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Soccer Coach ‘Gurjit’ Takes Suva to IDC Victory…

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A Publication By Arun Maharaj Publisher’s Profile ARUN MAHARAJ HAYWARD CALIFORNIA USA Publisher/Editor—India Fiji Today Past Co-chairman California Business Advisory Council— Past National President Fiji Jaycees— California Jaycees Senator—Jaycees International SenatorRecipient of the American National Leadership Award— Invited to the US Presidential Dinner in Washington DC.— Former member of USA Fiji Festival Advisory Committee— araj Arun Mah Fiji delegate Jaycees Youth Voyage held in Japan 1983— Represented Fiji in Jaycees World Congress in Japan 1986Former Secretary of the ‘Fiji Teachers Union Credit Union’—Taught at Vunimono High School in Nausori Fiji—DAV College in Suva Fiji—Rishikul High School in Nasinu Fiji.

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People…. History Making Soccer Coach Gurjit Takes Suva to IDC Victory Against Ba... Twenty eight years of waiting for IDC victory ended for ‘Suva Soccer’ as magical coach Gurjit Singh led the team to victory in October this year. The IDC Tournament held in Ba had a gruesome conclusion but brought victory to the deserving Suva team. In an exclusive interview in Hayward CA—USA recently, with Arun Maharaj— ‘India Fiji Today’ editor, he disclosed his long and record making profile. Born in Ba Fiji Gurjit had his education at Khalsa College in Ba. Later he left for India and studied at the Chandigarh Government College and Punjab University and obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Social Science ; English and Physical Education. Upon his return to Fiji he taught at various high schools throughout Fiji. While publisher/ ia Fiji Today’ d ‘In ith w ) in Fiji his passion for soccer brought him lots ft —USA Gurjit Singh (le raj in Hayward California of glory. While teaching at Rishikul Sanaha a editor Arun M tan College in Nasinu as the HOD in recently… Physical Education in 1997 he coached the Rishikul soccer team which won the secondary schools’ championship in the Fiji IDC. He has a long list of achievement in soccer coaching while in Fiji, some of which are: Coached under 19 schools team 1979—2002 —Led Nasinu to BOG final against Nadroga in 1989—Coached Tailevu Naitasiri which won the IDC Premier division and got promoted to A division in 1993—Coached Nasinu again and led the team to IDC final in 1996—Coached Nadi and led the team to IDC victory after 21 years in 1998, the team again won the IDC in 1999—For the third time in a row Nadi went to the IDC final but this time lost to Ba in 2000—In 2002 coached Nasinu to Fiji Fact final against Lautoka and he migrated to USA soon after that. Gurjit worked at the Sunset High School in Hayward for a short while in 2002 and went into Real Estate business. In 2007 he coached a local South Bay Soccer team to victory in the North American Cup in Canada, their first win in 21 years. After staying the USA for a few years he returned to Fiji in 2007 for an assignment with Nadi and led the team to BOG and IDC finals. In 2008 he coached Navua team which won the Fiji Fact and again in 2009 he led the team to a back to back victory in Fiji Fact. In the same year Navua for the first time won the IDC under his coaching. In 2011 he coached Labasa to IDC victory after 17 years. This year Gurjit took on the capital city team Suva to IDC victory against Ba in their home ground, breaking a 28 year loss record for Suva. Earlier in the year he led Suva to the Fiji Fact victory breaking a 17 year impasse. In 2011 he briefly coached the Fiji Team to South Pacific Games. Gurjit is currently coaching the Suva Team.


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a c i r e m A n i y t i n u m m o C i j


Volume 1, Issue 1

Suva Coach Gurjit Recieves Warm Welcome at Home in America...

h His W ife

Gurjit W it

Gurjit W ith

Suva Soccer Coach Gurjit received warm welcome from his family, relatives and friends after his return from Suva’s IDC victory, to his home in Hayward California USA. He was also recognized for his achievement by FANA during the Fiji Idol held in Hayward on November 17. Gurjit returned to Suva for his coaching assignment after his short stay in the USA.

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His Relativ


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l E a i R r U o T t A i E d F e I J I F Tax Reduction in Fiji Budget for 2013...

