Summer 2015 IMPACT

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FFA members enjoy a game of Gaga Ball at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center during Jr. High FFA Day!






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Trade Show

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Ryan Cole

Chapter: South Putnam Favorite CDE: Natural Resources Demonstration SAE(s): B-C Bee Farm FFA has given me: Life skills through things like conferences, CDE’s, my agricultural education classes, and many other things. Along the way I have made amazing memories and extraordinary friends as well. Hobbies outside of FFA: Trapping, Hunting, Theater, Tennis, Contest Speed Shooting, and Preaching

Caitlin Myers

Chapter: Owen Valley Favorite CDE: Animal Science Demonstration SAE(s): Specialty Animal Production FFA has given me: The confidence to believe in myself and a HUGE passion for agriculture! Favorite Quote: “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” –Thomas Jefferson



by Brittany Young


Offices Held 2006-07 State President 2007-08 National Eastern Region Vice President

Tyler is currently… Studying at the Catholic Diocese of Evansville to eventually become a Priest. Involvement in FFA Today: Supporter of the FFA Foundation Guest facilitates sessions at various Indiana FFA conferences Writes articles for the National FFA state officer magazine Indiana State Officer Team keynote trainer Judges at district conventions What are you most grateful for because of your FFA experience? “I think what influenced my life the most was other people investing in me. My advisor, Mr. Ritter, my mentors and the state and national staff- they all give so much and believe in what young people can do. That’s a gift that has immense value, and I’m grateful for it.”


For All You Do

Mr. Martin, Ms. Steuer, and Mr. Scherer, Thank you all for being some of my biggest role models and teaching me some of the most important lessons of life. Mr. Martin, you always brought the best announcer’s voice and the best jokes to some of the darkest times when all we needed to do was smile. Your laughter and ability to light up a room is irreplaceable and I am always thankful for that! Ms. Steuer, you have been like a sister to me. I always know I can come to you for advice, a good chat, or a shoulder to cry on. You have always been there ready with that FFA first aid kit and ready with a big hug to greet me with and I could not be more grateful. Mr. Scherer, you have helped me find myself and transform me into the leader I have become. Without your sarcasm, jokes, encouragement, or that extra little push to do better I would not be the person I am today. All of your help has started to mold me into the individual I have aspired to be since a little girl. All of you have left a deep footprint in the path I have traveled on and have helped make my dreams a reality. Thank you so much for being amazing teachers, advisors, coaches, and role models! Blessed beyond measure, Dakota

Mrs. Butcher, I cannot begin to give enough appreciation for all that you have done for not only me but also our chapter. You provided the encouragement needed to continue pursuing success in this organization. Thank you Mrs. Butcher for always being willing to listen to my hopes, even the ridiculous ones, and helping to make those a reality. Your guidance and support throughout the past five years means more to me than words could ever express. You always hoped for the best and did whatever it took to help me get there…even if that was listening to the same speech hundreds of times. No matter what I needed, I knew I could count on you to help me out; whether it was an answer to a question, provide advice on what the next step should be, or simply an ear in which to listen. Thank you for not only encouraging me and challenging me but also being an incredible role model and someone who I was blessed to call my advisor. Forever Thankful, Derek

Mr. Leu and Mr. Noll, The two of you have gone above and beyond the job of an agriculture educator and FFA advisor. Over the course of the six years I spent as a member of Prairie Heights FFA, you both have been my unyielding support system which is a profound commitment that I only hope to begin to repay in the future. Mr. Leu, thank you for your wisdom and life talks. You are always there for a good laugh or a story with a lesson behind it. Thank you for putting up with me in your classes. You have blessed our chapter with your generous heart and dedication to PH members of all ages. Mr. Noll, thank you for spending countless hours with me in the ag building developing CDE presentations, preparing for state office, or just simply listening to my endless bantering about life. Since day one, you have been my motivation and inspiration. Thank you for taking me in as one of your many children, lifting me up in my darkest times, and showing me the parts of myself that I refused to notice. I am the person today because of the perseverance and loyalty that these two men have exposed to me. Thank you both for never giving up on me or any member/student. I hope that someday I can be a fourth of the person, mentor, and advisor that Mr. Leu and Mr. Noll are for their students.

Ms. Buckland, Ms. Wagoner, and Mr. Bowker, If I could only tell you two words I would choose: thank you. I’ll start with Mr. Bowker; I may owe you the biggest thank you of all. Thank you for taking an unsure freshman and showing me just how much I love agriculture and the great organization of FFA. Thank you for making the Ag rooms a safe haven and, ultimately, a home for me. Ms. Buckland, it was a crazy four years together! Thank you for fueling me to be the best I could be and for encouraging me along the way. Ms. Wagoner, thank you for hitting the ground running with our chapter and adopting me as one of your own. I may not have always told you, but I appreciated the pep talks and reminders to breathe every now and again. Each one of you challenged me as an individual and helped me grow as a person. For that I can’t say thank you enough. Forever Changed, Kathleen


To you I owe it all, Skylar

We Say Thank You!!

