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Building a better environment The Infrastructure and Building sector is looking more and more like the perfect context for a perfect partnership. The Governments of the two Countries have identified it as one of their priority areas for bilateral co-operation. This choice is in line, at one end, with the urgent Indian need for an accelerated infrastructure development and, at the other end, with the range of Italian competence, which has further expanded in recent times with a quantum jump in foreign contracts. In the last five years the engagement of Italian construction companies in overseas markets has grown by 20% yearly, reaching a phenomenal 140% rise in revenues - 44 million Euros from projects in 86 countries spanning the 5 continents. No doubt the Italian industry can contribute significantly to India's development plans. The creation of an Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB) by the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce (IICCI) is therefore a timely initiative that can strongly contribute to turn this vision into reality. The Indo-Italian Business Conference that was held recently in several Indian metros has shown that we are moving in the right direction. In general, when we talk Italian products, whether it is consumer goods, machinery, or large-scale public works, there is always an “X factor” that sets them apart from the rest, and that is quality and attention to detail. Add to it the aesthetic dimension and what you get is better infrastructure.

traditional aesthetics. This takes us straight to the need for better cities, where integration expands to include sustainability, renewable energy and eco-awareness. This is where the LEGEM concept comes in: LEGEM stands for Lifespace, Energy, Governance, Environment and Mobility. LEGEM floats the idea of the Indo-Italian sustainable city. This may be taken as a metaphor for the creation of a bilateral partnership in city-building that is in line with the contemporary paradigms of sustainability. What we are talking here is the “ecocity”, a concept that is not new to the environmental vocabulary of Italian architects, who in fact are already building ecocities in Asia. And yet, this would not suffice without paying due attention to the human factor and all that directly impinges on peoples' wellbeing. So what we call “the virtuous circle” in urban development would further include anthropology, sociology, economics, management and finance. Aristotle said: a great city is not to be confounded with a populous one. I think he was speaking both as a scientist and as a philosopher. Should we paraphrase Aristotle the scientist from the perspective of a shaking eco-system, we could say that a great city is an ecocity. But if we wanted to honour Aristotle the philosopher we would have to say more: a great city is an ecocity that is in harmony with the environment, thus not only more liveable but happier. That is why men must build such cities. That is why we should build such cities.

As for better buildings, there is no need to mention the extraordinary achievements of Italian architecture, old and new, which continues to seamlessly integrate new materials, concepts and technologies with



Lifespace – Energy – Governance – Environment – Mobility The Indo – Italian sustainable city

Current scenario The word LEGEM (Latin for Law) evokes the idea of law and rule, in sharp contrast with the idea of deregulation, and can point the direction for the sustainable development of XXI-century Indian cities. The Rule of the law does not only point to restrictions, but also to opportunities to improve the quality of planning, building technologies, materials and infrastructure systems. Rome was one of the first cities in the world to reach a population of one million people. This was in the year 5 BC. It took about 18 centuries more for London to reach a population of 1 million. Urbanization gained an incredible momentum in the 20th century. Urban population worldwide increased from about 13% (220 million) in the 1900s to about 49% (3.2 billion) in 2005. In 2010, for the first time in history, more than half of the world's population became urban. By 2050, about 70 % of people are likely to be city dwellers (compared to less than 30% in 1950!). Although many emerging economies may not have reached the same level of urbanization as today's developed countries by 2050, the speed and scope of the urban evolution in the developed world is far greater today than it was just half a century ago. Mega-trends are accelerating the processes of urbanization and changing consumption in different partf of the world; these are: Disper(ate)city: Megacities are expanding boundaries in peripheral areas at very high speed rate. Urbanomics: Cities concentrate investment and employment opportunities, promote economic growth and increase productivity,


provide higher-income jobs, as well as greater access to goods, services and facilities, bringing improved health, literacy and quality of life. Rurbanization: Cities are extending in rural areas by tempting rural residents to search for a better life and higher income in urban areas. People in the countryside tend to have lower average incomes and more conservative spending habits. Citysumership: More and more people are now entering the middle class, increasing average incomes and spending power and quickly changing the focus of spending from basic to optional goods. Indian and Chinese cities are expected to see the bulk of global urban growth and to host the dominant citysumersin the future. Netcommunities: To avoid the cost and frustration of being stuck in traffic congestion and suffering from pollution people living in megacities are changing their socialization approach and substitute the traditional interaction “by proximity” (square) with remote socialization creating new “urban-solitaires”. Resource-draining: Economic growth has increased the affluence of a broad section of the urban middle-income population. Urbanomics lifestyle increasingly reflects energy and resource consumption patterns that produce growing amounts of waste, traffic and pollution. Poor-rising: Urban poverty is on the rise. Poor planning of housing development often leads to vast spontaneous settlements at high risk of unhealthy air and water pollution levels, and poorly connected to basic services.

The Holonic city How do cities, impacted by the current mega-trends, manage the change process?

individual goals and behaviors: “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

How do traditional tools of urban planning allow cities to change from boxes for traditional social organizations to enablers of complex organizations?

The traditional structure of cities and buildings has been able to support organizations based on concepts of “centralized technocracies” and homogeneous social groups with implicit values, rules and common identities. The recent development of multi layer social networks do not fit with the traditional structure of cities and not only generate segregation of individuals but also reduce the growth of a spirit of identity and belonging to its citizens.

The complexity of contemporary society along with the new urban megatrends requires organizations to evolve into superior forms able to better manage cognition processes, adaptation and evolution. The cold and modernist visions of the city, particularly those embodied by rational architects and urban planners like Le Courbusier, represent an ideology of urbanism based on commodification and bureaucratization and block the individual expression in traffic, pollution and desocialization. Contemporary urban planners and architects are required to overcome mechanic and reductionism approaches and develop evolutionist approaches. The emerging organizational models demand planners to understand new interpretative conceptual frameworks to better balance the tumultuous changes of the city as a whole with the emerging needs of individual and social groups, thereby protecting well being, creativity and authentic social relationship. Such framework should not be limited to the observations of single parts, but lead towards designing humancentric approaches. For centuries human beings have been social animals, individuality is a rather recent phenomenon. Every kind of social grouping has its own architecture consisting of values, rules and structural configuration (power relations/hierarchy). Social groupings develop a life of their own, with emergent goals and behaviors that are not merely the sum of

Planners should take into account emerging organizational complexity and develop patterns for urban development capable of balancing traditional interactions among individuals based on physical proximity with the interaction among social groups and, more recently, the emerging trends of internet-based social networking. Cities are expected to better support living organizations made by “modular, self-adapting and cognitive parts” in which multi-layer evolutionary and adaptive processes take place without compromising the basic needs of human beings. Emerging organizational frameworks, based on system thinking and holism, focus attention on: a) The organization as a whole rather than on the particular or the part, considering the whole as characterized by emerging properties that are not found in its constituents, or in its sub-wholes of the latter; b) the relations between parts and whole, and on the functions of the parts in the whole; c) the context (or environment), which must be considered an essential element for understanding and analyzing any particular phenomena.



The notion of Holarchy permits to better interpret the hierarchical interconnections of the containing/contained parts among autonomous elements (modules, cognitive or operational units) existing in nature (from the quark to the ecosystem), in human artifacts (from the individual PC station to the internet) and in logical entities (from the letter of the alphabet to all the letters of a given language). The “City” can thus be observed from a different perspective: it may be understood as a social system that forms itself when a group of individuals accepts, based on their own motivations, to become organs, or components of organs – specialized according to functioning, function, functionality and spatial-temporal placement – of a larger structure; being member of a wider structure allows to achieve a common goal that cannot be attained by the single individuals or by partial systems. Cities should enable multiple cognitive organizations whose members are bound by stable, horizontal and vertical structural relations (organizational relations), which entail coordinated and cooperative behavior; which means that they recognize and accept higher objectives, programs of action, rules of coordination and responsibility in order to carry out long-lasting processes aiming to common goals.

