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Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


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HaRMONEY- The HR and Finance Week……………………………..…………….…….4 a. Alumni Speakers……………………………………………………….…………………………..……….….….5 b. Other Speakers: Panel Discussion……………………………………………………………………8


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Campus Buzz

a. Mahindra War Room…………………………………………………………………………………………….10

b. Independence Day – Cultural Program…………………………….……………………………….10 c. Sahyog…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….11 d. League Of Titans : Spincarnation.……………………………………………..………..…………..12 e. Press Tease………………………………………………………………………………………………....…………13 V.

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Through An Exchange Student’s Hourglass...………………………………….…………….17


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Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


From The Chairperson’s Desk Month of August has kept everybody busy with classes gaining momentum and various other student activities. The first event organised by Alumni Committee in FY 2011-2012 has been HaRMONEY, The HR and Finance Week. This event was special as it was very successfully organised by the new team of Alcom students under the tutorship of the second year student mentors. This time all efforts were made to engage a larger number of executives from the corporate and we were delighted to have eight alumni who gave lectures, judged events like quiz and simulation game, and shared their experiences in HR & Finance domains. Enthusiasm of the 1991 Batch was effusive in “Bees Saal Baad” celebration. We were touched when they told us about the highly spirited get-together on 21 August and later sent us some photographs of the event; not to miss the poem! Just to have our silent presence amidst them Alcom momento was sent to the rejoicing group. Wishing them more fun and joy in their life and also wishing everyone Good Luck.

Dr. Seeta Gupta "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."

-Robert Brault

Chairperson Alumni Relationship Committee

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


HaRMONEY The HR and Finance Week The first event organized by Alcom in the session 2011-12 was HaRMONEY, from August 18th to August 23rd. Both the students and the alumni took active part in it and displayed great enthusiasm. The week started with an HR and Finance quiz on the 18th of August, hosted in association with the IMT Quizzing Committee. Students turned up in good numbers for the two rounds. The different stages of the quiz struck a balance between both fun and knowledge.

Throughout the week there were many guest lectures delivered by our esteemed alumni, a debate, a case study challenge and a panel discussion. They took out Debate winners with Mr. Nitin Khanna

time for the students of their Alma mater and shared

their valuable insights on a variety of subjects relating to Human Resources and Finance. On 20th August the alumni guests who came for guest lectures and panel discussion gathered together with the chairperson of the Alumni Relationship Committee and placement chairperson for tea. The alumni interacted with each other and also shared their valuable knowledge and experience with the students. The Alumni Relationship Committee also hosted the “Stock Market Simulation�, in association with Finniche (the Finance club of IMT), as the concluding event of HaRMONEY. It was an online stock market trading competition which tested the participants on their






spontaneity to changing market situations. All the teams were on their toes while they competed with their friends to 'ride the bull'. There was a huge turnout for the event and the week ended on an exciting, high note. Alumni having high tea

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


Alumni Speakers Ms. Shamli Paliwal Ms. Shamli Paliwal was the topper of 1989 PGDBM batch. She is currently the Chief Manager (Finance) in ONGC looking after centralized procurement activities of ONGC. Ms. Paliwal was the first guest lecturer for the week and she spoke to the students about Infrastructure Finance from the public sector perspective on August 19th. She spoke about the Project Finance for the ONGC Tripura Power Plant, giving a detailed insight into each aspect of funding for the huge project. With over 22 years of multifaceted experience in Energy sector in raising resources, business process re-engineering, project management, corporate finance, commercial, business development and joint ventures, Ms. Paliwal helped the students understand how the corporate scenario changed over the post liberalization era. The students learned about a number of financing options and the different approaches to Project Finance.

