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ARUN MAHARAJ—HAYWARD CALIFORNIA USA Publisher/Editor—India Fiji Today Co-chairman California Business Advisory Council— Past National President Fiji Jaycees— aharaj California Jaycees Senator—Jaycees International Senator Arun M Recipient of the American National Leadership Award— Invited to the US Presidential Dinner in Washington DC.— Former member of USA Fiji Festival Advisory Committee—Fiji delegate Jaycees Youth Voyage held in Japan—Represented Fiji in Jaycees World Congress in Japan Former Secretary of the ‗Fiji Teachers Union Credit Union‘—Taught at Vunimono High School in Nausori Fiji—DAV College in Suva Fiji—Rishikul High School in Nasinu Fiji.

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A PERSPECTIVE By Arun Maharaj—Hayward California

“Being What We Are” ‘What others think we are’, ‘What we think we are” and ‘What we are’ are the main factors that build our perception of our selves. Some highly believe in what others think of them. They lead their lives on the basis of others evaluation of themselves. Some believe in what they think they are. They always have a view of themselves based on their own evaluations. In this world of materialism the real value of things many times is ignored. The value of people is also many times measured in terms of wealth, name and fame whereas the true value may not be seen. Peace is attained by truth alone and it is peace that we are, many times even not knowingly, looking for in life. 1

Truth needs no justification as it stands by itself above everything else and therefore it is imperative that we identify our true selves and do not go along with what others think about us or even what we think of ourselves. ‘What we are’ is our true self. Once we identify ourselves and believe in it, we have found the truth which no one can change and we may be able to lead a life along our own true desires which may lead us to a more peaceful and successful life. Without trying ourselves in activities, many times we think we are not capable of doing it but if we try we may be able to do better then others. ‘WHAT WE ARE’ is our true self.

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Fiji Community in America...

Eleven Years of „Fiji Festival‟ Held in Hayward California Being a founder or founders and starting a public affair is not an easy task and continuing it for more than a decade is even a more difficult. ―Fiji Festival‖ first held in Hayward in 2001 has come a long way as it entered in its eleventh successive year this year. Fiji Festival was held from June 30—July 1 at the Cal State East Bay this year. The festival over the years has carved an identity for the Fiji community in USA, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Entertaining the public can be a difficult task but the festival committee has endeavored to cater for the needs of the Fiji community. As a pioneer committee member responsible for introducing the ‘Charity Queen Contest’ it gives me immense pride to note the progress of the ‘festival’. The committee members who have come and gone and some who joined along the way and others who are still there since its inception need to be commended for their efforts.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Drug Exposure in Fiji India Fiji Today Publisher & Editor Arun Maharaj Hayward, California 510 : 875 0568 Sacramento Correspondent Kristeen Prakash Contributing Writer Jai P. Narayan Correspondents Mahesh Bharadwaj Delhi, India Indar Nair Sydney, Australia Subhash Chandra Auckland, New Zealand Indar Mudaliar Toronto, Canada

Isolated cases of drug produce in remote areas has been on going in Fiji. There have been raids in areas and many plantations captured over the years. The recent exposure of drug smuggle by two individuals, one of them a young Indian woman and her partner is alarming. Reportedly both of them have been sentenced in Fiji. The role of the law enforcement officers is commendable in exposing the big drug racket. There have been other cases where drug has been recovered by the officers in the past. The Fiji society is quite naïve in terms of drug use but slowly the addiction seems to be getting in to the society by the dealers. The peace—loving Fiji has no place for drug and the sentences imposed to the drug dealers should be taken as a heed by the prospective dealers. While the law enforcement officers are in place Fiji should find itself safe from the drug abuse but it also becomes the duty of every citizen of Fiji and even the former citizens of the country to safeguard Fiji from the deadly drug as the law enforcement officers can not be present everywhere.