The organs can be observed and structured in a multi-level model according to different points of view, in particular by favoring the objectives or the functions needed to achieve these goals. The emerging organizations' goals and functions are logically connected according to a matrix from which we derive the two typical organizational structures: the linear structure, which orders the parts in terms of the goals, and the functional one focused on the functions. A new type of organ in cognitive organizations must be enabled to perform: the “Holon”. The Holon is the conceptual brick of a Holarchy and represents a specific type of organ. This term, coined by Arthur Koestler in 1967, derives from the combination of the Greek “holos”, which means “all”, and the suffix “on,” which indicates the neutral form and stands for “particle” or “part” (as in proton, neutron and electron). It represents the basic element of the holonic view, which do not consider relevant the connection among elements rather their each other inclusion. Figure 1 – A holonic structure or holarchy [Bell et al., 1998]


The horizontal and vertical interactions of the organizations produce emerging properties (macro macro dynamics, macro function, the achievement of common institutional goals) of the system and not of its constituent parts or its partial subsystems and that cannot be limited by the physical urban environment. The city's organs can thus be thought of as parts of the entire system, necessary for and enabling the achievement of objectives, from which the institutional (constitutive) goals derive, that refer to the entire organization as a “single unit”.








In the domain of social living, the parts and the whole do not exist in an absolute sense. The city is to be considered as a multi leveled hierarchy of semi-autonomous sub-wholes, branching into sub-wholes of a lower order and so on. Sub-wholes of the hierarchy are referred to as holons. A holon is a whole that is part of a vaster whole, and which, at the same time, contains elements, or sub-parts, of which it is composed and which provide its structural and functional meaning. Each holon includes holons from a lower level, but cannot be reduced to these; it transcends them at the same time that it includes them, and it has emergent properties. In its broadest formal significance a holon can be thought of as conceptual, non observable entity that functions as a connective or intermediary element among hierarchical levels of the City. The different levels represent different stages of development, and the holons reflect intermediary structures at these stages. The holon is a point of reference to give a hierarchical meaning to holarchy, that is interconnected through inclusion at multiple levels. Thus, the holon does not necessarily correspond to any structure (physical orhypothesized). The holon is not the structure but of the structure, a center for the relationships with the other component, subordinate and composed, and with super-ordinate structures. Thus the structure of the city is not an aggregation of elementary parts and, in its functional/behavioral aspects, not a chain of elementary units of behavior but should be regarded as a multi-level hierarchy of semiautonomous sub-wholes, branching into sub-wholes of a lower order, and so on. Holons are autonomous, self-reliant and interactive systems which display both the autonomous properties of the wholes and the dependent properties of the parts. This dichotomy is present at every level of every type of Holarchy organization, and it is referred to as the "Janus phenomenon".

Individuals, families, tribes, nations are social holons that are influenced by architecture and display more or less flexible strategies accordingly to explicit (and implicit) values, explicit (and implicit) structural configuration and explicit (and implicit) functional rules. While the architecture defines the space of permissible behaviour in the holon's activity, the strategic selection of the actual behavior among permissible choices is driven by the contingencies and constraints of the environment. The architecture determines the rules of the game, and the strategy decides the course of the game. However social holons are more complex than others, because not all parts comply to the same extent with the architectural rules. When sufficient parts (individuals, groupings) challenge/put stress on the rules, there are two options: the architecture adapts itself or it collapses. Urban planners, architect and engineers should think over the approach in designing cities, township and its parts by addressing the fundamental properties of Holarchies: 1. Emergence: social behavior emerges when holons carry out a function (to reach an objective, carry out a project) that cannot be achieved through partial groupings of lower-level holons. 2. Adaptation: physical environment should allow continual adaptation to the required functionality. 3. Expansion: cities should harmonize both the growth of the depth of the holarchy of holons as well as the number of holons. 4. Inclusion: each holons should comprise all the subordinate holons functions and structures. 5. Transcendence: although the function, functionality and functioning of a holon depends on those of the subordinate holons, they do not



coincide with any of them but are emerging.


Moving ideas not people

6. Self-preservation: each holon should evolve by adapting to the higherlevel holon and develop the vital capacities of the holons that comprise it.


Integrating multilayer smart grids


Designing for sustainability


Distributed autonomous –governance

7. Well-being: each holon should be designed to be aware that its wellbeing depends on that of a higher-level holon and influences that of the lower-level holons. 8. Utility: each holon should carry out useful behavior for the lower and higherlevel holons. 9. Efficiency: each holon should improve its performance to provide the higher-level holon with better conditions for evolution. 10. Asymmetry: the higher one goes in the holarchy of the holons, the greater flexibility there is in the function and functioning; the lower down one goes the greater the inflexibility of the admissible behavior What is Legem From ancient times through the Renaissance up to the contemporary age, Italy is an acknowledged leader in designing cities on a human scale. Urban culture is a feature of those who plan cities to fulfill man's needs using principles and models that have inspired some of the world's most beautiful cities (Rome, Florence, or Venice). LEGEM is a conceptual framework to interpret and embed the key concepts of holonic systems in contemporary urban planning and building designing addressing the following principles: l

Putting people first


Providing individuals with identity through architecture


Designing spare around the square


LEGEM is also a proposal to realize in India a new model of human centered township based on the combination of the Italian style and architecture and the intensive use of new and sustainable technologies in construction methods, building materials and infrastructure able to provide individuals with benefits of a new ecology of mind.



































Participating Companies

Italian Business Mission to India

In this section we present the profiles of 45 Italian companies that are part of the business delegation participating in the Italian Business Mission to India in the cities of New Delhi and Chennai, from 31st of October to 3rd November 2011. The Italian Business Mission is led by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Italian Minister of Economic Development and is co-organized by Confindustria (Confederation of Italian industries), Association of Italian Banks (ABI) and Unioncamere (Italian Chambers of Commerce), in collaboration with the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) and the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB). These companies represent the best of Italian know-how, technical expertise and innovation in the industry, operating in sectors that are of crucial importance to rive and sustain the development of the Indian economy: architecture and engineering, construction materials, infrastructure, energy and ITC network, and logistics. These companies are active in every segment of the value chain. Among them there are industry bodies, architects, engineers, contractors, building material and equipment manufacturers, energy solutions providers, certification agencies.


ANCE ASSOCIAZIONE NAZIONALE COSTRUTTORI EDILI Via Guattani, 16-18, 00161 Rome (RM), Italy T: +39 06 84567434-7 F: +39 06 84567566 ANCE is the National Association of private construction contractors, active in public works, residential and industrial building. It represents 20 Regional Organisations, 102 Provincial Associations and 20,000 Construction companies of any specialization and dimension. ANCE and its local Associations safeguard the construction industry visà-vis with the Government and Parliament, through its lobbying activity. ANCE dialogues with political, social and cultural Institutions and manages relationships with Administrative Authorities in governing the territory, planning investments and designing interventions. ANCE is engaged in: Tendering for public procurement and relationships with the employers; Public and private Financing; Technical innovation and quality certification; Fiscal regulations' implementation; and Company qualification for Public works.



Viale Sarca, 336, 20126 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 64451 F: +39 02 6445 4401

Via Capocastello, 53, 62026 San Ginesio (MC), Italy T: +39 0733 656737 F: +39 0733 656876

The mission of Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A. is to deliver results based on expertise in Industrial Systems & Automation; Power Components design and manufacturing (Electric Motors, Generators, Drives & Power Electronics); and Technical and Consultation Services. With more than 150 years of experience to draw upon, the Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali team provides quality engineering and services to help clients achieve their goals. Each member of the Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali team is committed to ensuring each solution meets and surpasses client expectations. Our Core Businesses: Marine – Metal – Oil & Gas – General Industry – Energy and Renewable Energy projects – Transportation – Infrastructure.

Bocci & Partners offers advice and professional services in the fields of architecture, interior design, civil engineering, town planning and restoration. The head office is in the city centre of San Ginesio, giving its professional activities a fascinating historical frame: in San Ginesio in 1552 was born Alberico Gentili, founder of International Law, while the Saint that gave his name to the city is the protector of artists, architects and designers. The team at Bocci & Pa r t n ers st u d io p rov id es integ rated a n d interdisciplinary design services, in partnership with leading firms to offer the Italian excellence in various fields. The strength of the studio consists in a team of specialist technicians who can lend their professional services even for particularly complex solutions and in offering to the customers the guarantee of respect for budgets and terms of realization.





