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India-China Relations in the Global Context The new constellation of international partnerships offers India fresh challenges as well as opportunities.  Ambassador Lakhan Mehrotra (retd)


e live today in a dangerous world torn asunder by conflicts and rivalries. It is far removed from the dream of humanity enshrined in the UN Charter of a world free of the scourge of war, and moving steadily into the arena of peace and development. There are fires burning in every continent, some small and manageable, others furious, giving rise to the fear of major conflagrations engulfing us. The phenomenal rise of China, which has harboured superpower ambitions from the days of Mao, has created a new situation in which international equations are undergoing a radical revision. The US is no longer the indispensable and the unchallenged superpower that it was. China is gradually but steadily moving into the USA’s international space and is posing serious challenges all over, be it in the Indo-Pacific Region, Asia, Europe, Africa or Latin America. While China considers the South China Sea as an integral part of its national territory, in contrast, the USA and its allies, as well as India, consider these to be international waters allowing for freedom of transit.

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