was even new to the auditioning process. I’m so glad that I got the chance to work with talented professionals who taught me a lot. Another experience that I loved was participating in the IRT’s Summer Conservatory. It was great to be able to learn from professionals, and I had the opportunity to meet other kids who shared my love of acting. Conservatory was such a judgement-free zone, and I was able to make mistakes boldly and learn from them without having to worry about being laughed at or made fun of. Conservatory helped to build my confidence, and hopefully I can do it again next summer.


Alyssa’s involvement in theatre has been very important to us because it has served as a vehicle for exploring her passions. It has also allowed her to be well rounded in her interests. Alyssa has always been a very inquisitive and outgoing child. Over the years she has been involved in everything from lacrosse to robotics to poetry. The theatre has provided her with an outlet where she can express herself creatively in a supportive and fun learning environment. We became involved with the IRT when Alyssa came home one day and said that she wanted to audition for A Christmas Carol. She had never taken an acting class, had never been on stage and had never been to an audition. However, the staff at the IRT were so friendly and approachable that the process was not intimidating at all. We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to participate in IRT programs, and this experience has helped her grow not only as an actor but as a person.


# of student matinée performances in the 2015-2016 season


of children served # through our student matinée and Exploring Stages programs

Alyssa Gaines in IRT’s 2015 production of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Zach Rosing


mount of ticket underwriting a provided by the IRT’s Cohen Education Fund to schools across the state



Cash and Cash Equivalents Pledge Receivables Long Term Investments Property and Equipment (net) Other Assets TOTAL ASSETS


Accounts Payable & Accrued Expenses Deferred Ticket Revenue Unrestricted Net Assets Temporary Restricted Net Assets Permanently Restricted Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITIES & NET ASSETS INCOME

$411,769 $895,492 $18,972,131 $1,775,929 $165,235

$326,875 $1,067,732 $11,892,782 $1,996,601 $1,846,851

$452,965 $1,126,921 $12,471,126 $2,309,248 $1,954,251







$189,318 $782,913 $2,192,898 $4,017,912 $15,037,515

$262,015 $758,482 $3,713,439 $2,861,390 $9,535,515

$643,589 $682,274 $4,214,424 $3,239,709 $9,535,515




2016 2015 2014

Ticket Sales Annual Campaign Contributions Investment Income Other Income

$2,951,366 $2,540,207 $575,208 $479,339

$2,406,757 $2,385,101 $517,515 $428,949

$2,267,249 $2,276,115 $497,117 $428,953






2016 2015 2014

Artistic Production Marketing & Education Public Operations Building Services Development Capital Campaign Administration

$1,700,723 $1,582,323 $1,495,505 $1,296,060 $1,206,872 $1,175,148 $1,467,300 $1,408,746 $1,209,613 $165,582 $163,690 $222,182 $364,921 $341,504 $228,038 $425,645 $378,204 $373,482 $107,185 - $841,247 $707,889 $763,112





2016 2015 2014



$177,456 $3,094 $2,354




CORPORATE $214,990 $160,100
















D 5.1% IN KIN 6. 3% PU BLIC


“I donate because of inspiring performances, since I was a child at an IPS school who benefited from free performances.” Naseer Bade, IRT Supporter



BOARD OF DIRECTORS The Indiana Repertory Theatre is governed by a board of community and business leaders. We are grateful for their dedicated service and visionary leadership. OFFICERS

Michael J. Harrington, Chair Thomas C. Froehle Jr., Vice Chair Nadine Givens, Secretary Amy Griman, Treasurer Daniel C. Emerson, Immediate Past Chair DIRECTORS

Hon. Sharon R. Barner Frank Basile Gerald Berg Carl W. Butler Ann Colussi Dee Gary Denney Michael P. Dinius Frank Esposito Richard D. Feldman James W. Freeman

Ron Gifford Michael N. Heaton Brenda Horn Amy Kosnoff Jill Lacy Sarah Lechleiter Deborah Loughrey Jeff MacKay Lawren K. Mills Charlie Morgan

Michael Moriarty Timothy W. Oliver Brian Payne Becca Polak Tammara D. Porter James Reed Peter N. Reist Susan O. Ringo Donald Robinson-Gay Wayne Schmidt

Michael Semler Mark Shaffer Jacqueline Simmons Jennifer Vigran Amy Waggoner L. Alan Whaley David Whitman William O. Williams II

Margie Herald David Klapper David Kleiman* E. Kirk McKinney, Jr.

