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INDIE RELEASES Some Recent Releases From A Handful Of Indie-Artists


RISING STAR An In-depth Article On Musician Lili Roquelin


NU GENERATION HIP-HOP Artists Taking Hip-Hop In A Whole New Direction

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Indie-Musik Expressions is a magazine that is dedicated to the thousands of musicians, songwriters and performers who create music for the pure joy and love of it. And, for those who aspire to be the stars of tomorrow. They all share one thing in common, an overwhelmingly passionate drive for the art of creating music. In the ten last years, many avenues have opened up for creative artists to create and share their music. The internet has been tremendously instrumental in enabling independent artists to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a musician and reaching fans across the world. While technology, having become more accessible and affordable, has made it increasingly easier for musicians to take an idea from a concept to a completed song, or a completed CD. And, with outlets like cdBaby, iTunes, lastFM, etc., once that disc is completed they can sell and promote it to the masses. Whereas, ten years ago that same musician would had to have spent a fortune in studio time, then shop their product to music labels in hopes of getting an executive to listen to it. And, if they got signed, there was NO guarantee that a record would ever be produced, released, or marketed to the consumer market. Today, musicians have greater control over their careers than ever before. It also means that those serious about pursuing a music career have to work a lot harder, but now... they can enjoy more of the fruits of their labor. And, they are more in control of their own destiny. Which is a tradeoff that most of them gladly accept. So this magazine will be dedicated to these artists and their stories.

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Working Musicians

JANITA European Star Captivates New York This vocalist/songwriter hails from Finland and performs a soulful blend of smooth jazz, bossa nova, and R&B. Her mix of exotic vocals and sensuous vocal stylings create an intoxicating allure that is hard to escape once you begin listening to this incredible artist.. She's been compared to other vocalists such as Sade and Norah Jones, but one quickly discovers she has a definite style that is uniquely her own. Janita began performing as a young teenager, and became quite a teen sensation while touring in her native Finland. An experience that has served to shape this seasoned performer, while providing her with a commanding stage presence.


She also has several recorded releases to her credit, that include: Seasons Of Life, I'll Be Fine and the self-titled Janita. And, it's rumored that she is currently in the studio finishing up an upcoming CD for a Fall 2009 release that will be welcome news to her most ardent fans.

With all this behind her, it's no surprise that since migrating to New York City she has become a popular performer on the club scene. That, and the fact that her carefully crafted songs of love, relationships, pain, and yearning reflect a maturity and sensitivity that endures her to an extremely receptive audience. To find out more about this beautiful and talented artist visit where you can read more about her.

You can also find her music at and

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Music Created By Independent Artists Releases

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LILI Roquelin The • ROQUELIN • Experience Lili Roquelin is amongst a fresh new crop of promising entertainers on the New York City music scene. Her soft melodies and sweet angelic voice, when combined with her endearing piano compositions, cast a seemingly inescapable spellbinding effect on her fans. Thanks to her talent, inexhaustable energy, and live performances, she has become an artistic force whose sound has become virtually ubiquitous in the U.S. and abroad. Discovering the drive behind this soft-spoken music sensation was quite fascinating. When asked when did your interest in music begin? She responded by saying, “I think I was already interested in music when I was a baby without really knowing it. My father is a multi-instrumentalist and hearing him practice, or going to his gigs was something quite natural. I got my first vocal acapella recording when I was 4… and I can remember listening to everything from classical music... to the Beatles and Abba.” While she was in middle school, Lili and a friend put together an electro-pop band. “I was writing songs and doing synth programming. My first live performance was with this group, back when I was a teenager. Later, I sang in several different cover bands (with a full instrumental line-up) doing background and lead vocals.” Having just been inquired as to when she first discovered that she had talent, Miss Roquelin modestly states that... “I never discovered I had talent, even now I’m not sure I do. 7