Via Barozzi, 1, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 771131 F: +39 02 77113260

Via Flaminia, 135, 00196 Rome (RM), Italy T: +39 06 80913201 F: +39 06 8077527

Via Rubattino, 54, 20134 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 21251 F: +39 02 21255480

Bonelli Erede Pappalardo is one of Italy's leading law firms, born from the merging of three outstanding Italian law firms, each contributing with their leading market skills. Currently, the firm employs approximately 300 professionals with offices in Milan, Genoa, Rome, Brussels and London. The firm provides comprehensive legal services, particularly in M&As, capital markets, EU law, antitrust, domestic and international litigation, administrative law, tax law, employment law and intellectual property law. Though the company has strategically developed new practice areas, it managed to maintain the same high standards of excellence set by the founding firms and is well positioned to advise on all major legal transactions in Italy. Bonelli Erede Pappalardo is also a successful international firm, holding relationships with other distinguished independent law firms worldwide to offer our clients access to the very best legal services in other jurisdictions, and expertise in all relevant practice areas.

CBA Studio Legale e Tributario (CBA) is one of the largest independent Italian law firms, characterized by its strong partnership-led approach, personalized services to clients and commitment to excellence. CBA is a full service law firm with particular emphasis on corporate law, tax, private equity and real estate. Other areas of practice for which the firm is publicly recognized are energy, construction and infrastructures, trusts and estates, non-profit organizations and sports. CBA has 45 partners and over 180 professionals, with offices in Milan, Rome, Padua, Venice and Munich. CBA's international approach is built on the principle of absolute independence and good friendship with some of the top independent firms worldwide.

Established in 1956, CESI is an important player in testing and certifying the quality of electromechanical equipment and electrical power systems, offering its services to electrical utilities, electro-mechanical and electronic manufacturers, and users. Since 2000 CESI has expanded its activities into all sectors in the electro-energy field: generation, transmission, distribution, end-use of electricity, as well as environment and renewable energy. Now CESI is also a global power consultant offering its services worldwide. In 2004 CESI took over ISMES, thereby expanding its services in environmental risk, design support and structural assessment on buildings and structures, mechanical and industrial components. Through the acquisition, in 2005, of German companies IPH (Berlin) and FGH (Mannheim), CESI has become a leader on the international market of electric equipment testing. Today CESI is employing about 1000 people, most of whom are highly skilled engineers and professionals.





Via Trieste, 76, 48100 Ravenna (RA), Italy T: +39 0544 428111 F: +39 0544 428186

Via Achille Grandi, 39, 41033 Concordia sulla Secchia (MD), Italy T: +39 0535 616111 F: +39 0535 616300

Via Torgianese, 42, 06084 Bettona (PG), Italy T: +39 075 80817 F: +39 075 8014091

Founded in Ravenna in 1901, Cooperativa Muratori e Cementisti – CMC di Ravenna is an Italian leading construction company. Operating in Italy and overseas, CMC realizes 90% of its consolidated annual turnover, of over 805 million Euros in 2010, in construction works. Thanks to technical and management abilities, economic and financial stability as well as to the extensive experience acquired all over the world in great infrastructure works, CMC ranks among the few Italian general contractors qualified for executing the highest class of contracts. CMC has a permanent staff of about 500 people, 373 of which are also members of the cooperative, and currently employs over 8,500 people worldwide.

CPL is an Indo-Italian joint venture company set up during the last quarter of 2010. The company intends to supply goods and services in various segments of the energy sector. CPL CONCORDIA is a group formed in Modena in 1899, composed of 50 companies and operating in Italy, Romania, Algeria, Tunisia, Argentina, and India in the whole world of energy: energy and facility management; sale and distribution of methane gas and gpl; cogeneration, trigeneration and renewable energy sources; construction and maintenance of networks for electrical energy, water and gas; gas odorization and detection of gas leaks; construction of gas measure and reduction systems.

Cost S.p.a. offers architectural solutions using structures in glued laminated timber. This material combines the natural feel of wood with superior technical qualities, allowing for a wide range of solutions that would not be achievable by using lumber and as a substitute for steel and cement structures. The production approach followed by Cost is based on deconstructing a project in its individual components, which are then manufactured through highly efficient and streamlined processes. In this simple process lies the strength of Cost's technique, together with the versatility of the applications glued to laminated timber that can afford to architects and designers.





Via Monte d' Oro, 31/C, 00040 Pomezia (RM), Italy T: +39 06 61522589 F: +39 06 61522589

Via Mercalli, 10/6, 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy T: +39 055 373949 F: +39 055 9029994

Via G.B. Ferraris, 13, S. Ilario d'Enza (RE), Italy T: +39 0522 6751 F: +39 0522 675202

EDIL MASS S.r.l. has been operating for many years in the building field, and specializes in: stamped concrete floorings for commercial, residential, and public areas; floorings with high quality texture, resistant to atmospheric agents, and maintenancefree; and internal and external stamped walls using vertical stamped coverings. EDIL MASS' special type of covering is especially suitable to decorate walls of Hotels, Restaurants, Sporting and Fitness Clubs. These coverings, directly applied on plasters, concrete bricks or drywall, are subsequently stamped and painted. Thanks to a wide range of stamps and colors, both stamped concrete floorings and stamped walls can be executed in many ways so as to obtain a perfect imitation of natural stones, bricks, rocks, wood, etc. The company also offers acidifying floorings, concrete materials, and equipment for the execution of stamped concrete floorings and of industrial flooring.

ESA Engineering S.r.l. specializes in technical and construction problems connected to the needs and exigencies of both the private and public sectors. It is also involved in the promotion of new ideas and project solutions in the areas of technical systems for fire-prevention and acoustics. The company is specialized in buildings with high-energy efficiency, both in terms of the capacity of energy supplied and the quality of containment energy dispersion. Through an integrated approach, it ensures that all the multiple factors that influence the energy efficiency of residential and commercial complexes are kept under control and optimized. Particular attention is paid to “passive elements� like thermal insulation and the production of thermal refrigeration. Energy savings and reduction of emissions are obtained both through the adoption of the provisions mentioned above, and also through the design and realization of installation that function by the use of renewable/recycled energy sources.

Fagioli S.p.A. was established in 1955 as a transportation business. Over a short period of time Fagioli has become a leading company in handling and transporting goods throughout Italy. Fagioli S.p.A. ranks among today's world leaders in exceptional and heavy transportation, as well as heavy lifting and applied engineering for the oil & gas, power and civil engineering sector. Fagioli India was established in 2001 as a joint venture with a local partner. Recently Fagioli has acquired the minority stake and reached 100% ownership of the subsidiary who is India's number one player in the heavy lifting sector.




Piazza della Croce Rossa, 1, 00161 Rome (RM), Italy T: +39 06 44101, +39 06 49751 F: +39 06 44104824,

Via Giacomo Peroni, 452, 00131 Rome (RM), Italy T: +39 06 45563100 F: +39 06 45563109

Italferr is a consulting and technical services company owned by Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato, the main operator of the Italian railway network. As a government-owned company, Ferrovie dello Stato serves as the national rail service of the Italian state. Italferr operates across the entire Italian territory and overseas in the railway transport sector, whether traditional, high speed or metropolitan. Its activity also extends to other transport systems and all associated engineering sectors. A highly qualified and specialized know-how, from the best engineering tradition, provides to Italferr a strategic role in the process of modernization and development of the Italian railway network and qualify it in the international market, where it has relevant responsibilities. Attention to the environment is a constant effort throughout the lifecycle of the company, from the evaluation of investments to the design and construction of rail infrastructure.

FGTecnopolo is an international engineering and architecture design company that provides integrated design services for large scale projects. The company operates in public and private sectors embracing various professional ser vices: architecture, master planning, infrastructures, structural and MEP engineering, sustainability solutions, project and construction management, ICT, graphic design, arts. FGTecnopolo main headquarter is in Rome, where more than 400 professionals with multidisciplinary expertise operates in full integration. The international presence is in various continents with main headquarters in India, Malaysia, Kurdistan, Algeria, UAE. The FGTecnopolo added value is the multidisciplinary approach, a unique insight into each aspect of the project embracing all disciplines involved in design process. This holistic approach guarantees consistency, clarity and cohesiveness in integrating of each aspect of design, and in supporting innovative visions for each new project.

FGT ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY ADVISORS SRL Via Giacomo Peroni, 452, 00131 Rome (RM), Italy T: +39 06 45563100 F: +39 06 45563109 FGT Engineering and Technology Advisors provides strategic advisory and innovative technology services and solutions to FGT Alliance Partners, their customers and business partners. The areas of intervention are European and International initiatives, supported by a cross-border team of specialists. The company provides strategic and management consulting services in innovative technologies applied to engineering infrastructure, ICT, media and sports events, complex multinational projects, project financing, business and financial planning. The firm employs a multinational team with global expertise and talent in engineering technology, financial advisory, through collaboration with Palladio Pransa. The company also operates in India, in collaboration with the company Kinetic FGTecnopolo Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, Indian society result of a joint venture between Kinetic and FGTecnopolo focused on civil and architectural engineering services for large-scale projects.





