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THE HEART OF INDIA - MADHYA PRADESH Generally identified as the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh is located in Central India. This state is an exquisite mixture of colorful culture, historic sites and excellent architecture. It is overflowing with aweinspiring tourist attractions to please the visitors in every possible way. The fact which sets this state apart from others is that it shares borders with 5 other states of the country- Chhattisgarh on the southeast, Maharashtra on the south, Gujarat on the west, Rajasthan on the northwest, and Uttar Pradesh on the northeast. Another peculiar thing about the state is that people belonging to all faiths reside in the region, making it a diversified land. Bestowed with magnificent forts, ancient temples and several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, the state also provides insights into the history and variety of flora and fauna. You can explore it all by visiting the most sought-after locations of the state through the India Heritage Tour Package. Bhopal The capital city of Madhya Pradesh is a complete assortment of traditional and modern. Known amongst the greenest cities of the country, the city is replete with verdure and breathtaking views. The major attractions of the city can be summarized as: ●

Enjoy a sightseeing tour by visiting mosques, buildings and boulevards

Be a witness to the folk and tribal arts of the state

Admire the rock-cut sculptures and stone age paintings at Bhimbetka (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Shop for embroidered purses, cushions and silver jewelry

Enjoy boat riding at the Upper Lake

Gwalior Gwalior is an electrifying city of Madhya Pradesh that provides a lot of information about the former rulers and dynasties. Recognized for its temples and palaces, it is also a centre of education, arts and business. In this city, you can be amazed by attempting the following things:

Visit the majestic Gwalior Fort, which used to be the seat of the kingdom in earlier times

Relish the cultural event, organized in the memory of great singer Tansen

Gujari Mahal and Jai Vilas Palace can also be approached for seeking insight into the history of the state

Pay a visit to the Tomb of Mohammad Ghaus, who was an Islamic saint during the 16th century

Khajuraho Recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho is home to numerable Hindu and Jain temples. The erotic sculptures and the best sandstone carvings of these temples are sure to leave you awestruck with their beauty. Furthermore, Khajuraho can be your pick if you wish to indulge in the following interesting affairs: ●

Embrace the rich history and glorious past

Take delight in the sound and light show at Western group of temples

Don’t miss the captivating sight of huge Vishnu statue in Southern temples

Rejuvenate yourself with yoga class at Archanta Yoga Ashram

Ujjain Counted amongst the seven holy cities of India, the city is thronged by a huge no. of tourists throughout the year. Also known by the name of Ujjayini, Avanti or Avantika Puri, the town nestles on the banks of Kshipra River. Exemplifying the artistic works of the Gupta Dynasty, the city is plentiful of temples, historic buildings and shrines. The town can be opted out of all others due to its fascinating charms:

Seek solace in Buddhism by being a guest of monasteries and sculptures

Attend the largest fair of India- Kumbh Mela in Ujjain, which is held once in every 12 years

Probe the first observatory of India- Jantar Mantar

Bhartrihari Caves can also be an election if you maintain an interest in the spirituality

Sanchi Home to several Buddhist monuments like temples, monasteries, palaces, monolithic, etc., Sanchi is one of the notable destinations of the central state of Madhya Pradesh. Located on the hilltop, this little town can amaze you in several ways: ●

Delve into the elegant work of Sanchi Stupa, discovered in the 19th century

Explore the architectural magnificence and structural balance of the Ashoka Pillar

Gaze at the beautifully carved four gateways of Sanchi Stupa and derive information about the life of Buddha and Jatakas

Delight in catchy sights of antique Udayagiri Caves of 1st century BC

Mandu Celebrated for its remarkable history and fine quality architecture, this ruined city boasts of enormous past. Mesmerizing monuments, lakes and waterfalls can be found in this city, perched in the Dhar district of the western region of the state. A tour to Madhya Pradesh can be enticing for you owing to the following things accessible in Mandu: ●

Shop for handicrafts and hand-woven sarees at the local shops in the market

Stare at the architectural charm of Jahaz Mahal

Built in the 16th century, Baz Bahadur’s Palace also deserves a visit because of its lush landscapes and scenic backdrop

Learn about the famous love story of Prince Baz Bahadur and Queen Roopmati in this quaint little town

Orchha Located in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh, this beautiful destination is seated near the banks of Betwa River. The grandeur and splendor of the Bundelas are flaunted by Orchha. Following things make up for the major tourist interests in the city: ●

Seek bliss in the religious sites such as Lakshminarayan Temple and Chaturbhuj Temple

Stroll around the Jahangir Mahal, which displays intricately carved structures and charming paintings

Take a leisure walk in the luscious gardens of Rai Praveen Mahal, where you can come across different types of flowers and shrubs

Enjoy the panoramic views of sunset sitting on the rocks near Betwa River

Burhanpur One of the most preferred locations of art lovers in Madhya Pradesh is Burhanpur. This city demonstrates the influences of Mughals. Named after a Sufi Saint, Burhan-ud-din, this city is equipped with several historical works as well as religious sites of different religions. The city is popular among tourists due to the following: ●

Here, you can purchase kalabattu-jari (gold and silver thread work on cloth) and malmal

Places like Farukhi Mausoleum, Black Mosque and Akbar Sarai lure the tourists

Take joy in fairs and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, etc.

Pay a visit to the grandiose Asirgarh Fort, in which you can also find a mosque and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

Jabalpur Resting on the shore of Narmada River, this is the most cherished city of Madhya Pradesh. Gifted with innumerable monuments and palaces, this dazzling city never ceases to grab the attention of the visitors. Bhedaghat and Dhuandhar Waterfalls are among the major attractions of this city besides others. ●

Feed your adventurous soul by riding in a cable car over Narmada River

Summer can be an experience full of fun at Beohar Sarovar

Kanha Kisli National Park can be a respite if you wish to view tigers and other animals

Forts and monuments can also be taken into consideration if history interests you

Indore The largest city of Madhya Pradesh holds the title of the cleanest city of the country as well. This city is sure to astonish you with its captivating sites and architectural splendor. The cultural heritage of the city can be examined by visiting the monuments, forts and temples. Moreover, the city can be chosen by all types of people as it has something to offer to everyone. ●

The view of Lal Baag Palace is enthralling enough to please you

Enjoy the classical musical concert at the Gandhi hail at night

Feast upon the delicious snacks at Sarafa and Chapan Market

Shop at Sitlamata Bazar for Chanderi and Maheshwari sarees

Conclusion With this intriguing list of major tourist places in Madhya Pradesh, don’t put your desires on ice to acknowledge the artistic heritage of the region along with enjoying fun-filled activities and plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh at the earliest to cash in on the opportunity. Inquiring into the all-round state of Madhya Pradesh can be really amusing in the company of friends and family.

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The heart of India - Madhya Pradesh  

The heart of India - Madhya Pradesh