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The Indiana Chapter National Board of Directors Report Julie Beyrer

The most recent National Board of Directors (BoD) meeting of AMWA was held during its 68th Annual Conference at Louisville, KY, October 23 to 25, 2008. Julie Beyrer (Indiana Chapter President) attended as the Indiana Chapter delegate. Below is a summary of the major items that were discussed at the meeting. 1)

National AMWA Bylaws were amended: To consistently specify that full-year terms are meant in Article III—Officers (describes requirements for serving as a national AMWA officer). „ To incorporate the AMWA Code of Ethics language into membership application. „


medical writing. Credentialing among AMWA members is also being discussed. A Task Force on Ethical Standards is working on several items, including the recent November 2008 survey about writing/editing manuscripts prepared on behalf of authors.

If you would like to learn more about any of the items above or want to know more about the Board of Directors meetings, please feel free to contact Julie (

The process for management, oversight, and approval of the AMWA Code of Ethics will be discussed at the Spring Board of Directors meeting. The Education Department will also encourage incorporating discussion of ethical issues into every AMWA workshop. 2)

Financial report for FY2007-08: AMWA has approximately $1,041,000 in reserves, which exceeds its minimum target of $789,366. Excess revenue over expenses was $107,735.49. The Board voted to approve continuing to divide excess revenue in thirds (long-term reserves, Endowment Fund, short-term reserves & operating funds).


AMWA membership continues to grow: 5,487 members as of August 2008.


A task force made the recommendation (approved at the meeting) to allocate $1,000 from the AMWA Endowment interest to complete the searchable index of the Dear Edie column.


Several national task force committees are ongoing: „ A Medical Communication Profession Research Task Force is conducting quantitative and qualitative research to help determine how AMWA should evolve to be recognized as the foremost resource for medical communicators over the next 10 years. „ A Task Force to Explore Partnering Opportunities With Higher Education has several ongoing goals, including conducting a 3-year pilot program with students enrolled in Towson University’s biomedical writing track—AMWA will waive the enrollment requirement for the advanced certificate for qualified students. „ Additionally, funding/award money may be soon made available for student research in AMWA Indiana Chapter Newsletter December 2008

Chapter Conferences: More than Workshops Kristin Bullok

This year’s Indiana Chapter Conference found Conference Attendee enjoying the day at the relaxing and beautifully new Indianapolis Central Library. A total of 4 workshops and a business lunch comprised the 1 day Chapter conference. As is characteristic of all AMWA workshops, participants engaged in thoughtprovoking discussions of writing and editing medical documents. Though attendance was lower than expected, I still was able to meet diverse people, including employees from a vendor company with whom I have worked as well as AMWA members from outside of Indiana. To top off the Conference experience, participants thoroughly enjoyed breaks in the spacious and glass-roofed atrium by sipping on a drink of choice from the adjoining café or catching up on email. By the end of this year’s conference, I was reminded that, as Conference attendees, we would be remiss to limit our Conference experience to within the workshop rooms. So, as we begin preparing for our next Chapter Conference, I encourage us to consider a couple ways in which we can extend our experience beyond the workshop setting: intentional networking and proactive sharing of knowledge.

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