Richard Morris*

William E. Smith III* Eugene R. Tempel*


Robert Anker* Rollin Dick Berkley Duck* Dale Duncan* Michael Lee Gradison*

in memoriam

in memoriam

Jane Schlegel* Jerry Semler* Jack Shaw*

* Former Board Chairs

“I never cease to be amazed by the skill and hard work that goes into each of your productions. I love live theatre and I believe the IRT provides the best in Indianapolis.�

Daniel & Sharon Murphy, IRT Supporters


IRT staff building the set of its 2016 production of The Mousetrap. Photo by Amber Mills.

DONOR LISTING The IRT gratefully acknowledges the remarkable support we received from our individual and institutional donors during the 2015-2016 Season. Without their generosity, our work would not be possible. INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS REPERTORY SOCIETY PLAYWRIGHT CIRCLE ($10,000+) Bob & Toni Bader • ○ Mr. Leo Bianchi & Dr. Jill A. Panetta Michael Dinius & Jeannie Regan-Dinius • Nancy & Berkley Duck Dan & Ginny Emerson • ○ Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susan Golden Michael & Judy Harrington •◊ David I. & Betty Klapper Sarah & John Lechleiter •◊ Jackie Nytes & Michael O’Brien • Sue & Bill Ringo • Simmons Family Foundation, a fund of CICF •◊ David Whitman & Donna Reynolds • DIRECTOR CIRCLE ($5,000-$9,999) Susie & Joel Blum •◊ James & Kathy Cornelius Gary Denney & Louise Bakker • David & Ann Frick • Tom & Jenny Froehle •◊ Ann Hinson Bill & Nancy Hunt • Cliff & Janet Johnson Dr. & Mrs. William Macias • Carl Nelson & Loui Lord Nelson, Ph.D. •◊ Mel & Joan Perelman • Wayne & Susan Schmidt • Mike & Sue Smith Bill & Pam Williams Dr. Christian Wolf & Elaine Holden-Wolf • ARTIST CIRCLE ($3,000-$4,999) A.J. Allen & Kathy Maeglin Cheri & Rollie Dick • Mary Findling & John Hurt • Dick & Brenda Freije • Paul & Beth Gaylo Nadine & Alvin Givens Charles Goad & James Kincannon Mr. & Mrs. Cuthbert P. Gorman Donald & Teri Hecht •◊ Richard & Elizabeth Holmes John & Liz Jenkins Anne Nobles & David L. Johnson David Kleiman & Susan Jacobs John & Susan Kline Steve & Bev Koepper Scott & Amy Kosnoff • Kevin Krulewitch & Rosanne Ammirati *• Mike & Pat McCrory Charlie Morgan & Kelly Smith • David & Leslie Morgan •◊ Mr. & Mrs. Kimball Morris • Katie & Richard Norton • Dr. Christine & Michael Phillips • Jonathan & Rebecca Polak • James Reed & Kris Martin •

N. Clay & Amy McConkey Robbins Mary Frances Rubly Jane & Fred Schlegel •◊ Eric Schultze & Marcia Kolvitz Jerry & Rosie Semler Mark & Gerri Shaffer • Cynthia & William Smith III Cheryl & Jim Strain •◊ Gene & Mary Tempel Jeff & Benita Thomasson • Cheryl & Ray Waldman •◊ Rosalind Webb & Duard Ballard • Alan & Elizabeth Whaley •◊ PATRON CIRCLE ($1,500-$2,999) Eric & Catherine Allen Janet Allen & Joel Grynheim ◊ Katy & Tim Allen • Anonymous Hon. Sharon R. Barner Katrina Basile, Realtor • Gerald & Moira Berg Benjamin & Ashley Blair • Carl W. Butler Vince & Robyn Caponi David & Judith Chadwick Doug & Brenda Chappell Alan & Linda Cohen Cowan & King, LLP • Susan M. Cross Daniel & Catherine Cunningham Dan Bradburn & Jane Robison Dr. & Mrs. Frank M. Deane Gregory Dedinsky MD Ann & Kenneth Dee • Frank & Valerie Esposito Drs. Richard & Rebecca Feldman • Barrie K. & Gary R. Fisch Jim & Julie Freeman • Drs. Sheldon & Cherryl Friedman Rick Fuson Phyllis & Ed Gabovitch Mr. Jim Gawne Dorothea & Philip Genetos Robert & Jo Ann Giannini Ron & Kathy Gifford The Glick Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Griman Bob & Helen Haddad • Dr. & Mrs. James Hamby Caryl & Brady Hancock Michael N. Heaton • Mary S. Held • Jeff & Mindy Henry Bruce Hetrick & Cheri O’Neill ◊ Ted Hingst • William & Patricia Hirsch • Brenda Horn •◊ Randolph & Rebecca Horton • David & Sherry Hughes Robert Hunchberger & Kathy Callahan