Disclaimer—Fiji Today/Fiji Feature Fiji Today/Fiji Feature is the editor‘s review on the major happenings back in Fiji based on the information from , Fiji Times; Fiji Live, Fiji Sun; visitors to and from Fiji and other Fiji publications. These are editor‘s own views based on the information from those sources. The ‗perspectives‘ are the editor‘s/writers‘ views and opinion and any error/s and or misinterpretation are regretted and the editor / publisher is not responsible for any such error/s and or further discussions .The Publisher/Editor of India Fiji Today will not accept any LIABILITY, CRITICISM, ANNOYANCE or ADVERSE REACTION what so ever, to the contrary of its intention caused by any misinterpretation, miss-understanding or nonacceptance of the same.

Advertisements The claims made by the advertisers is entirely their own and the editor / publisher does not necessarily support or endorse these claims.


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t h g i l h g i H i j i F Popular Indian Actor in Fiji Film Shooting Bollywood film shooting seems to be on Fiji scenes in Bollywood films will obviincrease in Fiji locations. Recently a few ously bring Fiji in international limelight films have been shot in Fiji on various and should boost the tourism industry. locations. Reportedly a popular Indian Although Fiji was well known to India Actor Paresh Rawal is due to shoot in Bollywood film shootings somehow were Fiji this not held in month for Fiji. A movie ‗ number of Table 21. Indian artThe shootists have ing is bebeen visitlieved to ing Fiji be held in over the Suva, Nadi years but and Pacific Fiji was Harbor not well over a connected month‘s to Indian period. films as a Paresh shooting ll Rawal is a venue. A ea w a Nasese S iji popular long due Suva—F Bollywood Bollycomedian wood film who has shootings acted in many hit Indian films alongside seems to be taking place in Fiji now. Fimost leading actors and actresses. Apart ji‘s revenue will get a boost too with the from the comedy roles, he played characfilms that are being shot in Fiji these ter roles and the role of villain in many days. films.




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r India Featu

Volume 1, Issue 1

Presidential Race !!! India‘s presidential race seems to be on the move as a new president is to be elected this month. The struggle between the recent former Finance Minister Mr. Mukherji and former Speaker of Lok Sabha Mr. Sangma seems to be the center of focus for India. The President of India is first citizen of the country and the head of the state. Elections along party lines in India are House taken very seriously President’s ia by the citizens as a Delhi—ind lot depends about their livelihood by the election results. Although the President is elected by an electoral college the whole nation looks forward to the election of the new president. There have been twelve presidents serving India since 1950 when the position was first introduced. The following are the Presidents of India-Rajendra Prasad—1950 –1962; Savepali Radhakrishnan—1962 – 1967; Zakir Hussain—1967 – 1969; Verahagiri V. Giri— 1969 -1974; Fakhruddin A. Ahmed—1974 – 1977; Neelam S. Reddy—1977 - 1982, Giani Z. Singh—1982 – 1987, Ramaswamy Venkataraman—1987 – 1992; Shankar D. Sharma—1992– 1997; Kocheril R. Narayanan—1997– 2002; A.P.J. Abdul Kalam—2002 – 2007, Pratibha Patil—2007—2012.



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k c a b h s a l F i j i F Pictorial D.A.V. College Interact Club 1985 Annual Presentation This is a scene from the 1985 DAV College, Suva INTERACT CLUB Annual Presentation Day. INTERACT CLUB is the baby club of Rotary Club and only a few schools had the privilege of having the club set up at their schools in Fiji. The clubs were the foundation ground for service clubs and were set up at secondary schools worldwide. DAV INTERECT CLUB took many service and charitable projects around Suva and the surroundIn the picture Suva Rotary Club representative Mr. Chattar Pal (left) seen with Club ings. Many President. Also in the picture are Arun Maharaj—Teacher/Advisor; Club Vice President; Shereen Singh—Assistant Teacher/Advisor of the then student members are successful individuals living in Fiji and abroad today.