Mrs. Markley, Mr. Hays, Mrs. Jarrett, Someone once said that teaching isn’t filling a pail it’s lighting a fire. Mrs. Markley, Mr. Hays and Mrs. Jarrett are three of the best examples of going all out for their students. Mrs. Markley, thank you for identifying my potential and love for FFA at such a young age. Your teaching, advice and personality embody the heart of an amazing teacher. You answer my many questions, laugh with me through life’s crazy turns and push me to be even better each time. Thank you for being my teacher, advisor and friend. I will always be grateful for all that you do. Mr. Hays, when I first met you at state convention my freshman year I thought you were weird. But as I began to get to know you I understood that your weirdness was really a unique personality that I would soon love! You made class incredible, always knew how to make us laugh and you never hesitated to help anyone out the best you could. Thank you for bringing happiness everywhere you go, encouraging me when I was my least confident and truly impacting everyone around you. Mrs. Jarrett, I had the pleasure of being your student for a few years. Even though you left teaching you still supported me throughout all my adventures. I love your raw honesty, servant heart and uplifting personality! Mrs. Markley, Mr. Hays and Mrs. Jarrett, thank you for always being by my side, mentoring me, supporting me and working all out for your students. Sincerely Indebted, Lindsey

Mr. Ellison, Mrs. Rapp, and Mrs. Dickerson, Mr. Ellison, thank you for encouraging me to become an FFA member from the start. Right off the bat, you saw potential in me that I did not see in myself. Thank you for continuing to support me in all that I do to this day. Mrs. Rapp, thank you for being my cheerleader. You always give the best pep talks! Thank you for sharing your contagious personality with me, I really hope that when I am a teacher I will have as much fun teaching as you do! Mrs. Dickerson, thank you for helping me through my senior year. I don’t know what I would have done without you. Your uplifting attitude can brighten anyone’s day! Your drive and passion have helped keep me focused! Thank you for always being there for me. To Mr. Ellison, Mrs. Rapp, and Mrs. Dickerson: You are the reason I am becoming an agricultural educator and FFA Advisor. Because of the skills that you all helped instill in me and the impact that you had on my life, I hope to be able to have that same effect on my students someday. Your random texts and phone calls always make my day! All three of you are perfect examples of what faith, love and passion look like when joined with a career. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into your classrooms, thank you for inspiring me, and thank you for going on this amazing journey with me. I love you all and I am blessed to have you as my teachers, my advisors, my friends, and my role models. Truly Inspired, Brittany

Mr. Jacobs, Ms. Williams, and Mrs. Schilling It is unlikely that you all realize the profound impact you’ve had on my life. Although words could never suffice to repay the debt I owe to you all for being such positive influences in my life, I will still attempt to express my incredible gratitude towards you all. Mr. Jacobs, I may not have realized it when I was in high school, but you always embodied what it means to do everything with the intention of doing it very well. Under your guidance, we never pursued a contest without the ultimate goal of winning, and we never did anything half-heartedly. You showed me that I could be great at something. That is irreplaceable. Mrs. Schilling, for the years you taught at EH you were the constant perfectionist’s voice in our chapter. Whether it was official dress, or preparing for a meats judging contest, you always encouraged us to be perfect. Ms. Williams, when you came to Eastern the transition could not have been smoother. You immediately fit into the Eastern Hancock crowd (that might be good or bad). During my last two years of high school you could not have been more encouraging, and you were always willing to help, no matter what time I emailed you. Thank you all for the time you invested in me, for putting up with my shenanigans, and for constantly pushing me to be my best. When you reflect on your careers, have no doubt that you made a difference to this student. Eternally Grateful, Jacob


SKYLAR’S TIMELINE Freshman Year: State Quiz Bowl District Animal Science Demonstration State Dairy Evaluation State Novice Chapter Meeting Sophomore Year: State Crops Judging Section Chapter Meeting 2nd District Animal Science Demonstration Junior Year: National Dairy Cattle Evaluation Gold 1st State Specialty Animal Prod. Proficiency Chapter Parliamentarian Senior Year: National Agriculture Sale Gold 1st State Prepared Public Speaking Chapter President


GET THE FACTS Birthday: March 22, 1996 Parents: Doug and Stacy Clingan Siblings: Danyele and Madison Hometown: Angola Advisor(s): Ron Noll and Ben Leu Favorite Food: Taco Bell Favorite Movie: Batman the Dark Knight Favorite Pastime: Showing Dairy Cattle Favorite Sport: Soccer Favorite Animal: Holstein Cow Favorite Color: Blue Favorite Music: Anything good


State Secretary


Attend Purdue University to dual major in Agricultural Education and Animal Science.


