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It’s hard to believe that another school year has ended. The IU Maurer School of Law welcomed 196 additional JD students and 57 graduate students to its alumni ranks on May 7. What does this mean for us as alumni? It means that more than

competitive job market. In this issue of ergo, you’ll read about alumni who are generously supporting Indiana Law by donating one of their most precious commodities — their time and advice. Whether speaking to our Office of Career Develop-

And we need your help! Whether still in school or recently graduated, our students benefit enormously from the practical and moral support of all of us. I hope that reading our alumni volunteers’ stories will inspire

Dean and Val Nolan Professor of Law. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lauren Robel

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There are many ways to stay connected with the IU Maurer School of Law. Add these networks to your contact lists:

you to get involved. The rewards — not only to the students, but also to you — will be enormous.

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President, IU Maurer School of Law Alumni Board

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“Alumni help current and former students in so many ways. We welcome any and all who are willing to help.” – Michael Keller, Assistant Dean, Office of Career and Professional Development

It’s no secret that freshly minted lawyers face a tough job market. Every year, U.S. law schools turn out more than

The OCPD staff recognizes that every student — not just the ones at the top of the class — needs to find the right

40,000 lawyers, far more than current demand.

job. “Alumni can be especially helpful with this group of students,” said Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Director of

Fortunately, the employment picture for Maurer School of Law graduates is a little brighter, thanks to a diligent and committed network of alumni who guide and support students throughout their time in Bloomington and beyond. “Alumni help current and former students in so many ways,” said Michael Keller, Assistant Dean, Office of Career and Professional Development (OCPD). “Whether speaking to students as part of our Career Choices series, reviewing resumes, or inviting students to shadow them for a day, their contributions can’t be underestimated.” Alumni support is particularly important once students have evaluated and narrowed their career choices. Toward that end, Indiana Law offers a unique and customized approach that helps students make the right decisions. “All 1Ls take an innovative course on the legal profession,” Keller explained. “This class is very different from the legal ethics courses at other law schools. In our legal profession course, students learn about life as a lawyer and begin to shape their career goals early.” They also complete the Effective Lawyer Profile, a data-driven self-assessment tool that

OCPD. “Not everyone wants to be hired by the large law firms. Alumni play an important role in helping students find their best fit.” James Parker, JD’12, agrees. “OCPD has been instrumental in connecting me with our fiercely loyal nationwide alumni network to advance my career prospects. As a direct result of their programs and efforts on my behalf, I’ve been able to interview and receive offers with firms or judges in Portland, Ore., San Francisco, and Chicago. Their efforts are all the more impressive considering I was below the top 25% of the class when I got my offers.” Kristen Cameron, JD’11, credits OCPD with helping her chart her career path. “The most important lesson I have learned from OCPD is to network, network, network, and when you think you’re done networking, to network some more,” she said. “Putting that lesson to use has resulted in three great summer jobs, a handful of devoted mentors and a network that wants nothing more than for me to succeed as a newly minted attorney.” -----

identifies personal and professional strengths. OCPD’s career counselors help students interpret the profile.

In the pages that follow, six alumni who are mentoring students and recent grads tell their stories. They represent more than 800 alumni who have volunteered their time and talent during the past two years.

“Because our students have already given a lot of thought

“We welcome any and all alumni who are willing to help,” Keller said. He encouraged people who are

to their interests and abilities before they begin their career

interested to contact lcareers@indiana.edu, or by phone at 812-855-0258.

search, their interactions with alumni are targeted and efficient,” Keller said. “Our office — and our students —

4 + ergo + spring 2011

designed to achieve maximum results without undue burdens on our alums’ time.”

5 + www.law.indiana.edu

recognize that alumni are very busy, and the process is

ALUMNI MENTOR PROFILES: Diana Mercer, JD’88, learned — the hard way — that life in a big law firm

was not the right career for her. By working closely with Indiana Law

recent graduates. Greci sees his volunteer efforts as part of a larger social

students, she hopes to make it easier for them to make the best choices.

contract. “Helping students now is not only rewarding, but it’s one small way

“Nobody helped me find a job or even think about the options when I

I can give on behalf of those who helped me on my journey.”

was in law school,” she said. “My grades were good, but I wasn’t at the top of

A partner in Baker & Daniels’ South Bend, Ind., office, Greci, who

realize that litigation isn’t always the way to help families work through their problems. “Through no fault of their own, the civil and criminal court systems are just not set up to help people in these situations,” she said. “The court system treats conflict resolution as a business deal — but people didn’t get married as a business deal, and they don’t want to get divorced that way either.” Mercer decided to become part of the solution. As part of what she calls her “millennium resolution,” she left the firm in 2000 and founded Peace Talks, a Los Angeles-based firm that offers mediation services in family law. With the belief that “truce is better than friction,” the company now has nine mediators who help clients resolve conflicts in a variety of areas, including divorce, estate planning, pre-marital planning, and parenting. “Students seem to enjoy networking with me as someone who’s taken a non-traditional path,” Mercer said. “Law students often try too hard to fit the mold of what they think an employer expects, without taking stock of the strengths they already have. I encourage them to explore their own interests and skills and try to guide them into a professional career that capitalizes on them.” Mercer’s engagement has been extensive, but she stresses that it doesn’t have to be time-consuming. “Even if you just exchange a few e-mails with students who want to work in your city, or have a brief phone conversation with them, that’s often all that’s necessary. And the students appreciate

6 + ergo + spring 2011

it.” She also enjoys visiting campus, whether it’s for coaching a mediation session with students or just meeting with them one-on-one. “I was one of those rare students who actually liked law school,” Mercer said. “Advising students is a great way to stay connected and visit professors that I wouldn’t see otherwise. Plus everyone at the Law School is so nice — and you get treated like a rock star!”

students to help them evaluate their career options and lend whatever assistance he can. “Sometimes students need encouragement. I try to help them focus on their strengths and remind them that they have been successful in the past and there is no reason to believe this will not continue. I also remind them of something that’s easy to lose sight of: You just need one job offer,” Greci said. Other times, students need assistance with networking and getting in touch with potential employers, especially in smaller markets. “Northern Indiana, where I primarily practice, has many small markets and smaller law firms that might be the perfect career fit for someone,” Greci observed. “If I can help facilitate an interview or provide some local insight, it can help energize or re-energize someone’s job search.” As a past president of the St. Joseph County Bar Association, Greci sees firsthand the need for a vibrant and renewing legal community in small and medium markets. “These markets not only need a continued influx of good lawyers over the course of time as practitioners, but also as community leaders, serving on not-for-profit boards and holding local office,” he explained. “In St. Joseph County, we have a local Bar Association of over 500 lawyers, and much of our leadership consists of newer and younger lawyers. This bodes well for our future, and I hope I can help attract law students to consider South Bend and other communities as great places to live and work.” Greci also serves as a role model for younger lawyers in his firm, having served as a supervisor or firm coach for at least six different lawyers. In 2008, Greci received a firm mentoring award from Baker & Daniels, which he considers a great honor. “I feel so privileged and grateful to have had mentoring and support throughout my career,” he said. “And it’s an equal privilege to help complete the cycle by giving back in whatever way I can. After all,” he concluded, “if we fail to assist others, we make a mockery out of our own requests for help.”

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family law and enjoyed 12 successful years as a litigator. But she began to

focuses his practice on commercial and business litigation, meets with CARL GRECI, JD’93


the class, and I entered the job market during a recession, so it was tough.” Mercer eventually started a firm in New Haven, Conn., specializing in

Carl Greci, JD’93, has had a longtime interest in advising students and

For Rafael and Marisol Sanchez, JD’02, there was never any question

closer to her family after a few years in Indianapolis. She joined Chapman

other alumni to do the same.

and Cutler LLP in 2003, where she is now a partner and Chair of the firm’s

“I had a wonderful experience in law school and wanted to stay in touch with the dean and other members of the faculty and the OCPD staff.” Rafael agrees. “It’s a no-brainer,” he added. “A large part of who we are is due to the IU Maurer School of Law. We’re naturally loyal to our schools, and we feel a real obligation to volunteer.” And they have. Both of them have participated with their firm’s oncampus recruiting — Rafael at Bingham McHale and Marisol at Bose McKinney & Evans — and have taken advantage of the School’s resume roundtables to get an advance look at potential lawyers for their firms.


that they would become involved with the Law School. And they encourage “I never really stopped being involved after graduation,” Marisol said.


A public finance lawyer, Gallagher wanted to move to Chicago to be

Employment Committee. A founding member of the School’s Indiana Law Society of Chicago, she enjoys attending functions and networking with classmates and other Chicago area alumni. “I have always felt it was important to meet as many attorneys as possible and learn about their practice areas, even if you’re not looking for a job,” she said. “It’s helpful to find out the strengths and interests of other alumni and to expand your professional and social network. You never know where these opportunities will lead. So I have the same advice for students: Get out there and talk to everyone you can.” Gallagher generously spends time with students and newly graduated

They also visit campus frequently to advise students on career choices,

alumni. She stresses that networking and mentoring don’t have to take up

interview preparation, and networking.

much time; an informational interview can be taken care of over a cup of

The couple’s status as Latino lawyers in Indianapolis, a traditionally

coffee or a quick lunch.

non-diverse city, has heightened their involvement with Indiana Law. “I feel

“Volunteering for the Law School is easy and very enjoyable,” she

an added obligation to reach out to any diverse student who’s considering

concluded. “I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t get involved and make a

Indianapolis,” Rafael said. “Latino graduates are attracted to the bigger

new connection.”

markets, and I encourage them to consider settling in Indianapolis and helping build a more diverse community here.” Marisol feels the same way. “It’s one thing to say that diverse students can rise through the ranks at a law firm in Indianapolis. But the impact really

When R. Bruce McLean, JD’71, arrived in Bloomington more than 40

comes from showing that it can happen through your own experiences.”

years ago, the native New Yorker began a relationship with Indiana Law that

Marisol and Rafael are the first Latino lawyers in Indianapolis to join large

continues to deepen and grow.

firms as associates and eventually become partners.

“I’d never been to Indiana before I came to law school,” he recalled,

“The value of your law degree rises with your school’s reputation,”

“and I knew nothing about the law — there were no lawyers in our family, and I didn’t even know any lawyers. But I enjoyed law school and was a

mentoring they need to find good jobs that reflect well on them and on

very happy alumnus right from the start.” So when former Assistant Dean of

the Law School.” Marisol concluded that even the busiest lawyers can find time to help. “Our work schedules are full, we serve on many community boards, and we have three small children,” she said. “Still there’s always time to help students. It’s a wonderful way to give back.”


Rafael said. “As alumni, all of us need to make sure students get the

Development Arthur M. Lotz, JD’65, invited McLean to become involved in the 1980s, he did so without hesitation. “There was never any question I’d get involved,” McLean said. “I went through law school on a scholarship, and I never forgot that someone else’s generosity made it possible. Helping out now is one way I can repay my gratitude.” A member of the Law School’s Board of Visitors, McLean returns to campus often, most recently in April as a practitioner-in-residence, when he taught the School’s first-year course in the legal profession and spent

Law as a natural extension of her time in Bloomington, and has enjoyed

two days meeting with students in small groups as part of the Career

every minute of the experience.

Choices program.

“I started my legal career at Ice Miller in Indianapolis,” she explained,

McLean’s career path offers students a great example of the possibilities

“and it was fun to stay connected during those early years. I maintained my

of a legal education. “I took three labor law courses from Professor Jack

relationships with Dean Fromm and Dean Robel, and was asked to join the

Getman and ended up working as his student assistant,” he said. “An old

School’s Law Alumni Board, which was very rewarding.”

friend of his at the National Labor Relations Board provided a contact,

9 + www.law.indiana.edu

8 + ergo + spring 2011

Rose Gallagher, BA’96 and JD’99, views her involvement with Indiana

and I joined the NLRB after graduation. It was a wonderful experience —

steady stream of work or income.” He added that in recent years, Medicare

I argued 15 cases before the Court of Appeals in just two years.”

and Medicaid are becoming increasingly aggressive about recovering

One of McLean’s cases was against Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld,

damage awards from plaintiffs.

then a small Dallas firm of about 20 lawyers. Impressed by his skill in the

Clancy has earned respect in the profession for his integrity and

courtroom, Akin Gump invited the young attorney to join them in 1973.

ability to represent clients zealously while maintaining civility with oppos-

A specialist in commercial and energy-related matters, McLean has spent the

ing counsel in an increasingly competitive — and less collegial — arena. He

past four decades litigating complex business cases. Meanwhile, Akin Gump

was elected president of the Illinois State Bar Association and has served on

has grown into an international powerhouse, with more than 800 lawyers

a number of peer-selected committees, including the Illinois Supreme Court

in 14 cities around the globe. And as chairman of the firm since 1993, McLean

Committee on Civil Instructions and the Board of Directors of the Illinois

has been instrumental in its growth and success.

Trial Lawyer Association.

For all his accomplishments, however, McLean says that his service to

Unlike her husband, Green decided to go to law school late in her senior

Indiana Law is one of his most fulfilling activities. “There’s nothing more

year at IU. “Like a lot of people in the early ’70s, I had vague notions about

rewarding than meeting with students and helping them chart their future,”

staying in Bloomington, maybe studying comparative lit, but my father had

he said. “If I can give back to just one student a small portion of what I got

other ideas,” she recalled with a laugh. “Even after graduation, my plan was

from the Law School experience, then my efforts will have been worth it.”

to take a backpacking trip around the world.” Green’s plans were foiled when her parents announced a trip of their own. “My father decided to take a year’s sabbatical from his medical practice and travel around the world on freighters. They needed me to move back

Tom Clancy, JD’73, and Dana Ione Green, JD’74, met while in law school,

saw an ad for an in-house legal position at Walgreen’s and told me about it.

married shortly after graduation, and settled in Chicago. But although their

I applied and have been there for 37 years.” She was the first woman lawyer

been more different. Growing up as the oldest of seven in Michigan City, Ind., Clancy developed an interest in politics and law at an early age. “I put together a presentation on the 1960 presidential election when I was in grade school. I admired John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy and knew that they were both lawyers. My uncle was an antitrust lawyer in Chicago, and I respected him and his career. So I knew early on that I was going to be a lawyer.” Clancy originally planned to specialize in telecommunications law.

Like many women in the legal profession at that time, Green was assigned to the employment law section, which then resided in the human resources department. She eventually became senior vice president of human resources and was named executive vice president, general counsel, and corporate secretary in 2005, a position she describes as “a constant law school exercise: get as many facts as you can and use good judgment.” Despite their differing careers, both Clancy and Green cited the same factors that lead to success as a lawyer: integrity, reputation, credibility, and

“In the early ’70s, cable TV was in its infancy, and there were lots of opportu-

trust. Clancy added that it helps to have a certain sense of detachment, too:

nities with the Federal Communications Commission,” he recalled. “I even

“If you wake up one day and say, ‘I’ve been practicing probate law for ten

earned 15 credit hours in IU’s graduate program in radio and television.”

years, and I don’t even like it,’ then you’re missing out.”

His plans changed when he was offered a position with a plaintiff’s

Green says that their career choices aren’t conducive to much discus-

personal injury lawyer in Chicago. “I ‘clerked’ [his quotes] for the firm while

sion over dinner. “Tom’s plaintiff; I’m defense,” she observed. “I’m sorry to

studying for the Illinois bar and ended up working there for 12 years.” The

say it, but we don’t have a lot of intellectual conversations about the law at

rest of Clancy’s time in practice has been as a solo practitioner or in a small

home. The nature of our work would automatically put us at odds, and we

firm, which he explained is the usual setting for personal injury lawyers.

try to avoid that!”

