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Consulate General of India, Vancouver

Vol. 01, Issue No. 16 December 22, 2017.

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Vol. 01, Issue. 16, December 22, 2017.

Consulate News Welcome lunch in Honor of Indian Consul General Smt Abhilasha Joshi by Chetna Association of Canada A welcome lunch for Indian Consul General Smt Abhilasha Joshi hosted by the Chetna Association of Canada in her honor on Monday December 18, 2017 at the Diamond Alumni Center at SFU Burnaby Mountain Campus. Smt Joshi appreciated the welcome lunch along with Dr. Samir Gandesha, Director, Institute for Humanities at SFU; Dr. Paul Crow, Department of Humanities; Moninder Lalli, Liaison Librarian; and Sobhana Jaya Madhavan, Associate Vice President, External Relations; various members of Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha (Vancouver), Indian Buddhist Society, and Ambedkarite International Coordination Society. Smt Joshi paid tributes to Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar on his 61st death anniversary by garlanding his bronze bust at WAC Bennett Library. She also interacted with faculty members, students, and members of Chetna Association and other organizations.

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Vol. 01, Issue. 16, December 22, 2017.

Namaste Canada 2017 Team Get Together Friday, 15 December 2017 Associations interested in partnering with the Consulate for Namaste Canada 2018 may please forward their requests to

BHEL tender for BOS Supply, Installation and Commissioning and Operation and Maintenance for 5.04MW (AC) HPPCL SPV Project BHEL has published an advertisement in newspaper on 06.12.2017 inviting two-part bid for "BOS Supply, Installation and Commissioning and Operation and Maintenance for 5.04MW (AC) HPPCL SPV Project. Tender document is available at BHEL website link (uploaded on 06.12.2017): Request for Quotation No: ANKBOS0014; RFQ Due Date: 27.12.2017 BHEL contact email ID: BHEL contact no: 080-26989637 2|P a g e

Vol. 01, Issue. 16, December 22, 2017.

BHEL tender for "Supply & Commissioning of Fiber plate Ni-Cd Type Batteries for UPS & 24V DC charger to Ennore (2x660 MW) project (Tender Ref: SBA0000297) BHEL has floated open tender for "Supply & Commissioning of Fiber plate Ni-Cd Type Batteries for UPS & 24V DC charger to Ennore (2x660 MW) project (Tender Ref: SBA0000297)". Please visit any one of the following websites to download the tender Documents and other details.

Government of Madhya Pradesh is organizing ‘Friends of Madhya Pradesh Conclave’, at Hotel Marriott, Indore from 3rd to 4th January 2018. Details of the Conclave are attached. The aim of this conclave is to invite people of Indian origin, especially with roots from Madhya Pradesh and those who are interested in developing relationship with the State of Madhya Pradesh, to hold deliberations on the vision and the way forward for 'Friends of MP' and how this initiative can fuel socio-economic growth in the State. Details of the conclave can be seen from its website: The registration can be done from

Laghu Udyog Bharati (LUB) and MSME Department, Govt. of Rajasthan, India jointly organizing IIF 2018 and it’s their great pleasure and honors to invite SME ENTREPRENEURS OF CANADA to join International pavilion & showcase opportunities for Indian MSME’s business owners & Investors at the 5th edition of India Industrial Fair, 2018; the Official Exhibition & Conference run under the patronage of LUB and MSME department, Government of Rajasthan. 2. India Industrial Fair is one of the largest industrial trade show in Rajasthan. IIF offers participating companies unique, never before platform to exhibit products & services. In Rajasthan after the resounding success of IIF 2014 & IIF 2015 at jodhpur (Rajasthan), IIF 2016 at Jaipur (Rajasthan) and IIF 2017 at Rajkot (Gujrat), Laghu Udyog Bharati has decided to organize its fifth edition of India Industrial Fair IIF 2018 at the JECC, Sitapura, Jaipur (Rajasthan). 3. IIF 2018 is organized by Department of Industries (Govt. of Rajasthan) and Laghu Udyog Bharti. Department of Industries promote small scale industries and marketing of their products. The Department also promotes handicraft & handloom products, encourages production of salt and caters to the welfare of the artisans, also registers those Small-Scale Industries (SSI) units which are functioning under various schemes of the Government of India. Laghu Udyog Bharati is a 23 years old National level organization dedicated to serve micro and small industries of the country. Please visit for more information.

