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This Issue is Dedicated to the Children and Staff of Sandy Hook Elementary Schoo Whose Lives were Cut Short in an Event Hard to Comprehend, in Late December. INDIA FIJI e to TODAY s Rout on itSalutes s u B A —India Shimlathose courageous teachers and staff of the school who gave up their lives in saving their students!!!

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Haridwar India

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Publisher/Editor—India Fiji Today Past Co-chairman California Business Advisory Council—Past National President Fiji Jaycees—California Jaycees Senator— Jaycees International Senator—Recipient of the American National Leadership Award— Invited to the US Presidential Dinner in Washington DC.—Represented Fiji in Jaycees World Congress in Japan 1986 Former Secretary of the Fiji Teachers Union Credit Union’—Former Director Nasinu Festival—Taught at Vunimono High School in Nausori Fiji—DAV College inSuva Fiji— Rishikul High School in Nasinu Fiji.

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Highlights People—Kristeen Prakash Former Miss Fiji USA Fiji Community in America— Christmas Celebrations!!! Perspective—Purity and Innocence of Children Fiji Flashback—Rishikul Sanatan College Orators—1990 India Feature—Cold in North India Indian Filom World The Legendary Comedians of Indian Cinema Fiji Highlight—Contracting of CWM Mortuary Fiji Today—Early Return to School for Fiji Teachers Destruction by Cyclone Evan 1

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Kristeen Prakash Former Miss Fiji USA A W E L L – W I S H E R O F I N D I A F I J I T O D AY Kristeen Prakash of Sacramento is a beauty pageant titleholder who won the 2010 Miss Fiji USA. Her hobbies include spending time with friends and dancing. Having taken part in many other beauty contests she made her way to the Miss Fiji USA crown.

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a c i r e m A n i y t i n u m m o C i j

Fi Christmas Celebrations in Fiji Community in America... Volume 1, Issue 1

‘Pictures Taken at a Private Christmas Party Held in Hayward, California USA on December 22, 2012’

Various Christmas parties were held within the Fiji community here in the San Francisco Bay Area and its suburbs, including Sacramento. Such gatherings are believed to have been held in Canada, Australia and New Zealand among the Fiji communities. Away from Fiji but the socializing spirit is still highly prevalent in the Fiji community here in America and abroad. Apart from the Christmas get - together New Year parties were also organized for the public by various organizations here in Bay Area. 5

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l E a i R r U o T t A i E d F e I J I F

Volume 1, Issue 1

a s a i ij F y b d e m o lc e 2013 W .. t. n e m y a P x a T s s e L f Year o India Fiji Today Publisher & Editor Arun Maharaj Hayward, California 510 : 875 0568 Sacramento Correspondent Kristeen Prakash Contributing Writer Jai P. Narayan Correspondents Mahesh Bharadwaj Delhi, India Indar Nair Sydney, Australia Subhash Chandra Auckland, New Zealand Indar Mudaliar Toronto, Canada

Tax reduction in Fiji’s new budget should provide lots of relief to majority working class people of Fiji. The budget formulated in November each year is an eagerly awaited government submission affecting majority residents of Fiji. The new tax threshold of $16,000 is a big jump in last five years. The new tax structure seems to have also provided incentive to foreign businesses who wish to make Fiji their business destination. By attracting foreign investors the country could have tremendous gains. More money in the pay packet means a better living standard for the people of Fiji.

Disclaimer—Fiji Today/Fiji Feature Fiji Today/Fiji Feature/Fiji Highlight is the editor’s review on the major happenings back in Fiji based on the information from ,online Fiji Times; Fiji Live, Fiji Sun; visitors to and from Fiji and other Fiji publications. These are editor’s own views based on the information from those sources. The ‘perspectives’ are the editor’s/writers’ views and opinion only and any error/s and or misinterpretation are regretted and the editor / publisher is not responsible for any such error/s and or further discussions .The Publisher/Editor of India Fiji Today will not accept any LIABILITY, CRITICISM, ANNOYANCE or ADVERSE REACTION what so ever, to the contrary of its intention caused by any misinterpretation, miss-understanding or non-acceptance of the same.

