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f e e d b a c k how to make an effective policy without compromising its development needs. –Raju Patil, Vice President, Aplab Industries, New Delhi

Dispelling Stereotypes I read the India-China Chronicle for the first time and was very impressed by its look and content. In fact it was the attractive cover that caught my attention and then of course its unique content. I don’t think I have seem any magazine published in India or elsewhere which entirely focuses on India-China relationship particularly at a time when the two nations are poised for the great leap forward in the global arena. I found the cover story on the perception of people from both the countries of much interest. It goes to show how we get bogged down by stereotypes. I am looking forward to the next issue of the magazine. All the best! –Anshul Jain, Lawyer, New Delhi

Culture Bridge First of all, let me congratulate you on this excellent issue of India-China Chronicle. I have read all the three issues of this magazine and I must say that this issue was the best. It was fascinating to read the story about the Chinese girl Uma Li, who travelled all the way from China just to learn the Odissi dance. This shows that culture can play a big role in bringing India and China closer. We should have more such cultural exchanges, which will surely help to bridge the gap between the two countries. And I am happy that your magazine is contributing towaerds that goal. – Tahera Daud, Delhi University More on Business I happened to come across your magazine by chance at a friend’s place and really enjoyed the issue. The cover story “Face 2 Face” was

Lessons from China I always believed that India and China can never be friends and had a very negative perception about the relationship the two countries shared. But after reading the last two issues of this magazine, my perception seems to have undergone some change. I now believe that there are many areas in which the two countries can cooperate and work with each other. I really liked the article on renewable energy policy in India, which brings to light the areas in which India can learn from China on |4| India-China Chronicle  March-April 2011

very interesting and provided a good analysis of perceptions among Indians and Chinese on various aspects of India-China relations. There are a lot of articles on diplomatic and cultural ties between the two countries but not much on the business and economic aspects. As an industrialist interested in doing business with China, I would like to read a regular column on how business is done in China and how to overcome the various challenges faced by Indian businessmen while doing business with China. –Ashok Jindal, Prakash Industries, Gurgaon


how to make an effective policy without compromising its development needs. –Raju Patil, Vice President, Aplab Industries, New Delhi |4| Ind...

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