“When clients meet with you for the first time, they want to know that you’ll 10 + ergo + spring 2011

hired by the company, which has grown into a 6,000-store pharmacy chain.

be the one handling their case,” he said. “Plaintiffs’ personal injury work doesn’t have the best reputation, but I like it because your clients are in a really bad way and need help,” he said. “And despite what proponents of tort reform say, there are really no ‘frivolous’ lawsuits. Every case is taken on a contingency, and there’s no

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personal lives converged, the professional paths they chose couldn’t have



to Chicago and take care of their house. A classmate, Larry Downs, JD’74,

Five Indiana University Maurer School of Law alumni were inducted into the school’s Academy of Law Alumni Fellows

Stephen L. Ferguson has enjoyed a long, varied and successful career in

at a ceremony and dinner in the Indiana Memorial Union’s Alumni Hall on April 1, 2011. Induction into the academy

law, business, and public service, making him a pillar of the Bloomington

is the highest honor the Law School can bestow on its graduates. // Established in 1985, the academy consists of

community. An Order of the Coif graduate of the Law School, Ferguson

an elite group that includes U.S. senators, federal judges, successful business leaders and distinguished practitioners.

was elected to the Indiana House of Representatives in 1966, serving four

Each brings honor to the legal profession and enhances the Maurer School of Law’s national and global reputation.

terms while establishing a law practice in Bloomington. As president of CFC

The 2011 inductees include a former U.S. attorney, a civic leader and entrepreneur, an accomplished corporate lawyer, an NFL labor lawyer, and a distinguished legal scholar. // “Our newest additions to the Academy of Law


Inc., Ferguson has been actively involved in the preservation and rebirth of downtown Bloomington. He also has played a key role in the growth of Cook

Alumni Fellows have achieved success in a number of professions,” said Dean Robel. “The inductees also have

Medical, an internationally known leader in the medical devices industry.

gone above and beyond to use their talents to make the world a better place. We are honored to call them alumni

In addition to serving as attorney for the company, he has been chairman

of our school.” //

and chief operating officer of its parent, Cook Group Inc., and has been responsible for renovation and operation of the historic French Lick Resort. Ferguson has been elected or appointed to the boards of directors of many


organizations, including serving 12 years on the IU Board of Trustees, four of them as president. He also has been active in FDA reform, and has been named a Sagamore of the Wabash by three Indiana governors. ++ R. Neil Irwin is a highly respected counsel to diverse corporate clients, a prodigious business producer for his firm, and a recognized leader in the Phoenix community.

For more than 65 years, K. Edwin Applegate has been a committed leader and public servant to the state of Indiana and to his country. A World War II

Raised on an Indiana farm, he served in the U.S. Army before attending

Applegate, McDonald and Associates in 2011. Applegate has a distinguished record of public service, serving from 1951-1958 as U.S. Commissioner,

12 + ergo + spring 2011



the Law School, where he was elected to Order of the Coif and served on the Indiana Law Journal.

Southern District of Indiana; from 1958-1965 as Deputy Prosecutor for

The senior partner in the Phoenix office of the international law firm

Monroe County and Municipal Judge for Bloomington; and in 1965 as a

Bryan Cave LLP, Irwin has been instrumental in establishing public

representative in the Indiana General Assembly, where he was primary

company relationships in diverse industries, including vehicle rentals,

author of the bill that established Ivy Tech Community College. In 1967,

healthcare insurance, renewable energy, and retail sales. He also has

President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed him as U.S. Attorney for the South-

been involved in key business and civic organizations that have brought

ern District of Indiana, a position he held until 1970. Applegate has been an

employment, educational and cultural venues, and improved civic

active civic leader, including serving as president of the IU Varsity Club and

infrastructure to the Phoenix region. He is a member of the Maurer School

on numerous boards of directors in Bloomington and Monroe County.

of Law’s Board of Visitors.



13 + www.law.indiana.edu

veteran, he opened his first law firm in Bloomington in 1949 and retired from


Rapheal M. Prevot, Jr., had a distinguished career as an attorney and served Indiana Law as a vigorous volunteer and advocate. He served for more than York. Previously, he was assistant attorney in the Dade County, Fla., State Attorney’s Office, and a litigation attorney at Adorno & Zeder, a Florida law firm. Prevot was a dedicated member of the National Bar Association and of Fame. Despite living on the East Coast, Prevot was a diligent and active member of the Maurer School’s Alumni Board beginning in 1993 and on the Board of Visitors since 1997, where he was elected the youngest president in board history. With his untimely death in 2008 at 49, the legal community

From 1979-1982 she represented Indiana Chrysler workers at UAW Legal Services. West joined the University of California Davis Law School faculty in 1982, where she taught labor law, employment discrimination and sex-based discrimination for 25 years. In 1998 she founded the Family Protection Clinic to provide family law representation for battered women and their children. After retiring, West served as general counsel for the American Association of University Professors from 2008 to 2010. She continues to lecture widely on issues relevant to women in education and work-life balance.

Brown was honored with the Leon H. Wallace Teaching Award, and Judge

who have been extraordinary teachers is an important way to recognize our commitment,” said Dean Robel, who presented the awards. Named for Indiana Law’s former Dean, the Leon H. Wallace Teaching Award is the highest teaching honor given to Law School faculty. Brown was praised not only for his torts class, but also for his class on law and education and on race, American society, and the law. Brown’s impact extends beyond the classroom, including inviting students to accompany him to India to a Nancy Vaidik


Miller in Indianapolis, practicing labor and employment law for three years.

Conkle and Nagy were each presented with Trustees Teaching Awards;

“Excellent teaching is a core commitment of our school, and honoring those

began while she was a student at the IU Maurer School of Law, where she After graduating, West clerked for Judge Jesse Eschbach and then joined Ice

3 The Honorable Nancy Vaidik, Adjunct Professor of Law

Vaidik was named the recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Award.

advocate for women in many walks of life. Her interest in women’s equality organized the Women’s Caucus and developed a course on women and law.

3 Kevin Brown, Richard S. Melvin Professor of Law

3 Donna Nagy, C. Ben Dutton Professor of Law

Donna Nagy

Martha S. West is a distinguished legal scholar and professor and tireless

from the Law School. They are:

Professor of Religious Studies

lost a dedicated and talented professional. ++

adjunct professor were honored April 18 with prestigious teaching awards

3 Daniel Conkle, Robert H. McKinney Professor of Law and Adjunct

was inducted into the Entertainment, Sports and Art Law section of its Hall Daniel Conkle

RAPHEAL M. PREVOT, JR., JD’84 (posthumously)

Three Indiana University Maurer School of Law faculty members and one Kevin Brown

15 years as labor relations counsel for the National Football League in New

conference addressing issues studied in class. “It’s very rewarding to work with our students, and to watch them grow and mature in their skills and competencies after they graduate,” he said. Conkle was lauded for his command not only of constitutional law, but also of the Socratic method. He also earned praise for his ability to treat both sides of controversial issues fairly. “It’s a special thing to be able to teach, and to be given award for something that’s so enjoyable and rewarding,” Conkle said. Nagy was cited for her ability to break down complex, intricate areas of the law of corporations and securities through a probing, collegial method that encourages creative problem-solving. “It’s wonderful to be part of a school with students and colleagues that value teaching so much,” she commented. Judge Vaidik, who teaches trial advocacy, was cited for insightful comments


impartial, and “extremely helpful” feedback. “It’s an honor and privilege just to teach here,” Judge Vaidik said. “The students are unbelievably willing to learn and come to class extremely well prepared.” Award winners were chosen by a special committee of students who made their recommendations to the Dean.

15 + www.law.indiana.edu

14 + ergo + spring 2011

on each student’s performance during class, and for her constructive,



Daniel H. Cole, a distinguished

Cole has been an affiliated faculty member of the Workshop for more than

An internationally known intellec-

Knebel is a partner in Barnes & Thornburg LLP, resident in its Indianapolis

environmental law scholar and

a decade, and has enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of its work. Professor

tual property practitioner will join

office. He joined the firm in 1974 after graduating magna cum laude from

professor with expertise in law and

Elinor Ostrom, the 2009 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, has worked

the IU Maurer School of Law faculty

Harvard University Law School. Knebel’s practice concentrates on cases

economics, will join the Maurer

closely with Cole through the Workshop. The two scholars recently finished

in the fall of 2011.

involving claims of patent infringement, violations of the antitrust laws,

School of Law as a Professor of Law,

co-editing a book titled Property in Land and Other Resources, which

effective August 1, 2011.

will be published by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy in December 2011.

Cole has also been named Professor

Ostrom applauds Cole’s decision to join the Indiana Law and SPEA

Advisor to the Law School’s new

at IU’s School of Public and

faculties. “I am delighted that Professor Dan Cole will be joining the

Center for Intellectual Property

Environmental Affairs (SPEA) in

Bloomington Maurer School of Law and SPEA starting in the fall of 2011,”

Research (see story on p. 27).

Knebel is a fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers and has been

Bloomington and will continue to

Ostrom said. “Dan is a great colleague whose interests cross many disci-

He will teach a course in intellectual

listed in The Best Lawyers in America®® since the first edition in 1983.

serve as a member of the university’s

plines. It will be great for our students in the Law School, SPEA, Political

property and antitrust this fall

He has been identified by Chambers USA’s America’s Leading Lawyers

Workshop in Political Theory and

Science, and Biology who are interested in how diverse property rights

and contribute to the Center’s

for Business publication as “the best in Indiana for patent litigation.”

Policy Analysis. At Indiana Law,

affect the use (or overuse) of resources. Given his interest in global climate

research and outreach activities.

A survey by Mondaq, an English company, identified him as one of

he will teach climate law and policy

change, he will be offering courses of very general interest across the

the most recommended lawyers in the world in the field of patent law.

in the fall of 2011.

Bloomington campus. We are very fortunate to have Dan joining us.”

Knebel lectures on antitrust laws around the world.

Currently the R. Bruce Townsend

“Dan Cole brings an added dimension to Indiana Law,” said Dean Robel.

“I am delighted to be joining Indiana Law,” Knebel said. “The Center for

Professor of Law at the Indiana

“His expertise not only in environmental law, but also in its political

Intellectual Property Research is at the forefront of scholarship and teaching

University School of Law —

and economic underpinnings, will build on the School’s reputation in this

in this important field, and I look forward to contributing to its success.”

Indianapolis, Cole describes his

field. And Dan’s acclaim as an outstanding teacher will bring much to

appointment in Bloomington

the student experience.”

The opportunity to work with students and faculty in both schools, and to continue my contributions to the Workshop, is both humbling and exciting.”

agreements. He has been involved in cases in 23 states and has tried cases to verdict in 10 states.

Mark D. Janis, JD’89, Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law and the Center’s Director, said that Knebel’s association with Indiana Law will greatly enhance the Center’s capacity for outreach to the IP practice community.

of Chicago, Cole attended the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and

“As a former colleague of Don’s at Barnes & Thornburg, I have firsthand

Clark College, where he earned a JD cum laude. He has also earned JSM and

knowledge of Don’s skill as an advocate and the respect he has earned in

JSD degrees from Stanford University. A prolific author, Cole had published

the IP community,” Janis said. “His presence at the Center will benefit us

four scholarly articles before he graduated from Lewis and Clark. Through-

in countless ways.”

out his career, he has published six books and more than 40 articles and Institutions for Environmental Protection, has been translated into Chinese.

16 + ergo + spring 2011

Donald E. Knebel

distributors and sales representatives, and violation of non-competition

A graduate of Occidental College with a master’s degree from the University

essays. A recent book, Pollution and Property: Comparing Ownership

Daniel H. Cole

Adjunct Professor and Senior

unfair competition and trademark infringement, improper termination of

An active civic leader, Knebel recently completed a term as 2010 Campaign Chair for the United Way of Central Indiana, which raised more than $38 million. He was the first practicing lawyer to serve in that capacity.

Cole describes his new appointment as bittersweet. “Everyone has been

He has also served two terms as Chair of the Board of the Indianapolis Civic

enormously supportive during my 20 years at IU Indianapolis,” he observed.

Theatre, one of the oldest and largest such organizations in the country.

“The faculty is brilliant, and the school’s focus on student-centered legal

For 10 years, he has been a member of the Executive Committee of Tech-

education is outstanding. I like to think that I am not moving away from

Point, a technology advocacy organization headquartered in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis, but instead moving toward Bloomington.”

Knebel will remain an active partner in Barnes & Thornburg through December 2013. His role with the Law School’s Center for Intellectual Property Research will expand as he approaches that date.

17 + www.law.indiana.edu

as “a dream job in a great place.

Donald E. Knebel has been named



Stephanie Coffey

Stephanie Coffey has joined the Maurer School of Law Advancement Team as Director of Annual Giving. Coffey has many years of experience in advancement, including ten years at the Indiana University Foundation.

Colleen Pauwels

Colleen Pauwels, JD’86, Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Law Library, has announced her retirement, effective June 30. Pauwels has directed the Law Library for more than 30 years, transforming it

At the Foundation, she directed the mission and overall program goals for its most elite donor recognition society,

into one of the largest and most beautiful law libraries in the country. In 2004, National Jurist named it the

the President’s Circle.

“Best Law Library in the Country.”

Lisa Hosey, the former Director of Annual Giving, has taken a new position within the Advancement Office as

“Colleen’s career has been extraordinary and dedicated and leaves an incalculable legacy at our school,” said

Director of Stewardship. Hosey will be responsible for recognizing donors for their generosity and for developing

Dean Robel. “Under her leadership, the Law Library has been transformed from a facility that struggled to meet

programs for further alumni engagement.

the basic needs of its faculty and student body to a shining example of what a great research library should be.

Brian Kearney, Director of Major Gifts, and Assistant Dean for Advancement Dean Regenovich make up the rest

Colleen leaves one of the top law libraries in the nation, and perhaps the world — a fact that is largely due to her

of the Advancement Office. “Stephanie will be an excellent addition to our team as we build relationships with

vision and her wonderful ability to identify and recruit dedicated and accomplished librarians and staff.”

alumni and friends of the school,” Regenovich said.

Pauwels cites the Library’s staff as one of the main reasons for its growth and success. “I have always believed that first and foremost a library must provide the best possible service,” she said. “I am most proud of the service offered by the Library’s superb staff and their role in teaching and research.” An accomplished historian, Pauwels contributed to Justices of the Indiana Supreme Court (Indiana Historical Society Press, 2010), and has written numerous articles on various aspects of the history of the Law School. She plans to pursue this interest in her retirement, along with travel and time with her husband, Gerry, and family.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD NOMINEES SOUGHT It’s time to nominate alumni for a Distinguished Service Award. Help us recognize deserving alumni who go above and beyond the normal practice of law by completing the nomination form and submitting the required materials by Friday, May 27, 2011. Recipients will receive the award at a special ceremony October 7, 2011. For additional information, please visit our Distinguished Service Award page.

19 + www.law.indiana.edu

18 + ergo + spring 2011

A formal tribute to Pauwels will appear in the December issue of ergo.

