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Elegant lines, progressive technology, winning design.


The Audi A7 Sportback. Automotive Winner of the 2011 Australian International Design Award. Innovative design. It’s a fundamental pillar of the Audi DNA, and a defining attribute of the award-winning A7 Sportback. With the dynamics you want, the versatility you need and the progressiveness you expect, it’s the ultimate blend of form and function – and Vorsprung durch Technik on a grand scale. audi.com.au AUDI5144/A7AIDA/DPS/0411


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THE PATRON GOOD DESIGN AUSTRALIA STANDARDS AUSTRALIA Judges 7 behind the scenes at the design awards


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Powerhouse Museum Design Award


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AUSTRALIAN INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS A division of Good Design Australia Managing Director: Brandon Gien AIDA Program Director: Stephanie Pemberton

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For information on Arras, SAYL and other award winning innovations please visit our website or your nearest Herman Miller dealer.



A MESSAGE FROM THE PATRON It is with great pleasure that I honour the inaugural year of the Australian International Design Awards under the custodianship of Good Design Australia. Recognised as one of the world’s most prestigious design assessment programs, the Australian International Design Awards promotes excellence in design, creativity and innovation, and plays a significant role in promoting professional design in Australia and internationally. More importantly, the Awards tell the story of how design is used to create better products and services and how it can be an agent for change helping to shape our society, our economy and our wonderful environment. My sincere congratulations go to all the Finalists in this year’s Awards. You have helped raise the benchmark for design excellence and are an inspiring example for others to follow. I am delighted to support the work of Good Design Australia and its endeavour to promote the importance of good design through recognition and awards.

His Excellency Michael Bryce, AM, AE, LFRAIA, LFDIA Patron

A MESSAGE FROM GOOD DESIGN AUSTRALIA Good Design Australia is proud to present the Australian International Design Awards, one of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world. With a proud heritage dating back to the Industrial Design Council of Australia established in 1958, the Australian International Design Awards is recognised as Australia’s peak design endorsement scheme and maintains one of the most rigorous product assessment processes around. In Good Design Australia’s first year of establishment, the 2011 Australian International Design Awards attracted a record 325 entries across nine categories including student design. Eligible entries were assessed by multi-disciplinary panels of Australian and international design experts. Judges physically tested the entries and ranked the design merits of each against a common set of criteria including form, function, quality, safety, sustainability, innovation and best in class design.

A MESSAGE FROM STANDARDS AUSTRALIA Standards Australia is a proud supporter of Good Design Australia and the Australian International Design Awards program. As Principal Sponsor, Standards Australia helps foster a culture of innovation in Australian business, industry and the general public in Australia. On behalf of Standards Australia, I am proud to be associated with this Yearbook and invite you to enjoy its contents.

Winners in the 2011 Australian International Design Awards are the result of unwavering dedication to good design and highlight the importance of placing professional design at the heart of innovation and creativity. Colin Blair Chief Executive Officer Standards Australia

Brandon Gien Managing Director, Good Design Australia Chair, Australian International Design Awards PRESIDENT-ELECT, ICSID

2011 Australian International Design Award of the Year Winner


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6 xxxxxx AIDA YEARBOOK 2011

9 judges listing AIDA YEARBOOK 2011


Redefining Boundaries Be it rusted feature walls, concrete bench tops or handcrafted artistic glass, Axolotl has always pushed past boundaries to create new frontiers in design. Since pioneering the bonding of semi-precious metal onto any substrate 16 years ago, we have never rested in our quest to amaze and inspire. Which is why we have received the Australian Business Presidents Prize for Success through Innovation, the National Business and GIO Product Innovation Award and most recently, the coveted Australian International Design Award for our world first, concrete veneer.

To see how you can make a unique point of difference on your next project and for more information on Axolotl, please visit www.axolotl.com.au or contact us on 02 9666 1207

7 Judging and Process DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011


Chuck Pelly

Don Tae Lee



The Design Academy Inc. Founder/Past CEO

Tangerine Direction and Design

Designworks USA

Design Master

Consumer Panel

Samsung C&T

Harald Leschke

Andrew Botros

Paul Huxtable

Graham Paver

David Pritchard

John Barratt

Former Head of Advanced Design


Managing Director and Co-Founder

Design and Engineering Expert

Resource Group Manager, Industrial Design

President and CEO

Mercedes Benz

Former Principal Engineer

Eye-Catcher Innovations

Professional/ Technology/Heavy Machinery Panel


Professional/ Technology/Heavy Machinery Panel

John Brown

Andrew Crick

Paul Beranger

Ged Bulmer

Shashi Caan

CEO and Design Director

Managing Director

Managing Editor

Founding Principal

Design Resource and TDI

Schremmer Crick Associates

Manager, Design and Development

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia


The Collective

Former Editor


Wheels magazine


Transportation Panel

Architecture/Interior/ Housing Panel

Transportation Panel

Consumer Panel

Expressive Engineering Professional/ Technology/Heavy Machinery Panel

Transportation Panel

Transportation Panel

Professional/ Technology/Heavy Machinery Panel

Invetech Professional/ Technology/Heavy Machinery Panel

Teague Transportation Panel

Madeline Lester Madeline Lester + Associates (MLA) Architecture/Interior/ Housing Panel