P.zza Rosselli 11, 60027 Osimo (AN), Italy T: +39 071 7230585 F: +39 071 7230182

Via Mazzini, 2, 20123 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 72147711 F: +39 02 72147720

Via San Colombano, 12, 54100 Massa (MS), Italy T: +39 0585 834268 F: +39 0585 830877

FIMA Engineering S.r.l. evolved in 2001 from Andreoli's architecture studio, founded in Osimo (AN) in 1985. The company is a "MULTIDISCIPLINARY OFFICE FOR ARCHITECTURE" with a team of architects, engineers, energy and economic experts, building surveyors, and CAD designers. The company works on planning, analysis and feasibility, architecture and engineering, urban and territorial planning, study of renewable sources and energy efficiency, restoration and renovation. The firm's approach is based on producing architecture through a dialogue with customers, and a close examination of the place and the program. Answering our customers' hopes is our true measure of success. Our core business is architectural and engineering services for commercial space, retail, shopping malls, healthcare, residential, housing and luxury villas, industrial, hotel and spas. In energy efficiency we are consultants for Casaklima/klimahaus (BZ) and Itaca, for the design of energy efficient buildings.

Surya Partners S.p.A. was established in 2011 as an Italian LLC by the second largest financial and industrial Indian conglomerate, the Hinduja Group, and Futura Invest S.p.A. Headquartered in Milan, and with presence in Hinduja House in Mumbai, Surya Partners S.p.A. provides a full range of advisory services to entrepreneurs willing to perform in crossborder operations between Italy and India. The shareholding group provides its expertise, allowing Surya Partners S.p.A. to become the ideal partner for mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, disposals, equity and debt private placements. Thanks to the large network of the Hinduja Group in India and the strategic positioning of Futura Invest S.p.A. in Italy, Surya Partners has a deep understanding of the financial and regulatory environment in its markets of reference. Surya Partners S.p.A. is committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in dealing with clients providing personalized services with a goal-oriented approach.

GDA Marmi SRL has been working in the world of stone market for over 40 years: it has built its activity on solid experience, professional seriousness and high production capacity. GDA Marmi SRL owns “MADIELLE� quarry, which is one of the most important quarries for extension and size. From different sides of the quarry, different kinds of materials can be extracted: White Carrara Venato, White Carrara Venatino, Arabescato M. and Bardiglio. Because of its high quality, our material is the favourite one for great projects and public works.





Via Palombarese, Km 28, 00010 Sant'Angelo Romano (RM), Italy T: +39 0774 345737 F: +39 06 45227102

Via Dante, 66, 22078 Turate (CO), Italy T: +39 02 96480721 F: +39 02 9682795

Via Leonardo Da Vinci, 3, 13881 Cavaglia (BI), Italy T: +39 016 196414

General Work S.r.l. was started in 2004 and is engaged in planning, construction and maintenance of urban infrastructure, in the context of both private projects and public tenders. General Work's offers a broad range of solutions for the development of roads, artificial tunnels, and railway lines. The company also offers integrated water management services and structural interventions on artificial and natural water streams, as well as defence applications.

GL Locatelli is a maker and designer of steel anchorage for construction. Our products are precast concrete structures, including channel burs, brackets for panel support, lifting anchors, anchorage for curtain walls, plants support and fixing. GL Locatelli is one of the founding members of Gruppo Inserti into Assobeton. GL Locatelli is GBC Italia's ( partner and GL Locatelli uses solar energy for its productions.

GTC is a consultancy company founded in 1998 that works in innovation and technology transfer to help its clients develop new solutions through international projects. The firm's focus so far have been the European programmes for research funding, targeting SMEs and technology transfer projects, as well as ICT outsourcing projects between Italy and India. In the last 6 years, GTC has been committed to development projects, having worked with the Italian Ministry of Industry and other public bodies keeping always on top of its agenda the Innovation and Technology Transfer domain. The new activities set up in the last years are a little “technology boutique� in the energy and environment sector providing technologies and research results from Europe or performing ad-hoc research with multidisciplinary research teams.





Via Ettore Maiorana, 13, 31025 Santa Lucia di Piave (VR), Italy T: +39 0438 450850 F: +39 0438 651184

Via Larga, 201, 47522 Cesena (FC), Italy T: +39 0547 319111 F: +39 0547 319313

Corso Venezia, 36, 20121 Milano (MI), Italy T: +39 02 89053850 F: +39 02 89053860

Baldassar is a leading producer of steel components for the building industry. The company's multi decennial experience in the reorganization of production plants, keeping abreast with technological advancement, besides the effort of satisfying exigencies of wider and wider markets, has lead the company to offer complete assistance services to individual construction targets. The high quality of materials, the projects development and the follow-up granted by Baldassar technicians through after-sale assistance, make Baldassar's a real "key-in hand" service. Baldassar develops its activities in three establishments, with an overall surface of 50,000 m2, of which over 18,000 m2 are of covered surface.

Gruppo Trevi is a global leader in underground engineering for specialised foundations, tunnel excavation, ground stabilisation, and the construction and sale of specialised sector machinery and equipment. The company has also operated in the well drilling sector and in the construction of automated underground auto parks and integrated parking management systems.

G&A is an international consulting and investment firm assisting clients to increase their presence and business in emerging economies. We serve our clients under three main categories - Public, Private and Social Sector. Under public sector, G&A offers commercial advocacy services to suppliers of goods or services, wishing to compete in the dynamic market financed by the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (“MDBs�) in emerging economies. G&A has worked with several companies in the power, transport, water, waste, health, education, chemicals, ICT, and environmental sectors.





Via dei Castillia, 10, 20124 Milano (MI), Italy T: +39 02 7015081 F: +39 02 70150854

Via G. d'Annunzio, 91, 16121 Genova (GE), Italy T: +39 010 53961 F: +39 010 5396264

Via Croce Rossa, 5, 98124 Messina (ME) Italy T: +39 090 6510954 F: +39 090 2936884

ICMQ is a leader in providing management systems certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18810), third party inspection, product certification, building certification and training in the field of construction and building materials. ICMQ Members are ministries, manufacturers associations, and end users. ICMQ is a Notified Body for the Directive 89/106 Building Products and is accredited for different schemes by Accredia: its certificates are internationally recognized. ICMQ delivers certification services (management system and product certification service, inspection and personnel certification) according to international standards and through technical approaches. ICMQ also provides services in the field of Green Building (being Co-founder of IGCB), provides building certification according to a proprietary scheme taking into consideration energy efficiency, thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort and also provide a wide range of service for LEED certification. ICMQ has founded ICMQ India, based in Mumbai.

The vessels of Ignazio Messina & Co S.p.A. have been offering for ninety years safe, rapid and reliable sea transportation between Southern Europe and the main Countries in the Mediterranean basin, Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent. Messina services, your bridge across the ocean, ensure quick and safe transportation of your commodities, of all kinds.

Ing. Alfonso Schipani s.r.l engineers, installs and manages electric and public lighting plants with technology that is certified by Uni EN ISO 9001- 2008 standards, as well as SOA for OG10 category, rank VIII. The company has a track record of respecting security measures and standards for its working locations, a minimal environmental impact and energy efficiency, limiting light pollution and waste production.





Via A. Righi, 6, 37135 Verona (VR), Italy T: +39 045 581358 F: +39 045 8277845

Via G. Camozzi, 124, 24121 Bergamo (BG), Italy T: +39 02 29024215 F: +39 02 29024307

Via Santa Maria alla Porta, 10, 20123 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 0266719315 F: +39 02 29799520

Interprofessional Network Spa is a global consultancy company operating within a network of international relations. Over the years, the company committed to supporting Italian companies abroad, and to representing them in moving into market entry, business partner search and business scouting. Interprofessional Network has been engaged by companies in the field of renewable energy to bring their technologies to Indian partners, and to look for business opportunities. The company also offers its assistance to foreign companies in the field of renewable energy who want to connect with Italian partners.

