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Access To Resources in India

PACS Endeavors to Access the Resources in India PACS, Poorest Areas Civil Society in India, implements several projects to minimize the gap in well-being status between socially excluded people. This society is one of the trusted NGO's, though several other organizations are engaged in doing welfare of the people and encouraging human rights. The sole objective of an NGO is to make every effort in helping socially excluded people so that they can access the basic resources to develop a future for themselves. PACS is one of the responsible organizations, which works with socially excluded people. NGOs An NGO is a nongovernmental organization initiated by a voluntary citizens' group that is handled on a regional, national and global level. This kind of non-profit entity promotes particular causes in the concern of the general audience. These non-profit organizations can help any cause, however they must handle their organization within a manner that is unchanging in the achievement of the goals favored by the sources that offer them with fiscal assistance. For example, PACS (Poorest Areas Civil Society) targeted at helping Socially Excluded People by accessing them

with basic resources. Funding Resources There are several sources encompassing governments, private institution and trusts, other non-profit organizations that offer financial assistance to NGO's. In addition to this, individual presenters also bring funds. With the help of these funds, these NGO's encourage non-discriminatory access to education, health and resources for socially excluded people. There are a lot of NGO's in India, who are funded by the united nations or the UK Government’s Department. Responsibilities The responsibilities to acquire financial assistance depend upon the entity. For instance, PACS ( Poorest Areas Civil Society) works under the assistance of the UK Government’s Department with an aim to provide sustainable livelihoods and right to basic services. This program is especially implemented for the benefit of socially excluded people. Most of the funds that are obtained by the PACS is funneled through the UK Government’s Division for Global Development (DFID). Composing a Proposal A proposal is required to start the association between an NGO and a helper as part of the financial assistance. The suggestion put forward in the meeting should define the NGO's program plan and execution. The proposal should also give detailed information

regarding the NGO's purpose and cause for performing the project, how it will be handled what kind of outcomes will be expected. There are some helpers who may need a concept note, which includes the complete information about the proposal and gives a detailed description of the project idea's basic information.

For more query please visit website : or mail at:- Address:PACS National Office CISRS House, 14, Jangpura B, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110014. INDIA. Telephone: 091 - 011-24372660, 24372699

Access To Resources in India