Raj Nandan

Neil Burley

Steven Pozel

Ross Cameron

Mark Bertinetti

David Giorgio


Managing Director


Former Managing Director

Senior Industrial Designer

Indesign Group


Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design

Dyson SEA

Senior Industrial Designer, Sleep Product Development

Caroma Dorf

Architecture/Interior/ Founder Student Panel Burley Katon Halliday Architecture/Interior/ Housing Panel Architecture/Interior/ Housing Panel Housing Panel

ResMed Ltd

Tess Kelly

Matthew Cramsie

Carl Norton

Sally Dominguez

Oliver Kratzer

Robert Pataki

Media Director

Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer


Managing Director


Global Surf Industries

Thinking Ergonomix

Victa Lawncare

Ideal Industrial


Student Panel Â

Student Panel

ABC TV’s The New Inventors

National President


Consumer Panel



Consumer Panel

Consumer Panel

Student Panel

Student Panel

Student Panel

8 Judging and Process DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

behind the scenes at the design awards

“Comparing a toaster, a playground and a swag is tough, but spirited discussion among the judges confirmed that the principles of design apply universally: usability, honesty, reliability, quality, sustainability, aesthetic, scale, etcetera. A great product does not trade off one principle for another, it transcends them and creates a whole that evokes a sense of ‘this is the only way this could possibly be’. We see companies of all sizes waking up to the power of industrial design, its ability to give them a long term competitive advantage, generating higher profits and increasing market share by gracefully satisfying people’s needs.” Oliver Kratzer Ideal Industrial Judge, Consumer panel

“ we see companies of all sizes waking up to the power of industrial design”

“I think the standard of design and manufacture has risen noticeably over the past 10 years. As an example, the ‘Eona’ table system this year was a re-submission responding to earlier jury critique. As a result of the substantial improvements made, it was given a Design Award this time. It’s also great to see environmental responsibility as a requirement – all entries promoted their achievements in this area. For instance Caroma’s simple and elegant watersaving shower head was a Category Winner and independent testing of the ‘Aeratron’ ceiling fan has shown it to be the world’s most efficient. I think the Australian International Design Awards demonstrate that things are going the right way in design.” Neil Burley, Anibou Judge, Architecture/ Interior/Housing panel

Automotive progress meets chair design. Wilkhahn.


Chassis. Design: Stefan Diez

11 Design Award™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011



KOMPAN A/S Designed in Denmark

An advanced children’s playground that sets a new standard for playgrounds around the world by combining exciting electronic games with challenging outdoor play equipment. “With its day-night versatility, low running costs, intuitive layout and high quality, this will appeal to children and adults alike. The combination of electronic games with physical play equipment was a stroke of genius. In an age where childhood obesity is an epidemic, this is where design thinking can make a real difference.”

design award of the year


12 Design Award™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011



ILVE Epsilon Island Rangehood

ILVE Designed in Italy



teelcraft AGILE Stroller S Travel System

Britax Childcare Sunnylove Baby Products

A dehumidifier keeping the kitchen dryer and healthier, Designed in Australia and China with unique advanced air filtering operation that traps An infant travel system consisting of a four wheeled pollutants and moisture vapour dispersed when cooking. lightweight stroller frame with a main seat, canopy, “The curtain of air around the perimeter of this product storage basket plus the ability to add an infant carrier was a real standout feature. All other areas were very for the first child. well executed.” “A very sensible design that is thoroughly refined. Coupled with a clever folding mechanism, this is BEST IN CATEGORY CONSUMER [JOINT award] a winner!” 3 Nespresso Pixie BEST IN CATEGORY Les Ateliers du Nord HOUSING AND BUILDING Nestlé Nespresso SA 9 Caroma Flow Designed in Switzerland

An ultra compact coffee machine that brings together modern design, full functionality and the highest quality coffee. “A well resolved and de-cluttered design around a proven technical package make this neat device easy and intuitive.” 4


GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens Designed in Australia

A shower system incorporating Caroma’s latest water efficient, patented shower technology. “A sensational design outcome at an excellent price makes sustainability at the highest level accessible to the broader public.” 10 UltraStudio Pro

Steelcase Ideo

Blackmagic Design

Designed in USA

Designed in Australia

A video conferencing system that creates dynamic settings for distributed teams to view each other and co-create content.

