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SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1


SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1




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SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 From The Chairperson’s Desk Dear IMTian, It‘s a new academic year at IMT, so wish you a very Happy New Year! The participants you had selected during admission process, have come on board. As I have been informing you over last few months that IMT is changing very fast to make and implement such innovations in management education, that are going to change the way management is taught in this Dr Nilanjan Chattopadhyay


The new batch started their journey with an online pre-foundation module, comprising of the fundamentals of mathematics, statistics, spread-sheet, accounting, leadership and communication. This was a brave innovation in Indian management education scenario. I am happy to inform you that the participants were in all appreciation of how this module benefited them in setting the right base towards building their management career. I am proud to tell you that technology partner of IMT for this project was Forespake Technologies, a firm promoted by 2005 batch IMTian Mr Arunashish Ghosh. IMTians were seen in action again during the 12 day Foundation module on campus for the new batch. The inspiration they instilled in the fresh IMTians will go a long way in shaping their careers. On behalf of IMT and on my personal behalf let me thank each one of you for the support you extended whenever we asked for anything. The junior Alumni relationship team has taken over the office. They will get in touch with you with the various initiatives planned for the year. I request you to tolerate them, guide them, so that they can perform at their best to create a prefect 'win-win' case for both you and your Alma mater. Wishing you all the very best.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 In the Loving Memory of‌

Heavy are our hearts today, Memory brings you back once more To the time when you were with us, To the happy days of yore.

VISHIT J AIN Vishit Jain, a beloved son and a true friend passed away on the June 20, 2012. A native of Jabalpur, he graduated from IMT in the year 2012. As the chief secretary of the Student Affairs and Welfare Council, he stayed awake many a night to ensure others could sleep in peace. Solider he was and a true leader as well. Always ready to help when and where ever possible, he will forever remain in the hearts of not only his friends and family, but in the heart of IMT itself. He leaves a void that shall never be filled and his memories will be forever cherished. May his soul rest in peace.

ANANT DHANANIA We deeply mourn the loss of our alumnus Anant Dhanania. He completed CA after graduating in the year 2010. He was a resident of Kolkata and started working there before moving to Gurgaon. His friends remember him as a person who was full of life, very hard working and extremely helpful. He was passionate about Skating, lawn tennis and badminton. He actively participated in the sporting events held in college. Anant was quite adventurous and drove his bike all the way from Ghaziabad to Mussourie. He is survived by his parents and his younger sister. His memories will be cherished forever. May his soul rest in peace.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1

Campus Buzz The First Impression After working for a few years, one becomes oblivious. All the tough situations have been faced and enthusiasm levels have been dropped. The same goes for the 90% of the batch of 2012-14. There was neither nervousness, nor excitement when they entered the IMT premises. But that was soon about to change. ―Back to School‖ – That was the basic idea everyone had in their head. This was a program called ―MBA‖. The importance of memorizing imposed by a

school was

replaced by the essentiality of being able to apply the existing knowledge in MBA. In the school, learning was the thing to do. Here in a B-School, the students are introduced to a whole different concept – ―Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn‖. The immaturity of hostel life in a graduation school was left far behind. People now threw lesser tantrums and took more responsibility. With all the talent under one roof, ego clashes were bound to happen. What happened though was completely alien to all. Everyone wanted to learn and interact as much as possible. The competition was no longer among the participants. A B-School and especially IMT, is a team, competing in the Corporate Arena. More encouraging was the fact that the Guest lecturers were not only the leaders of the corporate world, but also the Alumni of IMT itself. The path ahead was not easy, but the rewards to be attained were quite visible. Before this journey started, most of the people in the new batch had to answer the tough question – ―Earn Money, or Learn more?‖. At the end of the day, the first impression of IMT changed that difficult question into a very simple one with an obvious answer - Learn and Grow.


SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1

The Foundation Module

As the saying goes—―A building is only as


strong as its foundation‖. This year IMT

commencement of the second phase of the

introduced a novel idea for its curriculum for

foundation module. With hopes as high as the

the batch of 2012-14. It was aptly named –

sky the new batch comprising the country‘s


best minds wandered into the library, their











conducted in two phases.

classroom for the coming two weeks. The

The first phase - the Pre foundation module

module kicked off on a highly promising note.

was a first of its kind initiative with an aim to

It was inaugurated by,

metamorphose the traditional approach to

Mr. Debashis Das during his guest lecture

Director Bibek Banerjee inaugurating the Foundation Course

teaching. It was a completely online module

Mr. Ramanamurthy, (Vice President, HR at

made available to the students two weeks

Coca Cola) who delivered a very inspiring



speech narrating his own life experiences

incorporated audio visual aids to supplement

and motivating the students to always



believe in themselves. He infused their

analyse their performance by way of quizzes

minds with the motto of: ―I, You, We and

and exercise. The idea behind this module,

Extended We‖ urging them to think beyond

designed and developed indigenously by the

their own individual selves.








faculty, was to provide the students an opportunity to mentally adapt and prepare

The students , over the span of two weeks,

themselves for the course curriculum at their


own pace. This was indeed a unique and fun-

esteemed guests like Dr. Aquil Busrai, CEO

filled learning experience for the new batch.

of Aquil Busrai Consulting and Mr. Rajeev






Verma, CEO, HT Media Limited.


SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1






Nilanjan Chattopadhayay, in his inaugural

Mother Dairy who is also an alumnus of IMT

address, each course would now focus on

of the Batch of 1996 spoke at length about


marketing strategies quoting from his own

Breadth-India Depth‘ encouraging students

career experiences. Another alumni speaker

to develop a broader perspective about

was Mr. Gaurav Jain (Batch of 2000),

business scenarios.






CEO, Spring leaf Retail Ltd. who spoke about his entrepreneurial

venture, Mast

Amidst all the classes and guest lectures,

Mr. Gaurav Jain Yes+ Satsang







experience for the students. Another radical aspect of the extended 12day foundation module was the idea of providing a four-pronged approach to the curriculum emphasising on the four pillarsPerspectives,Periods,Personal Development and Processes. Also, as mentioned by Dr.

the secret to face stress and gain spiritual balance as well was imparted through the immensely popular Art Of Living YES+ program which culminated with a grand finale performance




Satvik Heights. It was a befitting end to the foundation week and the beginning of the journey for the leaders of tomorrow.


SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 SPORTS NIGHT Outside IMT, Sports is just a part of life; inside, it‘s a way of Life. The Sports Night, an official ice breaker saw once again the seniors and the juniors come together and share their passion and enthusiasm for the sport. First up was the football match where the seniors in red and juniors in white took the field with a good crowd cheering both teams. The match began at a high tempo with the senior team dominating possession and stringing



reminiscent of the tiki-taka. But

the junior team held their own and thwarted whatever was thrown at them. As time passed, the junior team grew in confidence, having a couple of attempts at goal. But then near the end of the first half a deflected shot from distance gave

During the football match (top); After the basketball match (bottom)

the senior team the lead. The second half saw the junior team change strategy and go on the offensive, only to leave gaps at the back for the senior team to fully exploit. Another three goals and the match finally ended with the senior team winning 4-0. Next up was basketball match where during the first half the juniors had a hard time holding onto the ball. However, slowly and steadily they clawed their way back. Midway through the second half the juniors were trailing by 2 points. The match suddenly came alive with juniors and seniors cheering for their respective teams with great pomp and gusto. The teams were locked in an engrossing contest. In the end the seniors proved to be a handful for the juniors and took the match away from them. However, both the teams played in good spirit displaying great skill, strength and stamina. The day began with the distinction of seniors and juniors but by the end of it they were all friends with the same passion and enthusiasm for the game and the determination to take forward the legacy that was passed on to the juniors.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 Alum in News

Mr. Gaurav Jain, Founder CEO of Spring Leaf Retail













entrepreneurial venture- Mast Kalandar, a North



quick After




chain B.E.



MNREC Allahabad and an MBA from IMT Ghaziabad, he landed a comfortable corporate job as a business development manager at Planetasia in Bangalore. He subsequently moved to Wipro in 2003.

