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Tweet, Tweet Shahrukh Khan Having kids changes the meaning of makes the clouds readable, and the sky touchable and words I could never say, speakable.

Mindy Kaling Sometimes it seems like I’m yelling at someone but I’m really just yelling at the ether.

Tulsi Gabbard Marriage issue will divide communities as long as gov’t involved—gov’t shld remove itself, let ppl live their lives

Vinod Khosla

Kal Penn

Sonia Faleiro

A gate agent at Dulles Airport is repeatedly announcing the boarding of a flight to “PissBurg.”

Don’t listen to VCs, most don’t know s--t http://bit. ly/17RemH2

Go out to lunch or get back into bed and spoon sleeping dog?

Anupam Kher Playing an honest man on screen is as exhausting as being an honest person in real life.:)

Aasif Mandvi Watch me teach Anthony #Weiner what to do with a Mango Lassi. Tonight on @ TheDailyShow on @ComedyCentral

Chetan Bhagat Truly secular people never have to bring up the fact that they are secular.

May 2013

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Perfectly Done Kalpana Mohan, September 2013 Naked Yogis and Toe Socks Mimm Patterson, February 2013 March Against Monsanto Chris Kanthan, May 2013

July 2013 May 2013 Graph Search: Tagore:100 Years after On a Quest Nobel Prize

Nov 2013 Ro Khanna

Most Popular IC Recipes Satsivi Berbere (Ethiopian Spice Mix) Ye Misir Wot (Spicy Ethiopian Lentils) Baghara Baingan Hyderabadi Biryani Green Gazpacho Cucumber Margarita


Fan Club Ro Khanna Thanks to @IndiaCurrents for this thoughtful piece about my candidacy for #CA17: http://www.indiacurrents. com/articles/2013/11/01/ro-khannarunning-start-campaign-silicon-valley …

July 2013

Cover Stories that Hit Home

Kareena Kapoor Being a bride is like a dream come true for every girl. It was like a fairytale for me. Everything felt magical.

Amitabh Bachchan ... embarrassing moment for celebrity: raising hand to acknowledge a wave from passer by, and discovering its not for you !!

June 2013

Chitra Divakaruni @IndiaCurrents Interesting essay on Tagore’s contemporary reputation. articles/2013/07/01/100-years-afternobel-prize …

Eloquently Said... Just as I began reading your July 2013 issue, I put on the kettle for “tea” like Sarita Sarvate (Tea, India Currents, July 2013), called out to my husband, “I’ll have three sugars with that, please” like Kalpana Mohan (I’ll Have Three Sugars With That, Please, India Currents, July 2013), then went into the den and managed to find a spot to sit on “the accursed couch” like Lakshmi Palecanda (The Accursed Couch, India Currents, July 2013) to read your always interesting magazine. Congratulations on starting up in Washington, D.C. A. Sharma, West Covina, CA

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