Center on the Global Legal Profession continues role as thought leader


Indiana Law’s Center on the Global Legal Profession continues to build strength as an international thought leader in matters affecting the international market for legal services. On Sunday, January 9, 2011, Professor William Henderson, the Center’s Director, was quoted extensively in an article in the New York Times’ business section. Titled “Is Law School a Losing Game?,” the article explores the high cost of law schools and the employment data that paint a misleadingly rosy picture. William Henderson

“Enron-type accounting standards have become the norm,” Henderson told the Times. “Every time I look at this data, I feel dirty.” He called for selfpolicing of the data that schools release — before the federal government steps in with its own regulatory scheme. “You’re beginning your legal education at institutions that are engaging in the kind of disreputable practices that we would be incredibly disappointed to discover our graduates engaging in,” he said. “What we have here is a powder keg, and if law schools don’t solve this problem, there will be a day when the Federal Trade Commission, or some plaintiff’s lawyer, shows up and says ‘This looks like illegal deception.’” Separately, the Center’s findings on lawyer pay were featured in a cover story in the March 2011 ABA Journal. Titled “What Lawyers Earn,” the article maps the movement of jobs and money in the legal profession during a period of dramatic changes. Using U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data compiled by the Center, the article examines the geography of attorney salaries in legal markets, county by county, across the country. The article features an interactive table that enables the reader to find wage data for every county in the United States. In addition, the article defines the top 35 legal markets, along with 10 smaller markets that pay wages as high as their large-city counterparts.

20 + ergo + spring 2011

accolades for his teaching. National Jurist listed him in an article called “23 Law Profs to Take Before You Die.” This “bucket list” citation was for his course, the law firm as business organization, and for his work in developing Indiana Law’s innovative legal profession course.

21 + www.law.indiana.edu

Beside his skill as an empirical researcher, Henderson also received

At a February American Bar Foundation panel titled “The Future of

Many students are interested in focusing on a particular area of law, such as intellectual property or securities

Lawyering,” the Center’s Carole Silver, Professor of Law, put lawyering

regulation, and their time in Bloomington enhances their knowledge of these areas. The students say that graduate

trends in global terms.

legal education from Indiana Law, when combined with their home country education and training, will offer

“Law schools need to rethink legal education to encourage lawyers to work together as a team, especially in the global marketplace,” she said, noting Carole Silver

them an advantage in their careers. This year, students from China, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, and many other countries are studying at Indiana Law.

that Indiana Law’s first-year legal profession class requires students to

Recognizing the vast store of knowledge that these students could share with the Indiana Law community, including

work together throughout the semester. Silver added that international

JD students from the U.S., Professor Carole Silver organized a series of Country Talks: lunchtime presentations from

law students come to U.S. law schools with relationship-building as a key

international students about the legal profession in their home countries. “These presentations are designed to offer

priority. “U.S. law schools need to focus on relationships,” she said.

opportunities for international students to use what they know to educate the rest of the Law School community

“We need to teach lawyers how to do a better job of playing in the sandbox.”

about the legal profession and legal education in their home country. At the same time, the Country Talks further the

In November 2010, Silver spoke to the Zeughauser Group Leadership Round-

integration of the international and domestic student populations,” she said.

table for Chairs and Managing Partners at their meeting in Newport Coast,

Lesley Davis, Assistant Dean for International Programs, helped organize the talks. “We have a tremendous internal

California. Representatives from approximately 15 law firms attended and

resource in our international students, and we look forward to presenting additional Country Talks this fall,”

engaged in a lively discussion. She focused on creative staffing strategies

Davis said. She added that the talks offered an additional incentive for attendance: a buffet lunch with foods from

that law firms might use to help reduce the cost of delivering legal services,

the speaker’s home country.

including outsourcing certain work and developing new kinds of working relationships with lawyers and others not formally a part of the firm. Silver emphasized that these new strategies put a premium on lawyers having the interpersonal skills to work collaboratively with clients, lawyers and others

Lesley Davis

both within and outside of the firm. In addition, she suggested that those law firms that aspire to be called upon to lead client matters — rather than just be assigned slices of work — will have to demonstrate that they have the expertise to orchestrate the entire network of providers involved. Hesham Genidy, LLM’11, SJD’14 and Noora Al-Shamlan, SJD’12

22 + ergo + spring 2011

Indiana Law is well-known for its top-flight JD students and alumni. What is less well known is the school’s equally


system and her experience as a treaty negotiator.


legal education system, and legal English.

Hesham Genidy, LLM’11, SJD’14, and Noora Al-Shamlan, SJD’12, who addressed “Legal Systems and Constitutional Challenges in Bahrain and Egypt.”

proficient roster of more than 100 international graduate students. These students spend a minimum of two semesters in Bloomington earning a graduate degree that exposes them to a common law regime, the U.S. legal culture and

Wanaporn Techagaisiyavanit, SJD’11, who spoke on Thailand’s legal education and legal


Wan-Tsui Chiang, SJD’11, who provided an insider’s look at the Taiwanese legal profession and legal services market.

23 + www.law.indiana.edu

Center on the Global Legal Profession, International Programs sponsor Country Talks

2011 Stewart Fellows and Holdeen Scholars chosen for study in India

“The India Program is in keeping with the Center’s mission of developing our students’ ability to practice in the

Nine students at the Indiana University Maurer School of Law have

“The students’ exposure to the systems, practices and culture of the world’s largest democracy will expand the set of

been selected to participate as summer interns in India through the law

opportunities for their employment when they are ready to enter the job market,” said Professor William Henderson,

school’s Center on the Global Legal Profession. Inaugurated in 2010,

Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow and director of the Center on the Global Legal Profession.

globalized legal environment as business lawyers, public servants and social change agents,” said Professor Jayanth K. Krishnan, the Charles L. Whistler Faculty Fellow and head of the India Initiative at the Center on the Global Legal Profession. “Thanks to the generosity of alumni and other supporters of the program, we are able to send nine students to India this summer, up from six in 2010.”

the unique program offers students experiences in a variety of settings,

This year’s Stewart Fellows are:

including highly reputed law firms and rights-based, non-governmental

organizations (NGOs).

Louise Barrett, who will serve as an intern at the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), an organization for women who earn their living through their own labor or small business

The nine students have been named Stewart Fellows in honor of alumnus

Jerry Carter, who will work at Koura & Co., a boutique Indian law firm and for Novus Law, a legal process outsourcer

Milton Stewart, of Portland, Ore., who received a JD in 1971. Stewart

Ross Friedman, who will spend his internship at S&R Associates, a Delhi law firm

endowed the program in 2010. The four NGO internships have also been

Nick Haering, who will work for Jagori, a women’s resource center

made possible through a strong partnership with the Unitarian Universalist

Melanie Jesteadt, who will serve as an intern at SEWA

Holdeen India Program and its director, Kathy Sreedhar. The NGO interns

Krista Lewis, who will work as an intern at the Delhi firm of Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co.

will also be further designated as Holdeen Scholars.

Tara Paul, who will be interning at Koura & Co. and for Novus Law

Ashley Rozier, who will spend her internship at Jagori

Danny Thiemann, who will work for Trilegal, a full-service law firm based in Delhi

As NGO interns, Barrett, Haering, Jesteadt, and Rozier have also been named Holdeen Scholars. All of the fellows will be second-year students at Indiana Law next fall, except Carter, who will be a third-year student. Contributions to fund future Stewart Fellows can be made through: Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development // Indiana University Maurer School of Law 211 S. Indiana Avenue // Bloomington, IN 47405

The 2011 IU Maurer School of Law Stewart Fellows (l. to r.): Ashley Rozier, Nick Haering, Louise Barrett, Danny Thiemann, Jerry Carter, Ross Friedman, Melanie Jesteadt, Tara Paul, and Krista Lewis. Barrett, Haering, Jesteadt, and Rozier have also been named Holdeen Scholars.

25 + www.law.indiana.edu

Jayanth Krishnan

24 + ergo + spring 2011

Milton Stewart, JD’71

Contributions may be made online at the IU Foundation website for IU Maurer Law donations.

Stewart Brazil Fellows appointed

Two students at Indiana Law have been named the 2011 Milton Stewart Brazil Fellows in the school’s Center on the Global Legal Profession. Viviana Gonzalez and Eli Roberts will spend eight weeks in São Paulo this summer as legal interns. They will divide their time between Demarest & Almeida Advogados, one of the largest law firms in the country, and Votorantim Group, a diversified industrial conglomerate with interests in finance, energy, steel, and paper. Gonzalez and Roberts will be secondyear students this fall. “We are indebted to Milt Stewart for making these internships possible,” said Christiana Ochoa, Professor of Law, Charles L. Whistler Faculty Fellow, and director of the school’s Brazil program. “His professional and personal


relationships with the former chair of Demarest, Altamiro Boscoli,

During the spring semester, the IU Maurer School of Law’s newest center hosted several high-profile intellectual property events. In April, Professor Graeme Dinwoodie (Oxford), an internationally renowned IP scholar, spent two weeks at the Law School, culminating in his delivery of the George P. Smith, II, Distinguished Visiting Professor-Chair Lecture, “Global Marks in Local Markets: Territoriality in EU and U.S. Trademark Law.” Dinwoodie’s visit was part of a new Center initiative to bring distinguished international IP scholars to campus on a regular basis. The recorded lecture is available online at law.indiana.edu. Also in April, the Center hosted the third Trademark Scholars’ Roundtable, featuring more than a dozen leading trademark law professors who explored the topic of confusion in modern trademark law. In March, Jon Leibowitz, Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, addressed students

and the current general counsel and managing director of Votorantim,

and faculty on public sector lawyering and gave a presentation in Professor Janis’ Advanced Patent Law class on

Alexandre Silva D’Ambrosio, were indispensable in arranging the program.”

reverse payment settlements in pharmaceutical patent litigation. In February, Dr. George Sledge of the Simon Cancer

Ochoa also expressed gratitude to Stewart and to Demarest & Almeida for

Center (IU School of Medicine) spoke to IP students on the intersection of intellectual property law and research

their financial support of the internships.

in genetic diagnostics. That month, the Center and the Law School’s Office of Career and Professional Development also hosted a mock interview and resume review event for IP law students, attended by IP lawyers from Barnes & Thornburg and Baker & Daniels. Throughout the semester, distinguished IP practitioners in patent and trademark law from across the country met with students as part of the Center’s IP Practitioner-in-Residence program. In addition, nearly 40 IU IP law alums

Viviana Gonzalez and Eli Roberts

and friends served as mentors to IU IP law students in the Center’s IP Mentor Program, administered by the student IP Law Association. To better serve the growing IP law community at the IU Maurer School of Law, the Center has established a new website at ip.law.indiana.edu. Information about the Center’s research, teaching, and outreach activities in all aspects of domestic and international intellectual property law can be found at the site. The Center’s online journal,

The Center’s faculty includes (from left) Prof. Mark Janis, JD’89, Prof. Yvonne Cripps, and Prof. Marshall Leaffer.

27 + www.law.indiana.edu

26 + ergo + spring 2011

IP Theory, can also be accessed through the site, or directly at iptheory.org.


Joseph L. Hoffmann, Harry Pratter Professor of Law, has published Habeas for the 21st Century: Uses, Abuses, and the Future of the Great Writ (University of Chicago Press, 2011) (with Nancy J. King) (habeasbook.com). Hoffmann and King argue that habeas corpus in the United States is being seriously misused and needs to be reformed. The authors also wrote an op-ed in the April 17 New York Times, which has been quoted extensively in the media and the blogosphere. An excerpt from the op-ed was the Quote

John Applegate, Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law and IU Vice President

of the Day in Above the Law, a widely read blog about the profession.

for University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy, has authored a casebook, The Regulation of Toxic Substances and Hazardous Wastes (2nd ed., Foundation Press, 2011) (with Laitos, Gaba, and Sachs).

A. James Barnes, Professor of Law and Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, has published Law for Business (11th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2011), with Dworkin and Richards.

Prof. Nancy King (Vanderbilt Law School), Prof. Barry Friedman (NYU Law School), the Honorable William Pryor (U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Cir.), and Prof. Joseph Hoffmann (IU Maurer School of Law) discuss King and Hoffmann’s recent book at a conference at Vanderbilt.

The latest book by Craig Bradley, Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law, is Criminal Procedure: Recent Cases Analyzed (2nd, electronic, ed., West Publishing, 2010). The book is a collection of Bradley’s bi-monthly essays on recent Supreme Court cases for Trial magazine.

Professor of Law and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow Aviva Orenstein’s latest publication is a hornbook titled Evidence Law: A Student’s Guide to the Law of Evidence as Applied in American Trials (3rd ed., Thomson Reuters, 2011) (with Park, Leonard, and Goldberg). Revisions to the text include new sections on confrontation, experts, and authentication. The book also features a side-by-side comparison of the current and new Federal Rules of

and Employment Law, has published Legal Protection for the Individual Employee (4th ed., Thomson West Publishing, 2010) (with Covington and Finkin).

Evidence scheduled to go into effect in December 2011. Orenstein describes the book as a “good field guide for any practitioner who has graduated in the past ten years.” She adds that the book has gone global: Woongseok Jeong, Dean of the Department of Law of Seoul’s Seokyeong University and a visiting scholar at Indiana Law, has translated the book into Korean.

29 + www.law.indiana.edu

28 + ergo + spring 2011

Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt, Willard and Margaret Carr Professor of Labor

JD’89, the Robert A. Lucas Chair

has twice won the Gavel Award for

of Law at the IU Maurer School of

outstanding contribution to the

Law. Dinwoodie is the 2008

graduating class. Buxbaum holds

recipient of the prestigious Pattishall

a BA cum laude from Cornell

Medal for Teaching Excellence

University and a JD magna cum

in Trademark Law.

laude from Cornell Law School,


Hannah L. Buxbaum, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics, inaugurated the Chair with a lecture on April 20.

Graeme Dinwoodie, an internation-

of the Coif. She also holds an

ally renowned intellectual property

LLM summa cum laude from the

scholar, was named the George P.

University of Heidelberg.

Smith, II, Distinguished Visiting

The Schiller Chair was endowed in 2010 by David Henry Jacobs, Jr. in honor of John E. Schiller (pictured), a Cleveland business litigation lawyer. Jacobs became acquainted with Schiller in 2006 when he hired

Professor-Chair and delivered a lecture on April 6. The title of his lecture was “Global Marks in Local Markets: Territoriality in EU and U.S. Trademark Law.” Dinwoodie’s visit was part of a new initiative of

The George P. Smith, II, Distinguished Visiting Professor-Chair was established to enable the Law School to invite exceptional scholars to Bloomington year after year. Its benefactor, George P. Smith, II, JD’64, is Professor of Law at Catholic University of America Law School in Washington, D.C. ++

Michael A. Olivas delivered the annual Jerome Hall Lecture on February 7. Olivas is the William B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law and director of the Institute of Higher Education Law and Governance at the University of Houston. In addition, he is the president of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS),

the Center for Intellectual Property

a nonprofit educational association

Research to bring distinguished

of 171 law schools representing

international IP scholars to campus

more than 10,000 law faculty in the

on a regular basis.

United States.

rity, judgment, passionate belief in

Dinwoodie is Professor of

An expert in higher education and

influence of the U.S. class action

the legal system and exceptional

Intellectual Property and

the law, Olivas addressed this topic

system on procedural reform

work ethic,” Jacobs said. Observing

Information Technology Law at

in his lecture, “Governing Badly:

in other countries, exploring

these traits inspired Jacobs to make a

the University of Oxford. He

Theory and Practice of Bad Ideas in

the consequences of exporting

gift to the Maurer School of Law that

teaches and writes in all aspects

College Decision-making.” An article

American procedural, professional

will help advance the quality of its

of intellectual property law, with

with the same title has been selected

and ethical norms to foreign

students’ legal education.

an emphasis on the international

for publication in a forthcoming

and comparative aspects of the

issue of the Indiana Law Journal.