The world's first television broadcast editing solution designed to use SuperSpeed USB 3.0 for connecting to video editing workstations.

“An all-round beautifully executed product with the perfect blend of technology and design.”

“A simple and elegant solution to a very complex cabling scenario. Its unique connectivity, superb use of materials and finishes will give this industry acclaim.”


SMRT BodySpanner Therapy Device

SMRT Systems CMD Product Design and Innovation Designed in Australia

A revolutionary new product and treatment system for the management of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. “A high quality, well made and versatile design offering a neat solution to all scenarios of therapy.” 6

Philips SensoTouch3D RQ1290

Philips Design Royal Philips Electronics Designed in The Netherlands

An electric shaver for wet or dry shaving that marries design-led innovation with advanced technology to create an iconic and pioneering product. “Unparalleled attention to detail and polished, ornamental styling surround a very well thoughtout system.” 7

Air New Zealand SkyCouch

Air New Zealand Recaro Aircraft Seating Altitude Aerospace Interiors Designworks Formworks Design David Scott Design Ideo Designed in New Zealand

A new airline seating solution designed to deliver more control, comfort and flexibility to economy passengers when travelling long-haul. “A standout example of user-centred design that challenges traditional notions of long haul ecomony travel.”

11 The Seaglass Project Tuna


Global Surf Industries Designed in Australia

A finless surfboard with a perfect blend of flex, rail and bottom contours combined with modern materials to increase flotation and manoeuvrability. “It’s always good to revisit the past and revive old traditions using modern technology. A beautifully finished creation.” 12 Arras Herman Miller POSH Designed in Hong Kong

A flexible bench solution for the work environment guided and informed by Herman Miller’s Design for Environment protocol. “An incredibly well resolved system that provides plenty of user adjustability without losing basic structure and layout.” 13 ResMed Mirage FX Nasal Mask ResMed – Mirage FX Design Team Designed in Australia

A nasal mask that significantly improves the quality of life of people suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea, prevalent in patients with obesity, type two diabetes and other life threatening diseases. “A truly excellent use of materials in a very polished piece of design. Every detail of past designs has been considered and refined.”




“ if an object speaks for itself, then people know what to do with it” – ANDREW BOTROS


design award – best in category












14 Design Award™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

BEST IN CATEGORY HEAVY MACHINERY 14 Work Area Monitor (WAM™) GroundProbe CMD Product Design and Innovation Designed in Australia

A workplace monitor that solves the problem of mine walls suddenly shifting without warning, bringing down tonnes of rock and dirt. “This puts design for occupational health and safety on the map. Good problem resolution at every turn has resulted in some very useful inclusions.” 15 Dyson City Dyson Designed in United Kingdom

A vacuum cleaner that is small and ultra-lightweight but performs like a large vacuum cleaner, weighing just 5.3kg and fitting on a sheet of A4 paper without compromising on performance. “Filled with character and the proportions are just perfect, this compact yet powerful device deserves congratulations.”



“ The design is [just] one part of the quality of the product...” – harald leschke

16 Wiltshire Staysharp McPherson’s Consumer Products D3 Design Designed in Australia

A unique knife that sharpens itself, housed and stored in a scabbard that sharpens and hones the knife as it is removed. “A design classic beautifully re-designed and finished. This took restraint and sophistication.” 17 Kia Optima Kia Motors Designed in Germany and USA

A modern interpretation of the medium-sized family sedan. The rich coupe-like styling belies the practical application of a family car suitable for five adults. “Its sculptured forms and contrasting elements are fascinating. Premium cues and very successful styling make this a lot of car for the money.” 18 Dyson A03 Airblade™ Hand Dryer Dyson


Designed in United Kingdom

A hand dryer with patented digital motor technology to create unheated, HEPA filtered, high speed air sheets which gently sheer water from hands in just 10 seconds, leaving them completely dry. “A terrific advancement for the Australian market and nice evolution for Dyson. It works really well.” 19 Flexi Bath by A Real Cool World A Real Cool World The Product Store Designed in Denmark

A hard plastic foldable bathtub for babies and toddlers that does not contain any harmful materials. “This is one of those inspired, understated and thoughtful designs that make it an instant classic!” 17



design award – best in category ARCHITECTURAL and INTERIOR PRODUCTS



heavy machinery


16 Design Award™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

20 Climate Wizard Seeley International Designed in Australia

A high performance indirect evaporative air conditioner delivering cooling results that can rival refrigerated systems, while reducing energy use by up to 80%. “This sets new standards in airconditioning efficiency and puts all other systems to shame.”


