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ergo is published in print in April and December, and electronically in February, June, August, and October, by the Indiana University Maurer School of Law. Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development / Indiana University Maurer School of Law + 211 S. Indiana Ave. + Bloomington, IN 47405-7001 + 812-855-9700 + 877-286-0002 Copyright 2011 The Trustees of Indiana University

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in the program, which combines virtual and in-person learning. The Law School is also a member of Educating Tomorrow’s Lawyers (ETL), a consortium of 19 law schools working together to encourage and facilitate innovation from the Office of the Dean

in legal education in order to train new lawyers to the highest standards of competence and professionalism. Beyond these initiatives, our faculty and staff have been addressing what we must do as an institution to make sure that our students have the full range of competencies they need to be successful in the globalized world. Our first-year course on the legal profession has become an integral part of the curriculum over the past four years. Collaborative,

Dear Alumni and Friends: As 2011 draws to a close, I have been reflecting on the tremendous changes affecting our profession. It’s a long list, but two in particular seem to rise above all the rest: pervasive technology and globalization. Those of you who have reached a certain age can compare the practice of law 30 years ago with what it is today. If you do, you’ll probably find that technology has had an enormous impact on the legal profession. If you look ahead to 2050 — when most of our current first-year students will retire — globalization heads the list of trends that will have an equal impact on today’s practitioners. Our faculty members continue to make legal education in our global society a high priority. From the growing number of professional summer internships offered in India, Brazil, and China through the school’s Center on the Global Legal Profession to our faculty’s scholarship and teaching on the effects of globalization on our profession, the Maurer School of Law is on the forefront of educating tomorrow’s lawyers for success in this challenging and interconnected world. Faculty research on globalization is also informing our curriculum. In the spring semester, we will offer a seminar in transnational law. Taught by Professor Fred Aman, a world-renowned expert on the subject, this innovative course goes beyond traditional doctrines of international law and examines the relationships among domestic, international, and private-sector players

mixed-channel consortia models similar to Law without Walls and ETL will further enable our faculty members, with the help of our boards, to design a curricular arc that maximizes our students’ exposure to a much wider variety of courses and conferences beyond our own offerings, and at lower costs. The geographic diversity and global experience of this year’s first-year class of 240 reflects the fundamental changes in our profession and our world. More than 100 have worked for more than two years since receiving their undergraduate degree, and more than 100 have significant international experience. They have lived, studied or served in over fifty countries, from Argentina, Afghanistan, and Brazil to Ukraine, Uruguay, and Zambia. Twenty-two have advanced degrees. The students in our international graduate program further contribute to our global diversity, hailing from five continents and 20 countries. The engagement of our alumni and friends continues to make a tremendous difference in the success of the school. More than 900 of you volunteered your time and talent in a wide array of activities, from judging Moot Court to speaking at a Career Choices session. And your financial support is making a critical difference in our ability to grow to meet the challenges ahead. Your generosity is deeply appreciated. In January 2012, I begin a one-year term as president of the Association of American Law Schools. In preparation for this, I have been working with our peer law schools to examine what it will take to train the next generation of lawyers to become the ethical leaders of an increasingly global society. There are as many ways to accomplish this goal as there are law schools, but one fact is certain and inevitable: Our world is becoming smaller and more interdependent, and law schools themselves are becoming sites of globalization. Law schools such as ours, schools that capitalize on this historic shift, will lead the way. Your continued generosity will enable us to continue this important work, and we are most grateful for your support. All best,

that shape the legal framework of the global age. We now offer more than a

In addition, we are participating in Law without Walls,TM a pathbreaking consortium sponsored by the University of Miami School of Law. Law without Walls brings together students, faculty, practitioners, and entrepreneurs from around the world to innovate legal education and practice. Fordham, Harvard, Peking University School of Transnational Law, Sydney Law School, and University College London Laws are among the dozen schools participating

Lauren Robel Dean and Val Nolan Professor of Law

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2 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

dozen courses in the international arena.

A law degree continues to open the door to dozens of career opportunities — more than any other course of study. Lawyers from the Maurer School of Law work in private firms, in government, in business, in public advocacy, and in many other fields. At Indiana Law, exploring and planning for the right career starts during the first year. One Ls attend career planning sessions, hear from alumni about their experiences in the profession, and assess their own strengths and interests. During the summer, they have the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in a variety of settings around the world, becoming immersed in other countries’ legal systems, culture, and values. The growing influence of globalization makes these experiences an increasingly important part of a lawyer’s professional competency. The generosity of the Law School’s alumni and friends helps our students gain real-life experiences that inform their future, both stateside and abroad. Here are just two examples.

Seeing the world in a new way: Stewart Fellows program grows to 11 students in two hemispheres In the summer of 2010, six Indiana Law students spent several weeks in India, absorbing the culture and experiencing the legal profession in the world’s largest democracy under the auspices of the Law School’s Center on the Global Legal Profession. This year, the program expanded to 11 rising second-year students in two countries: Brazil and India. Made possible by the generosity of Milton Stewart, JD’71, the Stewart Fellowships introduce students to the profession through hands-on experience in highly reputed law firms, corporations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Nine students interned in India, where they worked for a law firm,

diverse opportunities, global destinations

named Holdeen Scholars in honor of the Unitarian Universalist Holdeen

Milton Stewart, JD’71

India Program, which provided additional support through its director, Kathy Sreedhar. Danny Thiemann, who worked as an intern at the Delhi-based full-service law firm, Trilegal, says the experience enabled him to improve his legal skills while linking theory and practice.

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4 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

a legal-process outsourcer, or an NGO. The four NGO interns were also

“Delhi helped me see the world in a new way,” he said. “Before my time in

Gonzalez saw her time working in Brazil as instrumental in helping her

India, I had been working on how to prevent conflict related to resource

choose the right career. “Other schools have study abroad programs, but I’m

extraction in Latin America. This work is mainly theoretical and involves

not aware of any others that offer a work experience,” she said. “Student life

surveys of successful programs elsewhere that may be adapted for Central

is very different from professional life, and actually working abroad gave me

American countries. However, India brought the urgency of energy

a completely different perspective.”

problems and their impact on the environment before my eyes every day.”

Plans for 2012 call for expansion of the Stewart Fellowships to other countries, including possibly China.

Thiemann had many opportunities to experience the Indian legal system upfront. “Several times during my internship, I was asked to help counsel who were arguing for changes in public policy before the India Central Electricity Commission and the Supreme Court,” he said. “The internship not only sharpened my legal research and writing skills, but also let me see firsthand some of India’s top lawyers work through problems and respond on their feet to tough questions. I left the experience with a broadened perspective and renewed sense of urgency to continue working on these issues in other regions of the world. I’m very grateful for the opportunity.” The other Stewart Fellows in India — Louise Barrett, Jerry Carter, Ross

The 2011 Milton Stewart India Fellows (l. to r.): Ashley Rozier, Nick Haering, Louise Barrett, Danny Thiemann, Jerry Carter, Ross Friedman, Melanie Jesteadt, Tara Paul, and Krista Lewis. Barrett, Haering, Jesteadt, and Rozier were also named Holdeen Scholars.

Friedman, Nick Haering, Melanie Jesteadt, Krista Lewis, Tara Paul, and Ashley Rozier — reported similarly rewarding experiences during their internships. Read more about them on the Center’s website, Meanwhile, halfway across the globe, two Indiana Law students spent eight weeks in São Paulo, gaining firsthand experience in both law firm

Innovative Indiana Law/SKKU degree captures “best of both”

between Demarest & Almeida Advogados, one of Brazil’s largest law firms, and Votorantim Group, a diversified industrial conglomerate with interests in finance, energy, steel, and paper. “Working in two settings was a fantastic experience,” Gonzalez said. “At Votorantim, I did contract work in the corporate legal department and was a liaison with in-house lawyers in other parts of the company, not only in

6 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Brazil, but also in Peru, Argentina, and Colombia. I also had the opportunity to visit their aluminum, cement, and cellulose plants where I learned how

The 2011 Milton Stewart Brazil Fellows, Viviana Gonzalez and Eli Roberts

It’s no secret that South Korea is on the leading edge of business innovation. Demand for consumer goods and a favorable manufacturing climate have propelled the country’s GDP to 14th in the world. Thanks to an innovative partnership between the Maurer School of Law and a forward-thinking Korean business school, students can earn a JD/MBA that captures the best of both worlds.

business and manufacturing combine with the law.

Founded in 2008, the joint degree program with Seoul’s Sungkyunkwan

“My experience at Demarest & Almeida had a lot of variety, including

of Law and an international MBA from SKKU. It is believed to be the only

regulatory work, which went well with my prior career in the medical devices industry. The firm’s corporate department was much bigger than Votorantim’s, but both places welcomed me and treated me really well. I was just another Brazilian.”

University (SKKU) enables students to earn a JD from the Maurer School program of its kind in the world.

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and in-house settings. Viviana Gonzalez and Eli Roberts divided their time

“The program offers an American, English-speaking MBA that closely follows the Kelley School of Business


curriculum,” explained Mark E. Need, JD/MBA’92, clinical associate professor of law and director, Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic, and faculty director, JD/MBA programs. “It is unique, though, as the students earn the MBA in Korea, immersed in the culture, business practices, and values of an entirely different society. Those are skills that will benefit business lawyers regardless of where they practice.” Nathan Wenk, JD/MBA’12, spent the past year at SKKU before returning to Bloomington to complete his joint degree. “I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Seoul, learning about business — but also learning about another culture,” he said. “There is no substitute for being immersed in a foreign society. Being in social, educational, and business settings with my international peers gave me a new perspective on how communication can vary around the world.”

The Law School’s selection committee has announced the winners of the 2011 Maurer School of Law Distinguished Service Award. Once again, the pool of nominees was an extremely talented group of alumni, and the selection committee had a very difficult time choosing the winners. Here are this year’s DSA recipients, all of whom have demonstrated tremendous service to their communities: JaeWon Kim (left), professor of law at Sungkyunkwan University Law School, greets Professor Mark E. Need in front of the school. The sign behind them reads, in ancient Chinese, “The Sharing of Knowledge is Everlasting. It Unites All Peoples and Leads Them in the Right Direction.”

5 Robert D. Aronson, JD’77. As principal attorney for Aronson & Associates P.A. in Minneapolis, Aronson has devoted his career and much of his personal life to ensuring access to legal assistance for immigrants and to

in the nexus between law, business, and globalization. The Law School has provided me with the opportunity to work in Japan (1L summer), to work in India (2L summer), and now to study and work in Korea,” he said. “The Indiana Law/SKKU program furthers my understanding of Asia with knowledge of the Korean language and culture, teaches me the analytical culture of law to adeptly identify problems, and teaches me the practical culture of business to collaboratively solve problems. I am, of course, meeting wonderful people and having the

8 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

time of my life as I pursue this knowledge. I feel honored to be associated with these two world-class programs.” The two schools are continuing to explore and implement creative collaborations. Need has assisted his Korean colleagues, including SKKU Law School Professor JaeWon Kim, with the design of a business law clinic closely modeled on the Kelley/Maurer jointly sponsored Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic endowed by D.G. Elmore, JD’58, and D.G. Elmore, Jr., JD/MBA’84. “SKKU has recently opened a business law clinic, and I had the pleasure of visiting it in October of this year,” Need reported. “It’s exciting to see these programs coming together and providing new and creative ways to prepare students for the future.”

enhancing the resettlement experience of refugees and their families. Jeffrey S. Davidson, JD’73. While building a successful career in commercial litigation as a partner with Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Los Angeles, Davidson has dedicated himself to providing access to justice for the citizens of California. Kellye Y. Testy, JD’91. On her way to becoming Dean of the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle, Testy has become well-known for her inspiring commitment to diversity and social justice issues within the legal profession.

1 This year’s winners will be recognized on March 22, 2012, in the Moot Court Room at 4:00 p.m. For more information, contact Andrea Havill at (812) 855-3015 or

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This year, Jerry Carter, JD/MBA’13 is studying in Seoul. “I chose the Maurer School of Law because of an interest

The Maurer School of Law’s six research centers conduct break-

At the Center on the Global Legal Profession, Carole Silver, JD’80,

through research in areas from cybersecurity to constitutional

professor of law, has completed important research on the value of a

democracy. Students play an active role in the Centers’ work, giving

U.S. legal education in today’s global market.

them practical experience and helping shape their career objectives.

In a Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics article titled “The Variable

Here is an update on the Centers’ recent activities. Carole Silver, JD’80

zations, and are seeking to occupy the same high status everywhere they work. Rather than simply supporting overseas offices as an

The Center for Intellectual Property Research has been closely

indication of status, U.S.-based firms are striving for recognition as

involved in its students’ scholarly pursuits. In October, Prof. Mark D.

elite advisors around the world.

Janis, JD’89, Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law and the Center’s director, accompanied 11 students to Washington, D.C. for the annual meeting

Against this background, Silver explores whether firms have iden-

of the American Intellectual Property Law Association. The students

tified a set of common characteristics and credentials that define

attended sessions and networked with alumni and IP Advisory Board

a “global lawyer.” She uses the U.S. LLM degree — a one-year, post-

members, including Greg Castanias, JD’90, Erica Anderson, and

graduate degree aimed at foreign law graduates — as an entry point

Alison Kerndt, and toured the Court of Appeals for the Federal

for unpacking the meaning of professional capital in the market for

Circuit with Scott Allen, JD’12, who is working as an extern for Chief

global legal services. By analyzing two case studies, one in Germany

Judge Randall Rader.

and one in China, she concludes that “While the U.S. LLM signals value in each jurisdiction, the strength and shape of the signal is

Four Indiana Law students completed IP externships last summer.

determined by host country context.”

Justin Macy and Kate McTavish, JD’13, spent last summer as Cook IP Fellows in Bloomington. Their externships were made

Silver’s work is part of her ongoing research on the legal profession

possible through a generous gift from Cook Medical Technologies

in a global context. She is one of the few scholars using empirical

LLC, an internationally recognized medical device manufacturer. Mark D. Janis, JD’89

evidence to examine globalization of the profession. Her research will

Lucas Amodio, JD’12, and Tearra Vaughn, JD’13, worked in

inform further development of the Law School’s curriculum for both

Washington, D.C. for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

JD and LLM students. The full article can be read on the Center’s website,

The latest issue of IP Theory, the Center’s online scholarly journal, features a paper on Myriad Genetics, a controversial case involving


gene patent eligibility, written by Prof. Chris Holman of the University of Missouri Kansas City.

True to its mission of “bringing constitutionalism and the rule of law to new and struggling democracies,” the Center for Constitutional

10 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

The Law School’s Intellectual Property Association attests to

Democracy (CCD) has been working closely on the ground with the

the growing interest in the Center’s work. With 85 members, it is

emerging governments of two countries very much in the news:

among the largest of the school’s 30-plus student organizations.

Libya and South Sudan.

More information about the Center and IP Theory can be found at On October 19, Maurer School of Law students were treated to a visit with Chief Judge Randall Rader of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.


Silver noted that many U.S. law firms now claim to be global organi-

David C. Williams

“The fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime completely changes the playing field in Libya,” said David C. Williams, John S. Hastings professor of law and the CCD’s executive director. “The good news is that we have been officially invited to advise the government on writing a new constitution.”

11 +


Value of U.S. Legal Education in the Global Legal Services Market,”

Williams explained that the CCD and the IU Center for the Study of

and “The Few, the Proud, the Gays: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the Trap

the Middle East (CSME) have been invited to organize a conference

of Tolerance,” by Suzanna Walters, Indiana University.

on constitutionalism in Libya. In December, Williams and Feisal

The Center’s two Jerome Hall Post-Doctoral Fellows, Leila Kawar

Istrabadi, JD’88, university scholar in international law and diplo-

and Katherine Turk, spoke, respectively, on “Legal Liberalism and

macy and director of CSME, are visiting the University of Garyounis

the Juridical Construction of Immigrant Rights in the United States

in Benghazi to lay the groundwork for the conference and meet with

and France, 1973-1983” and “Our Militancy is in Our Openness:

people interested in constitutional reform. “Our work will help raise

Gay Employment Rights Activism and the Question of Sexual

awareness of the importance of constitutional democracy in this

Orientation under Title VII, 1964-1990.” Visit the Center’s website:

newly liberated country,” Williams said.

In South Sudan, which voted for independence from Sudan in


January 2011, the government is still very much in transition. According to Williams, “The transitional constitution ratified in July

The Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research has teamed with

of this year is in some ways worse than the interim constitution it

the Oxford Internet Institute (OII), a department of the University

replaced. We met with the leaders of the Sudan People’s Liberation

of Oxford, to create a new program that will allow students to earn

Movement and plan to return when they are ready to draft a

“The situation in South Sudan is still very fluid,” Williams concluded. “It has an educated, morally earnest leadership class, and some national wealth, mainly in oil reserves. Depending on the politics and the stability of the new government, it could either become the next Botswana — or the next Zimbabwe.”

***** The Center for Law, Society, and Culture began the year with new leadership and a diverse offering of timely scholarly topics.

Fred H. Cate

Maurer School of Law. Aimed primarily at international students, the new program will give students with an American law degree or non-U.S. equivalency the opportunity to take 14-16 credit hours of existing regular law courses in the broad area of information and intellectual property law. Admitted students will spend the fall semester in Bloomington and the spring term at Oxford, where they will take specialized courses and complete a 10,000-word thesis. The thesis provides students the opportunity to apply the methods and approaches covered during their coursework and carry out a substantive piece of academic re-

of law and Charles L. Whistler faculty fellow, and director

search on an information law and policy-related topic of their choice.

Ethan Michelson, associate professor of sociology and law. 12 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

British university and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the

The Center’s new co-directors are Jayanth K. Krishnan, professor of India Initiative, Center on the Global Legal Profession; and

Jayanth Krishnan and Ethan Michelson

a certification in information law and policy from the prestigious

permanent constitution.”

Students who complete 24 credit hours from IU or the equivalent, and an acceptable thesis, will receive an LLM degree from the

The Center sponsors a colloquium every semester. This fall’s

Maurer School of Law and a Certificate in Information Law and Policy

offerings centered on the theme of “Whither Law and Society’s

from the OII. “We are honored to join with a distinguished university

Activist Agenda?” It included talks titled “The Death Penalty:

to develop this program,” said Dean Robel. “A certification in

Judge versus Jury” by Valerie Hans, Cornell Law School; “Democracy

information law and policy from Oxford will serve as an excellent

of Discipline? Economic Globalization and the Architecture of

complement to a Maurer School of Law LLM.”

Government,” by Alasdair Roberts, Suffolk University Law School;

13 +

Feisal Istrabadi, JD’88

The program has an initial term of three years and will be led by CACR Director Fred H. Cate, distinguished professor and C. Ben Dutton professor of law, and Oxford’s Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of internet governance and regulation. The agreement takes effect immediately, with expectations that the first students will begin the program in fall 2012. Learn more at



The Maurer School of Law community gathered in the Moot

Court Room twice this fall to remember two distinguished professors.

Prof. Dennis Long, JD/MSES’98, was honored on August 25

for his contributions to the legal profession and for his influence as an outstanding teacher. He died unexpectedly on August 4. Prof. Don Gjerdingen offered a moving tribute about Long’s influence on students and the example he set for the wider world. Other remembrances came from Profs. Gene Shreve and Fred Cate, and from Henry Efroymson, a partner at Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis who was Long’s supervising attorney when he practiced there.

The Center for Law, Ethics, and Applied Research (CLEAR) in Health Information welcomed a distinguished alumnus to the Law School on November 9 as the Center’s first visiting fellow. George P. Smith, II, JD’64, delivered the Center’s first public lecture in tribute to his late friend, former

He died on January 26 after a brief illness.

Prof. Jeffrey Stake recalled his friend’s extraordinary intelligence and memory. “Pat absorbed it all,” he said.

“His mind was a compendious catalogue of information, all indexed and ready for instant replay whenever the situation called for it. Not only could Pat recall ideas; he could usually express them more cogently and elegantly than their original author.” Malcolm Abrams, publisher of Bloom magazine, entertained the audience with witty

IU President Myles N. Brand. The lecture was titled “Managing End-of-Life Care: Medico-Legal, Social,

and perceptive gems from Baude’s regular wine column.

Ethical, and Philosophical Challenges.” Dr. Brand died of pancreatic cancer in 2009.

A professor of law at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., Smith has devoted significant time throughout his career to the subject of palliative care. His lecture analyzed the two foundational challenges to human health care at the end-state of life: the extent to which a patient with a terminal illness can control his or her treatment options, and the level of state control and intervention in the dying process.

