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Unmesh to unfold “Spectrum,” traditional music at its best

Houstonians will have the opportunity to connect with the elements of nature through Hindustani Classical music at Saadhana Unmesh, the muchcelebrated, much-awaited flagship event of the Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston (CICMH) on Saturday,Oct. 15. CICMH, founded by Pandit Suman Ghosh, strives to bring this traditional art form to the community in the purest and most holistic form. This event, to be held at Stude Concert Hall, Shepherd School

Unite against global terrorism, protest Oct. 7. See page 18



of Music, Rice University at 3:15 p.m, will feature the disciples of Pandit Ghosh, Hindustani Classical Music Virtuoso. During the course of this musical evening, aptly titled “Spectrum”, one can witness the confluence of Music and Tradition, with about 90 disciples of the much revered Gurukul, Saadhana Pariwar, ages 5 to 70, presenting a spectacular garland of Raags through delightful compositions and delicate moves. The rain of raags will display beautiful color schemes knit together by musical notes, creativity and imagination of the highest order from Pandit Ghosh, the maestro himself, portraying a whole

It’s not just what you do, it’s who you do it for.

The Mahatma Gandhi Library in Houston organized a 1000 Lights for Peace event at Miller Outdoor Theater on Oct. 2 marking the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Story on Page 6. Photo by SESHADRI KUMAR.

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Sewa International, Houston team with the keynote speaker H. D. Chambers, center, at the gala held on Sept. 24. Others are Dinesh Shah, left, Swapan Dhairyawan, Kaushik Chatterjee, Kavita Tewary, Ms Delores Jones, Hasita Kartick and Sewa President Saroj Gupta. See story on Page 7.

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NEWS Justice Hegde speaks on humanism and struggle against corruption By BHAMY V. SHENOY I had the pleasure of hearing an inspiring talk by Justice Santosh Hegde during an event September 29 at India House in Houston organized by the Foundation for India Studies. By the end of his talk about his struggle against corruption and the great need for humanism, everyone present must have felt, as I did, the urge to become involved in fighting the menace of corruption despite our distance from India. During his five years as a Lokayukta (anticorruption ombudsman) and helping more than 28,000 people receive justice, Justice Hegde witnessed a great deal of deeply rooted corruption. Since his retirement, he has given talks at about 850 schools and colleges to educate and encourage others to pay attention to this important issue.  He shared a number of examples. In one case, an exasperated old woman with a deaf grandson complained to Justice Hegde about a bribery problem. Her postman would not turn over her money order unless she paid him Rs. 25. The woman’s only source of income was her Rs. 250 per month pension. Justice Hegde informed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). However, Hegde had to ask a policeman to intercede on behalf of the old woman. The CBI response was that Rs. 25 was too small an amount for them to be concerned about in light of the crores of bribe money exchanged at high levels.  Relatives of a young girl killed in an accident called Justice Hegde for help after waiting three days for her body to


From Page 1 new dimension of this age-old complex musical system, bound to transport us to a spiritual world filled with happiness, attesting to the belief that this traditional music is a reflection of our association with nature. . A range of moods - from serenity to ecstatic joy, from sheer dynamism to tranquil calmness, can be experienced in this captivating music palette. Unmesh, meaning “blossoming”, will showcase the growth of musicality in the performers representing the wider community, and will help the blossoming of the mind and spirit of the audience as well. Guru Pandit Suman GhoshJi himself has conceptualized, directed and will be conducting this magnificent musical event in the most traditional way. The Chief Guest of the evening will be the Honorable Consul General of India, Shri Anupam Ray. Please come, enjoy this free event at this magnificent venue, open to all. Partake in India’s heritage at Saadhana Unmesh – Spectrum and feel the awakening in you. —By SASHI RAGHAVAN

be released after a postmortem in a government hospital. Delays of this kind are common, and bribing for the release of the dead body is standard procedure in government hospitals. The justice found three doctors on duty in the particular hospital department. Hearing that a Lokayuka had come to speak with them, two of the doctors immediately went on leave. The third said he was too busy helping a really sick patient. Finally due to Justice Hegde’s intervention, the young girl’s body was released without paying any bribe. The poor parents of a little girl without a rectum sought help from Justice Hegde after a doctor in a government hospital refused to perform the needed

surgery unless he was paid. Justice Hegde took the child to Manipal Hospital for the surgery. He offered this moving example to illustrate how we must all help others when we can. He was happy to see the girl after four years when her parents brought her to his office. Justice Hegde’s concept of humanism was touching and difficult to put into words here as he spoke about the greedy doctor who received his education with the assistance of society, is paid an attractive salary, and has an opportunity to serve society by performing a surgery. But he refused to do so. This doctor is a human being, See JUSTICE, Page 7

Justice Santosh Hegde, left, with Krishna Vavilala of Foundation for Indian Studies at India House in Houston on Sept. 29. PHOTO by NIK NIKAM.



ASIE endorses High Speed Bullet Train

ASIE Board Members – L to R – ASIE V P Dinesh Shah, Poolkeshi Patel, ASIE President – Naresh Kolli, Avinash Patel, Guest Speaker Jeff Moseley, Guest & TBPE Vice Chair Sam Kannappan, Gaju Patel, Chetan Vyas, Advisory Council Chair Ravi Arora, Madhu Kilambi, Sai Gowthami Asam.

American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects held a seminar on High Speed bullet Train between Dallas and Houston at Mayuri Restaurant on Sept. 21. Jeff Moseley, state vice president, Texas Central Partners, made a presentation on the salient features of the proposed high-speed train. Texas Central is developing a new high-speed passenger rail system that will connect Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston using a proven, world-class technology that will provide a travel time of less than 90 minutes. Nearly 50,000 Texans, sometimes called “supercommuters,” travel back and forth between Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth more than once a week. Many others

make the trip very regularly. The approximately 240-mile high-speed rail line will offer a total travel time of less than 90 minutes, with convenient departures every 30 minutes during peak periods each day, and every hour during off-peak periods – with 6 hours reserved each night for system maintenance and inspection. Texas Central will deploy Central Japan Railway Company’s (JRC) “N700-I Bullet” high-speed rail system based on their “Shinkansen” system that has been refined over more than 50 years of operation into the most reliable, comfortable and safe high-speed rail system in the world. Texas Central plans to make a direct investment of $10 billion. “Unlike other high-speed rail projects, we are backed by private investors, not public funds,” Moseley said. Environmental Imapct Study is now in progress. In Dallas, two potential station locations are being considered.  In Houston, the station is planned for the area along the 610 Loop between 290 and I-10. The Brazos Valley Station will be located on the rail line in Grimes County. The final station locations will be determined and announced as engineering, design and environmental analysis is completed. Our initial projections indicate that the Project will likely create an average of 10,000 jobs each year over the project’s 4-year construction period. On top of that, over 750 full-time, highly skilled jobs will be created along and at each end of the corridor to support the railroad’s operations. Construction of this highspeed railroad will inject 36 billion dollars into Texas’ already booming economy. By 2040, Texas Central is expected to have paid close to $2.5 billion in taxes to cities, counties, the state and other taxing entities. Moseley requested the ASIE board to adopt a resolution in support of the project. Naresh Kolli, president of ASIE, said at a future meeting the board will pass a resolution. Sam Kannappan, vice chair o the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, was felicitated at the meeting for his contributions to the community. —SESHADRI KUMAR


NEWS 82.5 years wait time for Advanced Degree Indians to get Green Card By Rahul Reddy & Emily Neumann, Attorneys at Law “It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” -Samuel Adams Right now, Indians waiting for an employment-based green card should be irate. Unless Indians in America are willing to push for reform, many will retire or even perish before ever receiving a green card through the employment-based immigration system because it may take 82.5 years if you are starting the process today. Foreign nationals rely on the monthly Visa Bulletin issued by the Department of State in order to estimate the length of the wait to receive a green card in various employment sponsored visa categories. However, the Visa Bulletin really only tells us who may be eligible during a given month. Attempts to estimate waiting periods based on the current month’s visa bulletin can be completely inaccurate. Beyond the Visa Bulletin, we can look to the USCIS Inventory of pending Employment-Based I-485 applications. This is updated quarterly and shows how many pending adjustment of status (green card) applications in each preference classification have priority dates in a given month and year. USCIS suggests that this chart can be used to determine how many applicants in a particular preference classification, such as EB-2, and from a particular country, have priority dates in the same month and year as your own. Then, you can determine how many applicants in your preference classification are ahead of you in line for a green card by adding together the number of cases with an earlier priority date than your own. Still, this is mostly inaccurate. The inventory does not include all potential employment-based immigrants. The report only contains principal and dependent employmentbased I-485s pending at USCIS Service Centers and Field Offices. It does not in-

clude cases pending consular processing at overseas posts. It also does not include individuals and their dependents with a pending or approved I-140 petition who have not yet filed an I-485 application or begun consular processing. So, while the visa bulletin makes it appear that the waiting period for Indians with an Advanced Degree may only be approximately 9 years and 8 months (the amount of time between January 15, 2007 and October 1, 2016 in the current visa bulletin), and the USCIS inventory suggests that about 19,040 people from India are waiting in line with a pending Adjustment of Status application, there are actually somewhere upwards of 100,000 Indians who do not yet appear on this inventory since just 2010. In FY 2011 the Department of Labor certified 31,273 job offers for Indian nationals. Each year after that, there were 30,278, 20,930, 35,092, 45,670, and 48,939 through the 3rd quarter of FY 2016 (June 30, 2016). This is a total of 212,182 labor certifications approved for just Indians since October 2010. In recent years, approximately 50% of all labor certification approvals were for positions requiring an Advanced Degree. This percentage is likely higher for Indians and does not take into account positions requiring a Bachelor’s degree plus 5 years of progressive experience which also can be considered as Advanced Degrees for purposes of the EB-2 Preference Category. But, let’s just assume that 50% of the 212,182 labor certifications approved for Indians are Advanced Degree petitions. That is potentially 106,091 EB-2 applicants with priority dates after May 2010. Of the 140,000 green cards that are available for employment-based applicants each year, only 28.6% are allocated to the EB-2 category, or 40,040. However, this number is further divided by the per country cap which says that no more than 7% of the visas may be issued to natives of any one country in a fiscal year. That leaves Indians in the EB-2 category with approximately 2,802 green cards to be issued each year.

