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ROAD IS A 100% CHINESE private company established by Mr. Zhang Yue with USD 3,000. Now, he is listed as one of the richest men in China by the Forbes. In 1992 we developed China’s first non-electric air conditioning and have become the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of that since 1996. BROAD chillers (ranging from 4.6ton to 3,307 ton) can be driven by natural gas, diesel, biogas, exhaust from power generation, solar energy or any other waste heat over 95ºC. BROAD is the only manufacturer in the world that has obtained the complete certification for all of its products from competent bodies like UL, ETL, ASME, PED, CE markings (Gas Directive, LVD, EMC), German TUV 9001 and Swiss SGS 14001… We developed the world’s first exhaust chiller in 1999 which was installed at the Integration Test Laboratory

of GHG emissions. Broad Air Conditioning, a Chinese company, sells air conditioning units that result in less CO2 emissions than conventional units and are up to twice as energy efficient…The unit can be fueled by local energy sources such as natural gas, avoiding increasing peak loads on the electricity grid…”Actually, there are many other articles & news coverage about BROAD, e.g.: The Wall Street Journal published one article on BROAD on July 14, 2006. Mr. Zhang was a covered character of Business Week in the US. Financial Times and German Der Spiegel, CNN, BBC, M6 (France), ZDF (Germany), Discovery Channel …Frankly speaking, there are many big projects with BROAD chillers worldwide. For instance, Thailand new government center (2 x 3,307 ton/each), Madrid Airport, Costanera Center in Santiago–the tallest buildings in South

BROAD is the exclusive supplier of central air conditioning, ventilation and air purification products for EXPO 2010 Shanghai pavilions, and also the only Chinese private enterprise among global partners of Expo 2010 Shanghai. of the US Department of Energy (DOE). Qualcomm HQ CHP Plant in San Diego uses a 4.3MW gas turbine to couple with a BROAD 1323 ton exhaust chiller. If BROAD chiller operates 5,000 hours annually, it can save USD 1.59 million every year compared with electric chiller and gas-fired chiller. If BROAD exhaust chiller is not used, if exhaust is not recycled, USD 1.45 million is to be wasted every year. The payback is within one year. It’s known that a mature tree absorbs 18.3kg CO2 emissions yearly. If this chiller operates 3,000 hours yearly, the total amount of CO2 emission cutting equals 100,000 tree planting. What a contribution to the environment! By the way, Mr. Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister and founder of the Climate Group, has mentioned only one case study (P31) on global enterprises in his report submitted to G8 Hokkaido Tokyo Summit July 2008 “…Broad Air Conditioning (China): As incomes rise in the developing world, the demand for air conditioning is exploding, creating a new source

America (5 x 1,653 ton/each). Last but not the least, the world-top real estate developer DLF purchased 53 BROAD chillers totaling 90,000 ton in the past three years. It is said “Figures can talk”. We would like to share with you some as follows: Contributions of BROAD chillers to the earth (till 2007): reduced more than 90 million tons of CO2, reduced more than 1 million tons of SO2, reduced more than 500 thousand tons of NOx reduced more than 10 thousand tons of CFCs reduced more than 300 thousand tons of inhalable particles (PM10) We have exported chillers to 60+ countries. Quietly BROAD staff has covered 4% of those countries with forests. However, this is merely a beginning. Our objective is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 15% so that our future generations will be sustained on this planet.

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