Dean Robel praised Baude’s gifts as a teacher. “Through the brilliance of his mind, he took the visible and

the ordinary and showed us the invisible and the extraordinary. . .He did it with humor and humility and without flashiness. His gift wasn’t to make complex things simple; it was to make students appreciate and relish complexity. In Pat’s class, you needed to be able to have the guts to put your pencil down, turn off your laptop, and listen. If you could do that, you began to learn how you could turn an idea just slightly and subtly, and if you engaged with that over time, and you listened, he would show you how. Not as well as he could do it, of course, but well enough to start your

“The topics of death and of dying are a popular concern,” Smith said. “There will never be one, unified

professional life, and to look back at his teaching as the thing that set you on your path.”

national consensus on the extent to which the state should protect the dying and allow its members to die

a ‘good death’ without unnecessary suffering and with compassion.”

of law; and Baude’s son, Jonathan, also shared their remembrances.

Distinguished professor Fred H. Cate, director of CLEAR and the C. Ben Dutton professor of law, said

Gregory Zoeller, JD’82, the Indiana attorney general; Roger Dworkin, Robert A. Lucas professor emeritus The tributes to Profs.s Long and Baude, along with a moving video about each, can be viewed on the Law

Smith is a tremendous scholar. “George P. Smith is an internationally recognized authority in health ethics

School’s YouTube page (iumaurerlaw), accessible from the school’s website, In addition, the fall 2011

and law,” he said. “We are honored to have him as CLEAR’s first visiting fellow.”

issue of the Indiana Law Journal contains tributes to Baude by Hon. Randall T. Shepard, chief justice of Indiana;

Smith’s lecture may be viewed on Indiana Law’s YouTube page (iumaurerlaw), accessible from the Law 14 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

On October 28, Prof. Patrick Baude was remembered in a tribute from family, colleagues, and friends.

School’s website:

Dean Robel, Prof. Daniel O. Conkle; Prof. Laura J. Cooper, University of Minnesota Law School; Prof. Emeritus Roger B. Dworkin; and Prof. Jeffrey E. Stake. These may be read at

Dennis H. Long, JD/MSES’98

Patrick L. Baude

15 +

George P. Smith, II, JD’64

Gene Shreve, Richard S. Melvin professor of law, has donated a significant piece of African art to the Maurer School of Law. A knowledgeable and passionate collector, Prof. Gene Shreve first became interested in African art several years ago when teaching at the Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II). “The university is located near the Place Maubert, where I used to see African artists displaying their work every day,” he recalled. “My attraction grew as time passed, and I began building my own collection.” A few years later, Shreve had the opportunity to teach in Monrovia, Liberia, fulfilling a lifelong wish to visit Africa. He became fascinated not only by the aesthetic of African art, but also by the challenge of locating authentic works — ones actually used in ceremonies or for religious purposes. The piece donated to the school (inset) is a sculptural ensemble depicting a criminal trial under customary law of the Baule people. It is from the Ivory Coast and dates from 1900-1920. In the sculpture, the accused appears before the village council. He has been caught stealing a pig, which is tethered at the right rear of the platform. He faces the head of the council, whose seniority is evidenced by the complexity of his coiffure. The empty stools indicate that this was not an important enough matter to require attendance of the full council. Behind the accused stands a member of the village who will administer punishment once the council announces its verdict (noted by the whip resting across his shoulder). Once the accused has been punished, he will be accepted back into the village. Had he been convicted


of a more serious crime, he might have been banished — a harsh punishment in the Baule’s communitarian culture.

THROUGH DONATION TO LAW SCHOOL Before moving to its permanent home at the Law School, Shreve’s gift may be going on the road. Monica Blackmun Visoná, assistant professor of art at the University of Kentucky, would like to include the piece for an exhibition in the next year or two, which she hopes will take place at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art. Visoná has also expressed interest in another Baule sculpture from Shreve’s collection. Shreve has donated other pieces to Indiana University, including an equestrian marionette from the Bamana people, which is on permanent display at the IU Art Museum. He has also donated works that he describes as “raucous” to the and the Serious Collector — an Essay,” was published in the April 2010 issue of Maine Antique Digest. As passionate about teaching as he is about art, Shreve has received numerous teaching awards, including the prestigious Leon Wallace Teaching Award. A museum in itself, his office displays dozens of items from his collection alongside his scholarly works and recognition for his achievements in the classroom.

17 +

16 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

university’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction. An article on the subject, “African Art

As an on-the-ground advocate for democracy across the globe, IU Maurer School of Law Prof. David Williams is used to confronting danger. But his recent trip to Burma on behalf of that country’s burgeoning democracy movement landed him in more trouble than he bargained for. Williams is executive director of Indiana Law’s Center for Constitutional Democracy, which brings leaders of reform movements in countries struggling for constitutional democracy together with university scholars who offer useful expertise. He regularly meets with people who are working for freedom from the ground up, not only in the cities where reforms are taking place, but also in the jungles, mountains, and deserts where people are trying to make a better future. On a recent trip to Burma, Williams and the Center’s assistant director Ngun Cung (Andrew) Lian landed in Mangshi, China, en route to a meeting with the Kachin Independence Army in Burma. Unfortunately, the Ministry of State Security, China’s secret police, learned about their visit and began trailing them as soon as they left Beijing airport. “The police followed our car all the way to the Burmese border,” Williams recalled. “Apparently they knew that I liked to trek through the jungle and cross the border on foot because by the time we got there, they had closed it to all traffic.”


CONVERTS EJECTION FROM CHINA TO DIPLOMATIC INVITATION Another surprise awaited Williams and Lian when they arrived in a small Chinese border town. “About a dozen Chinese Secret Police officers were staying in the same hotel upon our arrival and watching us every step of our movements. (I saw them all at the interrogation center later),” Lian said. “The Chinese Security Force closed down the road from Border Town to KIO Headquarters for three days. Finally, they arrested and charged me, and I was fined for violation of Chinese social visa privileges.”

Department of State found out what was going on and enlisted the appropriate Chinese diplomats,” said Williams. “Once that happened, the local police — who had been treating us well anyway — became even more solicitous. The Chief Immigration Officer was very upset about the incident and apologized to us several times. He even prepared a huge dinner for us at his own expense. We’ve been invited back as honored guests of the Chinese government.”

19 +

18 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Williams and Lian managed to convert this incident into something of a diplomatic coup. “Our friends at the

The Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies (IJGLS) was founded twenty years ago, in recognition of the fact that globalization was producing new legal institutions, new arenas of professionalism, new conceptions of law across academic disciplines and in practice — and accordingly, new directions for legal scholarship. “We decided that the new journal would meet three criteria,” recalled Alfred C. Aman, Jr., Roscoe C. O’Byrne Alfred C. Aman, Jr.

professor of law and co-founder of IJGLS. “It had to be interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, and inclusive of globalization in the broadest sense.” Aman added that the last two criteria helped differentiate it from other existing global or transnational journals. “By focusing directly on globalization as involving not only a shift in the scale of law, but also (and especially) the dynamics of domestic legal processes, we hope to advance understanding of the ways in which law, politics, culture, and economics respond to and shape each other,” Aman wrote in an introduction to the first issue of IJGLS in the fall of 1993. “This initial purpose has become more important during the past 20 years,” he said recently. “The ‘denationalizing’ of globalization, such as the increasing role of non-governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and other non-state actors, has become a particular focus of the Journal in recent issues.” The Journal’s dual peer review — by both student and faculty editors — further helps distinguish it. IJGLS has emphasized symposia — both on campus and in print — as a forum for its contributors’ scholarship. A special 20th anniversary symposium is in the works for April 5-6, 2012. Titled “Globalization and Law: The Next Twenty


Years,” it will focus on “law in the broadest sense as a site where globalization takes aspirational and institutional form, encounters critique and contestation, and shapes the practice of law as both academic discipline and professional art,” Aman wrote in an invitation to participants.

20TH YEAR WITH SYMPOSIUM Several leading global scholars who contributed to IJGLS earliest issues will again participate in the symposium, including Jöst Delbruck, professor emeritus of law and a co-founder of IJGLS; Martin M. Shapiro, James W. and Isabel Coffroth professor of law at UC Berkeley School of Law; and Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd professor of sociology at Columbia University.

lawyers. A student editorial board has guided the Journal’s content and direction since its founding. More than 600 Indiana Law alumni have participated in IJGLS over the past 20 years. More information about the upcoming symposium and related events will be posted on IJGLS’ website,

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20 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

In addition to serving as a Who’s Who of global legal scholars, IJGLS has attracted the interest of aspiring global






Fred H. Cate

Law professor steps up to task of making .xxx Web sites safe The Chronicle of Higher

Journalists and commentators regularly seek the Maurer School of Law faculty and staff’s expertise on a wide variety



The Daily Caller

from May, 2011 through November, 2011.

care saga


Closure and 9/11


WAQY Radio (Springfield, Mass.)


Marketplace (American






Donna Nagy

Pelosi aide calls 60 Minutes report a “smear”

San Francisco Chronicle


David Fidler

Wilson Ramos kidnapping highlights baseball’s dangerous

The Daily Beast

Venezuela pipeline


Fred H. Cate

High-tech credit cards easy target for thieves

WRTV (Indianapolis)


David Fidler

London Conference reveals “fault lines” in global

cyberspace and cybersecurity governance


Donna Nagy

Promises made, and remade, by firms in S.E.C. fraud cases

The New York Times


David Fidler

Can nations really work together on cybersecurity?

Marketplace (American

Public Media)


Dawn Johnsen

Meeting with Chinese official tests limits set by Congress

The New York Times

William Henderson

The great debate over law schools

Law School Review (National

Law Journal)

10/30/11 Ryan W. Scott

Crack cocaine sentencing eases

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

10/24/11 Charles Geyh

A Gift for ByBee

National Law Journal

10/24/11 William Henderson

Law schools pressed to tell the truth on job placement, debt

USA Today

10/16/11 William Henderson

Law schools on the defensive over job-placement data

The Chronicle of Higher Education

10/12/11 Feisal Amin Rasoul

IU professors to investigate Libyan human rights violations

Indiana Daily Student

10/12/11 Carole Silver

Mergers increase following dry spell

Indiana Lawyer

10/12/11 Donna Nagy

Capitol gains

The Atlantic


Deborah Widiss

Suit alleges religious bias at Defender Direct

Indianapolis Business Journal


David Fidler

Rand Paul backs fringe UN gun conspiracy

Mother Jones


Marshall Leaffer

Equal protection for Shostakovich?

The Chronicle of Higher




The Herald-Bulletin

Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

FOP: Reduced police staffing would be breach of contract

(Anderson, Ind.)


Des Moines Register

Fred H. Cate

Business is at center of Iowa State presidential candidate

Subbaswamy’s vision


Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Under Obama, is America ‘post-racial’?, Room for Debate

The New York Times


Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Is the GOP rigging the electoral college?

The Washington Post


Charles Geyh

Indiana Supreme Court upholds police entry ruling

WIBC (Indianapolis)


Hannah Buxbaum

U.S. lawsuits may be limited over UBS rogue trades



Charles Geyh

Feuding mires Wisconsin Supreme Court

The Wall Street Journal


William Henderson

Law school scam

Ask Men


David Fidler

Patriot Act still in effect 10 years later

Indiana Daily Student

Jody Madeira Fred H. Cate

9/11’s effect on tech

Bax and O’Brien

Public Media)


Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Rick Perry’s Plan: $10,000 for a B.A., Room for Debate

The NewYork Times


Fred H. Cate

A key Sept. 11 legacy: more domestic surveillance

Los Angeles Times


Aviva Orenstein

Women accused of prostitution appear in court

News and Tribune

(Jeffersonville, Ind.)


Dawn Johnsen

Restore the president’s appointment power

National Law Journal


Craig Bradley

Circuit split watch: the legislative privilege

National Law Journal


Charles Geyh

Prosser’s recount got ample funding

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel


William Henderson

Suing over jobs

Inside Higher Ed


William Henderson

Indiana Tech defends law school plan

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette


Caroline Dowd-Higgins

It is never too early to network

Indiana Lawyer


Dawn Johnsen

Health care law: two eagerly anticipated rulings expected

ABC News

this summer


The simple case for the Affordable Care Act’s

Dawn Johnsen




William Henderson

More data but less transparency

National Law Journal


William Henderson

NALP clashes with ABA over jobs data — and hints at

National Law Journal

22 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Appeals court decision opens another chapter in health

taking legal action


Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

‘Right to work’ would impede economy

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette


Aviva Orenstein

Lawyers look to Internet, social media for clues

Indiana Lawyer


Dawn Johnsen

It’s all academic

National Law Journal


Timothy Waters

IU prof: Taking sides in Libya can be tricky thing

The Herald-Times

(Bloomington, Ind.)


Joseph Hoffmann

Shooting suspect could qualify for death penalty if convicted Daily Journal (Franklin, Ind.)


Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

Why do Indiana schools and unions want longer contracts?

StateImpact (NPR)


Charles Geyh

ABA confronts judicial fundraising issue

Thomson Reuters


Jeannine Bell

Specter of Katrina looms in New Orleans police shooting




William Henderson

Law schools get practical

The Wall Street Journal


Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

Indiana first to require drug tests for job training

Chicago Tribune


Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

Dau-Schmidt on House Election Workforce Committee

The Rick Smith Show


(WIOO, Harrisburg, Pa.)


Labor Board crimps companies in union campaigns,

Bloomberg News

Kenneth Dau-Schmidt

lawyer says


Dawn Johnsen

Different kinds of wrong


Dawn Johnsen

Justice Department top leadership team stabilizes with

The Washington Post

Senate confirmations


Law job stagnation may have started before the recession -— ABA Journal

William Henderson

and it may be a sign of lasting change

23 +

of local, national and global topics. Here is a listing of faculty and staff in the media — quoted, interviewed, or referred to —

Dawn Johnsen






Daniel Conkle

Unusual alignment of Supreme Court in video game case

The Rod Arquette Show

(KNRS Salt Lake City)(at 1:35)


The Christian Science Monitor

Fred H. Cate

TSA defends searches of children, elderly, amid fresh



Fifth Circuit judges shrug off critics, hang onto oil

Charles Geyh

The New York Times



Alfred C. Aman, Jr.

Indiana’s bumpy road to privatization

Los Angeles Times


Jeffrey Stake

New lawyers face tough job market

Indiana Lawyer


Charles Geyh

Tuesday Talk replay: In judicial elections, is politics getting

Detroit News

in the way of justice?


Frosty relations between U.S. and China on cybersecurity

David Fidler

Marketplace (American

Public Media)



Dawn Johnsen

On Libya, President Obama evaded rules on legal disputes,

UPCOMING EVENTS D.C. ALUMNI RECEPTION Please join us for an evening cocktail reception in conjunction with the 2012 AALS Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity to see many of your favorite faculty as well as catch up with D.C. area alumni. We hope that you can join us.

scholars say


Dawn Johnsen

Obama’s foolish legal approach to Libya

The Washington Post


William Henderson

The shrinking legal academy

The Wall Street Journal


Dawn Johnsen

Confirmed: the nomination process is broken


Charles Geyh

Touched by controversy

Indiana Lawyer


Fred H. Cate

Why does Sony keep getting hacked?

The Huffington Post

2660 Woodley Road NW


David Fidler

US act-of-war treatment of cyber-attacks fails to answer

Daily India

Washington, DC 20008

Legally India


Marketplace (American


harder questions: experts


700,000 Indian prisoners waiting for trial released in

Jayanth Krishnan

18 months


Pentagon takes tough stance on cyber attacks

David Fidler

Thursday, January 5, 2012 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Washington Marriott Wardman Park Wilson A room

Public Media)


Dawn Johnsen

Obama, Bush, and the Patriot Act

The Huffington Post

Thursday, March 22, 2012


John Scanlan

ACLU challenging immigration law

Indianapolis Star


Craig Bradley

State leaders request Supreme Court reconsider 4th

Indiana Daily Student

4:00 p.m.

Amendment ruling


Protest set on Indiana court’s police entry ruling

Charles Geyh

Albany (NY) Times-Union,

Fox 19 (Cincinnati),

Indianapolis Star


William Henderson

At well-paying firms, a low-paid corner

The New York Times


Craig Bradley

Justices asked to review ruling

Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette


Craig Bradley

Court ruling brings threats

Indianapolis Star


Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Alternative career options for burned-out lawyers

US News & World Report


Fred H. Cate

U.S. global cybersecurity plan falls short, experts warn

The Huffington Post


Donna Nagy

A bar barometer: securities suits swell



Daniel Conkle

Daniels walks line on religion

Indianapolis Star


Fred H. Cate

White House wants mandatory three-year sentence for


critical- infrastructure hackers


Milbank’s big bet

William Henderson

Moot Court Room of the Maurer School of Law, with a reception afterwards For additional information, please contact Andrea Havill at (812) 855-3015 or +++

ACADEMY OF LAW ALUMNI FELLOWS DINNER AND INDUCTION CEREMONY Friday, March 23, 2012 Alumni Hall Indiana Memorial Union

The American Lawyer

Be sure to check the alumni calendar at for the latest event details and be sure to check back to see where Dean Robel and the Law School will be visiting during the March spring break.

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24 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report


When patent attorney David A. Rose, JD’70, arrived in Bloomington more than 40 years ago, he wasn’t sure where

Rose builds IP practice emphasizing the business of law

the practice of law would lead him. But several well-planned decisions have resulted in a rewarding professional career, in both lawyering and the business of lawyering. Rose was on campus this fall as Practitioner-in-Residence in the Law School’s Center for Intellectual Property Research. In an interview before a lunchtime meeting with students, he recalled that his training in ROTC while

in law school took him to Maryland shortly after graduation for office training,

but he was discharged early because the Army didn’t need him.

“My wife and I were free to choose where we wanted to live,” he said. “So we

listed about 12 big cities that looked interesting, and Houston was one of them.

I interviewed for positions in corporate law, but because of my mechanical

engineering degree and the demand for patent lawyers, I ended up selecting patent law, “even though I had no experience in the field.” Rose was hired by Butler & Binion, at that time one of Texas’ largest firms, and was named partner in 1977. “After several years there, I began to realize that I enjoyed the business of law and could successfully manage a firm.” Members of the firm’s IP section agreed, and in 1991 all nine of them left Butler to form Conley Rose. (Butler & Binion dissolved in 1999.) The new firm gave Rose the chance to apply his skill and interest in the business of running a practice. “All of the IP lawyers joined us at the new firm. This gave us an instant client base because there was no one left at Butler & Binion who could handle their IP needs,” he explained. “That helped our cash flow. As we grew to handle large patent portfolios, this experience helped us to build credibility with prospective clients. And if you’re in a specialized practice like IP, you can go after large companies’ business without getting in the way of their relationships with their outside general-practice firms.” Rose’s strategy has worked. Under his leadership, Conley Rose has grown to nearly 40 professionals, with offices in Houston, Dallas, and Austin. Their clients include blue-chip enterprises in the energy and technology industries including HP, Texas Instruments, RIM, Sprint, Halliburton, Cameron, National-Oilwell Varco, and Chevron Phillips. Rose cited another benefit of a smaller, specialized practice: the ability to set the culture. “I always advise law students that they should consider the big-firm and small-firm cultures carefully when weighing their career options. Smaller firms tend to be more flexible and family-oriented. You might work fewer hours for a lower base salary, with bonuses

Although the practice has changed over the past 40 years — more fixed-fee arrangements, more contingent fee litigation, ever increasing overhead — Rose continues to find promise in the specialized practice model, even as he winds down his own involvement in the firm. “I’ve been working on succession as the founding shareholders in the firm retire,” he said. “The founders of the firm have a lot of credibility with clients because we took the initial risk. Now we’re helping others build that same credibility so the business we’ve built can continue to grow after we are gone.”

27 +

26 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

available to those who want to work longer hours. In a smaller firm, there’s no one-size-fits-all model.”

A partner in the Chicago office of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, Thomas M. Hamilton, JD’69 has built a practice in

Hamilton reflects on 40 years of litigation and learning

declaratory judgment litigation — a field that plays to his strengths, and one in which he’s enjoyed every minute. After graduation, Hamilton joined the then 29 attorneys of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in Chicago, a firm that today numbers nearly 500 attorneys. For more than 40 years, he’s performed declaratory judgment litigation in commercial and professional insurance cases. “I always considered myself more of a writer, so it made sense for me to do work

that supported our trial lawyers,” he said. “As luck would have it, declaratory

judgment work became a prima donna specialty right about the time I moved

into it, so I had the chance to build my practice early.”