Volume 1, Issue 1

India Fiji Today Publisher & Editor Arun Maharaj Hayward, California 510 : 875 0568 Sacramento Correspondent Kristeen Prakash Contributing Writer Jai P. Narayan Correspondents Mahesh Bharadwaj Delhi, India Indar Nair Sydney, Australia Subhash Chandra Auckland, New Zealand Indar Mudaliar Toronto, Canada

Tax reduction in Fiji’s new budget should provide lots of relief to majority working class people of Fiji. The budget formulated in November each year is an eagerly awaited government submission affecting majority residents of Fiji. The new tax threshold of $16,000 is a big jump in last five years. The new tax structure seems to have also provided incentive to foreign businesses who wish to make Fiji their business destination. By attracting foreign investors the country could have tremendous gains. More money in the pay packet means a better living standard for the people of Fiji.

Disclaimer—Fiji Today/Fiji Feature Fiji Today/Fiji Feature/Fiji Highlight is the editor’s review on the major happenings back in Fiji based on the information from ,online Fiji Times; Fiji Live, Fiji Sun; visitors to and from Fiji and other Fiji publications. These are editor’s own views based on the information from those sources. The ‘perspectives’ are the editor’s/writers’ views and opinion only and any error/s and or misinterpretation are regretted and the editor / publisher is not responsible for any such error/s and or further discussions .The Publisher/Editor of India Fiji Today will not accept any LIABILITY, CRITICISM, ANNOYANCE or ADVERSE REACTION what so ever, to the contrary of its intention caused by any misinterpretation, miss-understanding or non-acceptance of the same.

Advertisements The claims made by the advertisers are entirely their own and the editor / publisher does not necessarily support or endorse these claims.


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t h g i l h g i H i j i F Pay Rise for Fiji’s Civil . .. r a e Y w e N in s t n a v r Se le fie which should benefit the peop

Fiji’s new tax structur rvants are all se il civ e th r fo se ea cr in y pa e nancially and th of si gn s prosperity for the people of Fiji in IAL 2013. There FIJI PICTOR were times when workers in Fiji did enjoy not such benewall sese Sea a N in of s fit iji Suva—F crease pay and less tax payment. The generis a sign of the le op pe its s rd wa to t en m rn ve osity of the go its citizens. Fiji of re lfa we e th r fo n er nc co government’s e past and may the peoth in g rin ffe su of e ar sh its d ha has 9


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Fiji Community in Are We Looking and for Physical America Abroad By Arun Maharaj—Hayward California—USA

Happiness, Comfort or Mental Happiness, Peace in Life?

We live in a life of competition, to better our lives, in terms of practical point of view, something that will give us physical satisfaction. This is a common characteristic of human beings to look for physical satisfaction but whether this gives peace to us is a concept that is generally ignored. Being practical in this competitive world is acceptable as this will lead us to achieve our goals in life, that will provide us immense satisfaction with wealth, fame and whatever but the happiness may be limited to material things only. Material acquisition is sometimes temporary even though you may have to spend your life acquiring it. As migrants our thoughts, may have unintentionally, changed over things, particularly relationships, as we may be looking at life from a practical point of view as we try to blend with a lifestyle which may be completely alien to some of us. In doing so we may become practical only and this may affect our relationships with whom we were close to, back in our former home. Peace is attained by having positive emotion which is a rare quality found in us, some have more and some have less. Even by being practical in our daily lives we can always have some emotions connected with it. Positive emotion is an ingredient of a happy life! Back in our former homes, we may have been more emotional as we looked at things from a different perspective. It is generally believed that things that are material are not the real things, they will not get us closer to peace but may give us temporary happiness because we can physically see the objects. Peace is something that can only be felt within us and can not be seen and can never be bought like material things!!!


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k c a b h s a l F i j i F Pictorial

‘Nasinu Jaycees’ WELCOME TO NASINU

Sign Board—1978 This picture was taken during the installation of the first Welcome to Nasinu sign board at Nasinu eight miles. One of the first projects of Nasinu Jaycees the sign board created an awareness of the newly founded service and leadership organization in Nasinu. Nasinu Jaycees later went on to become a popular youth organization in Nasinu

In the picture the members of NASINU JAYCEES are seen with the sign board. In the center is late Rajendra Mishra– a founder and the then secretary of NASINU JAYCEES


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. . . i j i F f o s e i r o Mem Taking a Journey Back to the

Productive Cane Farms in Fiji . That Have Become History Todaary.. cane in-

y. Fiji’s sug Fiji’s once many prosperous cane farms lie idle toda its was a phenomedustry during its peak days was not just an industry, y it was the livelihood non. While it contributed towards Fiji’s major econom e farming industry. All of of many in Fiji, whose life revolved around the can the production of cane the west and most of the north was fully involved in me earner. A lot of the and the country depended on it as its major inco out of their daily hard farmers did not physically see a lot of money coming depended on it as their work, many times in scorching heat, but they still the goods and services sole income source. A lot of cash was traded with p keepers in the sugar they needed during the year for their living. The sho the farmers throughout cane region made fortunes by providing goods to n the cane payments the year on credit system and obtained cash whe were made to the farmers. r related activities carApart from the actual farming there were lots of othe of socialization such ried out on around the cane fields. There was lots ther and that providas having tea, lunch and even grog sessions toge to the farmers. It gave ed a sense of belongingness and togetherness rent from the lives in Fithem a community of their own which was far diffe they would narrate ji’s urban areas. If the cane farms could speak y of these, Today man Suva Point many memorable events that took place there. bush and have beonce prosperous farms are lying idle covered with come history.


