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Abraham Lincoln said, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in

trade.” This issue of ergo focuses on our alumni who donate this most precious commodity. Their stories go well beyond the typical pro bono work of all of us as members of the bar. The time and advice they give — as legal experts and trusted advisors — have made their communities better places to live.

In this issue, we also honor the more than 800 alumni and friends of

the Law School who volunteered their time during the past year in support of the school’s programs. Whether serving as Moot Court judges, participating in our Career Choices series, or helping students hone their networking skills, their — your — efforts are indispensable to our students’ success.

As spring comes to Bloomington, so does the conclusion of another

academic year. On May 5, the school honored 208 JD candidates and 84 students who earned graduate degrees. The Honorable David L. Carden, JD’76, Ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, addressed a full house of graduates and their families at the IU Auditorium. Ambassador Carden also spoke at Indiana University’s graduate commencement ceremony.

Like their fellow graduates before them, our newest alumni will go

on to distinguished careers in private practice, business, academia, and public service. They join nearly 10,000 alumni who work and live all over the world. I know you will join with me in congratulating them and

Stay in touch with Indiana Law

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The Law School has set a goal of 60 hours of pro bono service for all

students during their three years in Bloomington. We are sending this issue

of ergo to them as well, both as a welcome from alumni and so that they

Indiana University Maurer School of Law

can see the example that all of you are setting through your service to the

Indiana University­–Maurer School of Law

community. Please join me in welcoming the Class of 2015.

Assistant Dean for Communications and Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kenneth L. Turchi, JD’83

wishing them every success in their new careers.


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Joseph D. O’Connor, JD’78 President, IU Maurer School of Law Alumni Board

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Interim Dean and John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics . . . Hannah L. Buxbaum

After joining the Los Angeles office of Kirkland & Ellis, Davidson was asked by a client who served on the board of directors of the Western Center on Law and Poverty to become involved with that organization. Founded in 1967, the Western Center is the oldest and largest legal services support center in the state, focusing on housing, health care, and a strong safety net for low-income Californians. It was a fortuitous request. “The exposure to the people at the Western Center and their cause clicked with me right away,” Davidson recalled. And the feelings were mutual: After only one year on the board, Davidson was elected president. In that role, he helped the Center’s executive director transform the board into an active group of advisors who would move the Center forward. The Western Center turned out to be a perfect pro bono client for a large firm like Davidson’s. “Because of its advocacy for low-income clients, the Center has become involved in complex and fast-moving lawsuits,” Davidson said. One of them involved the Rancho los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, which was threatened with closure in 60 days, leaving Los Angeles County with no medical facilities for patients with disabilities. “We had to get experts and affidavits, complete research and discovery, and file for an injunction, all on very short notice,” he recalled. “We couldn’t have done that without the resources of a firm like Kirkland.” The firm and its legal services co-counsel secured a preliminary injunction against the closing of the hospital, which the Ninth Circuit affirmed in Rodde v. Bonta, 357 F.3d 988. “The case was a major victory for the Center’s clients, and it set an important precedent under the Americans with Disabilities Act,” Davidson added. Fundraising has been an important part of Davidson’s board leadership. “In 1996, Congress cut off federal financial support for the Center and others like it,” he explained. “This actually helped us, because it freed us from a lot of restrictive federal regulations, but we had to raise money to keep going.” Davidson has set the example for the board’s role as fundraisers. “You can’t be shy about using your connections and asking for money,” he said. Now on the board


2 + ergo + spring 2012


Davidson has been recognized extensively for his pro bono work, including an article in the Los Angeles Daily Journal titled “Pro Bono Has ‘Benefits beyond the Heart.’” He was also profiled in an article titled “Modest Man of Steel” in Verdicts and Settlements. He was the leader of the trial and appellate team that won the 2005 President’s Award for Pro Bono Service from the California State Bar Association. In March 2012, the Maurer School of Law presented Davidson with its Distinguished Service Award. Davidson’s advice to lawyers choosing pro bono work is simple: Find a cause that personally clicks for you. “There’s never been a greater need for pro bono services than now, even within the middle class,” he pointed out. “Further budget cuts will make the gap in providing legal services even larger, so this is a great time to get involved.”

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of the Center’s endowment, Davidson stays involved as a fundraiser and advisor.

Buroker credits his grandfather, Clarence Slusser, for his interest in community service. “My grandfather owned Grant Memorial Cemetery in Marion, Indiana,” Buroker explained. “In a small community, that’s an important and visible role. And he was a joiner — everything from the Chamber of Commerce to community theatre. I grew up watching him volunteer his time.” Buroker began following his grandfather’s example while still in high school, serving on the Mayor’s Youth Commission in his hometown, Fort Wayne. He learned early that the key to successful volunteering is to want to do it. “If you’re interested in the work, want to help, and do a good job, the opportunities will snowball. If you’re just doing it to pad your resume, you won’t enjoy it — and people will see through it.” In 1990, Buroker joined Krieg DeVault LLP in Indianapolis, where the firm encouraged him to continue his interest in civic affairs. “In October of that year, I was asked to volunteer for the Indiana chapter of the American Heart Association. Twenty-two years later, I’m still doing it,” he said. In 2006–2007, he was the organization’s national chairman. He remains involved locally, volunteering for the Association’s Heart Walk, the Heart of Gold Ball, and the Go Red for Women luncheon events. In Buroker’s view, the Heart Association is an ideal organization for volunteers. “They have a mission and vision, a plan for carrying them out, and meaningful, measurable goals,” he said. “This makes the board much more effective.” The organization also resonates with him personally. “Both of my grandfathers died of heart attacks while still in their early sixties,” he recalled. “The Heart Association has made a real difference in helping people change their habits and live longer.” The association recognized Buroker’s commitment in June 2011, awarding him the Gold Heart Award, its highest honor for volunteers who have supported its mission at the national level. Buroker’s latest engagement is with the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, which recently elected him to its board of directors. “Indianapolis is ranked the 43rd healthiest city in the U.S.,” he said. “Our goal is to move the city into the top


10.” He added that the YMCA, like the Heart Association, is well-run, with a clear mission and meaningful goals. “Attorneys have a special advantage as community volunteers,” Buroker observed. “You’re perceived as having a different skill set, which is a powerful tool for young lawyers — people look up to you, and you can leverage this perception for the good of the community.”


School’s Alumni Board. These wide-ranging interests have one thing in common: passion and commitment, traits


which he says are essential to successful volunteering. “If you get involved in something and you’re not passionate,


get out and get involved in something else,” he said. “But once you find your passion, you’ll be rewarded many


times over.”

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4 + ergo + spring 2012

Buroker’s resume lists some 30 volunteer activities, including his church, the Indianapolis Opera, and the Law

“The sermon pointed out the need for a legal clinic to serve the church neighborhood, which had become distressed,” Kuzma recalled. “There were six attorneys in the congregation who heard the call that day, and we decided to figure out what it would take to form a clinic.” Just 18 months later, in January 1994, the Mapleton-Fall Creek Christian Legal Clinic opened. Kuzma took a leadership role in this new, all-volunteer venture, serving as its unpaid executive director for six years, then as a salaried employee for nine years, thanks to generous grants from the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust and Trinity Episcopal Church. “Our growth has been completely driven by felt needs in the community,” Kuzma explained. “We found that low-income families needed help with their taxes, so we became certified by the IRS as a low-income taxpayer clinic. Our clients needed help with foreclosure long before the current housing crisis, so we became a HUD-certified housing counseling agency. Indianapolis experienced a rapid growth of new immigrants in 2000–2001, and we developed an immigration program.” The scope of the Clinic’s services — and its geographic reach — grew quickly, and the organization was soon renamed the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic. It now serves more than 10,000 clients per year through a network of more than 150 volunteer attorneys and a paid staff of 35 under the direction of Josh Abel, JD’05, its newly appointed director. In 2009, Kuzma joined the Office of the Indiana Attorney General as the director and chief counsel of the Consumer Protection Division. She continues to serve on the board of the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, while applying her community-service expertise to several of the attorney general’s initiatives, including human trafficking. Attorney General Greg Zoeller, JD’82, is co-chair of the Indiana Protection of Abused and Trafficked Humans (IPATH) task force, which seeks to stop this abusive global practice through awareness and legislation. “The 2012 Super Bowl in Indianapolis gave us an excellent opportunity to put our IPATH efforts to use,” Kuzma said. “Unfortunately, major sporting events bring with them human trafficking, both in terms of prostitution and illegal labor. We trained 3,400 people, mainly first responders, how to recognize trafficking cases during Super Bowl week


6 + ergo + spring 2012


others who are seeking to stop this $32 billion industry. In 2011, she was named an international fellow to the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute, where she attended a forum with sixteen other fellows from nine countries to discuss and analyze human trafficking from a global perspective. Kuzma suggests that lawyers choose pro bono work that they’re passionate about. “Some lawyers want to do something different from their typical area of practice; others want to apply existing expertise,” she noted. “Whatever path you choose, make sure you have a clear concept of what you’re taking on. If you choose something different, it helps if training and mentorship are available — and they usually are.” She concluded that lawyers are often surprised by the impact their efforts have — on themselves. “It’s easy for pro bono lawyers to see how their work benefits their clients,” she said. “What many lawyers don’t realize is how rewarding it is for them. I’ve never met a volunteer lawyer who hasn’t found the work enormously rewarding.”

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and beyond.” Kuzma is now consulted regularly as an expert on human trafficking and speaks nationally before


Arend J. Abel, ’86

Kellie M. Johnson Barr, ’06

John P. Breen, ’93

Susan B. Chesley, ’07

Joshua W. Abel, ’05

Matthew B. Barr, ’06

Ronald B. Brodey, ’70

Alison M. Chestovich, ’01

Marc O. Abplanalp, ’03

Jessica P. Barth, ’00

Mary Beth (Kleiser) Brody, ’76

Davina L. Childs, ’93

Hon. Shirley (Schlanger)

Juan C. Basombrio, ’89

William J. Brody, ’76

Joshua L. Christie, ’06

M. Scott Bassett, ’86

Hon. Mitchell G. Brogdon

Robert M. Christie, ’10

Magdalena A. (Przytulska)

Abrahamson, ’56

Bradford W. Bayliff, ’99

Hong-Sik Chung, ’01

Acevedo, ’00

Sr., ’86

Blakeley L. Beals, ’08

Marques C. Brooks, ’07

Kristi Prutow Cirignano, ’00

Kathryn J. Ahlgren, ’08

Stephen W. Beard Jr.,’98

James R. Brotherson, ’78

Thomas A. Clancy, ’73

Anne E. Aikman-Scalese, ’78

Frederick A. Beckman, ’49

Patrick K. Brown

Abigail A. Clapp, ’99

Nathan D. Alder, ’95

Matthew W. Bedan, ’07

Keirian A. Brown, ’09

Christina L. Clark, ’08

Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh, ’06

James K. Bemis, ’85

Joseph L. Brownlee, ’72

David W. Clark, ’05

D. Michael Allen, ’00

Gabriel Bender, ’00

Steven C. Bruess, ’89

Rachael N. Clark, ’05

David E. Amaya, ’08

Maria E. Bennett, ’08

Matthew D. Bruno, ’07

Rachel E. Clark, ’07

Erica Andersen

Anne A. Bennett, ’91

George E. Buckingham, ’63

Shannon L. Clark, ’95

Jamie Andree

Spiro Bereveskos, ’81

Gregory A. Bullman, ’02

Kathleen Claussen

Robert G. Andree, ’82

Adam J. Berlin, ’99

Jerry J. Burgdoerfer, ’83

Catherine A. Clements, ’09

Jeffrey S. Ankrom, ’04

Stephen D. Berman, ’91

Robert E. Burkett Jr., ’80

Christal J. Coakley, ’08

Benjamin D. Arden, ’05

Tracy N. Betz-Sandifur, ’04

Jonathan Burns

Hamish S. Cohen, ’01

Samuel R. Ardery, ’83

Krista (Duncan) Black, ’96

Stephen F. Burns, ’68

Howard R. Cohen, ’78

Phyllis Armstrong

Paul E. Black, ’70

Andrew B. Buroker, ’89

T.J. Cole

Ian D. Arnold, ’01

Brian Blaine

Heather N. Burton, ’09

James A. Coles

David A. Arthur, ’75

K. Steven Blake, ’90

John P. Bushemi, ’73

Mark Commons

Bruce J. Artim, ’82

James F. Bleeke, ’85

Matthew G. Butcher, ’08

Michael P. Commons, ’03

Stephanie A. Artnak, ’07

Nicholas R. Blesch, ’09

Carl W. Butler, ’04

Clyde D. Compton, ’65

Kathleen A. (Buchler)

Jeffrey A. Block, ’84

Jonathan Byrer

Sean Connolly

Christopher A. Bloom, ’75

Eleanor P. Cabrere, ’93

Kerry C. Connor, ’88

Bryan H. Babb, ’99

Jack A. Bobo, ’96

John S. Callahan, ’88

Catherine A. Conway, ’78

Lowell E. Baier, ’64

Timothy J. Boeglin, ’84

David T. Callan, ’07

Timothy M. Conway, ’85

Brian E. Bailey, ’00

Mindy L. Boehr, ’08

Nicole F. Cammarota, ’04

Jessie A. Cook, ’79

Nathaniel E. Bailey, ’08

Elizabeth McCraw Bonney, ’10

Jason Campbell

Jason P. Cooper, ’92

J. Adam Bain, ’86

Samuel R. Born II, ’70

Thomas F. Capshew, ’86

John T. Cooper, ’92

Michael S. Baker, ’01

Hannah R. Bornstein,’07

David L. Carden, ’76

David E. Corbitt, ’97

Elizabeth Lewis Baney, ’07

Emmanuel V. R. Boulukos, ’08

Jeffrey L. Carmichael, ’95

Thomas C. Cornwell, ’72

Nathan D. Baney, ’07

F. Wesley Bowers, ’51

James M. Carr, ’75

Hon. Maria L. Corona, ’81

Michael H. Baniak, ’80

Eric E. Boyd, ’86

Willard Z. Carr, ’50

Michelle T. Cosby, ’06

Holly Banta

Geoffrey J. Bradley, ’94

Philip L. Carson, ’67

Edward Courtney

Denise Y. Barkdull, ’97

Carly A. Brandenburg, ’07

Amie Peele Carter

Amanda C. Couture, ’04

Hon. Sarah Evans Barker

Stephen M. Brandenburg, ’07

Kyle A. Cassidy, ’11

Jason M. Covert, ’10

Ryan Barker

Derek Y. Brandt, ’95

Gregory A. Castanias, ’90

Greta (Gerberding)

Mark P. Barnes

Cherri L. Branson, ’85

Beth Cate

Frank A. Barnhart, ’57

Martha M. Braswell, ’98

Won Kyung Chang, ’03

Kathryn E. Cox

Austin, ’88

Cowart, ’85

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Peter H. Dykstra, ’97

Steven D. Forry, ’02

Keith L. Griffin, ’00

Marion P. Herrington, ’85

Hon. James A. Joven, ’92

Bethany D. Krueger

Duncan A. MacDonald, ’69

Aaron T. Craft, ’10

Derek K. Early, ’08

Phil Fowler

Eric Groen

Mark A. Herrmann

Laurel S. Judkins, ’02

Kenneth G. Kubes, ’02

John W. Madison, ’02

Darren A. Craig, ’04

Ross D. Eberly, ’09

Kristen H. Fowler, ’07

Liane C. Groth-Hulka, ’05

Jennifer M. Hesch, ’08

Nu Ri Jung, ’08

Abigail L. Kuzma, ’81

Lindsey L.G. Magaro, ’09

Patrick S. Cross, ’93

William B. Edge, ’98

Dorothy J. Frapwell, ’73

Alex E. Gude, ’09

Hon. Frances G. Hill, ’80

John H. Kahle, ’83

John M. Kyle III, ’79

Sean D. Major, ’89

Gillian S. Crowl, ’10

Susan T. Edlavitch, ’76

Angela L. Freel, ’98

Kalpak S. Gude, ’94

Michael J. Hinchion, ’80

Robert A. Kalinsky

Sarah M. Kyle, ’03

David J. Mallon Jr., ’75

Patricia D. Cummings, ’02

Yolanda D. Edwards, ’03

Mary M. Freeman, ’01

Ryan J. Guillory, ’08

Sean M. Hirschten, ’10

Randall J. Kaltenmark, ’96

Scott M. Kyrouac, ’85

Chris Malloy

Hon. Elizabeth Cure

Brian Eisenman

Michael H. Freese, ’83

Stephanie Gumm

Nestor F. Ho, ’93

Hon. Michael S. Kanne, ’68

Brian J. Lally, ’01

Sean T. Maloney, ’86

James W. Curtis Jr., ’71

Jill A. Ellis, ’03

Christian M. Freitag ’97

Philippa M. Guthrie, ’91

John Hobson

Robert P. Kassing, ’64

Angela R. Lang, ’95

Marc F. Malooley, ’01

Warren W. Cutshall, ’05

D. G. Elmore Jr., ’84

Eric A. Frey, ’67

Matthew R. Gutwein, ’88

Hon. E. Michael Hoff Jr., ’75

James L. Katz, ’98

Jon Laramore

Thomas Y. Man, ’97

Patricia A. Daly, ’77

Jennifer A. Elston, ’04

Joshua Frick

Philip J. Gutwein, ’01

Leroy W. Hofmann, ’58

Brett P. Kaufman, ’09

Mary (Nold) Larimore, ’80

Michael G. Mangarelli, ’00

Richard J. Darko, ’68

John Emanuele

Thomas M. Frohman, ’83

Bruce C. Haas, ’83

Paul R. Hogan, ’09

Jeffrey A. Kehr, ’97

Robert D. Lattas, ’01

Hon. Elizabeth (Noyes)

