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One size doesn’t fit all

They have to play with rules set by others yet there is hope that the two rising nations are likely to play to reinforce each other.


10 Grass with no roots

Neither in China will harmony prevail, nor in India inclusive growth occur unless we have in both countries a much higher measure of people’s involvement in the building of their own lives.




24 Media must not

Sustained effort by the two governments is the only long term solution to improved media ties.

20 |2| India-China Chronicle  July-August 2011

lose its soul

Prof Tan Chung is at present an Academic Associate at the University of Chicago and Emeritus Member of the Institute of Chinese Studies in New Delhi. Manju Hara caught up with the professor to understand his views on the prickly media issue.


The media seems to be at war where India and China are concerned. Facts do not seem to matter as some Indian media organisations believe that is the best way to grab a larger market share. Similar responses are emerging from the Chinese side as well. The threat to a stable India-China relationship seems coming not from the governments, but from sections within the media. We spoke to a crosssection of media representatives to get their versions.


34 Doomsday


Co-operation rather than conflict should have been the leitmotif of their rise as global economic powers, but both China and India have failed to dispel the mutual suspicion that blights bilateral ties. And the media must shoulder a lot of the blame.

photo features


44 The Zen of


A religion that had its roots in India but blossomed in faraway China.

58 Chinese Spring

Festival 2011 & The Conference


50 Cultural park

60 Exhibitions &

for all religions

It was the 11th century Tibetan poet who once said: “There is no place more powerful for practice, more blessed, or more marvelous than this (Mount Kailash). May all pilgrims and practitioners be welcome.” How true!

Trade Show

In India & In China


53 Groundswell

economics conference

40 Reshaping

the world economy

China and India can complement each other by building good synergy between hardware and software—or in other words between the world’s factory and the world’s office.

of goodwill

Besides Buddhism, two towering figures have epitomized and carried forward India-China friendship and amity to great heights.

Tianchi Lake

56 Excuse me while

I kiss the sky

At this heavenly lake, white c louds drift while the mountains reach the blue sky.

film review

62 Farewell My


beyond the great wall

64 A Morning Brush

with India

July-August 2011  India-China Chronicle |3|



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