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A Look at Nasinu Today

population, stretching from Nasinu Nasinu, Fiji’s most recent town houses Fiji’s huge iously, Nasinu boundary was up to four miles bridge to Nasinu nine miles bridge. Prev of capital city Suva as its buburb. Nasinu ten miles. Nasinu lived under the shadow ership organization in the late sevThe formation of Nasinu Jaycees, a voluntary lead identity. In the early eighties the setenties gave a signal for the future of Nasinu’s own in Valelevu gave added attention to ting up of the Housing Authority headquarters ic amenities such as police station; Nasinu as a prospective town on Fiji. Soon the publ e the town is situated today. Later a post office and hospital was set up on the site wher factories and industries were set up large commercial area was set up there and many there too. Nasinu Football Association and the Nasinu Festival were later added to Nasinu’s glory. Today Nasinu is a town of Fiji, housing Fiji’s largest population comprised of people from various parts of Fiji who have made Nasinu their home today. The original residents inu ent in Nas of Nasinu are not A Settlem good in seen numbers there today as they have were instrumental in Nasinu’s develleft for abroad, over the years. Most people who Jaycees; Nasinu Football Assoopment through Nasinu Advisory Council; Nasinu tions are no longer there today to ciation and other voluntary and social organiza dream come true as Nasinu beenjoy the benefits of their hard work and to see their


a i d n I f o s n o i t a t S l l Hi

Volume 1, Issue2012 1 DECEMBER


Masoori is a hill station in th e state of Uttarkhand. It is close to the st ate capital of Dehradun in Northern India. Situ ated at the foot of Himalyas the Hill Station city is highly magnificent at a height of around 6, 000 feet. Snow fall makes it a site to witness. During summer people make a trip to the hill— station to cool off and get away Masoori from the A Site at the Foot of harsh summer of India. Tourists and lo cals visit the site on regular basis. 18


The Film Stars Who Died in their Early Age 2012

Death knows no age boundary and no discrimination between celebrities and common people. Listed below are some Indian Film stars who succumbed to death in her early age!!! Superstar Rajesh Khanna died at 69 years this year. India’s legendary showman Raj Kapoor died at 64 years in 1988 and Nargis died at 52 years in 1981 while romantic film maker Feroz Khan passed away at 69 years in 2009. One time most gorgeous and seductive actress Parveen Babi died at 56 years in 2005. Vijay Arora died at 63 in 2007 while Sanjeev Kumar died at 47 years in 1985. Smita Patil died at 31 years in her prime acting period in 1986 while Meena Kumari and Madhubala left this world at 39 years and 36 years respectively. Geeta Dutt died at 42 years in 1972 and Guru Dutt her husband died at 39 years in 1964 while Geeta Bali died at 35 years in 1965. The youngest of all Divya Bharti died at 19 years in 1993.

source—wikipedia Star Information Legendary Singer Mohammed Rafi Died at age 55 in 1980 19

l e v a r India T Bihar—The Remote Eastern State of India

Driving Along ar the Interior of Bih

This is a scene in the interior of Bihar. The state is the third largest in terms of population. Holy river Ganges flows from the middle of the state. There is significant agricultural production of guava, mango, pineapple, cauliflower and cabbage along with some other vegetables. 20

l e v a r India T Qutub Minar—Tallest Tower in India Situated in Delhi the monument is highly fascinating. Costructed in 1192 the tower is the highest in India. Visited by tourists from around the world Qutub Minar is a famous tower in the world and a major attraction of India. Info. Source-http:// en.wikipedia.orgwikiQutb _Minar


l e v a r T India Shimla—The Hill Station City

n s Seen O Buliding in Shimla Hill Tops

At a height of around eight thousand feet the city enjoys magnificent view. Snow fall makes it a sight to see. People flock from around India and abroad to enjoy the summer there which is quite cooler from other parts of India. 22

l e v a r T a i Ind Mumbai—India’s Commercial capital


nM Downtow India

Mumbai previously known as Bombay is a highly prosperous city of India. It has major businesses based there. With a population of around 20 million in an area of about 230 Square miles the city is the most populous in India and one of the most populous cities in the world.


