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f e e d b a c k Partners, not rivals Kudos for bring out an excellent magazine, the India-China Chronicle! I came across your magazine and glanced through it. However the editorial “A Shared Vision” penned by Editor Prashun Bhaumik was read by me with keen interest. The very first sentence: India and China are “partners, not rivals” and together must serve as the engines for the 21st century, destined to be the Asian century....triggered me on to go through the entire magazine. And needless to say I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks and cheers! Kishore Dudani (IFS (retd) ministry of external affairs, New Delhi. Director, Sabero Organics, Mumbai

Magazine for keeps This is a very timely issue and makes for a great reading. It’s library material & will go into the China section of our institute library which is visited by a lot of SME entrepreneurs. So far, this is the best magazine we have on China. Kudos to the editorial team & ICEC! Keep sending such good stuff. Jagat Shah (Founder & Mentor Cluster Pulse & Global Network)

Tiger! Tiger! “Two crouching tigers some hidden dragons” by Barun S Mitra was an interesting read. The article initiated from Copenhagen and progressed to tiger conservation. An untouched topic until now but it is of great relevance to both India and China. Inputs and the solutions provided by the author through which China and India could work out to further the cause were quite captivating. However, the true effort of this article would only be

Keep it up Congratulations to the ICEC for the special issue on India China 60 years of diplomacy! The Chronicle is unique as it incorporates the views of the ambassadors of both sides. It very clearly puts out the past, the current and the possible future of Sino-Indian relations. The interviews in the magazine gave a clear picture of the Chinese insights into the Indian business and markets. Quite informative were topics such as “The Vedic Connect” and the Film/Book Review pages. Enjoyed reading them! Hope this continues in the forthcoming issues. Cheers! Anushrita Singh |4| India-China Chronicle  November-December 2010

fulfilled if some steps are taken up for the conservation of the magnificent animal. Jarred Vinze Reach out Sixty years of diplomatic relations between China and India and strong people-to-people ties. However, the fact is 60 years might have strengthened the diplomatic relations but not the people-to-people relations. Still there is huge ignorance and mistrust when it comes to the ordinary people of both the nations. Hope India and China take some strong efforts in this direction. Yatin Rangaswami China guide ICEC has done a wonderful job in its new publication, the India-China Chronicle. This magazine is a true reflection of the growing similarities and exchanges between India and China. The articles on Chinese culture, movies and language were very interesting and will serve as a guide for Indian entrepreneurs and MSMEs looking forward to learn about Chinese business practices and culture. I wish all the best to the team. RK Das, SIDBI


China guide ICEC has done a wonderful job in its new publication, the India-China Chronicle. This magazine is a true re- flection of the gro...

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