But remember, the approximately 106,091 EB-2 applicants we calculated does not include their family members. Let’s assume that each of these workers with an approved EB-2 labor certification is married. That comes out to 212,182 potential applicants waiting to file an adjustment of status since October 2010. But don’t forget, USCIS has 19,040 applicants currently in line for a total of 231,222 possible Indians needing EB-2 green cards. That means someone with a job offer today, may have 231,222 people ahead of them in line. So, how long might that take? Remember, there are only 2,802 that can be granted each year. To grant green cards to all 231,222 potential Indian applicants in the pipeline, it could take 82.5 years. There are other factors that come into play. For example, while EB-2 is limited to 28.6% of the 140,000 employment-based green cards, unused numbers from the family-sponsored preferences are added to the available employment-based numbers. On average, about 8,500 familybased green cards have been applied to the employmentbased category a year, so EB-2 may actually be able to use closer to 42,000 a year. Further, any numbers not used up by the EB-1 category trickle down to the EB-2 category. Since Fiscal Year 2007, on average, 55,415 green cards were allocated to the EB-2 category each year. If this were to continue, and if these “extra” 15,375 EB-2 green cards were allocated solely to Indian nationals each year, in addition to the 2,802 specifically allocated under the per country cap, the wait time could be reduced to only 12.7 years. However, the number of unused EB-1 green cards available for trickle down has declined drastically since late 2013. This is a result of larger numbers of typical EB-2 applicants opting for EB-1 to

avoid the long wait. For instance, in FY 2014, the EB-1 category had 42,969 green cards available and 40,554 were used. That left only 2,415 available to trickle down to EB-2 Indians. The public information from the Visa Bulletin and USCIS has lulled Indians into a false sense that the wait really isn’t that bad. But, as we have dug deeper, the real numbers show a possible 82.5 year wait. Something has to change. It’s time Indians are aware of the real hand they have been dealt and push for immigration reform, such as: 1. Allowing recapture of green cards that were not used up in previous years

2. Stop counting dependents as workers. Currently, spouses and children take up half of the green cards allocated to employment-based immigrants 3. Get congress to act on eliminating the per country cap 4. Get congress to act on exempting selected categories from the cap, such as US STEM degree graduates 5. Get congress to act on reallocating the percentage of green cards available in each category (i.e. provide a larger percentage of the available green cards to EB-1 and EB-2) 6. Get congress to raise the cap above 140,000 (highly unlikely)

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Mahatma Gandhi Library Speech Contest prize winners Tony Jha, left, and Rigved Sawale, right. Mahatma Gandhi Library presented the spectacular 1000 Lights for Peace, a celebration of the 147th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, on Sunday, October 2nd at Miller Outdoor Theater. The spirit of Houstonians attending the program was truly visible during this auspicious celebration. The gorgeous day started with 5K Walk for Peace, coordinated by Mr. Sesh Bala. The participants walked around Hermann Park voting for peace with their feet, many proudly displaying signs depicting peace. The walk culminated on stage at Miller Outdoor Theater, welcomed by the talented Katy Taylor HS Drumline. The 1000 lights for Peace program started at 6pm with an invocation by Rev Daniel Dominguez from Centro Familiar Cristiano in Sugarland, and Dr. Kavita Vachaknavee from Arya Samaj Greater Houston. Neha Srivastava, the lovely Mistress of Ceremonies kept the evening flowing with historical perspectives on not only Mahatma Gandhi, but also social reformers including Cesar Chavez, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu. The Gandhi Darshan Exhibit, portraying the chronological lifetime of Gandhiji with actual photographs from that era, were on display as were booths for arts and crafts and face painting, which the children lined up for. The Vegan Society for Peace and the Indo-American Senior citizens club were active participants throughout the day. The evening started with the adorable children from Houston’s St. Catherine Montessori Catholic Choir directed by Tim and Mindy Snow. They brilliantly sang “Halleluleah.” Rigved Sawale, winner of the younger speech contest, inspired the crowd by reciting his winning speech “Truth: My Story.” Next was a high-energy, dynamic performance called Nsati by KoumonKe’le’ African Dance & Drum Ensemble, directed by Ms. Christina Gerard. Tony Jha then treated the crowd to his brilliant winning speech in the older category discussing Non-Violence: Means of Conflict Resolution. The students of Anjali Center of Performing Arts, directed by Dr. Rathna Kumar, performed a classical Indian dance to the melodious tune, Vaishnav Janato. The Keynote Speaker for the evening Houston City Controller Chris Brown spoke about how relevant the practice of NonViolence was in today’s strife ridden world and that Gandhi’s message of “Be the change you want to see in the world” was his primary influence for entering public service. The Ismaili Dance Ensemble presented an elegant performance featuring Turkish and Syrian folk dances. Dr. Manish Wani announced an unprecedented collaboration of MGL with Birla group in India to bring Eternal Gandhi Museum to Houston. It is one the world’s first digital multimedia museums preserving the historical events of Gandhiji’s life. Chris Brown presented the awards to more than 30 winners of the city-wide contests held by Mahatma Gandhi Library. The Abhinaya School of Performing Arts, directed by Indrani Parthasarathy, presented a “Collage for Peace” set to contemporary Carnatic fusion music with the dance style of Bharatanatyam. Atul Kothari, the founder of MGL, delivered the vote of thanks and urged everyone to think deeply about attaining peace in their own hearts. The spectacular evening concluded with the lighting of a candle by all as a symbolic pledge to observe peace in their own lives. The crowd reflected on how to emulate Mahatma Gandhi’s life listening to the soothing song “Imagine” by John Lennon and the soundtrack of “Jyot se Jyot.” To learn more about 1000 Lights for Peace, please visit gandhilibrary.org or contact Dr. Manish Wani at 713-829-6979.


Sewa fundraiser highlights virtue of service COMMUNITY role in the anti-corruption Justice movement and joining Anna From Page 3

but does he have any shred of humanism? Justice Hegde urged all of us to shun greed and try to serve humanity. He described in some detail how he exposed three chief ministers and several other high-ranking authorities in the Bellary mining corruption scam.  While illegal exporters earned more than $100 per ton, government got less than one dollar per ton! Fifty trucks carrying iron ore managed to reach an export port without producing the five legally mandated permits. However there was no trace of the ore at the port. When port authorities were asked what happened to the iron ore, the explanation given was that waves came and washed it all out to sea!  When an honest officer working under the Lokayukta filed a complaint against the guilty, he was suspended by the minister. When Justice Hegde took up the matter with the government, he was told that nothing could be done to reinstate the officer. Hegde resigned in frustration and protest. In order to save the BJP government from embarrassment and public wrath, L. K. Advani, a family friend convinced him to take back the resignation and assured him that the suspended officer will be reinstated. Justice Hegde did so readily because he intended to submit an 11,000 page-report exposing high-level corruption. When the media then reported that Hegde had been offered a parliament seat, he gave a press statement that should he contest, voters should beat him instead of voting for him! The Q & A session was interesting and illuminating. Justice Hegde agreed that even the judiciary department is corrupt, though less so than the legislative and executive branches. His criticism extended equally to the fourth pillar of democracy, the media. While he appreciated help he received from media, he gave the example of the Radia tape to show how media has failed. Planting false stories has become easy in India where money is the absolute ruler rather than the people.  Hegde commented on his

Hazare, Arvind Kejrival, Sashi Bhushan, etc., to force politicians to pass a lokpal bill that was first suggested back in 1965. However, after the movement was hijacked to form the Aam Admi Party, he kept away. According to him, AAP is just like any other political party. According to Hegde, even Mahatma Gandhi would not win an election today, and that honest people can do much more from outside politics than within government. Unless Indian society changes and accepts moral values, it is impossible to fight corruption. He talked about one man who influenced the constituent assembly in 1946 when it was almost unanimously decided that to contest election, one must have minimum educational qualifications. The lone voice argued that, with less than 20 percent of Indian society as literate at that time, how could India be fairly represented? B. R. Ambedkar was convinced of that logic and supported the man.  Hegde insisted repeatedly that society must stop respecting and honoring people who have ill-gotten wealth. He gave the example of Pappu Yadav who, in spite of his criminal record and being sent to jail repeatedly, was elected to parliament. Hegde supported the reservation policy but suggested that a family should get reservation only once.  He said the reservation policy is now helping those who are already well off. Justice Hegde said he feels optimistic that despite the present rampant corruption and lack of moral values, India will overcome these problems and become a prosperous country in the next twenty-five years. He added that, in the unlikely case this does not happen and things become worse, there will be total revolution and the country will disintegrate. Hegde concluded by reiterating that we as a society should inculcate humanism, shun those with ill-gotten wealth, start teaching moral values in schools, and look for opportunities to serve society.  (Bhamy V. Shenoy is former President of India Culture Center of Houston.)

Sewa youth volunteers with President Sarojini Gupta After staying in a refugee camp in Nepal for 15 years, Sudarshan Luitel, a Bhutanese refugee, came to the U.S. in 2009. Seven years later, successfully studying at the Texas State University, the former refugee showcased his transformation. He spoke with an accent, but spoke in English clearly, and attributed his success to the help provided by Sewa International in terms of free vaccination, school supplies, tutorial help for studying English as a Second Language and finally, a college scholarship. “Your donations can help transform refugees like me,” Luitel told over 500 people gathered at the Sewa International’s Annual Fundraiser at Sri Radhakrsihna Temple Auditorium in Houston on Sept. 25. The event with inspiring speeches, scintillating performances and mouth-watering spread catered by Bhojan, drew people of diverse backgrounds with the common thread being their commitment to Service or Sewa . The chief guest and keynote speaker, Alief Independent School District Superintendent H.D. Chambers, spoke passionately about the work Sewa International does to serve the refugee and immigrant students of Alief ISD. He said “the challenges my school district faces with students speaking more than 91 languages are many ” and emphasized how “without the help of non profits like Sewa Houston it would not be possible for school districts to educate these students.” His comments underscored the importance of the work Sewa does through

School districts and its independent programs like ASPIRE tutorials. “America is more of an idea. Every community is a microcosm of the USA. For the country to prosper there must be support from the communities. If communities do not hlp each other, the country will crumble,” Chambers said. Alief community is a contributor to the concept of America, he said. Nearly 60 percent of Alief ISD students live in apartments. In this context, Sewa also helps refugee students who live in these apartments. Chambers said the challenge is to make apartment dwellers live like a community and he admonished Sewa to help build communities in apartments and help those students assimilate into the culture. People, faith-based organizations and schools are three pillars of the society and building a community begins with a family and building from within. And here comes the contribution of Sewa, Chambers said. Sewa President Sarojini Gupta drew loud applause as she shared with the audience the numerous strides Sewa has made in the past year. “This past year has been a year of progress and growing partnerships” Gupta said. She added that “Sewa served over 75 kids through the entire school year, took two field trips with the support of Brays Oaks Management District and tutored over 200 kids in Alief ISD summer schools. We also served over 70 pre diabetic and diabetic people through our Stop Diabetes Movement yoga camps.”

Sewa volunteers and fundraising team

Also present at the event were various beneficiaries of Sewa programs and speakers like SDM participant Dr.Satyanarayan Chilukuri, and noted scientist Dr.Sen Pathak. Dr. Chilukuri spoke about yoga as a complementary medicine and how Sewa programs helped provide good health and living in harmony with nature. A practicing doctors for 50 years, Dr. Chilukuri encouraged everyone to practice, yoga as it has immense impact on good health and wellness. Yoga will liberate us from unnecessary medications, he said. The evening’s highlight however was the speech given by Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji, who stressed on the importance of service and the long standing virtue of donating . She reiterated that Sewa does exactly that, serving humanity without any prejudice of cast, color or religion. With the support of its speakers, well wishers, the emcee of the evening Dr. Ratna Kumar, Director of Anjali School of Dance, Sewa was able to raise $168,000 against its target of $150,000. The evening’s entertainment comprised live dance performances, Saraswati Vandana performed by Neha Pendse and troupe from Aradhana school of dance, Chinese dance by J.H school of dance and Flamenco performance by Flamenco Houston. On behalf of our entire team Chapter Coordinator Kaushik Chatterjee and Project Coordinator Kavita Tewary thanked all Sewa Volunteers and donors who came out and made the fundraiser a big success.