Sonia C. Das, ’00

Margaret (Tandy) Emmert, ’01

Randy Frykberg

Marvin L. Hackman, ’59

Jarrod D. Holtsclaw, ’98

Matthew D. Kellam, ’01

Kevin Laurence

Gary L. Davis, ’82

Tyler B. Engar, ’06

Matthew T. Furton, ’95

Stephen J. Hackman, ’84

Darrick J. Hooker, ’00

Hon. Marc Kellams, ’78

V. Samuel Laurin III, ’87

Alphonso Manns, ’72

Amy E. Dawson, ’92

Michael D. Engber, ’67

Stephanie E. Gabay-Smith, ’87

Mark A. Hagedorn, ’98

Renea E. Hooper, ’05

Barbara J. Kelley, ’73

Lisa (Arent) Lawless, ’92

Scott A. Marks

Carina M. de la Torre, ’04

J. Scott Enright, ’90

Nicholas K. Gahl, ’08

Kevin A. Halloran ’92

Michael E. Hopkins, ’05

Matthew J. Kelley, ’08

Jeffrey A. Lawson, ’10

Derrick A. Mason, ’05

Erica L. De Santis, ’96

Kevin Erdman

Nicole A. Gaines, ’96

Mary (Hall) Ham, ’74

Mark J. Horvick, ’06

Jason D. Kelly

David J. Lazerwitz, ’95

Janie K. Maurer

Paul A. Dean, ’98

Philip C. Eschels, ’83

Rose E. Gallagher, ’99

Hon. David F. Hamilton

Stacey E. Horvick, ’06

Melissa Kelly

Dan Lechleiter

Michael S. Maurer, ’67

Richard A. Dean, ’73

Sidney D. Eskenazi, ’53

Kenneth A. Gandy

John M. Hamilton, ’86

Byron E. Hotchkiss, ’09

Kristen Kemp

Gara U. Lee, ’00

Jordan D. Mazur, ’07

Shane D. Deaton, ’04

David C. Evans, ’71

Robert A. Garelick, ’66

Lee H. Hamilton, ’56

Sara L. Hounshell, ’08

Melina (Maniatis)

Stephen W. Lee, ’77

Jane E. McBath, ’98

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux, ’78

Stacee E. Evans, ’96

Laura M. Gaskill, ’06

Thomas M. Hamilton Jr., ’69

Michael A. Huerta, ’83

Alex B. Leeman, ’09

Peter C. McCabe III, ’85

Daniel J. Deeb, ’96

Mike Evers

Chris Gaspar

Hon. Lance D. Hamner, ’87

Michael J. Hulka, ’01

Jason L. Kennedy, ’96

Mark K. Leeman, ’07

Andrew McCoy

Thomas E. Deer, ’94

Jonathan L. Faber

Ben Gates

Kara A. Hancuff, ’07

Andrew W. Hull, ’86

Allison Kerndt

Kevin Leffel

Jeremy P. McCrary, ’08

Maria G. DeFord, ’03

Kenneth J. Falk

Jennifer E. Gauger, ’02

Jeanette Hanna-Ruiz, ’04

Nancy Hunt

Kevin J. Kiernan, ’07

Kurt M. Leinenbach, ’02

Thomas R. McCully, ’66

Brian R. DeHem, ’09

Kirk D. Falvay, ’72

Joseph D. Gaunt, ’01

Scott R. Hansen, ’92

Michael E. Hunt, ’69

Hee-Kyoon Kim, ’05

Debbie Lemon

Renee (Mawhinney)

Ann M. DeLaney, ’77

P. Stephen Fardy, ’94

Gordon I. Gendler, ’84

Bradley E. Hargis, ’06

V. William Hunt, ’69

Sung-Won Kim, ’08

Millard D. Lesch, ’67

Kathleen A. DeLaney, ’95

Troy D. Farmer, ’97

Philip C. Genetos, ’77

Hon. Teresa Harper

Tom Hutchinson

Hank H. Kim, ’95

Alan A. Levin, ’82

Eugene J. McGarvey Jr., ’61

Rhett R. Dennerline, ’89

Penelope S. Farthing, ’70

Gerald F. George, ’69

Harold A. Harrell, ’61

Douglas W. Hyman, ’95

Frank Kimball

Branch R. Lew, ’82

Patrick J. McGowan, ’04

Cary A. Depel, ’89

Christine L. Feil, ’06

Samuel C. Giesting, ’10

Levi S. Harris, ’06

Jeffrey B. Hyman, ’03

Jack F. Kimberling, ’50

Megan B. Lewis, ’07

Laurence A. McHugh, ’73

Anne (Nading) DePrez, ’81

Hon. Paul A. Felix, ’95

Laura M. Ginn, ’07

Oliver H. Harris III, ’69

Clara A. Ignich, ’09

Reilly M. Kimmerling, ’07

Bruce Yuan-hao Liao, ’03

William A. McKenna, ’05

Chris M. Devlin, ’10

Thomas J. Felts, ’79

R. Neil Irwin, ’71

Cynthia A. King, ’91

Troy D. Liggett, ’09

Lisa C. McKinney, ’92

Stephen E. Fenn, ’06

Kendra Gowdy Gjerdingen Daniel W. Glavin, ’80

Wayne A. Harris, ’90

Daniel K. DeWitt, ’94

Daniel P. Harris, ’84

David H. Jacobs

Hon. Angela M. King, ’96

Raymond A. Limon, ’95

R. Bruce McLean, ’71

Robert P. DeWitte, ’07

John T. Ferguson Jr., ’93

Mary K. Glazner

Justin J. Harrison, ’05

Rebecca L. Bailey

Spencer H. King, ’06

Jeff Lind

William F. McNagny, ’47

William S. Dickenson, ’90

David L. Ferguson, ’81

M. Kristin Glazner, ’02

Herbert D. Hart III, ’77

Robert D. King, ’98

Laura A. Linneball, ’91

Thomas P. McNulty, ’83

Hon. Mary Ellen Diekhoff, ’86

Kathleen E. Field, ’09

Rodney D. Glover, ’05

Holly M. Harvey, ’97

Jay Jaffe, ’82

Clark P. Kirkman, ’09

Thomas M. Lofton, ’54

Colleen R. McPhearson, ’89

Sarah M. DiLorenzo, ’94

Elizabeth G. Filipow, ’83

Maggie Gloyeske

Lakshmi D. Hasanadka,’03

Bob Jalaie

Daniel M. Kirwan, ’74

Robert A. Long, ’71

Joseph M. Meadows, ’02

David J. Dinaburg, ’08

Corinne R. Finnerty, ’81

Heidi G. Goebel, ’97

Nina R. Hatfield, ’73

Robert A. Jefferies Jr., ’66

James A. Klimek, ’92

Arthur A. Lopez, ’83

Daniel A. Medrea, ’69

Jason Dinges

Mindy A. Finnigan, ’02

David Gohn

Hon. Valerie Haughton

David E. Jefferies, ’98

Trenten D. Klingerman, ’01

Alexander Lopez, ’88

Hannah L. Meils, ’03

Michael J. Dommermuth, ’83

John P. Fischer, ’97

Jeff Gold

John C. Haury, ’75

Jessica Itzie Jenkins, ’09

Gregory C. Knapp, ’81

Hon. Basil H. Lorch III, ’74

Robert S. Meitus, ’00

Donald P. Dorfman, ’57

Larry R. Fisher, ’68

Rainier Gonzalez, ’98

Augustavia (Johnson)

Karen E. Jenkins, ’03

Gregory S. Knapp, ’08

Teri M. Lorenz, ’79

Diana L. Mercer, ’88

Robert E. Downey, ’06

Hon. Thomas G. Fisher, ’65

Steven E. Goode, ’93

Manotti L. Jenkins, ’96

Nancy (Vozar) Knapp, ’83

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Kelly P. Fitzgerald

Daniel J. Goshorn, ’08

Norman J. Hedges, ’98

Chad Johnson

Gearold L. Knowles, ’73

J. Andrew Lowes, ’94

Suzanne Michel

Darya S. Druch, ’88

Emily L. Fitzgerald, ’01

Mark B. Gramelspacher, ’90

Julia Heitz

Kelly A. Johnson, ’90

Laura J. Koenig, ’07

Dwight D. Lueck

Clayton C. Miller, ’93

Tanya S. D’Souza

John M. Fitzgerald, ’77

Conor D. Granahan, ’05

Gayle Helart

Stephen J. Johnson, ’73

Stephen M. Koers, ’92

Daniel J. Lueders, ’86

Jonathan S. Miller, ’01

Robert A. Dubault, ’95

James F. Fitzpatrick, ’59

Donald I. Grande, ’66

Hon. Carl A. Heldt III, ’69

Belinda R. Johnson-

G. Vincent Kovatch, ’09

Donald R. Lundberg, ’76

Robert T. Miller, ’80

Shakeba DuBose, ’04

Scott Flaherty

E. Lynn Grayson, ’86

Tyler D. Helmond, ’09

James S. Kowalik, ’78

Thomas C. Lunsford, ’02

Julie D. Miller, ’08

Lucelly Duenas, ’05

Scott N. Flanders, ’82

Carl A. Greci, ’93

Lindsey A. Hemly, ’09

R. William Jonas Jr., ’81

Nicole A. Kozdron, ’09

Dallin D. Lykins, ’10

Sonia L. Miller-Van Oort, ’97

Laura J. Durfee, ’09

Michael E. Flannery, ’83

Beth K. Greene ’82

Donald G. Henderson, ’71

Kurt Jones

Jonathan D. Kramer, ’00

Susan C. Lynch, ’93

Lloyd H. Milliken Jr., ’60

David P. Durm, ’98

Hector L. Flores, ’83

David E. Greene, ’74

Blaire M. Henley, ’05

Aleka L. Jones, ’07

Joann J. Krantz, ’78

Byung-Woon Lyou, ’03

Matthew B. Millis, ’06

Todd C. Dvorak, ’10

Marisa J. Ford, ’85

Katherine M. Grgic, ’09

E. Maria Hermann, ’02

Gregory J. Jordan, ’84

Jeremy M. Kridel, ’10

Kelli A. M. O’Neil, ’10

David C. Milne, ’94

Haydel, ’85

Jacobsen, ’06

Hurtado, ’05

Kennedy, ’95

Mann, ’76

McDermott, ’78

11 +

10 + ergo + spring 2012

Reid A. Cox, ’00

12 + ergo + spring 2012

Katherine A. Miltner, ’05

Roger L. Pardieck, ’63

Jason R. Reese, ’97

Jason T. Schnellenberger, ’07

Sara (Rollins) Slaughter, ’88

Beth A. Tevlin, ’85

Mark R. Waterfill, ’86

Joseph H. Yeager Jr., ’83

Kathleen A. Moccio, ’87

Angela (Foster) Parker, ’94

Deanna Reichel

Thomas F. Schnellenberger

Candi N. Smiley, ’04

Terrance T. Tharpe, ’03

Jennifer L. Weber, ’03

Brian Yeley, ’99

Derek R. Molter, ’07

Justin C. Parker, ’10

Rodney S. Retzner

George P. Smith, II, ’64

David J. Theising, ’80

Zeff A. Weiss, ’83

Holly L. Yoakum, ’06

Katie K. Molter, ’07

Kenneth L. Parker, ’97

R. Christopher Reynolds, ’96

Dennis L. Schoff, ’86

Joseph L. Smith Jr., ’95

Jeffrey A. Thinnes, ’84

Martin A. Weissert, ’59

Andrew J. Yoder, ’04

Martin Montes, ’95

Rahul Monish Patel, ’00

Stephen E. Reynolds, ’08

Ann K. Schooley, ’98

Steven P. Smith, ’00

Hon. Ellen K. Thomas, ’73

Danielle Rifkin Weksler, ’97

Pete R. Yonkman, ’98

Burke J. Montgomery, ’99

Sara E. Patrick, ’95

Katrina Reynolds, ’96

Greg Schrage

Paul L. Smith, ’69

Milton O. Thompson, ’79

Kirmille D. Welbon, ’09

Hongsun Yoon, ’02

Raeanna S. Moore, ’97

George T. Patton Jr., ’87

Richard S. Rhodes, ’53

Matthew T. Schulz, ’10

John D. Snethen, ’01

TaKeena M. Thompson, ’09

Destiny L. Wenning, ’08

Hon. Richard L. Young

Ronald J. Moore, ’95

Martha Paul

Gustavo F. Ribeiro, ’06

Jennifer L. Schuster, ’08

Marc D. Sokol, ’01

Scott Timmerman

Martha B. Wentworth, ’90

Richard W. Young, ’81

Mariah E. Moran, ’00

Stephen H. Paul, ’72

John F. “Jeff” Richardson, ’77

Glenn Scolnik, ’78

Sean D. Solberg

Hon. John D. Tinder, ’75

Marcy Wenzel

Daniel A. Zeft, ’93

Michael M. Morris, ’11

Timothy B. Paul, ’04

Kimberly Richardson, ’06

Laura A. Scott, ’95

Tammy Somers

David O. Tittle, ’67

Charlotte F. Westerhaus, ’92

Gerald Jay Zelenock, ’98

James K. Morse, ’82

Jeffrey M. Peabody, ’08

James G. Richmond, ’69

John T. Scott, ’61

Hugo Chad Songer, ’60

Courtney R. Tobin, ’92

Nancy E. Wever, ’81

Mark J. Ziegelbein

Sarah Moshe

Nora E. Peoples, ’82

Adam J. Richter, ’05

Zaldwaynaka L. Scott, ’83

Tiffany L. Sorge Smith, ’07

Eric A. Todd, ’93

Bethann Whelchel, ’08

Hon. Patrick J. Zika, ’73

Jerry Moss, ’62

Louis Perry

Clarine Nardi Riddle, ’74

Frank Seales Jr., ’74

Mary E. Spears, ’07

Frank E. Tolbert, ’55

David D. White, ’09

John M. Mueller, ’97

Charles M. Persons Jr., ’07

Jeffrey K. Riffer, ’78

John E. Seddelmeyer, ’74

Steven Spence

Angelina A. Torain, ’97

John W. Whiteleather Jr., ’65

Megan A. Mullet, ’11

Jeffrey P. Petrich, ’84

Timothy J. Riffle, ’83

John M. Segal, ’71

Michael J. Spencer, ’73

Hugh Totten

James L. Whitlatch, ’84

Edward B. Ned Mulligan, ’10

Mark J. Phillipoff, ’80

Robert S. Rifkin, ’72

Randolph L. Seger, ’72

Myra (Podvoll) Spicker, ’73

Daniel J. Tounsel, ’06

Lora M. Whitticker, ’02

Erin M. Mundy, ’01

Suzanne J. Phillips, ’98

Randall R. Riggs, ’77

Taylor C. Segue, ’83

Emily A. Springston, ’01

Stephen M. Trattner, ’70

Dawn A. Wilderick-Cole, ’98

Tiffany Munsell

Jeanne M. Picht, ’94

William R. Riggs, ’63

Daniel B. Seitz, ’68

Kathleen (O’Connor)

Arthur R. Traynor, ’07

Amanda C. Wiley, ’05

Hon. Edward W. Najam Jr.

