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4 Important Elements That Must Be Contained In Promotional Product Services

Gifting promo products imprinted with company name and/logo, is the most cost effective funda of advertising. These items are less expensive per impression than other media. Promotional products are most cost effective and affordable than any media. Some say, these products are advertising specialties. Promo items imprinted with company name and/or logo are very useful to launch a new product and company. Promo items are less expensive per impression than a full page ad in the newspaper or two minutes video on television. Look around your home you will find variety of promo items, the eye catching calender displayed on your wall or an half dozen of imprinted glasses on your dining table. Number of surveys were conducted to know the behavior of customers. They receive these products because these are free buys to them but knowing, what they like to receive and use as a free buy is most important.

The surveys say :

Number of impressions were received from an imprinted pen, exchanging hands at numerous times.

Men more likely to receive T-shirts, caps and backpacks. On the other hand women like health and safety products, ladies bags, home decorators, water bottles.

Tote bags carry the highest number of impressions per month.

Writing instruments, shirts, diaries and calenders are second among impression making items.

Creative, funny and artistic items are appreciated more.

4 important elements of promotional product services: Product packing and design

When you are gifting a product it should be surprising one. Pack the gift in an unique style, as the saying goes 'First impressions last'. An attractive pack creates interest to know the product. Design your promotional item something extraordinary and choose an art work that will work with your item. When you are gifting an imprinted pen, print will probably be a nice shine gold or silver with respect to color of the pen. Whilst screen printing and DTG printing like modern printing technologies should be used while imprinting T-shirts, sport flags or hats.

Proper distribution of products

Choose the right distribution agency who can deliver your gifts at your niche customers. Your gifts should reach at your prestigious customers who business with you for long times.


In general promo products are cost effective but when you are running with a tight budget choose attractive pocket friendly items. Many companies provide wholesale promotional products offering a wide range of cheap products.

Promotional value of the product

The ultimate goal is promotion of your company and/or product. A product is called good promo product considering maximum number of impressions left by the product. Number of impressions received from your gift is your success.

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4 important elements that must be contained in promotional product services  

Gifting promo products imprinted with company name and/logo, is the most cost effective funda of advertising. These items are less expensive...

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