News from India 1. Foreign funds flock to Indian markets with over $30 billion inflows in 2017 Foreign investors are flocking to the Indian capital markets in a big way with a net inflow of over USD 30 billion (more than Rs 2 lakh crore) of so-called 'hot money' in 2017, with equities alone getting over USD 8 billion -- an amount bigger than the cumulative investment of the previous two years. As the year draws to a close, the Indian stock market seems to have regained its status as one of the most favored destinations for foreign portfolio investors (FPIs)…………… 3|P a g e

Vol. 01, Issue. 16, December 22, 2017.

2. Naval submarine INS Kalvari is a Prime Example of "Make in India" Hailing the naval submarine built with Indian technology and expertise, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, commended the strength INS Kalvari will add to the Indian Navy. He reaffirmed India's commitment to safeguard its global, strategic and economic interests in the Indian Ocean and to play the role of "first responder" for its partner countries. 3. Three reasons why UN believes India can grow at 8% for next 20 years After a report by United Nations predicted that India’s economy is likely to expand by 7.2 per cent in 2018 and go up further to 7.4 per cent in the following year, a senior UN official said that India can grow at 8% for the next 20 years. Last week, a UN report said, “The outlook for India remains largely positive, underpinned by robust private consumption and public investment as well as ongoing structural reforms.” ....... (Financial Express, Mon, 18 Dec, 12:51pm)

4. Indian scientists find new use for plastic waste; develop low cost material used to decontaminate water Recycling is the only option to handle plastic waste at present. Now Indian scientists have found a new use for plastic waste for decontamination of water. Dr Premanjali Rai and Dr Kunwar P. Singh from Environmental Chemistry Division, CSIR - Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, Lucknow have used plastic waste to develop a low - cost magnetically responsive adsorbent material which can be used to remove an antibiotic cephalexin from water. The indiscriminate burning of plastic results in emission of deadly gases and carcinogens into the environment. Dumping them in landfills results in leaching of toxins into ground and surface water resources. Now scientists have formulated an effective strategy of upcycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) waste into a functional material to mitigate another critical environmental problem -the emerging levels of antibiotics in water........... (Vaishali Lavekar, First Post, Fri, 15 Dec, 03:12pm)

5. 10 years after first moon probe, India readies Chandrayaan-2 for early next year A decade after India's maiden lunar odyssey in 2008, India will launch another lunar expedition in early 2018 by sending a lander and a rover to explore the Moon to unravel its origin and present conditions. The second Moon mission—Chandrayaan-2—is an advanced version of the previous Chandrayaan-1 mission. It consists of an orbiter, lander and rover configuration. The orbiter with scientific payloads will orbit around the moon. The lander will soft-land on the Moon at a specified site and deploy the rover. The scientific payloads onboard the orbiter, lander and rover are expected to perform mineralogical and elemental studies of the lunar surface........... (Economic Times, Sun, 17 Dec, 09:50am)

6. IIT-Kgp turns onion skin into electricity A novel research by scientists at IIT-Kharagpur has shown the way to generate electricity from onion peel. Eateries saddled with bags of the waste product can now turn them into a power source - the skin of a single onion can light up 12 green LEDs........ (Times of India, Sun, 17 Dec, 09:55am)

