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Welcome to AddWebSolution About Web Development The web development industry is one of those industries which is growing in a rocket speed, in India. With a lot of demand from various clients for setting up their own website, there is a lot of demand for website development in India. Almost all the big industries have by now established their websites in the World Wide Web. Now it is the turn of the small and medium scale industries of India to enter the internet media. So the companies that focus on website development in India have focused on the semi urban areas to improve their business. The history of web development in India dates back to the mid 90s when it was started as a new business. The start of the 21st century saw the industry going to the peak of growth. The starting of Web Development India was through outsourcing of foreign companies. There were also improvements in technologies relating to the industry. The early days of web development saw HTML marking language. Later CSS was introduced to save time in the format and font style of the design. The entry of web code editing software made it much easier for the web developers to develop the sites. Now there are a lot of languages and technologies for designing websites with portability to different browser. Content Management Systems offer a new face for website development.

Earlier websites were very simple and were static in nature. Later with the improvement of technology dynamic websites came into being. Dynamic websites allow easy updating of content. Now there are numerous graphics used in flash websites that attract people easily.

web development in India - Web development is not just a coding work. It eeds a good k o ledge of lie t’s eed, prese ta le lay out, i pressi e content writing and skills to promote the website. These works are split by the company and are given to various employees who are skilled in each segment. The various work force like the designers, web developers, content writers and testers make a part of the website development team. There are also a lot of other things that need to be kept in mind while developing a site. The first thing is the target audience, who are obviously the same as the usi ess’ target group. K o i g this gi es a idea of hi h riti g to e to follo and the whether to design it in a casual or professional way. Next is Search Engine Optimization service. This is a way to list the website appear in the top list when they are searched for. This should be relevant with the term most users are expected to use in searching for the product. Updating of new information and maintenance of the web server are the support services offered by the companies to the clients. Another important service is the promotion of website. This is nearly like marketing the website for the clients. This is achieved through keyword strategies, promoting on forums, linking the site address to sites and a lot more ways. Promotion of sites is important to bring a decent traffic to the website. This increases the probability of potential customers to come to the site thereby increasing sales. The strategy here is not just to increase traffic, but to captivate them to stay in the page for longer. So the first impression that the site makes should be an excellent one.

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Website Design and Development AddWebSolution is a web design and Web development company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat- Offer a wide range of web design services India. Highly competent web development company offers all the services under one roof generally required by the clients. Web design maintenance, Mobile Application like iphones, Android etc, Ecommerce web design solutions, corporate website design, flash website design and graphic designing & more web services. We provide excellent services within the purview of web services which are inclusive of business website design India, HTML website design, Magento design, Drupal design, Joomla design, PHP design, CMS solutions, Blog setup, SEO friendly web. For additional information kindly visit our website. AddWebSolution provide many applications available for professional quality website design and the web developers pick the one that suits their need the best. There are frameworks and stand alone web design tools. While a large number of web designers opt for Adobe Dreamweaver, there are some alternative solutions available. A web design and development company looking for a feature rich web development platform can consider the latest iteration of Expression Web solutions. AddWebSolution have website designing tools, inclusive of flash, Photoshop, corel draw, HTML, DHTML plus dhtml, illustrator, firework, dream weaver. The developing tools are inclusive of php, etc. These tools are utilized by skilled persons for the purpose of designing as well as developing a website. In this day and age, it is irrelevant as to whether this is in the sphere of business or for a person's specific needs, as everyone wants to construct a website for their exposure.

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