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SUBHEAD Lifestyle diseases are diseases that are caused partly by unhealthy behaviors. For example, if you are overweight, you are more likely to develop a cardiovascular disease.  Three Uncontrollable risk factors are… -age -gender -genes  Three controllable risk factors are… -diet -daily amount of physical activity -level of sun exposure 

You can lower your risk for developing a lifestyle disease by… -Exercising regularly -Maintaining a healthy diet


Life Style Diseases

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Cardiovascular Diseases

Living with Diabetes

Cancer Cardiovascular Diseases are the diseases and disorders that result from progressive damage to the heart and blood vessels. 

Smoking, being overweight, having high blood pressure, having high blood cholesterol, or having diabetes greatly increase your risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. Four Types of cardiovascular disease-Heart attack- A sudden loss of blood flow to the heart muscle. -Stroke-A sudden attack of weakness or paralysis that occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts or becomes blocked. -Atherosclerosis-A disease characterized by the buildup of fatty materials on the inside walls if the arteries. -Blood pressure-The force that blood exerts against the inside walls of a blood vessel.

Two ways to detect cardiovascular diseases; Angiography and an Ultrasound.

Two was to treat cardiovascular diseases; Diet and Exercise and medicine.

Lower your risk-Don’t smoke, check your blood pressure, stay fit, cut down on fat and salt.

Cancer is a disease caused by uncontrolled cell growth. 

Three causes of cancer-Certain viruses such as HPV -radioactivity and UV radiation -Chemicals found in tobacco smoke

As the body produces more of the cells they begin to form a clump known as a tumor. A malignant tumor is a mass of cells that invades and destroys healthy tissue. A brain tumor is a tumor within the brain.

Four types of cancer-Colon cancer-Cancer of the colon (an organ of the digestive system) -Lymphoma-Cancer of the lymph nodes or lymph tissue -Leukemia-Cancer of the tissues that produce blood; More common in males than females. -Ovarian cancer-Cancer of the ovaries, a part of the female reproductive system.

Ways to detect and treat cancer -Detection; Self-exams, Biopsy, and X rays. Treatment-Surgery, Chemotherapy-The use of drugs to destroy cancer cells.

How to lower your risk for cancer -Do. Not. Smoke, Wear sunscreen when outside, get regular medical checkup, Eat healthy, and stay physically fit.

Diabetes is a disorder in which cells are unable to obtain glucose from the blood such that high blood-glucose levels result. Insulin is a hormone that causes cells to remove glucose from the bloodstream. A diabetic coma is a loss of consciousness that happens when there is too much blood sugar and a buildup of toxic substances in the blood. Type 1 diabetes-This type of diabetes is treated with daily injections of insulin and is usually detected before the age of 18. Symptoms include increased thirst, frequent urination, fatigue, and weight loss. Type 2 diabetes-The most common type of diabetes in the U.S. Common among adults over 4o. The pancreas makes insulin, but the body’s cells fail to respond to it. The result is the buildup of glucose and the body can no longer us it as a source of fuel. Symptoms; frequent urination, unusual thirst, blurred vision, frequent infections and slow healing sores. Treatable by exercise and a healthy diet. Preventing type 2 diabetes -Maintain a healthy weight -Avoid tobacco products

Chapter 14 Wellness Brochure  
Chapter 14 Wellness Brochure  

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