Mr. Ramit Gupta Mr. Ramit Gupta, class of 2000, is presently working as General Manager in Strategy and Transformation in IBM Global Business Services. He discussed the topic ‘Organization and People in Meeting Strategic Objectives’ on August 19th. Before joining IBM, he had worked in Avalon Consulting for 10 years. He acknowledged the fact that these days, it is rare to find people sticking to a particular organization for 10 years. One of the main concerns he expressed was the lack of quality middle and upper level managers required to take the organization forward. Until and unless this issue is addressed, the business will not be able to reach the next level. He, being a Member of the Placement Committee, recalled the many sleepless nights he had spent working towards improving the brand IMT.

Mr. Anurag Jain Mr. Anurag Jain, currently HR Head at B.A. Continuum India Pvt. Ltd (which is the non-banking subsidiary of the Bank of America) visited the campus on 20th August, 2011 as the youngest guest lecturer during HaRMONEY. He passed out of IMT in 2008 with a PGDM degree in Finance, and delivered a lecture on Compensation Management and Benefit Strategies, his area of expertise. Mr. Jain talked to the students at length about the HR structure in an organisation, and introduced the students to the function of Compensation Management. The lecture provided an insight on the subject for the first year students in the audience, and was of particular value to the HR students there. For the


Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

same reason, it saw a lot of people actively interacting, and asking questions about the lecturer’s role at his workplace, range of job profiles available, and particularly his choice of switching streams midcareer. He was very patient with all their queries, and encouraged questions after each slide on the subject. As such, the lecture struck a balance between theoretical knowledge on the discipline, as well as practical insights from his work experience at B.A. Continuum. The students got to learn a lot, and also got a very different perspective on the HR function in any organization.

Mr. Sharad Jain Mr. Sharad Jain, class of 1998, is currently working with GE Energy Financial Services as the Vice President leading the origin of the structured finance team focusing on the energy sector. He delivered a guest lecture on ‘Infrastructure Finance’ focusing on the power sector, on August 20th. He explained how critical infrastructure finance is to the economy, also drawing a comparison between project finance and corporate finance. Mr. Jain has more than 15 years of experience in financing and development of large infrastructure projects primarily in the power sector. He has been in the industry since 1992, which marked the beginning of the liberalization era and thus has an extensive knowledge in the infrastructure sector. Relating the theory with his corporate experience he made the session very enlightening for the students.

Mr. Nitin Khanna The week was livened up with a highly charged debate competition on August 20th. The Debate was held in a fresh format, with each team consisting of three members; one speaking against the topic, one for the topic and one member raising questions to the speakers of other teams. The event was judged by Mr. Nitin Khanna, CEO, Aantrishti Human Development Solutions Ltd. He also provided the students with a topic that took an interesting perspective at the most discussed issue in India today. “Zero Corruption is Anti-Development and an Impractical Goal” was the topic and the students came up with intriguing new ways to understand the issue the country is facing today.


Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

Mr. Kausik Chatterjee Mr. Kausik Chatterjee, an esteemed alumnus of IMT Ghaziabad from the class of 2002 graced the Finance-HR week “HaRMONEY” with a guest lecture on “HR effectiveness and Balance Scorecard”, on August 22nd. Mr. Chatterjee is currently working with the Samtel Group as the regional manager HR, NCR region. He is highly engaged with academia and visits reputed colleges such as IMT Ghaziabad, MDI Gurgaon, BITs and Amity Noida as a guest faculty. The guest lecture was interactive and Mr. Chatterjee engaged his audience very well by talking about balancing scorecards and their significance in the corporate world. What fascinated the students was the fact that he drew a synergy between the balance scorecard in a real corporate scenario and how students can incorporate the same in their own lives to manage their times and aspirations better. The lecture was very relevant to the concerns of the students with the demanding B-School curriculum and the pressures of student life.

Mr. Arshdeep Khurana Event: Case Study Challenge Mr. Arshdeep Khurana, Founder. Job Vision Consultants passed out of IMT Ghaziabad in 2010, and he was the youngest alumnus we engaged with, in the course of HaRMONEY: the HR and Finance Week. Besides being a panelist on Saturday, we also collaborated with him for the Case Study Challenge, on August 22


under which we invited student teams to compete for a case study analysis, to be judged by Mr.