COMMUNITY Tatvam School of Dance celebrates second annual day

Record crowd attends Durga Puja at VSGH On the 24 September 2016, “Tatvam” School of Dance celebrated its 2nd Annual Day at the Meenakshi Temple in Pearland. ‘Tatvam’, in Sanskrit literally means “fundamental essence”. Lavanya Prabu founded the dance school in the year 2014 with a mission to propagate Vazhuvoor style of Bharatanatyam that maintains the authenticity of the tradition and emphasizes on theory from early training. The basics and foundation of any art form is an important essence to erudition of culture and developing a skill. Learning dance and music facilitates knowledge in other subjects as well and it enhances talent that children inevitably use in other areas. More so when the dance is combined with spiritual combination it encourages the children to appreciate beauty and aesthetics within their surroundings. At ‘Tatvam’ the children learn not only the nuances of the ancient art form but it also allows them to experience divinity through the art.

The teacher Lavanya Prabhu believes that teaching the students theory aspect and the many facets of the ancient authentic dance form will help them develop love and passion for the art and look beyond Arangetram and make it a life-long journey. All the students of the dance school showcased the developmental stages that go make a full-fledged dancer and systematically presented in the program. The various progressive dance steps called the “Adavu”, that comprises rhythmic unit of dance within a specific tempo and time structure was depicted initially. This also involved composite movements pertaining to “Nritta” that were presented in the first half of the program. The second half progressed into Abhinaya, Natya and Bhava and items included Virutham, Pushpanjali, Natesa Kauthuvam, Padam, an rhythmic song of Anammacharya, Kavadi Chindu and concluded with the most popular dance Krishna Ni Beganae Baro. This was followed by recita-

tion of Sanskrit verses in unison by all the dancers that concluded the program. The participants Aakruthi Srikanth, Akshata P. Thupili, Akshitha Ramesh, Anantara Gokul, Ananya Vasant, Anita Aiyer, Anuradha Malya, Eesha Rao Agrahar, Hema Latha Ramaswamy, Keya Choksey, Lakshanya Reddy Solipuram, Mahee Rao Agrahar, Mira Lakshmi Vasudevan, Preethi Arunachalam, Raina Desai, Rhea Desai, Roshini Mohamed Jameel, Sahana Gokul, Samyuktha Prabu, Sanjita Chinta, Sanjna Ayyar, Shayonika Paul, Tarunikha Satish, Trisha Patil presented an sensational performance. Ms. Sandhya Ayyar was the emcee for the event. The students received certificates from Mrs. Nalini Mukopadhyay, one of the founders of the Classical Arts Society, Houston. Lavanya Prabhu thanked everyone who attended the program, participants, parents and all those who helped make the event successful. —By Thara Narasimhan



DAKSHINI R. SEN, P.C. Attorneys at Law 7100 Regency Square Blvd., Ste. #190 Houston, TX 77036

Tel: 713-278-1677 Fax: 713-278-1656 New York Office:

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By Sanchali Basu One couldn’t have asked for better weather to kick off Debi paksha, Navratri and Mahalaya with Durga Puja on October 1 at the Vedanta Society of Greater Houston grounds. Swami Kripamayananda, head of the Toronto Vedanta Society presided over the event, his 5th year in a row. The day started with Mother Durga’s image being carried to the pandal outdoors to the auspicious beat of the dhak and the blowing of the shankh (conch shell). Mother Durga and kalabau were decorated in festive splendor and Mother was ready to welcome and bless all her devotees. The puja commenced on time at 9:30 a.m. with great austerity and devotion. The accompaniment of Chandi chanting by Dr. Amrit Achari, a neurosurgeon in Houston, added to the sanctity and divinity of the holy atmosphere. The melodious devotional songs sung by the VSGH choir during the puja created a very spiritual environment. Mother Durga seemed to have control over Mother Nature too, as the weather remained very pleasant throughout the day for the devotees. An additional bonus was the presence of Pandit Suman Ghsoh, a local North Indian classical vocal maestro, with his family. They too enchanted the devotees with renditions of Durga bhajans.

The puja ended with the beautiful arati performed by the Swami with the chandelier lamps, and pushpanjali, the offering of flowers, by devotees. By noon, the pandal was overflowing with devotees and the pushpanjali had to be repeated for the latecomers. A record crowd of almost 500 people attended the VSGH Durga Puja this year. Fruit & lunch prasad were served to all attendees. Swami Kripamayananda at the end of the puja commented, “This is the best Durga Puja held in the west,” and also added that it gives him immense pleasure and fulfillment in conducting the Durga Puja in Houston. Mrs. Swapna Chaudhuri informed the gathering about the upcoming projects of VSGH. After its affiliation to the parent organization Belur Math, VSGH is preparing to welcome the new resident minister, Swami Vedaswarupananda, whose immigration paperwork is currently being processed. Due to increased demands, VSGH is looking at blueprints to extend the side patio to create a classroom/dining hall for the devotees. Appeals were made to donate generously to make all these projects come to fruition. VSGH will celebrate Kali Puja at 7:00 p.m. on Oct. 28, 2016. Worship will be performed by Dr. Bishnupada Goswami.


Diwali Diya Available


Indo American Conservaties for Trump • • • • • • • •

Clintons have a very long anti-India record

NPT sanctions against India Blatantly pro-Pakistan on Kashmir issue Putting tariffs on India exports Establishing USCIRF to bully India in the name of Human Rights record Blocking sale of Cray Supercomputers and even sale of Cryogenic engines for space program from Russia. As senator, Hillary voted against India nuclear deal Bush setup Funded NGOs in India to unearth mass graves under, ‘Get Modi’ policy. Bill Clinton’s personal buddies who joined him at the America India Foundation look like a den of thieves — eight AIF officers, including two co-chairmen, five trustees and a director, are felons. Clinton’s handpicked AIF co-chairmen — Rajat Gupta, then head of McKinsey & Company and Victor Menezes, then Citibank chairman — were both convicted of insider trading. Raj Rajaratnam was convicted of 14 counts of security fraud. Vinod Gupta, an AIF director, resigned as CEO of InfoUSA and paid $9 million in restitution. Sant Singh Chatwal, another AIF trustee, pleaded guilty in 2014 to funneling more than $180,000 in illegal contributions to candidates for federal office, including Hillary. y Naveen Jain, an AIF trustee, was accused of buying and selling stocks with insider knowledge as CEO of InfoSpace. He eventually paid $107 million in a civil suit over insider trading. Ajay Shah, another trustee was forced to pay $14.8 million for contributing to the collapse of the Trust Bank of Kenya. He fled the country to avoid the Kenya High Court decree Sudesh K. Arora, president of Natel, entered the criminal plea for a major Department of Defense fraud investigation.

Preserve • • • • •

Indo American Conservatives for Trump will meet on Oct. 9, 7 p.m. @Sugar Land GOP HQ - 15914 Lexington Blvd, Sugar Land, 77479.• Dinner follows. On Sunday, Oct. 9, meeting at 26440 FM 1093, • Richmond, followed by lunch. Call Ramesh Cherivirala @713-875-4336

Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA Uplifting India, One Village at a time.


25 Years - 53,000 Schools - Over 10 Million Children Educated Ekal Vidyalaya operates all over India, including Jammu & Kashmir region

Four Cornerstones of “Ekal Abhiyan”

Vermi Compost

. Functional Literacy . Youth & Women Empowerment . Health & Hygiene Education . Enterpreneuship & Skill Development


My parents are not educated. I got the opportunity to have a good education, thanks to Ekal. I now dream of becoming an

Health Camps

$365 = 1 Ekal school for a year

$5000 = 1 Ekal school for lifetime

my village. Gudiya Kumari, Karanjo, Jharkand.

Kindly donate generously @

Computer Literacy

Food Processing

National Office: 1712 Hwy. 6 South, Suite A, Houston, TX 77077 Phone: 1-855-EKAL-USA Fax: (281) 668-5251 Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation of USA is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization - Tax ID 77-0554248


India Jewelers (Div. of Best of India, Inc.)

Jewelry for all generations Started in 1971 with a ripple... still making waves Happy Diwali!

22 Kt Gold Jewel startin ry $51 p g at er gra m.

h t i w t f i G Free very e e s a h purc til un 16. 0 2 , 1 . Nov Olympic Center, 6638 Southwest Freeway @ Hillcroft, Houston, Tx 77074 713-789-7575 . email:Indiajewelers@pdq.net




जय रणछोड़ माखन चोर


Sanatan Shiv Shakti Mandir of Houston

Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav Of Shree Ranchodrayji Maharaj

6640 Harwin Drive, Houston, Texas 77036

Our Hearty Invitation to all The Devotees of Hindu-Sanatan Dharma for The Pran Pratishtha Mahotsav of Ranchodrayji

रणछोड़राय की जय

Saturday Octomber 15th 2016 Pooja starts at 09:00 AM Murti Pratishtha : 11:30 AM to 12:22 PM ( Abhijit Muhurt ) Pratishtha Yagna : 2:00 PM to 5:30 PM Puranhuti (Nariyel Offering )– 6:00 pm MahaAarti : 7:00 PM Mahaprasad Will be Served After Aarti . The Devotee have Opportunity to become a Yajmaan of Murti Pratishtha.The Devotee can Sponsor Mahaprasad Please contact for Yajmaan and Sponsorship : Virat Mehta : 281-342-1968 or 713-784-5500 Prakash Adhavaryu or Hardik Raval : 713-278-9099 Email : shivshaktimandir45@yahoo.com Website : www.shivshaktimandir.org



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Indo American Forum of Fort Bend celebrates Navratri The Indo American Forum of Fort Bend focuses its efforts solely on supporting the underprivileged, underserved and needy in Fort Bend County, by supporting charities in the area providing assistance through education, shelter, food, healthcare and familial and substance abuse. After launching a fun filled Fall Opener, a Hawaiian Luau evening, complete with Pacific Drums and Hula Dancers, and a successful membership drive and general body meeting, on the open deck of Madras Pavilion, overlooking the tropical waterways of Sugar Land, it set the stage for its signature event, the Navratri Garba. This past Saturday, the Stafford Center came alive to the rocking rhythm and music of Kashmira Nayak, Darshak Thakkar, Hardik Jani, and Kamal Haji as a thousand plus crowd danced its way into the Navratri Season with much fanfare and fun. Udipi Café provided much needed refreshments and the ever popular sugar cane juice to quench thirsty souls. The event was also sponsored by Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital, Pioneer Research, Omar Saeed and Mass Mutual, Udipi Café, Deep Foods and Cox and Kings Travel services who gave away 4 land packages for a 4 day Dubai vacation. Attendees hailed the IAF Navaratri event as a premier event that truly affords spirit of Navaratri and time for fellowship. The Indo American Forum is now preparing for the Spirit of the Holidays Gala, on Friday, November 11, at Safari Texas, which will highlight the diverse holidays celebrated in Fort Bend and honor a wide spectrum of charitable organizations with donations of support. Both events help the Indo American Forum of Fort Bend raise funds to extend support to a variety of non profit organizations in Fort Bend which provide education, shelter, food and resources to those in need. Indo American Forum of Fort Bend invites the community to participate in and enjoy these events and thus make significant contributions to important causes, as a unified body.