An expert in private international

the attorney to represent him in a

law and international litigation and

complex and highly contentious

jurisdiction, Buxbaum titled her

lawsuit. “During the course of the

lecture “Class Actions in the Global

litigation, I witnessed John’s integ-

Economy.” She discussed the

legal systems. Buxbaum joined the Indiana Law 30 + ergo + spring 2011

where she was elected to Order

faculty in 1997 after practicing in the New York and Frankfurt offices of Davis Polk and Wardwell. She is a recipient of the school’s Leon


discipline. He is the author of numerous books and articles, among them the casebook Trademarks and Unfair Competition: Law and Policy, now in its third edition, which he co-authored with Mark D. Janis,

Jerome Hall was an internationally recognized faculty member at Indiana Law from 1939 to 1970. He was recognized for his interdisciplinary analysis of legal issues.

31 + www.law.indiana.edu

H. Wallace Teaching Award and

An overflow crowd filled the Law

Steve Sanders, a lecturer at the

School’s 250-seat Moot Court Room

University of Michigan Law School,

on April 7 for a symposium titled

moderated the panel discussion and

“Same-Sex Marriage and the Future

marketed the program heavily to

of DOMA: Law, Politics, Federalism,

interested groups across campus,

and Families.” The event centered

which accounted for the large

on lawsuits challenging the federal

turnout. The symposium was

Defense of Marriage Act and recent

webcast to the IUPUI campus,

controversies over whether the gov-

where additional audience members

ernment should continue defending

from the IU Indianapolis Law

DOMA. Maura Healey, chief of the

School and other IUPUI departments

Civil Rights Division of the Massa-

watched the proceedings.

spoke on “One State’s Challenge

32 + ergo + spring 2011


to DOMA,” followed by a panel of experts consisting of:

The symposium was sponsored by the IU Maurer School of Law; its LGBT Alumni Advisory Board; the IU College of Arts and Sciences;


Thomas M. Fisher, JD’94,

the IU Office of Affirmative Action;

solicitor general, State of Indiana

the IU GLBT Alumni Association; the


Dawn Johnsen, Walter W.

Foskett Professor, IU Maurer

School of Law, former acting

assistant attorney general,

U.S. Department of Justice


Brian Powell, Rudy Professor

of Sociology, IU College of Arts

and Sciences, co-author of

Counted Out: Same-sex

Relations and Americans’

Definitions of the Family


Deborah Widiss, associate

professor, IU Maurer School

of Law

Center on Law, Society, and Culture; and OUTlaw, the Law School’s LGBT student organization. ++

33 + www.law.indiana.edu

chusetts Attorney General’s Office,


focuses his practice on products liabil-

Master Panel (CAMP). He is also an

David O. Tittle, JD’67, a partner in the

ity and toxic torts, and he has taken on

commercial and corporate litigation,

arbitrator and mediator for CPR Center

In April 2010, William H. Andrews III,

commercial litigation group of the law

such giants as the trucking industry and

personal injury, trust and estate litigation,

for International Dispute and Conflict

JD’59, retired from the Bloomington, Ind.,

firm Bingham McHale, has been appoint-

chemical companies in a quest for safer

securities litigation, and eminent


law firm Andrews Harrell Mann Carmin

ed as Indiana chairman of the American

products and services.

domain. He and his wife, Donna


& Parker after 50 years as an attorney.

College of Trial Lawyers for 2011. He was


(Rudasky), BS’77, live in Indianapolis.

Henry P. Lee, LLB’65, an attorney at

At his retirement reception, he was

elected as a fellow in the organization

John D. Ulmer, JD’63, a partner at Yoder


Howard & Howard in Royal Oak, Mich.,

presented with a Distinguished Hoosier

in 1999 and has served on its state

Ainley Ulmer & Buckingham in Goshen,

The Honorable Richard T. Payne, JD’69,

was named to DBusiness Top Lawyers

Award on behalf of Gov. Mitch Daniels

committee for several years. The

Ind., was elected as secretary of the 2011

former Judge of Hancock Superior Court

2011. Chair of the Estate Planning Section

in recognition of his significant contribu-

American College of Trial Lawyers was

Commission for Continuing Legal Educa-

No. 1, has opened an alternative dispute

of the Business and Corporate Group,

tions to his community. Andrews had

founded in 1950 and is composed of the

tion. Ulmer focuses his practice in the

resolution practice, Alternate Routes to

Lee focuses his practice on business law,

previously served as an assistant

trial bar from the U.S. and Canada.

areas of general trial practice, personal

Resolution. Judge Payne has mediated

estate planning, and tax law. Prior to

professor and assistant to the dean


injury litigation, and insurance defense

and arbitrated many cases and has served

joining Howard & Howard, Lee ran his

at the IU Maurer School of Law and

Gary J. Clendening, JD’68, James F.


as a private judge during the eight years

own law firm, and has also in the past

as a Bloomington City Court judge.

Bohrer, JD’82, and Lonnie D. Johnson,


since retiring from the bench. Headquar-

owned and operated an international

He and his wife, Susan, have relocated

JD’92, are all partners in the law firm

Sydney L. Steele, JD’64, senior counsel

tered in Greenfield, Alternate Routes

business and developed commercial

to Meridian, a suburb of Boise, Idaho.

Clendening Johnson & Bohrer, which

and partner with the Indianapolis

to Resolution offers alternative dispute

and residential real estate. Lee is active

recently opened offices in Bloomington,

law firm Kroger Gardis & Regas, has

resolution services throughout Central

within the charitable community and

Ind. The firm provides litigation,

been named a Distinguished Fellow

Indiana. In addition to his ADR practice,

has served as a director and officer of

business, and personal legal services.

of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation.

Judge Payne serves as a senior judge

various charities.

In November, Lloyd H. Milliken, Jr.,


Distinguished Fellows are a select group

and probate commissioner of the Henry


Richard J. Darko, JD’68, retired from law

who are chosen by the directors of the

Circuit Court.

he was a commissioner on the Marion

JD’60, of Frost Brown Todd in Indianapo-

In March, Lynn M. Layden, JD’67, an

lis, was recognized for his service to the

practice in 2009. He is an adjunct faculty

Foundation as a result of their significant

attorney at Layden & Layden in Lafayette,

member in the School of Public and Envi-

contributions to both the legal profession

Ind., was honored by the YWCA Greater

organization’s 17th annual conference

ronmental Affairs at IU Bloomington.

and the Indianapolis community. Steele


Superior Court.

Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana at the

Lafayette as a Woman of Distinction.

and meeting. Milliken concentrates his


practices in the areas of construction

A master gardener, Layden was the

practice in products liability, business

Anthony W. Mommer, JD’68, has retired

and business law and litigation, and has

leader in successfully preparing West

litigation, and complex tort litigation.

as an attorney with the law firm Krieg

appeared before state and federal courts

Lafayette to participate in the America

He has served as national counsel for

DeVault. A partner in the Indianapolis

throughout Indiana and elsewhere.

in Bloom competition in 2008. She helped

AlliedSignal in safety restraint litigation.

office, he was a member of the firm’s

He has also served as lead counsel on

implement and expand the butterfly

Milliken was Indiana counsel for General

litigation practice group for 36 years.

numerous cases, including construction

garden featuring native plants at the

Motors in the successful litigation against

Mommer’s practice included civil,

and business disputes and class actions.

Lilly Nature Center in the Celery Bog

NBC arising out of the Dateline program


Nature Area. She plans and leads work

that misrepresented the effect of high-

Terrill D. Albright, JD’65, a partner at

at the demonstration garden maintained

speed crashes on GM pickup trucks.

Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis,

by master gardeners at the Tippecanoe

In addition to automotive product litiga-

became Indiana’s second inductee into

County Extension Office, and she

tion, he has represented manufacturers

the College of Commercial Arbitrators.

delivers the garden’s harvest to Lafayette

of a wide variety of products, including

Established in 2001, the College is a

Urban Ministry for distribution to needy

construction equipment, hand and power

national organization of experienced

families. In 2010, she helped deliver 3,000

tools, and medical devices.

commercial arbitrators providing a

pounds of produce. She spends


meaningful contribution to the public,

hundreds of hours educating the public

In September, Roger L. Pardieck, LLB’63,

the profession, businesses, and lawyers

by making presentations for Wednesdays

was featured on TribTown.com for his

who depend on commercial arbitration

in the Wild, Tippecanoe County Public

work on a case in which a Floyd superior

as a primary means of dispute resolution.

Library forums, Purdue Elderhostel

court jury awarded a New Albany family

Albright currently is an arbitrator on

programs, Frankfort Public Library,

with a $23.5 million verdict following a

the American Arbitration Association’s

and the Wabash Area Lifetime Learning

nearly five-week trial. Pardieck Law Firm

National Panel, serves as a member of

Association. For several years she

of Seymour represented the Todd and

the Large Complex Case Panel and is on

volunteered to teach public workshops

Cynthia Ebling family in the case, which

the 90-member American Arbitration

on using the internet for people who

was filed in February 1996. Pardieck

Association Construction Arbitrator

were new to using computers. +

Attorneys Council, serving on its ethics and capital litigation committee and as a representative to the National District Attorneys Association. Before becoming Vanderburgh County prosecutor, Levco was a deputy in the office, a judge in Posey and Gibson counties and a private practitioner in Mount Vernon and Evansville, Ind. + The Honorable Anthony J. Metz III, JD’72, was installed as a member of the 2011 board of directors of the Indianapolis Bar Association. A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge since 1997, Metz’s law career includes several years as a private practice attorney and as an assistant attorney general in the Indiana Attorney General’s Office. Prior to his current position, Circuit Court and a judge in the Marion +

In February, Vanderburgh County Pros-

C. Daniel Yates, JD’73, Indianapolis, has

ecutor Stanley M. Levco, JD’71, received

been named to the board of visitors of

the Eugene “Shine” Feller Award from the

the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana

Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council in

University and to the dean’s advisory

Indianapolis. Levco is finishing his fifth

council of the Herron School of Art and

term as Vanderburgh County prosecutor,

Design. He was recognized by the Indiana

a job he has held since 1991. In 1997, Levco

chapter of the Association of Fundraising

alumni feature Judge Fisher retires; Wentworth succeeds him In December, retiring Tax Court Judge Thomas G. Fisher, LLB’65, marked his 24 years on the bench with a retirement ceremony, where colleagues such as Indiana Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard praised his service. An Academy of Law Fellow, Judge Fisher served as Indiana’s first and only tax court judge and will be succeeded by Judge Martha B. Wentworth, JD’90.


35 + www.law.indiana.edu

34 + ergo + spring 2011


was president of the Indiana Prosecuting

Michael E. Uslan, JD’76, President of Branded Entertainment in Cedar Grove, N.J., recently released an autobiography titled The Boy Who Loved Batman, which will be available in August on Amazon.com. The Boy Who Loved Batman

Ann M. DeLaney, JD’77, Kathleen A. DeLaney, JD’95, and Ed DeLaney of DeLaney and DeLaney LLC in Indianapolis were featured in Indiana Super Lawyers magazine in March of 2011. The article, titled “Family Law,” profiles

is the first book in a trilogy, detailing Uslan’s quest to write Batman comic books and

their civil litigation practice. Kathleen DeLaney was also recognized

produce Batman movies leading up to next year’s The Dark Knight Rises. Told in

in the magazine as a Top 50 Indiana Super Lawyer and Top 25 Female

the style of Jean Shepherd, humorist and narrator of the film A Christmas Story, the autobiography pays homage to Uslan’s time in Bloomington and aims to inspire readers to pursue their passions.


alumni feature

36 + ergo + spring 2011


Mother–daughter super lawyer team

alumni feature

Professionals as Volunteer Fundraiser

property, asbestos, and toxic torts.

support she received from her family, and

and established a distribution network in

Award for his contributions to civic

ern Virginia, and donated Marymount

of the Year in 2007. Yates also received

He also practices in land use, title, trade

the difference she hopes to make with

South America. Simmons also has drafted


swim caps to each participant. Lopez is

the Partner in Philanthropy Award

regulation, commercial litigation and

regard to domestic violence cases. Prior

contracts for toll manufacturing in


a certified USA swim coach, has been

from the Central Indiana Community

general business negotiations.

to her new position, Prosecutor Krantz

Europe and China; helped clients acquire

Richard W. Young, JD’81, a partner at

the director of a developmental stroke

Foundation in 2002 for his work with the


served for several years as Chief Deputy

manufacturing companies in the UK,

Quarles & Brady LLP in Chicago, was

school for nine years, coached a Special

Legacy Fund. A partner in the estate and

Steven L. Jackson, JD’77, a partner at

under Prosecuting Attorney Todd Corne.

Switzerland, and India, and established

selected for inclusion in the 2011 Illinois

Olympics swim team, and serves on the

wealth-transfer planning group at Bose

Baker & Daniels LLP in Fort Wayne, Ind.,


global holding companies.

Super Lawyers list. Young practices in

diversity committee for USA swimming

McKinney & Evans in Indianapolis, Yates

was reappointed to the Baker & Daniels

Jeffrey S. Dible, JD’79, of Frost Brown

the firm’s intellectual property group.

at the USA Olympic Training Center in

has received numerous other honors and

executive committee. Jackson concen-

Todd LLC in Indianapolis, was installed

He litigates patent, trademark and

Colorado Springs.

awards, including the IU Maurer School

trates his practice in the representation

as a member of the 2011 board of directors

of Law Distinguished Service Award in

of major health care providers, including

of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Dible

2006 and Indiana Lawyer magazine’s

False Claims Act litigation, fraud and

Distinguished Barrister Award in 2010.

abuse counseling, peer review proceed-

+ V. James Dickson, JD’77, was named in


copyright actions in federal trial and


R. William Jonas, Jr., JD’81, a partner

appellate courts around the country.

R. Anthony Prather, JD’83, a partner at

concentrates his practice in estate plan-

at Hammerschmidt Amaral & Jonas in

He also counsels clients on intellectual

Barnes & Thornburg LLP in Indianapolis,

ning, taxation, and general business law

South Bend, Ind., was named by Indiana

property issues, including infringement,

was featured in the Indiana Lawyer

ings, institutional review boards and

and regularly lectures to attorneys and

Super Lawyers magazine as one of the top

licensing and branding. Young represents

for his professional and community

ethics committees. He also serves as

other estate planning professionals on a

attorneys in the State of Indiana for 2011.

companies in a broad range of industries,

involvement, exemplifying the standards

Tampa Bay Magazine’s list of Tampa

principal trial counsel in employment

variety of estate planning and tax topics.