Khurana. Mr. Khurana gave us the case study, based on real incidents from his life, and contributed with great deal of insights on the particular situation described in the case. The case was based on ‘Mergers and Acquisitions’, and gave the students a chance to test their skills in the field of employee management and takeover issues. Mr. Khurana was very impressed with the hard work and dedication that all the teams displayed, with the short time they had available. The winning team showed perfect time management and displayed team work and clear communication. Mr. Khurana also shared his own insights on the case, and gave us many tips on college life and placement processes.

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


Other Speakers: Panel Discussion Panelists: Mr. V Natarajan : Vice President & Zone Head – HR, Tata AIG Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Mr. Sumit Mohan Saxena : Deputy Director - Enterprise Sales, Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd. Mr. Prashant Joshi : CEO, Mind Power Consulting. Mr. Kirit Goyal : Founder Director, Gazelle Information Technologies Mr. Arshdeep Khurana : Founder, Job Vision Consultants

‘Beyond Pay – Effective Strategies For Tomorrow’ was the topic for panel discussion on 20th August. Various factors which are important to an individual in any organization were first discussed, eg. Salaries (compensation), recognition, respect, work culture etc. The panelists gave the students practical insights as to how an employer looks for an employee who shows real passion for work, rather than one who complains. Employee engagement was highlighted as a very important tool. Mr. Natarajan gave the example of his company engaging senior management by involving them in corporate golf tournaments wherein the managers got more time to know each other personally as well as professionally. He also drew an analogy between a goal oriented team and a chariot with five horses. The chariot will move effectively and faster only when all the five horses think in the same direction







emphasised that the goals of an employee should be aligned with the goals of the organisation. It was a very interactive session. The students questioned the panelists on how to select a sector for working; to which the panelists urged them to take certain calculated risks. The students also queried them on whether to continue with a

Speakers of the Panel Discussion

company working on low culture radar or not. The panelists suggested holding on to a company when the whole industry is in turmoil rather than switching jobs, and making efforts to improve the work culture. But, if the company’s culture does not improve even when the industry stabilises, then one should find a better organisation to work for. Towards the end, the students were shown the Gallup Employee Satisfaction Survey by Mr. Sumit Mohan Saxena. The emphasis was that the research done by Gallup strongly supports that engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, safer and more likely to withstand temptations to leave.

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


"Bees Saal Baad" IMT 1991 Batch Get together


Alumni from the 91 batch

Getting ready to groove!

“Aaj Bees Saal ke Baad, Laut aayi IMT ki har Yaad. Woh hawa mein chali goli, woh keechad ki holi. Woh amphi ki party, Woh mess ki chapati. Girls hostel ki 'Scanty Dress', Kisne kya pehna, uspe hamaara guess. Jab humne pee thi desi daaru, Juniors ka lagana brush se jhaadu.

Alumni dancing

Raat bhar khelna patti teen, Subah Ko jaana Verma ki canteen. Padh bhi lete thay, jab milta tha waqt, Yaaron Zindagi tab thi khoob mast. Aaj Bees Saal ke Baad, Laut aayi IMT ki har Yaad.”

-Sandeep Garg The discussion to organize a get together

Nothing better than meeting old friends


marking twenty years of passing out started many months back. Finally Vineet, Mamta and Indi took the lead to organize the party appropriately named "Bees Saal Baad". On


August 21 (Sunday), 35 of the batch mates met and had a blast of a time. It was partying IMT style....non-stop dancing, laughing and catching up with each other.... Vineet & Mamta – in the organisers shoes

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


Campus Buzz Mahindra War Room Living up to the hype and anticipation created around it, the Mahindra War Room was greeted with great enthusiasm in the IMT