Hamilton explained that Cook County’s unusual chancery courts system

operates under a much faster calendar. “We can deliver an opinion to our

clients and get a resolution of most cases within 18 months,” he said, adding

that the system’s clear procedural rules and on-point precedents help things run smoothly. “Opposing counsel is usually familiar with the system, and there’s a great deal of respect among judges and members of the chancery bar,” he said. “It’s a wonderful area of practice.” In addition to his skill before the chancery bar, Hamilton has become an expert mediator, often leading clients to a solution in both the declaratory judgment action and the underlying liability claim. In 2005, he completed intensive training at Pepperdine University School of Law’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, and is a certified mediator in Cook County’s Major Case Civil Mediation Program. “It’s been great to learn a new area of the law this late in my career,” he said. Hamilton has seen many changes during the past 40 years. “When I started practicing, there was a delay of up to two months before the appellate courts published their advance sheets,” he said. “So I used to write summaries of the cases, mimeograph them, and walk them around to judges’ and other lawyers’ offices. It was a great way for a guy from Fort Wayne, Indiana to get to know other members of the Chicago Bar.” He added that the firm wouldn’t let him make photocopies. “It was too expensive!” he laughed. Despite the marvels of today’s technology, Hamilton remembers fondly the days when he worked more closely with his assistant and younger lawyers in the firm. “More eyes used to look at work before it went out, which helped maintain quality,” he said. “We used to have a docket clerk who’d been with us for 30 years, and he was one more check on accuracy before he physically walked the filings over to the court house. Now, more often than not, the other half of my team is my PC.”

in Chicago. “I wish I’d gotten involved earlier, because it’s a great experience,” he said. Although he extols the virtues of working for a firm, he encourages new lawyers to develop their own skills. “You are your own best manager,” he said. “If you develop your own skill set and constantly improve it, that will serve you and your clients better than anything else.” Hamilton retires from Hinshaw on December 31, 2011, and he’s following his own advice about skill development. “On January 2, 2012, I’ll start a new job as interim vice president and corporate counsel for our clients, OMS National Insurance Company and Fortress Insurance Company. There’s always something new to learn.”

29 +

28 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Hamilton has been an enthusiastic volunteer for the Law School, meeting with students to help them find positions

Law degree takes Michael to a new bench – this time, in a laboratory

Edward L. Michael, JD’81, started law school with a goal of practicing as a trial lawyer in Chicago. But he soon found that his legal training took him in other directions. “Like a lot of law students, I interviewed on campus with the Chicago firms and took a job with Chadwell & Kayser, which is now out of business,” he recalled. “I was assigned to a small case ‘way up in Lake County.’ One of the firm’s top partners represented the client. And that client was Abbott,” he said, referring to the global health care

company headquartered in the Chicago suburbs.

Michael remembered that the case involved arguing a point of civil procedure

law before the judge. “Unfortunately,” he said, “the lawyer on the other

side was Philip W. Tone, who had been a U.S. Court of Appeals judge before

joining the Jenner & Block firm. After I had finished arguing my point, he

pointed out to the judge that he had written the Illinois Civil Procedure Code.” Despite this somewhat inauspicious beginning, Michael found himself doing more and more work for Abbott, and in 1985 he was offered a position in the company’s legal department. “The department was a lot smaller than it is now, and I got to work on litigation for most divisions,” he said. “I was assigned early on to a diagnostics case, and a couple of years after that I was offered a group marketing manager position.” Michael’s new role as a business executive soon took him overseas, where we was vice president for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Additional assignments led to a promotion in 2007 to his current role as executive vice president, diagnostics, in charge of the company’s diagnostics, molecular, and point-of-care businesses. Although Michael has spent most of the past two decades on the business side of Abbott, he continues to use his legal training. “My degree has helped with everything I’ve done,” he said. “Learning the law gave me a new way to think about problems. Plus legal issues always come up in business situations — contracts, labor law, intellectual property, tax.” And as head of a business with 75 percent of its sales outside the U.S., Michael says his law degree has helped him confront the challenges of globalization. “Lawyers have to be more than technicians. We have to know the world and know how to give good advice in the context of a particular country’s culture.” He added the pace of globalization will only accelerate, making these skills more important than ever for future practitioners. Michael credits his success to his being passionate about his career. “Try to find something you enjoy doing,” he advises future lawyers. “Opportunities present themselves when you’re doing what you like to do — and when

31 +

30 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

you do it well.”


The generosity of alumni and friends of Indiana Law, together with the

A federal judge for 21 years, Walker decided many high-profile cases in civil liberties, securities fraud, national

energy of a group of dedicated students, have raised the profile of the

security, and other arenas. He retired from the bench in February 2011. His lecture centered on interplay between

school’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) community.

public policy and judicial review.

The LGBT Alumni Advisory Board has sponsored two symposia on timely

Charles G. Geyh, associate dean for research and John F. Kimberling professor of law, and Judy Failer, associate

and controversial topics affecting the LGBT community. On April 7, a panel

professor of political science, provided commentary. Both events took place before overflow crowds in the school’s

of legal and academic experts convened to discuss recent developments

Moot Court Room.

on same-sex marriage and the Defense of Marriage Act. The symposium, “Same-Sex Marriage and the Future of DOMA: Law, Politics, Federalism, and Families,” focused on lawsuits challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act and recent controversies over whether the government should continue defending DOMA. Maura Healey, chief of the Civil Rights Division of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, delivered a lecture titled

“The efforts of our LGBT Advisory Board have been spectacular,” said Dean Robel. In particular, she cited Board President Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, JD’83, Michael D. Shumate, and Steve Sanders for their generosity. “Jerry and Mike provided financial support for both events, as well as for students to participate in the Williams Institute Moot Court competition, the premier moot court competition on sexual orientation and gender identity legal issues.” She also applauded the generosity of James L. Reed, Jr., JD’92 and K. Steven Blake, JD’90, in making these events possible.

“One State’s Challenge to DOMA.” Massachusetts was the first state to legal-

“The relationship between the LGBT Alumni Advisory Board and OUTlaw is one of the cornerstones of the OUTlaw

ize same-sex marriage and filed suit against DOMA in 2009. The following

group,” said Kyle Morrison, JD’13, president of OUTlaw, the school’s LGBT student organization. “Through their

experts participated in the panel discussion:

time and donations, we have been able to offer organization members and the law school community educational, networking and social opportunities.

3 Thomas M. Fisher, JD’04, Solicitor General, State of Indiana 3 Dawn Johnsen, Walter W. Foskett professor of law and former Deputy

Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice

3 Brian Powell, Rudy Professor of Sociology, IU College of Arts and

Sciences, and co-author of Counted Out: Same-sex Relations and

Americans’ Definitions of the Family

3 Deborah Widiss, Associate Professor

“Many of the members have volunteered to be mentors to OUTlaw members, and have hosted brunches and dinners to get to know the students better. A donation by one alum allowed us to attend the Lambda Legal Dinner, which gave us a chance to network in the Indianapolis legal community. Without the Board’s support, OUTlaw would not be able to continue to grow and bring awareness to LGBT issues to students at the Law School,” Morrison concluded.


Steve Sanders, a lecturer at the University of Michigan Law School, moderated the panel discussion. On November 3, a former judge who struck down Proposition 8, the California voter initiative banning same-sex marriage, delivered a lecture titled “On the Bench and in the Game.” Vaughn R. Walker, former chief judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, unconstitutional under both the due process and equal protection clauses of the U.S. Constitution. Proposition 8 was a voter initiative-constitutional amendment that eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry. Walker is the first known gay person to serve as a federal judge. As such, his decision generated controversy not only for its substance, but also because proponents of Proposition 8 asserted that Walker should have recused himself from the case.

In April, the Law School’s LGBT Alumni Advisory Board sponsored a symposium on the future of same-sex marriage. Participants included (from left) Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office; Steve Sanders, co-organizer of the event; Jerry Burgdoerfer, JD’83, LGBT Alumni Board current president; Mike Shumate, vice president, co-organizer; and Kathleen Sweeney, JD’84, past president.

Students met with Hon. Vaughn Walker, retired U.S. District Court Judge, when he visited the Law School on November 3. Left to right: Will Ruiz, Rachael Steller, Jheremy Perkins, Jessica Jackson-McClain, Kyle Morrison, Judge Walker, Veronica Corsaro, Lauren Mehrtens, Ian Doig

33 +

32 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

ruled on Aug. 4, 2010, in Perry v. Schwarzenegger that Proposition 8 was




Through annual gifts from donors, the Indiana University Maurer School

The Partners in Excellence enable the IU Maurer School of Law to plan for the future of mission-critical

of Law builds and sustains resources

programs by pledging their sustained support to the School in the amount of $2,500 per year or more for five years.

that support scholarships, law journals,

The School now has 115 Partners in Excellence, compared with only 18 in 2003.

trial advocacy programs, the Law

The Law School deeply appreciates the investment of this elite group of donors.

Library, faculty development, and many other initiatives.

grateful to its donors for their investment. Every gift promotes the success of the School as it strives to produce the most prepared, educated, and ethical lawyers for today’s globally based profession. The 2010–2011 Honor Roll of Donors reflects gifts from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011. Unrestricted gifts and annual gifts to student organizations, scholarships, and the Law Library are recognized as contributions to the Fund for Excellence. An asterisk indicates that the donor is deceased. Every effort has been made to avoid errors. Please accept our apology if you have been listed incorrectly or omitted. Please report corrections to: Lisa G. Hosey, Director of Special Gifts and Stewardship

34 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development 211 S. Indiana Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405 812-855-9953 877-286-0002

Terrill D. Albright, ’65

Richard T. Freije, Jr., ’84

Thomas R. McCully, ’66

Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89

Alfred C. Aman Jr.

Eric A. Frey, ’67

R. Bruce McLean, ’71

George P. Smith II, ’64

Bruce J. Artim, ’82

Rose E. Gallagher, ’99

Leslie S. Mead, ’84

Kathleen O. St. Louis, ’84

M. Scott Bassett, ’86

Philip C. Genetos, ’77

Edward L. Michael, ’81

Milton R. Stewart, ’71

Wayne D. Boberg, ’78

Steven E. Goode, ’93

David C. Milne, ’94

James P. Strenski, ’94

William J. Brody, ’76

David E. Greene, ’74

Janet (Beach) Min, ’95

Charles P. Sutphin, ’85

James R. Brotherson, ’78

Herbert D. Hart III, ’77

Burke J. Montgomery, ’99

Tommy F. Thompson, ’75

Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, ’83

Victoria (Van Duren) Hart, ’77

Robert E. Neiman, ’66

Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75

Stephen F. Burns, ’68

Elwood H. “Bud” Hillis, ’52

Susan Blankenbaker

Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83

Donald W. Buttrey, ’61

Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58

Ted A. Waggoner, ’78

Willard Z. Carr, ’50

Andrew W. Hull, ’86

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash,

Gordon D. Wishard, ’69

Gregory A. Castanias, ’90

V. William Hunt, ’69

Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81

William D. Chambers, ’66

R. Neil Irwin, ’71

George T. Patton, Jr., ’87

Frank E. Wrenick, ’65

Rodolfo Chapa, Jr., ’85

Jackson Lewis LLP

Stephen H. Paul, ’72

Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68

Clyde D. Compton, ’65

Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66

Jeffrey P. Petrech, ’84

James P. Zeller, ’76

Michael R. Conner, ’75

John W. Anderson Foundation

Mark V. Pettinga, ’87

Catherine A. Conway, ’78

Gregory J. Jordan, ’84

Gayle (Gerling) Pettinga, ’87

Greta E. Cowart, ’85

Robert P. Kassing, ’64

Steven M. Post, ’77

John H. de Boisblanc, ’66

John F. Kimberling, ’50

Stephen M. Proctor, ’82

D. Albert Daspin, ’87

Gregory C. Knapp, ’81

Richard S. Rhodes, ’53

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78

James Koday, ’76

John F. Richardson, ’77

Ann M. DeLaney, ’77

Tracy T. Larsen, ’84

James G. Richmond, ’69

Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95

William C. Lawrence, ’79

Randall R. Riggs, ’77

Anne N. DePrez, ’81

Stephen W. Lee, ’77

Timothy J. Riffle, ’83

Donald P. Dorfman, ’57

Millard D. Lesch, ’67

Lauren K. Robel, ’83

Robert P. Duvin, ’61

Elliott R. Lewis, ’87

Thomas F.

William B. Edge, ’98

John L. Lisher, ’75

Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53

Mary K. Lisher, ’75

Glenn Scolnik, ’78

David C. Evans, ’71

Thomas M. Lofton, ’54

John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74

Richard L. Fanyo, ’76

Larry A. Mackey, ’76

Randolph L. Seger, ’72

Thomas M. Fisher, ’94

Scott Y. MacTaggart, ’76

Julian L. Shepard, ’83

Scott N. Flanders, ’82

Hon. Elizabeth N. Mann, ’76

Michael D. Shumate

Micheal E. Flannery, ’83

Michael S. Maurer, ’67

Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79

Brenda (Osborne) Freije, ’94

Peter C. McCabe, III, ’85

Sarah M. Singleton, ’74

Noyes, ’83 Smoak & Stewart, P.C.


Schnellenberger, Jr., ’79 35 +

The Indiana Law community is deeply


Members of the Dean’s Circle are valued friends and alumni who demonstrate their ongoing commitment through annual gifts to the Fund for Excellence of $1,000 or more. We gratefully acknowledge their generosity and thank all who

36 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

have contributed their time, talent, and resources.

Visionaries $10,000 and above

Benefactors $5,000 to $9,999

Anonymous Bruce J. Artim, ’82 Stephen F. Burns, ’68 Rodolfo Chapa, Jr., ’85 Clyde D. Compton, ’65 John H. de Boisblanc, ’66 Alecia A. De Coudreaux, ’78 Donald P. Dorfman, ’57 Eli Lilly & Company David G. Elmore, ’58 D. G. Elmore Jr., ’84 Scott N. Flanders, ’82 Michael E. Flannery, ’83 David E. Greene, ’74 V. William Hunt, ’69 John W. Anderson Foundation Lilly Endowment, Inc. Thomas M. Lofton, ’54 Michael S. Maurer, ’67 R. Bruce McLean, ’71 Edward L. Michael, ’81 Richard S. Rhodes, ’53 James G. Richmond, ’69 Lauren K. Robel, ’83 Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr., ’79 John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74 Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 Milton R. Stewart, ’71 Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81

Abbott Laboratories Fund Robert D. Aronson, ’77 Baker & Daniels LLP M. Scott Bassett, ’86 Bose McKinney & Evans LLP Donald W. Buttrey, ’61 Gregory A. Castanias, ’90 Michael R. Conner, ’75 Catherine A. Conway, ’78 Gary L. Davis, ’82 Anne N. De Prez, ’81 Paul F. Donahue, ’76 Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53 David C. Evans, ’71 Exxon Education Foundation Stephen L. Ferguson, ’66 Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58 Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ Jackson Lewis LLP Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66 Gregory J. Jordan, ’84 Millard D. Lesch, ’67 John L. Lisher, ’75 Mary (Sturmon) Lisher, ’75 Lumina Foundation for Education Larry A. Mackey, ’76 Maurice B. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund Thomas R. McCully, ’66 Robert E. Neiman, ’66 Novus Law LLC


Stephen H. Paul, ’72 John F. Richardson, ’77 Timothy J. Riffle, ’83 John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74 Randolph L. Seger, ’72 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75 Stephen M. Trattner, ’70 David Weinstein +

Directors $1,000 to $4,999 Allen County Bar Foundation Anonymous (2) Terrill D. Albright, ’65 Alfred C. Aman, Jr. Joseph M. Ambrose, ’82 Steven H. Ancel, ’60 John Applegate Amy G. Applegate Samuel R. Ardery, ’83 J. Adam Bain, ’86 Carl L. Baker, ’68 Stephen W. Beard, Jr., ’98 George N. Bewley, Jr., ’73 K Steven Blake, ’90 Vorris J. Blankenship, ’65 Christopher A. Bloom, ’75 Wayne D. Boberg, ’78 Ronald B. Brodey, ’70 William J. Brody, ’76 Eric E. Boyd, ’86 James R. Brotherson, ’78 Scott A. Brown, ’85 Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, ’83

James M. Carr, ’75 William D. Chambers, ’66 Gary J. Clendening, ’68 Jeffrey S. Cohen, ’89 Daniel O. Conkle Deborah W. Conkle James L. Cooper, ’91 Greta (Gerberding) Cowart, ’85 Joyce (McNagny) Critelli, ’76 Dalit Foundation D. Albert Daspin, ’87 Jeffrey S. Davidson, ’73 Richard A. Dean, ’73 Ann M. DeLaney, ’77 Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95 Darrin M. Dolehanty, ’92 Paul F. Donahue, ’76 Clarence H. Doninger, ’60 Diane K. Dudeck John P. Dudeck Robert P. Duvin, ’61 William B. Edge, ’98 J. Scott Enright, ’90 Ernst & Young Foundation Richard L. Fanyo, ’76 Troy D. Farmer, ’97 Thomas M. Fisher, ’94 Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Helen (Russell) Friedli, ’80 Brenda (Osborne) Freije, ’94 Richard T. Freije, Jr., ’84 Eric A. Frey, ’67 Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander, ’65 Matthew T. Furton, ’95 Rose E. Gallagher, ’99 Philip C. Genetos, ’77

Thomas C. Lunsford, ’02 Susan Macey, ’80 Scott Y. MacTaggart, ’76 Julia (Overton) Maloney, ’87 Sean T. Maloney, ’86 Miranda (Kiser) Mandel, ’80 Hon. Elizabeth (Noyes) Mann, ’76 Peter C. McCabe III, ’85 John W. McGee, ’78 Thomas M. McGlasson, ’68 Laurence A. McHugh, ’73 Holiday (Hart) McKiernan, ’83 Philip B. McKiernan, ’83 Lisa C. McKinney, ’92 William F. McNagny, ’47 Thomas P. McNulty, ’83 Leslie S. Mead, ’84 Clayton C. Miller, ’93 Jeanne Seidel Miller, ’47 Kevin C. Miller, ’82 P. Michael Miller, ’65 Miller & Company Lloyd H. Milliken, Jr., ’60 David C. Milne, ’94 Meagan (McAuley) Milne, ’94 Janet (Beach) Min, ’95 Burke J. Montgomery, ’99 James T. Moody, ’63 Jerry Moss, ’62 Paula (Konfal) Motzel, ’04 John M. Mueller, ’97 Hon. Edward W. Najam, Jr. Mark S. Niblick, ’78 Anne (Boyd) Norris, ’85 Susan Blankenbaker Noyes, ’83 Nicholas S. Noyes Lawrence T. Oates, ’87 Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. Marianne M. Owen, ’91 Fred J. Pain, Jr., ’55 Roger L. Pardieck, ’63 George T. Patton, Jr., ’87 Agnes (Siedlecki) Peters, ’79 Jeffrey P. Petrich, ’84 Gayle (Gerling) Pettinga, ’87 Mark V. Pettinga, ’87 Hon. William R. Pietz, ’69 Steven M. Post, ’77 Lisa A. Powell, ’84 Stephen M. Proctor, ’82

Thomas L. Pytynia, ’73 David A. Rammelt, ’90 James L. Reed, Jr., ’92 Jason R. Reese, ’97 Jill E. Reese, ’97 Marilyn (Baker) Resch, ’73 Rhys Corporation Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation Randall R. Riggs, ’77 Flerida P. Romero, ’55 Joel Rosenbloom, ’54 Robert C. Rosenfeld, ’74 Richard A. Rosenthal, Jr., ’81 William A. Rotzien, ’73 Christopher G. Scanlon, ’80 Reed E. Schaper, ’78 D. Reed Scism, ’65 Zaldwaynaka L. Scott, ’83 John M. Segal, ’71 Brian J. Shapiro, ’84 Julian L. Shepard, ’83 Michael D. Shumate Carole B. Silver, ’80 Sarah M. Singleton, ’74 Marshall S. Sinick, ’68 George Sistevaris, ’87 Skadden Arps Slate Meagher Flom LLP Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89 George P. Smith II, ’64 Hon. Hugo C. “Chad” Songer, ’60 Kathleen (O’Connor) St. Louis, ’84 Roger T. Stelle, ’70 Thomas L. Stevens, ’55 James P. Strenski, ’94 John F. Sturm, ’72 David T. Stutsman, ’70 Hon. Frank E. Sullivan, Jr., ’82 Ernest Summers III, ’80 Charles P. Sutphin, ’85 Christian C. Taylor, ’94 Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73 William K. Thomas, ’72 Tommy F. Thompson, ’75 Wm. C. Thomson III, ’75 Courtney R. Tobin, ’92 Malcolm J. Tuesley, ’99 Kenneth L. Turchi, ’83 Ted A. Waggoner, ’78 Judith A. Waltz, ’81 W. William Weeks, ’79

Zeff A. Weiss, ’83 Zoe (Urena) Weiss, ’83 Mark W. Weller, ’83 Brian P. Williams, ’81 Gordan D. Wishard, ’69 Alan C. Witte, ’70 S. Lee Woodward, ’73 Richard E. Woosnam, ’67 Frank E. Wrenick, ’65 Mark E. Wright, ’88 Kenneth R. Yahne, ’68 Candance (Grass) Yeager, ’83 Joseph H. Yeager, Jr., ’83 James P. Zeller, ’76 Patrick D. Zimski, ’82 {finis}

37 +


Gary L. Gerling, ’63 Bonnie K. Gibson, ’78 Judith E. Golitko, ’06 Barry G. Gomberg, ’78 Harry L. Gonso, ’73 Steven E. Goode, ’93 Donald I. Grande, ’66 Carol J. Greenhouse Geoffrey M. Grodner, ’75 Bruce C. Haas, ’83 Marvin L. Hackman, ’59 Stephen J. Hackman, ’84 Thomas M. Hamilton, Jr., ’69 Herbert D. Hart III, ’77 Victoria (Van Duren) Hart, ’77 Russell H. Hart, ’56 Elwood H. Hillis, ’52 Michael J. Hinchion, ’80 Donald E. Hinkle, ’76 Household International Finance Jason A. Houdek, ’01 Andrew W. Hull, ’86 Jay Jaffe, ’82 Elizabeth Stuart John, ’95 Ian G. John, ’95 Craig W. Johnson David F. Johnson, ’81 Debbi (Merriman) Johnstone, ’80 Karen B. Jordan-Boyd, ’85 Thomas G. Karter, ’65 Hideyuki Kashiwagi, ’04 Robert P. Kassing, ’64 Jeffrey J. Kennedy, ’67 John F. Kimberling, ’50 Gregory C. Knapp, ’81 James Koday, ’76 Kresge Foundation Fred B. Kruger, ’79 Tracy T. Larsen, ’84 Robert D. Lattas, ’01 William C. Lawrence, ’79 Mary (Nold) Larimore, ’80 Stephen W. Lee, ’77 Elliot R. Lewis, ’87 Lincoln Financial Group Foundation Robert G. Lord, ’73 Arthur M. Lotz, ’65 Bruce T. Lucas, ’00 Sheba (Vattamattam) Lucas, ’00 Donald R. Lundberg, ’76



Class Agent: Frank E. Tolbert Total: $7,075 Participation: 52% ............................