Advertisements The claims made by the advertisers are entirely their own and the editor / publisher does not necessarily support or endorse these claims.


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t h g i l h g i H i j i F

Contracting of Old Suva Mortuary‌

the Suva and its greater ng rvi se en be s ha ary rtu Mo l The CWM Hospita like to go all and a place many would not sm gh ou Th e. tim g lon a for as are but an important place for everyone when it came to death funeral and arrangements. Someovertimes crowded as it the serves Suva huge population but it still provided the venue for k ANZ Ban storing bodies i ij F Suva— in a respectable way. With the extension h of the new the sole Suva mortuary. Now wit to ef eli rer e giv did it l ita sp ho wing of the rvices may be extended by some se the tor ec dir l era fun a to for privatization . The renovation may provide ary rtu mo the of ers us the to fee charged 9


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A PERSPECTIVE Fiji Community in America and Abroad

By Arun Maharaj—Hayward California-USA

Purity and Innocence of Children...

In this world dominated by stress, jealousy, agony and unhappiness, the notion of purity and innocence of children can guide us through and make us come out of the quagmire of life. The children’s innocence towards life projects a highly noble message that can have tremenArun Maharaj dous positive effect on people’s lives. The children are taught to live, first by their parents and later the teachers teach them in schools but in return what the children teach the world is something worth pondering about. It is believed the element of innocence and purity is dominant in children up to the beginning of their teens and from there onwards the other qualities start dominating and the innocence quality starts to fade away but may not be completely lost. In this world divided along race, culture, sect and clan and even other divisions the concept of innocence of children can provide great relief to the suffering beings. They are ignorant of the quality of selfishness, jealousy, hatred etc and everything and everyone is alike to them, this is pure innocence. The peace they enjoy is probably the sweetest part of human life. The innocence quality does not die out in adults but is somewhat subdued and can be brought back to live again, changing their lives for good. It is accepted that as adults we have certain responsibilities to fulfill in order to live a successful life. These requirements or obligations of earning money, having other wants that have turned into needs today, will lead us to a successful practical life and happiness, which can many times be temporary. Only meeting these demands of life may allow us to live a life devoid of peace and it is peace that we are all longing for in life, many times even not knowingly.


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k c a b h s a l F i j i F Rishikul Sanatan College Oratory Team 1990!!! This picture was taken at Rishikul Sanatan College in Nasinu after winning the Nasinu zone Secondary Schools’ Oratory Contest organized by Nasinu Jaycees in 1990. The picture shows the Rishikul orators with Arun Maharaj (middle) teacher-incharge of school ‘oratory’—now the publisher of India Fiji Today. It is a long time now and the whereabouts of you former students is not known to me. I am optimistic you must be doing well in life today. Where ever you are I wish you success and request you to contact me if you happen to see this article. If you have old pictures that made news in the past and can be included in this column please forward them to me with a short note about the picture/s and they will be included in this column. You will be recognized by your name appearing with the picture.


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Fiji in Pictures Ba Municipal Market A site usually busy throughout the day with people buying and selling vegetables and food products. It is also a site for socializing and a central meeting place for many on daily basis.

A View of Walu Bay Suva Suva’s first and traditional industrial zone. Many factories and industrial businesses have been serving the city for decades.