IAF members and officers, Dr. Bhadresh Shah, left, Nilesh Patel, Lalit Jallan, Minal Shah, Naren Patel, Shefali Jhaveri, Chetan Jhaveri, Harish Jajoo and IAF Board Chair Dr. Subodh Bhuchar; Seated, Sonal Bhuchar, left, Jasmine Patel, Hansa Patel, and Shashi Jajoo. Reddy & Neumann,PC is a premier boutique immigration law firm that has HOUSTON OFFICE served individuals and companies from 11000 Richmond Ave., our Houston office since 1997. Our team Suite 600 of attorneys exceeds expectations by providing prompt, professional and practical Houston, TX 77041 legal representation. 713-953-7787

DALLAS OFFICE 15950 N. Dallas Pkwy., Suite 400 Dallas, TX 75248 214-281-8900

Visit www.India-herald.com. email address: editor@india-herald.com


COMMUNITY Tatvamasi transcends to “That Becomes Thou” – Mastery of Classical Dance practitioner who glides from one asana (pose) to the next. Their juxtaposition of the protagonist in the story kept the transfixed audience guessing until the ultimate message of Andal sublimating into The One divine form in a seamless portrayal. Then followed beautifully choreographed renditions to Tulsidas’ Ramachandra Kripalu in rag Yaman extolling the virtues of Sri Rama, Jayadeva’s Ashtapathi on Krishna and concluding with a Thillana wherein the dancers pulsated to

SaiSanthosh Radhakrishnan and Bhavjan Kumar —PHOTOS by NAVIN MEDIWALA On Sunday, September 25, jathi (beat), laya (rhythm), 2016 Houston aficionados of bhava (emotive expression) Bharatanatyam were treated and abhinaya (composite body to a veritable feast, savoring movements.) heaps of visual, aural and Coupled with near perfection rhythmic buffet oft punctuated in synchrony and coordination, by soulful prayers in the they kept an enthralled captivating dance recital by the audience living ‘The Story’ by accomplished pair SaiSanthosh the moment. Radhakrishnan and Bhavjan Their fluid movements were Kumar. veritable poesies in motion, The program was conducted except that the song was sung by Samarpanam, a non-profit by lithe bodies crisscrossing the organization in Houston, and stage seemingly effortlessly in sponsored by BKM, Houston. a Bharatanatyam version of the These hyper-energetic Olympic sport, synchronized youngsters – SaiSanthosh swimming. Radhakrishnan from India and Of particular note was their Bhavajan Kumar from Canada facial expressions including – have honed their life’s delicate eye movements passion under the tutelage of that are a challenge even to legendary stalwarts such as seasoned artisans steeped in Late Adyar Lakshman, Bragha the trade. Bessell, Leela Samson and After a brief intro by Jyotsna Narayanan, to name a Padmini Chari, Director few. Nritya Academy of Dance, the They have performed evening’s program began with a extensively in India and the curtain raiser Mata Parashakthi North American continent - a paean adoration to Siva’s to wide acclaim, garnering consort Parashakthi by none coveted awards at every turn, other than Nritya’s senior with commendations including students lending form to an that from Prime Minister invocative Tamil composition Narendra Modi. by Subramanya Bharathi. That they have accomplished The main program all of this by their mid-twenties then began with a Stuthi while setting themselves to Pancharathnam comprising make a mudra (imprimatur) prayers to the principal Hindu on the sacred art form will be deities, all eventually leading the stuff of stardom yet to be to Brahman ‘The One!’ written. The essential elements of the From the casual to the deities’ persona were brought connoisseur in the audience, forth with breathtaking fluidity the captivating performance interspersed with dynamic on Sunday was punctuated by jathis in perfect harmony. Then wave after wave of applause came the piece de resistance of and accolade. the evening’s program. Traditional Classical Indian This was in the technically art in any form is a perennial complex Varnam with pursuit of perfection with the multifarious abhinayas, jathis, ultimate objective of spiritual thalas and layas depicting the realization. legend of the little girl Andal For this goal to be within and her boundless love for an earshot for a dancer, there her Lord Ranganatha who is need to be a harmonious eventually took her to His blend of the physical and the celestial abode. mental set within a meditative SaiSanthosh and Bhavjan framework in order to first not only did the story justice experience and then relay ‘The but took the audience to Story’. dizzy heights in their spiritual SaiSanthosh and Bhavjan exaltation. are gifted with supple athletic Beautiful transitions from physiques, which respond one pose to another reminded readily to every nuance in one of a seasoned yoga

the dynamic rhythms set in the rag Sankarabharanam. To the layman’s eye, SaiSanthosh and Bhavjan’s rendition was Bharatanatyam, Ballet, Kathak and Irish River Dance blended into a smoothness that oozed all the rasas (essences) in cascades of beauty, grace and poise. The expertise derived of hard work, dedication and years of coordinated training was fully evident in their breathtakingly fluid movements and postures. SaiSanthosh and Bhavjan not only lived ‘The Story’

but immersed the audience in all its spiritual loftiness. Tatvamasi or ‘That Thou Art’ was transformed to ‘That Becomes Thou’ in all its transcendental effulgence that thrilled everyone in the Jewish Community Center’s Kaplan Theater to the fullest. Dr. Venugopal Menon a trustee of Meenakshi Temple Society showered his praise on the artistes. Vote of thanks were offered by Dr. Surabhi Veeraraghavan from Nritya Academy of Dance. —By Jagannathan J

Senior students of Padmini Chari performed Mata Parashakthi - a paean adoration to Siva’s consort Parashakthi.


Youngest Astrologer in North America Vaastu & Gem Stone Consultant; Hindu Priest for all Pujas & Marriages Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi Astrologer Hardik Vyas, a famous young face in Vedic Astrology from India is in Houston. Call for guidance on Health, Wealth, Education, Career, Business, Property, Love & Passion, Marriage & Compatibility, Horoscope-Making, Child Problem, Luck & Fortune, Peace & Prosperity, Karma & Economic success. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science. Fix an appointment for personal visit to your home, plot, business/office, shop, factory, or hotel. Gain peace of mind and prosperity by doing little changes as per Vaastu Shastra. Simple, Easy, Scientific & Affordable solutions/remedies to overcome problems in your Horoscope and Vaastu.

Astrology & Vaastu Shastra are Science of Nature, and are not related with any religion, caste, or community. It is an Occult Science and gift of nature for the welfare of the people.

Listen to Hardik Vyas live on 1320 AM Shoba Joshi’s Geetanajali Radio

E-mail: askfuture@hotmail.com Ph: 832-298-9950 www.toaskfuture.com


“DIWALI - NOW & FOREVER” An Outdoor Diwali Program Saturday, October 22, 2016

This Diwali experience Joy and Divinity. A theatrical program with lights and music that will leave the entire family with feelings of unity and eternal bliss now and forever. In remembrance of our beloved guru His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj this year's

Diwali program will end in a special tribute to his life and message in lieu of fireworks.

Diwali Fireworks | Food Booths Rangoli | Colorful Lights

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM - “DIWALI - NOW & FOREVER” A Cultural Theatrical Program


Kid’s Diwali Celebration

Saturday, Oct 15, 2016

Outdoor Diwali Program Saturday, Oct 22, 2016

6:30 PM - Sandhya Arti 6:45 PM - 8:45 PM - Mandir Darshan Closed 8:45 PM - Shayan Arti

2:30 PM 7:00 PM

Diwali Samaiyo

Kali Chaudas / Hanuman Pujan

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016

Saturday, Oct 29, 2016

5:00 PM - Diwali Samaiyo

11:30 AM - Rajbhog Arti 11:45 AM - Hanuman Pujan

Chopda Pujan/Diwali Arti Sunday, Oct 30, 2016 3:00 PM - Chopda Pujan 7:00 PM - Diwali Arti

Nutan Varsh - Annakut Monday, Oct 31, 2016

7:30 AM - Maha Arti & Sneh Milan 11:30 AM - Annakut Thal & Arti

11:30 AM - 7:30 PM - Annakut Darshan BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha® Shri Swaminarayan Mandir 1150 Brand Lane | Stafford | TX 77477 281.765.2277 | baps.org/houston

devesh pathak cpa OL AD 11-2-15.pdf











12:07 PM


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White House shuts down petition

The White House has abruptly shut down on suspicion of fraud an ongoing online petition that asked it to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism, citing a law introduced in the House of Representatives last week. In a blurb headlined, ‘Closed Petition’, the White House’s ‘We the People’ web page, which hosts the initiative inviting petitions to the administration, said on Monday, “This petition has been archived because it did not meet the signature requirements. It can no longer be signed.” The petition had, until October 21, to gather 100,000 signatures to merit a response from the White House under the rules of the programme, which it had already collected, and several times more. At closure, the petition had 625,723 signatures. The website said “no more”, but a White House official told Hindustan Times on condition of anonymity that there were “some technical issues with some of the signatures” that needed to be looked into. Some of the signatures “could potentially be removed if there is evidence of fraud” consistent with the terms of participation, the official added. Supporters of the petition,

which had generated considerable excitement among Indian Americans and in India, will be disappointed, especially as a counter-petition demanding a similar designation for India — as a “terrorist state” — was still up on the We the People page; although way behind, with nearly 66,000 signatures. The first petition seeking the Pakistan designation was started by an individual known by initials ‘RG’ on September 21, the day after Republican congressmen Ted Poe and Dana Rohrabacher introduced a legislation in the House of Representatives demanding Pakistan be designated a state sponsor of terrorism. Citing the legislation in the petition, the sponsor wrote, it (designating Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism) was “important to the people of United State of America, India and many other countries which are continuously affected by Pakistan sponsored terrorism”. The White House official did not explain the kind of suspected “fraud” that shut down the petition. It was also not clear if it had been suspended and will return after the bad signatures were weeded out or whether the process will have to start afresh. Anyone can start a petition

after opening an account — just a name and email would do. (This reporter opened an account on Monday, and it took barely a few minutes.) But you don’t need one to merely sign an ongoing petition. Under the terms of participations, every individual is allowed only one email account, whether the intention is merely to sign or start a petition. The individual must be over 13 (as the general age-bar for starting an email account)—and cannot sign the same petition more than once. An official, though, when asked if signatories must be based in the US or be US citizens, said they can be “anyone provided they follow terms of service”. The We the People page said “The White House may disable user accounts, remove associated signatures and remove petitions created or signed by users that it has reasonable belief do not satisfy the above rules.” That seems to be what happened to the petition, which had generated considerable amount of excitement in the Indian American community. It was no different back in India, with signatures coming at a phenomenal speed, raising talk of a record turnout. The petition seeking a “ter-

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Protest planned A group of Indian American community activists is staging protest on Oct. 7 condemning terrorism supported by Pakistan. Achalesh Amar, one of the activists, says: We appeal all Indians and pro-humanity of people around the world, living in Metro Houston area, to join us in condemning terrorist attack against INDIA and other countries by Pakistan. These attacks were unprovoked and cowardly in nature and hence warrant strong response from Indians and all pro-humanity community living in USA. We urge you to come and join us at 2521 Post Oak Blvd, Houston 77056 from 4 p.m to 6 p.m on Friday, October 7th. This is a peaceful protest, done under the aegis of Friends of Indian Society International - Houston Chapter. Achalesh can be reached at 713-357-8216. rorist state” designation for India was slow in comparison, collecting 66,000 signatures till late Monday evening. Starting on September 27, it needed roughly 34,000 more to get a response from the White house. It accused India of waging a

“proxy war” against Pakistan especially in “the province of Balochistan, Federally Administrated Tribal Areas and Metropolitan City of Karachi”, and urged the White House to declare India a “terrorist state”. —Hindustan Times

All American Rally for Trump in Philadelphia

In a potential game changer in the 2016 presidential election, activists from around the country have come together to organize a political rally supporting Donald Trump in the swing state of Pennsylvania. The first ‘All American Rally for Trump’ will take place at 1:30 PM on October 8 at the People’s Plaza located near the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The rally is the creation of Indian Americans and African Americans who have come together and it will feature Indian Americans, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Haitian Americans, Jewish Americans and other groups who wish to see Donald Trump win the election. Bruce Carter who is the founder of Black Men for Bernie along with Hindu activists Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar are the main organizers of the rally. Over 1,500 people are expected to attend the rally which signifies the coming together of many people for their own reasons. Satya Dosapati, who is one of the organizers stated, “This is a very important election. It is the first time the voters have seen through the establishment’s manipulation of the electoral process and have decided to assert themselves.” “The Clinton family and Bush family partner with each other to advance the agenda of corporate welfare and illegitimate wars. This is an opportunity to end the political fortunes of both families,” added Arvind Kumar. Philadelphia has a large black population which has been let down by politicians who typically use them to further their careers. Elaborating on the reason for organizing this rally, Bruce Carter stated, “Black voters can no longer afford to be slaves to any party.”  The organizers plan to organize a series of rallies in other swing states. While Philadelphia will be the venue for the first rally, other rallies will be scheduled in the swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio when sufficient funds are raised

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Arvind Kumar, Bruce Carter and Satya Dosapati are organizing a pro-Trump rally.