Most likely to be a sports announcer that doesn’t need a microphone! It was a lot of fun working with Skylar when he was at Prairie Heights. He kept things lively and was always willing to help. During his senior year, I noticed Skylar beginning to take on a new role as I would see him beginning to mentor many younger members and share his knowledge and expertise with them. I believe that is when he began to consider Ag Education a possible major. I have many great memories of working with Skylar and I am confident that he will be successful in his future career. -Ron Noll, FFA Advisor Dedication, determination, and drive are three words I would use to describe Skylar Clingan. His FFA career has been incredible to watch. His passion for the organization has been a breath of fresh air. I know this year has stretched him, and I am excited to see where he takes the skills he has developed. I know he will be very successful because I have seen him in action as an FFA member. -Ben Leu, FFA Advisor


SPONSOR HIGHLIGHT Ivy Tech Community College has been a big sponsor of the Indiana FFA and continues to shine through their support! Ivy Tech not only sponsors all of the District Kick-Offs in the fall, but they also allow us to utilize their Lafayette Campus facilities for Career Development Events on Monday of State Convention. Some of these competitions include: Marketing, Food Science, Ag Mechanics, Ag Sales, and Vet Science Career Development Events. Ivy Tech Community College gives support to Indiana FFA on both the state level and they also support many members at the local level. Huntington University is proud to begin not only their own agriculture program, but also begin sponsoring Indiana FFA. Huntington University is our day sponsor for Tuesday during state convention. As Dr. Porter, Director of Institute of Agricultural Studies, says, “Huntington University’s ag program offers something that no one else in this region can offer—an agricultural curriculum in a faith-based small-college atmosphere. Students in this program will get both a well-rounded education based in a Christian worldview and a hands-on, practical major in agribusiness with seven different tracks to choose from.” With their sponsorship and the variety they offer to our members, we are lucky to have Huntington University’s continued support. We are very lucky to have Vincennes University as the day sponsor of Wednesday at State Convention. Not only do they provide us opportunities at convention, but they help us travel with all the goodies we collect along the way. With the handy bags they sponsor, members at convention and conferences can carry all their supplies throughout these multiple-day events. As you see Vincennes University Representatives around convention, be sure to thank them and ask them about their fantastic agriculture programs.

By Dakota Westphal

Our final day of State Convention is sponsored by Purdue University. Not only are we lucky enough to enjoy convention on their beautiful campus, but they also sponsor the 5th general session: Leadership CDE Award Recognition Session. Dr. Marcos Fernandez, Associate Dean of the College of Agriculture, says, “I find that FFA students care about making a difference in the world, starting with their family, friends and fellow students, expanding into their schools, communities and industries, and then well beyond the state’s border and globally. And do you know what the best part is? Not only do these student leaders want to make a difference in the world around them, they truly believe they can make a difference, and are often equipped to do so! Is it any wonder we believe in FFA!” As one can easily tell, we are graced with support from Purdue and we are very fortunate to host our state convention on their gorgeous campus. Thank you to all of our post-secondary education supporters, because without your help Indiana FFA could not be what it is today. We are all excited for convention and I am sure there will be members excited to look towards these options after they graduate high school.

Above: FFA members with Huntington University President, Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, at Huntington University’s “Feed a Farmer” event during National Ag Day.


Indiana FFA, Coming into this year we knew that we were in for a wild ride with six other individuals who would probably become close friends. Little did we know those ‘friends’ would turn into family and that ‘wild ride’ would turn into an adventure of a lifetime. Looking at pictures from the beginning of our year, we all giggle and comment how we look like such babies. In all reality, we were! Somewhere between all the fun times and memories made, we’ve all grown up just a touch. For everyone who made that growth possible: thank you. To the members who welcomed us like old friends; we can’t describe to you the feeling that gave us. We came into this year with the mindset that we would go all out for the members. Looking back, we realize the members truly went all out for us. Indiana FFA members: thank you for the laughs, the kind words, and the memories. To the families who were kind enough to open their homes to us, and the advisors who made sure we knew where we were going before we left their Ag room, we can’t say thank you too many times. To state staff….well thank you doesn’t begin to cover it. Thank you for your patience, wisdom, and your belief in us. We may not have always told you, but those pep talks, reminders to eat or breathe, and the encouraging words you supplied never failed to make us feel loved. No one says it better than Walt Disney, “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” To everyone we encountered along our journey this year, thank you for making our dream a reality. Forever Grateful and Truly Humbled, 2014-2015 Indiana FFA State Officers Brittany, Jacob, Lindsey, Skylar, Kathleen, Derek, and Dakota