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3/25/2013 Aviva Orenstein

Journalists and commentators regularly seek the Maurer School of Law faculty and staff expertise on a wide variety of local, national and global topics. Here is a listing of faculty and staff in the media — quoted, interviewed, or referred to — from November 2012 through May 2013.

date 5/17/2013

faculty Marshall Leaffer

Latino USA with

Maria Hinojosa (NPR)


Goshen (Indiana) News

Ryan W. Scott

5/15/2013 Robert Heidt,

{ 40 } ergo + spring 2013

Día de los muertos: News or noise?


Debate up in arms

National fraternities face more legal risk after court ruling Bloomberg

Donald Gjerdingen

5/13/2013 Mark Janis

Supreme Court rejects farmer’s claim in Monsanto seed

patent case


Disney withdraws attempt to trademark the name

Marshall Leaffer

Capital Press Time

of a holiday


Hannah Buxbaum

New lawyers find bloom still not on hiring rose

Indiana Lawyer


William Henderson

Eleven top law schools teaching law practice technology

eLawyering Blog


Feisal Amin Rasoul

As tensions boil over, how might Iraq prevent return

PBS News Hour


to chronic violence?


William Henderson

Howrey’s bankruptcy and big law firms’ small future

Bloomberg Business Week

4/30/2013 Brian Broughman

In venture capital deals, not every founder will

The New York Times

be Zuckerberg

4/26/2013 Charles Geyh

Judicial nominee’s law firm gives $150,000 to PAC linked

Las Vegas Review-Journal

to Harry Reid

4/26/2013 Jody Madeira

What we want from the Marathon bombing trial

Boston Globe

4/24/2013 Jayanth Krishnan

Law students provide vital help to immigrants

Indiana Lawyer

4/24/2013 Ryan W. Scott

Aid rises for those wrongly convicted

Indiana Lawyer

4/17/2013 Ajay K. Mehrotra

The bipartisan origins of the income tax

Bloomberg View

4/14/2013 Ajay K. Mehrotra

Federal income tax quietly turns 100

Arizona Republic

4/13/2013 Mark Janis

Gene patent controversy winding down

San Diego Union Tribune

4/10/2013 Hannah Buxbaum

IU Maurer professor’s legacy lives on at law school

Indiana Lawyer

4/10/2013 Mark Janis

First-inventor-to-file system creates uncertainty

Indiana Lawyer


Deborah Widiss

Bill would limit cities from requiring some worker benefits Indiana Public Media


Fred H. Cate

Four ways to bolster your hacker defenses

Campus Technology


Seth Lahn

IU law prof: Indiana’s ag-gag bill likely violates

Public News Service


3/28/2013 Deborah Widiss,

Same-sex marriage cases: Questions don’t indicate

The Herald-Times

how justices will rule, IU profs say

(Bloomington, Indiana)

Supreme Court affirmative action case

At Issue

Steve Sanders

3/27/2013 Kevin Brown

(Wisconsin Public Radio)

Observing Passover in prison

outlet Tell Me More (National Public Radio)

3/20/2013 Timothy William

Institute for War and Peace

Do overturned convictions undermine Hague tribunal?



3/19/2013 William Henderson

What every law student needs to excel as an attorney

National Jurist

3/14/2013 Fred H. Cate

Chase fends off cyber attack

The Herald-Times

(Bloomington, Indiana)

3/14/2013 Daniel Conkle

Gun advocates ask enforcers to ignore federal laws


3/12/2013 David Fidler

White House official ratchets up pressure on Chinese

Inside U.S. Trade

cyber espionage

3/12/2013 Hannah Buxbaum

IU fares well in US News graduate school rankings

The Herald-Times

(Bloomington, Indiana)

3/12/2013 William Henderson

Top law school cuts admissions

The Wall Street Journal


Ajay K. Mehrotra

History provides value-added examples

Roll Call


Feisal Amin Rasoul

IU Middle East scholar invited to join the Council

Muncie Free Press


on Foreign Relations


Charles Geyh

A new lease for old judges


Jayanth Krishnan

US varsity study suggests judiciary infrastructure revamp The Indian Express

The Wall Street Journal

2/28/2013 Ryan W. Scott

Lawyer challenges certification of breath test machines

The Indianapolis Star

2/27/2013 Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Indianapolis Bar Association Interrogatories

Indiana Lawyer

2/27/2013 Jayanth Krishnan

Accessing ESR through lower courts a challenge: study

Sakaal (India) Times

2/26/2013 Ajay K. Mehrotra

How the income tax created the modern fiscal state


2/26/2013 Fred H. Cate,

Executive order could warrant cybersecurity response

Compliance Week

I-69 challenge may be hard to win, IU prof says

The Herald-Times

Sarah Jane Hughes

2/24/2013 Daniel Cole




(Bloomington, Indiana)

2/24/2013 Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

Is the Voting Rights Act still needed?

The New York Times

2/22/2013 Michael Mattioli

Farmers fight big ag firms over patents

Noon Edition

(Indiana Public Media)

2/21/2013 Ajay K. Mehrotra

Taxation conversation on the anniversary of income tax

WBEZ Morning Shift (Chicago)

2/21/2013 Luis Fuentes-Rohwer

The partisan politics of election laws


2/21/2013 Susan Williams

Women’s low representation overlooked in

World Politics Review

Myanmar reforms

2/20/2013 David Williams

IU aids quest for democracy in Burma

Nuvo Bloomberg

2/20/2013 David Fidler

Asset freezes among steps Obama urged to take on

cyber thieves

2/13/2013 Hannah Buxbaum

Bringing the real world into the classroom

Indiana Lawyer

2/13/2013 William Henderson

Legal services market changing

Indiana Lawyer

2/11/2013 Jody Madeira

Bill targets harassment of school personnel

The Herald-Times

(Bloomington, Indiana)


Indiana Lawyer

Longtime IU Maurer dean worked in “dream job”

for 33 years


Bill targets cyberbullies

Daniel Conkle

Journal & Courier

(Lafayette, Indiana)

1/31/2013 William Henderson

Law school grapples with student surplus after switch

ABA Journal

to 3L practical skills training

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Indiana Law { in the media }

ergo: Spring 2013  

In this issue we feature our students: Their level of engagement is truly remarkable. You'll also meet the 2013 Academy of Law Alumni Fellow...

ergo: Spring 2013  

In this issue we feature our students: Their level of engagement is truly remarkable. You'll also meet the 2013 Academy of Law Alumni Fellow...