I mean, I know how to sell myself and I am aware of all the skills that I have because of all the compliments I’ve received from industry professionals, but I always want to improve myself. Even if people say ‘you sound amazi ng!,’ I actually take note of what things I think can be better.” From her YouTube videos, I learned that she envisioned becoming a musician in America. So I asked,“What drove you to try to make it here? “When I was something like 12, I had these recurring dreams and daydreams. They were always about me living in the US. I tried not to forget this, and I followed what they were telling me. Plus, I’ve loved the English language since I was in primary school! In France, I think it depends on the city, but overall, LIVE original music is not really s upported, and there's a tendency to favor DJ's.” Lili lived in Ohio, before making the decision to pack up and move to New York. “After leaving my last band, I began to evolve as a singersongwriter and felt I was ready for something new and exciting... so I moved to NY over a year ago.” She also had a picture taken in 2004 from her first NYC visit. It pictured her in front of the New York skyline. Later, that picture ended up in a frame that read “The 8

future belongs to those who It was especially challenging believe in the beauty of their to hear myself over the dreams- Eleanor Roosevelt.” guitars on stage, but very fullfilling otherwise, I got to She was also attracted by the explore my darker side when cosmopolitan atmosphere of writing songs. My big event NYC... “It feels like home!” So with them was the recording after returning to New York she of the album ‘Neverending just started going out to listen Sundown’ in a major studio to music, doing open-mics, and with a top-notch engineer. I talking to people. gained more confidence because of all the technical Miss Roquelin is one of the compliments he was noting saviest independent artists. about my performance. He When discussing marketing, actually introduced me to she states “I have 100% producer Sean Bilovecky, natural sales skills, that I’ve with whom I wrote ‘I Saw developed from there, but it’s You.’ And, I continued in that never really been a hard thing direction with my own for me do, Pro-Tools studio. Social networking sites are the key. I have people that listen to my music all the way over in China! It’s also a great way to examine the demographics of my music.”

Around the same time I had envisioned singing with a piano, so I started taking piano lessons. It was such a natural transition and I do enjoy the freedom of being able to do whatever I want When asked to describe her without having to check sound she says, “Music style with 4 different people. categories are such a subjective thing, but I’d say it’s Trip- If I do work with a band in Hop because of the beats the future, it would be more and bass, and alternative like musicians accompanybecause of the lyrical message ing me on my songs, instead. in every song. I would also say For now, I’ve decided to not down-tempo because my cur- have anyone playing with rent songs go between 56 and m e. Althou gh, do I love 100bpm... and the other day a strings and would like to use high-end producer told me them in the future. that it’s progressive electronic.” Presently, I am exploring a Audiences have seen Lili per- different LIVE set-up that I form as a solo artist, and in a will have to test out.” group setting. She reflected on this by saying, “After the Lili wants you to know about first original rock-pop band I her current self-titled EP that’s was in broke up here in the available on cdBaby and iTunes, U S, I joined a more estab- and please visit her website for lished band and their style news and upcoming events. was melodic hard-rock.

GATUR - ART OF MUSIC This Staten Island artist is a triple-threat rapper/songwriter/producer laying down some of the freshest Hip-Hop grooves on the scene today. With tracks like NO GAMES and TIME TO SHINE you'll experience NEW musical textures and lyrical stories from this uniquely sounding artist.

STICKMAN Stickman has written and produced six albums which he plays music, raps and performs with a talented group of musicians and rappers such as Stoney, Mr. D, and TEQ-NO. Their infectious grooves and humorous lyrics will definitely give you something to think about. Many great tracks to be heard! Visit his page at

CANDICANDIZ Yo, Candi has MAJOR swag. One listen... and you'll be feelin' the vibe too! Check out the mad flow of MOVE 2 DA BEAT or the monster groove of MARY JANE. Check it out...when it comes to Hip-Hop this is the REAL deal!

A ROC AND DEJAVU This group is comprised of rapper A-ROC and musician/producer DEJA VU. Together they have MAD potentential, creating fresh new music that stacks up favorably against some of the fiercest Hip-Hop out there.

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