Mr. Gaurav Jain at one of his Mast Kalandar outlets

It was while working for Wipro that he was forced to eat outside on a regular basis, something which he did not enjoy mostly because of the quality of food and the cost. In this problem he saw an opportunity of a decent, simple, hygienic and affordable food joint. Fortunately for him, he got an assignment for which he had to work with Australian food chains. This gave him the exposure and the knowledge he needed to turn his idea into a reality and he decided to name it ‗Mast Kalandar‘. He was not alone as his wife Pallavi, also an alumnus from IMT, decided to join him and finally in February 2006 they opened the first outlet of Mast Kalandar in Bangalore. As he mentioned in his lecture at IMT Ghaziabad, they had to look at every aspect right from the menu to the pricing and the sourcing of ingredients. While doing all this the parameters they kept in mind were hygiene, affordability and of course sustainability of the business. As of today, Mast Kalandar has a projected annual turnover of 50 crores and has 600 employees. It has 35 outlets in four cities -- Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. Mr. Gaurav Jain is now an inspiration to many others who wish to be entrepreneurs and move out of their corporate jobs. He also likes reading, photography and traveling. We wish him all the luck with his venture and hope that it soars to greater heights.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 Q and Alumnus Mr. Kabir Singh

mainly learn how to deal with people and

Kocchar is an

if you work before doing an MBA the

alumnus of IMT

benefits are manifold.

Ghaziabad from the class of

Q. What was your most important

2008.He is

goal when you were pursuing MBA

currently working

here at IMT?

as the Senior

Mr.Kabir Singh Kocchar

Manager for Business Development and

A. Well, I think it was never really planned

Marketing at IMG World-wide which is a

for me. It was just about doing it. I took

global sports, fashion and media business.

my CAT without studying (laughs).I scored

He has also worked at HSBC as the

decently and I came here. So, while I was

Relationship Manager for SME. Here is an

here, I thought that I should do a good

excerpt from the interaction:

job, learn a lot and get good grades.

Q. What were your most cherished moments in IMT?

great bunch of people, many of whom I am still in touch with. Personally, for me, the best moment was winning Chakravyuh the







Sportsperson, it was a big honour for me. Q. It is said that more than the MBA degree, it is the course that creates an impact, so how important has an MBA been for your career? A.





should be made compulsory instead of mandatory unless someone wants to start own

I realised that I am a more



in a job which helped me build on those skills. Q. So, you’ve been associated with the





management. Can you tell us what your





been so far? A. There are a couple of things that I have learnt—one






important and the other is networking. In one should

definitely work before doing an MBA. It



people oriented person and I wanted to be

A.I enjoyed my life at IMT. I got to meet a


Eventually it was about getting a good



because MBA is a professional degree. You








relationships. Also, it is essential to have a good work-life balance. It is crucial that you spare time for doing something that you like- it could be watching a movie, reading a book or chilling with friends.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1

Q. Do you suggest any change in IMT? A. Firstly, my advice is to get in touch with alternative




batch at IMT?


A. Yeah, just have a really good time

happening outside the campus and what

(smiles). Because after that, life becomes

are the good industries coming up. For

very different. I personally suggest all of

example, there is


a huge


Q. Any specific advice for the current










people from different cultures and learn


new languages. That is a very big asset.

endeavour to promote entrepreneur ship.

Moreover, when you travel and you meet

If somebody is interested he or she should

people outside, and observe how they do

be groomed well.

business you learn

opportunity Secondly,

in I

Ecommerce feel


right IMT

a lot more. So, my

advice is - have a blast and make the most







SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 INTRODUCING NEW TEAM OF JUNIOR ALUMNI RELATIONSHIP COMMITTEE 2012-2014 Aakanksha Sharma Graduation: B.E. (Bio-Medical) 2008 Work Experience: TCS - 3.8 Years Being in ALCOM: Just started, looks interesting and challenging. It's an added advantage to have a great team.

Abbott Udayveer: Graduation: B.Sc. 2008 Work Experience: Reliance Communications:1 year, CL Educate Ltd :2 years. Being in ALCOM: The selection process was not easy. It took us 8 rounds to finally make it to Alcom. That itself hints that the job is challenging and there is lots in store for us in the coming years.

Abhishek Ghosh: Graduation: BE- Mechanical Engineering 2010 Work Experience: Essar Steel LTD-1 year, Ercom Engineer PVT LTD- 1 year Being in ALCOM:

It feels great, after going through the rigorous selection

process and finally making it here! Looking forward to working towards taking ALCOM to new heights.