No more than five percent of the lawyers

including advertising, publishing and

of professionalism of the Indianapolis

Bay’s Top Lawyers, published in the

discrimination and civil litigation

Dible is a fellow of the American College

in Indiana are named by Indiana Super

manufacturing. He assists clients in the

Bar Association. Prather focuses his

July/August 2010 edition. He was

matters in state and federal courts across

of Trust and Estate Counsel and has been

Lawyers. Jonas practices in the areas of

acquisition, protection and exploitation

practice on representing management

listed in the area of environmental

the nation.

certified as an Indiana trust and estate

bankruptcy and creditor’s rights and

of their intellectual property around

interests exclusively in all aspects of

law. Dickson is a partner in the law


lawyer by the Indiana Trust and Estate

business litigation. He has practiced

the world.

labor and employment law and litigation,

firm Adams & Reese in St. Petersburg,

In January, Joann (Jacob) Krantz, JD’78,

Specialty Board.

in South Bend since 1981, when he


including workplace investigations,

Fla. He focuses his practice on construc-

assumed the position of Prosecuting At-


graduated from Indiana Law. Jonas is

In February, Arthur A. Lopez, JD’83,

audits, supervisory training, defense of

tion law, environmental law and

torney for the Second Judicial Circuit of

Jacqueline A. Simmons, JD’79, a partner

a past president of the 12,500 member

associate general counsel/budget officer

discrimination and retaliation claims,

commercial litigation, representing

Indiana, replacing Todd Corne, who had

at Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis,

Indiana State Bar Association and a

at the U.S. Office of Government Ethics

and preparation and defense of affirma-

owners, contractors, subcontractors,

previously held the position for sixteen

was selected as managing partner of the

frequent speaker on bankruptcy-related

in Washington, D.C., and coach for Nadar

tive action plans.

and suppliers in all aspects of construc-

years. She was recently featured in the

firm’s China and international practice.

topics for the Indiana Continuing Legal

por Vida, teamed up with Marymount


tion law, including bidding, contract

Evansville Courier & Press, where

Simmons advises clients on strategic

Education Forum. He is an active

University’s men’s and women’s swim-

Joseph “Jay” H. Yeager, Jr., JD’83, a

preparation and negotiation, surety

she described her unique professional

decisions, growth opportunities and

supporter of the civics education

ming teams to provide low-income and

partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in

bonds, claim resolution, mediation,

experiences as one of only six female

joint ventures in other parts of the world.

program “We the People: The Citizen

minority youths with an opportunity to

Indianapolis, was elected as chair of the

arbitration, and litigation. Dickson

prosecuting attorneys in the state of

She has helped establish joint ventures

and the Constitution,” administered by

learn from the Marymount Saints. The

2011 Commission for Continuing Legal

further represents clients in a broad

Indiana. In the article, Prosecutor Krantz

in Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, and

the Indiana Bar Foundation, and has

Saints helped the staff at Nadar por Vida,

Education. Yeager has represented

array of environmental matters concern-

details her early encounters with dis-

Lithuania; set up representative offices in

received the organization’s Law Related

an organization founded to teach swim-

businesses and individuals in a wide

ing hazardous substances, contaminated

crimination in the field, the unyielding

London, Singapore, and the Netherlands;

Education Award and William G. Baker

ming to underprivileged youths in North-

variety of lawsuits and arbitrations, in-

37 + www.law.indiana.edu

Batman producer tells his story

Indiana Super Lawyer for 2011.

Cal., the oldest women’s college in the West. She will be the 13th president in the college’s 159-year history. Selected from a field of candidates representing a diversity of backgrounds and accomplishments in a comprehensive national search, DeCoudreaux will assume leadership of Mills College on July 1, 2011. DeCoudreaux brings to the Office of Mills College President an extensive and distinguished professional background.

DeCoudreaux named president of Mills College

A senior executive at Eli Lilly and Company, one of Fortune magazine’s Global Top Companies for Leaders, she has served in a variety of important executive leadership roles over the span of the last three decades. DeCoudreaux is also the chair of the board of trustees at Wellesley College, one of the top women’s colleges in the United States. Her career represents more than 30 years’ experience as a corporate leader, women’s advocate, fundraiser, and community volunteer. DeCoudreaux is herself a product of women’s education, having graduated from Wellesley College in 1976. Over the span of her more than three-decade career, DeCoudreaux has developed a leadership style marked by strategic thinking, collaborative leadership, and accountability. In her numerous roles at Eli Lilly and Company, both inside and outside its legal department, DeCoudreaux has worked as a tireless consensus builder, earning the respect of her colleagues and peers. Her impressive professional career is buttressed by extensive involvement in the communities where she has lived and worked, including community activism, volunteer work, and a record of service on numerous charitable and nonprofit boards.


38 + ergo + spring 2011

alumni feature


Mark T. Hayden, JD’86, Deputy Chair-

in Evansville, Ind., was elected to the

man at Greenebaum Doll & McDonald

board of directors of the 2011 Defense

PLLC in Cincinnati, Ohio, was selected

Trial Counsel of Indiana. Since joining

The Honorable Martha B. Wentworth,

to the 2011 Ohio Super Lawyers list. He

Bamberger in 1989, Bryant has gained

JD’90, was selected as the next

was also recently appointed to the Ohio

extensive experience in the defense

Indiana Tax Court Judge, replacing

State Bar Association’s Litigation Section

and trial of medical malpractice claims,

Judge Thomas G. Fisher, LLB’65,

Council. As a business trial attorney for

representing both the individual health

who retired from the court in December.

more than 20 years, he has experience

care providers and hospitals. Bryant

Wentworth has an extensive background

in a wide variety of litigation matters

maintains an active practice defending

in tax law. She clerked for Judge Fisher,

with extensive jury and bench trial and

individuals and businesses involved

Indiana’s first tax court judge, from

appellate experience in both state and

in litigation regarding employment

1990-92 before entering private practice.

federal courts. Hayden concentrates

matters, contracts, business disputes,

Since 1998, she has been with Deloitte

his trial practice on complex business

and insurance coverage issues. She

Tax LLP, serving as a senior tax manager,

disputes, product liability, trademark

also has experience in health care

level 1 firm tax director and level 2 tax

and copyright litigation and employment

and hospital law involving physician

director. She also has taught graduate


contracting, peer review, regulatory

level classes in state and local taxes at


issues, and corporate compliance.

the Indiana University Kelley School of

Dennis L. Schoff, JD’86, accepted a


Business since 2000.

position as senior vice president,

Diana L. Mercer, JD’88, an attorney


general counsel with Trustmark

at Peace Talks Mediation Services in

In November, Nicholas C. Pappas, JD’91,

Companies, a health insurance, benefits

Los Angeles, recently released her

a member at Frost Brown Todd in

administration and health fitness and

second book, Making Divorce Work:

Indianapolis, received the Defense

health management services organization

8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict

Lawyer of the Year award at the 17th

headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill.

and Rebuilding Your Life. The book,

Annual Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana


which was published by Penguin/

conference and meeting. Pappas is

In January, the Honorable Rebekah

Perigee, was released in December 2010.

a trial lawyer who concentrates his

Pierson-Treacy, JD’88, was elected to a

She has also recently been asked to blog

practice in personal injury and commer-

two-year term as one of four co-presiding

for the Huffington Post at http://www.

cial litigation. He represents clients

judges on the executive committee in


in lawsuits in state and federal courts

Marion Superior Court, Indianapolis.


throughout the United States.

cluding contract actions, business

Association, and USLAW. Throughout

Karen T. Moses, JD’85, was named a


Dale A. Gyure, JD’89, recently authored


and securities fraud, sale of business

his career, Isenbarger has overseen

partner at Baker & Daniels LLP in the

In September, V. Samuel Laurin III, JD’87,

In August, Debra L. Schroeder, JD’92,

disputes, class actions, international

a book, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Florida

litigation in a multitude of settings,

firm’s Fort Wayne office. For more than

spoke at the Indiana Continuing Legal

Southern College (University of Florida

became the first vice president and gen-

litigation, aviation litigation, and corpo-

including complex business litigation,

20 years, Moses has concentrated her

Education Forum’s seminar on construc-

eral counsel at the RAND Corporation

rate governance disputes.

Press, 2010). The book is the first in-depth

products liability, medical and legal

practice in commercial litigation. She

tion law issues. During the program,

examination of one of Wright’s largest

in Santa Monica, Cal. Schroeder, who


malpractice, environmental, fire, truck-

represents business clients and individu-

which took place in Indianapolis, Laurin

served as senior counsel at the Aerospace

Phil L. Isenbarger, JD’84, a partner at

projects. Gyure’s second book, The

ing, personal injury, antitrust, unfair

als in all stages of commercial and real

addressed lien and bond claim issues.

Chicago Schoolhouse, 1856-2006: High

Corporation before joining RAND, has

Bingham McHale LLP in Indianapolis,

competition, copyright, trademark,

property litigation, including alternative

He is a partner and chairman of the

special expertise in the areas of labor and

was installed as a member of the 2011

School Architecture and Educational

trust, probate and defamation.

dispute resolution, trial and appeal.

litigation group at Bose McKinney &

Reform (Center for American Places),

employment, intellectual property, health

board of directors of the Indianapolis


Moses is licensed in both Illinois and

Evans, focusing his practice on litigating

care, risk management, and compliance

Bar Association. A distinguished fellow

will be published in the spring of 2011.

Scott M. Kyrouac, JD’85, a partner at

Indiana and is admitted before federal

construction and real estate disputes.

Gyure is an associate professor of

and training. Schroeder’s experience

of the Indianapolis Bar Foundation and

Wilkinson Goeller Modesitt Wilkinson &

and state courts in both states. She is also

He has been lead counsel in jury and

also includes time spent with private

former president of the Indianapolis

architectural history in the College of

Drummy in Terre Haute, Ind., was elected

a member of the trial bar of the United

bench trials in federal and state court.

Architecture and Design at Lawrence

law firms, as deputy general counsel of a

Bar Association (1998), he is also an

as president of the board of directors of

States District Court for the Northern

In addition to his trial practice, Laurin

medical and dental financial services and

active member in the American Bar

Tech and an adjunct associate professor

the 2011 Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana.

District of Illinois. Moses has represented

negotiates construction contracts on

in the graduate program in historic pres-

consulting firm, as corporate counsel, and

Association, the Indiana State Bar

He concentrates his practice in insurance

clients before both the Supreme Court

behalf of private owners, public owners,

director of risk management at Parkview

Association, the Indianapolis Law Club,

ervation at Goucher College in Towson,

defense, medical malpractice defense,

of Illinois and the Supreme Court of

and general contractors.

Md. He lives in Farmington Hills, Mich.,

Health, the largest health care delivery

the International Association of Defense

product liability, trucking and transporta-



system in northeastern Indiana, and as

Counsel, Transportation Lawyers

with his wife, Jan, and two children,

tion law, personal injury, environmental


Michele S. Bryant, JD’88, a partner at

Matthew and Jeffrey.

manager of industrial relations with the

law, employment law, and municipal law. +

Bamberger Foreman Oswald & Hahn

Essex Group of manufacturing concerns.

39 + www.law.indiana.edu

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, JD’78, has been elected president of Mills College in Oakland,

transactions, financing, leasing, afford-

Kathleen A. DeLaney, JD’95, Managing

board president with the Leukemia and

research organization providing objec-

Crops” and wrote a subsequent blog

able housing, government incentives,

resources departments since joining the

Partner at DeLaney and DeLaney LLC in

Lymphoma Society and Legacy House,

tive analysis and effective solutions that

detailing his experiences abroad, entitled

construction, land use, development,

company in 2001. Prior to working at

Indianapolis, was recognized in The Best

as well as former board member with

address the challenges facing the public

“The Benefits of Biotechnology.” In

and brokerage. Lennon represents the

Mesa, he was an associate at the national

Lawyers in America 2010. Her firm was

the Indianapolis Visitors and Conven-

and private sectors around the world.

Chicago, Bobo served as a respondent

interests of large corporations, real estate

law firm Ogletree Deakins, working

also welcomed as a Law Firm Member of

tion Association and Domestic Violence


at the International Food Technology

developers, builders, and investors

in the firm’s Charleston, S.C., office.

the National Association of Minority and

Network of Greater Indianapolis.

Lonnie D. Johnson, JD’92, a partner

Association’s Annual Conference and

throughout Michigan and Florida.

Pappaioanou holds a Bachelor of Sci-

Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF).


at Clendening Johnson & Bohrer in

moderated a panel entitled, “New GM


ence degree from Ball State University.

NAMWOLF is a national organization

Christina L. Sciabica, JD’95, accepted

Bloomington, was elected president-elect

Crops: Implications of Asynchronous

Eric J. Vermeulen, JD’94, is director of

Mesa currently operates 76 aircraft with

devoted to promoting true diversity

a position as the Executive Director of

of the board of directors of the 2011

Approval for International Trade” at the

constituent services for Sigma Theta

approximately 450 daily system depar-

in the legal profession by fostering the

READ (Rural Education and Develop-

Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana.

Biotechnology Industry Organization’s

Tau International, the honor society for

tures to 94 cities, 38 states, the District of

development of long-lasting relation-

ment) Global, an international nonprofit

Johnson concentrates his law practice

Annual Conference.

nursing, in Indianapolis. He previously

Columbia, and Mexico. Mesa operates as

ships between preeminent minority and

organization working in three countries

in commercial litigation, construction


worked for the Division of Family and

US Airways Express and United Express

women-owned law firms and public/

in Asia, including India. In September,

litigation, environmental law, and

M. Faye Hadley, JD’96, is in her 10th

Children, managing 16 county offices,

under contractual agreements with US

private entities.

Sciabica joined President Clinton on

insurance law. He has extensive experi-

year at the University of Tulsa College of

and was the director of maternal

Airways and United Airlines, respective-


stage at the Clinton Global Initiative

ence with federal and state court cases

Law, where she is the native resources

and children’s special health care,

ly, and independently as go! Mokulele.

In December, Melina M. Kennedy, JD’95,

Annual Gathering in New York City, as

involving commercial disputes, intel-

law librarian.

administering a multi-million dollar


left her law practice at Baker & Daniels

he announced READ Global’s Women’s

lectual property matters, construction


health insurance program for special

Rebecca W. Geyer, JD’98, an attorney at

LLP to run for mayor of Indianapolis

Empowerment Centers Initiative.

claims, tort claims, environmental claims,

Robert B. Thornburg, JD’96, a member

needs youth. He has been recognized

Hollingsworth Jocham & Zivitz LLC in

as a Democratic candidate in the 2011


insurance coverage and insurance bad

of Frost Brown Todd in Indianapolis, was

for his achievements by several

Carmel, Ind., was installed as a member

elections. Before joining Baker & Daniels

David W. Barrett, JD’96, a partner at

faith claims.

elected to the board of directors of the

organizations and was named Indiana

of the 2011 Board of Directors of the

in February 2007, Kennedy spent more

Baker & Daniels LLP in Indianapolis,


2011 Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana.

Director of the Year by the Division of

Indianapolis Bar Association. Certified as

than a decade in public service and legal

was elected to a three-year term on the

J. Patrick Lennon, JD’93, a partner in the

Thornburg is a trial attorney who has

Family and Children in 1998.

an Indiana estate planning and admin-

practice. She served in Indianapolis

firm’s strategic and policy board. Barrett

law firm Honigman Miller Schwartz &

tried more than 25 jury trials to verdict,


istration specialist, Geyer assists clients

Mayor Bart Peterson’s administration as

concentrates his practice in the areas

Cohn has been appointed to the board

including product liability, breach of

Jeffrey L. Carmichael, JD’95, has been

primarily with estate planning and elder

director of economic development from

of mergers and acquisitions, joint

of trustees for the Borgess Medical Center

warranty, lemon law, premises liability,

named a shareholder at Hall Render

law issues. An avid volunteer in both the

2001-04 and deputy mayor from 2004-05.

ventures, general business matters,

Foundation, a philanthropic organization

and automobile negligence cases. He

Killian Heath & Lyman, a national

legal community and the Indianapolis

Kennedy has been an active volunteer

private placements, corporate gover-

that ensures that state-of-the-art medical

has also tried at least 30 bench trials and

health law firm with offices in Indiana,

community at large, Geyer frequently

in a number of community organiza-

nance, franchising, and a wide variety

care is accessible to everyone, regardless

arbitrations. Thornburg has experience

Kentucky, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

speaks and writes on estate planning and

tions. She currently serves on the board

of other complex transactions.

of their ability to pay. Lennon is a mem-

in Indiana state and federal courts and

Practicing from the firm’s Indianapolis

elder law topics, and annually provides

with Teach for America, Jane Pauley


ber of Honigman’s real estate department

in several other jurisdictions. He has

location, he focuses primarily in

pro bono legal services to individuals

Community Health Center, and Indiana

Jack A. Bobo, JD’96, Deputy Chief of

in the firm’s Kalamazoo, Mich., office.

also testified before the Indiana General

the areas of tax, tax exemption, and

through her work with the Indianapolis

University–Purdue University Indianapo-

the Biotechnology and Textile Trade

Assembly on issues of importance to

business transactions.