Noah B. Pinegar, ’10

Jonathan E. Rinehart, ’10

Andrea Sellers

Patrisha S. Troy, ’07

B. Curtis Wilkinson Jr., ’72

Armeen Najjar

Kirk A. Pinkerton, ’75

Sarah S. Riordan, ’93

Hon. Bruce M. Selya

Matthew R. St. Louis, ’04

Malcolm J. Tuesley, ’99

Kirk Wilkinson, ’84

Angela Karras Neboyskey, ’00

Michael R. Pinkston, ’08

David B. Rivera, ’03

Daniel E. Serban, ’82

Richard E. Stahl, ’71

Frederick A. Turner, ’93

Barbara J. Williams

David A. Neboyskey, ’00

Casey J. Plant, ’10

Laurie N. Robinson, ’98

Todd M. Sermersheim, ’04

Brian G. Stallworth, ’10

Mary E. Tuuk, ’90

Brian P. Williams, ’81

Mark E. Need, ’92

Dustin L. Plummer, ’06

Richard D. Robinson, ’71

Steven J. Sersic, ’94

Theodore C. Stamatakos, ’90

Dan Tychonievich

Brian S. Williams, ’89

Nelson A. Nettles, ’92

John L. Pogue, ’69

Kevin R. Robling, ’98

Sue A. Shadley, ’77

Andrew J. Stamm, ’07

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Maryann (O’Leary)

Thomas R. Newby, ’87

Todd Ponder

Laura E. Rogers, ’09

Peter J. Shakula II, ’89

Amber L. Stefankiewicz, ’06

Lynn Tyler

Tim Niednagel

Joseph J. Pophal, ’92

Michael A. Rogers, ’08

Howard Shapiro

Karl S. Steinmanis, ’73

Michael F. Ullom, ’09

Maurice L. Williams, ’06

Henry S. Noyes, ’94

Steven M. Post, ’77

Susan (Eads) Role, ’87

Jennifer L. Shea, ’03

Roger T. Stelle, ’70

Michael E. Uslan, ’76

Gerry L. Williams, ’95

Bob Null

Lisa A. Powell, ’84

J.P. Roman-Lagunas

John Shean

Jeffrey D. Stemerick, ’10

Hon. Nancy Vaidik

Jeremiah I. Williamson, ’10

Rory O’Bryan, ’72

Jill T. Powlick, ’95

Hon. Flerida P. Romero, ’55

Todd S. Shellenbarger, ’90

Judi Stewart

Jose G. Valtierra, ’82

David A. Willis, ’60

Anna K. Obergfell, ’09

Stacy Prall

Anthony J. Rose, ’90

Hon. Randall T. Shepard

Milton R. Stewart, ’71

Inge M. Van der Cruysse, ’04

J. Stephen Wills, ’06

Edward F. O’Connor, ’69

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Joseph D. O’Connor, ’78

Elissa J. Preheim, ’96

Justin D. Stimson, ’09

Jessica L. Van Dalen, ’10

Julie P. Wilson, ’99

Jamison S. Prime, ’96

Gavin M. Rose, ’06 Joel Rosenbloom, ’54

Hon. V. Sue Shields, ’61

William L. O’Connor, ’89

Lon D. Showley, ’69

Gregg E. Strellis, ’88

James L. Vana, ’93

Darcie L. (Fawcett)

Marc Odier, ’86

Amy E. Price, ’11

Robert Roth, ’77

Marguerite Shreve

Daniel B. Strunk, ’04

Donald VanDerMoere

M. Dave O’Guinn

Jennifer Prusak

Peter Rouker

Thomas L. Shriner Jr., ’72

Natalie J. Stucky, ’89

Lawrence A. Vanore, ’86

Robert M. Winteringham, ’94

Manuel R. Ojeda II, ’80

Doris L. Pryor, ’03

Michael M. Rouker, ’07

Michael D. Shumate

Shana C. Stump, ’06

Ann C. Varnon, ’86

Gordon D. Wishard, ’69

James R. Oliver, ’92

Johnny D. Pryor, ’02

Lucas M. Rudisill, ’08

Elizabeth A. Shuster, ’03

Hon. Frank E. Sullivan Jr., ’82

Hon. Salvador Vasquez, ’91

Alan C. Witte, ’70

Jordan Olivetti

Philip M. Purcell, ’85

Marissa Van Saanen

Darin A. Siders, ’01

David W. Sullivan, ’73

Kirsten Vasquez

Richard C. Witte, ’56

Shiv O’Neill, ’01

Shaun M. Raad, ’07

Michael Sachs

Elaine K. B. Siegel, ’82

Ernest Summers III, ’80

Juile A. Veach, ’97

Mark S. Wojciechowski, ’81

John C. Onoda, ’76

Peter M. Racher, ’86

Munjot Sahu, ’09

Aaron M. Silver, ’02

Janis L. Summers, ’78

Hon. Albert J. Velasquez, ’73

Benjamin A. Wolowski, ’10

Kathy L. Osborn, ’99

Aaron R. Raff, ’02

Marisol Sanchez, ’02

Matthew Silverman, ’03

Andrew W. Swain, ’88

Hon. Jesse M. Villalpando, ’84

Jennifer M. Wolsing, ’07

Shawn P. O’Shaughnessy, ’97

David A. Rammelt, ’90

Rafael A. Sanchez, ’02

Jacqueline A. Simmons, ’79

Kathleen M. Sweeney, ’84

Peter D.P. Vint, ’74

Brad E. Wolven, ’98

Suzanne M. O’Shea, ’78

William A. Ramsey, ’06

Steve Sanders

Jeffrey L. Simnick, ’81

Andrew A. Szakaly Jr., ’75

Donald J. Vogel, ’85

Hon. Diane P. Wood

Brandy A. Osimokun, ’03

Matthew R. Raper, ’09

Elizabeth R. Sanders, ’09

Hon. Philip P. Simon, ’87

Hon. Viola J. Taliaferro, ’77

Ted A. Waggoner, ’78

Donald Woodard, ’95

Andrew D. Otis, ’90

Angela L. Rapp Weber, ’06

Christopher Saporita, ’03

Philip T. Simpson, ’77

Emily L. Tamlyn, ’07

Denise A. Walker, ’06

Jamhal L. Woolridge, ’04

Michael W. Ott, ’07

Patrick W. Rasche, ’93

Christopher G. Scanlon, ’80

Alexander Simpson, ’11

Ashley E. Tatman, ’04

Michael S. Wallack, ’91

Mark E. Wright, ’89

Andrea M. Ott, ’07

Michael N. Red, ’04

Devin K. Schaffer, ’08

Ritu Singh

Christian C. Taylor, ’94

Joseph B. Walterman, ’03

Robert S. Wynne, ’85

Carl D. Overman, ’52

Nithin B. Reddy, ’07

William J. Schenck, ’94

George Sistevaris, ’87

Jeremy M. Teipen, ’03

Judith A. Waltz, ’81

Elizabeth J. Wysong, ’05

Marianne M. Owen,’91

James L. Reed Jr., ’92

John T. Schlafer, ’09

Allan T. Slagel, ’88

Peter P. Ten Eyck, ’02

Jonathan B. Warner, ’06

C. Daniel Yates, ’73

F. Anthony Paganelli, ’95

Tasha S. Reed, ’02

Charles Schmal

Geoffrey G. Slaughter, ’89

Kevin Tessier, ’96

Elizabeth M. Warren, ’83

Ryan J. Yates, ’10

Jr., ’79

St. Louis, ’84

Williams, ’88

Winkle, ’04




Leonard D. Fromm, Associate Dean for Students and Alumni, has

On Saturday, May 5, 208 JD students and 84 graduate students

were recognized in a ceremony in the IU Auditorium before a capacity crowd that included faculty and staff, family, and friends. Dean Buxbaum reminded the graduates that “the education in which you have invested has value that transcends your professional lives. We are privileged to live in a country whose democratic political order is anchored in the rule of law. As lawyers . . . , you can now stand up for those who are unable to articulate and defend their rights; you can now guide others in identifying and pursuing morally and legally good courses of action. You can now partici-


announced his retirement, effective July 31. Fromm joined the Law School in 1979 and has been a counselor and adviser to thousands of students, maintaining contact with many of them throughout their professional lives. His modesty, warmth, wisdom, and humor have won him accolades from students, faculty, and alumni, including the receipt of the school’s Gavel Award five times throughout his career.

pate fully as citizens in the communities in which you live, which brings

“It’s impossible to imagine the Law School without Len Fromm,” said

personal as well as professional fulfillment.”

Dean Buxbaum, echoing the sentiments of the Indiana Law community.


“But we’re not letting him get away completely. He’ll be teaching for us

The Honorable David L. Carden, JD’76, United States Ambassador

to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, was the keynote speaker. Carden has more than 30 years’ experience in the global legal profession, having lived for sustained periods in nine countries. His career has given him a unique vantage point as an ambassador, one that has convinced him

and keeping an office at the Law School.” A fitting tribute to Fromm will be announced later, and a feature article will appear in the December issue of ergo.

that we need to “change the world and the way we live in it.” He cited

Catherine L. Matthews, JD’06, will assume Fromm’s student affairs

more than fifteen opportunities and problems facing the world, including

duties. Matthews joined the Office of Student Affairs in 2007 and is currently

“managing the transition to an equitable and rules-based global economy;

assistant dean. Andrea C. Havill will continue as Assistant Dean for

preparing and responding to global pandemics and natural disasters. . . ;

Alumni Relations.

and saying no to the heartbreak of human and wildlife trafficking.” 3

Carden urged his audience to embrace these challenges, noting that


lawyers are supremely qualified to make a difference. “The most rewarding Interim Dean Hannah L. Buxbaum and Ambassador David L. Carden, JD’76

work we can do will be to use the law to help solve the global challenges facing all of us, to find and prosper communities and places that need us to do what we have been trained to do. That surely is the real work of the world.” 3

Kelsey Hanlon, JD’12, was selected by her classmates to deliver

the student address. “I won’t tell you to go out and change the world with your law degree,” she said. “Quite frankly, I know that most of you will do just that in the quiet, principled, unflashy ways that only good lawyers can. What I will do is make a few simple requests: Be kind. Work hard. And wake up each day full of gratitude. Gratitude for all of the opportunities you’ve had, and gratitude for all the experiences that await you.” ++

Leonard D. Fromm

15 +

14 + ergo + spring 2012

Indiana Law faculty and deans stand in recognition as the Class of 2012 enters the IU Auditorium.

A lawyer turned corporate executive, Stephen F. Burns has built a company from a small van line to a household name. Burns graduated from Indiana Law in 1968, where he was elected to Order of the Coif. He initially went to work for his father’s law firm, where he began working with Earnest S. Wheaton, who founded a small van line in 1945. Wheaton took Burns under


his wing and coaxed him into taking the helm of the company in 1987. Burns and his management team developed a five-year plan for Wheaton to reach $95 million in revenue by 2007. That goal was reached two years early in 2005. Wheaton’s recent purchase of Bekins Van Lines makes the company the fourth-largest moving and storage company in the U.S. Burns has received numerous honors for his industry achievements,


including Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2006 (Indiana, Midwest and U.S. finalist); 2008 Lifetime Achievement award from the American Moving and Storage Association (the industry’s highest award); and Wheaton’s highest honor, the Extra Mile award, in 2010. He has also been an active volunteer, with a special emphasis on Give Kids the World, which helps children with life-threatening illnesses realize their dreams of


visiting Disney World. Burns stepped down as Wheaton’s CEO in September 2008, but he remains the company’s chairman, focusing on acquisitions

On March 23, four distinguished alumni were inducted into the School’s

and diversification.

Academy of Law Alumni Fellows during a ceremony at the Indiana Memorial Union. Induction into the academy is the highest honor the Law School can


bestow on its graduates. The Academy consists of an elite group that includes U.S. senators, federal

Dorothy J. Frapwell has dedicated her professional life to her alma mater,

judges, successful business leaders, and distinguished practitioners. Each brings

building a reputation as a strategic thinker, an expert in higher education

honor to the legal profession and enhances the Maurer School of Law’s national

practice and a collaborative colleague. She joined Indiana University in

and global reputation. The 2012 inductees include an accomplished entrepre-

1975 and was the IU Medical Center attorney until 1990, where she advised

neur, a longtime IU general counsel, a distinguished tax attorney, and a widely

doctors and administrators on challenging matters of patient care, ethics,

16 + ergo + spring 2012

“Our newest additions to the Academy of Law Alumni Fellows have achieved


hospital law and medical education. In 1990, Frapwell was named special counsel to the president. She was

success in a wide array of fields,” said Dean Buxbaum. “They represent the

appointed general counsel to Indiana University in 1994 and was named a

values that the Law School holds in highest esteem: intellectual rigor, continuous

vice president in 2006. Known for her poise, equanimity and common sense,

achievement, and a commitment to the highest standards of the profession.

Frapwell has embraced the many challenges of being the lead counsel of a

We are honored to call them alumni of our school.”

complex, vibrant multi-campus research university. Throughout the course

17 +

acclaimed litigator.

of her distinguished career, she has advised the trustees of Indiana Uni-

For the past half century, Richard S. Rhodes has brought distinction to the

versity and four of its presidents. She attests that this position is incredibly

profession as a litigator, arbitrator, and mediator. Rhodes graduated with

fascinating and never, never boring.

distinction from the Law School in 1953, where he was elected to Order of the Coif and served as note editor of the Indiana Law Journal.

Frapwell also served on the Maurer School of Law Board of Visitors for 16 years and as a member of the Law Alumni Board, culminating in a term as president in 1993. While the Medical Center attorney, she was a member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. She has also served on the Indiana Supreme Court committee on character and fitness. ++ Stephen H. Paul is recognized nationally as a leading expert on property tax law and locally as a civic leader. His recent election as president of American Property Tax Counsel, the pre-eminent property tax lawyers’ association in North America, is testimony to his standing in the tax bar.



Soon after his release from the Army in 1956, Rhodes was appointed to a clerkship for Justice Sherman Minton, LLB’15, at the United States Supreme Court. When Justice Minton retired, Rhodes was one of the first law clerks for newly appointed Justice William J. Brennan. When his clerkship ended, Rhodes became associated with Chadwell, Kayser, a leading Chicago antitrust firm. He soon became a partner and specialized in antitrust law, enjoying a long and distinguished career for more than 30 years. During that time he spent a year as chairman of the Chicago Bar Association’s antitrust law committee and a year as president of the IU Alumni Club of Chicago.

Throughout his career, Paul has argued numerous cases before the Indiana

After 40 years of private practice in litigation, Rhodes turned to alternative

Tax Court and Indiana Supreme Court that have shaped the current state

dispute resolution: arbitration under the auspices of the American Arbi-

of Indiana property tax law.

tration Association and mediation for the Center for Conflict Resolution.

An Order of the Coif and magna cum laude graduate of the Maurer School

Fifteen years later, he continues to enjoy this practice.

of Law, Paul served as editor-in-chief of the Indiana Law Journal from 1971 to

Rhodes has been a dedicated and tireless civic volunteer. For many years,

1972. His volume remains the most cited in the publication’s history.

he and his wife, Judy, organized meetings for high school students to learn

After graduating in 1972, Paul joined Baker & Daniels, now Faegre Baker Daniels, in Indianapolis, where he has practiced tax law for 40 years. A leader within the firm, he has previously served as chairman of the firm’s management, finance and compensation committees. Among the highlights of his diverse career was serving as general counsel to the Seattle Mariners

about IU. He has served as president of two synagogues and was one of the founders and the first president of the Chicago Foundation for Jewish Education. He has been an active member of the Law School Board of Visitors for over 30 years. ++

Baseball Club from 1989 to 1991. Other notable clients include Eli Lilly and Co., Duke Realty Corp., Simon Property Group, General Electric Co.,


In the community, Paul has served as president of Congregation Beth-El

Nominations are now open for the 2013 Academy of Law Alumni Fellows. To be considered,

Zedeck and its foundation in Indianapolis. He is a member of the IU Maurer

nominees must have earned respect in their career or area of service; be perceived as an

School of Law’s Board of Visitors and an adjunct professor of state and

expert by their peers; hold a responsible position in a highly reputable organization; agree to

local taxation.

be present when the award is given; and be an alumnus of the Maurer School of Law. Nominations are due on or before November 16, 2012. To submit your nomination and for more information, go to

19 +

18 + ergo + spring 2012

PepsiCo, Nordstrom, Target Corp. and JPMorgan Chase.