Italcementi Group is the world's fifth largest cement producer, with an annual capacity of 75 million tons of cement and an industrial network that spans across four continents and 22 countries. The Parent Company, Italcementi S.p.A., is one of Italy's 10 largest industrial companies. Italcementi Group companies combine the expertise, know-how and cultures of 22 countries in 4 Continents boasting an industrial network of 59 cement plants, 11 grinding centres, 5 terminals, 350 concrete batching units and 90 aggregates quarries. As a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Italcementi Group has committed to an industry-wide action plan that aims at safeguarding the requirements of future generations. Through its advanced Research and Innovation centres in Italy and in France, the Group intends to anticipate market trends and requirements giving priority to environmental issues and the optimization of resources.

The mission of Mass Inno-C is to improve the quality of the construction sector by disseminating knowledge capable of raising quality standards of buildings, while increasing value, reducing time and costs and addressing sustainability issues. Mass InnoC offers services in the field of innovation in construction at different levels: Business models for evaluation of innovation; Innovative construction technologies; Digital computational design; Customized industrialization solutions; Introduction of new construction materials; Managing the design and construction process; Mass Inno-C already has representative offices in India and would like to improve its business.





Via Cadamosto, 22/A, 41012 Carpi (MO), Italy T: +39 059 9770184 F: +39 059 9770186

Via Rose di Sotto, 38/C, 25025 Brescia (BS), Italy T: +39 030 3695801 F: +39 030 3732872

Via Canelli 104/106, 10127 Turin (TO), Italy T: +39 011 663565 F: +39 011 6633140

Octagona is an integrated service provider and consulting company composed of a team of partners and professionals specialised in the internationalisation of companies. It is headquartered in Italy with offices in India, Vietnam and United States of America, as well as through important collaborations in other high development areas such as South America, Middle East, Russia and China. It can assist Italian and foreign companies and institutions desirous of extending their presence to new countries through tailor made services according to specific needs of the companies. Octagona's commitment, dedication and passion to its work guarantee the necessary support to achieve concrete results to businesses that want to pursue a path of internationalization of their activities.

OMB is a global leader in the production of CNG valves, offering the most complete range of CNG filling valves, cylinder valves and shut off solenoid valve to all the major OEMs, cylinder manufactures, kit manufactures and kit distributors worldwide. The company's headquarters are located in Italy, with branch offices in Asia, Middle East and North America. The OMB range of CNG and LPG products for automotive applications, both for the aftermarket and for OEM's includes: CNG, cylinder valves, filling charge valves, cut-off valves and high pressure pipes. LPG Multivalves, filling charge valves, level indicators, copper pipes and components. OMB's products carry all the major European and International Certifications such as R67-01, R110 and ISO15500. Furthermore, the company has an in-house R&D department equipped with state-of-the-art technology ready to develop specific products to satisfy customer's requirements. OMB is a shareholder of the companies Rail, Faro and Ram, leading producers of CNG and LPG injectors, CNG and LPG pipes, CNG and LPG Reducers.

OSCAM is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cutting and bending machines to process reinforced steel from bars, coils and mesh. Thanks to its history, the experience gained over the years, and frequent contact with customers, Oscam is the biggest owner of "know-how" in reinforcement bars processing. The distinctive points of Oscam's products, highly appreciated by the experts in this field, are the high quality, the attention to details and the great reliability. For these reasons, many of the most important worldwide works (dams, railways, airports, power plants, ports, motorways) have been built with Oscam's technology. Italy is where Oscam has its major market share. Oscam is also present in the Middle East with plants in India, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries, where Oscam's market share is the highest. Some of the biggest factories in Europe, Africa and South America are equipped with Oscam's technology.


PIROLA PENNUTO ZEI & ASSOCIATI Via Vittor Pisani, 20, 20124 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 669951 F: +39 02 6691800

Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati was established in the 1970's as a partnership by a group of specialists who had been engaged for a number of years in providing tax and legal services to medium and large-sized companies and multinational groups. The firm has grown steadily over the years, and has continually sought to reinforce its multi-disciplinary approach by creating specialized centres of excellence. The firm's services cover tax and legal matters such as domestic and international tax compliance and planning, transfer pricing, VAT, tax, legal and regulatory advisory services to companies in the banking and financial services sector, tax assistance for expatriates and individuals, IT law and copyright, labor law, business law, mergers & acquisitions, as well as corporate finance services. The Firm has 9 offices in Italy, 1 in London and 1 in China, with more than 500 professionals, including 350 tax consultants and 150 business lawyers, as well as world-wide correspondents.


PROGETTO CMR ENGINEERING INTEGRATED SERVICES SRL Corso italia, 68, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 5849091 F: +39 02 58490920 Progetto CMR is an architectural and engineering consultancy with skills to deal with design at every scale from office buildings to interiors and showrooms, from factories to furniture and industrial design. Founded in 1994, Progetto CMR brings a multi-disciplinary approach and deep experience in planning and creating Corporate Interiors. Building upon this core activity, the firm's range of consultancy has gradually expanded, making integrated design the strong point of its approach. Progetto CMR is headquartered in Milan, with offices across Europe and Asia. The firm is part of the European Architects Network, developed to serve clients who are undergoing rapid expansion and want to undertake projects across Europe. Currently the Practice consists of about 120 people: qualified architects, civil and service engineers, project managers, interior designers, technicians, administrative staff and CAD specialists with state-of-the-art equipment.

QUADRILATERO MARCHE UMBRIA SPA Via Monzambano, 10, 00185 Rome (RM), Italy T: +39 06 84560521 F: +39 06 84560555

Quadrilatero Marche Umbria S.p.A. is a Public Project Company set up to achieve the strategic development of project "Quadrilateral Marche Umbria", for the construction of roads in the regions of Marche and Umbria, for a total of about 160 km. The model of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) was designed by Architect Romozzi, CEO of the Company, and includes the coexistence of the public funding and a toll road system with the use of resources resulting from development of the area, monetizing the benefits of the infrastructure. The model was presented at the level of contribution, to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation and the local institutions involved in various meetings in which the example given was analyzed at both technical and financial review, and got a favorable reception, that encourages the Ministry and local institutions to ensure conditions for the practical implementation of the model.




Via Balzaretti, 36, 20133 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 7063211 F: +39 02 26688823

Via Buttrio – Frazione Cargnacco, 33010 Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD), Italy T: +39 0432 6071 F: +39 0432 522336

Via Borghetto, 2, 61030 Montemaggiore al Metauro (PU), Italy T: +39 0721 878711 F: +39 0721 8787330

Renato Sarno Group with offices in Milano and New York, is an Engineering and Architectural firm specialized in design, planning and construction administration of buildings for public sector and private clients. The design team has the expertise in many types of projects such as office buildings, residential buildings, medical, sport, educational facilities and many others. Renato Sarno Group employs methods, practice and standards that have been developed over 30 years of architectural practice, ensuring quality of the design processes as well as the quality of the design documents we produce. The firm offers a wide range of architectural and engineering design services and expertise. In assuring the quality of the design process, our primary concern is the effectiveness of our efforts in producing a design that satisfies the needs of our clients, one that represents a coordinated effort by of the RSG project team and project consultants.

Rizzani de Eccher is an international contracting company with operations in a wide range of engineering, design and construction services on a global scale. The company draws know-how from the centenary experience of two great construction companies, de Eccher and Rizzani. The Group brings together a number of operating units that are market leaders in the areas of civil engineering, general building construction (design & building) infrastructure development (road works & bridges), design, manufacturing and operating of special construction equipment, as well as fit-out and decoration of interiors. The Group is therefore able to provide fully integrated turn-key solutions to an ever more demanding clientele in the global construction market. Over the years, the Group has consistently increased its core skills executing large and complex projects in different markets. This leadership position is widely recognized at international level and has allowed the Group to derive the majority of its revenues (80%) from overseas operations.

Schnell Group is a multinational reality made up of 13 companies - 7 for machine production, 1 for software programs and 5 for service supply. We have also over 50 agents and importers and as many servicing centres which ensure our presence on major markets. Schnell Group is not organised in a fixed hierarchical structure, but looks like a “constellation” of firms, each one having its specific targets and its own decisional autonomy, coordinated by the leading company. Every firm of the Group spreads the values of our company philosophy in its own specific reality and all the members of our staff, from agents to servicing centres, adopt our way being: a leader able to listen.