7. Remembering the women who helped shape India’s constitution The contributions and role of the women who helped draft the constitution of free India was front and centre last week at the release of the Centre for Women’s Development Studies’ 2018 calendar – ‘Women at the Midnight Hour’. The calendar revolves around two of those eminent women members of the constituent assembly – Dakshayani Velayudhan and Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit. At a time when the agency of adult women to govern their own lives has come under threat, and with the country completing 70 years of independence, the CWDS has chosen to draw focus to the 15 women in the 299-member constituent assembly. “Yes, there were only 15,” said Malavika Karlekar, under whom the organization has been producing calendars for over a decade. According to her, the CWDS calendar grew organically out of an exhibition which was aimed at recording the history of women over a century and a half through photographs. These images in the ‘Representing Indian Women 1875-1947: A Visual Documentary’ exhibition eventually became a part the organization’s calendars.......... (The Wire, Fri, 15 Dec, 11:40am)

8. Meet Anna Rajam Malhotra, who became the first woman IAS officer in 1950 At a time when most women’s dreams were limited to finding a good match for themselves, Anna Rajam Malhotra broke the stereotypes associated with a woman to become India’s first IAS officer. She also became the first woman to hold a secretarial post in the Central government. Anna had to face many prejudices for being a woman, and people constantly doubted her capabilities. Anna cracked her Civil Services examination back in 1950, and was requested by the panel to join either Foreign service or Central service despite her merit. However, Anna stood her ground and was given a secretarial post instead of district sub-collector by the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Anna was not just good academically, she also excelled at rifle and pistol shooting, and horse-riding. She did not wish her capabilities to be questioned for any reason. However, she still faced discrimination and was allegedly asked to not get married during her service tenure. The rule, which was applicable only for women, was removed a few years later......... (THINK CHANGE INDIA, Your Story, Sat, 16 Dec, 01:10pm)

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Vol. 01, Issue. 16, December 22, 2017. 9. Meet the Mumbai women who are moms by day and burqa-clad cab drivers by night How often does it happen that you book an App-based cab in the wee hours and find a burqa-clad woman pulling up in her red hatchback? Not a common sight at all. But a woman from Mumbai is here to shatter all stereotypes and norms. While it's been some years since women stormed the male bastion, and started driving taxis and autos, aggregators have taken the trend several notches higher. Women, especially from conservative backgrounds, are stepping out of rigid community boundaries to become part of the city's nightlife. With GPS tracking their every move, the women are not troubled by safety concerns........... (India Times, Sun, 17 Dec, 03:25pm)

10. The incredible story of Origgon, a Desi ‘social’ search engine by a 15-year-old When it comes to looking up something online, Google is the answer to all of our woes! But did you know that India had its own ‘social’ search engine that gave users the opportunity to find optimal search results based on reviews and recommendations by people with similar queries! Touted as the world’s first ever social search engine, Origgon showcases the top results recommended by people from across the globe, instead of incorporating the typical search engine optimization (SEO) format that picks top sites by advertisements. While the ingenious concept with which the homegrown search engine has been developed should be enough to amaze you, what is even more confounding is that the website has been developed by someone who has just finished his class 10 boards! But computers and programming is something that the 15-year-old from West Bengal’s Chalsa town knows like the back of his hand. Already having eight mobile applications to his credit, which offers services ranging from website building to providing free video tutorials on computer programming and developing languages, Abhik’s foray into the programming world has an interesting story whole together.......... “Every time Origgon registers 5000 hits by users, we set aside 10 kg of wheat for donation to non-profit organizations and personally deliver it to the concerned members. It is a little gesture, but it is our way of giving back to the society,” says Harshit. Slowly establishing itself as an efficient search engine, Origgon proudly flashes its Make-in-India badge of honor and intends to extend its reach further.......... (Lekshmi Priya, The Better India, Thu, 21 Dec, 12:11pm)

11. Meet Udipi-born Orphan Nik Gugger, Who is now the first Indian-origin Member of Parliament in Switzerland Meet Nik Gugger, an orphan from Udipi, who has now emerged as Switzerland's Member of Parliament and social entrepreneur. Born in Udipi, Karnataka, Gugger was abandoned by his biological parents almost four decades ago. He is the first Indian-origin and youngest MP in Switzerland............ (Bangalore Mirror, Sat, 16 Dec, 12:34pm) ************

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Weekly news report 12 22 2017  
Weekly news report 12 22 2017