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Gurgaon Is All Set To Become A Relatively Economical Abode Gurgaon, the cosmopolitan hub in Delhi NCR has been lofty for its premium assets across the subsectors of real estate over the last few years. This region accommodates a number of fortune multinational corporations who have based their operations at the business districts like Cyber City and other business parks in this city. Along with the significant sprawl of commerce in Gurgaon, the residential sector has subsequently evolved to be one of the most sought after domains in this millennium city. Beginning in the years of early 21st century, while the service sector in Gurgaon progressed to house numerous international corporations, the appreciation of assets in the residential sector subsequently witnessed considerable appreciation. In the present day, many locations in Gurgaon give a tough run to properties in south Delhi in terms of their prices and preferences of the buyer segment. However, the low cost housing program in the state of Haryana has a flipside to the fast expanding spectacle of luxury homes in Gurgaon. Announced to the public in the year 2013, the affordable housing scheme in Haryana entails to develop homes worth Rs. 12 lakh ranging from 28 to 60 This scheme has received an encouraging response from the developer fraternity in Gurgaon. As reported by The Times OF India, The decision to fix the prices and configurations of the flats to be built under this scheme has been seen as a praiseworthy move by the government of Haryana. Catering assets to the common man has not been the endeavor of all the prominent developers in India. Along with the rapid urbanization in metro cities and increased incomes of the professionals, the developer groups have thrived in the realty business while monetizing their investments in the luxury segment. Thereto, an assent has come from the banking institutions and NBFCs in order to cash upon the growing opportunities offered by the premium residential market. Nevertheless, the affordable housing scheme has overwhelmingly attracted around 50 developers who have come forward and applied for the licenses to develop affordable projects under this scheme. The move of empowering the economically weaker section with a home in this urban and multicultural city has been held high in regard by all the stakeholders of the realty sector in Haryana. The response from the developers and the expected logical outcome of this scheme uphold hopes for the common man to own a worthy asset in Gurgaon, the land of opportunities to progress in all walks of life. Visit for more details:

Luxury Homes in Gurgaon  

Gurgaon, the cosmopolitan hub in Delhi NCR has been lofty for its premium assets across the sub-sectors of real estate over the last few yea...