Contrada Lenzi, 98060 Montagnareale (ME), Italy T: +39 0941 315219 F: +39 094 1315101

Viale dell' Industria, 24, 37046 Minerbe (VR), Italy T: +39 0442 640014 F: +39 0442 640273

Via Capuccini, 2, 20122 Milan (MI), Italy T: +39 02 796420 F: +39 02 795036

Sidoti Costruzioni S.r.l. was established in 1990 and stems from the transformation of the firm "Antonino Sidoti," founded in 1970. The organization of the firm is based on the collaboration between experts and skilled workers and technicians in creating works of civil engineering, providing a service targeted as much as possible to the rules, laws and regulations and sensitive to stimuli of improvement and adaptation to the demands, of a constantly changing society. The firm's experience is in interventions of restoration, recovery and conservation of historic and artistic, archaeological excavations, technological systems, infrastructure and structural works, special works for the water system of streams and rivers and earthmoving equipment with associated works concrete masonry. The firm's expertise is proven by its established presence in various sectors, divided into multiple products and services developed for a variety of activities undertaken for major customers.

In 1963 in Minerbe, near Verona, the Furlani family established a manufacturing facility with aim to create high quality machinery. Over the last 4 decades SIMEM has developed two Business Units: CONCRETE: to create advancing mixing technologies; and ENVIRONMENT: to develop treatment plants for both water and wastewater. SIMEM supplies solutions for big projects worldwide: e.g., the EuroTunnel, Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the Olympic Stadium in Sidney, the Airport of Hong-Kong. In the field of environmental protection, many important industrial groups seek SIMEM's solutions to ecological problems. Over 150 expert collaborators are employed for designing, manufacturing, servicing and sales through an effective network of agents, dealers and subsidiaries all over the world. Quality in SIMEM means guarantee in all its projects technology and skilled Engineering combined with the most advanced equipment, highly efficient service and conscious responsibility for the environmental care.

BolognaFiere is one the leading European exhibition organizers and one of the most advanced exhibition centres worldwide. BolognaFiere Group manages three exhibition centres (Bologna, Modena, and Ferrara) with over 75 outstanding exhibitions in Italy and abroad; the BolognaFiere Group consists of several companies than offer an extensive range of events and provide businesses with all of the promotion and specialised services they need to successfully participate in every exhibition.





Via Industriale, 86, 98123 Messina (ME), Italy T: +39 06 3220880 F: +39 06 3220881

Via G. Perticari, 20, 47035 Gambettola (FC), Italy T: +39 0547 56047 F: +39 0547 650505

Via Isolabella, 57, 10046 Poirino (TO), Italy T: +39 011 9450364 F: +39 011 9430368

Syremont started up in 1987 from the Montedison group and in very few years reached a high level position in the preservation and valorization of the cultural heritage. Syremont specialises in a wide range of interventions: from microclimate measurement to diagnosis of the state of conservation of materials, from fine tuning of new conservation methodologies, up to treatment with specialised products. It invests in qualified professionals and increases the technical competences to the point of creating an engineering company and obtaining ISO 9001:200 certification for the following activities: scientific and technological research for restoration and conservation products and services; diagnostics and environmental monitoring; design and execution of conservation and maintenance operations; design services related to the architecture, engineering and realisation of museum lay-outs and exhibits.

Technogym is today a world leading company in the wellness and fitness field. With over 1,600 employees, 13 branches in Europe, U.S., Asia, Middle East and Australia, Technogym exports 87% of its production to 100 countries. More than 35,000 wellness centres and 20,000 private homes are equipped with Technogym. Technogym's offer embraces products, software and services, to create a total wellness solution, for both operators and private users. Product lines (in-gym training, at home and for rehabilitation) come alongside with added value services, such as interior design, training, marketing support, facility management. Technogym's market segments are: home, hotel, fitness centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, military, corporate, real estate and public. It is also an official supplier of the Olympic Games from Sydney to London 2012.

The company was founded in the 1960's by Martino Tosco and has since then become a leading producer of structural steel for light and heavy civil and industrial use. Since 2007 Tosco has started developing expertise in metal structures for applications in renewable energy systems, in particular PV panel installations and green building construction. Tosco's solutions are highly customizable to the clients' needs, while at the same time benefitting from highly automated production processes. While keeping the Italian market as its focus, Tosco is gradually looking at international and in particular Asian markets for business opportunities.


The Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building

The Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, following its mission of promoting bilateral trade between India and Italy, has a 45year track record providing Italian and Indian companies with opportunities to interact, share knowledge that will help them to better understand the markets, and do business together. Given its strategic importance for India's economic and human development, the infrastructure and building industry is at the forefront of our Chamber's focus. As part of its industry initiatives, in December 2010 the Chamber established the Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB), in order to foster cooperation among companies in the infrastructure, construction, building materials and related services industry, and to match Italian best practices and expertise with sector needs and opportunities in India. The IICIB aims to lead Indian and Italian organizations in the infrastructure, construction and building materials sectors in the creation of business opportunities, to promote the establishment of partnerships (consortia, joint ventures, etc.), and to support Indian institutions in promoting policies to improve quality and sustainability in construction. The IICIB also aims to work as an interface with Government authorities engaged in public construction at different levels.


The Club aims to achieve this by: ยง

Facilitating the flow of information between Indian and Italian companies, on each country's infrastructure and building sectors, focusing on market overviews and trends, business opportunities, technical expertise, etc.;


Creating networking opportunities and promoting members' activities, both in India and in Italy;


Assisting its members in establishing business collaborations to operate in the Indian and/or the Italian market, through monitoring of projects and tenders, entry strategies, matchmaking.

Currently 79 member-strong, the Club is open to all members of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI).



AMIT MARBLES PVT. LTD. Exporter, Importer

No. B 56 & 57, Silpcot Industrial Park, Irungattukottai - 602105, Kanchipuram Dist., India T: +91 04447111666 F: +91 04447193093

Steel Yard Near Bank Of Baroda, Vaz Corner Building, Mapusa - 403507 Goa, India T: +91 8322262971, +91 8322262422 F: +91 8322262971

Khasra No.5, Fatehpur Beri New Delhi – 110074, Delhi, India T: +91 1126655411, +91 1126655711 F: +91 1126655611

Manufacturers and suppliers of engineered industrial fans and accessories suited for heavy duty industrial applications.

Manufacturer of specialised concrete products for industrial application.

Amit Marbles offers exquisite collections of natural stones. The company achieves excellence in every project by providing the highest quality in the industry.




429/7, 12th cross, Sadashivnagar Bangalore – 560080, Karnataka, India T: +91 8023612541, +91 46682228 F: +91 8023610993

C-1, Industrial Estate Aligarh – 202001, Uttar Pradesh, India T: +91 5712402255, +91 5712502767 F: +91 571 2401516

ASV Adarsh, 1st & 3rd Floor, Block C, Door No. 719, Pathari Road, Chennai – 600002, Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4445920101 F: +91 4442080972

The principal objective of the association is the promotion of the Natural Stone Industry for the benefit of its members and the Nation.

Manufacturers of hardware for DIY, engineering goods and brass foundry.

Specialized in the design, manufacture and supply of Utility Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators and Waste to Energy Boilers.



ASIAD STEELS Manufacturer


42A, Shakespeare SaraniExpress Road, 1st Floor Kolkata 700017 West Bengal, India T: +91 3322836918, +91 3322836920 F: +91 3322836921

59/A, Ardeshirdady Street Mumbai 400004 Maharashtra, India T: +91 02223869672, +91 02266394053 F: +91 02223867996

Shrachi Tower, 686 Anandapur E.M.Bypass, Kolkata700107 West Bengal, India T: + 91 3339843984 F: + 91 3339844249

The company manufacturer solutions for Real Estate, Township, High-rise buildings, Mass Housing, Super Market and Sports Complexes.

Suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, pipes, sheets, rods, dairy clamps, flanges, valves.

Real Estate Development company, part of the Shrachi group.


ASTUTE ENGINEERING SERVICES PVT. LTD. Manufacturer, Service Provider


25 & 26, 8th Floor, Prince Towers College Road Chennai 600006 Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4428230712 F: +91 4428230912

9 & 10, symphony C Range Hills Pune 411020 Maharashtra, India T: +91 02065105511 F: +91 02025560676

24 Park Street, Magma House Kolkata 700016 West Bengal, India T: +91 3322262575, +91 3322277147 F: +91 3322457424

Manufacturers of Power Plants, offering solution from land scaping to operation of Plants across in India.