Four accomplished legal scholars will join the Indiana Law faculty during

The Maurer School of Law’s Black Law Students’ Association was presented

the 2012-2013 academic year. “Our newest faculty members bring a wide

with the McKaig Legacy Award at the university’s 2012 Student Organization

array of talents to the school, filling gaps in some areas of the curriculum

Celebration Dinner on April 26. The McKaig Legacy Award is given

and complementing existing strengths in others,” said Dean Buxbaum.

annually to an established student organization which, through its vision,

The new faculty members are:

vitality, and diligence, has had a significant impact on the IU Bloomington campus in areas of student leadership development, community service,

Tim Lovelace. Lovelace comes to the Law School from the University of

and collaboration to such an extent that its work will be remembered for

Virginia, where he was assistant director of the University of Virginia School

years to come. The award honors former IU Dean of Students Dick McKaig.

of Law Center for the Study of Race and the Law. He earned a JD and a Ph.D.

It is the highest honor an IU student organization can receive.

in history from Virginia and will teach advanced constitutional law and race, American society, and the law.


Tim Lovelace

Michael Mattioli joins the faculty from the University of California – Berkeley (Boalt Law School), where he is a Microsoft research fellow. During the 2010-2011 academic year, he was a Microsoft postdoctoral fellow in law, economics, and technology at the University of Michigan Law School. Mattioli is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and will teach contracts and intellectual property courses. Michael Mattioli

Victor Quintanilla. A graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Quintanilla has extensive experience in the federal court system, having worked for the Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice and as a clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. He was an associate at Sidley Austin in Chicago for three years. Quintanilla will teach civil procedure and advanced civil procedure. Steve Sanders was an associate at Mayer Brown in Chicago before embark-

20 + ergo + spring 2012

ing on an academic career, serving as a lecturer at the University of Chicago and then as a visiting assistant professor at the University of Michigan Law School. He holds a JD from the University of Michigan. He joins the faculty in January 2013 and will teach constitutional law.

Steve Sanders

From left to right: Harold “Pete” Goldsmith, IU dean of students; Christopher W. Kimbrough, BLSA secretary; Ashley A. Rozier, programming manager; Sadé Stephanie Oshinubi, president; Mahja Zeon, president-elect; and Steve Veldkamp, IU assistant dean of students and director of student life and learning.

21 +

Victor Quintanilla

As globalization continues to pervade the market for legal services — both at home and abroad — Indiana Law continues to expand the opportunities for students to prepare for careers in this new environment. This summer, fourteen students will be participating as interns in Brazil, India, and South Korea through the Law School’s Center on the Global Legal Profession. The students have been named Milton Stewart Fellows

Milton Stewart, JD’71, and his wife, Judi, are pictured here with the 2012 Stewart Fellows (from left): Adesuwa Ighile, Amanda Craig, Chanelle Wactor, Elyssa Campodonico, Mahja Zeon, Milton Stewart, Jihye Bae, Judi Stewart, Rebeca Nuñez, Justin Schwemmer, Amanda Stephens, Ian Doig, and Samantha Wuletich. Not pictured: Kyle Doherty-Peters, Michelle Jones, and Collin Walsh.

in honor of Milton Stewart, JD’71, of

Portland, Ore., who is providing fund-

ing for the program. Inaugurated in 2010,

the unique program offers students

experiences in a variety of settings,

including corporations, highly reputed

law firms, and rights-based, non-govern -

mental organizations (NGOs).

The internships at Indian NGOs have also been made possible through a strong partnership with the Unitarian Universalist Holdeen India Program and its director, Kathy Sreedhar. Partial support for the South Korean fellows has also been provided by the Law School’s Elmore Entrepreneurship Law Clinic, established and funded in part by David Elmore, JD’58, and his son D.G. Elmore, JD/MBA’84. “The Stewart Fellows internships are in keeping with the Center’s mission of developing our students’ ability to practice in the globalized legal


environment as business lawyers, public sector lawyers, and social justice


ulty Fellow and head of the India Initiative at the Center on the Global Legal

22 + ergo + spring 2012


Profession. “Thanks to the generosity of alumni and our other supporters of the program in the U.S., Brazil, India, and Korea, we are able to send 14 fellows this summer, up from 11 in 2011 and six in 2010.” This year’s Stewart Fellows and the countries and organizations where they will be completing their internships are: + Rebeca Nuñez (Demarest & Almeida Advogados, a São Paulo law

firm, and Votorantim Group, a diversified industrial conglomerate with

interests in finance, energy, steel, and paper)

23 +


advocates,” said Professor Jayanth K. Krishnan, the Charles L. Whistler Fac-

+ Elyssa Campodonico (Novus Law LLC and Koura & Co., a law firm

in Delhi)

+ Amanda Craig (Jagori, an NGO advocating for women’s rights) + Ian Doig (the law firm of S&R Associates — Delhi office) + Adesuwa Ighile (Self-Employed Women’s Association) + Michelle Jones (the law firm of Trilegal — Delhi office) + Justin Schwemmer (Council for Social Development, an NGO in


+ Amanda Stephens (Council for Social Development) + Collin Walsh (the law firm of Nishith Desai Associates — Delhi office) + Samantha Wuletich (the law firm of Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh

A. Shroff & Co. — Delhi office)

+ Mahja Zeon (Novus Law LLC and Koura & Co.) As NGO interns, Craig, Ighile, Schwemmer, and Stephens have also been named Holdeen Scholars. + Jihye Bae (Yoon & Yang, a law firm in Seoul) + Kyle Doherty-Peters (Barun Law, a law firm in Seoul) + Chanelle Wactor (KyoboAxa, a joint venture between Kyobo Life

Insurance and AXA S.A., a French global insurance group)

All of the fellows will be second-year students at the IU Maurer School of Law next fall, except Doherty-Peters, Jones, and Walsh, who will be thirdyear students.

An article co-written by Professor William Henderson in the June 2011


ABA Journal has won a prestigious Lisagor Award from the Chicago Headline Club. The article, titled “Law Job Stagnation May Have Started Before the Recession — And It May Be a Sign of Lasting Change,” argues that the profession is undergoing a massive structural shift, and that the current recession provides a good opportunity to re-examine longstanding assumptions about lawyers and their clients. Henderson and co-author Rachel Zahorsky, a legal affairs writer at the Journal, won the award in the category of in-depth reporting, non-daily publication, for a business magazine or newspaper with circulation of more than 20,000. The awards were presented before an audience of 350 at the Union League Club of Chicago on Friday, May 4. “The pool of entries for these awards is extraordinary, and the competition is taken seriously by news organizations like Bloomberg, the Associated Press, and even Playboy,” said Allen Pusey, editor and publisher of ABA Journal. He added that Henderson and Zahorsky beat finalists from Bloomberg News and Crain’s Chicago Business. The award honors Peter Lisagor, the Washington bureau chief of the Chicago Daily News from 1959–1976. Lisagor was one of the nation’s most respected and well known journalists. Henderson is director of Indiana Law’s Center on the Global Legal Profession. 555

Whether working on a complex, multi-national transaction or sampling local cultures and traditions, the Stewart Fellows have found their experiences truly life-changing. Find out more about their experiences by watching a video on our YouTube page under iumaurerlaw.

the Law School’s home page (, or by mail to: Arthur M. Lotz Office of Alumni and Development Indiana University Maurer School of Law 211 S. Indiana Avenue / Bloomington, IN 47405

William Henderson

25 +

24 + ergo + spring 2012

Contributions to fund future Stewart Fellows can be made online via the “support Indiana Law” tab on


Circuit Judge (and former Indiana Law Dean) S. Jay Plager of the


nate the event, which is co-sponsored by Cook Group.

Indiana Law’s Center for Intellectual Property Research has


Federal Circuit, and many others. The program will include a series of panel discussions by leading jurists, academics, and practitioners, and a luncheon address by Judge Rader. The event will occur in Bloomington. The Federal Circuit Bar Association is helping coordi-

announced its 2012 Fall IP Events series, featuring many of the world’s

NOVEMBER 2-3: “The Future of Design Protection Law,” to be

thought leaders in intellectual property law. This year’s series covers

held at Oxford University in coordination with Oxford’s Intellectual Randall R. Rader and S. Jay Plager

international design protection law conference at Oxford University

tion. The conference brings together the world’s leading scholars,

in November.

practitioners, industry representatives, and government officials involved in all aspects of design protection law, including scholars


from the U.S., Europe and China. This conference is co-sponsored


by McAndrews Held & Malloy Ltd. ++

SEPTEMBER 13-14: “The America Invents Act — After Year One,” featuring many leading patent law academics, practitioners, and

“We are delighted that the Center is hosting these world-class events,”

others, including two keynote speakers: David Kappos, Under Secre-

said Mark D. Janis, JD’89, Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law and the

tary of Commerce for Intellectual Property and Director of the U.S.

director of the Center. “The Fall 2012 IP Events series demonstrates

Patent and Trademark Office, and Robert A. Armitage, Senior Vice

what our Center is all about. We are going abroad to build on our

President and General Counsel, Eli Lilly and Company. This major symposium will explore the impact of the patent reform legislation — what it accomplished, what it omitted, and what the future holds. Sessions will be held on the IU–Bloomington campus. The event is co-sponsored by Cook Group. David Kappos and Robert A. Armitage

26 + ergo + spring 2012


SEPTEMBER 24: “The State of Patent Litigation: A Conversation with the Federal Circuit,” featuring the Honorable Randall R. Rader, Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit;

Property Research Centre and co-sponsored by Microsoft Corpora-

international reputation in intellectual property law, and we are also Mark D. Janis, JD’89

bringing the best in the world to Indiana because we’re committed to enhancing the intellectual property law infrastructure in the state.” Indiana continuing legal education credit for the stateside events will be applied for. For more information, visit the Center’s website: ++

27 +

three important topics — and two continents, culminating in an



Four Indiana University Maurer School of Law faculty members and one adjunct professor were honored April 9

Katherine Turk, the Jerome Hall postdoctoral fellow at the IU Maurer

with prestigious teaching awards from the Law School. They are:

School of Law, was selected by the Organization of American Historians (OAH) to receive the 2012 Lerner-Scott Prize, which is given annually for

3 Amy G. Applegate, clinical professor of law and director, Viola J. Taliaferro Family and Children Mediation Clinic

the best doctoral dissertation in U.S. women’s history. Turk’s dissertation

3 Jayanth K. Krishnan, professor of law

is titled “Equality on Trial: Women and Work in the Age of Title VII” and

3 Jeffrey Evans Stake, Robert A. Lucas Chair of Law

Katherine Turk

3 Leandra Lederman, William W. Oliver Professor of Tax Law

researched dissertation and a major contribution to U.S. women’s history

3 Judge Marc R. Kellams, adjunct professor of law

as well as to the histories of law, labor, and business.”

“Excellent teaching is a core commitment of our educational mission, and our faculty takes that commitment

During the 2011–2012 academic year, Turk has been serving as a Jerome Hall

very seriously. There are many wonderful teachers at the Maurer School of Law, and it is an honor to celebrate their

postdoctoral fellow at the Law School’s Center for Law, Society, and Culture.

achievements,” said Interim Dean Hannah L. Buxbaum, who presented the awards.

She received her undergraduate degree from Northwestern University with

Trustees’ Teaching Awards were presented to Amy G. Applegate, Jayanth K. Krishnan and Jeffrey Evans Stake.

honors in history and political science in 2004. She earned a master’s degree in history in 2007 and a doctorate in history in 2011, both from the University

Applegate, who teaches a course in domestic relations mediation, was described as knowledgeable and passionate

of Chicago. In 2011, Turk was appointed Assistant Professor of History at

about the material she teaches and deeply connected with her students. Krishnan teaches property law, immigration

the University of Texas at Dallas and has been on leave from that position

law and comparative legal systems and was cited for his enthusiasm in the classroom, as well as for his efforts to

during her fellowship.

expand the law school’s global presence. Stake was praised for being an outstanding lecturer who is well-organized and detailed and who sets high standards for himself and his students. He teaches property law, and wills and trusts.

Turk’s fellowship is named for Jerome Hall, a member of the Indiana Law faculty from 1939–1970. He was a pioneer in interdisciplinary analysis of

Lederman was presented with the Leon H. Wallace Teaching Award. Named for the school’s former dean, it is the

legal problems and earned international recognition for his seven books and

highest teaching honor given to IU Maurer School of Law faculty. She was praised for her patience and diligence in

numerous articles on criminal law and jurisprudence.

the classroom and described as approachable and kind to her students, creating a welcoming and effective learning environment while emphasizing both the practical and theoretical aspects of tax law.

Founded in 1907, the OAH is the largest learned society and professional organization dedicated to the teaching and study of the American past.

Kellams, JD’78, was recognized for his work as an adjunct professor teaching trial advocacy. Students cited not

The OAH promotes excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presenta-

only his wisdom and experience, but also his ability to translate those attributes into successful instruction. This year

questions and equitable treatment of all practitioners of history. Members

The teaching award recipients were chosen by the Dean after considering recommendations of a special committee

in the United States and abroad include college and university professors;

of students.

students; precollegiate teachers; archivists, museum curators, and other public historians employed in government and the private sector.

Watch a video of the awards presentation on the Indiana Law YouTube page: IUMaurerLaw



29 +

tion of American history, and encourages wide discussion of historical

marks his 30th as an adjunct at the law school. 28 + ergo + spring 2012

described by the Prize Committee as “a thoughtfully conceived and deeply


“SUPER COMMUTER” CASTANIAS RECEIVES IUAA’S PRESIDENT’S AWARD Gregory A. Castanias, JD’90, has been selected to receive the Indiana

Kevin Brown

University Alumni Association’s 2012 President’s Award. This award honors the IUAA’s most dedicated volunteers, those who lead the way in providing opportunities for their fellow alumni and friends to stay connected with their alma mater. Gregory A. Castanias, JD’90

Richard S. Melvin Professor of Law Kevin Brown was honored twice for his efforts in sponsorship of student organizations at the Law School. On April 25, he received the Black Faculty Student Choice Award. Several members of the school’s Black Law Students’ Association nominated Brown for his efforts to encourage BLSA to become more of a presence at the Law School and around the Bloomington campus. Brown also received Honorable Mention as Student Organization Advisor of the Year. ++

Castanias is a partner in the Washington, D.C. office of Jones Day, where he heads the firm’s Federal Circuit practice. He regularly argues in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, including Abbott Laboratories, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, and IBM. The Legal 500 calls him a “sharp and effective advocate who picks up the details of the matter quickly.” “Greg devotes countless hours of time to the Law School,” said Dean Buxbaum. “As a member of the Alumni Board’s Admissions Committee, he has made it a personal mission to encourage top-notch prospective students to apply to Indiana Law.” She added that Castanias volunteers

The Nominating Committee of the Law School Alumni Board is soliciting names of alumni to be considered for membership. The Alumni Board is the board of directors of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law Alumni Association and consists of active members who support the dean, the administration, and the faculty. The board directs the work and activities of the Law Alumni Association, and interacts with all aspects of the Law School’s operations. To be slated as a nominee, candidates should have a proven interest and enthusiasm in the continued success of the Law School. Specific activities demonstrating this include:

30 + ergo + spring 2012

3 Interviewing prospective students

additional time as an adjunct instructor. In the spring of 2012, he taught a course on Federal Circuit advocacy, and he has also taught appellate practice and procedure. Each week, Castanias travels from Washington to Bloomington and back in one day so that he can teach at the Law School. In its April 11 issue, Indiana Lawyer featured his unusual travel schedule in a front-page article on super-commuter lawyers. One of five award recipients, Castanias will be honored at the IUAA’s

3 Participating in resume reviews through the Office of Career and Professional Development

Alumni Leaders Conference Celebration on Friday, June 15 at the IU

3 Participating in Career Choices workshops and panels

Memorial Union’s Alumni Hall.

3 Working with graduates to find employment 3 Hosting an alumni reception at your firm or organization 3 Donating financially to the Law School For more information, and for a nomination form, visit, and click on “join the alumni board.”