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Pakistan or Terroristan?

Reading about the Sept. 18, attack by four heavily armed (un-Pak) terrorists (described as the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades), @ the Line of Control near the town of Uri in India’s Kashmir, I thought of the word ‘Pakistan’. Just as night follows day, that word ‘Pakistan’ instantly comes to mind after a terrorist attack in India,. This time, for the first time ever, I thought of the ‘Pak’ in Pakistan. It was the 1957-movie Pak Daman (Ashok Kumar & Saira Banu music by Ghulam Mohammed) that made me realize that ‘Pak’ meant pure. My first reaction, considering the history of Pakistan even then, it sounded presumptuous. Now it’s an oxymoron. Now the whole world sees Pakistan as the terrorist State that it is. If Pakistan is the Land Of The Pure, then Iraq & Syria are two Jannats (Heavens) on earth. So any terrorists and especially those from Pakistan are un-Pak terrorists. And it’s about time we start calling Pakistan as Terroristan. Immediately after the Uri attack, louder than chest-thumping & justifiable, widespread anger in the print, broadcast & social media, were the usual suspects warning NaMo & BJP about knee-jerk reaction. At least it would be SOME reaction! When was the last time anyone remembers India reacting to a terrorist act? Reminds me of the illustrious freedom fighter Lokmanya Tilak (yes, that one with the ‘Freedom is my birthright….etc.) In reaction to inaction from the Congress Party to repeated provocations by the British against India’s freedom movement, Tilak thundered, “When are we going to get mad?” Decades later entire India started saying the same thing to its own government. No pride. No selfrespect. No reaction. Instead Ramchandra Guha, a political hack, warns (NaMo) against jingoism. This is the guy who said, “Hindu fundamentalism is more threatening than Islamic terrorism in India. The reason is within India, Hindus are 85 per cent. I am terrified at the thought of Hindu majoritarianism.” India’s minority population since Independence has not drastically declined like the Hindus in Pakistan or Jammu. Rahul Gandhi talks about Hindu terrorism (to visiting foreign dignitaries) and R.Guha fears it. With friends like these, India doesn’t need enemies. Then there is Jamaat-e-Islami Hind president Maulana Syed Jalaluddin Umari who condemning the Uri terror attack, urged the Centre to take all possible steps to avoid war with Pakistan and suggested that the two sides hold dialogue to resolve the disputes. “We strongly condemn the

(Uri) terror attack and death of the soldiers. (But) both India and Pakistan must show wisdom and sincerity using path of dialogue and consultation in order to resolve their issues. India must take all steps to avoid war with Pakistan.” In case you have just come out from under a rock, Sir, that’s what India has been doing for decades, but India can’t shake hands with a fist. India’s secular exercise of ‘strategic restraint’, has been exercise in futility. After NaMo’s speech at the BJP meeting in Kozhikode, when it sounded like that – strategic restraint - was the road the Prime Minister was going to take, the peaceniks started singing his praises for not listening to ‘hawks’ in his party. These are the same people who write about Aman Ki Asha with Pakistan come every New Year day. Dream on! Meanwhile in the ‘public domain’, Raj Thackeray-led MNS (Maharashtra NavNirman Sena) issued an ultimatum to Pakistani artistes and actors, including Fawad Khan, who is part of one of the productions under Salman’s banner, and Ali Zafar, to leave India by September 25 or else they would be “pushed out”. Recent concerts of Pakistani singers Shafqat Amanat Ali and Atif Aslam, scheduled in Bengaluru and Gurgaon, respectively were cancelled. Not to be outdone, The Indian Motion Picture Producers Association passed a resolution to ban Pakistani actors from the industry in the wake of the Uri attack. One of India’s three Khan superstars - Salman Khan - to the rescue. “Artistes from Pakistan should not be treated like terrorists and art and terrorism should not be mixed. Terrorism and art are two different subjects,” he said. Talk about missing the point. It doesn’t need explaining that there are many people who may not share this love-fest between Indian & Pakistani artists and that it would put the visiting artists in grave danger. Dear Salman , as a reader wrote to an Indian newspaper: ‘Yes… Pakistani artists are not terrorists, but the terrorists are surely Pakistani and these artists are artists not only because of their values but they perform to earn money and at least a marginal part of their income they definitely spend in Pakistan which leads to monetary transactions in Pakistan and become part of their revenue which Pakistan uses for producing terrorists and weapons. So we should not support Pakistani economy to produce more terrorists and weapons.’ Very well put. Of course the Shiv Sena has the stock answer to Salman Khan. ‘If Salman Khan loves Pakistani artists, he should migrate there’.

I think it’s about time Shiv Sena stopped telling Muslims to go to Pakistan when it doesn’t like their opinions. No one has the right to say that despite the freedom of speech in India. Salman Khan is an Indian citizen. Always was, always will be. I have not known Salman Khan to make communalistic or anti-India statements. It’s the other two Khan superstars – Amir & Shah Rukh who talked about intolerance in India. Lest anyone forget, Salman Khan was the first major celebrity during India’s 2014 general elections to ask a talk show host why Modi should apologize for the 2002 Gujrat riots when every inquiry had cleared him. He also asked where the apology from the Congress Party was for the anti-Sikh riots in Delhi & near-by areas after Indira Gandhi’s assassination. And Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist) declared that we should keep art, sports above political conflicts. That’s like Stalin lecturing about peace & harmony. Communists look after their religion-less interests, their political gains. They don’t have a motherland. And Indian Communists, especially, have a long history of treacherous behaviour in the name of socialism. Mr. Yechury is also a perfect example of the ‘incestuous’ relationships in the Indian media. He is married to Seema Christi who is currently the Resident Editor of Indian Express. I wonder how many Indians know this to see through the real Indian Express. And if we dig deeper, we’ll find that such incestuous virus is widespread in India’s media. In the midst of all this, it is good to know that Dileep Padgaonkar, the ex-doyen of Indian secularism is not a voice that it was any more anywhere. Why do smart people fall for stupid ideas? The answer, Daniel J. Flynn reveals in his book Intellectual Morons, is ideology. Same reason Dilip Padgaonkar as the head of the three-member Centre-appointed interlocutors, declared in October 2010 that the Kashmir issue is a “dispute” also adding that a comprehensive solution could not be achieved without involving Pakistan. The Indian government for years refused to recognize Pakistan as a party in the Kashmir dispute. And here comes the interlocutor to throw water on that. Six years since that pronouncement by Mr. Padgaonkar, now even US & UK, the biggest (erstwhile) supporters of Pakistan, don’t recognize Pakistan as a party to the dispute. Time takes the sweetest revenge. Send responses to fly7_7@yahoo.com;