Tom & Kathy Jenkins Daniel T. Jensen & Steven Follis Crystal L. Jones M.D. Denny & Judi Jones Mike & Pegg Kennedy Phil & Colleen Kenney • Arthur & Jacquelyn King Gary Knott & Colette Irwin-Knott • Richard & Mary Kortokrax Jane Herndon & Dan Kramer • Kurt & Judy Kroenke Jill & Peter Lacy • Alan P. & Tonya A. Ladd Dan & Martha Lehman Andrew & Lynn Lewis • Joe & Deborah Loughrey John & Barbara MacDougall Donald & Ruth Ann MacPherson Sharon R. Merriman Lawren Mills & Brad Rateike Michael D. Moriarty Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Nagy Stephen & Deanna Nash Carolyn & Blake Lee Neubauer • Mr. & Mrs. John Null Tim Oliver • Larry & Louise Paxton Brian & Gail Payne • Ben Pecar & Leslie Thompson • Tammara Porter Bob & Kathi Postlethwait Phil & Joyce Probst Myrta Pulliam Peter & Karen Reist • Ken & Debra Renkens Karen & Dick Ristine Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. & Jane Rutledge • Charles & Jenny Schalliol Tom & Barbara Schoellkopf Tim & Karen Seiler • Michael & Holly Semler Jack & Karen Shaw Marguerite K. Shepard, M.D. • Reuben & Lee Shevitz Michael & Cynthia Skehan Mark & Alice Martina Smith • Cheryl & Bob Sparks Edward & Susann Stahl Robert & Barbara Stevens Suzanne Sweeney & Todd Wiencek Joe & Jill Tanner • Jonathan Tempel & Barbara Bessolo • John & Deborah Thornburgh • Jennifer Turner John & Kathy Vahle Larry & Nancy VanArendonk • Jennifer & Gary Vigran • Dr. William C. Vladuchick & Ms. Susan M. Meloy Amy Waggoner • Dorothy Webb

Carol Weiss • Emily A. West Bob & Dana Wilson John & Margaret Wilson Jim & Joyce Winner •

DONOR GUILDS DRAMA GUILD ($650-$1,499) Kent & Barb Alder Robert Alonso & Deborah Givan David & Karen Amstutz Robert & Patricia Anker Anonymous (2) Jesse L. & Carolynne Bobbitt Bob & Chris Broughton Craig Burke & Diane Cruz-Burke Pam & Jack Burks Brady Clark Dr. & Ms. John J. Coleman III Daniel P. Corrigan Dr. Brian Dillman & Erin Hedges* Craig & Marsha Dunkin Julie & Jeff Eggert Mr. & Mrs. Eric Fox Paul & Phyllis Gesellchen Chris & Sheila Gramling Lisa Harris Robert & Melanie Haskell Marjorie & James Herald Drs. Meredith & Kathleen Hull W.M. Imel Linebarger Janin Family Fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation James & Sara Lootens John & Laura Ludwig Glenn & Jane Lyon James & Kathleen McGrath Carl & Monique McMillian Keith & Marion Michael John & Carolyn Mutz Brian S. Newman John & Patricia Nichols Dr. Brandon Nixon Ann Marie L. Ogden Robert M. & Kelli DeMott Park William & Ley Anne Perkins George & Christine Plews Judy Roudebush Richard & Christine Scales Owen Schaub & Donna McClearey Ed & Jane Stephenson The Ruth E. Stilwell Endowment Fund, a fund of CICF Lynne & Alex Timmermans Robert & Debra Titus Barbara S. Tully* Craig & Karin Veatch Mr. & Dr. Brian & Carrie West John & Ingrid Barbro Wiebke Robina Zink