Amphitheatre. The War Room is India’s largest and most loved business school event which started in 2008. Traditionally, India’s top 17 Business Schools participate in the war room and IMT Ghaziabad takes great pride in being one of them. In this contest the leaders from different Mahindra business sectors share the strategic business issues that they would like the budding managers from these business schools to respond to. These issues are then framed into sector caselets and form the starting point of the contest. The contest is then launched across the top 17 B-Schools. This year will mark the 4th edition of this prestigious and coveted event in which IMT Ghaziabad has always made its presence felt. The national final round is attended and judged by Mr. Anand Mahindra and the Group Executive Board comprising the very same leaders who share the strategic issues. In this daylong event the 17 teams compete with each other, present their strategy and persuade the Group Executive Board on the merits of their approach. The team that emerges as winner is designated as The War Room Hero and is presented with the “Brahmastra” modeled on the ancient Indian weapon, which is conferred upon those with supreme focus, concentration and skill. This year’s War room has been named “The Rise of Arjuna” and looking at the enthusiasm and passion in the students to prove their mettle, there could not have been a better name.

Independence Day - Cultural Program India’s Independence Day was commemorated at IMT Ghaziabad campus last Monday, 15th August, 2011. India completed sixty four glorious years of Independence this year.

Flag hoisting at IMT

The day started with the traditional flag hoisting by our Director Dr. Bibek Banerjee. Among those present included the Dean Dr. Suresh Bedi, Dr Shalini Tiwari and Dr Kausik Datta. After the National Anthem, the Director addressed the gathering. In his address, Dr. Banerjee spoke about the Prime Minister’s Independence Day Speech delivered from the Red Fort earlier that day. He declared that all of us have a shared responsibility to ensure that India breaks free from the shackles of corruption, disharmony and apathy which can limit our freedom.


Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

This was followed by a cultural program organized by the Cultural Committee of IMT Ghaziabad. The cultural performances touched the chords of patriotism and brought back the memories of freedom struggle. "Vande Matram" and Tagore's "Anando Loke" reinstated the unity of India. Children of some of the blue-collar workers gave a heart-warming dance performance on their favourite tunes. The program ended with the promise that 15th August is not a holiday, but a day of pledge towards the idea of INDIA. Director, Dr. Banerjee addressing the students

Sahyog Sahyog, a MADF (Make A Difference Foundation) initiative is an event where the students and faculty of IMT-Ghaziabad come together to donate clothes to the needy, thereby sharing some much-needed warmth. This year on the 15th of August, the tradition laid down by MADF was continued with panache. With generous assistance from the students, faculty and volunteers, we were able to collect, pack and distribute 1200+ clothes, winter-wear, bed sheets, towels and toys to the less fortunate. Director, Dr. Banerjee distributing clothes to the needy

The director, Dr. Bibek Banerjee, set the ball rolling, by initiating the act of kindness on behalf of IMT. Also lending

their valuable time and efforts were Mr. B. C. Bahuguna, Mr. Kaushik Datta, Ms. Shalini R. Tiwari and Mr. S.K. Goel. In addition, IMT alumni and erstwhile members of MADF, Vandana Singh and Shaurya Nigam were also present. The MADF team visited the areas in the vicinity of the campus, to distribute coupons and invite the needy. The labourers working inside the campus and the blue-collar employees were also included in the initiative. The overwhelming response left everyone speechless. This is exemplified by some people who brought the coupons securely wrapped in plastic covers, which showed how precious a pair of clothes is in their eyes. The smiles on their faces and the glow of content in their eyes was an instant and lasting reward for all the hard effort that Team MADF put in for this event. The scale of Sahyog continues to increase every year. The generosity on the part of the IMT-G fraternity helped everyone realize the true meaning of “Sahyog” – Cooperation.