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Sunday School at 9:15 Starts at Airport 6:30 with social hour. Heartfulness relaxation and medWestpark). Callhelp Ganesh Mandal week. Contactanytime us atno(832) 379- transmission Nav Ratri Celebration at the 344-0707, or Rev. V. Gurrala Rama Navami day or children Sunday between Temple Sunday satsangs for Sunday adults, youth, andfor children. There are no weekly Balavihar classes and satsang during the sum- 34th ISKCON of Houston. At 1320 W plore the Heartfulness practice St. (77018). Daily Darshan 77071. Starts at 6:30 with social hour. Sam Manekshaw was India’s first Field itation are held weekly througha.m. Malayalam service at 9:30 at 713-797-9057 / 832-423-8541. 8888, houston@bktexas.com, Shri Radha Krishna Temple 281-997-0757. 15-Apr Fri 6:00 pm 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. The center Hours: Mon Fri 6 a.m. -8 war a.m.hero. Balavihar classes andclasses Sundaywill satsang for on children the summer. Regular weekly resume Sept. during 13. Located at & 34th St. (77018). Daily more deeply. There are noDarshan chargArati Times: 4.30am, 7am, Marshal Sam Manekshaw was India’s first Field and to a distinguished Hisa.m. out Houston, including Saturdays on 1st & 3rd Sunday. Adult Jain Society or bktexas.com to sign-up for Gaudiya Math Mata Ji Ki Chauki on Friday Dwajarohanam, Mahotsavam is open 7 days a week. Contact and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Weekmer. Regular weekly classes will resume onLand, Sept.TX 13.77498. Located at 8.30am, Chinmaya Prabha, 10353 Synott Road, Sugar New & for Arati Times: 4.30am, 7am, es this, and we4.30pm, invite you to courage, 12noon, 7pm, Marshal and aat distinguished wardedication hero. HisBible class at 9:30 a.m. English his character, and the at 11 am India House. Web: Jain Society of Houston (JSH) loclasses and tours. All Raja Yoga Sri Govindaji Gaudiya Matha 1st day us at (832) 379-8888, houston@ October 07, 2016 from 07:30 to ends & Holidays: 6 a.m. to noon Chinmayamay Prabha, Synott desk Road,between Sugar Land, TX 77498. New members visit 10353 the welcome 8 a.m. - 8:45 a.m. or 9pm. 8.30am, 12noon, 4.30pm, 7pm, experience theFestival: unique benefits of Sunday 5.30 pm to to courage, his character, andare thelegendary. dedication his troops and country www.heartfulness.org; Email: service at 10:30 a.m. on 2nd & at 16628 Kieth Harrow Blvd., cated at 3905 Arc Street Houston Meditation teachers at the Hous16-Apr Sat 6:00 p.m Poo bktexas.com, or bktexas.com to 10:30 PM. Akhand Ramayan Path and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Bhamembers may visit the welcome desk between 8 a.m. 8:45 a.m. or 10:15 a.m.-11:30 a.m. Visit www.chin mayahouston.org or call Bharati 7.30 9pm. Sunday Festival: 5.30 pmfor this transmission. Workshops onto to pm. Weekly Gita classes country are legendary. Thehis lifetroops of thisand distinguished soldier is portrayed by two distinguished Houston 77084. Satsang Sundays houston.heartfulness@gmail. 4th Sunday. Call 713-991-1557 Pallakku, Meenakshi sign-up foreach classes and tours. Allof adults; Texas 77063 is open all days durcenter have 15+ years jans Saturdays 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; starting Saturday October 08 ton 10:15 on a.m.-11:30 a.m. VisitPattawww.chin mayahouston.org or call Bharati Sutaria 281.933.0233. 7.30 pm.call Weekly Gita classes for Heartfulness relaxation and med281-433-1635 or authors The lifewho of this distinguished soldier portrayed by twoof distinguished worked closely with him and shared many the historic 5isto 7or pm. Mantra meditation, Raja Yoga Meditation teachers harekrishnadham com.9 Cell: 713-929-0040. 281-261-4603. ing Paryushana days.throughParyushana experience. a.m. to 1 a.m. Special at bbhishekam 05:00PM and continuing un- teaching Sutaria 281.933.0233. adults; or Sundays itation arecall held281-433-1635 weekly @gmail.com authorsthat who worked closely with him and shared many of theThrough historic events changed the geo-political landscape of the region. kirtan, Sanatan Dharma classes. 24-AprOctober Sun 9:30 a.m Maat the Houston center each have out Heritage Classes Sri of Guruvayurappan Temple and holidays) Mahaparv concluded on Sept poojas 6anecdotes Chinmaya Mission til Sunday 09,Vedanta 2016 to 7 Society harekrishnadham @gmail.com Houston, including Saturdays events (weekends thatrelated changed the geo-political landscape the region. Through by Behram and Zenobia Panthaki we get a unique Vedic Education andtoHindi classhotsavan final day, Meenakshi 15+ years of teaching experience. Choroon (Annaprasam) for kids, Ashirwad’s Heritage Classes in Hours: Mon Fri 6 a.m. -8 a.m. with Tapasvee parna. Under the Sunday satsangs for adults, p.m. Prasaad will be served after at 11 am at India House. Web: Vedanta Society anecdotes by ideals, Behram Zenobia Panthaki we get anoon unique insight intorelated the man’s hisand military acumen, his mannerisms, and Vedanta Society of Greater Houston, 14809 Lindita Drive (77083) Houston Namadwaar Thulabharam, es for kids. Gita classes - WeekChinmaya Mission Vahana Pooja, Katy, Cypress and Sugar Land and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. auspices of the main guest Guwww.heartfulness.org; Email: theKalyanam program. For further informayouth, and children. A unique insight into the man’s ideals, his military acumen, his mannerisms, and his sense of humor. Vedanta Society of Greater Houston, 14809 Lindita (77083) has classes every Sunday from 10:30Sunday a.m. to 12:30 p.m.Drive on of Houston Namadwaar 1:30 pm Wed. Hanuman Chalisa satsangs forGospel adults, 30-Apr Sattemple 9:00 a.m Sita A prayer where the Koradia, Hare Nirapara. Temple located at for kids 4 to is18himself yrs - boasts meditaends & Holidays: 6 a.m. to noon ruji Shri house Narendrabhai houston.heartfulness@gmail. tion atfrom 281hisBrigadier sense of humor. Bala Vihar program for each Panthaki a distinguished 30-yearon military hasplease classescall every Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, 1st & 3rd Sunday; Bhagavad Gita, 2nd Sunday; on A prayer house where the Hare and Ramcharit Manas Tue. youth, and children. Located at Rama Hare Krishna Maha-man11620 Ormandy St. (77035) Tel: Rama Kalyanam tion, Yoga, slokas, stories from and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Bhacom. Cell: 713-929-0040 Mahavir Jayanti and Samvatsari 933-8100 or visit www.SRKT. Brigadier Panthaki himself boasts a distinguished 30-year military career that earned him 12 military honors. Zenobia Panthaki accomSri Ramakrishna, 1st & 3rd Sunday; Bhagavad Gita, 2nd Sunday; on works of Swami Vivekananda, 4thgrade, Sunday; Holy Mother Sarada’s from PreK to Grade 12. tra Rama Hare Krishna Maha-man7:30–8:30 p.m. info@sggm.org Chinmaya Prabha, 10353 Synott is continuously chanted. Week713-729-8994 email: temple@ (Ragini Prakash Miryala MD) particscriptures, Vishnu Sahasranam, jans Saturdays 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; were celebrated with many career that earned him 12 military honors. Zenobia Panthaki accomOrg. Temple is located 11625 panied her husband on his postings to many small cantonment townworks of5thSwami Vivekananda, 4thSatsangs Sunday; Holy Mother Sarada’s Gospel, Sunday. Swamis of Ramakrishna Order visit to conduct in Land, two sessions be- ends: tra is Heritage continuously chanted. Week- guruvayur.us or 281-499-3347. Road, Sugar TX 77498. 8-11 AM & Classes 4-7 PM, Weekbhajans, competitions and fun acSundays 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. Special Sri Street. Radha Krishna ipants. Many Jains and non-jains panied her husband on his postings to many small cantonment townships all over India and became involved with running welfare proGospel, 5th lectures. Sunday. Swamis of Ramakrishna Order visit to conduct Beechnut retreats and www.houstonvedanta. org or 281-584-0488. ends:7-8 8-11 AM 4-7PM. PM,Weekly WeekNew members visit the AM &&6-7 tween 8:35 a.m.may - 10:15 a.m. days: Hindu Temple of Preksha Meditation Ashirwad’s Heritage Classes inwhograms tivities. Adult meditation classpoojas (weekends and holidays) ships all over India and became involved with running welfare procame to listen to the Guruji for soldiers’ wives and children; she has run the Army School, retreats andTemple lectures. www.houstonvedanta. org or 281-584-0488. days: 7-8 AM &and 6-7 PM. Weekly welcome 8 a.m. Kuteeram” children’s heri- New facilities of JVB Preksha and 11:20desk a.m.between - 1 p.m. Bala “Gopa the Woodlands Katy, Sugar Land grams for soldiers’ wives and she has run the ArmyinSchool, es. Register at www.ashirwaChoroon (Annaprasam) and worked for the World Bankchildren; for 28 years until retirement 2012.for kids, cameCypress from the Nakodaji ParshOnUdavum the auspicious occasion Bari of - Temple Karangal Durga “Gopa Kuteeram” children’s heri8:45 a.m. or 10:15 a.m.-11:30 tage classes and Srimad Meditation Center. ClassesBank for for7601 S. Forest Gate Dr, Vahana for kids 4 to 18 yrs meditation, Vihar students can take shloka, and worked for the World 28 years until retirement in 2012. Pooja, The book has received over 60 positive reviews. To quote: “From da-blessing.org or Sri Ravula Thulabharam, Nav Ratri, thetemple Temple have Durga Bari wanath Gyanshala. Five vows Seeds & Flowers, a play in Engtage classes and Srimad Durga Bari iswill open from 9a.m. toTemple 11Visit a.m.www.chin and 4 to 7 p.m. Mon. mayahous- Bhagavatam classes. Callscrip281- Yoga and Meditation under guid- The Woodlands, TX 77382 Yoga, slokas, stories from bhajan and orchestra classes The book has received over 60 positive reviews. To quote: “From beginning to end this delightful narrative simply races along, providing Mata Ji Ki Chauki & Akhand 281-995-0930. Nirapara. Temple is located at were explained in details to take lishthru atDurga Stafford Center, Bari Civic temple isatopen from to 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Mon. 402-6585; Bhagavatam classes. Call bha281Sat. Sandhya aarti 6:30on p.m.9ton.org Temple closes 7top.m. Sunday or callat4Bharati Sutaria visit www.godivinity.org ance by Samani and discours-narrative Temple Hours tures, Vishnu Sahasranam, beginning towitty endjis this races along, providing an intimate, anddelightful scintillating storysimply of a superhero “ Sam’s hu- Tel: or language classes forSunday Hindi, (Global Ramayan Path.9 Mata Ji Ki ChauHare Krishna Dham 11620 Ormandy St. (77035) during paryushana which were, thru Sandhya aarti at7 6:30 Temple closes at 7 p.m. Oct. 16,Sat. Sunday, 5:30 p.m. Pro-p.m. 402-6585; visit www.godivinity.org special from a.m. to p.m. Puja services - Priest Bishnupada 281.933.0233. Organization for Divinity). es. At 14102 Schiller Road (off Weekdays: jans, competitions and fun activian intimate, witty and scintillating story of a superhero “ Sam’s humanism, his notations on official files, his colorful language and ki by Mahant Ravi Shanker Puri. Telugu, Marathi, and Gujarati. original Vedic temple, 713-729-8994 email: his temple@ 1) Amari Pravartan – non-vio- Houston’s special 9 a.m. to Temple 7 p.m. services - Priest Bishnupada (Global Organization for Divinity). Goswami 281-597-8100 is located at 13944 Schiller Rd (off ties. ceeds will from benefit Udavum Ka- Puja Vedanta Society 6 bethis Bellaire and Westpark 7:30 his AM - 9:30 AM Adult meditation classes. Hwy manism, notations on official files, colorful language and his doodling”. on Friday April 08, 2016 startISKCON of Houston. At 1320 W guruvayur.us Goswami Temple isCall located at 13944 Rd (offat Register lence with example of Metaraj Chinmaya Mission located Hwy 6 bet.281-597-8100 Bellaire & Westpark). Ganesh Mandal atis713-797Vedanta Society ofSchiller Greater Housrangal. Visit www.udavumkaran77082). Tel 281-596-9642. 5:30 PMis -dedicated 8.30 PM to the men in at www.ashirwadaSaumyakasi Sivalaya doodling”. This with overDaily 200 photographs, ing onwards. Akhand Call Hwy07:30PM bet. Bellaire & Westpark). GaneshLindita Mandal at 713-79734thbook, St. (77018). Darshan Preksha Meditation 9057 /6832-423-8541. ton, 14809 Drive (77083) Muni, 2) Kshamapana Michhami Chinmaya Prabha, 10353 Synott blessing.org gal.org. Patanjali Yogpeeth Aarti @ 7:30 PM Saumyakasi Sivalaya or Sri Ravula 281This book, with over 200 photographs, is dedicated to the men in Sri Saumyakasi Sivalaya is louniform who have laid down their lives defending their country and to Ramayan Path starting Saturday has classes every Sunday from 9057 / 832-423-8541. &Yoga Arati Times: 4.30Sat/Sun a.m, 7 a.m, JVB Preksha Meditation CenDukkadam forgiveness – with Free Classes every Road, Sugar Land, TX 77498. Saturday and Sunday 995-0930. SriatSaumyakasi Sivalaya10353 is lo- their uniform whowho havehave laid down their livesso defending their country and to Chinmaya Prabha, widows also sacrificed much. The book will be on April 09, 2016 at 5:00PM on- 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on cated 8.30 a.m, 12 noon, 4.30 p.m, 7 ter conducts weekly Meditation, at Arya Samaj from 8 am to 9:30 example of Chandanbala and her Sant Nirankari Mission 8:30 AM 1:30 PM Hare Krishna Dham Shiv Shakti Mandir New members may visit the cated atRoad, Chinmaya Prabha, theiratwidows who have also so much. The will be on Sugar Land,10353 TX sale the discounted price ofsacrificed $35, and autographed bybook the authors. A wards until Sunday April 10, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, 1st Synott a.m. Call Anil 281-579-9433. p.m, 9discounted p.m. Sunday Festival: Yoga and Swadhyay sadhvi Mrugavati, 3) Tap -TX ConAarti at 12:00 PM Shiv Shakti Mandir Sant Nirankari Mission holds its6640welcome Houston’s original Vedic temple, Synott Road, Sugar Land, sale at the price of $35, and autographed by the authors. Asessions desk between 8 a.m. Sanatan Shiv Shakti Mandir, Harwin. Open daily 7 a.m. to 8 77478. Temple timings: Monday to major portion of the royalty will be donated to the War Wounded 2016 7:00 PM. Prasad Will & 3rd Sunday; Bhagavad Gita, ISKCON For other free classes, call Indra 5.30 pm to 7.30 p.m. Weekly inside its unique Pyramid sume less or some ­­ fasting, 4) 5:30 PM 8:30 PM of Houston. At 1320 W weekly spiritual congregation Sanatan Shiv Shakti Mandir, 6640 Harwin. Open daily 7 a.m. to 8 77478. 9:00 Temple to Foundation major portion the and royalty donated to theAssn. War Wounded p.m. Allafter major festivals, as well birthdays, karan,of engageAMtimings: - 12:00Monday Noon and of of India the will Warbe Widows Welfare of India. hall served Ramayan Path. For as -2nd 8:45 a.m.naam or a.m.