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Gurgaon Is Unwaveringly Progressing In the Mid-End Luxury Residences Segment The residential real estate in Gurgaon

Gurgaon, Harayana -- Sep 18, 2013 / (, 9/18/2013 - Gurgaon is known for its rapid urbanization and the sprawl of service sector which has elevated this city to be reckoned as the outsourcing capital of the nation. The expansion of commercial sector has turned Gurgaon, once a sleepy town, into one of the most upmarket destinations in India. The real estate sector has significantly leaped to advance in its sub-sectors, over the last decade. In the present day, Gurgaon city is witnessing a sprawl of residential and commercial realty into its outgrowths which have come into prominence in the recent past. Areas like Manesar and the pockets around the Dwarka expressway have become a major attraction for upcoming residential and commercial projects. The residential real estate in Gurgaon has been noticed to be substantially catering the mid-end luxury assets for the middle and upper-middle class buyers. The probe into the buyer section reveals that Gurgaon accommodates a huge number of working professionals and hence the developers are eager to offer this segment of assets. In the contemporary stride, these professionals have a transformed preference for their destination of residence and work. The developers have been encouraged to cater to the modern-day demand which stands to be much different from the days in the past. Today, the home aspirer demands an integrated residential estate that is situated in proximity of a business district. In tandem to these preferences, the areas like Cyber City, Golf Course Extension Road and Sector 47, 48 and 56 have come up as few of the most preferred locations for dwelling in Gurgaon. In pursuance to the trend of preferences discussed above, it is appropriate to reckon that Gurgaon has emerged to be the destination of mid-end luxury apartments in Delhi NCR region. Owing to the commercial sprawl in Gurgaon city, it accommodates a huge number of migrating populations from other states and abroad. Subsequently, the demand structure in realty market of this city has undergone a major change in the recent past. The rise of demand and sales in the mid-end luxury residential segment in Gurgaon is based upon the primary market's preferences. The juncture of a robust supply and 1

a healthy absorption rate in this segment has been encouraging for the professionals with disposable incomes as well as the developers. The future for mid-end luxury assets in Gurgaon, the Millennium city, looks promising for the expansion and retention of growth in the real estate sector of this region. Visit for more details:

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Gurgaon is unwaveringly progressing in the mid end luxury residences segment  

The residential real estate in Gurgaon has been noticed to be substantially catering the mid-end luxury assets for the middle and upper-midd...

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