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A Look at Fiji’s Past Respect for Elders in their Communities ‗‗There was a time when children in Even the elders in some cases a community in Fiji would respect have changed so much that the the elders in youngthe commusters nity as they are not L A I R O T would their able to FIJI PIC parents and look upthe elders on would guide them. them as Comthey would munity their own based children.’’ living in The comFiji had Suva Point munity the joy based lifeof living style had together nothing but advantages that are as one large family. The warmth not seen these days particularly and protection it provided molded Suvaadults. Point here in America. The concept of children in to responsible nuclear and individual lifestyle has The satisfaction of being respectset in so much in some cases that ed by the children gave the elders it has distanced people from their confidence in their community very own.


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A PERSPECTIVE By Pt. Rajendra Maharaj Seaside California

“Love as Shown by Some Great Devotees”

ndra t. Raje



P The concept of true love of devotees towards the almighty has been discussed many times in many communities. When it comes to devotion Shavri Ji stands out among the Indian devotees. Shavri was an ordinary woman in ancient India who had the privilege of meeting Lord Rama through her ardent devotion. True love and devotion go hand in hand. It is only through true love we may be able to achieve peace and the blessings of the Lord. Shavri had been waiting for years to have a glimpse of Lord Rama and to serve him with sweet fruits upon his arrival to her home. She picked fruits everyday from her yard and tasted each one and threw away the sour and only kept the ones that were sweet. This is true devoted love which may not be easy to comprehend. Upon years of waiting one day Lord Rama arrived at Shavri’s hut home. She served him with the sweet fruits that she had already tasted but Lord Rama had no hesitation in eating the already tasted fruits. He only saw her true love and devotion and nothing else and ate the fruits with great pleasure. Devotion and true love can conquer greatest obstacles and barriers in our lives. Worshipping with true love for the almighty even for a short period can be rewarding as where there is no true dedication and love, even hours or even days of devotion may not be fruitful.



Star Profile


The Rise of Prachi Desai—BANI

Rising to stardom is not an ordi nary achievement. First seen in a popular t.v. serial Kasa m Se in 2008 she made her way to the Indian silver scre en and appeared in film Rock On. After the success of her debut film she was seen as a potential star. She we nt on to take on more films and appeared in Life Partn er and Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. Her three new releases due soon will undoubtedly put her among the leading heroines of Bollywood today. Prachi Desai will be seen Teri Meri Kahani; Bol Bachchan and I, Me aur M ain. In the three films due for release soon she will be seen with leading Bollywood stars Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan and Jo hn Abraham. From a humble beginning in t.v. serial at an early age she made her way to stardom in a short period. Source—





f o a r E n e ld o G e h T Indian Film Industry ra of Indian e — n e ld o g e th , and sixties ck and white la b The forties, fifties e th f o s s e c c the su t films that h g u ro Film Industry saw b d o ri e p r screen. This es and the evri to films on the silve s s it h it w s d ople‘s min ey back into the still haunt the pe rn u jo a e k ta e w hen ersonalities p t e e ergreen songs. W m e w ra e e ck and Whit , Dilip Kumar, d n Golden Era—Bla a n A v e D , tt u Guru D like Raj Kapoor, argis, Waheeda N , ri a m u K a n e e M others . They d Shammi Kapoor, n a la a b u h d a M thimala, the histoin e v li s y Rehman, Vijayan a lw a l il d artists who w the songs of t a th y are the celebrate jo d n a rk a a. The sp day even among to ry of Indian cinem t n le a v re p ll ti s then is e products of th re a the era provided s e ix m re eration. The the younger gen k and White era. c la B f o s g n o s n unforgotte rce— Sou


l e v a r T a i d In Sugar Cane Farming in Uttar Pradesh Being basically an agricultural country farms are seen in most parts of India. This is a flourishing cane farm along roadside in remote Uttar Pradesh—largest Indian state.

e Sugarcan



Farm in U

l e v a r T a i d In Chandigarh-Punjab and Hariyana Capital The city of Chandigarh houses the capital of Punjab and Hariyana states. The city with modern structure portrays a modern lifestyle. The picture below speaks about the lifestyle

lex in ing Comp p p o h S A


rh Chandiga

l e v a r T India Downtown Mumbai– The Film City The most populous city of India with a population of around twenty million it is one of the most populous cities of the world. The Film industry there makes it most popular city in India.