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


League Of Titans: Spincarnation After “Smashathon”, the first intra IMT sports event, the Sports Committee of IMT Ghaziabad followed up with another exciting event “Spincarnation” – an Intra






tournament comprised singles matches for men and women, men’s doubles and mixed doubles. Great skill, technique and grit were on display as the teams fought the battles on the table and off it as well. Large crowd turned up to support their teams and raised the excitement by a couple of notches.

Players in action during a match

The first match between Abhishek and Vivek set the tone for the tournament with immense display of power and skills. There were a number of nail-biters throughout






audience value for their time. The betting station – a virtual betting website created by the sports committee was another added feature of the tournament which saw students betting virtual money on their favourite teams. The virtual betting station

The finals were played between two teams of first year. The eagerly awaited clash did not disappoint the huge crowd. Section C of first year finally emerged as winners and Sambhav Jain from the winning







tournament” award.

Crowd cheering for their favourite team

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


PRESS-TEASE Press-Tease, the introductory event of Corporate Communications and Media Relations Committee (CCMRC), IMT Ghaziabad, was a runaway success with more than 50 teams registering for the event. The event consisted of 3 rounds in which, in the first round, participants had to use their social networking skills to find some





campus. 15 teams made it to the second round wherein they were given a cryptic code to rack their brains. Only the worthy top 9 teams went to the final round which was a mock press conference round. The 18 participants of the 9 teams (9 X 2) were split into 6 teams of 3 to

Participants facing a press conference during the event

bring them out of their comfort zones. They were then given topics ranging from the debacle of the Indian cricket team during the recent English tour to the Government’s stand on Lok Pal Bill which they had to defend in front of an entire press team. It was a highly charged atmosphere as questions were being fired from left, right and centre. Emotions ran high as the participants passionately defended their stance. In the end, it was sound logic that prevailed. The winners and the runners-up were given cash prizes along with certificates for all the finalists. The entire event was covered by the media.

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


Q and Alumnus Mr. Sharad Jain is

A. MBA was important right from the day one



because I wanted to change my field. MBA for

alumnus of IMT

me was not a career enhancer but a career



mover kind of thing. Finance was something

the class of 1998.

that always puzzled me and made me anxious

He has more than

to know about it. So I was always determined to



do an MBA. I joined MBA in 1996 and in 1997


there was a financial crisis as a result of which


not many finance companies turned up for


placements. The profiles that were offered by

large infrastructure projects primarily in the

the finance companies that came were that of

power sector. Mr. Jain is currently working with

finance plus marketing. But I always wanted to

GE Energy Financial Services as the Vice

go into core finance and which I ultimately did.

President leading the origin of the structured

So yes, an MBA has helped me a lot in shaping

finance team focusing on the energy sector. He

up my career.


experience financing development

came down to the campus to deliver a lecture on Infrastructure Finance and hence the students got a chance to interact with him.

Q. You've been in the industry for almost two decades, working across four big organisations and in different capacities so what has been

Q. What were your most cherished moments in

your most important learning in the corporate



A. We enjoyed our life here, at IMT. There were

A. The most important learning for me would be

quite a few special moments. One amongst them

that we need to be on our toes all the time. This

was when I was out of campus for some time

means all mangers should have a very sharp

and the results for the first semester were

learning curve. For succeeding in the corporate

declared. When I came back everyone was

world we need to think ahead of others. We

congratulating me and then I got to know that I

should have a long term perspective of things.

had secured second position in the whole batch

As a manager we must have the decision

which I had never expected. To take it further I

making ability, and even if we take a wrong

cherish the fact that I was the gold medallist in

decision it is an opportunity to learn, a process

IMT. Apart from academics, “Passion� the

that makes us better.

management and cultural fest was something very special to me when we used to stay awake the whole night with the roar around not wanting to miss any part of it. Q. It is said that more than the MBA degree, it is the course that creates an impact, so how important has an MBA been for your career?