31 +



Journalists and commentators regularly seek the Maurer School of Law faculty expertise on a wide variety of local, national and global topics. Here is a listing of faculty and staff in the media — quoted, interviewed, or referred to — in recent months. +++

32 + ergo + spring 2012



5/3/2012 William Henderson 5/2/2012 Caroline Dowd-Higgins 5/2/2012 Jody Madeira 5/2/2012 William Henderson 5/2/2012 Sarah Jane Hughes 5/2/2012 Jeannine Bell 5/2/2012 Fred H. Cate 5/2/2012 Jeannine Bell 4/30/2012 Carole Silver 4/27/2012 Carole Silver 4/25/2012 Joseph Hoffmann 4/25/2012 Joseph Hoffmann 4/25/2012 Daniel Conkle 4/25/2012 Leandra Lederman 4/25/2012 Fred H. Cate 4/23/2012 Joseph Hoffmann 4/17/2012 Fred H. Cate 4/11/2012 Hannah Buxbaum 4/11/2012 Gregory A. Castanias and John Steele 4/10/2012 Daniel Conkle 4/5/2012 Donald E. Knebel 3/28/2012 Fred H. Cate 3/28/2012 Donald E. Knebel 3/27/2012 Daniel Conkle 3/27/2012 Charles Geyh 3/26/2012 Deborah Widiss 3/21/2012 Daniel Conkle 3/19/2012 Charles Geyh 3/14/2012 Ryan W. Scott



Dewey & LeBoeuf near collapse: are other white-shoe law firms in peril? A career letter to the class of 2012 No medium, no message, no closure? Dewey & LeBoeuf and the woes of the legal industry How safe are mobile payments? New Jersey v. Ravi Wanted by police, found by I-Team 8 DOJ downplays expectation for hate crime law Justice Charles Breyer to speak at TAGLaw international conference in San Francisco Changing world inspires law school program Walmart bribery allegations: what legal problems, penalties could it face? In Walmart probe, a black box of possible fines Former teacher sues diocese, claiming pregnancy discrimination Powerful but obscure Tax Court lags on access Why you’re mad to use the cloud! Walmart investigated over Mexican bribe Western Union should at least send scammers a message Dean’s desk: Effective legal education depends on strong partnerships Lawyers part of “super-commuter” trend

The Daily Beast

Flipping out for Comedy Central may have got Roncalli students in parkour trouble Suppose Justice settles with Apple and Publishers. Then what? FBI documents reveal profiling of North Carolina Muslims Bigger than agency, bigger than e-books: the case against Apple and publishers Health-care law’s centerpiece to be defended before Supreme Court IU law scholars say politics, activism factors in Supreme Court’s historic week Why marriage isn’t an equal partnership Health care and constitutional Armageddon Dual role of Marion County small claims court judges raises flags 1994 shooting set up hazardous waste case now before justices

Indianapolis Star

Huffington Post Huffington Post On Point (WBUR, Boston/NPR) US News Money WFHB Radio (Bloomington) WISH TV (Indianapolis) Morning Edition (NPR) San Francisco Chronicle Indiana Lawyer PBS News Hour Reuters Channel 55 (Fort Wayne) Chicago Tribune Business Cloud 9 Toronto Star Los Angeles Times Indiana Lawyer Indiana Lawyer

Wired Los Angeles Times Wired The Washington Post Times-Mail (Bedford, Ind.) Huffington Post Politico Indianapolis Star Greenwire



3/14/2012 Ryan W. Scott Law students write, perform musical 3/14/2012 Donald Gjerdingen Tort law case tests boundaries of duty 3/12/2012 William Henderson Do elite law grads disdain longtime BigLaw work? 3/7/2012 Fred H. Cate Curtain of mystery partially pulled back on computer hacker groups 3/7/2012 Charles Geyh Hearing called for federal judge who sent anti-Obama e-mail 3/6/2012 Lauren Robel Bloomington Faculty Council discusses IU’s international presence 3/1/2012 Fred H. Cate New Google policy opens brave new world of data collection, IU experts say 2/27/2012 Frank Motley Law students undeterred by job prospects 2/26/2012 Joseph Hoffmann Where American criminal justice went wrong 2/24/2012 Feisal Amin Rasoul Profile Istrabadi 2/23/2012 Charles Geyh Gender could factor into Indiana Supreme Court nomination 2/22/2012 Fred H. Cate Bill would trample on students’ rights 2/21/2012 David Fidler Flu meeting opts for openness 2/20/2012 Lauren Robel Is the outlook for law faculty employment more fickle than most juries? 2/20/2012 David Fidler Hacking into infrastructure systems to prove a point 2/20/2012 Jayanth K. Krishnan Jindal, Indiana University to offer combined LLB with JD in 6 or 4 years 2/19/2012 Donna Nagy The STOCK Act: A response to Professor Bainbridge 2/15/2012 Charles Geyh Professor in UTEP inquiry hired judge 2/11/2012 Fred H. Cate The unplugged life: Meet the neo-Luddites among us 2/9/2012 Hannah Buxbaum Auf dem Radar der US-Justiz 2/9/2012 Fred H. Cate Bank of America responds to breach 2/7/2012 Daniel Conkle Prop 8 ruling may not influence Indiana’s same-sex marriage amendment 2/2/2012 William Henderson Law schools sued by alumni who can’t find work 2/2/2012 Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Right-to-work laws in an election year 2/2/2012 Caroline Dowd-Higgins Gen Y behavior creates new work culture 2/2/2012 Alfred C. Aman, Jr. Panelists say law schools have problems, but no crisis 2/1/2012 Lauren Robel Robel settles into interim provostship 2/1/2012 Charles Geyh Electing judges still works for N.C. 1/31/2012 Kenneth Dau-Schmidt IU expert: Right-to-work law not the best catalyst for economic growth 1/31/2012 David Williams Maurer School of Law professor helps Libyans with constitution elections 1/26/2012 Fred H. Cate High Court may be ready to reconsider privacy doctrine 1/23/2012 Sarah Jane Hughes Super Bowl internet fraud and ticket scams 1/21/2012 Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Indiana businesses could benefit most from right to work 1/20/2012 Fred H. Cate More to be worried about in Zappos hacking

OUTLET Indiana Lawyer Indiana Lawyer ABA Journal Chicago Tribune USA Today Indiana Daily Student The Herald-Times (Bloomington, Ind.) Indiana Daily Student Boston Globe WFIU -- Indiana Public Media WFIU -- Indiana Public Media The Star Press (Muncie, Ind.) Nature Marketplace (American Public Media) Bar & Bench El Paso (Tex.) Times The Kansas City Star Handelszeitung (Swiss business newspaper) Bank Info Security Indiana Daily Student Marketplace (American Public Media) To the Point (KCRW, Santa Monica, Cal.) Huffington Post Harvard Crimson Indiana Daily Student News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) Fox 59 (Indianapolis) Indiana Public Media Los Angeles and San Francisco Daily Journals WIBC (Indianapolis) Indiana Public Media WIBC (Indianapolis)

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1/19/2012 David Fidler Risky research and human health: the influenza H5N1 research controversy and international law 1/18/2012 Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Council continues bill protest 1/18/2012 Mark Janis SOPA, so what? 1/17/2012 Kenneth Dau-Schmidt Labor’s second front 1/16/2012 Craig Bradley “Lauren’s Law” activist petitions for mandatory polygraph tests 1/16/2012 Charles Geyh Braun: Menendez judge flap brings to light intriguing legal question 1/16/2012 Fred H. Cate You shopped at Zappos. Now what? 1/16/2012 William Henderson What is law school for, anyway? 1/12/2012 Carole Silver Students happy with law school experience, with caveats 1/10/2012 David Williams A decommissioned inquiry on Myanmar 1/9/2012 David Fidler The 2012 Republican primaries, American conservatism, and global health 1/6/2012 Fred H. Cate Bloomington maintains favor by extending occupy deadline 1/6/2012 Carole Silver Transfer students have lower credentials, but boast more prep and competitive grades: study 1/5/2012 Dawn Johnsen White House mum over possible appointment legal advice 1/5/2012 Fred H. Cate Cyberattack on Nick’s illustrates vulnerability of the digital world 1/4/2012 David Fidler WHO speaks out on bird flu flap 1/2/2012 Fred H. Cate Unwelcome expansion by the TSA 12/22/2011 Feisal Amin Rasoul Feisal Istrabadi on Iraq Istrabadi 12/21/2011 Donna Nagy Insider trading on Capitol Hill 12/20/2011 Daniel Conkle Battle in different church may be guide to judge in St. Stanislaus case 12/20/2011 Fred H. Cate TSA screenings aren’t just for airports anymore 12/20/2011 Feisal Amin Rasoul Does Maliki want to become unchallenged ruler of Iraq? Istrabadi 12/16/2011 William Henderson More graduates of elite law schools finding work outside law firms 12/15/2011 Charles Geyh Justice Gableman not charged legal fees in ethics case 12/13/2011 Feisal Amin Rasoul Iraq: After American soldiers are gone Istrabadi 12/9/2011 Donna Nagy Indiana University expert asked to help Congress police itself 12/9/2011 Timothy Waters Let Tripoli try Saif al-Islam 12/8/2011 Lauren Robel Indiana dean will balance provost duties with leadership of law school association 12/7/2011 Donna Nagy Congress takes on insider Congress 12/5/2011 David Williams Burma learns to play geopolitics 12/4/2011 Robert Fischman A win on Keystone could easily turn into a loss for environmentalists +++

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UPCOMING EVENTS Check the website ( and our Facebook page for updates and additional events.

WELCOME TO CHICAGO RECEPTION Wednesday, June 6, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Market / 113 West Randolph /

WELCOME TO D.C. RECEPTION Thursday, June 14, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Aria Pizzeria & Bar / Piazza Room / Ronald Reagan and International Trade Center 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW / RSVP by June 7 to or (812) 855-9700.

NATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION 87TH ANNUAL CONVENTION ALUMNI BREAKFAST Wednesday, July 18, 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. Caesar’s Palace / Las Vegas Additional details to follow. Special thanks to Frank Seales, Jr., ‘74 for his assistance!

Los Angeles Times PBS News Hour


Chicago Tribune

Thursday, July 19, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. / Location to be announced on website and Facebook.

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel To the Point (KCRW Santa Monica, Cal.) Louisville Courier-Journal

AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING, CHICAGO Friday, August 3 / Location and time to be announced on the website and Facebook.

Foreign Affairs National Law Journal


CNN The Epoch Times (China) The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

3 Friday, Sept 7 3 Saturday, Sept 8 3 Sunday, Sept 9

With a special invitation to the classes of 1980-1984. Reunion dinner Tour of the Law School and session with current students Gathering in conjunction with Prof. Kevin Brown’s first-year orientation and reception Coffee with the Dean

Additional details will be posted to our website at All further communication will be through e-mail. Please make sure we have your updated contact information by contacting Jennifer Allen at (812) 855-9700 or Special thanks to Gary Davis, ’82, Arthur Lopez, ’83, and Nora Peoples, ’82, for organizing!

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34 + ergo + spring 2012




On April 27, the Law School’s faculty adopted a set of initiatives to guide the school during the next three academic

As a lawyer, you know how important it is to develop highly competent and prepared associates as part of

years. Titled Building on Success: A Roadmap for the Future, the initiatives build on the school’s 2005 Strategic Plan,

your firm’s growth strategy. Your firm’s support of the Maurer School of Law provides the financial resources for

which calls for the school to be “a highly visible and influential law school whose faculty and students promote

scholarships, faculty development, and programs that help students develop their professional competencies.

The initiatives concentrate on three areas: a recommitment to the 2005 Strategic Plan; additional initiatives that will enable the school to build on past success while moving forward; and a roadmap for achieving those initiatives. Collaborative and interdisciplinary research and teaching emerged as the two unifying themes of the initiatives. “The future of American higher education . . . will increasingly challenge the single unit of analysis, whether as an individual working alone on research, a single discipline as a scholarly framework, or a single nation, as the sole perspective,” according to the initiatives document.

Law School and strengthen the alumni networks among participating firms. Last year, alumni in 45 firms contributed $178,000 to the Fund for Excellence, the Law School’s annual giving campaign. Five firms achieved 100% alumni participation: Bose McKinney & Evans LLP; Cohen Garelick & Glazier; Hackman Hulett & Cracraft LLP; Krieg DeVault LLP; and Stuart & Branigin LLP.

Because the Firm Challenge has been so successful, it is being expanded

for 2012–2013 — providing some friendly competition among firms.


Lisa McKinney, JD’92, a partner at Bose McKinney & Evans in Indianapolis,



The faculty adopted three initiatives:

“We believe that the Law School is on a positive trajectory, as shown by our ability to attract and retain outstanding faculty, the growth in interdisciplinary research centers, and the recruitment of highly credentialed students from across the nation,” said Julia C. Lamber, JD’72, Interim Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Professor

Lisa McKinney

has agreed to chair the Law Firm Challenge. “The long-term growth and success of our firm depends on hiring competent and prepared associates,”

she told ergo. “The Law Firm Challenge is a great opportunity to marshal our resources as alumni in support of the Law School’s development of tomorrow’s lawyers. I am delighted to serve as chair of the Challenge and look forward to working with fellow alumni.”

of Law, and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow, who chaired the committee that developed the initiatives. “These initiatives


provide a roadmap for building on success while continuing to move forward.”

Here’s how it works: each participating firm will appoint up to three alumni to solicit other Indiana Law alumni

Objectives and action steps in support of these initiatives were also adopted. The initiatives will be “operationalized” during the summer of 2012, with deadlines and measurable indicators of progress. Lamber expressed gratitude to the committee for its work. Members consisted of: Professors Fred Cate, Joe Hoffmann, Jay Krishnan, Julia Lamber, Mark Need, Carole Silver, and Susan Williams.

36 + ergo + spring 2012

The Law Firm Challenge is a way for your Indiana Law alumni to highlight your firm’s role in supporting the

at their firms. Firms that raise $5,000 or more will receive special recognition. The top three firms that raise the most money will be invited to host, at no charge, a networking reception at their firms with the school’s top students. You’ll get a first look at the Law School’s best and brightest — the foundation of your firm’s future success.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE! To partcipate, please contact Stephanie Coffey, Director of Annual Giving, to help you set up the challenge at

Building on Success can be found on the Law School’s website:

your firm and to provide you with logistical support. She can be reached at 812.856.2793, or at

Don’t miss this opportunity!

SAVE THE DATE! If you are currently a law firm solicitor, you’ll be invited to a reception at Bose McKinney & Evans on October 3, 2012 to kick off the challenge. More details to come!

37 +

knowledge, justice, and the public good around the state, the nation, and the world.”


Henry P. Lee, LLB’65, chair of the Estate

David O. Tittle, JD’67, a litigation partner

Planning Section of the Business and

in Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP in

Corporate Group of Howard & Howard in

Indianapolis, has been reappointed as

senior member, and shareholder at Ball

Royal Oak, Mich., was named to The Best

the Indiana state chairman of the Ameri-

Lawyers in America 2012. Lee focuses his

can College of Trial Lawyers. ACTL is

practice on business law, estate planning,

an invitation-only organization of trial

and tax law.

lawyers dedicated to maintaining and


improving the standards of trial practice,

Robert D. Arnold, LLB’66, is the author

the administration of justice, and the

of A Team of Destiny: The Unforgettable

ethics of the profession. Tittle was also

Story of Indiana’s 1967 Big Ten

selected for inclusion in Indiana Super

Championship Season and the Rose

Lawyers 2012. He lives in Indianapolis.

Joseph T. Bumbleburg, JD’61, president, Eggleston P.C. in Lafayette, Ind., was selected for inclusion in Indiana Super Lawyers 2012. Bumbleburg focuses on real estate development, municipal law, zoning, and subdivision law. He is a registered mediator in Indiana and devotes much of his time mediating disputes involving personal injury, wrongful death, and various other civil matters. Bumbleburg is an Academy of Law Alumni Fellow. + The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association named Roger L. Pardieck, LLB’63, 2011 Indiana Trial Lawyer of the Year. It is the second time in his legal career he has received the award. Pardieck is an attorney and founder of the Pardieck Law Firm in Seymour, Ind. He lives in Columbus, Ind. + Dennis M. Hanaghan, LLB’65, is a trustee and executive director of the Fred and Alice Wallace Foundation, which helps local organizations meet healthcare and educational needs of adults and children in the Miami Valley of Ohio. Hanaghan has practiced law for more than 45 years, and focuses on estate planning and probate. +

Bowl of 1968, published in May by AuthorHouse. After a brief stint in


private law practice, Arnold began a long career with Blue Cross and Blue Shield

R. Bruce McLean, JD’71, partner and

of Indiana, where he became executive

chairman of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer &

vice president, corporate secretary, and

Feld LLP, Washington, D.C., was quoted

chief legal counsel. He retired in 1988

in The Blog of Legal Times on the firm’s

and fulfilled a lifelong ambition to write,

increase in several financial indicators

initially chronicling his IU class of 1954

in 2011. Under McLean’s leadership, the

for its 40th reunion. In 1996 he wrote

firm has grown to rank among the largest

Hoosier Autumn: The Remarkable Story

in the United States. Prior to becoming

of Indiana University’s 1945 Champi-

chairman of the firm, McLean spent more

onship Team, a book acclaimed for its

than 20 years litigating complex business

depiction of football and race relations

cases in federal court, particularly those

following World War II. His next book,

involving federal regulatory programs,

The Rivalry: Indiana and Purdue and the History of their Old Oaken Bucket Battles 1925–2002, encompasses the history of the Old Oaken Bucket game. Arnold and his wife, Linda, have lived most of their lives in Indianapolis; they have also lived in St. Petersburg, Fla. +

energy issues, natural resources law, and antitrust matters. He is a frequent speaker on the resolution of complex business disputes. McLean has been listed in every edition of The Best Lawyers in America  since its inception in 1983. +

alumni feature James G. Richmond, JD’69, has joined Quality Healthcare Intermediary, LLC

38 + ergo + spring 2012

of Chicago as the chief legal officer. Prior to joining QHI, Richmond was a shareholder at Greenberg Traurig’s Chicago office. He focused his practice on a variety of compliance and enforcement issues, including financial fraud, healthcare fraud, the gaming industry, and white–collar criminal matters. He is a former United States attorney for the Northern District of Indiana, and was a special agent for the FBI and for the criminal investigation division of the IRS. He is also a member of the Law School’s Board of Visitors.