-11:30 Sunday; on 10:15 works Swami Friday: 281-537-0018. For Yoga/Herbal Gita classes for adults; call 281under the guidance Samanijis, Aarti @ 7:30 PM; Swami Vatsalya or help needy 34th St. (77018). Daily Darshan onfurther every at India House p.m. AllSunday major festivals, as well as birthdays, naam karan, engageFriday: 9:00 AM 12:00 Noon and Foundation of India and the War Widows Welfare Assn. of of India. ment and other ceremonies. Call Pandit Virat Mehta 713-278-9099 or - 8:00 PM Saturday and Suninformation please call a.m. Please 4th visitSunday; http://www. Vivekananda, Holy 5:00 products, call Shekhar 281-242- Contact 832-585--0001 433-1635 or harekrishnadham @ and runs special events & Arati Times: 4.30 a.m, 7 a.m, – specifically any needy Jains 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. followed ment and other ceremonies. Call Pandit Virat Mehta 713-278-9099 or 5:00 8:00 PM Saturday and SunHardik Raval 361-243-6539 for puja or other ceremonies. day: 8:30-2:00 PM and 5:00 8:00 temple at 281-933-8100 or visit chinmayahouston.org/ familiesWeb: who believe in Veerashaiva dharma (Basava dharma). Monthlyand proor contact Mother Sarada’s Gospel, 5th 8.30 5000. www.pyptusa.org ordiscussion temple@myhtw.net a.m,Bharti 12 noon, 4.30 p.m, gmail.com grams like I-Choose, Meditation without their knowledge of7your Hardik Ravalmeals. 361-243-6539 for or other ceremonies. bywww.SRKT.Org. community All areiswelday: 8:30-2:00 PM and 5:00 8:00 PM. Call Sutaria 281-568families who believe infor Veerashaiva (Basava dharma). Monthly Temple lo-puja Mahamane program prayer anddharma on Vachana Sahitya Sunday. Sutaria Swamis281.933.0233 of Ramakrishnafor p.m, 9 p.m. Sunday Festival: and www.DivyaProducts.com. Bharati Houston Namadwaar Campsonand Gyanshala program help, 5) ­­­ Bharti Chaitya Paripati or Visit Swaminarayan Temple PM. Call Sutaria 281-568come. information, 1690 or Jay Deshmukh 832-541‘The Universe Within’ Mahamane program for prayer and discussion Vachana Sahitya cated For 11625further Beechnut Street. followed by Prasada. Contact: vsnahous ton@gmail.com or Jagadeesh Order information. visit to conduct retreats 5.30 pm to 7.30 p.m. Weekly Sathya Sai centers more A 832-744-4166. prayer house where the Hare for children ages 4- 14 yrs. JVB Hindu Satsang at Shree Swami1690 or Jay Deshmukh 832-541Universe Within’ other jain temples. Das Lakshana 0059 or visit www.saum followed by Prasada. Contact: vsnahous ton@gmail.com or Jagadeesh call Raj Bhala atis(281) 980-2825. Halyal Sahaj Marg a ‘The natural and simpleand system of heart-centered mediSant Nirankari Mission lectures. www.houstonveSunday program at two lo-MahaGita classes adults; call Vedanta Society medi- yakasi.org. narayan Hindu Temple, 0059 or for visit www.saum Rama HareheldKrishna is located at 14102under Schiller Rd. Parv started on Sept 6, 281and willHalyal 832-744-4166. Arya Samaj Sahaj is aSatsang natural and simple system oforheart-centered tation andMarg spiritual practice thatits helpsdanta. one realize the utimate potential Sant Nirankari Mission holds org 281-584-0488. cations (North Houston: 12127 Shree NarNarayan Dev Gadi ka433-1635 or harekrishnadham @ Vedanta Society of Greater Housyakasi.org. mantra is continuously chanted. Houston 77082. For further inbe celebrated till Sept 15 under tation and spiritual practice thatis helps one realize the utimate potential Weekly Havan Satsang every Mar Thoma Church within oneself. The meditation available to anyone who wishes to weekly spiritual congregation Durga Bari Temple Louetta Rd, Houston; South lupur. Opens daily from 7 a.m. ton,held 14809 Lindita Drive (77083) Weekends: 8-11 AM & 4-7 PM, formation, Call Seema Mar Thoma Church theGandhi guidance Library of Rasikbhai Sheth. within oneself. The meditation is available to anyone wishes to gmail.com practice. Weekly meditation sessions throughout the Houston on every Sunday at India Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 House noon. Trinity Mar Thoma Church every Sunday at 5810 Almeda Genoa Durga Bari templewho is open from Houston: 246 Fluor Daniel Dr, to 12:30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. Jain at Namadwaar has classes every Sunday from Houston Gandhi Library Weekdays: 7-8at3:00 AM & 6-7 PM.Sunday 281-575-0575. Visit www.jvbpractice. Weekly meditation sessions throughout Houston Daily Abhishek area. www.sahajmarg.org Email: meditate_ houston@yahoo.com. 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. folMahatma Gandhi Library Book and DAV Sanskriti School Sundays 10 Mar Thoma Church every at 5810 Almeda Genoa Rd.Trinity Sunday School 9:15 a.m. service at 9:30 a.m. on 1st 9 toheld 11 a.m. and 4 to the 7 p.m. Mon. A Schedule: Land, from pm toMalayalam prayer house where the Hare Suga to 8:30houston.org p.m. Daily aarti atsend 7on a.m. 10:30 a.m. to 12:30aarti p.m.aton6:30 Gos- Club: area. Email: houston@yahoo.com. Weekly “Gopa Kuteeram” chilora.m. email at Mahatma Gandhi Library Book lowed by noon. community meals. All meditate_ Pooja at 9:15 Paach Meets 2ndam, Sunday ofBhaav each at Rd. Sunday School at 9:15 a.m. Malayalam service at 9:30 1st a.m. to www.sahajmarg.org 12 - Havan, Hindi & 3rd Sunday. Adult Bible class at 9:30 a.m. English service at 10:30 thru Sat. Sandhya 5:30 pm. Sai Spiritual Education Rama Hare Krishna Mahaand 7a.m. p.m.English Saturday sabha from pel ofTemple Sri Ramakrishna, 1st & month; Club: Meets 2nd Sunday of each areNaitik welcome. For classes. further infordren’s heritage classes and Sriinfo@jvbhouston.org for more 12:30 PM at Arya Samaj & 3rd Sunday. Adult Bible class at 9:30 service at 10:30 11:30 am, Aarti and Swadhyay at a.m. on 2nd & 4th Sunday. Call 713-991-1557 or 281-261-4603. p.m. closes at 7 p.m. and Shiksha DAV classes for children; study circle Heritage Classes mantra is continuously chanted. 5p.m to 7 p.m. followed by aarti 3rd Sunday; Bhagavad Gita,to 2nd month; 12:30 PM13475 at Arya Samaj mation, call Raj Bhala at 2(281) Greater Houston, Schiller a.m. on 2nd & 4th Sunday. Call 713-991-1557 or 281-261-4603. mad Bhagavatam classes. Call details. 7:30 pm. Pratikraman at 5:30 pm Sunday special from 9 a.m. 7 Montessori School for ages to 7 for adults. Service programs Heritage Classes 8-11 AM & 4-7 PM, Ashirwad’s Heritage Classes in Katy, Cypress and Sugar Land forVi- Weekends: at 7 p.m. Temple and Maha-Prasad (free Sunday; works Swami Greater Houston, 13475 Schiller Sri &Guruvayurappan 980-2825. Rd. Join Sep the discussion of the great visit drives; www.godiPatanjali Yogpeeth p.m. Cypress Pujaon services -of Priest BishThu, 15.AM Week-end (Sep 10 food281-402-6585; distribution food years. Call Arti Khanna 7-8 & 6-7 PM. Ashirwad’s Heritage281-759Classes in Katy, and Sugar Land for Weekdays: dinner). Website www.issotx. Sri Guruvayurappan Temple Rd. Join thewas discussion theStory great nursing Samaj Satsang 4th 281-597-8100 Sunday; Holy man’s autobiography –of The nupada Goswami Hours: Mon tovisits, Fri 6 a.m. -8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Weekvinity.org (Global Organization Free Yoga Classes every Sat/Sun and 11) celebrated home tutoring 3286.Arya Free Yoga classes on Sat. vekananda, Weekly “Gopa Kuteeram”with chil-addiorg, phone (281) 530-2565. man’s autobiography – The Story Weekly Havan Satsang every of My Experiments with Truth. Mother Sarada’s Gospel, 5th SunHours: Mon to Fri 6 a.m. -8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. WeekTemple is located at 13944 Schilends & Holidays: 6 a.m. to noon and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Bhajans for Divinity). at Arya Samaj from 8 am to 9:30 at schools etc. Contact Sanjay tionalheritage programs including games Sanskrit & Upanishad classes dren’s classes and SriSanatan Dharm ofaimed My Experiments with Truth. Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. ler Rd (off Hwy 6 bet. Bellaire & Call Manish Wani 713-829-6979. ends & Holidays: 6 a.m. to noon and 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Bhajans Saturdays 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. Special poojas Gupta (North) 832-687-6766 or Saumyakasi Sivalaya a.m. Call Anil 281-579-9433. at imparting jainCall tatvamad Bhagavatam classes. Manish Wani 713-829-6979. Sondip DAV Sanskriti School Sundays Westpark). Call Ganesh Mandal Call Maha Sabha Saturdays 7 p.m. to 8 Sivalaya p.m.; Sundays toother 1 a.m. Special (weekends and holidays) Choroon (Annaprasam) for poojas kids, (South) 832-215Sri Mathur Saumyakasi is lo-9 a.m. For free classes, call Indra gyan to the visit audience, presenta281-402-6585; www.godi10 a.m. to 12 noon. Havan, West Indian Religious Organiza(weekends and holidays) Choroon (Annaprasam) for kids, at 713-797-9057 / 832-423-8541. vinity.org Thulabharam, Vahana Pooja, Nirapara. Temple is located at 11620 8675 www.sairegion10.org. Lot for Sale off of Kalyani Hwy in Sodhpur, Gauri Siddhivinayak cated at Chinmaya Prabha, 10353 281-537-0018. For Yoga/Herbal (Global Organization tions on Positive Thinking (by HindiLot and Naitik Shiksha classes. tion called Sanatan Dharm Thulabharam, Vahana Pooja, Nirapara. Temple is located at Maha 11620 Shiv Mandir Ormandy (77035) Tel: 713-729-8994 temple@ for Sale of Kalyani HwyShakti in Sodhpur, Siddhivinayak Sadhu Center forGauri Divinity). SynottStVaswani Road, Sugar Land, TX email: products, callguruvayur.us Shekhar 281-242Prerit Shah), 64 Ridhdhis (by Ajit West Bengal. 1off bhiga or 20Sanatan Kathas with 2300 Sq. DAV Montessori School for ages Sabha Branch # 377 is located Temple Ormandy St (77035) Tel: 713-729-8994 email: temple@ guruvayur.us Shiv Shakti Mandir, Sadhu Vaswani Centertimings: of Hous- Mon- 5000. Web: www.pyptusa.org Saumyakasi Sivalaya 77478. Temple West Bengal. 1 bhiga or 20 Kathas with 2300 Sq. Sangave), and Mahatma Ganbungalow built.6640 Architectural plans Temple 2 to ft. 7 years. Call Artihalf Khanna at 26100 Tina Lane, Katy, TX Harwin. Open daily 7 SriDarshan from 7Sivalaya a.m.with to 8isShrimad p.m. Preksha Satsang on 3rd Saumyakasi lo- ton holds day toregular Friday: 9 a.m.12 Meditation Noon www.DivyaProducts.com. dhi’s conversation ft. bungalow half built. Architectural 281-759-3286. Freeavailable. Yoga classes 77494.and Durga Mata PoojaforisYoga held to 8 p.m. All plans major festi- daily. Darshan from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Preksha Meditation All major festivals as well Rs.a.m. 90 lakhs. New facilities of JVB Preksha Center. Classes Thursday ofp.m. the -month and daily Meditation cated at Chinmaya Prabha, 10353Jain). and 5 8 p.m. Saturday and Hindu Temple of Rajchandra (by Dr. Sulekh on Sat. Sanskrit & Upanishad every Friday from 7 pm to 9.30 vals, as well as birthdays, naam daily. All major festivals as well available. Rs. 90 lakhs. as birthdays, naam karan, engageNew facilities of JVB Preksha Meditation Center. Classes for Yoga and Meditation under guidance byand Samani jis and discourses. At 14102 Arti at 7.30 p.m. Call 281-463Synott Road, Sheth Sugar 281 Land,679 TX1020 Please contact Saha at Sunday: 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. 5 The Woodlands Call Parag classes Tue. 6-8 p.m. At 14375 Shilpi pm. Contact Ram Sharma @ karan, engagement as birthdays, naam karan,Monday engageand other ceremonies. Call 0379 andp.m. Meditation under guidance Samani jis and At 14102 Schiller Road (off Hwy 6 bet by Bellaire and Westpark - 77082). or e.mail ramolaj@aol.com Please contact Shilpi Saha at and other cer- ment 77478. Temple timings: - 8 p.m. Call Bharti Sutaria 7601 S.discourses. Forest Gate Dr,Tel Shilpi@yourblvd.com or 832-647-9433 for and Das Lakshana details. Call Schiller Rd. (bet Westpark & Bel- emonies. 713-412-9985 Call Pandit Virat Mehta Pandit ment other ceremonies. Call Pradip Pandya 832-466Schiller Road (off Hwy 6 bet Bellaire and Westpark 77082). Tel 281-596-9642. to Friday: 9 a.m.12 Noon and 5 Shilpi@yourblvd.com or 832-647-9433 281-568-1690 or Jay Deshmukh The Woodlands, TX 77382 Urvashi Jainand 713other 789832-4662338. Visit281-596-9642. laire off Hwy 6). 281-752-0100. 713-278-9099 or Hardik Raval 9868 Pandit Pandya puja ceremop.m. -for 8Pradip p.m. Saturday and Sunvisit www.saum Temple Hours, Weekdays: www.jainsocietyhouston.org 9868 for5645 puja and other ceremonies. At Hillcroft 701, for 832-541-0059 or day: 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. andSte 5 p.m. Patanjali Yogpeeth Exciting Summer Camp yakasi.org. 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM calendar of events and other denies. At 5645 Hillcroft Ste 701, Houston, TX 77036. Patanjali Yogpeeth - 8 p.m. Call Bharti Sutaria 281Free Yoga Classes every Sat/Sun at Arya Samaj from 8 am to 9:30 Gauri Siddhivinayak Temple 5:30 PM 8.30 PM tailed information. Houston, TX 77036. 568-1690 or Jay Deshmukh 832- a.m.Free Yoga Classes every Sat/Sun at Arya Samaj from 8Indra am to2819:30 Call Anil 281-579-9433. For other free classes, call Where Your Opinion Counts Darshan from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Aarti @ 7:30 PM Shiv Shakti Mandir Veerashaiva Samaja 541-0059 or visit www.saum a.m. Call Anil 281-579-9433. For other free classes, call Indra 281537-0018. For Yoga/Herbal products, call Shekhar 281-242-5000. Web: Where Your Opinion Counts daily. All major festivals as Saturday and Sunday Veerashaiva Sanatan Shiv Shakti VSNA Houston isSamaja aMandir, group of6640 537-0018. For Yoga/Herbal products, call Shekhar 281-242-5000. Web: KGOL 1480 AM • Saturdays 4 to 6 p.m. www.pyptusa.org and www.DivyaProducts.com. yakasi.org. well as birthdays, naam karan, 8:30 AM - 1:30 PM Harwin. Open daily 7 a.m. to 8 VSNA Houston is a group of Listen to Open Forum on KGOL 1480 AMprograms • Saturdays to 6 p.m. and www.DivyaProducts.com. Gauri Siddhivinayak Templeas wellwww.pyptusa.org Informative with4 doctors, engagement and other ceremo- Aarti at 12:00 PM p.m. All major festivals, in Houston.with doctors, Darshan from 7naam a.m. karan, to 8 p.m. Informative programs WANT TO HOST CAMP? Pandit PradipYOUR PandyaSUMMER 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM as birthdays, engage- nies. Call lawyers, politicians and other daily. All major festivals as well PARTNER WITH US & HOST YOUR SUMMER CAMP AT7:30 INDIAPM; HOUSE Every Saturday 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM. ment and other ceremonies. Call 832-466-9868 for puja and other Aarti @ lawyers,newsmakers. politicians and other as birthdays, naam karan, enceremonies. or At agencies 5645 Hillcroft Ste for Contact 832-585--0001 Pandit Virat Mehta 713-278-9099 Instructors Studio line 800-444-1061 looking an amazing space


