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The Indiana Chapter September 2012 Newsletter FROM THE PRESIDENT, AMWA INDIANA CHAPTER Dear Chapter Members, Welcome to a new year with AMWA! I sincerely thank Anne Wolka for leading our chapter, as president last year and in other roles in many previous years. You may recall the spectacular chapter conference she organized in 2010. This year my objective is to start a conversation about AMWA among our chapter members and Indiana‟s larger biomedical community. Please join in and let us hear your voice! I hope this conversation will help us get to know each other, learn what we want our chapter to be, and build enthusiasm for excellence in medical communication. What could we talk about? Our chapter How can we make our chapter itself (in contrast to AMWA at the national level) meaningful to you? To find out, I plan to call each of you within the next 2 months. Please share your ideas with me and tell me what you honestly think. If your interest in AMWA lies only at the national level, tell me that too. For example, would you benefit from chapterwide distribution of short professional biographies of each chapter member, from an online directory of our chapter‟s freelance writers, or from an informal workshop on some aspect of medical communication? Membership & Volunteers Barbara Lightfoot, our president-elect and membership & volunteer chair, will welcome our new members and ask exiting members how we can improve our chapter. Please tell her about any organization or individual that might benefit from AMWA membership. Kristin Bullok, our LinkedIn AMWA Indiana chapter subgroup manager, has been helping chapter members hold discussions online. Please let her know about ways she could use LinkedIn to benefit our chapter. AMWA, at both the national and local levels, exists only because of its volunteers. These people give, but also get. Working with colleagues to build our profession helps people in early or middle stages of their careers develop professional relationships, learn about their profession, develop leadership and technical skills, and gain visibility. People in late stages of their careers benefit from the satisfaction of setting goals and standards for the AMWA Indiana Chapter Newsletter September 2012

profession, of preparing the next generation to continue something that matters, and of leaving the profession they love better than they found it. It‟s easy to volunteer at the chapter level. Just tell me or any other chapter leader (see list at the end of this newsletter) what you want to do. Don‟t worry about whether you know enough to participate – you do! Become a committee member if you would like to devote at least 3 hours per month to our chapter. In brief, the education committee plans educational projects and an annual chapter conference; the program committee plans stimulating events that include presentations, informal workshops, and networking; the membership & volunteer committee acts as the chapter‟s human resources department; the newsletter committee reports information about AMWA, our chapter, and Indiana‟s biomedical community; and the marketing committee develops professional relationships among our chapter members and Indiana‟s biomedical community. If you are too busy for a committee role but can spare a few hours this year, choose from a list of individual tasks available from any chapter leader. That list will soon be available on our chapter website. Volunteering at the national level is easy, too. Just take a look at the „Call for Volunteers‟ page at AMWA‟s website ( for a list of opportunities, and submit your volunteer interest form by September 24. (You can find more information in the “Best Of” column later in the newsletter.) If you are interested in presenting a workshop, leading an open session, or presenting a poster at the 2013 AMWA annual conference in nearby Columbus, OH, tell Laura Oberthur Johnson, our education chair, so she can help you prepare. Outreach Laura Oberthur Johnson and Ellen Stoltzfus will speak to university students about careers in medical writing. Laura needs volunteers from the chapter to help with an integrated research project she designed to assess the medical communication needs of the Indiana biomedical community and to find the unmet needs that our chapter and its members can fill. Tara Polston, our marketing chair, is busy developing professional relationships between our chapter and that community. Events Brad Philbrick, our program chair, is planning an outreach event to explain to the community what AMWA and medical communication are and to learn from the community what its medical communication views and needs are. He is also planning 3 additional educational events designed to help chapter members get to know each other and become better communicators. As for the past 2 years, we will podcast these events on the Page 1 of 6

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