Class Agent: Donald P. Dorfman Total: $17,525 Participation: 50% ............................

Class Agent: James F. Fitzpatrick Total: $5,417 Participation: 45% ............................

Dean’s Circle Directors Donald D. Martin Fred J. Pain, Jr. Flerida P. Romero Thomas L. Stevens + Partners Vitold Reey William J. Sampias + Associates Vernon Atwater Robert J. Eder Herbert R. Gerdink Alexander Jokay Christopher Kirages Charles K. Mc Crory Carl D. Overholser Josephine (Stong) Sanders Wayne A. Shirey Bernard G. Wintner*

Dean’s Circle Visionary Donald P. Dorfman + Partners Marvin S. Crell Theodore W. Hirsh Ralph L. Jewell Donald C. Lehman + Associates Frank A. Barnhart Rudolph V. Dawson John H. Menzel Thomas J. O’Connor Robert C. Riddell Thomas M. Small J. Stewart Smith Cliff K. Travis Edwin F. Walmer






Class Agent: Richard C. Witte Total: $3,020 Participation: 31% ............................

Class Agent: Leroy W. Hofmann Total: $7,650 Participation: 25% ............................

Dean’s Circle Director Marvin L. Hackman + Partners Paul E. Ave Virgil L. Beeler Daniel D. Fetterley James F. Fitzpatrick James R. Martin Stanley H. Matheny William McCrae William N. Salin, Sr. John H. Sweeney + Associates William H. Andrews III Terry D. Dietsch Kenneth P. Fedder Joseph A. Hays Barry S. Jellison Jordan D. Lewis G. Douglass Owens Anne Paramenko Weeks Philip C. Potts Samuel L. Reed William J. Rogers Spencer J. Schnaitter Philip H. Smith William Theodoros Hillard J. Trubitt




The Fund for Excellence 2010–2011 campaign raised $965,509. Special recognition goes to Class Agents Frank Tolbert, JD’55, and Don Dorfman, JD’57, who achieved alumni participation rates of at least 50 percent again this year. Larry R. Fisher, JD’68, raised the highest amount of any class ($60,965), and David L. Ferguson and Robert W. (Bill) Jonas, Jr., JD’81, raised the second-highest amount ($50,275). Thank you to all class agents and alumni for their support of and dedication to our law school!

Classes up to 1947



Total: $300 ............................

Total: $1,800 Participation: 17% ............................

Class Agent: Carl D. Overman Total: $7,673 Participation: 34% ............................


Associates Paul D. Ewan, ’37 Bruce H. Johnson, ’36 +


............................ Class Agent: William F. McNagny Total: $2,750 Participation: 16% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors William F. McNagny, ’47 Jeanne Seidel Miller, ’48 + Partners John L. Carroll, ’48 Harry H. Hardy, ’48

38 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report



............................ Class Agent: Frederick A. Beckman Total: $250 Participation: 10% ............................ Associates Frederick A. Beckman J. Leslie Duvall +


Dean’s Circle Director John F. Kimberling + Partner Willard Z. Carr + Associates Howard E. Baumgartner Philip J. Harris Donald R. Smith +


............................ Total: $1,190 Participation: 20% ............................ Partners Max Cohen Allen M. Sowle + Associates F. Wesley Bowers Finis Coulis K. Richard Hawley Harry F. Smiddy, Jr. William D. Stephens +


Dean’s Circle Benefactor James M. Schwentker, Jr. + Dean’s Circle Director Elwood H. Hillis + Partners Ellis B. Anderson Carl D. Overman + Associates Richard R. De Camp Horace A. Foncannon, Jr. H. Robert Henderson Robert H. McKinney James L. Smith William J. Wood +


............................ Class Agent: Richard S. Rhodes Total: $16,450 Participation: 26% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionary Richard S. Rhodes +

Dean’s Circle Benefactor Sidney D. Eskenazi + Partners William T. Burke Martin N. Daniel Andrew C. Emerson + Associates Charles E. Fritz Thomas D. Logan Alfred W. Moellering

............................ Class Agent: Joel Rosenbloom Total: $12,650 Participation: 31% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionary Thomas M. Lofton + Dean’s Circle Director Joel Rosenbloom + Partners Dale E. Armstrong Arnold Krevitz + Associates John W. Donaldson William B. Heubel Ray G. Miller Jim A. O’Neal Jack N. Van Stone* +


Dean’s Circle Director Russell H. Hart, Jr. + Partners Gerald L. Cooley Wayne C. Ponader + Associates Shirley (Schlanger) Abrahamson James C. Clark Miles C. Gerberding Robert W. Miller William W. Peach Joseph G. Roberts Max D. Rynearson Charles R. Tiede +


+ ............................

Dean’s Circle Visionary David G. Elmore + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Leroy W. Hofmann + Partner William A. Freihofer + Associates Herbert K. Douglas Vincent F. Grogg* Joseph T. Ives, Jr. Richard C. Quaintance, Sr. William E. Reifsteck Robert C. Ware +




............................ Class Agents: Hon. Hugo “Chad” Songer & Lloyd H. Milliken, Jr. Total: $5,300 Participation: 17% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Steven H. Ancel Clarence H. Doninger Lloyd H. Milliken, Jr. Hon. Hugo C. Songer + Partner Lester R. Irvin +

Associates George N. Beamer, Jr. Richard L. Brown Jerry E. Hyland +


............................ Class Agent: Eugene J. McGarvey, Jr. Total: $10,212 Participation: 31% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactor Donald W. Buttrey + Dean’s Circle Director Robert P. Duvin + Partners Joseph T. Bumbleburg Eugene J. McGarvey, Jr. V. Sue (Blodgett) Shields + Associates Richard A. Boehning William G. Bruns Robert L. Fonner James D. Hall Harold A. Harrell John S. Jackson John A. Jeffries Michael McCray H. Theodore Noell Richard W. Ray John T. Scott Richard B. Smith +


............................ Total: $3,475 Participation: 31% ............................ Dean’s Circle Director Jerry Moss + Partners Lee W. Dabagia John P. Gourley John J. Lorber +

39 +




............................ Total: $6,900 Participation: 23% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Gary L. Gerling James T. Moody Roger L. Pardieck + Partners George E. Buckingham Anthony A. Windell + Associates Larry C. Amos Gary E. Becker David L. Brewer John W. Clark Donald D. Doxsee Lewis R. Katz Sherman J. Keller Spencer J. Nunley Edward B. Wallis

40 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report



............................ Class Agent: Robert P. Kassing Total: $9,475 Participation: 32% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Robert P. Kassing George P. Smith II +

Partners John E. Allen Craig B. Campbell Timothy J. Connor Thomas A. Coyne P. Michael Mitchell Sydney L. Steele Robert P. Tinnin, Jr. + Associates Herbert M. Bohlman William C. Ervin Edward C. King Ellis K. Locher, Jr. Gerald H. McGlone James V. McGlone James J. Nagy Robert E. Peterson Marshall D. Ruchman Charles O. Ziemer +


............................ Class Agents: Clyde D. Compton Total: $35,435 Participation: 26% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionary Clyde D. Compton + Dean’s Circle Directors Terrill D. Albright Vorris J. Blankenship Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander Thomas G. Karter Arthur M. Lotz P. Michael Miller D. Reed Scism Frank E. Wrenick + Partners James E. Bourne Justin P. Patterson George L. Stubbs, Jr. Philip R. Terrill John W. Whiteleather, Jr. + Associates Stephen W. Crider David E. Culbert Donald H. Dunnuck Robert S. Koor Frank T. Lewis

Richard J. Matuga Arthur C. Nordhoff, Jr. David S. Poston Thomas G. Wright +


............................ Class Agent: Thomas R. McCully Total: $36,861 Participation: 23% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionary John H. de Boisblanc + Dean’s Circle Benefactors Stephen L. Ferguson Robert A. Jefferies, Jr. Thomas R. McCully Robert E. Neiman + Dean’s Circle Directors William D. Chambers Donald I. Grande + Partners Robert J. Delaney Robert A. Garelick Henry C. Hudson Denis L. Koehlinger Elliott D. Levin Tracy E. Little Frank J. Otte + Associates Douglas R. Bridges David A. Butcher William W. Coupe Ralph B. Eddy William J. Hein Nancy (Lehman) Litzenberger Stephen C. Moberly Mamoru Muraoka Sandra F. O’Connor Darrel K. Peckinpaugh Peter D. Shumacker Peter B. Stewart +


............................ Class Agents: Eric A. Frey & David O. Tittle Total: $3,180 Participation: 23% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionary Michael S. “Mickey” Maurer + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Millard D. Lesch + Dean’s Circle Directors Eric A. Frey Jeffrey J. Kennedy Richard E. Woosnam + Partners Elliott Abrutyn Malcolm C. Mallette James C. Nelson + Associates Stephen W. Adair John F. Androski Jon C. Baxter George A. Brattain Craig W. Caplinger Charles J. Collet William B. Davis Ronald K. Gehring F. Roberts Hanning, Jr. John R. Hillis Robert V. Kixmiller Donald C. Lewis William C. Lloyd Jon H. Moll James E. Randall Jay G. Taylor William F. Thompson Ronald A. Tibaldi John F. Tweedle Philip D. Waller, Jr. Sally (Hartfield) Westley Terrance F. Wozniak +


............................ Class Agent: Larry R. Fisher Total: $60,965 Participation: 26% ............................

Dean’s Circle Visionary Stephen F. Burns + Dean’s Circle Directors Carl L. Baker Gary J. Clendening Thomas M. McGlasson Marshall S. Sinick + Partners Ernest F. Aud, Jr. Larry R. Fisher John K. Graham David A. Kruse W. Wyatt Rauch Daniel B. Seitz Donald C. Wells + Associates John V. Barnett, Jr. George H. Brant Ronald B. Bremen Lawson J. Clark II Richard J. Darko E. Duane Daugherty John G. Forbes, Jr. Maribelle (Gannon) Harlow Stephen A. Harlow Alan H. Hedegard John L. Hess James W. Holland Robert E. Kabisch Michael S. Kanne Thomas A. Keith Joseph S. King C. David Little Thomas K. Maxwell Robert L. Meinzer, Jr. Anthony W. Mommer William C. Reynolds Alexander L. Rogers Peter W. Steketee Frederick F. Thornburg William H. Van Deest Kent H. Westley Alan K. Wilson +


............................ Class Agent: John L. Pogue Total: $20,855 Participation: 14% ............................

Dean’s Circle Visionaries V. William Hunt James G. Richmond + Dean’s Circle Directors Thomas M. Hamilton, Jr. Hon. William R. Pietz Gordon D. Wishard + Partner Carl A. Heldt III + Associates Thomas H. Bryan Richard L. Darst Patrick E. Donoghue Gerald F. George Peter L. Goerges Gregory A. Hartzler David M. Haskett Frank C. Hider Max W. Hittle, Jr. Robert S. Hulett David T. Kasper Gary K. Kemper James R. Kuehl Lucien G. Lewin Daniel A. Medrea Charles J. Myers William R. Pietz John L. Pogue +


............................ Class Agents: Ronald B. Brodey & Alan C. Witte Total: $8,845 Participation: 25% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Ronald B. Brodey Roger T. Stelle David T. Stutsman Alan C. Witte + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Stephen M. Trattner + Partners Richard W. Davis, Jr. David A. Dodge Robert D. Epstein T. Todd Hodgdon John W. Mead +

Associates Samuel R. Born II Robert G. Fishman Jack H. Frisch David E. Gilman J. Patrick Glynn Gordon Gulitz Ruth (Myer) Huitema Rex M. Joseph, Jr. Harvey M. Kagan Thomas O. Magan William J. Maher Lanny E. Poel Gregory W. Sturm Dane L. Tubergen Edward L. Volk William E. Weikert Charles C. Wicks +


............................ Class Agent: Robert A. Long Total: $22,866 Participation: 13% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionaries R. Bruce McLean Milton R. Stewart + Dean’s Circle Benefactor David C. Evans + Dean’s Circle Director John M. Segal + Partners Terry K. Hiestand Larry R. Linhart Robert A. Long + Associates Ronald L. Chapman Geoffrey K. Church Raymond J. Furey, Jr. Thomas M. Newman Michael D. O’Connor Charles T. Spencer Richard E. Stahl John P. Stelle Jack L. Walkey +


............................ Class Agent: Randolph L. Seger Total: $15,752 Participation: 22% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactors Stephen H. Paul Randolph L. Seger + Dean’s Circle Directors John F. Sturm William K. Thomas + Partners Thomas C. Cornwell C. Thomas Fennimore Kathleen (Hoehn) Gillmore Thomas L. Shriner, Jr. David S. Sidor + Associates John M. Beams Philip D. Burroughs John S. Chappell Edward Chosnek Kirk D. Falvay Richard L. Halpert William C. Harlow W. Michael Horton Marcel Katz Clifton M. Liter Stephen R. Place Joe A. Rowe David A. Scott William M. Shattuck Joseph C. Swift Andrew R. Thompson John L. Tuttle IV Kipling N. White Robert T. Wildman +


............................ Class Agent: Laurence A. McHugh Total: $23,175 Participation: 21% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors George N. Bewley, Jr. Jeffrey S. Davidson Richard A. Dean

41 +

Associates Daniel P. Byron Rafe H. Cloe Thomas A. Dailey Martin J. Flynn Edgar S. Husted Hugo E. Martz Milford M. Miller, Jr. Sidney Mishkin William P. Philips, Jr. John L. Selis Richard J. Van Mele Oscar C. Ventanilla, Jr. Carl E. Ver Beek David S. Wedding Albert T. Willardo

42 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report



............................ Class Agent: David E. Greene Total: $30,750 Participation: 19% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionaries David E. Greene John E. Seddelmeyer +

Dean’s Circle Directors Robert C. Rosenfeld Sarah M. Singleton + Partners Michael E. Armey Robert D. Bray W. Michael Burns James E. Carlberg Laura J. Cooper Daniel M. Graly Mary (Hall) Ham David L. Hanselman, Sr. Lawrence L. Hermalyn Charles A. Hessler Jane (Titus) Hessler Basil H. Lorch III Andrew C. Mallor Ward W. Miller Clarine Nardi Riddle Frank Seales, Jr. Robert O. Smith + Associates Larry G. Amick Charlie P. Andrus Margaret M. Ankenbruck John R. Carr III Larry R. Downs Patrick J. Flynn John H. Komoroske Sally A. Lied Mark I. Lillianfeld Guy R. Loftman Timothy M. Morrison Joseph S. Northrop Richard S. Ryder +


............................ Class Agent: James M. Carr Total: $23,527 Participation: 22% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactors Michael R. Conner John L. Lisher Mary (Sturmon) Lisher Hon. John D. Tinder + Dean’s Circle Directors Christopher A. Bloom James M. Carr Geoffrey M. Grodner

Tommy F. Thompson William C. Thomson III + Partners Thomas L. Davis Terry M. Dworkin Roy R. Johnson Larry J. Kane Jay M. Rosen* K. Stephen Royce Grant F. Shipley Yvonne Stam John D. Walda + Associates Richard L. Brown Pedro J. De Jesus Thomas C. Ewing William R. Fatout Kenneth E. Gordon Scott T. Kragie Douglas C. Lehman David E. Leigh Barry A. Macey Nora (Lafley) Macey Kenneth W. Macke J. Timothy McCaulay Larry J. McClatchey Mark E. Neff Joyce (Milner) Notarius Marcia W. Sullivan Robert E. Wrenn +


............................ Class Agent: Mary Beth Brody Total: $32,205 Participation: 30% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactors Larry A. Mackey Paul F. Donahue + Dean’s Circle Directors William J. Brody Joyce (McNagny) Critelli Richard L. Fanyo Donald E. Hinkle James Koday Donald R. Lundberg Scott Y. MacTaggart Hon. Elizabeth N. Mann James P. Zeller +

Partners Mary Beth (Kleiser) Brody Eric B. Brown Carol Connor Cohen James F. Gillespie Charles E. Greer Jane (Pratt) Mallor John W. Purcell Larry J. Stroble Darell E. Zink, Jr. + Associates Ann (Keller) Bailey Margaret (Martin) Berry Gary L. Birnbaum Dianne (Blocker) Braun Joan C. Brooks Sarah A. Carter Emily C. Cato William E. Davis James P. Fenton Frederick R. Folz John B. Ford Michael P. Gray Alan K. Hofer Barbara H. Lembo Christina M. McKee Charles W. McNagny Roy T. Ogawa Stephen R. Pennell Michael H. Sahn David L. Steiner Vincent O. Wagner Michael L. Wills Barbara S. Woodall +


............................ Class Agent: Herbert D. Hart III Total: $24,555 Participation: 21% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactor Robert D. Aronson + Dean’s Circle Directors Ann M. DeLaney Philip C. Genetos Victoria (Van Duren) Hart Herbert D. Hart III Stephen W. Lee Steven M. Post John F. Richardson Randall R. Riggs +

Partners Stephen R. Bowers Patricia A. Daly Elizabeth A. Frederick Jeffrey L. Gage Brenda E. Knowles Doyal E. McLemore, Jr. William M. Pope Thomas C. Scherer Sue A. Shadley Nancy E. Weissman Craig M. White + Associates Gerald F. Allega David B. Behrmann Robert N. Berg Francina (McWilton) Dlouhy Myrna E. Friedman Paul A. Hass Kurt R. Kaboth Linda (Boilini) Lees Fred J. Logan, Jr. James D. Moore Thomas E. Nelson Ann L. Nowak Harry I. Price Lori (Wassermann) Price Gary V. Rider Mark J. Roberts Daniel F. Sanchez Michael J. Schneider Paul A. Vaughn +


............................ Class Agents: James S. Kowalik & Ted A. Waggoner Total: $32,323 Participation: 28% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactors Catherine A. Conway Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Glenn Scolnik + Dean’s Circle Directors Wayne D. Boberg James R. Brotherson Bonnie K. Gibson Barry G. Gomberg John W. McGee Mark S. Niblick

Reed E. Schaper Ted A. Waggoner + Partners Howard R. Cohen Scott E. Fore Mitchell A. Kline Renee (Mawhinney) McDermott Joseph D. O’Connor III Michael L. Pate Jeffrey K. Riffer John W. Rowings Linda (Ritchie) Rowings Hugh A. Sanders David L. Sandweiss Samuel A. Wachtel Margaret A. Williford + Associates William E. Adams, Jr. Charles L. Brower Michael E. Brown Ta‑Tung J. Chang James R. De Motte Veda M. Jairrels D. Michael Keen James S. Kowalik Janett (Burns) Lowes Debra K. Luke John P. Martin Philip L. McCool George E. Reed, Jr. Patricia S. Roberts Stephen G. Smith Carolyn W. Spengler H. Brent Stuckey Janis L. Summers Emily (Cosner) Tobias James R. Trulock II Ann R. Vaughan +


............................ Class Agents: Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr. & Jacqueline A. Simmons Total: $18,718 Participation: 14% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionaries Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr. Jacqueline A. Simmons +