Bar Association and the Albert and Sara

lis Board of Advisors. She is a past

Policy Division at the U.S. Department of

Indiana insurers.

Reuben Senior Resource and Community

State in Washington, D.C., made several


Center. In 2010, Rebecca was named

noteworthy presentations in 2010. Most

John P. Twohy, JD’96, a partner at

to the prestigious list of Super Lawyers

recently, during a December trip to the

Eichhorn & Eichhorn in Hammond, Ind.,

Rising Stars for family law by Law &

United Kingdom, Bobo made a presenta-

was elected to the board of directors of

Politics Magazine and Indianapolis

tion to the All-Party Parliamentary Group,

the 2011 Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana.


presented at the Chatham House, and

Twohy is a member of the Lake County


presented testimony with Roger Beachy,

and Indiana State Bar Associations.

Kristin (Bierlein) Keltner, JD’98, was

Director of the National Institute of Food

He is also a member of the medical

named managing shareholder at the

and Agriculture. In October, he was fea-

malpractice and business litigation sec-

Indianapolis law firm Ogletree

tured on a BBC One Planet interview and

tions of the DTCI.

Deakins Nash Smoak & Stewart. Keltner

participated in the UK Climate Change


concentrates her practice in labor and

& Agricultural Innovation Conference.

In February, Christopher J. Pappaioanou,

employment litigation. She represents

During a trip to Thailand and Indonesia,

JD’97, was named general counsel and

management before the EEOC, ICRC,

He focuses his practice on real estate


alumni feature

40 + ergo + spring 2011

Westerhaus appointed acting president, Martin University In December, Charlotte F. Westerhaus, JD’91, was appointed acting president of Martin University in Indianapolis. Westerhaus is the former vice president of diversity and inclusion for the National Collegiate Athletics Association in Indianapolis. Her experience overseeing effective initiatives, programs and regulatory compliance for profit and

Bobo delivered a presentation entitled,

corporate secretary for Mesa Air Group,

and in federal and state court involv-

nonprofit organizations includes three years of service as assistant to the president and director of equal opportunity

“Science and Regulatory Perspectives on

Inc. Pappaioanou has served a variety of

ing all manner of civil rights and other

and diversity at the University of Iowa; three years as director of affirmative action at Purdue University; and two years

Stacked Events in Genetically-Modified

roles within Mesa’s legal and human

employment-related claims.

as assistant to the chancellor for equity and diversity at the University of Wisconsin, Kenosha.



41 + www.law.indiana.edu

The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit

In December, Stephen W. Beard Jr., JD’98, was promoted to executive vice president and general counsel at Heidrick &

CALI Award for excellence in banking

the Indiana University School of Law —

Indianapolis office of Bose McKinney &

and finance law in 2001. He is a member

Indianapolis as the assistant dean for

Evans, and represents clients in a variety

of the U.S. Green Building Council

student affairs. In his new role, Pryor

Struggles International, Inc. in Chicago. In his new role, he will have responsibility for all of the company’s worldwide

of commercial litigation disputes with a

Indiana Chapter and has served on the

advises students on academic and

legal activities. Beard joined Heidrick & Struggles in 2003 as assistant general counsel and was promoted to vice president,

focus on construction litigation, creditor

boards of various nonprofit agencies.

personal issues. He is a member of the

rights litigation, and related insurance

Hightower has also been a presenter

law school administrative team and

matters. He also negotiates construction

and speaker at banking seminars and

provides leadership for the Office of

contracts and advises clients on Uniform


Student Affairs. He oversees academic

Commercial Code matters.


advising, registration and records, state


Robert C. Brandt, Jr., JD’02, was elected

bar eligibility, student organizations,

Samuel J. Arena, JD’01, was named

partner at Riley Bennett & Egloff LLP

and other areas affecting the law student

partner at Wooden and McLaughlin LLP

in Indianapolis. Brandt concentrates

experience. Since 2005, Pryor has helped

in Indianapolis. Arena focuses his

his practice in the areas of medical

hundreds of undergraduate students gain

practice in the real estate, finance, leasing

malpractice defense and general

admission to some of the most selective

and business practice areas. He is also

litigation. He started his law career as

law and graduate programs in the world.

a member of the Indianapolis and

deputy prosecutor in Hamilton County

He served as director of post-graduate

deputy general counsel, and chief compliance officer in 2008, where he led the company’s compliance, governance, and transaction activities. Beard also served as Heidrick & Struggles’ assistant corporate secretary.


alumni feature

42 + ergo + spring 2011

is a partner in the litigation group in the

Indiana State Bar Associations, the State

from 2003-2004, and has been in private

studies at Butler University, then he

April E. Sellers, JD’98, a partner at Baker

In December, Rose E. Gallagher, JD’99,

insurance companies involved in

Bar Association of Wisconsin, and the

practice with Riley Bennett & Egloff

worked as senior assistant director of

& Daniels LLP in Indianapolis, was

a partner at Chapman and Cutler in

complex policy coverage disputes with

Urban Land Institute. He has served on

since May 2004.

career services at Dartmouth College be-

installed as an officer of the 2011 Board

Chicago, was featured in the Chicago

policyholders and other insurance

the board of directors of and acted as real


fore joining the Indianapolis law school.

of Directors of the Indianapolis Bar

Volunteer Legal Services newsletter for

providers. Pohl represents insurance

estate counsel for various nonprofit

Matthew E. Conrad, JD’02, was named a


Association. Sellers, who will serve as

her volunteer work in a case involving

clients in disputes involving construction

organizations. Arena was named an

partner at Krieg DeVault LLP in Carmel,

April J. Risk, JD’02, was named a partner

co-counsel to the board, concentrates

a custody dispute. As noted in the

defects, product liability, personal

Indiana Rising Star by Indiana Super

Ind. Conrad concentrates his practice

at Baker & Daniels LLP in the firm’s

her practice in business litigation,

article, Gallagher’s “patience, thorough

and advertising injury, and workers’

Lawyers in 2009 and 2011. Previously,

in corporate transactions, economic

Indianapolis office. Risk concentrates

representing clients in a variety of trial,

investigation and rapport with the

compensation coverage.

he was a partner at the firm of Wallack

development, renewable energy,

her practice on developing family wealth

pretrial and post-trial proceedings before

parties led ultimately to a positive


Somers and Haas in Indianapolis.

corporate finance and real estate.

transfer plans and business succession

state and federal courts.

settlement that allowed the child to stay

Kostas A. Poulakidas, JD’99, was named


He has worked on a variety of corporate

plans in a manner that minimizes gift,


in her guardian’s home while [the child’s]

a partner at Krieg DeVault LLP in

T. Gregory Ehrhard, JD’01, an attorney

and partnership transactions through-

estate and generation-skipping transfer

Germaine Winnick Willett, JD’98, of

mother continued to work to overcome

Indianapolis. Poulakidas provides

at Stites & Harbison in Louisville, Ky., was

out various company stages including

taxes while achieving each family’s

counsel at Ice Miller LLP in Indianapolis,

her challenges.” Gallagher concentrates

economic development and public and

one of 44 community leaders selected

formation, capital raising, contractual

unique needs and goals. She also repre-

was installed as a member of the 2011

her practice in municipal finance and

municipal finance representation to

for membership in the 2011 Bingham

negotiations and mergers and acquisi-

sents individual and corporate personal

Board of Directors of the Indianapolis Bar

acts as bond counsel, disclosure coun-

clients including municipalities, counties

Fellows class. The topic for Bingham

tions. He has also represented numerous

representatives in the administration of

Association. Practicing primarily in the

sel, issuer’s counsel, and underwriter’s

and townships, real estate development

Fellows this year is “Shaping Louisville

companies and municipalities to obtain

trusts and estates.

firm’s employment litigation group, she

counsel on a variety of municipal and

firms, commercial banks, manufactur-

for the 21st Century.” Their task is to create

and structure federal, state and local


assists employers faced with employment

public financings for governmental and

ers and nonprofit organizations. He also

a long-range infrastructure plan to meet

economic development incentives

Stacy R. Thompson, JD’02, a partner

discrimination, wage and hour, contract,

corporate entities, including transactions

provides advice on matters related to

Louisville’s economic and environmental

including new markets tax credits.

at Clendening Johnson & Bohrer in

and other employment-related litigation.

for governmental purposes and in the ar-

tax increment financing, economic

needs. Ehrhard is a member of the firm


Bloomington, was named the 2010

Willett also has experience litigating

eas of environmental, renewable energy,

improvement districts, abatement and

practicing in the real estate & banking

Steven D. Forry, JD’02, an associate

Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year

products liability and general tort cases.

and investor-owned, public, and rural

other economic development incentives,

service group. He advises clients in many

at Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn in

by the Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana.


utilities. In addition, Gallagher has been a

and often works on and has testified on

areas of commercial real estate law,

Columbus, Ohio, was selected for

Thompson concentrates her practice

Shawna Meyer Eikenberry, JD’99, was

panelist and served on the faculty for the

legislative matters involving economic

including zoning/land use, leasing, lend-

inclusion on the Ohio Rising Stars

in the representation of health care

promoted to counsel at Baker & Daniels

National Association of Bond Lawyers

development and property tax issues.

ing and condominium development.

2011 list by Super Lawyers. Forry has

professionals, including individual

LLP in Indianapolis. Eikenberry practices

annual Fundamentals of Municipal Bond


extensive experience handling all

physicians and nurses, hospitals,

with the construction and real property

Law seminar.

Timothy J. Hightower, JD’01, was named

phases of commercial litigation. He is

physicians’ practice groups, and health

litigation team and is a member of the


American, Indiana State and Indianapolis

Elaine M. Pohl, JD’99, was named a

Bar Associations, American Bar Association’s Construction Forum, Construction


partner at Wooden and McLaughlin LLP

also co-coordinator of the firm’s in-house

Adrian S. Allen, JD’01, was a speaker at

care related organizations, in a variety

in Indianapolis. His practice focuses

Trial Advocacy Training Program.

shareholder at Plunkett Cooney in

the Indiana Continuing Legal Education

of health care law matters. She also has

on commercial real estate finance and

He has been recognized by Ohio Super

Forum’s seminar on construction law

experience in general litigation and

Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Pohl focuses

development, federal and state banking

Lawyers as a Rising Star since 2007.

Specifications Institute, and U.S. Green

her practice in the areas of insurance

issues held in Indianapolis in September.

insurance defense. Thompson is a mem-

and commercial law. Hightower was the


coverage, liquor licensing and general

During the program, Allen examined the

ber of a number of defense oriented

Building Council’s Indiana Chapter.

recipient of the IU Maurer School of Law

Johnny D. Pryor, JD’02, recently joined


litigation matters. Her clients include

personal liability of property owners. He

legal organizations, including the

43 + www.law.indiana.edu

Beard promoted at Heidrick & Struggles

to the Maurer School of Law, if only by osmosis. Although Daniel won’t be a law student for a long time, he’s already wearing an expression frequently worn by 1Ls during finals. Lattas, a solo practitioner in Chicago, is a tireless volunteer and member of the school’s Alumni Board.


An early start

44 + ergo + spring 2011

alumni feature

and the Law School’s efforts to promote

Public Corporation Law Sections of the

tion that recruits, screens, and trains

and support minority enrollment.

State Bar of Michigan. Fink also serves as

volunteer child advocates to work in the

Weatherford began working as the

vice chair of the firm’s energy and natural

court system in collaboration with other

assistant director of admissions just

resources practice group and is a member

key agencies, community resources,

days after she graduated from Indiana

of the Legal and Legislative Committee of

and legal counsel to represent the best

Law. As a law student, she was able to

the Michigan Oil and Gas Association.

interests of children in juvenile court

divide her time between the classroom;


proceedings. In the summer of 2010,

a clerkship at the local firm of Bunger

Richard “Holt” Hedrick, JD’04, has

White attended a contemporary art class

& Robertson; several extracurricular

accepted a position as a labor and

in London hosted by Christie’s Auction

groups, including the Women’s Law

employment department associate in

House. She lives in Covington.

Caucus, for which she served as

the Indianapolis office of Barnes and


auction chair and president; and a

Thornburg. Hedrick’s practice focuses

Kelley J. Halliburton, JD’05, joined

summer abroad at Trinity University

on a wide range of issues within the

Shapiro Lifschitz & Schram in Washing-

in Dublin. As an alumna, she continues to

scope of labor and employment law,

ton, D.C., as a staff attorney in the firm’s

serve her class as an agent for the

including discrimination suits, trade

litigation, construction and government

Fund for Excellence, the Law School’s

secrets, restrictive covenants, and

contracts groups. She has extensive

annual giving program. Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana and the

concentrates his practice in intellectual

employer consultations. Hedrick also

selected as a Rising Star in the 2011

experience in the trial discovery process,


nationally recognized Defense Research

property law with an emphasis on patent

has extensive experience as a commercial

edition of Ohio Super Lawyers magazine.

including work with many different

Ronnie J. Bitman, JD’04, an associate at

Institute. She is currently chair of the

and trademark law and is registered to

litigator, including defending companies

Super Lawyers is a rating service of

electronic review platforms. Her

Powell & Pearson, LLC in Winter Park,

Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana Health

practice in the United States Patent and

against class actions, mass torts, federal

outstanding lawyers from more than

experience spans on a variety of matters,

Fla., was named to Florida Trend ’s Legal

Law Section.

Trademark Office.

privacy statutory claims, and breach of

70 practice areas who have attained

including government contract disputes,

Elite as a 2010 Up and Comer. Florida



contract/warranty claims.

a high degree of peer recognition and

medical products liability, and major

Trend ’s Legal Elite recognizes the top

Levin V. Czubaroff, JD’03, an associate

Bruce Y. Liao, SJD’03, director of the


professional achievement. The selection

antitrust litigation. She has been involved

tier of attorneys practicing in Florida as

at Fox Rothschild LLP in Exton, Penn.,

public law center at National Chengchi

Carol A. Dillon, JD’05, was named a

process is multi-phased and includes

in a variety of anti-competitive practices

chosen by their colleagues. Bitman has

received the 2010 Service Award for

University College of Law in Taipei,

partner at Sweetin Bleeke, PC in

independent research, peer nominations,

cases, including work for one of the four

a broad range of experience in complex

his pro bono construction contract

Taiwan, was appointed a member of

Indianapolis. Dillon is a member of the

and peer evaluations. Rising Star

major players in the credit card industry.

commercial litigation, including class

work related to the renovation of the

the Presidential Office Human Rights

Indianapolis Bar Association, Defense

recognizes the top up-and-coming

In addition, Kelley has worked on the

actions, consumer protection matters,

CCBA’s building. Czubaroff, a member

Consultative Committee. The committee,

Research Institute, and Defense Trial

attorneys in the state, defined as those

defense team representing a major client

contract and employment disputes, trade

of the firm’s construction and corporate

which serves as an advisory board for

Counsel of Indiana. She co-authored

who are 40 or younger, or who have been

against a group of large retail merchants.

secret, unfair and deceptive practices,

departments, advises developers,

Taiwan’s President, held its first meeting

“Mediation Confidentiality: Myth and

practicing for 10 years or less. Reitz’s


professional liability, and various other

owners, design professionals, contrac-

in December.