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gagement other Lottery ceremonies. TheseandTexas Commission Scratch-Off games will be closing soon: Call These Pandit Pradip 832to conduct their summer activities TexasPandya Lottery Commission Scratch-Off games camp will be closingmay soon: Official Close End Validations 466-9868 Game #for puja and other cerGame Name / Odds collaborate with us $ to provide fun, safe and of Game Date Official Close End Validations emonies. Game At # 5645 Hillcroft Ste Game Name / Odds $ enriching experience offor Gamethe kids. Date 701, Houston, TXUltimate 77036.Crossword - Overall Odds are 1 in 3.27 1651 $10 7/12/15 1/8/16 1651 Ultimate Crossword - Overall Odds are 1 in 3.27 Veerashaiva Samaja




Frenzy of - Overall Odds are 1 in 4.09 $5 7/30/15 1/26/16 VSNA1690 Houston is Cash a group ARE YOU A TALENTED INSTRUCTOR? 1690 Cash Frenzy Overall Odds are 1 in 4.09 $5 7/30/15 1/26/16 families who believeBlackjack in Veeras1701 - Overall Odds are 1JOIN in 4.75 8/26/15 2/22/16 INDIA HOUSE AS$1 A SUMMER CAMP COORDINATOR haiva dharma (BasavaBlackjack dharma). 1701 - Overall Odds are 1 in 4.75 $1 8/26/15 2/22/16 Monthly program for - Overall Odds 1646Mahamane Hot ‘N Spicy Tripler areare 1 in 4.29 8/26/15 We looking for$2talented instructors,2/22/16 in art, prayer 1646 and discussion VachaHot ‘Non Spicy Tripler - Overall Odds are 1 in 4.29 $2 8/26/15 2/22/16 craft, theater, 8/26/15 henna, language arts, 1657 followed Redby Chili Tripler - Overall Odds are 1dance, in 4.14 music, $2 2/22/16 na Sahitya Prasada. cooking, baking, robotics or any other activities 1657 Red Chili Tripler Overall Odds are 1 in 4.14 $2 8/26/15 2/22/16 Contact: vsnahous ton@gmail. 1648 LoteriaTM - Overall Odds are 1 in 3.98 $3 8/26/15 2/22/16 that interest the kids. com or1648 Jagadeesh Halyal 832LoteriaTM - Overall Odds are 1 in 3.98 $3 8/26/15 2/22/16 744-4166. For detailedThoma odds and game information, visit txlottery.org or call 1-800-375-6886. Must be 18 or older to purchase a Mar Church ticket. The Texas Lottery supports Texas education and veterans. © 2015 Texas Lottery Commission.|AllVipin@indiahouseinc.org rights reserved. 713-929-1900

For detailed and game information, visit txlottery.org Must be 18 or older to purchase a Trinity MaroddsThoma Church ev- or call 1-800-375-6886. ticket. The Texas Lottery supports Texas education and veterans. © 2015 Texas Lottery Commission. All rights reserved. 8888 West Bellfort Ave., Houston, TX 77031



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The Musical Blossoming

Center for Indian Classical Music of Houston Spearheading the cause of Hindustani Classical Music and the Musicians


A Musical Panorama brought to you by the budding Musicians of Saadhana Pariwar - The Gurukul Conceptualized, directed and conducted by

Pandit Suman Ghosh

Hindustani Classical Music Virtuoso from the Mewati Gharana

Chief Guest : Dr. Anupam Ray, Honorable Consul General of India 3:15pm October 15th 2016 The Stude Concert Hall, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, 6100 Main Street, Houston TX 77005 FREE ADMISSION cicmh@outlook.com

(281) 265 9437


Gauri Siddhivinayak Mandir of Houston 5645 Hillcroft Ave., Suite 701, Houston, TX 77036 A hearty invitation to all devotees for the Pooja & Havan Navaratri- Mataji Pooja & Havan of Mataji Shree Jagat Janani Adhya Shakti Bhavani

On Saturday, Oct. 8,2016 Pooja Starts at 2.00 PM Havan at 4.30 PM Purnahuti at 6.30PM ( Nariyel Offering) Aarti at 7.30 PM Mahaprasad will be served after Aarti Location: 5645 Hillcroft Ave Suite: 701 Houston, TX 77036 . 832-466-9868

Devotees willing to participate in Havan & Pooja may contact the priest Shri Pandit Pradip Pandya 832-466-9868. The Gauri Siddhivinayak Mandir Of Houston is a Non-Profit 501(c)organization; All donations are tax deductible. VOLUNTEERS AND SPONSORS NEEDED Visit SiddhivinayakHouston.com or www.facebook.com/GauriSiddhivinayakTemple/. Email: SiddhivinayakHouston@gmail.com


Spring Branch Family Dentistry,P.A. 1111, Gessner, Suite B Houston, Texas 77055 (713) 461-8050 (713) 461-4747 WeWe Speak English, Hindi & Gujarati speak English & Gujarati CONVENIENT HOURS Monday: 9 am – 6 pm Tuesday: 9 am – 7 pm Wednesday: 9 am – 6 pm Thursday: 9 am – 7 pm Friday: 9 am – 4 pm Saturday: 9 am – 4 pm (Closed one Saturday a month) '  %


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Sanjeev Khosla, D.D.S


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Darshani Patel, D.D.S


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