Dean’s Circle Directors Fred B. Kruger William C. Lawrence Agnes (Siedlecki) Peters W. William Weeks + Partners Daniel C. Emerson Bruce A. Hugon Sue (Padgett) Murphy Daniel J. Skekloff + Associates Jane Alshuler Maria Arista‑Volsky Michael J. Botkin Marlene (Zendell) Calderon Arlene D. Colvin Donald D. De Grasse Jeffrey S. Dible Thomas J. Felts Mark E. GiaQuinta Ronald E. James John J. Jewell John M. Kyle III Sabra A. Weliever Joseph K. Wiley +


............................ Class Agents: Michael J. Hinchion & Christopher G. Scanlon Total: $13,980 Participation: 17% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Helen (Russell) Friedli Michael J. Hinchion Debbi (Merriman) Johnstone Mary (Nold) Larimore Susan L. Macey Miranda (Kiser) Mandel Christopher G. Scanlon Carole B. Silver Ernest Summers III + Partners Michael A. Aspy Manuel R. Ojeda II Jean (Reyes) Pechette Thomas A. Pyrz

Robert L. Ralston David J. Theising + Associates Jodi L. Alper Sue A. Beesley Kathryn A. Brogan Robert E. Burkett, Jr. Keith P. Huffman Christina (Navarro) Kalavritinos Dennis A. Kokinda Alice A. Kuzemka Meredith (Mettlen) McIntyre Mark J. Phillipoff Edward F. Schrager Peter A. Schroeder Sharon (Zoretich) Terry William E. Waldschmidt Mark A. Warsco David B. Wilson +


............................ Class Agents: David L. Ferguson & Robert W. “Bill” Jonas, Jr. Total: $50,275 Participation: 19% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionaries Edward L. Michael Mark S. Wojciechowski + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Anne N. DePrez + Dean’s Circle Directors David F. Johnson Gregory C. Knapp Richard A. Rosenthal, Jr. Judith A. Waltz Brian P. Williams + Partners Alan W. Becker Philip K. Cone David L. Ferguson Claire (Tolf) Hugi Michael A. Pechette John R. Schaibley III J. Scott Troeger James R. Williams Myra L. Willis

43 +

Harry L. Gonso Robert G. Lord Laurence A. McHugh Thomas L. Pytynia William A. Rotzien Hon. Ellen K. Thomas S. Lee Woodward + Partners Michael R. Fruehwald Michael C. Lacey Terry (Miller) Mumford Carolyn (Holder) Price Marilyn (Baker) Resch William D. Roessler Charles R. Rubright Karl S. Steinmanis Curtis B. Stuckey C. Daniel Yates Patrick J. Zika + Associates Joseph L. Amaral Thomas J. Brannan Robert D. Budesa, Sr. James D. Collier Jay F. Cook Alice M. Craft LeRoy E. Cummings II Michael R. Fisher John F. Fuzak Ward S. Hamlin, Jr. Dale E. Hunt Alan L. Johns John C. Kapsner Eric L. Kirschner Robert L. Lewis Paul J. Mason Ronald S. Reinstein Stuart Senescu Arthur M. Small Robert W. Thacker Michael F. Ward Thomas E. Wilson




44 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Class Agents: Daniel E. Serban & Marce Gonzalez Total: $29,334 Participation: 20% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionaries Bruce J. Artim Scott N. Flanders + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Gary L. Davis + Dean’s Circle Directors Joseph M. Ambrose Jay Jaffe Kevin C. Miller Stephen M. Proctor Hon. Frank E. Sullivan, Jr. Patrick D. Zimski + Partners Edward D. Feigenbaum Beth K. Greene Alan A. Levin Cathy S. Moore Cheryl (Gaither) Ojeda Madonna (Kissel) Starr Peter A. Teholiz + Associates Robert G. Andree Peter G. Bakas

Jeffrey A. Boyll Elaine (Becher) Brown Michael S. Callahan Paula (Brandenburg) Cardoza Linda (Clark) Dague Bradley J. Dougherty Ellen S. Gabovitch C. Dean Higginbotham Bruce A. Kohn George L. Lenard Bruce L. McSpadden Alicia (Manatrey) McClean Mark S. Moore Les B. Morris John B. Powell Kathryn (Knue) Przywara Joseph W. Rebone Christopher S. Roberge Jeffrey M. Teske +


............................ Class Agents: Jerry J. Burgdoerfer & Kenneth L. Turchi Total: $49,450 Participation: 21% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionaries Michael E. Flannery Lauren K. Robel + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Timothy J. Riffle + Dean’s Circle Directors Samuel R. Ardery Jerry J. Burgdoerfer Bruce C. Haas Holiday (Hart) McKiernan Philip B. McKiernan Thomas P. McNulty Susan (Blankenbaker) Noyes Zaldwaynaka L. Scott Julian L. Shepard Kenneth L. Turchi Zeff A. Weiss Zoe (Urena) Weiss Candance (Grass) Yeager Joseph H. Yeager, Jr. +

Partners Gina (Skelton) Koons Mark C. Krcmaric Jeffrey B. Rubenstein Rebecca (Wilkinson) Rubenstein Keith E. White Tracey (Nicolau) Wise + Associates Deborah L. Darter Ronald D. Elkins Elizabeth A. Justice Peter C. Kelty Yvette (Gaff) Kleven Jason W. Levin Susan (Weinberg) Levin Mark J. Moryl Mary K. Periolat Chris A. Ramsey Jeffrey L. Rensberger Thomas E. Satrom Susan (Reed) Schwab Gerhard A. Stuebben Richard J. Thrapp Norris K. Wang

Thomas L. Perkins James J. Weber + Associates James F. Beatty Lee R. Berry, Jr. Donald E. Brier Gordon I. Gendler William H. Hollander Phil L. Isenbarger Stuart A. Katz Lisa C. Keener Karol H. Krohn Donald D. Levenhagen Frank R. Martinez III Gilberto R. Perez Paul D. Reid Renee Riecke Leonard F. Spagnolo Bradley J. Tandy David R. Warshauer James L. Whitlatch


Class Agents: Alan R. Loudermilk & Donald J. Vogel Total: $25,110 Participation: 15% ............................


............................ Class Agents: Stephen J. Hackman & James L. Whitlatch Total: $20,875 Participation: 17% ............................ Dean’s Circle Visionary D.G. Elmore, Jr. + Dean’s Circle Benefactor Gregory J. Jordan + Dean’s Circle Directors Richard T. Freije, Jr. Stephen J. Hackman Tracy T. Larsen Leslie S. Mead Jeffrey P. Petrich Lisa A. Powell Brian J. Shapiro Kathleen (O’Connor) St. Louis + Partners Phillip M. Crane Richard R. McClure




Dean’s Circle Visionary Rodolfo Chapa, Jr. + Dean’s Circle Directors Scott A. Brown Greta (Gerberding) Cowart Karen Jordan‑Boyd Peter C. McCabe III Anne (Boyd) Norris Charles P. Sutphin + Partners Joan M. Heinz Karl M. Koons III David M. Kraus Martha (Macomber) Leader Jane Magee Richard J. McConnell Erick D. Ponader Donald J. Vogel +

Associates Cherri L. Branson Barbara L. Brugnaux James C. Carlino James W. Foltz Richard T. Groff Timothy J. Haffner Marion P. Herrington John A. Larson Michael J. Lewinski David W. Quist Kirk A. Rose Richard C. Starkey Richard H. Vetter +


............................ Class Agents: J. Adam Bain & Sean T. Maloney Total: $13,400 Participation: 17% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactor M. Scott Bassett + Dean’s Circle Directors J. Adam Bain Eric E. Boyd Andrew W. Hull Sean T. Maloney + Partners John Fedors, Jr. James A. Gesmer Louis K. Nigg Bernard O. Paul Wendy (Wright) Ponader Mary (Pelic) Thickstun + Associates James A. Button Kurt A. Diefenbach Kevin D. Gibson Brent C. Miller Thomas B. Parent Susan (Holtzberg) Roberts Susie (Poole) Ross Kathryn J. Roudebush C. Brian Sauers David T. Schaefer Karl R. Sturbaum Timothy L. Tyler Ann Varnon +


............................ Class Agents: V. Samuel Laurin III & George T. Patton, Jr. Total: $13,360 Participation: 16% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors D. Albert Daspin Elliot R. Lewis Julia (Overton) Maloney Lawrence T. Oates George T. Patton, Jr. Gayle (Gerling) Pettinga Mark V. Pettinga George Sistevaris + Partners Frank E. Berrodin Robert J. Lahaie Kim (Ohmart) Laurin V. Samuel Laurin III Lars H. Liebeler + Associates Douglas J. Brackmann James D. Cockrum Marie (Adamson) Collins Mary T. Crouse Robert G. Devetski Steven K. Emery Stephanie Gabay‑Smith James L. Koewler, Jr. Thomas M. Maxwell Thomas R. Newby Brian L. Porto Stanley H. Rorick Gail (Benjamin) Shaps Joel K. Stein Susan H. Vrahoretis Stephen R. Womble +


............................ Class Agent: Allan T. Slagel Total: $4,995 Participation: 14% ............................ Partners Kathleen (Buchler) Austin Thomas J. Birchfield Kerry C. Connor Julia (Church) Dierker Randall M. Jacobs

Bruce W. Longbottom Kevin D. Nicoson Kevin C. Schiferl Allan T. Slagel Scott E. Tarter + Associates Scott B. Ainsworth Douglas C. Ballantine Dale E. Carpenter John F. Dietrich Kirk E. Grable Scott M. Keller Thomas G. King Kathleen (O’Donnell) McKune Christopher A. Nichols Edward M. Ordonez Rebecca K. Schmitt Michael D. Scott David J. Shannon Brenda S. Thornton Gregory J. Ullrich +


............................ Class Agent: Natalie J. Stucky Total: $6,727 Participation: 12% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Jeffrey S. Cohen Geoffrey G. Slaughter Mark E. Wright + Partners Deborah Allen‑Slagel Steven C. Bruess Andrew B. Buroker Richard W. Head Mark D. Janis Bryan A. Richards + Associates James E. Anderson Thomas E. Baltz Kevin E. Brown Michael D. Carder Larry L. Chubb Beth (Niehaus) Folz Alison (Tam) Frazier Neil S. Haldrup Terry L. Harrell Janet R. Heintz Daniel R. Miller

Nadine (Akimoto) Neel Peter J. Shakula II David R. Steiner John P. Steketee Natalie J. Stucky +


............................ Class Agents: Mark B. Gramelspacher & Theodore C. Stamatakos Total: $17,733 Participation: 12% ............................ Dean’s Circle Benefactor Gregory A. Castanias + Dean’s Circle Directors K Steven Blake J. Scott Enright David A. Rammelt + Partners William M. Braman Bonnie L. Foster David A. Foster Mark B. Gramelspacher Tammy (Amor) Haney Kelly A. Johnson Tracy (Tuley) Pappas Theodore C. Stamatakos + Associates Brian J. Boeglin Ellen E. Boshkoff Eric S. Hoogland Aileen (Simet) Leipprandt Lance D. Like Michael J. MacLean Joanne (Krause) Mages Christian J. Morrison Maria (Gamboa) Ordonez Theodore Washienko, Jr. +


............................ Class Agents: Anne A. Bennett & Mary Ann Ruegger Total: $4,665 Participation: 6% ............................

45 +

Richard W. Young + Associates Maria L. Corona John A. Crawford Clifford W. Garstang Howard L. Gilberg Anthony P. Gillman Abigail L. Kuzma James S. Legg Matthew R. Lewin Bruce F. Lewis Julia E. Merkt Kathryn (De Neut) Molewyk David C. Ollis Richard M. Quinlan Jeffrey I. Richards Michael E. Sum




46 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Class Agents: James A. Joven, Stephen M. Koers & Mark E. Need Total: $7,365 Participation: 11% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Darrin M. Dolehanty Lisa C. McKinney James L. Reed, Jr. Courtney R. Tobin + Partners Steven M. Badger Kevin A. Halloran Matthew J. Miller Alyssa (Forman) Stamatakos Alan S. Townsend Brantley H. Wright + Associates Kathleen M. Anderson Robert W. Eherenman Scott R. Hansen James M. Hinshaw Randal L. Lloyd James E. Morgan Timothy E. Ochs David A. Starkweather Lisa (Hamilton) Thielmeyer J. Brad Voelz Mark J. Wassink

Charlotte F. Westerhaus‑ Renfrow Dawn Wrona +


............................ Class Agents: Clayton C. Miller & James L. Vana Total: $7,183 Participation: 18% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Steven E. Goode Clayton C. Miller Susan C. Lynch + Partners Patrick S. Cross Carl A. Greci Phillip D. Hatfield James L. Vana Jennifer (Aichele) Vana + Associates Carrie (Atkins) Barron Jacquelyn E. Bowie‑Suess Kent A. Brasseale II Julie (Meredith) Conrad Susan (Hudson) Coulter John T. Ferguson, Jr. Laurie A. Gray Nancy J. Guyott Daniel T. Hackman David P. Hall Nestor F. Ho Mario N. Joven Christopher D. Lee Gary D. Levenson Jennifer (Lang) Lloyd Michael J. Lotus Jason P. Lueking Patrick B. McEuen Joseph D. McPike Sharon K. Mollman Elliot David S. Peebles Michael R. Peterson Matthew M. Price Patrick W. Rasche Anne (Murray) Stamper Kevin E. Steele Kiersten E. Warning +



Class Agents: Thomas E. Deer & Henry S. Noyes Total: $11,479 Participation: 16% ............................

Class Agent: Matthew T. Furton & Ian G. John Total: $9,500 Participation: 15% ............................

Dean’s Circle Directors Thomas M. Fisher Brenda (Osborne) Freije David C. Milne Meagan (McAuley) Milne James P. Strenski Christian C. Taylor + Partners Edward G. Bielski Rebecca L. Collins Thomas E. Deer Julia R. Engelhardt Berry P. Stephen Fardy Kalpak S. Gude David J. Jurkiewicz John T. Keith Joanne (Crawford) McAnlis Angela F. Parker Jeanne M. Picht + Associates Margaret E. Allen Karen (Mellencamp) Davis Clare (Smith) Gorski Sandra (Rasche) Hemmerlein Michael T. Hylland Heidi A. Kendall‑Sage Daniel J. Mathis Alice (McKenzie) Morical Gregory J. Morical Julie (Stillabower) Rosenwinkel Pamela G. Schneeman Janet C. Stavropoulos Todd J. Stearn Sean S. Steele Adam Tavitas Vlado Vranjes

Dean’s Circle Directors Matthew T. Furton Kathleen A. DeLaney Ian G. John Elizabeth Stuart John Janet (Beach) Min + Partners Derek Y. Brandt Shannon L. Clark Eva (Saha) Daniel Jennifer (Kelly) Fardy Daniel P. Fowler Hank H. Kim David J. Lazerwitz Charles J. Meyer Jill T. Powlick Christopher J. Rabideau Joseph L. Smith, Jr. Peter Song Cynthia Storer Baran + Associates David O. Barrett Carla D. Boddy Gregory B. Coy Robert A. Dubault Douglas W. Hyman Jeffrey E. Kimmell James P. Leahey David A. Locke David H. Schwartz John M. Yarger






............................ Class Agent: Randal J. Kaltenmark Total: $3,024 Participation: 11% ............................ Partners Kepten D. Carmichael Michelle (Davis) Carmichael Randal J. Kaltenmark

Jason L. Kennedy Elissa J. Preheim Susan J. Yoon + Associates Robert F. Barron II Krista (Duncan) Black Christine (Carroll) Cahill Jill (Wright) Denman Shou Y. Ling Sandip H. Patel Brian S. Perry Jamison S. Prime Frederick W. Schultz Jennifer (Roessler) Schultz Melinda (Gentry) Schwer Susan M. Shook Ketaki Sircar Robert B. Thornburg John F. Townsend III +


............................ Class Agents: Troy D. Farmer, Jason R. Reese & Sonia Miller-Van Oort Total: $6,485 Participation: 15% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Troy D. Farmer John M. Mueller Jason R. Reese Jill (Pilcher) Reese + Partners Nicole (Chrisman) Daniel Dominic W. Glover Allen J. Guon W. James Hamilton Wendy (Melone) Hamilton + Associates Thaddeus R. Ailes Sophia J. Atcherson James K. Cleland Kelly (Collier) Cleland Roger P. Colinvaux David E. Corbitt James P. Dell Eric M. Douthit John P. Fischer Holly (Ashburn) Harvey Steven S. Hoar

David H. Iskowich Mary (Jordan) Jankowski Megan (Jones) Kight Raoul K. Maitra Johanna J. Philhower Maple Jacqueline (Jaques) Pugh David A. Suess Todd A. Suter Ellen (Morrison) Townsend Thomas H. Townsend Konrad M. Urberg Heather (Tallman) Wilson Jered J. Wilson +


............................ Class Agents: Martha Braswell & Jay Zelenock Total: $6,500 Participation: 8% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Stephen W. Beard, Jr. William B. Edge + Partners Cynthia L. Bauerly Norman J. Hedges Laurie N. Robinson Angela R. Smith Fisher Jay Zelenock + Associates Cynthia (Losure) Baraban Joshua D. Hague Travis N. Jensen Andrew T. Kight Andrew D. Kruse Wesley S. Marion Kendall H. Millard Marc T. Quigley Jennifer (Wheeler) Terry John S. Terry Germaine (Winnick) Willett Bryan B. Woodruff +


............................ Class Agents: Bryan H. Babb & Julie P. Wilson Total: $8,260 Participation: 11% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Rose E. Gallagher Burke J. Montgomery Malcolm J. Tuesley + Partners Bryan H. Babb Adam M. Barnes Abigail A. Clapp Daniel R. Roy + Associates Aaron N. Goldberger Victoria (Parker) Gutwein Jeremy E. Hill Karen L. Hsu John H. Kedeshian Heather J. Kidwell Nicholas F. Lancaster Jeffrey M. Monberg Julie (Sanders) Monberg Kathy L. Osborn Rozelia S. Park Mathew J. Roth David L. Theyssen Jennifer A. Thomas Daniel C. Walters Lawrence Wu +


............................ Class Agents: Angela Karras Neboyskey & David A. Neboyskey Total: $3,135 Participation: 9% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Bruce T. Lucas Sheba (Vattamattam) Lucas + Partners Amy (Hurley) Brody Angela (Karras) Neboyskey David A. Neboyskey +

Associates Matthew S. Carr Meggan (Frye) Ehret Heather (Miller) Emenhiser Jonathan P. Emenhiser James E. Fisher Robert S. Meitus Pamela S. Meyer Jeffrey D. Mills Muuka M. Muyumba Sandra Perry Connie (Davis) Powell +


............................ Class Agents: Emily L. Fitzgerald & Robert D. Lattas Total: $4,123 Participation: 11% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Jason A. Houdek Robert D. Lattas + Partners Jasna (Brblic) Dolgov Matthew D. Kellam Scott J. Palmer + Associates Benjamin T. Caughey Sonia S. Chen Hamish S. Cohen Robert C. Corbett Scott M. De Nardo Emily L. Fitzgerald Philip J. Gutwein II Laura J. Hilmert Daniel P. King Trenten D. Klingerman Rebecca Kreisher Peter S. Nemeth Shiv (Ghuman) O’Neill Greg A. Small Scott B. Tittle Larry C. Tomlin Susan (Hutz) Worth Eric M. Zion +

47 +

Dean’s Circle Directors James L. Cooper Marianne M. Owen + Partners Shuba (Krishnan) Bhatt Julia E. Heitz Cassidy Philippa M. Guthrie Terrence J. Keusch Nicholas C. Pappas + Associates Laura A. Linneball Salvador Vasquez Julia C. Weissman Michael A. Wheeler Stephen D. Wilson

............................ Class Agent: Joseph M. Meadows Total: $4,247 Participation: 11% ............................ Dean’s Circle Director Thomas C. Lunsford + Partners Jenny N. Masunaga Marisol Sanchez Rafael A. Sanchez Terrance Stroud Angela (Schultz) Yoon Hongsun Yoon + Associates Shannon (McClellan) Cohen Matthew E. Conrad Justin V. Czubaroff Michael J. Denny Michael A. Harrison Byron D. Hittle Carolyn (Christian) Jayne Lauren E. Minto Michael D. Mowles Johnny D. Pryor April J. Risk Julie (Jones) Sculli Peter P. Ten Eyck Stefanie J. Weigand +



48 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Class Agent: Jill A. Ellis Total: $2,398 Participation: 10% ............................ Partners Jill A. Ellis Andrew D. LeMar + Associates Anastasia Bednarski Nicole D. Clark Michael P. Commons Jennifer M. Hess Cynthia (Cross) Lasher Nicholas W. Levi Benjamin S. Loheide Sean D. McAndrew

Bryan E. Moore Alexander C. O’Neill Charles R. Salter Allen E. Sebastian Jennifer L. Shea Matthew Silverman John D. Sweeney Daniel J. Wasserberg Jennifer L. Weber +


............................ Class Agents: Michael N. Red & Matthew St. Louis Total: $5,250 Participation: 9% ............................ Dean’s Circle Directors Hideyuki Kashiwagi Paula (Konfal) Motzel + Partners Patrick J. McGowan Robin (Moll) Rueger Jacob P. Sheehan Megan (Heath) Stifel Inge M. Van der Cruysse + Associates Rebecca Biller Nicole F. Cammarota Carina M. De la Torre Shane D. Deaton Jeanette Hanna‑Ruiz Richard H. Hedrick Bryan R. Mason Thao T. Nguyen Michael N. Red Amy M. Steketee Ashley E. Tatman John R. Worth +


............................ Class Agents: David W. Clark & Renea (Vealey Hill) Hooper Total: $2,155 Participation: 10% ............................

