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The Indiana Chapter Dec 2010 Newsletter FROM THE PRESIDENT, AMWA INDIANA CHAPTER December 2010 Dear Chapter Members: The Indiana AMWA Chapter currently has 115 members. Most of the members are located in the central area of Indiana. Very few Chapter members outside this area are active in the Chapter, but this year we plan to investigate using teleconferences, webcasts, a blog, or other new technology to enable members outside Indianapolis to participate remotely in the events. For several years, we have had 2 to 3 programs or networking events per year. This year, we hope to have at least 3 networking plus at least 2 program events. The networking lunches or dinners will allow members to get together, socialize, and discuss common issues. The program events are being planned, and we hope to have invited speakers with a roundtable discussion format. Such discussions may be held either at the local restaurants or other affordable places. The announcements on the events will be distributed via email and will also be posted on the Chapter website ( We will continue to provide the Newsletter with 2 new columns planned for the editor and for members. With our current financial balance of approximately $12,900, we hope to be able to provide either a student or a member scholarship to attend the national AMWA conference in 2011. More details will be coming. My perspective and main objective for the Chapter are pretty simple: to provide more opportunities for the Chapter members to network and increase their professional skills through volunteering and supporting the Chapter events. This year, we are also planning to learn more of the freelance science and medical writing. Finally, the Chapter committees are determined this year to achieve more for the members and for the following years that come after us. Your comments and questions are valued and encouraged via email and via the Chapter blog that is coming soon (see David Caldwell’s article on p. 2). Pam McClelland, PhD, President AMWA Indiana Chapter AMWA Indiana Chapter Newsletter December 2010

UPCOMING EVENTS: 2011 Chapter Conference in Planning When and Where Save the dates for the 2011 Ohio-Indiana Chapter conference, which is scheduled for April 29 and 30, 2011. The conference will be held in Columbus, Ohio. Open Sessions and Dinner Roundtables Open sessions will continue to be offered, and we are going to add a new component, dinner roundtables (Friday night, April 29). Think about giving your own open session at the OhioIndiana Chapter conference. On the basis of last year's conference responses, we're especially interested in topics devoted to either new or veteran freelancers. Open session are 75 minutes in length (including Q&A). We need 5 open session presenters. Similar to the breakfast roundtables at the national AMWA conference, the dinner roundtables are intended for attendees to share experiences and ideas about the topic. We are looking for approximately 7 dinner roundtable leaders. Possible topics include: - Tips for Training New Medical Writers - Money You've Spent for Your Freelance Business Submission Instructions For open session: Submit your name, contact information, proposed talk topic (e.g., Patient-Reported Outcomes, Heath Economics, MicrosoftÂŽ Office2007), a 100-word summary of what your topic will cover, and the target audience (e.g., regulatory writer, freelance, or patient educator). It is acceptable to propose a multi-speaker session or panel if you are willing to recruit the speakers. For roundtable: Submit your name, contact information, proposed table topic, and 2 bullet points summarizing agenda for the discussion. All submissions will be reviewed by a group of Chapter members to select open session and roundtable topics. Please submit your ideas by December 20, 2010, to Heather Haley at Call Heather at 513-377-5444 with specific questions regarding roundtables or open sessions. (Information provided by Laura Oberthur Johnson, PhD, Education Chair)

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Amwa indiana newsletter dec 2010 final  

Amwa indiana newsletter dec 2010 final