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Cold in Northern India!!

low temperatures keep you comTraveling to India in Winter is generally nice as the ble for long distance traveling. Parfortable. The atmosphere seems highly fresh suita winter. This year’s winter does not ticularly the Northern India is really cool during It is believed many homeless people seem to be any where near comfortable in India. nights in Northern India are facliving on streets and makeshift shelters to spend their seen in decades as it leaves many ing harsh winter. Reportedly this cold has not been d e a d fighting the cold. Street f i r e s seem to the be only way keep to the street dwellers alive. The capital City New D e l h i along with other Utinter lhi in W Maharaj e D w Prae tar N y Arun taken b desh resiPicture d e n t s seem to be badly hit by the cold. ld-spell-deaths_n_2403494.html?utm_hp_ref=world Source—


a i d n I f o s n o i t a t S l l Hi

Volume 1, Issue2012 1 DECEMBER

Shimla—Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is a hill station in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It was also regard ed as the Summer capital of India. Situated at the foot of Himalyas the Hill Station city is highly magnificent at a height of around 19,000 feet. Snow fall makes it a site to wition Hill Stat aharaj — la im h M S run ken by A ness. DurPhoto ta ing summer people make a trip to the hi ll—station to cool off and get away from the hars h summer of India. Tourists and locals visit the site on regular basis. 18


The Legendary Comedians Who Have Not Been Replaced Comedy has been an integral part of Hindi cinema since its very2012 beginning. The films of yesterdays had a defined comedian in each of its movies. The film was not be complete without a comedian. While taking a journey back to the days of active single comedian days in Hindi films you will come across artists like, Bhagwan Dada who is well known for his film Albela. The next group of comedians who gave powerful comedy would be Agha, Johnny Walker, Sundar, Dhumal and Mohan Choti. Then came the Mehmood era which left an impact in the Indian cinema. He gave many hit performances including the all-time popular Padosan. Mehmood departure from active comedy created a vacuum in Hindi cinema. Johnny Lever along with Anupam Kher, Kader Khan and Shakti Kapoor kept the Indian cinema goers entertained during the eighties, nineties and leading up to even the twenty hundred period. Today the role of single comedians is not defined in the movies and other artists including the lead artists have taken up comedy. The replacement for comedians is not a practice in today’s films. The Indian film goers are indebted to the many comedians who kept the Indian audience thrilled during the past many decades.

United Voice of Bollywood Stars on Recent Delhi Rape… Indian Film stars make an impact on the lives of the Indians. A strong prestigious celebrity group’s voice is heard and heeded by people who take films as their major entertainment. It is heartening to note the concern raised by many Bollywood artists on the recent rape in New Delhi which eventually took the life of an innocent young girl who had a life ahead to live. The incident seems to have created nation wide outcry on the safety of women in the country.


l e v a r India T

A Dhaba in Punjab


l e v a r T India

A Site in Uttar Pradesh


l e v a r T India

Shimla Hill Station


l e v a r T a i Ind



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Fiji Feature... The Days of Community Based Living in Fiji… ‘‘There was a time when children in a community in Fiji would re-

spect the elders in the community as they would their parents and the elders would guide them as they would their own children.’’ The community based lifestyle had nothing but advantages that are not seen these days particularly here in America. The concept of nuclear and ini harf—Fij Suva W dividual lifestyle has set in so much in some cases that it has distanced people from their very own. Even the elders in some cases have changed so much that the youngsters are not able to look upon them. Community based living in Fiji had the joy of living together as one large family. The warmth and protection it provided molded children in to responsible adults. The satisfaction of being respected by the children gave the elders confidence in their community.


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Fiji Today g in n e t h ig L s k r o w e ir F a v u S l— a it p a C s i’ ij F f o

welcomed n e e b ve a h to s m e se 3 1 0 2 Year at y la p is d s rk o w e ir F y. a w d n by Fiji in a gra ert lb A , iji F d n a va u S f o rk a p the landmark out le p o e p t h g u ro b ve a h to s Park seem uva’s S r. a e Y w e N e th e m o lc e w together to at its n e e b ve a h to d ve lie e b is social life 2013. t e e m to t u o e m ca le p o e p peak as ing of sh la p S d n a s m ru d f o g tin a The be very new e f o g in n in g e b e th d e rk a m water und Suva. ro a s a re a l tia n e d si re e th in year ar for the ye s u ro e sp ro p a e b ld u o sh 2013 ke— ta re o m t e g ill w y e th s a Fiji people home pay. 27