n Mumba Downtow


l e v a r T a i Ind Sri Guru Gobind Singh College The college in Chandigarh was a popular choice of Fiji students studying abroad during the seventies. A lot of students graduated from

olleg d Singh C in b o G Sri Guru



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Fiji Today

MAY- 2012

Justification for Murder of Children of Former Fijians

The sentencing of the alleged killer of the three children of a former Fiji couple in Brisbane Australia seems to have ended an almost a decade long murder case. The three children were allegedly killed in their home in Brisbane Australia in 2003. The thirty five years of jail term served to the killer is believed to be the longest sentence ever handed in Brisbane. The case obviously caught the attention of not only the Australians but the Fijians alike as it went on for a long period and the nature of the case. The Fiji community abroad obviously followed the case with interest as it must have affected everyone emotionally. The three young lives which were taken a decade ago seem to be mourned still today. 25

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Fiji Today

MAY- 2012

m il F n ia d In r fo s n io t a Fiji Loc Shootings on Increase

and utid e iz n g co re lly fu n e e b t o n Fiji has d films yet. o o w lly o B r fo n tio ca lo s a lized ooting sh f o s se ca d te la o is n e e b There have he recent T il. so iji F n o s m fil d o o w of Bolly odel rm e p u S — m fil d o o w lly o B a shooting of turing a a fe ka to a ig S in ch a e B la o at Natad may be a lik a M a n e e V ss re ct a i n a Pakist r film la u p o p a e m co e b to iji F r fo step ahead of another g tin o o sh e h T . n tio ca lo g shootin Neil r o ct a r la u p o p a g n ri tu a fe m Bollywood fil model– n io sh fa r la u p o p a ith w sh Nitin Muke Fiji to ber fo n tio a ic d in t a re g a is actress locag tin o o sh d o o w lly o B r la u p come a po Fiji soon in g tin o o sh l‘s a w a R sh re tion. Pa g shot in Fiji. in e b s m fil f o t lis e th to d d a will 27




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Fiji Today

MAY— 2012

n io s n e t x E t r o p ir A i r o s u a N . .. n io t a c lo e R s t n e id s e R

ld u o w rt o p ir A ri o s u a N f o The extension of ts n e id s re e th y b d e m o lc e definitely be w resiy rb a e n e m o s t u b le o h w Nausori as a m to e e s d a o R r e d e e F a m a is dents on V Nau. n o ti a c lo re e c fa y e th s a be alarmed rvicing e s n e e b s a h h ic h w rt sori airpo ional nag re e th d n a d n la k c u A flights to een in opb s a h ic if c a P th u o S e th tions in e identity th n e e b s a h It . rs a e y r fo eration e v re r jo a m a s a w rt o p ir a of Nausori. The ak e p s it g n ri u d ri o s u a N r nue earner fo ration e p o in a m ‘s ic if c a P ir A days when di. a N to g in v o m re fo e b re e was based th


Fiji Today

e h t n i e n e A Sc . . . y t i C a v u S l a t i Cap 30

Fiji Today

MAY- 2012

h t a O f o s r e n io s is m m o C and J.P.’s—Warning..e. rs of

ission Justice of Peace and Comm stice ju e th in le ro t n a rt o p im n a y Oath pla here in lic b u p ry ta o n e h T . iji F f o system arge a ch y e th t u b le ro r ila m si a ve a USA h in Fiji is e ic rv se e h T . e ic rv se ir e th r fee fo e by repuic rv se a s a d e rd a g re is it s a free ents. The m cu o d g in ify rt ce n o le p o e p le tab n e e b ve a h to m e se s e te new appoin rryca t u o b a e ic st Ju f ie h C e th warned by rity. ce n si ith w ty u d ry ta n lu vo ir e ing out th articp ll e w d e rv se e b to s d e e n lic The pub e areas ot m re in e liv o h w e os th ularly r justice e th o r o rs ye w la f o e ic rv se where officers are not available.



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