Team of seasoned professionals working towards building a world-class enterprise focused on the Indian infrastructure sector.

BTL executes manufacturing of industrial equipment like material handling and coal & chemical projects on turnkey basis from concept to commissioning.





Plot No. AC 7 - AC 11, SIDCO Industrial Estate Thirumudivakkam Chenna 600044 Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4424781035, +91 4424781036 F: +91 4447193093,

S F No. 5/1-A, Trichy Road, L & T Bypass Junction Chinthamanipudur Post Coimbatore 641103 Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4222270859, +91 4222270867 F: +91 4222270712,

Plot No. 70, Sector 32 Institutional Area, Gurgaon 122001 (Haryana) T: +91 124 4536606 F: +91 124 4536799 www.

Design, manufacture and distribution of a complete range of gearmotors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes.

The company has the distinction of being largest selling tractor attachment manufacturer in India.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with interests in Roads, Bridges, Commercial Buildings, Urban Infrastructure ,Railways, Power Transmission Towers and Water and Sewerage.


BWE ENERGY INDIA (P) LTD. Manufacturer


New No. 43, Old No.10, Azhagir Nagar, 5th Street, Vadapalani Chennai, Tamil Nadu , India T: +91 4424813014, +91 4424813015 F: +91 4424813017

1st & 2nd Floor New No. 43 (Old No. 20) K.B. Dasan Road, Chennai 600018 Tamil, India T: +91 4424328101, +91 4424328102 F: +91 4424328103,,

104, 3rd Floor, Prestige Omega EPIP Zone, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066, Karnataka, India T: +91 8041817177 F: +91 8041817277

Manufacturing company with experience in setting up projects for the manufacture of Architectural Ceramics.

BWE ENERGY INDIA PVT LTD (BWE India) is a fully owned company of STF S.p.A, Italy, one of the largest steam generation solution provider for both Industrial and Utility applications.

Provider of services to leading property developers and builders.




AC 17, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700064, West Bengal, India T: +91 3323373045, +91 3323374569 F: +91 3323372074

11/12, S. B. I Colony, First Street, Virugambakkam, Chennai – 600092, Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4423766169 F: +91 4423766200

Established supplier to OEM's as well as the aftermarket. Products are well received by original equipment manufacturers in Europe.

Leader in architectural field and associated with activities as consulting engineers & builders.

The company offers a wide range of natural stones that encompasses several varieties of granite, marble, slate, sandstone and limestone.


DANIELI & C SPA Manufacturer


Ltd 41st KM Bangalore Mysore Road, Madapura Village, Ramanagaram, Bangalore 571511 Karnataka, India T: +91 8027285629 F: +91 8027285621

Technopolis Building, Plot-4, Block-BP, 5th floor, Wing-B, Sector-5, Salt Lake, Kolkata 700091 West Bengal, India T: + 91 3339847777

Tecnimont ICB House, 504 Link Road, Chincholi Bunder, Malad (W) Mumbai 400064, India T: +91 2266945555 F: +91 2266945899

100% export oriented unit (EOU); marketing strategies with an emphasis on quality, reliability and competitiveness.

Design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, erection & commissioning of steel plant equipments and systems.

Premier PC company having varied capabilities and vast experience to execute large and complex projects worldwide on Lump-sum turnkey (LSTK) basis.

COMMERCIAL AUTO PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. Manufactures Tewari Ganj, Faizabad Road Lucknow – 227105, Uttar Pradesh, India T: +91 5222815877 F: +91 5222815033



GAMMON INDIA LTD. Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer


15th Floor, Tower 9B, DLF Cyber City, Phase-III Gurgaon 122 002, Haryana, India T: +91 124 416 9100 F: +91 124 416 9175

Gammon House Veer Savarkar Marg P.O. Box No. 9129 Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025 Maharashtra, India T: +91 2267444000, +91 2267444053 F: +91 2224333851

2 Park End II Nd Floor Vikas Marg New Delhi110092 India T: +91 0112202 355 F: +91 01122023356

Feedback Infrastructure Services (formerly known as Feedback Ventures) is India's leading integrated infrastructure services company,

Civil engineering construction company; construction of bridges, ports, harbors, thermal and nuclear power.

The company is fully equipped with complete in house facilities in areas like design, sales, quality, maintenance etc.

FORTUNE GROUP Service Provider

GRAFFITI INDIA PVT. LTD. Manufacturer, Service Provider


91, Level - 2, Richmond Road, Bangalore - 560025, Karnataka, India T: +91 8041803333 F: +91 8041101540

6th Floor, Rembrandt,C.G. Road, Ahmedabad380006 Gujarat, India T: +91 7926406811, +91 7926406812 F: +91 7926405289

S-113, 1st Floor, 12th Cross Subbaiah road, Kodandarampuram, Malleswaram, Bangalore 560003 Karnataka, India T: +91 8023443536

The company offers services for the execution of civil construction projects.

A complete dĂŠcor brand to suit all lifestyles. Products are also used extensively as decorative wall hangings.

Architects, land developers and interior designers who represent Italian architecture and interior decoration companies in India.



IMPREGILO SPA Service Provider

JINDAL STEEL Manufacturer

Olympia, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076 Maharastra, India T: +91 2225763600 F: +91 2225706450

A-137 (Ground Floor), Defence, Colony New Delhi 110024 Delhi, India T: +91 1124332203 F: +91 1124332255

12, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi 110066, India T: + 91 1126188340, +91 1126188360 F: +91 1126101562

Construction, Real Estate Development, Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT Services, etc.

Construction and civil engineering business; major projects throughout the world including infrastructures, transportation projects, and environmental systems.

Involved in projects in sectors of power, steel, mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure.

ICMQ INDIA Service provider



A-502, Sagar Tech Plaza, Sakinaka Junction Andheri East, Mumbai 400072 Maharashtra, India T: +91 2264524361 F: +91 2228500739

13, Anaj Mandi, Rewari, 123401 Haryana, India T: +91 1274225609 F: +91 1274223387

Shop No, 1r,k, bldg No.3, H Khetwadi Lane, Mumbai 400004 Maharashtra, India T: +91 02223895056 F: +91 02223820628

Provides services to contruction companies like builders, developers, for technical inspection, certification, etc.

Manufacturers and Exports of mosaic slate and sand stone tiles. Importers of consumer products and stones.

Leading importers and indenters of non-ferrous & precious and rare metals.





101, Kalpataru Synergy, 9th, Floor, Opposite Grand Hyatt, Santacruz (East), Mumbai 400055 Maharashtra, India T: +91 2230645000 F: +91 2230644139

9/2 Ekdalia Place, Ground Floor, Kolkata 700019 West Bengal, India T: +91 3324603372 F: +91 3324600755

No 25, 9th Cross, Kumar Park West, Bangalore 560020 Karnataka, India T: +91 802356448 F: +91 8023369353, +91 8023343092,

Interests in real estate infrastructure based projects, power generation and trading.

Electrical Construction House; developers of power.

Locating, developing and executing quality dimension granite rough blocks of various colors and textures.




Sadhana Printing Press, In front of General Hospital, Kishore Nagar, Rajasamand – 313326, (RAJ) India T: +91 2952221750 F: +91 2942440223 www.

Sy.No.25/5B Doddakannelli, Carmelaram Post, Sarjapura Rd, Bangalore - 560035, Karnataka, India T: +91 8028441929

D-17 Sipcot Industrial Complex Gummidipoondi, Tiruvarur - 601201, Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4427926000 F: +91 4427924944

Importers and exporters of all kind blocks, slabs and tiles.

Importers and exporters of marble, personally hand-picked by our trained team of selectors under the personal guidance of the directors.

The company is active worldwide o the markets for ropeways, snow groomers, urban transportation systems and wind energy.





3rd, 7th & 8th Floor, Delta Towers, Sigma Soft Tech ParkNo.7, White Field Main Road, Bangalore 560066 Karnataka, India T: +91 08041796565 F: +91 08041528349

No.1, 9th Street, Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, Mylapore, i 600004 Chennai, India T: +91 4428475415 F: +91 4428475797

411, Neelkanth Towers, C-Scheme, Jaipur T: +91 01413003451 F: +91 01412243060

Lifestyle offers its customers not just the ease of shopping but also an enjoyable shopping experience.

Started in 2002 for importing coal and coal-fine as well as selling to the cement industries in India.