Aditi Gupta: Graduation: B.Tech (Electrical) 2008 Work Experience: Areva T&D India Ltd. 3 Years Being in ALCOM: The best committee to work with – A great opportunity to learn, interact and grow.

Inderjeet Singh Graduation: B.E. (Bio-Medical) 2008 Work Experience: Cognizant Technologies Solution 2.4 Years Being in ALCOM: I fondly remember those 8 i n d u c t i o n interview rounds. But now comes the responsibility and time to work and go an extra mile to maintain the "relationships" with the esteemed Alumni of IMT.

Kiran Rao Graduation: Bachelors of Business Administration Work Experience: Market Track, LLC – 1 year Being in ALCOM: It's a privilege to be in Alcom. This will also give me a chance to interact with people with practical experience.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1

Nidhi Trivedi Graduation: B.Tech (ECE) from UPTU Work Experience: TCS – 2 Years Being in ALCOM: one word "AWESOME"

Sameer Doda: Graduation: B.Tech - Electronics and Communication Work Experience: The Royal Bank of Scotland - 2 Years Being in ALCOM: Being in Alcom gives me a sense of achievement. I have a great team to work with and all of us are passionate about Alcom. I look forward to utilizing this opportunity to the fullest to nurture the relationship.

Sanchit Nagpal: Graduation: B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering), 2009 Work Experience: Barclays Bank - 1 yr; Capgemini - 2 yrs Being in ALCOM:

Being a part of the most prestigious committee after a 8-

round Ivy League-ish selection process is a definite high! Has fostered in me a sense of responsibility towards the college and it feels good that I'm going take back something more than just academics from IMT.

Sneha Kumar: Graduation: B.Tech (ECE) Work Experience: Infosys – 4 Years Being in ALCOM: It gives me a great feeling of achievement to be a part of ALCOM. I am positive that being here would help me push myself further to innovate, multitask and build relationships for a lifetime.

Tanvi Baranwal: Graduation: B.Tech (Electronics and Communication), 2009 Work Experience: Nokia Siemens Networks Pvt. Ltd. 2.5 Years Being in ALCOM: The best experience for me at IMT till date has been going through the eight rigorous rounds of ALCOM selection and the excitement, anticipations. It which has been an insight into the responsibilities and the challenges which await the Junior Alcom team.

Tavneet Kaur Sawhney Graduation: B.E. (Computer Science) 2009 Work Experience: Ernst and Young 1.5 Years Being in ALCOM: Amazing team and a lot to learn from the peers and seniors. With a sense of achievement looking forward to being an ALCOMer.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1 Toshaali Ghosh: Graduation: BE (EEE) Work Experience: TCS - 2.5 Years Being in ALCOM: It feels wonderful to be a part of Alcom and I look forward to doing my bit to reconnect with our alumni.

Vidisha Sharma: Graduation: B.E. (Computer Science) 2009 Work Experience: TCS – 2 Years DuPont – 0.6 Years Being in ALCOM: Inspired by Mr. Debashis Das, I look forward to contribute in making IMT a brand. I truly believe that IMTians are the brightest of them all! Honored to be part of ALCOM and looking forward to interact with the Alumni.

Yaminy Sharma Graduation: B.E. (Chemical) Being



Being a part of Alumni Relationship Committee is a

wonderful feeling. Having expended my days and nights to getting into Alcom and now that I'm finally here has all been a matter of quick transition for me. Now my eyes are set out to the future looking forward to rightly establishing the 'relationship' part.


The introduction will be incomplete without mentioning the backbone of ALCOM – Mr. Gaurav Malik. Mr. Malik leads day to day functioning of all the Alumni related activities. He is committed to all administrative and financial needs of the committee, acts as an supreme source and as support system between the college administration & the alumni base and above all gives direction to the budding student members of the Committee. As the committee enters a new year, we would like to thank Mr. Malik for his guidance, help and support.



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1



SAMPARK – Volume 6 Issue 1

Compiled By: The Sampark Team Alumni Relationship Committee IMT Ghaziabad

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Sampark Volume 6 Issue 1  

Sampark Volume 6 Issue 1 - IMT Ghaziabad alumni newsletter

Sampark Volume 6 Issue 1  

Sampark Volume 6 Issue 1 - IMT Ghaziabad alumni newsletter