Misnomer,” which was published in the

practice ranges from quasi-contractual

After working as an attorney for the city

commercial actions.

tors and subcontractors on a wide array


Spring/Summer 2006 Volume II of the

disputes to complex business torts and

of Jeffersonville, Ind., for the past three


of construction and real estate matters

Michael B. O’Neal, JD’03, was elected

Indiana Civil Litigation Review. She

employment related issues. He also

years, Gregory R. Clark, JD’06, has ac-

Andrew J. Blodgett, JD’04, was named

for public and private construction and

Partner at Warner Norcross & Judd in

spoke at the insurance fraud seminar,

focuses on data security and privacy

cepted a position as assistant corporation

a shareholder at Smith Haughey Rice &

real estate development projects, which

Grand Rapids, Mich. O’Neal practices in

which was sponsored by the Insur-

matters, contract disputes, and first

counsel at the city of Indianapolis Office

Roegge in Traverse City, Mich. Blodgett

include, among other items, preparing

the areas of bankruptcy, creditors’ rights,

ance Institute of Indiana, International

amendment issues, including defama-

of Corporation Counsel.

practices in the areas of insurance

and negotiating design professional

and commercial litigation and regularly

Association of Special Investigation

tion, access to news and public records,


litigation, commercial litigation, and

and construction contracts. He is also a

represents commercial banks, secured

Units, National Society of Professional

and the Freedom of Information Act.

Levi S. Harris, JD’06, is an assistant

agriculture law and is co-chair of the

member of the board of directors of the

parties, lessors, bankruptcy trustees,

Insurance Investigators, and the Indiana


appellate defender with the Office of the

firm’s agribusiness industry team.

Lionville Community YMCA.

creditors’ committees and debtors in all

Department of Insurance. Her topic was

Matthew Silverman, JD’03, recently

State Appellate Defender in Chicago.



facets of bankruptcy and civil litigation.

“Good Faith Claims Handling: What you

accepted a position with the New York


Matthew E. Fink, JD’04, has become a

The Honorable Elizabeth M. Jarry, JD’03,

O’Neal has defended and prosecuted

need to know.” Dillon also spoke on 42

City Department of Education, Office

Former Little 500 rider Rachel E. Clark,

member of the law firm of Mika Meyers

has served as an administrative law judge

hundreds of avoidance actions in bank-

U.S.C. Section 1983 civil rights claims in

of General Counsel, litigating special

JD’07, is associate general counsel at the

Beckett & Jones PLC in Grand Rapids,

for the State of Oregon Office of Adminis-

ruptcy proceedings including prosecut-

Houston, Texas.

education law cases.

Illinois Education Association in Chi-

Mich. Fink practices in the areas of

trative Hearings since March 2009.

ing over 500 preferences adversary



cago. She provides legal services for the

energy and natural resources, zoning and


proceedings in the U.S. Flow bankruptcy.

Sue Friedrich White, JD’05, is a self-

Mariann D. “Dani” Weatherford, JD’03,

benefit of local educational employees’

land use planning, municipal and real

Chad E. Kleinheksel, JD’03, was elected


employed attorney in Covington, Ind.

Director of Recruitment at the

unions and individual teachers, support

estate. He has been admitted to practice

partner at Warner Norcross & Judd

Andrew J. Reitz, JD’03, an associate at

She is also the program director of the

Maurer School of Law, was featured

staff, and higher education employees

in both Michigan and Pennsylvania and

in Grand Rapids, Mich. Kleinheksel

Faruki Ireland & Cox P.L.L., has been

Fountain County (Ind.) Court-Appointed

in the Indiana Lawyer for her efforts

through training on legal topics, organiza-

is a member of the Real Property Law and

Special Advocate Program, an organiza-

tional development assistance, review-

45 + www.law.indiana.edu

Bob Lattas, JD/MPA’01, wasted no time in introducing his son, Daniel, JD 2035,

associations, nonprofits, corporations,

Air Force, where he serves as a staff

the Protective Order Project, a member

on business transactions and services as

Brian A. Villa, JD/MBA’10, joined

in a variety of forums. In October, Clark

governmental entities and individuals

legal officer and was recently promoted

of Phi Alpha Delta and a member of the

well as health care and public finance.

Bingham McHale LLP as an associate

married Eric H. Anderson, an engineer

on matters related to federal government

to captain.

Women’s Law Caucus.

VanLaan is a member of the Michigan

in the firm’s Indianapolis office. Villa

with Ford Motor Co., at Trinity Episcopal

action. She advocates for clients on



State Bar Association and the American

concentrates his practice in business

Church in Bloomington, Ind. Their wed-

Capitol Hill and with the executive

In January, The Honorable Mickey K.

P. Peter VanLaan, JD’10, was recently

Health Lawyers Association. Before

advisory matters. He is a member of the

ding was followed by a reception at the

branch and other stakeholders by

Weber, JD’07, was selected as Clarksville

hired as an associate attorney in the law

joining the firm, he was an insurance

Indianapolis and Indiana State Bar

Indiana Memorial Union.

developing and executing public policy

Town Court Judge. Weber, who has

firm Hall Render Killian Heath & Lyman’s

specialist for Spectrum Health Hospital

Associations and was admitted to the


solutions to the complex regulatory

spent much of his life around the court

Troy, Mich., office. He focuses his prac-

in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Indiana Bar in 2010.

Casey M. Holsapple, JD’07, is an associate

challenges facing the insurance and

system, was sworn in by his father and

tice on health law, particularly


for the law firm Bingham McHale.

health & life sciences industries.

town judge for 24 years, Clark County

He provides regulatory, transactional

Baney is also an associate lawyer with

Superior Court Judge Joe Weber. Judge

and litigation advice to municipal and

Baker & Daniels LLP, the parent company

Weber will maintain his private practice

investor-owned utilities and energy

of B&D Consulting. Before relocating

in Jeffersonville, Ind.

companies. He practices extensively

in Washington, D.C., she worked on


before the Indiana Utility Regulatory

community development projects and

Meghan A. Dwyer, JD’08, is leaving her

Commission and represents numerous

charter school initiatives for the City of

position as an associate at Arnstein &

clients in utility rate proceedings, territo-

Indianapolis, economic development

Lehr in Chicago to obtain a master

rial expansions, jurisdictional disputes

activities for the State of Indiana and

of journalism degree at Northwestern

and general complaints. His practice

creating corporate response plans for

University’s Medill Graduate School

also encompasses a wide array of energy

state and federal legislation.

of Journalism.

matters, including representation of



several renewable energy and cogen-

In March, Robert P. DeWitte, JD/MPA’07,

Dorothy L. Nee, JD’09, joined M2 Law

eration facilities. He also has extensive

of Krislov & Associates in Chicago, scored

experience representing municipalities

a pivotal win for institutional investors at

in eminent domain and condemnation proceedings. Holsapple is the former

JD/MPA student’s report leads to legislative reform of brownfields law


to clean up “brownfield” properties

mended steps for improving the statute.

by giving them the authority to recover

Her conclusions went into the drafting

damages from the parties that were

of Senate Bill 346, which gives plaintiffs

responsible for past pollution.

10 years to sue from the time they start

There’s just one problem with the law: It doesn’t include a statute-of-

spending money on a cleanup. “Liz is one of our best and brightest

limitations provision that spells out the

joint law-SPEA students,” said Barnes, a

deadline for taking legal action. Indiana

former SPEA dean who served as general

Professional Corporation in Newport

courts have handed down conflicting

counsel and deputy administrator of the

Beach, Cal., as an associate. Her practice

rulings about whether actions under the

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

the class certification stage of securities

focuses on corporate and securities law

law have been filed on time.

“She did a superb job investigating and

litigation in the Third Circuit U.S. Court

and mergers and acquisitions. Prior

editor-in-chief of the Federal Commu-

of Appeals. In an issue likely to reach

nications Law Journal, and is a member

the Supreme Court, the Third Circuit

of the Indianapolis Bar Association, the Indiana State Bar Association, and the

As a result, money that could be

analyzing a problem, developing options

to joining the firm, Nee was associate

spent on environmental cleanups instead

for addressing it, and then presenting her

general counsel at an Orange County

goes to court fights over who’s responsi-

analysis to the Senate committee, which

rejected the Fifth Circuit’s requirement

company. During her tenure, she advised

ble. And property owners are reluctant to

utilized her work and incorporated it in

that plaintiffs must prove loss causation

on tax, renewable energy, business,

remediate and redevelop contaminated

the pending legislation.”

American Bar Association.

before certifying a class, ruling that inves-

intellectual property, and litigation


tors need only show that loss causation

matters. She also served as a summer

Laura L. Jakubowski, JD’07, joined

can be proved in a manner common to

associate at the Office of the Indiana

Goldberg Kohn in Chicago as an associate

the class. The Third Circuit also upheld

Attorney General where she worked

in the firm’s commercial finance group.

the district court’s market efficiency

on labor, employment, civil rights and

In her new position, she represents

findings, notably approving the linking of

class action matters.

lenders in documenting, negotiating and

debt securities traded on over-the-counter

performing due diligence for asset-based

exchanges to stocks traded on the NYSE.

and cash-flow commercial finance trans-

DeWitte co-authored the winning briefs

actions. She also has experience repre-


and second-chaired the oral argument.

Meaghan E. Klem, JD’10, joined Bingham

in real life, and I think there are a lot of

senting corporate borrowers and private


McHale LLP as an associate in the firm’s

students who feel the same way,” said

quest by Sen. Beverly Gard, R-Greenfield,

unbiased policy advice and information

equity firms in leveraged buyouts and

In December, John P. MacKenzie, JD’07,

Indianapolis office. Klem concentrates

Baldwin, who this spring is completing

who authored the environmental legisla-

is an approach that’s repeated more often

other commercial finance transactions.

a deputy district attorney for the County

her practice in litigation. While in law

a joint law and public-affairs graduate

tion. Looking for a way to fix the statute-

in the future. “This illustrates Indiana


of Sacramento, Cal., was promoted to

school, she became a registered domestic

program in the Maurer School of Law

of-limitations problem, Gard turned to

University at its best in providing useful

Elizabeth “Libby” Lewis Baney, JD’07,

attorney IV and assigned to the felony

relations mediator and mediated cases

and the School of Public and Environ-

A. James Barnes, a professor in the

and sound policy assistance to the state,”

who focuses her practice in the insurance

trial team. In February 2010, MacKenzie

through the Viola J. Taliaferro Family

mental Affairs.

Maurer School of Law and the School of

Barnes said.

and health industries, was promoted to

and his wife, Jing, celebrated the birth of

and Children Mediation Clinic. She was

vice president at B&D Consulting. Baney,

their daughter, Ashlinn. MacKenzie also

also managing editor for the Indiana

Environmental Legal Actions statute,

who joined the firm in 2007 as an advi-

volunteers with the Civil Air Patrol,

Law Journal, president of the Christian

a simple, pragmatic law adopted in the

sor, provides strategic counsel to trade

the official auxiliary of the United States

Legal Society, a volunteer advocate for

1990s that encourages property owners

Liz Baldwin, JD/MPA’11, likes to use

properties, because they don’t know if

Baldwin testified before the Indiana

what she has learned in the classroom

they can recover costs through the courts.

Senate Committee on Energy and

for real-world projects. She found an

“The current situation diverts an enor-

Environmental Affairs, explaining the

opportunity to do so recently, and the

mous amount of energy and resources,”

issues when it considered the legislation.

result could be a change in state law that

said John Kyle, JD’79, an attorney with

The committee approved SB 346 unani-

saves money and streamlines the cleanup

Barnes & Thornburg in Indianapolis who

mously, and the Senate passed it by a vote

of polluted industrial and commercial

handles environmental cases. “Instead of

of 48-0. Governor Mitch Daniels signed


money being used to clean up the envi-

the bill on May 10.

“I really love getting to do things

Her project dealt with Indiana’s

ronment, it’s used for litigating.” Baldwin’s work resulted from a re-

Kyle and Barnes hope the model of having IU students provide informed and

Public and Environmental Affairs. Barnes recommended Baldwin for the job. Baldwin produced a 14-page report that examined several options and recom-

( Courtesy of Indiana University Communications )

47 + www.law.indiana.edu

46 + ergo + spring 2011

ing proposed legislation, and litigation

K. Stuart Gast, LLB’37, of Winamac, Ind., passed away on

a member of the United Way budget committee from 1986-1989.

Robert W. Williams, JD’78, passed away unexpectedly at his

Nina A. Harding, JD’82, passed away on November 12, 2010.

January 23, 2011. Born September 16, 1912 in Akron, he was the

He served on the board of directors of the Bach Choral Singers

home in Virginia Beach, Va., on September 27, 2010. Williams

Born in Boston on June 1, 1938, Harding spent her youth in

son of Karl B. and Mabel Leininger Gast. He was a member of

and was its president for two years. He served on the board of

was born October 22, 1948 in Gloversville, N.Y., the only son

Canton, Mass., where she graduated with honors from Canton

First United Methodist Church, Winamac, a 70-year member

directors of the Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, and was its

of the late Robert C. Williams and Hilda B. Williams. Williams

High School in 1956. Because of racial discrimination, Harding

and a past president of Winamac Kiwanis Club, the Pulaski

president from 1992-1994. He also served on the advisory board

was a 1966 graduate of Gloversville High School. He received

was not granted a scholarship to further her education at a local

County Bar Association, and the Indiana State Bar Association.

of the Lafayette Salvation Army, was chairman of the advisory

his BA from Washington and Lee University in Virginia in 1971.

state college. Nevertheless, she continued her educational

Gast was a member and benefactor of the Pulaski County

board from 1996-1998, and continued as an active member until

Following his graduation, he actively served as a lieutenant in

pursuits and graduated with honors in 1957 from Chandler

Historical Society. He was appointed Pulaski Circuit Court

his death.

the U.S. Army for four years. He resigned his commission in

School for Women, followed by attendance at Boston

1975 when he was accepted to law school. He graduated with

University in 1958. Harding relocated to Seattle in 1960 where

distinction in 1978. In 1979, he was admitted to the New York

she married Maurice Harding of Bourne, Mass. They had

court judge in Indiana history. Gast was a partner in Horner,


Bar and remained a member in good standing until his death.

one daughter, Stephanie A. Harding. Harding continued her

He was also instrumental in starting boys’ baseball in the

Charles Weiner, LLB’55, passed away on October 12, 2010.

Williams left Gloversville in 1984 and relocated to Hudson, N.Y.,

education and graduated from the University of Washington

Winamac community. Gast was very active in the Winamac

Weiner met his wife, Patricia, at Indiana University, where he

where he founded and operated Hudson Marine. He sold the

in Seattle with honors in 1974. She attended the University of

community throughout his lifetime, participating in many

played baseball, enrolled in ROTC, and finished law school.

boat dealership in 1993 and moved to Virginia Beach to pursue

Puget Sound in Tacoma and subsequently enrolled at Indiana

organizations and charities.