From FBI, to IRS, to QHI

Roger T. Stelle, JD’70, was featured in Leading Lawyers Network Magazine for his

Catherine A. Conway, JD’78, has joined

and civil litigation. She has significant

Ernest Summers III, JD’80, to its Who’s

contribution to business law. Stelle is a partner of Meltzer Purtill & Stelle of Schaumburg,

Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher’s Los Angeles

experience in environmental law,

Who in Indiana Class of 2011, in recogni-

office as a partner. Before joining Gibson,

representing clients in CERCLA, RCRA,

tion of his professional and civic contri-

Dunn, Conway was a partner at Akin

and UST litigation, toxic tort litigation,

butions. Summers is a partner in Faegre

Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP. She is

environmental insurance coverage litiga-

Baker Daniels LLP’s business litigation

a member of the Law School’s Board of

tion, compliance and permitting issues,

practice group, where he focuses on


remediation projects, and various real

commercial litigation regarding product


estate and corporate transactions. She

liability, insurance recovery claims, anti-

Janis L. Summers, JD’78, recently

defends clients in enforcement matters

trust, licensing and distribution, securi-

reached 30 years of service as an attorney

before the United States Environmen-

ties fraud, and mass toxic tort. A resident

with the U.S. International Trade Com-

tal Protection Agency and the Indiana

of Michigan City, Ind., Summers practices

mission in Washington, D.C. Summers

Department of Environmental Manage-

in the firm’s Chicago office.

lives in Gaithersburg, Md., and will be

ment. She has been appellate counsel


attending the 2012 Presbyterian Church

before the Indiana Court of Appeals, the

Richard W. Young, JD’81, a partner at

(U.S.A.) General Assembly in Pittsburgh.

Indiana Supreme Court, the U.S. Court

Quarles & Brady’s Chicago office, was

of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, and

selected for inclusion in Illinois Super


the United States Supreme Court. Shelby

Lawyers 2012. Young practices in the

was chairperson of the Section of Envi-

firm’s Intellectual Property Group. He

ronmental Law of the Indianapolis Bar

litigates patent, trademark, and copyright

in Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP in


actions in federal trial and appellate


courts around the country. He also

Building Indiana, a bimonthly publica-

counsels clients on the broader impli-

tion that covers economic development

cations and opportunities of intellec-

news across the Hoosier state, has named

tual property for their business and for

Ill., and concentrates his practice on business law, with an emphasis on corporations, real estate, and banking. Clients in the Leading Lawyers article praised Stelle for his initiative and commitment to client service, describing him as a “practical, get-it-done lawyer.” His firm has grown to 24 lawyers from only seven in 1995, and Stelle tries to generate one

Stelle praised for “getting it done”

new client every week. “I don’t always do that, but I come pretty close,” he said.


40 + ergo + spring 2012

alumni feature Jack L. Walkey, JD’71, shareholder at Ball

of Revenue, Indiana Department of Local

Before joining Wishart Norris Henninger

Eggleston P.C. in Lafayette, Ind., was

Government Finance, Indiana Board of

and Pittman, Lembo was one of the first

selected for inclusion in Indiana Super

Review, and numerous local boards and

licensed and admitted female attorneys

Lawyers 2012. Walkey’s practice focuses

agencies in state and local tax matters.

in Catawba County, N.C., as well as

on individual and family estates and tax

Paul was inducted into the Law School’s

the first female attorney to serve as the

planning, estate administration, trust,

Academy of Law Alumni Fellows in 2012

president of the Catawba County Bar

residential, commercial and agricultural

and serves on the Board of Visitors. He


real estate, and tax-deferred exchanges.

is also an adjunct professor of law. Paul


Walkey was also the recipient of the 2011

lives in Carmel, Ind.

Jeffrey L. Gage, JD’77, a partner at Quarles

Legion of the Bronco Award and was


& Brady’s Phoenix office, was recognized

presented with the IHSAA Distinguished

Kim F. Ebert, JD’76, was re-elected as

in The Best Lawyers in America 2012.

Service Award for giving his time and

managing shareholder of Ogletree,

Gage practices in the firm’s Real Estate

talent to interscholastic athletics in

Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. in

Group in the areas of real estate develop-

his community. He is a board-certified

Indianapolis. As the managing share-

ment, real estate finance, corporate,

Indiana estate planning and administra-

holder, Ebert will continue to serve as

commercial and county government.

tion specialist, and is a member of the

chair of the executive management team


American Bar Association, the Indiana

and will be responsible for the strategic

Thomas C. Scherer, JD’ 77, a partner

State Bar Association, and the Tippeca-

growth of the firm. For more than thirty

in the Indianapolis law firm Bingham

noe County Bar Association.

years, he has defended the interests of

Greenebaum Doll LLP, was selected for


employers in the full range of labor and

inclusion in Indiana Super Lawyers 2012.

American Property Tax Counsel has

employment matters. He has played a

Scherer concentrates his practice in

elected Stephen H. Paul, JD’72, a partner

significant role in working with clients to

bankruptcy, restructuring, and creditors’

at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP, Indianapo-

develop a national strategy for labor and

rights and has been recognized in The

lis, as president for the 2011–2012 term.

employment, and has regularly assisted

Best Lawyers in America for bankruptcy

IU Jacobs School of Music Dean Gwyn Richards. “We are grateful to John for

Composed of 32 member firms and

in due diligence in acquisitions and

law since 1995. He has extensive experi-

more than 100 attorneys from across

divestitures. Ebert is a frequent writer,

ence representing secured creditors,

his annual hosting of our evening at the IU opera,” said Dean Buxbaum, shown here

the country, APTC provides major real

speaker and seminar chair at regional

creditors’ committees, and debtors in

estate owners advice on the nuances of

and national conferences on labor and

cases under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy

property taxation systems in numerous

employment subjects for attorneys and

Code. He also devotes significant time to

states. Paul is a founding member of

human resource professionals.

commercial litigation, workouts, and as-

living in Houston. A friend gave them tickets to the opera and they were hooked. That

APTC, the official Indiana representative,


set sales relating to financially distressed

and only the third president in the two-

Barbara H. Lembo, JD’76, was recognized

businesses. He serves as chair of the

love of opera grew deeper as they settled in Dallas. Today they are ardent supporters

decade history of the organization.

by the Charlotte Women’s Bar at an event

firm’s Creditors’ Rights Group and is a

With nearly 40 years of experience in

honoring women in the legal profession

veteran speaker, having given numerous

tax law, he represents clients before the

with 25 or more years of dedication,

presentations on bankruptcy, reorganiza-

Indiana Tax Court, Indiana Department

leadership, and outstanding service.

tion, and commercial lending. +

Katherine L. Shelby, JD’80, a partner Indianapolis, was selected for inclusion in Indiana Super Lawyers 2012. Shelby concentrates her practice in environmental law, insurance law,

alumni feature John Seddelmeyer, JD’74, had one regret from his three years on the Bloomington campus: he never took advantage of the array of arts and cultural offerings while at IU. And he wanted to make sure that law students don’t graduate with the same regret as he did. Since 2007, Seddelmeyer has been hosting an annual visit to IU’s internationally acclaimed opera with two dozen law students as his guests. The evening out includes a reception at the Musical Arts Center and a preview and backstage tour with

with Seddelmeyer and his daughter, Clara. “It is so thoughtful of him to make this experience available to our students.” Seddelmeyer and his wife, Sarah, began to develop a love for opera when they were

and trustees of the Dallas Opera. Seddelmeyer is currently Senior Counsel for Legal Policy at Exxon Mobil. He was a lead attorney for the company during the Exxon Valdez oil spill tragedy from 1989–1991 and subsequently managed Exxon’s successful appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.


A night at the opera

Jacqueline A. Simmons, JD’79, has been named university vice president and general

Department and has been lead counsel

litigation, and is a registered Indiana

operations in the Middle East. Before

counsel at Indiana University, effective July 1. She succeeds Dorothy Frapwell, JD’73, who

for jury trials conducted in courts across

civil mediator.

joining Fulbright, Eversman worked

Indiana. He has mediated and arbitrated


as part of a consortium that served as

hundreds of cases and serves as counsel,

Mark T. Hayden, JD’86, managing part-

consultants to the Government of Kuwait.

mediator and arbitration panelist. He

ner at the Cincinnati office of Bingham


legal department. IU’s Office of the General Counsel serves the legal needs of all IU campuses out of offices in Bloomington and Indianapolis.

Simmons to succeed Frapwell as IU General Counsel

has overseen litigation in a multitude

Greenebaum Doll LLP, has been selected

Brian L. Porto, JD’87, has published his

Simmons brings vast legal and business experience to her new role. She joined Faegre Baker

of settings, including complex business

for inclusion in Ohio Super Lawyers

fourth book, The Supreme Court and the

Daniels in Indianapolis in 2006 and currently serves as co-leader of the firm’s international

litigation, products liability, profes-

2012 and was appointed to a three-year

NCAA: The Case for Less Commercialism

sional malpractice, environmental, fire,

term on the Ohio State Bar Association’s

and More Due Process in College Sports

trucking, antitrust, unfair competition,

Litigation Section Council. Hayden has

(University of Michigan Press, 2012).

copyright, trademark, trust, probate, and

served as a business litigation attorney

Porto is an associate professor at Vermont

defamation. Isenbarger is also an active

for more than 25 years. He concentrates

Law School, where he has taught since

member in the American Bar Association,

his trial practice on complex business

2006. He teaches legal writing, appellate

the Indiana State Bar Association, the

disputes, product liability, insurance cov-

advocacy, advanced appellate advocacy,

Indianapolis Law Club, The International

erage, ERISA litigation, trademark and

and election law.

Association of Defense Counsel, Trans-

copyright, and employment litigation.

portation Lawyers’ Association, and US-


practice area and leads the Indianapolis office. Simmons previously served on the firm’s executive committee and chaired the environmental practice. She began her legal career at Ice Miller in Indianapolis and served as general counsel to Reilly Industries in Indianapolis and as vice president and general manager of its Pyridine Chemicals division. Simmons is currently a member of the Law School’s Board of Visitors and has been an adjunct faculty member at Indiana Law for the past 20 years, where she has focused on environmental-related courses. Simmons was selected after a national search that began in December 2011. The search

LAW. He was chair of the Young Lawyers’

Samuel E. Eversman, JD’87, was named

committee, chaired by John Applegate, Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law and IU’s

Division of the Indianapolis Bar Associa-

partner at Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. in

executive vice president for university regional affairs, planning and policy, received more

tion before serving on the board as its

St. Louis. Eversman focuses his practice

secretary, vice president and counsel.

on international transactions, corpo-

He continues to serve as a delegate to

rate and project finance, joint ventures,

the Indiana State Bar Association, is the

intellectual property transfers and Saudi

ISBA delegate to the ABA and has been

income tax for clients doing business in

a director of USLAW.

the Middle East. He also has experience


in assisting Middle Eastern clients (both

Timothy A. Klinger, JD’85, has joined

governments and businesses) with trans-

Rudolph, Fine, Porter & Johnson, Evans-

actions and disputes outside the Middle

ville, Ind., as of counsel. He previously

East. Eversman has lived and conducted

served for 11 years as a partner at McCray

business throughout the Middle East,

Lavallo Frank & Klinger in Evansville.

including as a resident in Turkey, Saudi

Klinger concentrates his practice in the

Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab

areas of worker’s compensation defense,

Emirates. He regularly helps businesses

mediation, medical malpractice, and

explore, structure, establish and conduct

than 100 applications and nominations for the position.


alumni feature strengthening the competitiveness of

Make a Splash. The program’s initiative

five-year term as a member of the Indiana

their brands and products.

focuses on children who are most at risk

Supreme Court Disciplinary Commis-


of drowning. Through his efforts, Lopez

sion. In June 2011, he was elected its chair.

Philip C. Eschels, JD’83, a partner in the

has contributed to the national achieve-

Prather is a member of the Law School’s

Louisville office of Bingham Greenebaum

ment of teaching more than one million

Board of Visitors.

Doll LLP, has been named co-chair of the

children to swim. He is a member of the


firm’s Labor and Employment Practice

Law School’s Alumni Board.

In December 2011, Lauren K. Robel,

Group, and will share management


JD’83, dean and Val Nolan professor of

responsibilities of the firm. Eschels repre-

R. Anthony Prather, JD’83, a partner

law at the Maurer School of Law, was

sents employers in employment-related

in the Indianapolis office of Barnes

named interim provost and executive

claims in both federal and state courts.

and Thornburg LLP, was selected for

vice president of Indiana University —

He also counsels employers and trains

inclusion in Indiana Super Lawyers 2012.

Bloomington campus. She succeeded

management personnel on a wide range

He has a full-service practice represent-

Karen Hanson, who left the university

of employment-related topics.

ing management interests exclusively

on January 31. Robel has been dean of


in all aspects of labor and employment

the Law School since 2003 and a faculty

Arthur A. Lopez, JD’83, was the 2011

law and litigation, including workplace

member since 1985.

Golden Goggles Award recipient. Lopez

investigations, audits, supervisory


is president and head coach of Nadar

training, defense of discrimination and

Phil L. Isenbarger, JD’84, a partner in

por Vida, which means “swim for life.”

retaliation claims, and preparation of

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP in In-

He was selected for his service and in-

and defense of affirmative action

dianapolis, was selected for inclusion in

novative leadership through the USA

plans. Prather was appointed by the

Indiana Super Lawyers 2012. Isenbarger

Swimming Foundation’s campaign,

Indiana Supreme Court to a second

previously chaired the firm’s Litigation


Steve M. Badger, JD’92, has been named chair-elect of the Professional Legal Education, Admission, and Development (PLEADS) Section of the Indiana State Bar Association. Badger will assume leadership as chairman of the section in the fall of 2012. As chair he will oversee the initiatives of the section, including monitoring rules for admission to the bar and for lawyer conduct, and promoting the educational and professional development of Indiana law students, lawyers and judges. One of the section’s major initiatives is the mentor match program for attorneys. Badger is a former chair of the Indiana State Bar Association’s Civil

alumni feature Brian P. Williams, JD’81, was named managing partner of Kahn, Dees, Donovan & Kahn, LLP in Evansville. Williams has practiced for more than 30 years in commercial and business litigation, will contests and trust litigation, real estate litigation, and economic development work, including tax phase-ins and tax–increment financing. Williams joined the firm in 1983 after completing a federal court clerkship. He has also served as a part-time U.S. magistrate. He is a past president of the Law School’s Alumni Board.


Past Alumni Board President named managing partner 43 +

retired in May after nearly six years in that role and more than 35 years in the university’s

Greta E. Cowart, JD’85, partner at Haynes and Boone LLP, Dallas, was selected for a

insurance law. He is a member of the

vestigations. He lives in Slidell, La., with

Super Lawyers. Within the Private

Burton Award for Legal Achievement for her article “Summary of Benefit Coverage Rules

State Bar of Michigan, Grand Rapids Bar

his wife, Sherie, and three daughters.

Client Group, Kohlhaas concentrates

Association, and State Bar of Michigan


his practice in a variety of personal

Representative Assembly, and is a

Jason L. Kennedy, JD’96, a partner at

representations, including matrimonial

certified case evaluator for Kent County.