DONOR LISTING CONT. INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS CONT. THEATRE GUILD ($250-$649) Louis Ackerman John & Eileen Ahrens* Jay Allen & Cathy Fogler • Anonymous (10) Dave Bagnall Jeri Ballantine Indy Instrument Service, LLC Allisan Barkel Sarah C. Barney John & Mary Bartley Walter Bartz Jon & Laura Baugh Mark Bear Constance C. Beardsley* Kristen Belcredi Jim & Sherri Bell Michael & Susan Bem Tom & Emily Benner Pamela J. Bennett Andrea Best Dan & Barb Bickel Barbara & Christopher Bodem* Ted & Peggy Boehm Joseph & Helen-Louise Boling Dr. & Mrs. Chad E. & Chris Bonhomme Mary T. Bookwalter & Jeffery Stant Zane & Sherri Boucher Reba Boyd Wooden* Dr. Richard Brashear & Mrs. Harriet Ivey Thomas & Victoria Broadie Charles W. Brown & Louise Tetrick Jeffery & Ketty Brown Gordon A. & Celia Bruder Chris & Charlie Brunette Bob & Brandee Bryant Thomas Buchler III David & Beverly Butler Lori A. Buzzetti Paul & Renee Cacchillo William & Debra Cantwell Dr. William & Georgia Capello Clarence L. & Carol Casazza Eddie & Kim Caudill Barbra Chaplin Linda L. Claffey Adam L. Clevenger & Jessica L. Trimble Molly-Maid of Indy Robert & Jennifer Cochrane Jeff Coffee John & Ulla Connor Tim Cook & Robert Escajeda Larry & Debbie Corbett Don & Dolly Craft David Crites & Joan Tupin-Crites Martha Cronkhite Rodney Curry Karen Dace* Daniel’s Vineyard Fr. Clem Davis Dr. Rebecca De La Rosa Ms. Victoria Deak Paul and Carol DeCoursey*


Phillip & Caroline Dennis* Mary & Steve DeVoe Catharine Diehr Ditech Inc. Mr. & Dr. Jody Donaldson Rosemary Dorsa Marc & Diana Doty April N. Edwards Jim Eup Sherry Faris Federal Merchants Corp Michael & Nichole Ferguson Ferrell Cleaning Company Hank & Nanci Feuer Joan M. FitzGibbon Mr. Ed & Dr. Cheryl Fleming Erik Fosnaught Kerry & Kimberly Foster Peter Furno & Pamela Steed Christi Garcia & Mary Forster MD Theresa Garcia & Thomas Orr Bob & Bev Gardner William & Jill Ann Garvey Jennifer Gates Rhonda Gatzke Greg Gault & Jeanne Maurer-Gault Robert & Christy Gauss Priscilla Gerde Jodi Gick Boyd H. Gilbert Mark & Susan Godley Margaret Gordon James Gorski & Laura Baker Darrell & Thecla Gossett Bob & Peggie Gould Drs. Robert & Barbara Goulet Jason & Jodi Greenlee Robert & Nancy Gregori Walter & Janet Gross Greg Grossart Phyllis & Bill Groth Chad & Kelli Grothen Susan C. Guba Marla & Mike Guzman Rebecca A. Gwin Tom & Susie Hacker Shirley Haflich David J. & Jeanne C. Hamernik Dick & Sherry Hamstra Emily Hancock* Alexandra & Justin Harris* Angela & Douglas Harris* Betty (Etheridge) Harris Guille & Ann Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Havens Steve & Kathy Heath Karen & Bob Hebert Mike & Noel Heymann Tom & Nora Hiatt Greg & Kathy Hill Marilyn Hoffman Karen Holmes Charles Howe Bruce & Pat Hubley

