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LIVER SUGICAL TRANSPLANT Liver surgery constitute diverse operations of the liver for different complication The most common operation execute on the liver is a resection (removal of a portion of the liver). The most common indication for liver resection is a cancerous tumor. Tumors can be initially (developed in the liver) or metastatic (developed in another organ, then migrated to the liver). The majority of liver metastases reach from the colon.

All About Liver Transplant What does the liver perform in human body

Diagnoses And Treatment Minor details about liver transplantation possible cure for advanced stages of cirrhosis Can be done by donation by a lifeless person or by a close dependent with matching blood group Done in time, it carries almost 100% success rate taking precaution as stated by doctor is helpful and is essential after transplant Life can be absolutely normal after transplant

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Liver surgery Complication ?  

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