Segal McCambridge Singer and Mahoney

law and wealth transfer planning. He


Ltd. in Chicago, was appointed chair-

also focuses on the drafting of premarital

David A. Locke, JD’95, a partner at

man of the Toxic Tort Practice Group

agreements to preserve and optimize the

— The Devil is in the Details.” She was one of 35 winners chosen from entries submitted by managing partners of the nation’s 1,000 largest and most prestigious law firms. The awards program is co-managed by the Library of Congress. Cowart focuses her practice in

Cowart recognized for legal achievement, wins Library of Congress award

the areas of employee benefits, health and welfare plans, tax-sheltered annuities, retirement, and health law. She writes and speaks extensively in the areas of employee benefits,

Stuart & Branigin in Lafayette, Ind., was

and to the firm’s Executive Committee.

wealth transfer options of his clients and

healthcare reform, and executive compensation. Cowart is a member of the American Bar

appointed to serve on the Attorney

In his new roles, Kennedy oversees and

their families. Kohlhaas has also written

Association Taxation Section’s Employee Benefits Committee, and served as chair of that

Grievance Committee for the U.S.

participates in the management of more

extensively on and litigated various and

District Court, Northern District of Indi-

than 150 attorneys and seven offices

complex legal subject matters, including

ana through June 30, 2015. The

nationwide. His responsibilities include

business valuation issues, stock option

five-member committee reviews and

developing and implementing firm-wide

divisions, beneficiary trust interests, pre-

investigates complaints of attorney

strategic plans, management and quality

marital agreements, legal issues incident

misconduct in the federal courts within

control, professional development,

to the conclusion of same-sex relation-

the district. A litigation defense attorney,

staffing and recruiting, and overall

ships, and other topics at the fore of the

Locke is a member of the Defense

operational planning. Kennedy’s areas

modern personal law practice.

Trial Counsel of Indiana, the Defense

of practice include trial and appellate


Research Institute, and the National

litigation with a focus on product liability,

Chou-il Lee, JD’98, has joined Taft

Association of Railroad Trial Counsel.

commercial litigation, complex mass tort

Stettinius and Hollister LLP’s

He lives in Lafayette.

litigation, insurance coverage litigation,

Litigation Practice Group as of counsel


and municipal/police officer liability.

in its Indianapolis office. Lee concen-

In November Thomas E. Deer, JD’94,

Since 1996, he has lived in Chicago but

trates his practice on all matters involving

shareholder, and Mike D. Ray, JD’04,

still calls Bloomington home.

litigation and municipal representation.

associate, at Ogletree Deakins in Chicago,


Before joining the firm, he practiced at

received a directed verdict on behalf

Joshua L. Smith, JD’96, joined Facebook,

Modesitt Law Firm, P.C., in Terre Haute,

of a plaintiff in a federal jury trial in a civ-

Inc. as lead counsel in February.

Ind. He served as a felony trial deputy

il rights and police brutality case against a

Previously, he was the senior legal

for both the Vigo County and Clay

Chicago Police Department officer.

director at Yahoo.

County Prosecutor’s offices, where



he was first chair for the conviction of

Kyle E. Hanrahan, JD’96, was recently

Michael R. Kohlhaas, JD’ 98, a partner

five Class A felonies over the past five

selected to serve as general counsel for

in Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP’s

years. Lee has served as Terre Haute city

the New Orleans division of the FBI after

Private Client Group in Indianapolis,

attorney since 2008.

12 years of handling national security in-

was named a Rising Star 2012 by Indiana


committee in 2006–2007. She is also a fellow of the American College of Employee Benefits Counsel and a member of the Bloomberg BNA Pension and Benefits Publications Advisory Board. Cowart is a member of the Law School’s Alumni Board.


44 + ergo + spring 2012

alumni feature Rights of Children Committee, and

after appointment by President Barack

for children. According to Steele, the

was recently appointed by the Indiana

Obama and unanimous confirmation by

songs “have adult musical sensibilities,

Supreme Court to the Indiana Commis-

the U.S. Senate.

but [are] geared to teach kids lessons.”

sion for Continuing Legal Education.


The songs address challenges of parent-


John P. Lennon, JD’93, a partner in Honig-

hood, such as getting children to brush

John V. Colvin, JD’92, was recently select-

man Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP’s

their teeth, eat dinner, and help out at

ed by his peers for inclusion in the 2012

Real Estate Department, was recently

home. One song about traffic safety, titled

edition of The Best Lawyers in America

elected chair of the newly formed Urban

“Buzzard Meat,” follows many careless

in the practice area of product liability

Land Institute–Michigan (ULI), Western

animal characters to their demise as they

litigation. As a civil trial lawyer, Colvin

Region. He was also appointed to the

become roadkill. During law school,

concentrates his work on trial prepara-

ULI–Michigan Executive Committee,

Steele played in the Lonesome Griddle

tion and practice. He is a board-certified

which consists of leaders in the real es-

Boys bluegrass band, which entertained

civil trial lawyer, a distinction held by

tate profession throughout the state. Len-

his classmates at Bear’s Place. When not

fewer than 1% of all Florida lawyers. He is

non leads Honigman’s Western Michigan

writing and performing, Steele teaches

a member of the Florida Justice Associa-

real estate practice, which was rated the

social studies at Orleans (Ind.) Junior/

tion, the Central Florida Trial Lawyers’

only top-tier real estate practice in the

Senior High School. More information

Association, and the Indiana Trial Law-

Kalamazoo market by U.S. News Media

about Steele’s projects can be found at

yers’ Association.

Group and Best Lawyers. He is a member


of the State of Michigan and Florida State


John R. Fernandez, JD’92, has joined

Bar Associations.

Thomas R. TerMaat, JD’94, was elected

SNR Denton’s Washington, D.C., office


as a new shareholder at the Michigan

to direct innovation initiatives designed

Rachel J. Smith, JD’93, was promoted to

firm Foster Swift Collins and Smith, PC.

to broaden the array of service offered to

professor of practice at the University

TerMaat practices in firm’s Grand Rapids

clients. Fernandez joins the firm as part-

of Cincinnati College of Law. She teaches

office in the areas of commercial litiga-

ner and innovative strategy director, a

legal research and writing, advocacy,

tion, real estate litigation, general civil liti-

newly created position. He comes to SNR

and ethics.

gation, insurance defense, transportation

Denton from the U.S. Commerce Depart-


and trucking law, and premises liability.

ment’s Economic Development Adminis-

Sean Steele, JD’94, has collaborated on

He is recognized as one of the leading

tration, where he has served since 2009

a newly released CD of original songs

experts in Michigan no-fault automobile

alumni feature George T. Patton, Jr., JD’87, partner at Bose McKinney & Evans LLP, Washington, D.C., was invited to lead a discussion about the aftermath of Republican Party of Minnesota vs. White, 536 U.S. 765 (2002). Patton practices in the firm’s Litigation Group and is former chair of its Appellate Group. He has taught appellate advocacy and procedure at the Law School, written a book on appellate procedure published by West Group, authored a chapter in a book of appellate briefs, and published several articles on Indiana appellate procedure.


Prolific legal writer leads discussion on Republican Party of Minnesota vs. White


Proloy K. Das, JD’00, was recently interviewed on WCCT television in Hartford, Conn., on the Supreme Court’s consideration of the Affordable Care Act. Das handles special litigation matters, including appeals in criminal, civil, contract, and family law at the Hartford office of Rome McGuigan, P.C. Prior to joining Rome McGuigan, he served as an assistant state’s attorney in the Appellate Bureau of the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office. + Jonathan P. Emenhiser, JD’00, was named partner at Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP in Indianapolis. Emenhiser joined the firm in 2005 as an associate and currently practices in civil and commercial litigation, commercial disputes, product liability, insurance coverage, and environmental litigation. He regularly handles complex litigation matters, as co-counsel and as local counsel, with national counsel across the U.S. He has been recognized by his peers as a leader in insurance coverage and was named a Rising Star by Indiana Super Lawyers for 2009 and 2011 for insurance coverage. + Ryan M. Hurley, JD’00, was named partner at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP in Indianapolis, where he has practiced since 2004. Hurley is a business litigator with significant experience in the areas of antitrust, healthcare, contract disputes and bankruptcy litigation. He has litigated class actions and multi-district litigation proceedings, and has first- and secondchair trial and arbitration experience. Hurley also has appellate experience, including a Seventh Circuit oral argument

46 + ergo + spring 2012

on behalf of a pro bono criminal client. + Erin R. Schrantz, JD’00, has been named partner at Jenner & Block in Chicago. A member of the Complex Commercial Litigation, Communications and Class Action Practices, Schrantz is co-chair of the Firm’s Women’s Forum and its Steer-

ing Committee. As part of her active pro

Matthew E. Conrad, JD’02, was named

entity selection and formation, contract

deposition skills. She is also a certified

individuals who have been defamed

bono practice, she has first chaired a jury

one of the Indianapolis Business

drafting and negotiation, general busi-

domestic relations mediator and assists

on websites or postings on the Internet.

trial for a client charged with first degree

Journal’s Forty Under 40. As a partner

ness advice, and certification. He also is a

victims of domestic abuse in obtaining

He was named a Mid-South Rising Star

murder, and argued two direct appeals

at Krieg DeVault’s Indianapolis office,

member of the firm’s Diversified Business

protective orders against abusers

in Intellectual Property in 2008 and

before the Seventh Circuit Court of Ap-

Conrad concentrates his practice in the

Solutions Team, which focuses on pro-

through the Family Justice Center of St.

Intellectual Property Litigation in 2009

peals, successfully vacating a sentence of

areas of corporate transactions, eco-

viding a wide range of legal services to

Joseph County. Before joining Faegre

by Super Lawyers magazine. Miller lives

life imprisonment. She has also repre-

nomic development, renewable energy,

minority- and women-owned businesses,

Baker Daniels, Hall was a litigation

in Brentwood, Tenn.

sented clients in employment discrimina-

corporate finance, and real estate. He

as well as the firm’s media law task force.

attorney at Hinshaw and Culbertson


tion, political asylum, child custody, and

has worked on a variety of corporate and

He is fluent in Spanish.

LLP in Chicago, focusing on business

Paul Newman, Ph.D, JD’03, professor

First Amendment defamation cases.

partnership transactions throughout vari-


litigation and product liability.

emeritus of linguistics at Indiana Univer-


ous company stages, including formation,

Angela Kelver Hall, JD’03, was named


sity—Bloomington, was awarded the 2012

Tavonna Harris Askew, JD’01, has been

capital raising, contractual negotiations,

partner at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP,

Samuel F. Miller, JD’03, was elected a

Linguistic Service Awards for the many

promoted to general counsel for Health

and mergers and acquisitions. He has

South Bend. Hall is a business litigator

shareholder of Baker, Donelson, Bear-

years of pro bono legal advice he has

and Hospital Corporation of Marion

also represented numerous companies

specializing in complex contractual

man, Caldwell & Berkowitz in Nashville,

given in his capacity as special counsel

County. Askew assumed her new job re-

and municipalities to obtain and struc-

disputes and product liability litigation.

Tenn. Miller focuses his practice on

to the Linguistic Society of America.

sponsibilities January 1 after serving the

ture federal, state and local economic

She has represented automotive, medical

trademark, trade dress, right-of-publicity,

The award honors members who have

past five years as deputy general counsel

development incentives including new

device, recreational vehicle, insurance,

copyright, patent, and false advertising

performed distinguished service to the

and director of HIPPAA compliance for

markets tax credits. In addition to practic-

and financial institution clients in a wide

litigation. He has twice served as chair-

Society and the discipline. Newman is

the corporation. As general counsel,

ing law at Krieg DeVault, Conrad serves

variety of lawsuits and arbitrations,

man of the Intellectual Property Section

the vice president for litigation for Ameri-

Askew serves as the corporation’s chief

as the director of the Indiana Automotive

including contract disputes, business

of the Tennessee Bar Association and

can Civil Liberties Union of Indiana.

legal officer and a member of the execu-

Council, which exists to enhance, build,

and securities fraud, class actions, sales

previously served on the governing board


tive management team. She is responsible

and promote the automotive industry

of business disputes, personal injury,

of the Tennessee Intellectual Property

R. Matthew Van Sickle, JD’03, has joined

for protecting the corporation’s legal

in Indiana, by focusing on strengthening

and insurance in bad faith claims. In

Law Association. In addition to tradition-

the Raleigh, North Carolina, office of

interests, maintaining its operations

the competitiveness of the state in

addition to her litigation practice, Hall

al intellectual property matters, Miller

Wall Templeton and Haldrup, P.A., as of

within the scope established by law, and

the global automotive marketplace to

is an adjunct faculty member at Notre

has represented music artists in right-of-

counsel. Van Sickle’s experience includes

providing risk management services. Be-

stimulate long-term job creation and

Dame Law School, where she teaches

publicity cases and royalty disputes, and

counseling businesses and individuals in

fore joining Health and Hospital Corpora-

capital investment.

tion, Askew worked as special assistant


corporation counsel and public access

Carolyn A. Jayne, JD’02, was elected part-

counselor for the city of Indianapolis. She

ner at K&L Gates, Chicago office. Jayne

also worked as a deputy prosecutor in the

belongs to the firm’s Investment Man-

Juvenile and Domestic Violence Divisions

agement, Hedge Funds and Alternative

of the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

Investments Group. She advises private


investment funds and new investment

Marc D. Sokol, JD’01, was named of

advisers on corporate, securities, and

counsel at Jenner & Block’s Chicago

finance matters. Jayne routinely handles

office. A member of the firm’s Securities

all aspects of forming unregistered invest-

Litigation and Enforcement and Class

ment funds and registering new invest-

Action Practices, Sokol has also worked

ment advisers, including establishing

on complex commercial cases involving

compliance policies and procedures. She

contract disputes, fiduciary responsi-

also has experience performing compli-

bilities, and fraud. He maintains an ac-

ance reviews of investment advisers.

tive pro bono practice, including assisting


clients in obtaining orders of protection

Rafael A. Sanchez, JD’02, a partner at

through the Domestic Violence Legal

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP in India-

Clinic of Chicago. He served the Chicago

napolis, was selected as a Rising Star in

Bar Association as chair of the Securities

the Indiana Super Lawyers 2012. Sanchez

Law Committee and currently serves as

primarily concentrates his practice in

a member of the leadership board of the

civil and business litigation. In addition,

Class Action Committee.

he assists individuals and enterprises


with general corporate matters, including

alumni feature Osborn and Jenkins receive 2011 Pro Bono Award

Kathy L. Osborn, JD’99, and Sarah C. Jenkins, JD’06, were named recipients of the 2011 Pro Bono Award for Attorney Aiding Individuals by the Indianapolis Bar Association. They were recognized for providing access to justice for underserved individuals. Osborn is a partner at Faegre Baker Daniels LLP in Indianapolis, where she concentrates her practice on antitrust, appellate, and business litigation. Jenkins is an associate in the business litigation section of the firm.


and Carlton Fields, P.A. She clerked for

the first civil union performed in the

Meghan A. Dwyer, JD’08, an investiga-

personal and advertising injury claims,

and construction litigation, and commer-

the Honorable Chris W. Altenbernd of

Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.

tive reporter for television station WIFR,

consumer protection claims, and prop-

cial collections.

Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal


the CBS affiliate in Rockford, Ill., was

erty claims, with a special emphasis on


and for the Honorable E. Michael Hoff of

Margaret M. Christensen, JD’07, an asso-

recently nominated for a 2011 Chicago/

claims involving the Telephone Consum-

Daniel R. Flynn, JD’04, was named

the Monroe County (Ind.) Circuit Court.

ciate in Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP’s

Midwest Emmy for a documentary she

er Protection Act. O’Connor has engaged

partner at the Chicago office of Leech


Indianapolis office, was selected for in-

co-produced and filmed while complet-

in insurance coverage litigation in state

Tishman. Flynn focuses his practice in

Katherine A. Miltner, JD’05, a clerk for

clusion in Indiana Super Lawyers Rising

ing her master’s degree in journalism

and federal trial and appellate courts.

environmental, safety and toxic torts,

the Honorable Timothy S. Black, U.S.

Stars 2012. Christensen concentrates her

at Northwestern University. Previously

Previously she was a law clerk with the

litigation and insurance coverage, and

District Judge for the Southern District

practice in business litigation, attorney

Dwyer practiced law in Chicago, special-

firm from May 2010 to August 2010 and

corporate risk mitigation. He has a di-

of Ohio, was married to Scott B. Dust in

discipline defense, property tax appeals,

izing in commercial litigation and repre-

clerked for the Honorable E. Michael

verse background in environmental and

Cincinnati in October. The couple lives

construction law, and media law. In law

senting large corporations in contractual

Hoff, JD’75, of the Monroe County (Ind.)

OSHA litigation and regulatory compli-

in Philadelphia.

school, Christensen was an articles editor

disputes. She lives in Chicago.