Integrated Business City offering worldclass infrastructure for global companies coming into India in a composite WORK–LIVE–LEARN–PLAY environment, which makes the perfect synergy between life and work a reality.




C-4, Sector-6, Noida 201301 Uttar Pradesh, India T: +91 1204022200 F: +91 1204022222

302 A, 3rd Floor, Salcon Aurum, Pot No. 4, Jasala District centre, New Delhi 110044 Delhi, India T: + 91 1143798400 F: + 91 1146546330

Maintainance and surfacing of roads using cold mix technology; soon will commence production of cold emulsions.

Providers of Solutions for river draining, flood relief, canal lining, etc.


Sy No 367 & 368, Samanapalli Main Road, Sipcot II Extention II, Hosur 635109 Bangalore, India T: +91 8026569377 F: +91 0434429566 Manufacturers and exporters of granite slabs and tiles.


MIR REALTORS Service Provider


# 430, 4th 'B' Main, OMBR Layout, Bangalore 560043 Karnataka Bhuvanagiri, India T: +91 8041219483 F: +91 8025454734

Door # 41/2073 E Kalabhavan Road, Ernakulam North Cochin 682018 Kerala, India T: +91 04844128444 F: +91 04842366161

C-3, Indl. Focal Point, Bye Pass Road, Jalandhar 144004 Punjab, India T: +91 1812602723 F: +91 1812601675,

International exporters of Indian granite.

Part of MIR Group, the company is active in the sector of Real Estate.

Engaged in manufacturing of MIGI pipe fittings, bronze alloy, valves and cocks.




22 C, Attibele Indl Area, Anekal Taluk Bangalore Dist, Bangalore 562107 Karnataka, India T: +91 8064504171 F: +91 8027820066

16-B,Basant Lok,Community centre, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057 Delhi, India T: +91 1126140936, +91 1126140155 F: +91 1126148041

No 65/8, II Floor, Above Tata Prerane Motors, Agara, Sarjapur Ring Road Bangalore 560102 Karnataka, India T: +91 8065365111 F: +91 08041688333

Importer and exporters of Indian and international granite slabs.

Organization involved in high tech areas of International Trading, Construction of Pipe line and Roads and consultancy services.

Nestlink, acompactive in the internal design sector; has alliances with renoumed organizations.




PRP EXPORTS Manufacturer

The View, First Floor165, Annie Besant Road, Mumbai - 400018, Maharashtra, India T: +91 02230446900 F: +91 02224911028

140/140 A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, 2nd Phase, Anekal Taluk, Bangaore - 560099, Karnataka, India T: +91 8025541904 F: +91 8025571924

Therkkutheru Village, Mellur Taluk Madurai - 625122, Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4522420346 F: +91 4522420350

Construction and redevelopment of residential and commercial buildings in Mumbai.

Started with trading in domestic market established in the year 1985 dealing with Granite and Marble.

Production of Granite Slabs, Tiles, Cut to size of wide specturm of innovative products with vibrant designs and colours.

OSSA ARCHITECTS Service Provider



113, 1st Floor, 6th Cross, HIG Colony, RMV Extn, 2nd Stage,Bangalore 560094 Karnataka, India T: +91 8023418240 F: +91 8023418239

Khetwadi, Mumbai 400004 Girgaum, Mahrashtra, India T: +91 9820091371

L4 Augusta Point, DLF Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Guraon 122002, India T: + 91 1244354218

The company offers Architectural, Interior, Exhibition Stall Designing & Engineering Services.

Infrastructure and construction business.

Manufacturers of engineering products for pipeline construction & maintenance.


RATNAGIRI CERAMIC TILES Manufacturer, Importer



260, Ritambhara Bldg. Tribhuvan Complex, Ishwar New Delhi 110065 Delhi, India T: +91 1126310228 F: +91 1126849518

20, Lee Road, Kolkata 70020 West Bengal, India T: +91 3340509999 F: +91 3340509900

43, Dickenson Road Bangalore 560042 Karnataka, India T: +91 8025564980 F: +91 8025304278

Leading manufacturers of high quality designer tiles. Import and distribution of ceramic and porcelain floor and tiles.

Company involved in the Real Estate Development .

Property developers and builders.




Shapoorji Pallonji Centr 41/44, Minoo Desai Marg Mumbai - 400005 Maharashtra, India T: +91 2222819359 F: +91 2222819363

Plot No. X-1,2 & 3, Block – EP, Sector - V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata 700091 West Bengal, India T: +91 3340202020 F: +91 3340202099

9, Venkataswamy Naidu Street, Taskar Town, Shivajinagar, Bangalore 560051 Karnataka, India T: +91 8040254545 F: +91 8022864545

Company involved in the building industry with civil and structural engineering projects.

Activities include construction of roads, power, hotels, hospitals, buildings, water systems, etc.

Projects the Group has diversified to include Infrastructure, EPC, Realty, Technology and Natural Resources.


SRI CITY (P) LTD. Service provider


SURANA FABRICATORS (P) LTD. Exporter, Importer

85, Kutvchery Road, Mylapore, Chennai 6000004 India T: +91 4439402000 F: +91 4424617810

2/5 Sarat Bose Road, B/9 Sukhsagar Building Kolkata 700020 West Bengal, India T: +91 3324769134 F: +91 3324769131

229, 3rd phase, Bommasandra, Industrial Area, Bangalore 560099 Karnataka, India T: +91 8025541090 F: +91 8025571924

Private sector multi-product SEZ; free trade zone designed to benchmark with the best export zones and industrial parks.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction company, for steel plants, railways, engineering industries.

Manufacturers and exporters of polished granite slabs.


SUR IRON & STEEL CO. PVT. LTD. Importer, Manufacturer


2/5 Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700020 West Bengal, India T: +91 3330521200 F: +91 3324858636 www

15, Convent Road Kolkata 700014 West Bengal, India T: +91 3322441307 F: +91 3322441308

Technip Center, No.19, Velachery Main Road, Guindy,Chennai 600032 Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4422303700 F: +91 4422300017

Construction business with two decades of experience; international techniques plant & equipments in various projects.

Manufacturer and importers of road building equipments, welding equipments and defence related import items.

Provides the full range of solutions in Engineering, Procurement and Construction business.


TECNIMONT ICB PVT. LTD. Manufacturer, Service Provider



Tecnimont ICB House, Chincholi Bunder, 504 Malad (West), Mumbai 400064 Maharashtra, India T: +91 2266945555 F: +91 2266945599

36 Dakshineswar, 10, Hailey Rd New Delhi 110001 Delhi, India T: +91 1123327061 F: +91 1123714450

80/85, 3rd Main Road, New Tharagupet, Bangalore 56002 Karnataka, India T: +91 8026701780 F: +91 8026701644

Premier Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) company having varied capabilities and vast experience.

Suppliers of track maintainance equipment, rolling stock, etc. to the Indian reilways.

Providers of stone crushing, drilling and transportation services.




Tecpro Towers, Plot No.11/A-17, 5th sross street, Siruseri IT Chennai 603103 Tamil Nadu, India T: +91 4447443000 F: +91 4447443011

B-210, Nariana Induastrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi 110028 India T: +91 1125897819 F: +91 1141410480

Providing turnkey solutions in Bulk Material Handling Systems, Ash Handling Systems, etc.

Turnkey job of providing & fixing of all types of stones.

Kolkata, 700017 West Bengal, India T: +91 3322553856 F: +91 3322553737

Industrial development corporation; promotes investment opportunities in the State of West Bengal


ZUARI CEMENT LIMITED Manufacturer 1, 10th Main, Jeevanbhima Nagar Bangalore 560075, Karnataka, India T: +91 8041194408 F: +91 8040302844, Zuairi cement is part of Italcementi Group, the fifth larger cement producer in the world and the biggest in the Mediterranen region.


ABI Palazzo Altieri, Piazza del Ges첫, 49 00186 Rome, Italy T: +39 06 67671 F: +39 06 6767457

Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) 502 Bengal Chemicals Compound, Veer Savarkar Marg Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025 T: +91 22 24368186, 90 F: +91 22 2436 8191, 2438 2716

Confindustria Viale dell'Astronomia, 30 00144 Rome, Italy T: +39 06 59031 F: +39 06 5903684

Indo-Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building (IICIB) Care of IICCI

Unioncamere Piazza Sallustio 21 00187 Roma T: +39 06 47041 F: +39 06 4704240

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