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India’s Energy Security:

Overcoming geopolitical speed bumps  Atul Aneja


ndia’s search for energy security is undergoing a rapid transformation. Global dependence on fossil fuels continues to be heavy. The rise of the digital economy, based on the internet and the smart-phone, is changing the paradigm of energy security. The energy supply chain is now covering new materials, which are required in ever-increasing volumes.


Take the case of Lithium, which is available in plenty in relatively-unstable countries such as Afghanistan. Lithium has emerged as an important, if not critical energy resource in the digital economy. It is an essential element for making smart-phone batteries. Smart-phones, laptops and tablets, using Lithium-ion batteries, have become essential for making informed decisions. These result in rapid improvement of efficiency and output at the workplace, in an economically integrated world.

▪ September-October 2018

The unfinished revolution in transportation, brought about by the promise of the hybrid and battery-driven electric cars, is expected to raise an exponential demand for Lithium-ion batteries. Battery electric vehicles derive all power from battery packs. They have no internal combustion engine, fuel cells, or fuel tank. These all-electric vehicles include bicycles, scooters, rail cars, watercraft, fork-lifts, buses, trucks and cars. The growing digitization of the economy and the new means of transpor-

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