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Fiji Today Circulation of New i ij F r o F s e t o N y c n e r r Cu

place for in e b to s m e e s e g n a h c Marked cy n e rr u c w e n r fo y a w s e Fiji as it mak ncy e rr u c e th g in s u n e e b s notes. Fiji ha ce of fa e th n o it ra rt o p ’s n e e u notes with Q pubre a e m a c e b it h g u o th n e the notes ev with w o N . s p u o c ry ta ili m 7 8 9 1 lic after the it will n o ti la u c ir c in s te o n y c n e rr the new cu h may ic h w s te o n y c n e rr u c f o k give a loo ple until o e p e th to n lie a ly te le p look com currency. k o lo w e n e th to d e s u t they ge cirin in a m re ill w r, e v e w o h The old notes re e h w s k n a b e th h c a re y e culation until th ew notes. n e th y b d e c la p re e b ill w they 29

Fiji Today s ’ n a v E e n o l c y C y t h The Mig i j i F f o s t r a P f o n o i Destruct

an e m o c e b e v a h g in d Cyclones and floo he T i. ij F r fo t n e v e n annual destructio ive s s e c x e m o fr g n ri e v country still reco ntry u o c e th f o s rt a p s u flooding in vario eved li e b is h ic h w e n lo c y was hit by ac c arts of P . ll a f o t s e ti h ig m e to have been th ly has d e rt o p re a k to u a L Yasawas and blowing e h T . d te c a p im been greatly of g in n e tt a fl d n a s e s u away of roofs of ho mon m o c a n e e b e v a h houses seems to d re a fe s a w t a th e n lo c site during the cy the most.


Fiji Today Early Return to School for . .. s a re A e n lo c y C in rs e h c Tea

elcomw a t no ly ite fin de is t or sh t cu Holidays rs located he ac te ’s iji F e. on y an r fo g in ing th have ly ed rt po re s ea ar t hi e on cl in the cy ols early ho sc e tiv ec sp re r ei th to rt po been re e th ng tti ge to d te la re ks or w e to assist in th ar. Fiji’s ye ol ho sc w ne e th r fo y ad re schools December n ee tw be is ay lid ho ol ho sc major ar is ye ol ho sc ’s ar ye is th d an y and Januar e lots of ar re he T . 21 y ar nu Ja on t to star rmal school no a r fo ed ar ep pr be to gs thin by the ed us ca es ag m da e th ith w year and obviously k or w of nt ou am e th e on cl cy recent arding bo in ly ar ul ic rt pa d se ea cr in must have schools. 31

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Fiji Today Air Pacific’s Name Changing to Fiji Airways y or st hi e m co be ay m fic ci Pa r Ai e m na e Th e when the airline officially changes its nam to to Fiji Airways. In a bid to promote Fiji the international travelers the name Fiji as r. sociated with the airline may sell bette e The name Air Pacific has been in us m since 1970 and saw the airline grow fro e domestic to international carrier. The nam rFiji Airways seems to be new but the ai line carried that since its inception in 1951 and continued with the name till 1970 when it changed to Air Pacific.


F I J I FA C T S Ceded to great Britain 1874 First lot of Indians Arrives in 1879 First Capital—Levuka Number of Islands—About 300 Gained Independence 1970 First Military Coup 1987 Prime Ministers of Fiji—Ratu Sir Mara–1970

–1987—Timoci Bavdra—1987—Sitiveni Rabu ka— 1987– 1999—Mahendra Chaudhary—19992000—Laisenia Qarase—2000-2006—Frank Ba inimarama—2006 to date

Capital—Suva Fiji’s Population—About 800,000


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