Dr. Donna Hudson Alice M. Hughes Leslie Hulvershorn Robert & Marilyn Hunter John Hurlbut Tom & Kerry Irick Greg & Patricia Jacoby Dr. & Mrs. Eric Jensen Philip & Irma Johnson Dr. & Mrs. Virgal & Jenna Johnson Ron & Shannon Jones Amy Judge-Prein & Edward Prein Dave & Donna Kaiser Geo Metric Design Karen A. Kiefer Jay & Wanda Kiesler Ann King Louise & Mike Kinney Joe Kirk Risa Brainin & Michael Klaers Col. A.D. Kneessy Ernest & Susan Kobets Steven & Mary Koch* Richard & Mary Kortokrax Dr. Donald & Mrs. Shirley Kreipke Jose & Margie Kreutz Dr. Loretta Kroin Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Erica Kuchinski Elizabeth H. Lacy John Langham Ignacio M. Larrinua & Mary Wolf Lisa Le Crone Celeste Jasmin Ledezma* Dr. John Lee Jim Lingenfelter & Georgia Cravey Paul Logan Jim Long & Kathy Russell Tim & Betty Lonis Dr. Michael Lutz Jeff & Patricia MacKay Terren Magid & Julie Manning Magid Dean T. & Eleanor Maglinte Steven Mahoney Dr. & Mrs. David Mandelbaum Kevin S. Mandrell Lyle & Deborah Mannweiler Dr. & Mrs. Peter Marcus* Patrick Marlatt* Omar & Amy Martin Randy & Rita Martin Tom & Sandy Mason JD & Liz Masur Melissa Maulding Dr. B.T. Maxam Jeffrey A. Mayes Mark McAlister Charles & Sonnie McAuley Jon Laramore & Janet McCabe Howard Knight, Jr. & Sarah McCollum-Knight Donald & P.J. McCullough Dr. Scott & Mrs. Elizabeth McDougall Donald & Elizabeth McIntire Monty & Brenda McMahan Kevin & Amy McMullen

Marie McNelis Don & Kimberly Meyer Connie Miller Milton & Margaret Miller Roger & Kim Miller Dr. Frederick & Alice Milley Douglas & Detra Mills James & Laura Miloshoff Dane & Shannon Mize Rev. Mary Ann Moman* David H. Moore M.D. Mallah & Ilana Mordoh James A. & Tammy Morris Kent & Elaine Morrison* Jim & Judith Mowry John & Marcia Munshower John & Beth Murphy Rose Nakeeb Susan & Jim Naus Dr. LeeAnne M. Nazer Steve & Leah Nellis Diana J. Ohman Merrell & Barbara Owen Kathryn Page & Peter Witczak* Al & Debbie Parrish* Steve & Quin Paul* Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Pearce Joe & Peggy Pearson Sidney & Judy Pellissier David & Caroline Pentzien Robert Perry Michael & Patricia Pillar Gail & Bill Plater David & Dorian Poole J. Thomas & Jane Ann Porter David Prosser & Rebecca Cook PSI IOTA XI (GAMMA NU CHAPTER) Scott & Susan Putney Nancy Quest Roger & Anna Radue Michael & Crisanta Ransom Flora Reichanadter George & Nancy Reilly Rodney & Judy Rhoades Ann & Richard Riegner Thomas & Jill Ristine Charlotte Robertson Pat Garrett Rooney Tracy & Julie Rosa Brent & Kristen Ruder Dr. John R. Rudolph & Mrs. Brena Stewart-Rudolph Paula F. Santa Dennis & Sandy Sasso Mark & Julanne Sausser Heather Ann Scheel Anne & Rod Scheele Herb Schlotterbeck Roger Schmelzer & Lucinda Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Breck & Verna Schmidlkofer Nanette Schulte & Matthew Russell Dr. Jill Shedd* Stephen Shideler

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTERS CONT. THEATRE GUILD CONT. ($250-$649) Julie D. Singer Michael Slavens River Bend Hose Specialty Joyce A. Smidley Kevin & Amy Sobiski* Larry & Karen Sowinski Matt & Brandi Spaulding Marta Spence Steve & Pat Spence Ross & Rosemarie Springer Luke Stark Sarah Stelzner Alice Steppe & Patrick Murphy Amanda Stevenson-Holmes & Matt Holmes

Doshia Hall Stewart Glenn E. Stewart Della Stott Dan & Diana Sullivan Richard & Lois Surber Darrell & Melanie Swartzentruber Nela Swinehart* Mary C. Tanner Fred & Carol Terzo The Glick Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation Donald & Shirley Trapp Dr. James & Linda Trippi Robert & Barbetta True* Jim & Leah Turner