Partners David W. Clark Amanda (Feltman) Raad Raquel (Ramirez) Ray + Associates Howard W. Anderson III Rachael N. Clark Jill (Klasing) Doggett David L. Francisco Abram B. Gregory Layne S. Keele Steven R. Latterell Yunghui Lee Katherine A. Miltner Melissa M. Mortimer Kristin J. Neff John W. Russell Anthony J. Spotts Lisa A. Sturzenberger Megan Tucker Gimbel Matthew S. Winings Elizabeth J. Wysong +


............................ Class Agents: Rebecca Bailey Jacobsen & Maurice Williams Total: $5,700 Participation: 9% ............................ Dean’s Circle Director Judith E. Golitko + Partners Christina M. Finn Anna T. Meyer Joel R. Meyer Courtney K. Rangen Christopher W. Smith Corey L. Zarse + Associates Christopher B. Brokmeier Joshua L. Christie Michelle Cosby Stephen E. Fenn Mark W. Manchak Jessica (Wininger) Merkel Adam C. Shields James T. Spolyar Shana C. Stump Jason P. Wagenmaker

Martin N. Weiser John S. Wills +


............................ Class Agents: Stephanie A. Artnak & Laura J. Koenig Total: $3,298 Participation: 12% ............................ Partners Rachel E. Clark Derek R. Molter Shaun M. Raad Jason T. Schnellenberger Jacob B. Schtevie + Associates Elizabeth (Lewis) Baney Nathan D. Baney Birk K. Billingsley Hannah (Johnson) Bornstein Robyn (Slaughter) Brittain Laura A. Corderman Dustin R. DeNeal Michael F. Donnelly Jill M. Felkins William P. Harbison Casey M. Holsapple Corey A. Johanningmeier Aleka L. Jones Laura J. Koenig Mark K. Leeman Leslie C. McCoy Katie (McCauley) Molter Edward R. Murray Kenneth K. Rathburn Lindsey A. Rodgers Christopher D. Schimke +


............................ Class Agents: Maria E. Bennett & Jennifer M. Hesch Total: $4,247 Participation: 15% ............................

Dean’s Circle Director Anonymous + Partners Amy M. Foust Kyle R. Lindskog Chloe E. Pullman Benjamin J. Schmidt Jennifer L. Schuster + Associates Christian W. Bartholomew Erin Bauer Maria E. Bennett Nicholas R. Blesch Mindy L. Boehr Tamar P. Gontovnik Jessica K. Guay Ryan J. Guillory Christine N. Habeeb Jennifer M. Hesch Holly Johnson Amaya Matthew D. Lawless Michael W. McBride John W. McKenzie III James F. Olds Jeffrey M. Peabody Kristin (Belcher) Pinkston Michael R. Pinkston Stephen E. Reynolds Shalina (Chibber) Schaefer James D. Shanahan Jared S. Sunday Jacob S. Trevick Adria Villar James R. Wood

Associates Mary D. Clerkin Colin E. Connor Lisa (Grier) Dunkin Alex E. Gude Lawrence S. Hagerman Lindsey A. Hemly Benjamin J. Keele Clark P. Kirkman Timothy P. Krzywicki Anna K. Obergfell Munjot Sahu John T. Schlafer Rachel A. Vilensky Amanda R. Whiffing Teryl L. Yoder +


............................ Total: $735 ............................ Associates Ruth A. Cooper Maxwell D. Kinman Meaghan E. Klem Rachel Leahey Tabitha J. Lucas Sarah E. Morris Ryan J. Yates Patrick A. Ziepolt {finis}



............................ Class Agents: Ross D. Eberly & Paul R. Hogan Total: $2,506 Participation: 9% ............................ Dean’s Circle Director Anonymous + Partners Jazmine Abadia Raymond D. Faust Kathleen L. Lee +

* deceased

49 +



50 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Friends, faculty, staff, and students have a close bond to the school. The IU Maurer School of Law especially appreciates their support.

Dean’s Circle Visionary Janie Maurer + Dean’s Circle Benefactor David Weinstein + Dean’s Circle Directors Alfred C. Aman, Jr. Amy G. Applegate John Applegate Daniel O. Conkle Deborah W. Conkle Diane K. Dudeck John P. Dudeck Craig W. Johnson Edward W. Najam, Jr. Nicholas Noyes Michael D. Shumate + Partners A. James Barnes Jeannine Bell Rita L. Bender William J. Bender David F. Box Kristina M. Box Brian Broughman Hannah Buxbaum Kenneth G. Dau‑Schmidt John H. Ferguson Karen W. Ferguson Nancy J. Gargula Jacquelyn C. Gauss Robert L. Gauss David F. Hamilton Kenneth E. Hardman Ilana Heintz Michael Heintz Aaron L. Hosey

Lisa G. Hosey Sarah J. Hughes Juanita J. Johnson Clark Lackert Marie Lackert Leandra Lederman Helen A. Merrick Frank Motley Aviva A. Orenstein Gregory L. Pemberton Marilyn Pendergast* Wilodean Rakestraw Jeanette Rearick Ryan Scott Rachael M. Steller J. Alexander Tanford Carwina Weng David Williams Susan Williams + Associates Nelson D. Alexander Christopher E. Baker Lu A. Baker William D. Bales Carol E. Battistini Thomas F. Bedsole Michael A. Bergin Michael T. Bindner Craig M. Bradley Terrence L. Brookie Alan S. Brown David A. Brown Derricka D. Burton Mary J. Chapman John E. Chevigny Bradley H. Cohen Lesley Davis Brent E. Dickson

Jan A. Dickson James Dimos Elizabeth R. Donnelly Michael J. Donnelly Catherine E. Dyar Miriam Effron Mary I. Emison Peter P. Eyck Thomas W. Farlow Aline M. Feldman Robert L. Fischman Jane Frazer W.R. Frazer Leonard Fromm Julia B. Gelinas Charles Geyh Carol I. Gliksman Sholom Gliksman Sophia Goodman Joyce H. Grove Louis C. Grove Roberta M. Gumbel Margaret Gust Brandon Hall John F. Hanley Edward W. Herrmann Sharon R. Hidalgo Yamini Hingorani Katherine A. Holley Dawn E. Johnsen Lindsay E. Koenings Elaine F. Lev Patricia M. Lloyd Jody L. Madeira Matthew Madeira Melanie D. Margolin Patricia A. McCrory Ajay K. Mehrotra Jeanne C. Meyer


Gifts from corporations, foundations, law firms, and other organizations enable the Law School to maintain and improve its standard of excellence. The following list includes organizations that made a direct gift to the school or matched contributions from alumni supporters. The IU Maurer School of Law is grateful for these invaluable partnerships. Martha S. Michael Michael D. Moriarty Jeffrey J. Mortier Barbara Muceus Eric E. Muceus Andrew D. Mueller Matthew Murphy Kevin C. Murray Christiana Ochoa Elizabeth J. O’Donnell William C. Petranoff Eric A. Riegner Janet S. Robertson Patricia M. Ross William B. Ross David Shafer Karen Shaw Harold A. Smith Mary E. Smith Eric S. Spengler Janet Stake Jeffrey E. Stake Steven J. Strawbridge Eli R. Stoughton Rowena B. Stroud Joel E. Tragesser Flora M. Valentine Kenneth B. Valentine Gregory W. Wagner Karen B. Wagner Chelsea T. Wald Mary M. Weakley Donna K. Wilber {finis}

Dean’s Circle Visionaries

Kresge Foundation

Greenebaum Doll &


Eli Lilly & Company

Lincoln Financial Group

Albemarle Corporation

John W. Anderson

Ice Miller LLP

Bank of America Foundation



McDonald PLLC

Miller & Company

JPMorgan Chase Foundation

Biomet Incorporated

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Ogletree, Deakins, Nash,

Jones Day

Chevron Corporation

Unitarian Universalist

Knobbe Martens Olson

FMC Foundation

Holdeen India

Rhys Corporation

IBM International


Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

& Bear

Richard M. Fairbanks

Lincoln Financial Group

+ Dean’s Circle Benefactors

Indiana State Bar

Self-Employed Women’s

Lord Abbett & Co. LLC

Abbott Laboratories Fund

Maurer Family Foundation,

McDonald’s Corporation

Baker & Daniels LLP

Skadden Arps Slate Meagher

Pearson Education

Bose McKinney & Evans

McKesson Foundation

Pepsico Foundation Inc

+ Partners

Northwestern Mutual Life

Premier Inc.

Duchossois Industries, Inc.

Sidley Austin Foundation

Exxon Education Foundation

Ace INA Foundation

Novartis US Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation


American United Life

Oneok Foundation Inc.

Yahoo Inc.

Conference of the United

AmerUs Group Charitable

Procter & Gamble

Church of Christ

Raytheon Company


Foundation Association Flom LLP




Insurance Foundation

Jackson Lewis LLP

Aon Foundation

Scopelitis Garvin Light

Lumina Foundation for

Arnold & Porter


Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Sempra Energy

Benesch Friedlander Coplan

Shell Oil Foundation

Smith Haughey Rice &

& Arnoff, LLP

Novus Law LLC

Bingham McHale LLP

+ Dean’s Circle Directors

Caterpiller Foundation

State Auto Insurance Co.

Chapman and Cutler

Stewart & Irwin PC

Allen County Bar

Deloitte & Touche Foundation

Stites & Harbison

Faegre Benson

Stuart & Branigin

Ernst & Young Foundation

Fitzpatrick Charitable

Swanson Martin and Bell

Dalit Foundation

Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

General Electric Fund

Wabash Valley Community

Household International

Goldman, Sachs & Company







Hanson & Feary PC

Maurice B Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund



LLP Foundation

51 +




52 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Indiana Law gratefully acknowledges the donors who honor loved ones, friends, and colleagues with memorial and honorary gifts. We also thank donors to dedicated funds, including named scholarships.

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Fellowship Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78 Eli Lilly & Company + Arthur P. Kalleres Memorial Scholarship Benjamin T., ’01 & Amy N. Caughey Robert L. & Jacquelyn C. Gauss Philip C. Genetos, ’77 Pearson Education Gregory L. Pemberton Karen Shaw Jay G. Taylor, ’67 & Barbara McCrea Taylor Germaine W. Willett, ’98 & Brian C. Willett + Baker & Daniels LLP Pro Bono Fellowship Baker & Daniels LLP + Center for Constitutional Democracy Jason A. Houdek Indiana-Kentucky Conference of the United Church of Christ + Child Advocacy Program Karen Lillian Hsu, ’99 & Peter Miller Leslie C. McCoy, ’07 + Class of 1979 Scholarship Fund Jane Alshuler, ’79 & Stuart D. Smith

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53 +


Marlene Calderon, ’79 & Stephen I. Calderon Daniel O. & Deborah W. Conkle Brenda E. Knowles, ’77 Marianne M. Owen, ’91 Jeffrey B. Rubenstein, ’83 & Rebecca W. Rubenstein, ’83 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75 Stephen M. Trattner, ’70 + Greene and Bealer Scholarship David E. Greene, ’74 & Barbara J. Bealer + Harry T. Ice Memorial Fund Karen E. Arland, ’82 & David H. Arland Byron L. Myers, ’77 & Margaret A. Myers One America Financial Partners William R. Riggs, ’63 L. Alan Whaley, ’81 & Elizabeth Whaley + Harry Pratter Professorship in Law Philip C. Potts, ’59 & Mary P. Potts George P. Smith II, ’64 + India Summer Internship Program American Endowment Foundation Robert D. Aronson, ’77 Dalit Foundation Mark S. Niblick, ’78 Novus Law LLC Self Employed Women’s Association Milton R. Stewart, ’71 Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program + Jackson Lewis Labor & Employment Law Scholarship Jackson Lewis LLP + John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics David H. Jacobs +

Richardson/Tinder/Logan Public and Community Service Scholarship Abbott Fund Barbara Draimin Fred J. Logan, Jr., ’77 John F. Richardson, ’77 Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75 + Robert A. Lucas Endowed Chair Mark E. Holcomb, ’87 & Wendy K. Holcomb + Robert and Sylvia Jefferies Scholarship Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66 & Sylvia M. Jefferies + S. Hugh and Samuel Dillin Scholarship Lola D. Hoskins Peter D. Wright & Patricia J. Wright, M.D. + Scott N. Flanders Scholarship Scott N. Flanders, ’82 & Linda W. Flanders + Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition Bose McKinney & Evans LLP + Sig Beck Award Thomas F. Beck + Stephen Jeffirs Memorial Scholarship Michael J. Jeffirs + Simmons-Schnellenberger Scholarship Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79 & Thomas F. Schnellenberger, Jr., ’79 + Student Organizations Fund Holly L. Amaya, ’08 Chevron Corporation ExxonMobil Foundation Jane & WR Frazer Alex E. Gude, ’09 Layne S. Keele, ’05 Jason L. Kennedy, ’96

Meaghan E. Klem, ’10 Paula M. Motzel, ’04 & Bryan C. Motzel James L. Reed, ’89 K. Steven Blake, ’90 Stephen E. Reynolds, ’08 + Student Support Fund Hannah L. Buxbaum Daniel O. Conkle Robert L. Fischman Leandra Lederman Aviva A. Orenstein Jeffrey E. & Janet Stake Rowena B. Stroud J. Alexander Tanford + Thomas H. Krise Memorial Scholarship Mary L. Krise + Viola J. Taliaferro Family and Children Mediation Law Clinic John S. Applegate Hon. Brent E. Dickson & Jan A. Dickson Shakeba DuBose, ’04 John P. & Diane K. Dudeck Kresge Foundation Thomas M. McGlasson, ’68 & Susan McGlasson Kristy L. Murphy, ’03 Shaun M. Raad, ’07 & Amanda N. Raad, ’05 Robert L. Ralston, ’80 Frederick W. Schultz, ’96 & Jennifer K. Schultz, ’96 Christopher W. Smith, ’06 Mary M. Weakley + V. Sue Shields Endowed Scholarship Rebecca B. Elmore, ’04 Nancy J. Gargula Craig W. Johnson Basil H. Lorch III, ’74 & Vivian C. Lorch Bryan A. Richards, ’89 Lisa H. Thielmeyer, ’92 + V. William Hunt Scholarship V. William Hunt, ’69 & Nancy B. Hunt +

Val Nolan Endowed Chair Ellwood W. & Barbara A. Lewis + Willard and Margaret Carr Professorship in Labor & Employment Law Willard Z. Carr, ’50 & Margaret Carr + William R. Stewart Fund John H. & Karen W. Ferguson + William W. Oliver Chair in Tax Law Joseph T. Ives, ’58 & Mary S. Ives {finis}

TOP FIRMS AND CORPORATIONS BY DOLLARS RAISED The following firms raised more than $5,000 from alumni for the Fund for Excellence: .................................................................................................................................. Organization Law Firm/Corporate Agent(s) Total .................................................................................................................................. Barnes & Thornburg

Randal J. Kaltenmark, Laurence A. McHugh, & Timothy J. Riffle

$ 39,113

Baker & Daniels

James M. Carr & Patrick S. Cross


Bose McKinney & Evans

Bryan Babb, Robert P. Kassing & Lisa McKinney


Ice Miller

David J. Mallon, Jr.


Eli Lilly & Company

Kathleen St. Louis


Jones Day

Gregory A. Castanias


Stuart & Branigin

Thomas R. McCully


Bingham McHale

Rafael A. Sanchez


Frost Brown Todd

Randall R. Riggs


Winston & Strawn

Amanda Wiley


ALUMNI PARTICIPATION The following firms had alumni participation of 75% or more in the Fund for Excellence campaign. .................................................................................................................................. Firm Law Firm/Corporate Agent(s) Participation .................................................................................................................................. Bose McKinney & Evans

Bryan Babb, Robert P. Kassing & Lisa McKinney


Cohen Garelick & Glazier

Robert A. Garelick


Hackman Hulett & Cracraft

Marvin L. Hackman


Krieg DeVault

Andrew B. Buroker


Stuart & Branigin

Thomas R. McCully


Kahn Dees Donovan & Kahn

Brian P. Williams


Bunger & Robertson

Holly M. Harvey


K&L Gates

Christopher Bloom


Procter & Gamble

Karl S. Steinmanis


Yoder Ainlay Ulmer & Buckingham

George E. Buckingham


Lisa C. McKinney, JD’92, has agreed to serve as chair of the school’s Law Firm Challenge for 2011-12. The goal: 100% giving from Maurer alumni in participating firms. McKinney is a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, Indianapolis.

55 +

54 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Public Interest Law Fellowship Anonymous Jeannine Bell Craig M. Bradley Brian J. Broughman Derricka D. Burton Hannah L. Buxbaum Daniel O. Conkle Lesley E. Davis Leonard D. Fromm Charles G. Geyh Neil S. Haldrup, ’89 & Kim R. Haldrup Brandon Hall Katherine A. Holley Sarah J. Hughes Dawn E. Johnsen Clark P. Kirkman, ’09 Lindsay E. Koenings Jody Madeira Christian J. Morrison, ’90 Eric E. & Barbara Muceus Nadine R. Neel, ’01 & Joseph P. Neel Christiana Ochoa Aviva A. Orenstein Lauren K. Robel, ’83 Ryan W. Scott Carole B. Silver, ’80 Matthew Silverman, ’03 Eric S. Spengler, ’11 Rachael M. Steller Eli R. Stoughton Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73 Kiersten E. Warning, ’93 Carwina Weng David C. & Susan H. Williams + R. Neil & Michele Irwin Scholarship R. Neil Irwin, ’71 & Michele K. Irwin + Rapheal M. Prevot, Jr., Memorial Scholarship Kevin D. Brown Leonard D. Fromm & Donna K. Wilber R. Anthony Prather, ’83 & Marti T. Prather +

THE KIMBERLING SOCIETY Membership in The Kimberling Society is open to all who make or have made a planned or deferred gift commitment to the Law School. This is accomplished by naming the IU Maurer School of Law as a beneficiary through a bequest in a will, charitable remainder uni-trust or annuity trust, pooled income fund, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, retirement plan, or other life-income arrangements. Members in The Kimberling Society are automatically included in the IU Foundation’s planned giving society, the Arbutus Society.