Born in Brooklyn to German immigrant parents, he served in

his interest in ocean recreation and fishing. Williams was also

University, where she earned a joint JD/MPA degree. Harding

the U.S. Air Force as a JAG officer. He and his wife settled in

interested in collecting and restoring motorcycles. He leaves

was 42 when she graduated from law school and she passed the

Cincinnati, where he practiced law and eventually became

behind his two dogs, Teddy and Octavious, whom he loved

Washington State Bar examination at the age of 52. Harding’s

partner in the firm Marks, Goldsmith and Weiner. His clients

very much. Williams traveled frequently to Europe where he

passions included the law, education, community activism,

George L. Hanna, LLB’53, of Lafayette, Ind., passed away

included Dr. Albert Sabin, J. Ralph Corbett, and artist John

informally studied architecture and culture. He particularly

cancer prevention, and knitting. She made hundreds of hats

on March 18, 2011. Hanna was admitted to the Indiana Bar

Ruthven. Besides his family, Weiner loved the arts, specifically

liked Germany and visited as often as possible. He is survived

and scarves for oncology patients and donated many beauti-

in 1953. He was also admitted to practice before the United

painting. He became enamored with art history and collected

by his lifelong friends.

ful shawls to various breast cancer clinics in the Seattle area.

States Supreme Court. A founding partner in the law firm

and read more than 1,000 books on the topic. The couple

of Hanna, Gerde & Russell, he was of counsel to the firm

opened the Patricia Weiner Gallery of Art in Montgomery, and

in retirement. He served as Tippecanoe County deputy

he focused his expertise on 19th century painting. He and a

prosecuting attorney from 1954-1958, and was twice elected

longtime friend, Kenneth Kreines, formed the American Art

R. Brent Zook, JD’78, of Goshen, Ind., passed away on

church women’s mammogram project. She volunteered her

prosecuting attorney, serving from 1959-1966. He was a

Society of Cincinnati, an organization dedicated to promoting

December 30, 2010. He had been ill since October 2009 with

time and expertise to the courts, professional groups, bar

lecturer at Purdue University for twenty years, and is the

local interest in the arts. After retiring from his law practice,

cancer. He was born December 24, 1951 in Elkhart, Ind., to

association committees, the Neighborhood Legal Clinic in the

author or co-author of five books concerned on the teaching

Weiner traveled extensively with his wife, acquiring additional

the late Robert B. and LaNelle (Taggart) Zook and lived most

Central Area, and First A.M.E. Church. Harding taught law

of business law. Hanna was selected by three Tippecanoe

art and expanding the gallery bearing her name. They also were

of his life in the area. On May 4, 2002, he married Susan

related courses at both the university and community college

County judges to serve as a special prosecuting attorney from

season ticket holders for more than 40 years and attended

Snyder Sellers at the First Church of God, Goshen. Since

level for many years. She also created and launched a success-

1975-1978. He was one of the prosecuting attorneys in the first

dozens of Cincinnati Reds games each season. Word of his

1978, Zook served as a public defender in Goshen. In 1990,

ful GED education program for Seattle’s King County jail. The

case in the State of Indiana in which voice identification was

death spread slowly, but Mrs. Weiner said she has received

he received a Gideon Award. He was a member of the

embodiment of giving back to her community, Harding earned

admitted into evidence at trial. It was the first case in the nation

dozens of letters of condolence that opened up more of her

American Bar Association, National Association of Criminal

over 100 awards and commendations from national, regional,

where computer identification of speech was introduced. In

husband’s life. A former law client wrote to say Mr. Weiner

Defense Lawyers, Indiana Public Defenders Council,

state, and local entities throughout her lifetime.

later years, Hanna served as an adjunct professor at Ivy Tech

saved the family business and conducted himself ethically and

and Goshen Amateur Radio Club. Shortly after his death,

Community College. In addition to his law practice, Hanna was

with great kindness. Other notes referred to his passion for the

an article titled “Clients Recall Zook as Virtuous Lawyer”

a speaker at the National School Board Convention in Dal-

arts, thanking him for sharing his collection and knowledge

was published in the Elkhart Truth, honoring his professional

las and the National Meeting of the American Business Law

enthusiastically. Almost all of the cards recalled his sense of

and personal successes.

Teachers Association in San Francisco. Hanna served for many

humor and kind smile.

McDowell and Gast, which later became Gast and Shurn.

48 + ergo + spring 2011




women breast cancer victims, Harding promoted early breast cancer detection through her African Methodist Episcopal


years as a member of the board of directors of YMCA Camp Tecumseh, and was its president from 1969-1972. He served as

Alarmed by high mortality rates among African-American

49 + www.law.indiana.edu

judge in the 1940s and was, at the time, the youngest circuit


Patrick Baude, 67, the Ralph F. Fuchs Professor Emeritus of Law, died unexpectedly on January 26 after a brief illness. An expert in constitutional law and the federal courts, Baude influenced thousands of Indiana Law students during his 40 years as a faculty member. His distinctive teaching style blended history, philosophy, popular culture, and current events to stretch the students to examine established institutions in light of new ideas. Although Baude retired in 2008, he continued to teach his legendary constitutional law course each spring, and was doing so at the time of his death.

Korean alumni vow to remember bloomington

“He was just the consummate teacher,” said Dean Robel, one of Baude’s former students. “He helped law students understand that complexity wasn’t their enemy. He was, quite frankly, the finest teacher I ever had.” When Baude retired, the Law School honored him with a reception that included unveiling of his official portrait. With typical humility, he told a capacity audience in the Moot Court Room that it’s difficult for teachers to measure their impact. “At least a lawyer gets to win a case,” he said. “I look at my students, and I think I had a small part in what they’ve become. And that’s special.”

Members of the Bul-Mong-Dong Korean alumni group recently trekked up Chung Gye Mountain near Seoul.

In honor of his contributions to the school, the Class of 2011 chose Baude as the recipient of the school’s Gavel Award for distinguished teaching. Baude is survived by his wife, Indiana Law Professor Julia Lamber, and four children. A memorial service will be held at the Law School on October 28.

Indiana Law is represented by its alumni in more than fifty countries. Like alumni in the U.S., they form and maintain lifelong friendships while

William W. Oliver, 89, Professor Emeritus of Law, died on March 13. A former clerk for United States Chief Justices Fred Vinson and Earl Warren, Oliver joined the Indiana Law faculty in 1954, where he taught in the field of tax law and policy for 41 years. “I have spoken with so many alumni who said that Professor Oliver had a huge influence on their law school experience,” Dean Robel said. “As a result of his teaching, many of his students went on to distinguished careers as tax lawyers.”

called Bul-Mong-Dong (say it aloud), which gets together when they’re

Barton L. Kaufman, JD’65, offered a fitting tribute to this iconic professor. “In one’s college’s experiences, a student is fortunate if a professor can have a profound impact on the student,” Kaufman said. “Professor Oliver impacted my life in a manner I could only have dreamed. He awakened in me an interest in taxation that has served me and my clients for a half a century. He was without peer when it came to teaching taxation. I am forever indebted to Bill Oliver.” Kaufman honored Oliver in 2003 by endowing the William W. Oliver Professorship, currently held by Professor Leandra Lederman.

is a place that people always miss, and it’s a second hometown for Korean

Oliver’s wife, Mary, preceded him in death in 2007. He is survived by two children and four grandchildren. The family has planned a private service this summer.

homesick for Bloomington. This spring, 28 alumni took a hiking trip up Chung Gye Mountain, where they reaffirmed their commitment to Indiana Law — an appropriate pledge, for “Bul-Mong-Dong” translates loosely as “I miss Bloomington.” According to WookBai Kim, SJD’09, “Bloomington

students and alumni as well.”

51 + www.law.indiana.edu

50 + ergo + spring 2011

they are in law school. The school’s alumni in Korea have formed a group

A panel of distinguished jurists, including a judge from the U.S. Court of

students wow judges, onlookers at moot court final

Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and the chief judge of the Indiana Court of Appeals, visited Bloomington on February 25 to hear final arguments in the Law School’s annual Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition before a packed audience of students, faculty, and family. Serving on the finals panel this year were Judge Michael Kanne, JD’68, of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit; Chief Judge Margret G. Robb of the Indiana Court of Appeals; Judge Edward J. Najam of the Indiana Court of Appeals; Judge Viola J. Taliaferro, JD’77, formerly of the Monroe Circuit Court; and Indiana Law Professor Ryan W. Scott.

LAW SCHOOL HONORS GRADUATES Faculty, friends, and family joined the Class of 2011 in a recognition ceremony on Saturday, May 7 at the IU Auditorium. This year, 196 JD students were recognized, and an additional 57 students were awarded graduate degrees. The Honorable David Hamilton, Circuit Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and Christopher Edwin Hopkins-Gillispie, JD’11, were the guest speakers at the event. Dean Robel announced that the student body had selected Ralph F. Fuchs Professor Emeritus Patrick Baude to receive the prestigious Gavel Award for distinguished teaching. A member of the Indiana Law faculty for 40 years, Baude died unexpectedly in January 2011. (See related story on page 50.)

The four student advocates were Ivo Austin, Evan Bruno, Ashley Martin, and Paul Vaglica, who advanced to the finals after six earlier rounds of argument. More than 130 students began this year’s competition last September. Bruno and Martin emerged from the final arguments as this year’s Sherman Minton champions. All finalists will be third-year students this fall.

The 2011 Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition finalists (l. to r.): Paul Vaglica, Evan Bruno, Ashley Martin, and Ivo Austin. Bruno and Martin won the competition.

The fictional case, United States v. Speer, dealt with the balance of constitutional rights versus law enforcement needs in states’ efforts to regulate medical marijuana and control cross-border violence. Professor Seth Lahn, director of the competition, noted that both of these timely topics are currently under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. Lahn said that nearly 250 alumni and other attorneys and judges volunteered their time to judge the competition. “The competition simply would not have been possible without them,” he said.

CLASS REUNIONS PLANNED Save the date! The Class of 2001 will be holding its 10-year reunion in Bloomington on Oct. 7-8 and the Class of 1986 will be holding its 25-year reunion on Oct. 15-16. Plans are being finalized now. Be sure to visit the Facebook page for your class at “Indiana Law Class of 1986” and “Indiana Law Class of 2001”. Also, the Class of 1961 will be holding its 50-year reunion in the fall. Details will be announced soon. For more information about class reunions, visit our website, law.indiana.edu, and click on “Alumni.” You’ll find additional information under the “Get Involved” link.

The competition is named after Indiana’s only appointee to the U.S. Supreme Court, Sherman M. Minton, LLB’15. Minton served on the Court from 1949 to 1955 and took part in a number of historic decisions, including

BRING US UP-TO-DATE! Do we have your current mailing information and e-mail address? Please take a moment to visit our website and update us. We don’t want you to miss out on news from Indiana Law, including our new bi-monthly e-mail edition of ergo. Just go to law.indiana.edu/updateus.

53 + www.law.indiana.edu

52 + ergo + spring 2011

Brown v. Board of Education.

ALUMNI EVENTS The IU Maurer School of Law hosts networking and social events throughout the country every year. Here are some highlights of recent events, along with a listing of future events. For updates and additional details, go to law.indiana.edu, and click on “alumni.” +++


Chicago BLSA Dinner. A group of BLSA students and alumni gathered at Rock Bottom Brewery for a networking dinner on Saturday, February 19.


Washington, D.C. Spring Break Student and Alumni Reception. Nearly 100 area alumni and current students gathered with Dean Robel for a reception at the District Chop House and Brewery on Tuesday, March 15.


Washington, D.C. Alumnae Breakfast. A group of area alumnae gathered for breakfast at Poste Moderne

Dean Robel with Denise Walker, JD/MPA’06, at the Washington, D.C. alumnae breakfast on March 16.

Brasserie with Dean Robel on Wednesday, March 16.


New York City Spring Break Student and Alumni Gathering. More than 30 area alumni and current students gathered at O’Casey’s for a happy hour on Friday, March 18.


Fort Wayne Alumni Gathering. Dean Robel and Hon. Stanley A. Levine, LLB’63, joined alumni for a gathering and luncheon in the Orchid Room of the Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory on Thursday, May 19.


Indianapolis Welcome to the City Event. Dean Robel, recent graduates and alumni met with students interning in the area for a networking event at Baker & Daniels LLP on Wednesday, June 1.


Washington, D.C. Welcome to the City Event. Law school alumni and friends gathered at Aria Pizzeria and Bar on Thursday, June 2.

Melissa Mortimer, JD’05, Morgan Rehrig, JD’08, and Dani Weatherford, JD’03, Director of Recruitment, at the D.C. alumnae breakfast.


COMING EVENT Chicago Welcome to the City Event. Details to come; check the website or the Law School’s Facebook page

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(Indiana University — Maurer School of Law).

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William Henderson

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ABA Journal

Journalists and commentators regularly seek the Maurer School of Law faculty and staff’s expertise on a wide variety


Fred Cate

Minneapolis blogger’s defamation trial could

MPR News (Minnesota

have broader impact

Public Radio)

of local, national and global events. Here is a listing of faculty and staff in the media — quoted, interviewed, or referred to — since the beginning of 2011. +++ DATE





Fred Cate

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Fred Cate

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through webcam 5/5/11

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marriage fight 5/1/11

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Charles Geyh

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Bill expands merit selection

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Charles Geyh

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Solicitor general nominee grilled on marriage act

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Charles Geyh

Judge’s re-election bid prompts debate over

Las Vegas Sun

influence, impartiality 3/22/11

Deborah Widiss

Indiana Senate committee to take up marriage

HRC Back Story

discrimination amendment again tomorrow 3/18/11

William Henderson

23 law profs to take before you die

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Fred Cate

IU Maurer School of Law professor testifies

WRTV (Indianapolis);

against airport body scans

Fox 59 News (Indianapolis);


Joseph Hoffmann

US Supreme Court keeps Hank Skinner alive, again

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Ryan Scott

Imprisoned South Bend man fights judicial system

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Mark Janis

FTC chairman visits IU Maurer School of Law



William Henderson

Portland lawyer pay lags Seattle

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Daniel Conkle

US Supreme Court rules for military funeral protesters

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David Williams

Slow Egyptian constitution revision needed

Daily India; Ron Insana Show;

to avoid Mubarak-like successor

Indiana Daily Student; WFHB


Carole Silver

Future law: rethink client needs, or else

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Jeffrey Stake

The order of things

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Deborah Widiss

Amendment to ban same-sex unions passes

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Law schools discuss loans, jobs

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New York law firm raids DC rival

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David Fidler

Shadow of Sino-US “new normal” falls on India

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Lauren Robel

Judge donates Supreme Court collection to IU

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William Henderson

Can law firms offer same flexibility as accounting firms?

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Probably not, law prof says 1/12/11

Lauren Robel

IU law school dean to head law school group

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David Fidler

The definition of insanity

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Dawn Johnsen

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William Henderson

Is law school a losing game?

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Dawn Johnsen

Obama picks new nominee for legal counsel’s office

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Mark Janis

Rewriting patent law

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Deborah Widiss

Opponents warn gay marriage amendment

WIBC radio (Indianapolis)

could backfire 3/14/11

David Williams

Supreme Night Court: Judges relax by trying the fictitious and the dead

The Wall Street Journal

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Security Management

211 S. Indiana Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405-7001


Profile for James Boyd


The spring 2011 of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law magazine


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