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Joss Loner

the smooth sensuous sounds of

We are always looking to find new artists on the internet... Which is what we were doing when we dis covered you.

not only ballads, I want to sing a mixture of ballads and upbeat songs in the styles of jazz, swing, blues, soul and funk.

Your website is written in German... At the moment I´m working on is that where you are from? some of my own material with several musicans, and I'm trying to be Yes, that's right I´m from Germany. c reative with ba llads and some At the moment, I´m living in a uptempo stuff. Mostly in the "jazz, wonderful city called Hamburg. pop, soul" genres. Is "Joss Loner" your stage name? Joss Loner, Josephine Loner, Josi, Josy, Josn..... you can call me whichever one you want. But yes, Joss Loner is my name.

You have a style where at certain points in a song you sing slightly ahead of the tempo, as in Gershwin's Summertime. I've heard that done before, but not in the unique way that you do it. Does that come nat urally... or was that a style that you developed over time?

You have a voice that is very sensu ous and hypnotic with a soft lilting quality that is perfect for ballads. That's difficult to answer. I think Would you say that is true? it's a combination of development... and something that comes naturalA sen su ous and hypnotic voice - that ly. I´m not sure how to explain sounds nice. Thank you very much! exactly, but I´will try. If your question is "do I like singing I niti a lly, it started with me ballads?," The answer is... yes. But uploading videos to YouTube.

Which I did just for myself, at first. . . because I lacked confidence in my mu si c, and I wasnt sure what kind of mu sic I wa nted to do. So I started singing in my room while sitting in front of my webcam. I wasn't sure if th is was such a good method, but I repeated it again and again, and after receivi ng some positive feedback... I gained self-condidence. Then, after a few videos, I began to figure out my own style and with each new video my fear has become less. At the beginning, I just sang cover songs f rom all styles of music. I would say that the covers were horrible, but they were an important part of my self-development. As a result, my confidence has grow n immensely. Today, if I am singing a song for YouTube I do not over-think what I am doing . I just hit the record button and let the music in my mind and soul flow out of me. But this is only possible because I went through that important step before - of finding myself in the music. Hopefully, you will under-

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