56 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

We are pleased to recognize and thank the members of The Kimberling Society:

Anonymous (4) Terrill D. & Judith A. Albright* Alfred C. Aman, Jr. & Carol J. Greenhouse John S. & Amy G. Applegate Lowell E. Baier Gerrit H.* & Margaret Baker J. Adam Bain M. Scott & Diane L. Bassett Frederick A. Beckman Samuel R. “Chic” Born II & Brenda Born F. Wesley Bowers Mary Beth (Kleiser) Brody William J. Brody Charles E. and Jean E. Bruess Andrew B. & Susan N. Buroker James M. & Angela M. Carr Willard Z. & Margaret P. Carr Gregory A. & Jane E. Castanias Fred H. & Beth Cate Charles A. & Karen J. Cohen Catherine A. Conway Greta E. (Gerberding) Cowart Marvin S. & Harriet L. Crell

Richard J. Darko Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt & Elizabeth R. Birch Richard W. & Mary E. Davis Alecia A. DeCoudreaux Ann M. & Edward O. DeLaney Francina A. Dlouhy Clarence H. & Judith L. Doninger Donald P. Dorfman D.G. Elmore, Jr. Mrs. Gordon S. Eslick Douglas S. Abney & Sherry A. Fabina-Abney Scott N. & Linda A. Flanders Eugene D.* & Jane M. Fletchall Dorothy J. Frapwell Hon. Ezra H. Friedlander Leonard & Donna Wilber Fromm Robert A. & Susan Garelick Philip C. & Dorothea Genetos Frank E. & Donna R. Gilkison Harry L. Gonso David E. Greene & Barbara J. Bealer Elwood “Bud” & Carol L. Hillis John W.* & Ruth J. Houghton

Sarah Jane Hughes V. William & Nancy B. Hunt R. Neil & Michele K. Irwin Mark Janis The Family of Honorable Paul G. Jasper* Robert L.* & Florence Redding Jessup Gregory J. & Mary Ann Jordan Harvey M. Kagan Arthur P.* & Sue A. Kalleres Robert P. & Troy Kassing Barton L. & Judy D. Kaufman James L.* & Jane C. Kealing James D. Kemper John F. (Jack) Kimberling Robert V. & E. Carol Kixmiller John M. Kyle III & Marcia Dunne-Kyle Mary Nold Larimore Robert D. & Angelica Lattas Edward L.* & Cathleen Lay Douglas C. & Minda Lehman Millard D. Lesch Mike & Miki Lewinski

Larry R. & Sherry B. Linhart Fred J. Logan, Jr. Robert A. & Susan J. Long Arthur M. & Doris I. Lotz Susan L. Macey Larry A. Mackey Hon. Elizabeth F. Mann Michael S. “Mickey” & Janie Maurer R. Bruce McLean Thomas R. McCully Jim & Renee McDermott Thomas M. & Susan M. McGlasson Robert H. McKinney Clayton C. Miller Jeanne S. Miller Jerry & Anne Moss P. Michael Mitchell Byron L. & Margaret A. Myers Edward W. Najam, Sr.* & Agnes Parker Najam Edward W. Najam, Jr. David & Angela Karras Neboyskey Rory & Pamela O’Bryan Peter L. & Sandra S. Obremskey Joseph D. O’Connor Stephen H. & Deborah D. Paul James J. Pellerite James L. & Helen Petersen Kirk A. Pinkerton Bruce A. & Linda O. Polizotto Jack & Jeanette Rearick* Dean W. & Christine L. Regenovich Richard S. & Judith M. Rhodes John (Jeff) Richardson Timothy J. Riffle & Sarah M. McConnell Randall R. & Ann M. Riggs William R. & Gloria A. Riggs

Lauren K. Robel Joel Rosenbloom Hugh A. & Debra Sanders Glenn & Donna Scolnik Randolph L. & Maribeth Seger James A. & Rebecca L. Shanahan Brian J. Shapiro Julian L. Shepard Gene R. Shreve Robert J. & Gayle Shula Michael D. Shumate George P. Smith II Arthur & Carolyn Spengler Richard E. & Carol L. Stahl Milton R. & Judi Stewart Hon. Frank Sullivan, Jr. & Cheryl L. Sullivan Milton O. Thompson Hon. John D. Tinder David O. & Susie Tittle Kenneth L. Turchi Jerry L. Ulrich & Leslie E. Vidra Ted A. & Nancy K. Waggoner W. William & Mary V.L. Weeks Zeff A. & Zoe L. Weiss Brian P. & Barbara J. Williams Gordon D. & Anne E. Wishard Kenneth R. & Louise A. Yahne C. Daniel Yates Louis “Buddy” Yosha James P. Zeller Hon. Patrick Zika

* deceased

57 +

In November 2009, the Law School honored Jack Kimberling, JD ’50, for his generosity and vision by creating The Kimberling Society: a special group of donors who have made arrangements to support the Law School in their estate planning.

a message from the alumni board president

Dear Friends: It is my privilege to have been elected President of the Maurer School of Law’s Alumni Board in October of this year. As a member of the Alumni Board for the past ten years, I have witnessed the Board transform itself into a highly energized group dedicated to the continued improvement of our Law School, with full support and appreciation from Dean Lauren Robel. I have also had the opportunity to observe first-hand the energy, enthusiasm, and engagement of the school’s students, faculty, and staff. Their collaborative efforts have resulted in an unparalleled legal learning environment and are producing highly competent and prepared lawyers to lead our profession in the years ahead. As alumni, all of us can play an important role in shaping future lawyers. Whether mentoring students, judging Moot Court, sharing experiences with first-year students, or networking over a cup of coffee, our advice matters. I hope that you will join me and the hundreds of alums who have contributed their time and talent to the school’s most important objective: helping students find the career that’s right for them. I would like to thank Angela Neboyskey, JD’00, for her outstanding leadership of the Alumni Board during the past year. Her dedication and enthusiasm (and baking skills) will be hard to match! Sincerely,

Joe O’Connor, JD’78 Bunger & Robertson

59 +

58 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Bloomington, Ind.

Wayne C. Ponader, LLB’56, was named a Sagamore of the Wabash. The award, one of Indiana’s highest individual honors, is given as a tribute to those who have rendered distinguished service to the state. Before his retirement, Ponader was a senior partner at the Indianapolis law firm Bose McKinney & Evans.


George P. Smith II, JD’64, a professor at the Catholic University of America Columbus School of Law, was named the inaugural Center for Law, Ethics, and Applied Research (CLEAR) in Health Information fellow. Smith used his month-long stay at CLEAR Health to conduct research for a forthcoming book that examines end-of-life decision-making and palliative care. Smith presented his results on November 9 during a public lecture at the Law School honoring the memory of former IU President Myles Brand. Smith, a member of the Maurer School of Law Board of Visitors, first heard of CLEAR Health during the Board’s annual meeting. CLEAR is directed by Distinguished Professor Fred Cate. + Charles A. Cohen, JD’66, co-founding partner at the law firm of Cohen Garelick

Fellow of The American College of Trial Lawyers in 1990. + David T. Kasper, JD’69, was named Best Lawyers® 2012 “Indianapolis Legal Malpractice Lawyer of the Year.” Kasper concentrates his practice in litigation, professional malpractice, and insurance services. Representing insurance companies, he advises them concerning litigation, settlement, and mediation. He has also been included in Chambers USA® and Indiana Super Lawyers® from 2005-2011.


Stephen H. Paul, JD’72, partner at Baker & Daniels, Indianapolis, has been elected by the American Property Tax Counsel as president for the 2011-12 term. The APTC members elected Paul during the organization’s 17th Annual Property Tax Seminar in San Francisco. The event also provided an opportunity for the organization’s property tax lawyer members to collaborate and learn about the current real estate market and practical solutions to economic challenges from various speakers. + Paul F. Donahue, JD’76, was named honorary consul of Liechtenstein for Chicago and the Midwest. Donahue was invited to accompany the ambassador of Liechtenstein on a trip to Terre Haute,

60 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

alumni feature Eskenazi gift among largest ever to a public hospital

Sidney D. Eskenazi, LLB’53, recently gave a $40 million gift to Wishard Health Services to be used toward building new hospital facilities. It is one of the largest gifts ever made to a public hospital in the United States. In recognition of the gift, the new hospital facility will be named the Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Hospital when it opens in 2013. Eskenazi is the founder and CEO of Sandor Development Co., a real-estate development company, which he named after his daughters, Sandy and Dori. In 2005 — following a substantial gift by the Eskenazis — the new Herron School of Art and Design building on the IUPUI campus was named Eskenazi Hall in their honor.


Robert H. McKinney, JD’52, has made a $24 million gift to the Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis. The school has been renamed the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law in his honor. McKinney’s gift will provide funding for five endowed chairs to attract and retain nationally recognized faculty. It also establishes a $17.5 million endowment to fund McKinney Family Scholarships for outstanding students. Until his retirement in 2005, McKinney served as chairman and CEO of First Indiana Corporation, parent company of First Indiana Bank (now M&I Bank). He was also a founding partner of Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, which sponsors the Maurer School of Law’s Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition. McKinney served in the administration of President Jimmy Carter as chair of multiple agencies regulating

IU Indianapolis Law School renamed in honor of McKinney

the mortgage loan industry, where he established model non-discrimination regulations and promoted community investment. He was a trustee of Indiana University from 1989 to 1998 and served as president of the Board of Trustees from 1993 to 1994.


alumni feature Indiana, where she spoke at RoseHulman Institute of Technology, and to Indianapolis for a lunch at the Indiana Bar Association and a meeting with Governor Mitch Daniels. + Stephen R. Pennell, JD’76, a partner at Stuart & Branigin of Lafayette, Indiana, has been named an Indiana Super Lawyer. Pennell has extensive experience as a trial attorney in Indiana and courts across the country. He served as national trial counsel for a pool product company in Atlanta for 16 years, during which time Steve appeared as lead trial counsel in cases in California, New York, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, and Massachusetts. Pennell is recognized as one of the leaders for the defense bar in Indiana, having served as president of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana (DTCI). In recognition of his accomplishments as president of DTCI, Defense Research Institute presented him with the Fred Sievert Award, which is given to the most outstanding leader of a state defense organization in the nation. Pennell was also presented with the Diplomat Award by the DTCI, which is given for lifetime achievement as a defense lawyer. +

Ann M. DeLaney, JD’77, attorney at DeLaney & DeLaney, has stepped down from her position as the executive director of The Julian Center, an Indianapolis shelter for domestic violence victims. What was originally to be a two-year term morphed into a 15-year run for DeLaney, who has juggled the not-for-profit center’s leadership position with her prominent role in politics, her law practice, and her bankruptcy trusteeship. + Randall R. Riggs, JD’77, a partner at Frost Brown Todd’s Indianapolis office, was named Best Lawyers® 2012 “Indianapolis Product Liability Litigation Lawyer of the Year.” Riggs devotes his practice to the defense of vehicle/ equipment manufacturers and distributors headquartered in the United States and internationally. He has acted as lead trial counsel in state and federal courts in 15 states and is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers. Riggs is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee and serves on Indiana Law’s Board of Visitors. + Charles Paul Sammut, JD’77, has joined the intellectual property law firm of Dergosits & Noah as of counsel. Returning to

private practice from Dolby Laboratories, he will focus on the preparation of formal opinions, patent litigation support, due diligence, and patent prosecution, with emphasis on mobile devices, messaging, wireless technologies, and digital signal processing. Before entering the practice of law in 1977, Sammut worked as a product engineer with Ford Motor Company. He is a member of the bars of California and Michigan, registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and a member of the Marin County Bar Association. + Michael E. Brown, JD/MBA’78, a partner at Kightlinger & Gray, LLP, was recently selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® 2012. Brown was selected in the area of Legal Malpractice Law – Defendants. He has been practicing law in Indiana since 1978 and is often a speaker on legal topics. His practice areas include bad faith, commercial litigation, constitutional law, first party insurance defense, insurance agents and brokers errors and omissions, insurance law and regulation, and professional liability litigation. Brown was also invited to join the Council on Litigation Management, a nonpartisan alliance of

61 +


& Glazier, has been elected president of the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation Foundation. The Foundation exists to guard the heritage of Reform Judaism and to contribute to the lives of its members and their families. The foundation focuses on education, spiritual and cultural enrichment, appreciation of its members’ roles as good citizens and good Jews, and their responsibility and opportunity to help others less favorably positioned, all within the scope of the moral doctrines of Judaism. + Larry R. Fisher, JD’68, partner at Stuart & Branigin of Lafayette, Indiana, was named an Indiana Super Lawyer. Fisher has extensive experience in medical malpractice, products liability, antitrust, toxic torts, and insurance law. He primarily represents hospitals and physician groups that benefit from his consultation and advice on malpractice, risk management, medical staff bylaws, regulatory matters, and antitrust. Among the many highlights of his more than 40-year career, Fisher is proud to have served on the board of directors and executive committee for The Lafayette Life Insurance Company and to have advised the board and executive committee of a major hospital. Fisher also has served as national trial counsel for a major chemical company, handling cases throughout the United States. He was inducted as a

of business succession. He is a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, the current president of the Estate Planning Council of Indianapolis, and has been certified as an Indiana trust and estate lawyer by the Indiana Trust and Estate Specialty Board (TESB). + Bruce A. Hugon, JD’79, a partner at Stuart & Branigin of Lafayette, Indiana, has been named an Indiana Super Lawyer. Hugon is committed to defending Class I, regional, and short line railroads in personal injury litigation. His jury trial and appellate work includes state and federal court cases typically involving catastrophic injuries and death claims with substantial exposure. Hugon participates with the National Association of Railroad Trial Counsels as a presenter for meetings and serves on its Executive Committee.


Rynthia M. Rost, JD’80, a vice president of public affairs for the Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO), was named a “2011 Women to Watch” honoree for her inspiring accomplishments in the business world. Rost is responsible for national community affairs,

public relations, and cause marketing initiatives. She also directs the company’s GEICO Corporate Community Citizens volunteer group and represents GEICO on the boards of national, local business, civic, and non-profit organizations. Rost serves on the board of directors of the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, the Washington Board of Trade, the Economic Club, and the Federal City Council, and is also a member of the board of Imagination Stage. Rost is a recipient of the Law School’s Distinguished Service Award. + Ernest Summers III, JD’80, a partner at Baker & Daniels, was named to Building Indiana’s Who’s Who in Indiana Class of 2011 in recognition of his professional and civic contributions. Summers is a partner in Baker & Daniels’ business litigation practice group where he focuses on commercial litigation regarding product liability, insurance recovery claims, antitrust, licensing and distribution, securities fraud, and mass toxic torts. + Phillip C. Eschels, JD’83, a partner at Greenebaum Doll & McDonald in Louisville, Kentucky, was elected for inclusion in the attorney reference publication, Who’s Who Legal USA. Eschels was recognized in the 2011 edition of The

alumni feature R. Bruce McLean, JD’71, was honored by the American Jewish Committee with its Judge Learned Hand Award at a dinner in Washington, D.C. McLean is chairman

62 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, an international firm with more than

McLean honored with Judge Learned Hand Award

800 lawyers. His longtime colleague, Akin Gump senior counsel Vernon E. Jordan, served as keynote speaker of the event. In his remarks, McLean quoted Judge Hand’s famous speech on “I Am an American Day” in New York City’s Central Park in 1944: “Judge Hand talked about the spirit of liberty that makes America ‘a signal, a beacon, a standard to which the best hopes of mankind will ever turn. . .The spirit of liberty remembers that not even a sparrow falls to earth unheeded, [and the] least shall be heard and considered side-by-side with the greatest.’” McLean visits the Law School frequently, most recently in April as practitioner-in-residence. The full text of his remarks may found on the “Alumni” page of the Law School’s website,


Proving that a law degree opens many doors indeed, Robin Boles LVO, JD/MBA’79, was named a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order by Queen Elizabeth II on June 11, the Queen’s birthday. Boles was recognized for her work as CEO of In Kind Direct, a charity founded by the Prince of Wales that distributes donated new consumer products to charities. One of 20 Prince’s Charities, In Kind Direct has distributed more than £110 million ($180 million US) to nearly 9,000 charities. “The Prince hates waste, which is where the idea came up to start In Kind Direct,” Boles told The Jewish Chronicle in Pittsburgh, her hometown. Boles was profiled in the Spring 2010 issue of ergo.


Boles honored by Queen Elizabeth II

alumni feature International Who’s Who of Management Labour & Employment Lawyers. He is a member of Greenebaum’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, and is the Covenant Not to Compete and Trade Secrets Team Chair. + Dean Lauren K. Robel, JD’83, was honored by Indianapolis Business Journal on November 3 as a Woman of Influence. The award is given annually to Central Indiana women who exemplify the traits required to be outstanding leaders in their chosen fields. Robel was recognized for her fundraising success and for making the Maurer School of Law more family-friendly, which has improved recruitment and retention of faculty and staff. + Zaldwaynaka L. Scott, JD’83, partner of the Chicago firm Kaye and Scholer, was appointed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Board. Scott will serve as a public member to the 28-member CHA Board, which includes a diverse group of community and business leaders from across the city. She was named to the Law School’s Board of Visitors in October 2011. + Scott D. Hubbard, JD’84, a partner with Warner Norcross & Judd LLP was named to The Best Lawyers in America® 2012 list. Hubbard, who is new to the list this

year, was recognized for his work in environmental law and water law. He concentrates his environmental practice in the areas of environmental compliance, permitting, enforcement, and the management of environmental liability in business transactions. He also chairs the firm’s Environmental Practice Group. He has been recognized as a “Michigan Super Lawyer” since 2007. + Timothy A. Klingler, JD’85, joined Rudolph, Fine, Porter & Johnson, LLP in Evansville, Indiana, after 11 years as a partner at the Evansville law firm McCray Lavallo Frank & Klingler. He concentrates his practice in the areas of worker’s compensation defense, mediation, medical malpractice and litigation, and is a registered Indiana civil mediator. In addition, Klingler has served on the U.S. District Court Rules Committee for the Southern District of Indiana and is involved in the National Worker’s Compensation Defense Network and Indiana Worker’s Compensation Institute, for both the Southern Indiana and state divisions. Klingler also is a member of the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office Merit Board. + David R. Kresser, JD’86, partner of Atlanta law firm Fisher & Phillip, was listed in Georgia Super Lawyers 2011 for his employment litigation work on

behalf of employers. Only the top five percent of Georgia attorneys are chosen to be included in the listing. Kresser has exclusively defended employers in labor and employment law matters since joining the firm in 1986, and he has handled countless litigation matters across the nation for employers. He was the principal drafter of the employer briefs filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in Desert Palace, Inc. v. Costa, a case involving Title VII standards of proof. Kresser has tried both jury and non-jury discrimination cases, including the first same-sex sexual harassment jury case tried in Kentucky. + Mark R. Waterfill, JD’86, has been named to the board of directors of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana. Waterfill is a partner with Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff in the Labor and Employment and Litigation practice groups. He is widely recognized in the fields of employment law and commercial litigation. + Chris K. Gawart, JD’87, has joined the Law Department of Northwestern Mutual, a leading financial security company. An assistant general counsel and assistant secretary on the Corporate Team, he is working primarily on product tax matters in addition to industryrelated advocacy. Previously, Gawart was a partner at Quarles & Brady, LLP

63 +

thousands of insurance companies, corporations, corporate counsel, litigation and risk managers, claims professionals, and attorneys. Selected attorneys and law firms are extended membership by invitation only, based on nominations from CLM Fellows. + Kam C. Wong, JD’78, recently completed the following for publication: Policing in Hong Kong (Ashgate, 2011); Chinese Policing, History and Reform (Pakistan Society of Criminology, Oct., 2011); Chinese Police Reform (Taylor and Francis, 2011), and Cyberspace Governance in China (Nova Science Publisher, 2011). Wong is a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice of Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio. + Jeffrey S. Dible, JD’79, a partner at Frost Brown Todd’s Indianapolis office, was named Best Lawyers® 2012 “Indianapolis Trusts and Estates Lawyer of the Year.” Dible concentrates his practice in estate planning, taxation, and general business law. He prepares wills and trusts, supervises the administration of estates and trusts, represents various parties in guardianships and contested will or trust litigation, and provides gift tax and estate planning advice to professionals and business owners in the larger context

Juan C. Basombrio, JD’89, has been designated by the Republic of Honduras as an arbitrator to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) for

the California Attorney General’s newly formed Mortgage Fraud Strike Force.

a six-year term. ICSID is an arbitration body of the World Bank in Washington, D.C.,

(He formerly prosecuted cases in all courts out of the Appeals, Writs, and Trials Section

that adjudicates investor disputes against countries under international investment

of the Criminal Division.) The Attorney General has formed a strike force with civil

treaties, and the arbitrators are designated by the signatory countries. Mr. Basombrio is a partner in the international law firm of Dorsey & Whitney LLP, where he heads its Southern California office and is Co-chair of International Arbitration and Litigation.

and criminal components to provide economic and penal accountability for scammers who prey, or would prey, upon homeowners overwhelmed by the global real estate crisis. In his new role, Westmoreland will prosecute offenders criminally, perform community outreach to hear and help victims, and educate the public on common methods of


mortgage fraud and the Attorney General’s role in fighting it. Westmoreland is also a founding member and current vice president of the Central California Asian Pacific American Bar Association.

alumni feature

64 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Westmoreland to lead mortgage fraud strike force

Milwaukee for 23 years, specializing in estate planning, closely held business planning, and general corporate and taxexempt organizations. + Samuel V. Laurin III, JD’87, a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, has joined the board of directors of Music for All. The organization is committed to expanding the role of music and the arts in education, to heightening the public’s appreciation of the value of music and arts education, and to creating a positive environment for the arts through societal change. Laurin focuses his practice on litigating construction and real estate disputes. He has been lead counsel in jury and bench trials in federal and state courts, and has also served as lead counsel in several arbitration proceedings, many of which involved construction issues. + George T. Patton, Jr., JD’87, partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, participated as a moderator during the Justice at Stake 2011 Summer Meeting for a panel titled “Litigation Strategy: Do Judicial Elections Warrant Different Treatment?” Patton’s role as moderator for this panel came as a result of his work at the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Courts of Appeal dealing with judicial canon

cases. Justice at Stake is a nonpartisan group with more than 50 national partners, working to keep state and federal courts fair and impartial. Campaign partners educate the public and work for reforms to keep politics and special interests out of the courtroom. + Andrew B. Buroker, JD’89, a partner with Indianapolis firm Krieg DeVault, received the Gold Heart Award from the American Heart Association (AHA). This is the AHA’s highest award for volunteers who have supported the Association’s mission at the national level.