Q. Some change you would suggest in IMT to better suit the requirements of the business world? A. MBA is more like being the jack of all trades where you get to know about operations, marketing, finance etc. So an MBA gives you a

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


global perspective. I am not sure whether

hence more focus on corporate interactions

anything needs to be changed in terms of the

could be a great learning for the students.

curriculum but certainly there should be more and more industrial interactions so that the students can learn from the experience of people

Q. Any specific advice for the present students of IMT?

already in the industry. I did my MBA after

A. This present batch is good and the students

having some corporate experience but for

were very interactive. I don’t have anything



specific to say but one advice would be to make

experience; corporate interactions can be very

the most of these two years of MBA. The

helpful. You learn when you practice something,

students here at IMT have a lot of calibre, they

and what can be a better way to learn a thing

just need to put that extra effort to compete with

from the people who are already doing it and

the top B schools and I am sure they have that







Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

Alum Quotes “My two years at IMT made me realise the fact that not being from an Ivy League business school did not necessarily mean that I was not good enough; it just meant that I have to try harder and work smarter. These are the traits that have become second nature to me and have proved to be very rewarding throughout my career which spans more than a decade. I wish all IMTians even more success.”

- Robinder Singh

“Something people don’t know about me is that I have made it to the IBM ‘Band 10’ in the shortest possible time of 9 years of work experience and globally the fastest to do so. I am also the youngest Associate Partner with minimum experience. I believe that this is not an achievement; however this accomplishment is because of the drive to be the best that I learnt in IMT.”

- Gautam DS Bardoloi

“IMT encourages new ways to think — and opens up the mind to the creative and competitive challenges of the future. It builds a high performance culture essential to strategic success. The focus is equally on content as well as process — nurturing a remarkable learning environment for a highly rewarding experience.”

“At IMT, the interaction with industry at all levels is unparalleled. This level of interaction enables a confident and smooth student-to-manager transition. The skills learnt are not just in Finance or Marketing but also more importantly on issues like group tasking and crisis management.”

- Anjali Kumar

- Atul Chand

“IMT inculcates entrepreneurial skills which are a requirement for all in today’s competitive scenario, both for a salaried executive and an entrepreneur”.

- Asheet Makhija

“IMT is an excellent place to explore new and different career paths and find a job that makes you want to jumpout of the bed in the morning. You also receive an unbelievable amount of support from faculty, classmates and alumni. The opportunity for personal growth is one of the most enduring benefits of coming to IMT.” - Anil Sarin

Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2


Through an Exchange Students’ Hourglass

"Studying at IMT was a great experience. I learned a lot about India and her rich culture and made some good friends. The students were really nice and made my stay unforgettable. Furthermore, the lectures had a high energy level and were very interesting. The campus is wonderful and provides everything the students require" -Jürgen Wachter, EXCHANGE STUDENT 2010

"IMT Ghaziabad offers a stimulating environment which really enhanced my experience. I spent 7 months at the IMT campus and I had the feeling










campus is fine, green and quiet and it’s a wonderful experience!" -Olivié Peti , EXCHANGE STUDENT 2010

"Namaste IMT! My name is Clémence and I'm from the exchange program of 2010. An experience in India is, in itself, extraordinary and my experience at IMT surely met my expectancies! I had the chance of discovering a beautiful country, following real interesting classes - especially Rural marketing, which was my favourite subject - and, above all, IMT gave me the opportunity to meet extremely enriching people, whom I made friends with. If I had only a few words to tell you, I would clearly say: GO FOR IT! If I had the chance of doing it again, I would do it 10 times!" - Clémence Kilné Metz, EXCHANGE STUDENT 2010


Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

Campus Shots


Sampark Volume 5 Issue 2

Photograph Of The Month By: Akshat Chaudhari


Compiled By: The Sampark Team Alumni Relationship Committee IMT Ghaziabad

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IMT G Alumni - Sampark_volume5_Issue2. A Finance and HR week Special

IMT G Alumni - Sampark_volume5_Issue2  

IMT G Alumni - Sampark_volume5_Issue2. A Finance and HR week Special