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Fiji Today Fiji Among the Top Travel Destinations...stina-

Fiji being ranked third best holiday de tions in the world is an achievement earned by the country. Fiji seems to be enjoying the honor and reputation as a friendly place to visit. The third ranking is believed to come after USA being second and Norway being the first according to a travel site. Fiji has enjoyed good tourism in the past and it seems the glory days are coming back. Some of the resorts in Fiji are world class and its natural beauty with the tropical climate and scenery with rich vegetation adds to the glamour of the surrounding. Tourism industry may have a direct benefit from this rating as tourist influx should be experienced in Fiji after this rating.


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Fiji Today y a M y a d li o H ’s n e e u Q 3 1 0 2 m o r f y r o t is H e b in Fiji may not see the

Year 2013 calendars holiday. l na tio na a as ay hd irt B Queen’s en omitted be s ha ay lid ho ic bl pu e th y Reportedl iji which will F in s ay lid ho ic bl pu of t lis from the used to be re he T . ar ye xt ne rm fo ne stand at ni years ago. w fe a iji F in s ay lid ho ic bl thirteen pu holiday in or aj m a en be s ha ay hd irt Queen’s B ing republic m co be ’s iji F . en ue Q e th g Fiji honorin rning ties ve go l al e ok br 87 19 of s up after the co ned in the ai m re it gh ou th al n ai rit B with Great lth does ea w on m m co in ng ei B . lth commonwea Britain. by ed rn ve go is y tr un co e not mean th ing ties rn ve go l al ks ea br it ic bl pu Once it is re incur a s ay lid ho ic bl pu d ve lie be is with Britain. It and the ity un m m co ss ne si bu e th lot of loss to country at large. 27




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Fiji Today s l’ o o h c S h ig H l a r u AR . .. n io t a r b le e C d n -E r Yea - end

ual year n n a s l’ o o h c S h ig H u v Baule ievement in ch a its t u o b a ks a e sp n celebratio nally the o iti d ra T . ri so u a N r a e n a the rural are called is it s a y, n o m re ce ’ g in iv annual ‘prize g al function in u n n a t n a rt o p im st o m e th in Fiji, is hool popsc ll a sm a ith W r. a d n le ca the school allengch ng o am d e iv rv su ol ho ulation the sc hool sc e h T . ls o o h sc r e g ig b ers from other dents with u st d re d n u h e re th t u o b a comprises Seven rm o F g n vi a H . rs e ch a twenty five te ndco se r io n se a to th w ro g classes shows its asses was cl n ve e S rm o F lly a iti In l. ary schoo as it was iji F in ls o o h sc d e ct le se introduced to quive e rs u co l o o h sc h ig h st o regarded as a p n course. tio da un fo ity rs ve ni U to nt le a 29

Fiji Today BA Municipal Market


Fiji Today a u v a T to u o v ro o K r fo x a T o N s e s s e in s u B l ra u lt u c ri g Zone A t heard

ive no nt ce in ss ne si bu d an g in rm fa A ality bere a be to s em se st pa e th much in ne. The Fiji zo a vu Ta d an ou ov or K n twee rming fa e th ith w al de e iv at cr lu t’s governmen reasonaite qu s em se ry st du in iry da e and th rmfa in s or st ve in w ne e th d ve ble. It is belie empex x ta ve ha ill w ne zo e th in ry ing indust ose setting th le hi w s ar ye n— ee irt th r fo tion ar tax ye — ty en tw a ve ha ill w s rm up dairy fa ing about br ld ou sh e iv nt ce in s hi T break. agin h ric is ch hi w ea ar e th in s new investor ing and rm fa r fo e at im cl od go ith w riculture idle massith w ea ar ly ne lo he T . ks or w dairy ing on go es iti tiv ac e m so e se ay m es of land there in near future.


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Fiji Today A View of Walu Bay Suva


F I J I FA C T S Ceded to great Britain 1874 First lot of Indians Arrives in 1879 First Capital—Levuka Number of Islands—About 300 Gained Independence 1970 First Military Coup 1987 Prime Ministers of Fiji—Ratu Sir Mara–1970

–1987—Timoci Bavdra—1987—Sitiveni Rabu ka— 1987– 1999—Mahendra Chaudhary—19992000—Laisenia Qarase—2000-2006—Frank Ba inimarama—2006 to date

Capital—Suva Fiji’s Population—About 800,000


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