K. Steven Blake, JD’90, relocated to Northern California, where he is general counsel for Xpert Financial, Inc., based in San Mateo. Previously, Blake was the executive vice president of Chicagobased Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. Blake is a member of the Maurer School of Law’s Board of Visitors. His partner, James L. Reed, Jr., JD’92, is regional counsel for Sutter Health in San Francisco. They were married in 2008 and live in the Potrero Hill district of San Francisco. Reed previously worked at Loyola University Health System as the associate general counsel prior to relocat-


alumni feature ing and is a member of Maurer School of Law’s LGBT Advisory Board. + John D. Bessler, JD’91, an associate professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, has published a book titled Cruel and Unusual: The American Death Penalty and the Founders’ Eighth Amendment. The book will be available in January 2012. Before joining the faculty at the University of Baltimore School of Law, he taught at the University of Minnesota Law School and The George Washington University Law School. He clerked for U.S. Magistrate Judge John M. Mason of the District of Minnesota, and practiced law for many years in the area of civil litigation as a partner at the Minneapolis law firm of Kelly & Berens. + Steven M. Badger, JD’92, was appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court to the Indiana Commission for Continuing Legal Education. His term will begin January 1, 2012 and will run through 2016. The mission of the Commission for Continuing Legal Education is to enhance the quality of the judiciary, legal services, and professionalism in Indiana through administering, developing, and regulating continuing judicial education requirements for judges, continuing legal education requirements for attorneys,

mediation training standards, and attorney specialization programs. Badger is a partner in the Bose McKinney & Evans LLP Litigation Group. He represents clients in commercial and complex business litigation matters and appeals. His litigation practice focuses on business disputes, frequently those involving competition in regulated and unregulated industries in which his background in economics is advantageous. + Kimberly Y. Best-Staton, JD’94, district court judge in North Carolina, presides over misdemeanor criminal trials, domestic violence restraining orders, civil restraining order matters, and juvenile certification. Best-Staton oversees matters of abuse, neglect, and dependency as well as juvenile delinquency matters. She participates in truancy court program, chairs the Juvenile Justice Subcommittee, and is a member of the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. Before becoming a judge, Best-Staton ran Best Law Firm, PLLC and was a magistrate for the State of North Carolina. + P. Stephen Fardy, JD’94, an equity partner in the law firm Swanson, Martin & Bell, was chosen as one of 2009’s “40 Illinois Attorneys Under 40 to Watch” by Law Bulletin Publishing Company,

publishers of Chicago Lawyers magazine and Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. Fardy leads his firm’s intellectual property practice group, which he founded. + Thomas M. Fisher, JD’94, solicitor general for the state of Indiana, served on a panel of legal and academic experts at a mini-symposium titled “Same-Sex Marriage and the Future of the Defense of Marriage Act: Law, Politics, Federalism, and Families.” The event was held at the Maurer School of Law in April 2011. Fisher and the other panelists discussed the legal and political developments regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, diverse views on same-sex marriage, and the changing perceptions of gay/lesbian families. Fisher is also a member of the Maurer School of Law’s Alumni Board. + Kathleen DeLaney, JD’95, partner at DeLaney & DeLaney LLC, was named the Best Lawyers’ 2012 Indianapolis Litigation – ERISA Lawyer of the Year. Only one lawyer in each specialty in each community is being honored as Lawyer of the Year. ERISA litigation involves disputes concerning pension, retirement, and other employee benefits plans. + Angela R. Elbert, JD’96, partner in the Chicago firm Neal Gerber & Eisenberg,

was selected by Today’s Chicago Woman magazine as one of its 2011 “100 Women Making a Difference.” Elbert also cochairs the firm’s Women’s Networking Committee, which enriches the professional lives of its women attorneys with programming that cultivates leadership skills and creates opportunity for career advancement. + Robert B. Thornburg, JD’96, a partner in the Indianapolis law firm Frost Brown Todd, was elected to the board of the 2011 Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana Board of Directors. Thornburg is a trial attorney who has tried more than 25 jury trials to verdict, including product liability, breach of warranty, lemon law, premises liability, and automobile negligence cases. He has also tried at least 30 bench trials and arbitrations. Thornburg has experience in Indiana state and federal courts and in several other jurisdictions. + Thomas Y. Man, JD’97, has rejoined the Orrick Beijing office as a partner. He has extensive experience representing both foreign investors in China and Chinese enterprises investing abroad. Man’s practice focuses on complex cross-border transactions involving mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and other corporate and com-

65 +

Honduras names Basombrio to six-year term as international arbitrator

Leslie W. Westmoreland, JD’96, accepted a position as a criminal prosecutor in

2010 Outstanding Young Lawyer. This award is given to an attorney who best exemplifies the oath taken by all attorneys in the state. Irving was the recipient of the Charlie Nelms Alumni award, which is given to a graduate of Indiana University who has worked diligently to effect a positive change in his or her

Crown Point attorney named Outstanding Young Lawyer

workplace, community, and the university. He was honored as a Diversity Champion by the Campus Council on Diversity at Indiana University Northwest, and was the keynote speaker for the Leadership, Excellence, Academics, and Diversity Conference for the IU Hudson & Holland Scholars Program. Irving is an attorney for State Farm Litigation Counsel in Crown Point, Indiana.


66 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

alumni feature mercial transactions. Man was listed in IFLR 1000, 2011, as a leading lawyer in the “Mergers and Acquisitions” and “Project Finance” categories in China. + Brian M. Simpson, JD’97, was named partner at Shambaugh, Kast, Beck & Williams of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Simpson handles all aspects of business organizations, commercial transactions, real estate, and taxation matters. + Octavia F. Snulligan, JD’97, has been appointed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels as a member of the state’s Parole Board. The Board makes parole release and revocation decisions and makes pardon, clemency, reprieve, and remission recommendations to the Governor. Snulligan is a solo practitioner in Indianapolis. + Andrew U. D. Straw, JD’97, is a candidate for Congress as a Democrat in Indiana’s 2nd U.S. House district, which includes South Bend. Straw worked at the Law School as assistant dean for International Programs, at the Indiana Supreme Court as an analyst, and as corporate counsel for transportation planning legend Alan M. Voorhees. Straw’s campaign manager, Rev. Greg Brown, has worked on campaigns for Former U.S. Rep. Tim Roemer, Former Lt. Governor

Joe Kernan, and Rep. Joe Donnelly. + David A. Concha, JD’98, has expanded his practice. When it opened in 2004, the firm focused primarily on immigration and nationality law. Today Concha’s practice areas have grown to meet the needs of the North and South Carolina area in the following areas: civil matters, personal injury, criminal, traffic, and divorce law. + Michael L. Griffin, JD’98, was elected prosecuting attorney of Hancock County, Indiana, in November 2010. + Nancy L. Hawkins, JD’98, recently joined Practical Law Company, a legal publishing company based in New York, where she is responsible for its antitrust area. Previously, she was an antitrust shareholder in the international law firm of Greenberg Traurig, LLP. + Christopher J. Worden, JD’98, was appointed district director by Rep. André Carson. His responsibilities will include developing and implementing policy objectives, strategies, and operating plans. Before joining Carson’s office, Worden worked as a solo practitioner in family law, serving on the Executive Committee for the Indiana State Bar Association and Indianapolis Bar

Association’s family law sections. He was the supervising attorney for MAI Legal Services, a modest-means legal clinic, and worked with the Marion County Public Defender Agency in cases involving Children in Need of Services. + Rose E. Gallagher, JD’99, partner at Chapman and Cutler LLP in Chicago, received the firm’s 2010 Pro Bono Award. The Pro Bono Award is a Chapman tradition that recognizes one attorney each year who goes above and beyond in pro bono service. Gallagher was singled out for recognition for her pro bono service with the Chicago Volunteer Legal Services’ Guardian ad Litem program in 2010. + James M. Snyder, JD’99, a partner at KincerSnyder of Glen, Virginia, was named a 2011 Rising Star by Virginia Super Lawyers magazine. Snyder’s areas of practice are product liability, toxic torts, and insurance defense. + Brian D. Yeley, JD’99, was named senior director of gift planning at the Indiana University Foundation. Yeley previously held the position of associate director of gift planning. Before joining the IU Foundation in 2005, he worked as an estate planning attorney at Hoogendoorn and Talbot LLP, and as a sports attorney

at Sharpe Sports Advisors, both in Chicago. In addition to his current position at the IU Foundation, he is president of the Hoosier Hills Estate Planning Council, an interdisciplinary organization for estate planning professionals in Bloomington, Columbus, Seymour, Bedford, and the surrounding area.


Adrian S. Allen, JD’01, has joined the law firm Stuart & Branigin in a counsel role in the firm’s Indianapolis office. He fills an integral role in two of the firm’s core practice groups: design and construction, and commercial litigation. Allen has extensive experience in design and construction contracts, as well as commercial litigation involving matters of insurance coverage, creditor’s rights, and the Uniform Commercial Code. Allen is a member of the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana and the construction law section of the American Bar Association. + Thomas J. Treutler, JD’01, was named a partner at Tilleke and Gibbins. Treutler is Managing Director of the firm’s Vietnam offices. Founded in 1890 in Bangkok, Tilleke and Gibbins is one of the largest

law firms in Southeast Asia, with more than 350 lawyers and staff in the region. For the past three years, Treutler has been named a Leading Lawyer in Intellectual Property Law in Vietnam by Chambers Asia. Treutler is Country Director of Pony Baseball and District Administrator of Little League Baseball for Vietnam. His efforts to set up baseball in Vietnam were recently featured in the Asia Wall Street Journal. + Lora M. Whitticker, JD’02, joined President Obama’s re-election campaign as a full-time staff member in June 2011. Whitticker is the deputy finance director for Gen44, a Democratic Party coalition of young professionals. She is responsible for nationwide fundraising from this group. + Maria G. DeFord, JD’03, assistant district attorney for Cameron County, Texas, is seeking the Democratic Party nomination for district attorney. In addition to serving as state prosecutor in Cameron County, DeFord also was a state prosecutor in Harris County. She served in the U.S. Army Nurses’ Corps as a 1st lieutenant at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington and

in the 121st General Hospital in Seoul. + Brandon S. Judkins, JD’03, director of programs at Indiana Humanities, was accepted as a member of Class XXXVI of the Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series. Judkins was chosen because of his significant community involvement and professional achievement, his demonstrated interest in community issues, a record of participation and achievement in voluntary community activities, and his willingness to expand his leadership role in the community. + Andrew J. Reitz, JD’03, was recently appointed to serve on the Dayton and Montgomery County (Ohio) Convention and Visitors Bureau’s board of directors. Reitz is also a 2011 graduate of Leadership Dayton, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce’s premier leadership development program. + Jennifer A. Elston, JD’04, was named partner at the law firm of Ziemer, Stayman, Weitzel and Shoulders, LLP in Evansville, Indiana. Elston practices primarily in the areas of corporate, real estate, non-profit, creditors’ rights, and banking litigation. She also represents

alumni feature Michelle T. Cosby, JD’06, a faculty services librarian for the North Carolina Central University School of Law Library in Durham, was named as the 2011 recipient of the American Association of Law Libraries’ Minority Leadership Development Award. The award honors librarians demonstrating leadership potential in law librarianship while in the early stages of their careers. Cosby participates in teaching the legal research component of legal research and analysis, and legal research and persuasion at NCCU. Additionally, she manages the library research assistant program and the library’s faculty liaison program. The recipient of the Minority Leadership Development Award receives assistance with travel and lodging for the AALL Annual Meeting in Philadelphia and will be on an AALL committee for the 2012 term. Before becoming the faculty service librarian at NCCU in May 2010, Cosby served as a reference librarian at the University of Kentucky and information services librarian at the University of Miami.


American Association of Law Libraries honors ’06 alum 67 +

Photo: Tony V. Martin

Shontrai D. Irving, JD’03, was selected as the Indiana State Bar Association’s

Poom Moolsilpa, JD’06, was promoted to an assistant professor at Assumption University. Moolsilpa is also sub-commissioned for the Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand, whose main task is to investigate the violence that {finis}

Moolsilpa investigating violence behind 93 deaths

alumni feature

K. Edwin Applegate, JD’48, died on July 9, 2011. For more than

injuries, including accidents involving cars, motorcycles,

65 years, he had been a committed leader and public servant to

trucks, pedestrians, and related matters. Cockerille was a

the state of Indiana and to his country. A World War II veteran,

member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers’ Association, Colorado

Applegate opened his first law firm in Bloomington in 1949

Bar Association, National Lawyers’ Guild, and the American

and retired from Applegate, McDonald and Associates in 2011.

Association for Justice.

68 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report

Applegate had a distinguished record of public service, serving clients in family law matters. Elston received the Pro Bono Publico award in 2010 from the Indiana Bar Foundation, serves on the Indiana State Bar Young Lawyers’ Council, is the vice president of the Evansville Bar Foundation, and serves as the current chair of the EBA’s real estate section. + Clint A. Liveoak, JD’04, has worked in Cambodia for the past year helping provide oversight and technical assistance to the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria. The Global Fund is a publicly and privately funded organization that has provided more than $500 million in funding to the Government of Cambodia and civil society organizations to improve and address the response to these diseases. Liveoak’s work has concentrated on strengthening the capacity of the government to provide oversight and address risk and fraud prevention. Liveoak says that his education at Indiana Law and his participation in the Presidential Management Fellows program led him to this career. + Matthew R. St. Louis, JD’04, has joined the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis as assistant vice president and associate general counsel. + Nicholas A. Capezza, JD’05, represented the vinyl siding industry at the 2011 National Fire Protection Association conference in Boston. He also participated in

the 2011 World Green Energy Symposium in Philadelphia as a special guest. + Edward T. DeLaney, JD’06, has joined Frost Brown Todd, LLC as a senior associate in the litigation department of its Indianapolis office. He has experience representing corporate and individual clients in a range of commercial litigation, criminal, and quasi-criminal matters. + Angela Rapp Weber, JD’06, graduated as a member of the 2010–11 Richard G. Lugar Excellence in Public Service Series in Washington, D.C. As a participant in this national leadership program, she received specialized training in preparation to serve in key governmental and political positions. Rapp Weber is an administrative law judge with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Before joining IURC, she served as a deputy prosecuting attorney in Marion County. From 1996– 2000, Weber also served in the U.S. Army, where she trained as a Russian linguist and served in Bosnia-Herzegovina. + Corey A. Johanningmeier, JD’07, was featured in the Los Angeles Daily Journal and the San Francisco Daily Journal for achieving one of the “Top Ten Plaintiffs’ Verdicts of 2010.” As an associate at the firm of Jones Day, Johanningmeier helped win a $75 million verdict in a seven-day trial on behalf of DIRECTV, Inc. He practiced primarily in the area of intellectual property law with a special

focus on computer and electronics patent litigation. While at Jones Day, he maintained a substantial pro bono litigation practice in California state courts and successfully represented multiple indigent clients in cases involving mortgage fraud, commercial fraud, regulatory violations, and personal injury. He is currently a clerk to Judge David F. Hamilton of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Hamilton’s chambers are located in the Maurer School of Law building. + Douglas A. Hass, JD’08, a management labor and employment and appellate attorney, joined Franczek Radelet in Chicago as an associate in June 2011. He has extensive experience representing government clients before administrative, state, and federal tribunals and has successfully litigated several appeals before the Sixth and Seventh Circuits. Franczek Radelet is among the premier labor, employment, and education practices in the country. {finis}

from 1951-1958 as U.S. commissioner, Southern District of Indiana; from 1958-1965 as deputy prosecutor for Monroe County and municipal judge for Bloomington; and in 1965 as a representative in the Indiana General Assembly, where he was primary author of the bill that established Ivy Tech Community College. In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Indiana, a position he held until 1970. Applegate was an active civic leader, including serving as president of the IU Varsity Club and on numerous boards of directors in Bloomington and Monroe County. In 2011, Applegate was inducted into the Academy of Law Fellows, the highest recognition that the Maurer School of Law bestows upon its graduates.

+ Jay M. Rosen, JD’75, died suddenly on April 12, 2011. He was born in Elkhart, Indiana, and graduated from Elkhart High School in 1968. He earned a degree in economics from Vanderbilt University, a JD from the Maurer School of Law, and an LLM in taxation from New York University School of Law. Rosen was a highly respected lawyer and loved the challenge of law. He had been a legal aid attorney for civil cases, editor of legal literature and periodicals, supervising attorney, and hearing officer for the New York City Department of Finance Office of Legal Affairs. For the past 15 years, Rosen worked for Deloitte Tax LLP. Known for managing an extensive customer base with a dedication to excellence, he advanced to director


of Northeast Multistate Tax Services. He was an avid cyclist

Daniel S. Weldy III, JD’73, died on September 17, 2011 at his

turned his baseball cap backwards, even in the office, with his

home as a result of cancer. He was a private practice attorney.

suit and bow tie. His consistency and modest, friendly manner

Weldy served in the Indiana National Guard. He earned a

touched people from all walks of life.

BA degree from Indiana University in 1969 and graduated from the Maurer School of Law in 1973. Weldy began his law practice with Gallivan & Hamilton in 1973 and later established a private practice. He served on the board of directors for the Wells County Boys & Girls Club and was a member of the Indiana Trial Lawyers’ Association and the Wells County Bar Association. +

and category 3 racer. Rosen wore only bow ties and always

+ David A. Arrensen, JD’87, died September 19, 2011. He was born to David P. and Dolores Adams Arrensen on December 30, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was an attorney for Baker & Daniels for 12 years. He is survived by wife, Rebecca Price Arrensen; daughter, Leah Arrensen; son, Eric Arrensen; mother, Dolores Arrensen; and numerous friends.

Philip R. Cockerille, JD’75, passed away on June 27, 2011 in his Westminster, Colorado home after a valiant battle with kidney cancer. Cockerille grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from the Maurer School of Law in 1975. Cockerille moved his practice to the Denver area and was admitted to the Colorado Bar in 1976. He began a general practice, which evolved into a specialization representing the victims of serious motor vehicle

69 +

killed 93 people in Bangkok in 2010.

NEW ALUMNI BOARD MEMBERS CHOSEN Congratulations to the following new members of the Alumni Advisory Board:


Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc., Chicago


Managing Partner, DeLaney & DeLaney LLC, Indianapolis

HALLOWEEN TRADITION DELIGHTS AND ENTERTAINS Dozens of little bumblebees, ghosts, and goblins descended on the Maurer School of Law on October 31 for the school’s annual Halloween trick-or-treat and parade. Children of faculty, students, and staff made the rounds of classrooms and offices to collect treats, followed by a parade through the first floor. The festivities were sponsored by OWLS (Older and Wiser Law Students), one of the school’s 30+ student organizations.


Associate, Baker & Daniels LLP, Chicago


Managing Director, Aon Benfield, San Francisco


Associate General Counsel/Budget Officer, U.S. Office of Government Ethics, Washington DC


Vice President, Legal, Grosvenor Capital Management, L.P., Chicago

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube: Non-existent a decade ago, these and other

social media sites have taken hold, and the Maurer School of Law’s social media

presence is no exception. More than 1,000 people have “liked” the school’s Facebook page, and the number of alumni and friends who use it to follow Indiana Law news is climbing steadily. Some 1,100 LinkedIn members use our site for networking, sharing ideas, and staying in touch. And the school’s followers on Twitter keep growing, too; they now number more than 300. Stay in touch! Just go to and click on the icons on the upper-right of the school’s home page to sign up.

71 +

70 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report




FRONT (L-R): Richard Carter, Jack Scott, Bill Bruns, Gene McGarvey, Sue Shields, Joe Bumbleburg BACK (L-R): John Burley Scales, Skip Harrell, Pete Obremskey, Don Buttrey, Gordon Emery, Ike Eichhorn, Ron Fowler

Members of the Classes of 1961, 1986, and 2001 met recently to catch up and talk over old times. Check the Alumni page of for updates on future reunions. Special thanks go to the alumni who organized their reunions: Gene McGarvey, Jack Scott, and Skip Harrell (1961); Adam Bain, Sean Maloney, and Marc Odier (1986); and Bob Lattas and Shiv O’Neill (2001).

Gene McGarvey, Betty Scales, John Burley Scales and Jack Scott Sue Shields, Gordon Emery, Juanita Bruns, Pete Obremskey and Bill Bruns

FRONT (L-R): Bob Lattas, Ryan Rodgers, Dennis Schell, Jennifer Lamkin, Bob Penney, Thea Langsam, Dean Lauren Robel, Len Fromm BACK (L-R): Pete Nemeth, Kenny Kline, James VanBuren, Marc Sokol, Jeff Cockerill, Jeff Chadwick, Sam Arena


FRONT (L-R): Mark Kiefer, Dan Pappas, Gigi Bolinger, Eric Boyd, Lynn Grayson, Tracey Quick Smith, John Hamilton, Marc Odier, Steve Pecar, Tom Farrell, Arend Abel, Chris Randall, Maryanne Pelic-Thickstun BACK (L-R): Bernie Paul, Mark Hayden, Christine Stegehuis, Tom Parent, Marilyn Hanzal, Dave Schaefer, Mary Lueders, Jim Nolan, Adam Bain *Not pictured: Dan Lueders

73 +

72 + ergo + 2010-2011 dean’s report


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