Dr. & Mrs. Kurt Van Scoik Steve & Teresa Vincent Viva Dental David & Jenny Wade Brenda Walker Karen S. Waltz Karen S. Waltz Bill & Joan Warrick Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Washburn George & Karen Watkins Susan Weatherly* Natalie Weir Zoe Urena Weiss John & Pamela West Karen J. Weyrauch

Dan Wheeler & Susan Wakefield* Philip & Shandon Whistler John Whitaker Martha Corbin Whiteman Julie Whitman & Ray Stuart Don & Jeanette Wiles John & Judy Wilson Patricia Johnson & Michael Wilson Frederick & Jacquelyn Winters Patrick & Laurie Wootan Brant & Lorene Wright Milicent Wright • Leslie Ann Young Rick & Sandra Zeckel Patrick & Rebecca Zirnheld*

OVATION SOCIETY | The Ovation Society recognizes donors that have made a planned gift to the IRT. Gary Addison Ron & Julia Carpenter John & Mary Challman Cheri & Rollie Dick Nancy & Berkley Duck Dale & Karen Duncan Meg Gammage-Tucker

David A. & Dee Garrett Michael Gradison Emily Hancock Bruce Hetrick & Cheri O’Neill David Kleiman & Susan Jacobs Frank & Jacqueline La Vista Donald & Ruth Ann MacPherson

Stuart L. Main Michael R. & Sue Maine David & Leslie Morgan Richard & Lila Morris Deena Nystrom Marcia O’Brien Robert V. Robinson & Nancy J. Davis

Jane & Fred Schlegel Jerry & Rosie Semler Gene & Mary Tempel Jeff & Benita Thomasson Christopher J. Tolzmann Alan & Elizabeth Whaley John & Margaret Wilson

JPMorgan Chase Bank KPMG LLP Navient Noble Consulting Services, Inc. OneAmerica Financial Partners Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. PNC

Printing Partners Schmidt Associates, Inc. Stifel Nicolaus T2 Systems Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP U.S. Concepts LLC

Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Pacers Foundation The Ackerman Foundation The Arthur Jordan Foundation The Jerry L. & Barbara J. Burris Foundation

The Margot L. and Robert S. Eccles Fund, a fund of CICF The Penrod Society The Shubert Foundation

CORPORATE SUPPORT Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield AT&T Barnes & Thornburg LLP BASi Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP Dow AgroSciences LLC Eli Lilly and Company ◊

Faegre Baker Daniels Fifth Third Bank, Indiana Frost Brown Todd Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance Company Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Power & Light Company Integrity One Technologies

FOUNDATION SUPPORT Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation Christel DeHaan Family Foundation Elba L. & Gene Portteus Branigin Foundation, Inc. F.R. Hensel Fund for Fine Arts, Music, and Education, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation

Lacy Foundation Lilly Endowment, Inc. Myrta Pulliam Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc.



Arts Council of Indianapolis Indiana Arts Commission National Endowment for the Arts

* Indicates sustaining donors

Anonymous Elba L. & Gene Portteus Branigin Foundation, Inc. Eli Lilly and Company 1st Lt. Hrishikesh Gadagkar Beth Meyerson & Jill German Pacers Foundation Craig & Linda Sherman

Robert & Barbara Stevens F.R. Hensel Fund for Fine Arts, Music, and Education, a fund of The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate United Way of Central Indiana Wendy Wright

◊ Indicates a donation to the Bicentennial Fund in support of the development of the new play Finding Home: Indiana at 200

IRT SUMMER CONSERVATORY SCHOLARSHIP FUND Drs. Robert Baker & Paula Trzepacz David A. and Dee Garrett

• Indicates a donation to the Planet Janet program celebrating Janet Allen’s 20th season of service as Artistic Director

“We have been season ticket holders since IRT started at the Athenaeum many years ago and have enjoyed every production we have gone to!” Neil & Angeline Wylde, IRT Supporters

140 W WASHINGTON STREET, INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46204 | IRTLIVE.COM TICKET OFFICE: 317.635.5252 | ADMIN. OFFICE: 317.635.5277 Cover: Christina D. Harper in IRT’s 2015 production of April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream. Photo by Zach Rosing.

Profile for Indiana Repertory Theatre

IRT Annual Impact Report: 2015-2016 Season  

IRT Annual Impact Report: 2015-2016 Season