Circuit Court. In addition, O’Connor

ance counseling. During the course of


for the Federal Communications Law


served as editor-in-chief of the Federal

his career, Flynn has counseled a wide

Christopher J. Rasmussen, JD’05, is

Journal and coached the Journal’s moot

David B. Shafer, JD’08, joined Goldberg

Communications Law Journal.

range of manufacturing and construction

senior counsel in the Business Law

court team at the national competition

Kohn in Chicago as an associate in the


companies on compliance with various

Department of Foley & Lardner LLP’s

in Washington, D.C. She is also involved

Commercial Finance Group. Shafer

Macey Leigh Thompson, JD’11, has been

state and federal environmental laws and

Chicago office. He represented Guggen-

with several community and political or-

focuses his practice on the representation

accepted as a Ph.D. student in Health

regulations. He also has many years of

heim Baseball Management in its

ganizations and is president of the board

of financial institutions in documenting,

Policy and Management at the Indiana

experience in handling OSHA compli-

agreement to acquire the Los Angeles

of directors of Trusted Mentors, Inc., an

negotiating and performing due diligence

University School of Medicine, Depart-

ance and litigation issues across a broad

Dodgers, the single largest transaction

organization that provides mentoring to

for secured U.S. and cross-border asset-

ment of Public Health.

spectrum of industries. Prior to joining

for a professional sports franchise.

individuals at risk of homelessness.

based and cash flow transactions. He also


Leech Tishman, Flynn was an attorney in

Rasmussen was a part of the team that


has experience representing debtors and

Evelyn Gentry, JD’11, joined Faegre Baker

the Chicago office of Seyfarth Shaw.

closed the historic agreement between

Alexander J. Barefoot, JD’07, received the

creditors in commercial workouts and

Daniels LLP as an associate. Gentry fo-


Dodgers’ owner Frank McCourt and

Ball Corporation Award of Excellence.

bankruptcies, including restructurings,

cuses on labor and employment law from

Thao Nguyen, JD’04, was named partner

Major League Baseball that was approved

Barefoot is a senior business analyst for

reorganizations, sales, and liquidations.

the firm’s downtown Indianapolis office.

at Plews Shadley Racher & Braun LLP

by the Delaware Bankruptcy Court.

Ball’s metal beverage packing division.



in the firm’s South Bend office. Nguyen


He joined Ball in 2008 after receiving

Mary D. Clerkin, JD’09, is a worldwide

Ryann E. Perlinski, JD’11, joined Faegre

concentrates her practice in real estate

Yvette M. Alex-Assensoh, JD’06, a

an MBA from the IU Kelley School of

certification and functional excellence

Baker Daniels LLP as an associate.

transactions, corporate counseling,

political scientist and attorney who has

Business. Ball Corporation established

leader and product environmental

Perlinski is a member of the firm’s State

insurance coverage, and commercial

served on the Indiana University faculty

the Award of Excellence program in

manager for Cummins Inc. in Columbus,

and Local Tax Group in downtown

litigation. Before joining the firm in 2004,

for the past 18 years and as dean for

1980 to recognize outstanding employee

Ind., where she lives.


Nguyen clerked for the Honorable Carr

women’s affairs since 2008, has been




L. Darden of the Indiana Court of

named vice president for equity and


Rebecca L. Riall, JD’09, has opened

Leslie B. Prill, JD’11, joined Faegre Baker

Appeals and the Honorable Terry A.

inclusion at the University of Oregon.

Joshua K. Richardson, JD’07, an associ-

Riall Law offices in Zwolle, La. After

Daniels LLP as an associate. Prill works

Crone of the St. Joseph County Circuit

She will begin work at the UO in August.

ate in the General Litigation Practice

working towards her Ph.D. dissertation

with the Intellectual Property Practice

Court. Indiana Lawyer named Nguyen

Alex-Assensoh will report to both the UO

Group at Foster Swift Collins & Smith

in anthropology, she embarked on field

Group in downtown Indianapolis, focus-

as a 2009 Up-and-Coming Lawyer. She

president and to the university’s senior

P.C. in Lansing, Mich., has recently been

research with state-recognized Indian

ing on patent litigation.

also was named a Rising Star by Indiana

vice president and provost. She will serve

recognized as a Top 5 under 35 lawyer

tribes in the southeastern United States.


Super Lawyers for 2010 and 2011.

on the UO’s Executive Leadership Team

by the Ingham County Bar Association.

Friendships made during the fieldwork

Therese M. Williams, JD’11, joined Faegre


and on the Leadership Council, providing

His practice areas include general litiga-

led her to relocate to Zwolle.

Baker Daniels LLP as an associate. Wil-

Laura K. Whitmore, JD’04, joined Adams

guidance on campus-wide issues.

tion, commercial litigation, employment

and Reese in Tampa, Fla. Whitmore


litigation, information technology, and

focuses her practice in litigation and

Levi S. Harris, JD’06, an assistant

insurance defense law. Richardson is a

appeals, concentrating in insurance bad

appellate defender in the Illinois Office

member of the State Bar of Michigan,

faith and insurance coverage. She also

of the State Appellate Defender in

the American Bar Association, and the

has experience in banking and finance

Chicago, was joined in a civil union

Ingham County Bar Association. He also

law, medical negligence, and products

to Jacob Trimble at St. Peter’s Episcopal

serves on the board of directors for the

liability. Before joining Adams and Reese,

Church. Harris and Trimble were

Michigan Defense Trial Counsel and the

Whitmore served as an associate at two

the sixth couple in Cook County, Ill.,

Boys & Girls Club of Lansing.

Florida law firms: Gunn Law Group

to receive a civil union license. It was



Ann E. O’Connor, JD’11, has joined Tressler LLP as an associate in the firm’s Chicago office. She focuses her practice on insurance coverage matters, including coverage analysis, counseling, and litigation. She has represented insurers in coverage disputes stemming from

liams focuses on business and corporate finance from the firm’s Fort Wayne office. {finis}

49 +

48 + ergo + spring 2012

complex litigation, including insurance

Nearly 200 Indiana Law alumni have been cited as top-rated lawyers for 2012 by Super Lawyers magazine. Super Lawyers is a rating service of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. The selection process is multi-phased and includes independent research,

50 + ergo + spring 2012

peer nominations, and peer evaluations. Listed on the next page are the Maurer School of Law Super Lawyers for 2012. Many of the winners have also provided ergo with detailed information about their firms, practice areas, and significant accomplishments. If you would like to be featured in ergo next year, please submit your entry by going to and clicking the “Class Notes” tab under “Alumni.” Congratulations to this year’s Indiana Super Lawyers!

Michael R. Fruehwald

Larry A. Mackey

Joseph M. Scimia

Stephen W. Adair

Philip C. Genetos

David J. Mallon, Jr.

Sue A. Shadley

Douglas R. Adelsperger

Caroline K. Gilchrist

Andrew C. Mallor

Katherine L. Shelby

Terrill D. Albright

Scott D. Gilchrist

Thomas A. Manges

Grant F. Shipley

Kathleen M. Anderson

Robert F. Gonderman

Donna C. Marron

Gayle L. Skolnik

Knight S. Anderson

Carl A. Greci

J. Lee McNeely

George G. Slaughter

Samuel R. Ardery

Betsy K. Greene

Jeffrey A. Michael

Terrance L. Smith

Bryan H. Babb

Geoffrey M. Grodner

David B. Millard

Robert K. Stanley

Steven M. Badger

Stephen J. Hackman

Milford M. Miller, Jr.

David W. Stewart

Thomas A. Barnard

Lanae M. Harden

Gloria K. Mitchell

James A. Strain

Spiro Bereveskos

Steven D. Hardin

Raymond H. Modesitt

James P. Strenski

Bart M. Betteau

Charles E. Herriman

Alice A. Morical

Larry J. Stroble

George N. Bewley

Max W. Hittle, Jr.

Byron L. Myers

Arthur G. Surguine, Jr.

Barry N. Bitzegaio

Keith P. Huffman

Terry R. Noffsinger

Kathleen M. Sweeney

James F. Bohrer

Bruce A. Hugon

Peter L. Obremskey

Scott E. Tarter

Samuel R. Born II

Robert S. Hulett

Rory O’Bryan

Jennifer Wheeler Terry

Ellen E. Boshkoff

Andrew W. Hall

Joseph D. O’Connor

Robert B. Thornburg

Michael E. Brown

John T. Hume III

Kathy L. Osborn

Richard J. Thrapp

Richard L. Brown

William W. Hurst

Andrew C. Ozete

David O. Tittle

Terri L. Bruksch

Kenneth H. Inskeep

F. Anthony Paganelli

Larry C. Tomlin

Thomas H. Bryan

Phil L. Isenbarger

Nicholas C. Pappas

Alan S. Townsend

Joseph T. Bumbleburg

Steven L. Jackson

Roger L. Pardieck

John F. Townsend III

Andrew B. Buroker

Jay Jaffe

Anthony W. Patterson

Daniel D. Trachtman

David A. Butcher

Michael L. James

Bruce M. Pennamped

John D. Ulmer

James E. Carlberg

Lonnie D. Johnson

Stephen R. Pennell

Stephen M. Wagner

James M. Carr

R. William Jonas, Jr.

Stephen J. Peters

John Leslie Walkey

John R. Carr III

Anthony R. Jost

James L. Petersen

Mark A. Warsco

Ben T. Caughey

Bart A. Karwath

Erick D. Ponader

David R. Warshauer

Gary J. Clendening

David T. Kasper

Zeff A. Weiss

Sherrill W. Colvin

Megan J. Kight

R. Anthony Prather John W. Purcell

Michael R. Conner

Madalyn S. Kinsey

Peter M. Racher

Thomas E. Wheeler II

Jessie A. Cook

James Koday

Jason R. Reese

John W. Whiteleather, Jr.

Mark J. Crandley

Jeffrey B. Kolb

Timothy J. Riffle

James L. Whitlatch

Thomas L. Davis

James S. Kowalik

Randall R. Riggs

Stephen J. Williams

Nicholas C. Deets

John M. Kyle III

William N. Riley

Gordon D. Wishard

Paul T. Deignan

Mary M. Larimore

Sarah S. Riordan

Bryan B. Woodruff

Katheeen A. DeLaney

V. Samuel Laurin III

Mark J. Roberts

J. Michael Woods

Anne N. DePrez

Christopher D. Lee

Daniel A. Roby

C. Daniel Yates

Jeffrey S. Dible

Stephen W. Lee

Stanley L. Rosenblatt

Joseph H. Yeager, Jr.

Francina A. Dlouhy

Thomas R. Lemon

Gus Sacopulos

Kenneth J. Yerkes

Thomas K. Downs

Elliott D. Levin

Howard B. Sandler

Thomas P. Yoder

Tamatha Earnhart

Branch R. Lew

Phillip R. Scaletta

Louis B. Yosha

Greg J. Easter

Michael J. Lewinski

Christopher G. Scanlon

James H. Young

Kim Ebert

Edward J. Liptak

Thomas C. Scherer

James T. Young

John L. Egloff

Mary K. Lisher

Kevin C. Schiferl

D. Bryce Zoeller

Sherry A. Fabina-Abney

Daniel M. Long

April R. Schilling

Susan M. Zoeller

James P. Fenton

Daniel J. Lueders

Michael J. Schneider

Larry R. Fisher

Stephen W. Lyman

Edward F. Schrager

Martin T. Fletcher, Sr.

Barry A. Macey

Peter A. Schroeder

David A. Foster

Nora L. Macey

Fred Schultz

Alan Whaley


51 +


Arend J. Abel

JAZZ-HANDS DEPARTMENT: FIRST-EVER LAW SCHOOL MUSICAL A HIT About 35 Indiana Law students participated in the writing, scoring, and staging of Gary Trotter and the Parody Exception: The Law School Musical on March 2 and 3 before a full house in the Moot Court Room. The idea came from Associate Professor Ryan Scott, who was involved in a similar production while attending the University of Minnesota Law School. Scott made the proposal to the student body in April 2011, when the Student Bar Association Ruth E. Maier, LLB’40, died February 29, 2012. Maier was one of the first female clerks of the Court of Appeals, serving under Judge Edgar Blessing from 1940–1943 and for Indiana Supreme Court Justice Frank Richmond in 1944. She was associated in the practice of law with the firm that included Herman McCray, Gaylon Clark, and William Statham. Maier left that firm in 1984 and formed a solo practice. She was still practicing law when she received the Gresham Award in 1994, which is presented by the Evansville Bar Association to persons who have elevated respect for the profession. ++ Colonel Richard A. Crecelius (Ret.), JD’50, died November 21, 2011 following a brief illness. Crecelius was a native of Crawfordsville, Ind., where he was born September 29, 1922. The son of the late Owen and Marguerite Crecelius, he was a veteran of World War II and retired as an Army colonel after 36 years of service. His final assignment was Commander of Fort McCoy army base in Wisconsin. ++ Ralph O. LaFuze, LLB’56, died on February 24, 2012. He was born in 1932 in Richmond, Ind., and graduated in 1950 from Kitchel High School near Liberty. In 1956 he received a combined degree in engineering and law from Purdue University, where he was a member of Phi Delta Theta, and the Maurer School of Law, where he graduated with honors and was elected to Order of

invited him to deliver the Last Lecture, an often humorous recap of the semester’s events. “Students come to law school with all sorts of talents and interesting backgrounds, and they don’t always have the opportunities to showcase these talents,” Scott said. Giving students the opportunity to write, direct, produce, and perform in the musical helped students find a means of expressing their creativity and finding some balance between their academic and personal lives. “If you can’t find balance in your law school career, I think you lose something important,” he said. The students who participated in the musical appreciated the camaraderie and fun it provided. Darrian Campbell, JD’13, who was both a writer and director of the show, found value in expressing his creativity through writing. “I’m thankful to have something outside of the rigors of law school to relieve [the] stress,” he said. Karen Wrenbeck, JD’12, who was both a producer and an actor in the show, liked how it helped her interact with more of the student body. “I don’t know that I would have met all these awesome, hilarious 1Ls” if not for her participation in the musical, she said. Opening night was a success. Parodies of both pop songs and show tunes were performed energetically by the show’s cast and musical team, such as “Network ’til the World Ends,” a spoof of a Britney Spears song. Jokes comparing law school to high school, and songs about writing briefs and memos and the glamour of living in southern Indiana, had the audience laughing in the courtroom and talking at intermission about how funny the show was.

the Coif. He also served on the board of the Indiana Law Journal. Following his graduation, he served in the United States Navy 

Campbell said that a new production is

as a legal officer with the JAG in Washington, D.C.; Karamursel, Turkey; and Crane, Ind. He practiced law for more than 50 years

planned for next spring, with the hope of

in Indianapolis and mostly in Wayne County. He retired from active practice in December 2010.

participation from more students.


(Portions of this article are adapted from a

March 14 article in Indiana Lawyer.)


Donald M. Mosiman, JD’57, died on October 4, 2011 in Stuart, Fla. Born in Indianapolis, he lived in Spotsylvania, Va., before moving to Stuart 15 years ago. A graduate of Wabash College, he was an environmental lawyer throughout his life. He was the first assistant administrator of the EPA and a member of the Stuart Congregational Church, where had been a deacon. He also volunteered for Treasure Coast Hospice and Martin Memorial Medical Center in Stuart.

Brent A. Vander Kolk, JD’00, died on December 23, 2011. He was born in Grandville, Mich., and was a lifelong resident of western Michigan. He graduated from Hope College and was the founder, managing partner, and practicing attorney with the firm Vander Kolk & Vander Kolk PLC. His family and friends will remember him as an avid fisherman and IU basketball fan. He was a devoted husband and loving father and will be deeply missed.

The cast of Gary Trotter and the Parody Exception: The Law School Musical, takes a curtain call. The musical’s band members consisted of Justin Macy, JD’13, Blake Hartz, JD’12, and Justin Sorrell, JD’12.

Associate Professor Ryan Scott proposed the idea of a law school musical.

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52 + ergo + spring 2012


WAYS TO GIVE TO THE FUND FOR EXCELLENCE There are many ways to support the Law School’s annual fund, the Fund for Excellence. For further information, please contact Stephanie J. Coffey, Annual Fund Director, at 812-856-2973 or 877-286-0002.



Send your check, payable to the IU Foundation/IU Maurer School of Law, to: Indiana University Maurer School of Law Indiana University Foundation P.O. Box 6460 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6460



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The Law School welcomes gifts of securities and appreciated stock. To arrange your gift, call the IU Foundation at 800-558-8311.



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54 + ergo + spring 2012

Matching gifts can double or triple your investment. Please contact your Human Resources department to request the necessary forms. To find out whether your organization has a matching program, go to

211 S. Indiana Ave. Bloomington, IN 47405-7001

Profile for James Boyd


IU Maurer School of Law alumni magazine, spring 2012


IU Maurer School of Law alumni magazine, spring 2012