21 Hurom HU-300 Juice Extractor Hurom LS Quarran Health Products Designed in Korea

A domestic juicer that operates at a low 70rpm and incorporates a masticating process to gently extract juice, significantly reducing damage to healthy living nutrients and enzymes. “This design reflects its operation and will appeal to a large volume of no-fuss consumers.” 22 Turbo Elite Barbeque Range Barbeques Galore Design + Industry Designed in Australia

A world-first barbecue featuring technology never before used in domestic barbecues. “A strong sense of style, quality and workmanship with some clever features lift this product category. Clearly the work of a real barbecue aficionado!”






27 31

23 Microcone® Dev-Audio Designworks Designed in Australia

An innovative multi-directional microphone designed for small group conversations that can record individuals within 360 degrees on six separate audio channels. “Great idea in an unobtrusive package. I can see this technology being applied to every boardroom across all public companies.” 24 Peugeot 3008 SUV Automobiles Peugeot Peugeot Automobiles Australia Designed in France

A compact, spacious and responsible SUV offering a new, sophisticated and innovative option in today’s highly competitive SUV market. “A beautiful car packed with clever features including a panoramic glass roof. Why aren’t all SUVs like this one?” BEST IN CATEGORY ARCHITECTURAL AND INTERIOR PRODUCTS 25 Sayl Herman Miller fuseproject Designed in USA

A frameless task chair inspired by principles of suspension bridges, using an eco-dematerialised design approach resulting in less weight, materials and environmental impact. “A top quality, innovative piece with intelligent integration of the brand and designer’s philosophy at a knockout price!” BEST IN CATEGORY BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY 26 DaVinci Resolve Blackmagic Design Carbon Design Group Designed in Australia and USA

A precision hardware control surface with integrated software designed for motion picture colour grading that has been used on films such as Avatar, Hurt Locker and Robin Hood. “Beautifully designed and constructed. This oozes quality and precision. This is precisely what good design should deliver.”

27 FlipBike FlipBike Ideation Design Designed in Australia

A compact, lightweight folding balance bike for children aged two to five years. “A robust design with minimal components that is well constructed. This product has a real wow factor when in use!” 28 Axolotl Concrete Axolotl Group Designed in Australia

Incorporating 10 years of research and development, this exciting product offers a revolutionary, sustainable, lightweight alternative to solid concrete, which is also cost effective. "A highly innovative material with great possibilities. This breaks new ground in materials technology." 29 HypoMon® Hypoglycaemia Monitor Aimedics Healthcare Technology Scala Leathergoods Designed in Australia

The world’s first non-invasive alarm system that identifies sleep-time hypoglycaemia in children and adolescents with type one diabetes.


“A very good idea with clear and logical interface design that addresses the emotional needs of the primary carer and extended family.” 30 SEKURUS Simcro Pfizer AniMal Health Designed in New Zealand

A world first ‘self tenting’ safety injector for administering vaccines to bulls and other animals. “This comprehensively resolved design demonstrates a true understanding of the expectations of the product and limitations of the environment.” BEST IN CATEGORY CONSUMER [JOINT award] 31 STIHL Australia Cordless range


STIHL Australia Designed in Germany

A 36 volt modular cordless power tool range encompassing a chain saw, grass trimmer, leaf blower and hedge trimmer. “A fully integrated solution with that renowned quality applied. Some great safety features with all the right ‘clicks’ and ‘whirrs’.”



“ A great product is like a great butler – it’s impeccable and impervious” – Oliver Kratzer

design award – best in category ARCHITECTURAL and INTERIOR PRODUCTS






18 Design Award™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

32 Samsung Notebook Series 9 Samsung Electronics Designed in Korea

The world’s thinnest and lightest notebook in its class, marking Samsung’s launch into the ultra premium notebook category. “Very nice geometry with great attention to detail gives Apple a real run for its money. Well designed from market feedback with many thoughtful features.”


33 S afe-n-Sound Platinum AHR Air Cushion Convertible Child Restraint for Cars Britax Childcare Designed in Australia

A convertible child restraint for the car. The adjustable headrest features a patented air cushion to protect children’s heads in side crashes. “With clever airbag technology and adjustment, this scores very high in safety and usability.” BEST IN CATEGORY MEDICAL AND SCIENTIFIC 34 ResMed S9™ Series with Automatic Climate Control ResMed – Sleep SBU – S9 Design Team ResMed Motor Technologies Blue Sky Design Group


Designed in Australia

A high quality, fully featured, comfortable, user friendly, portable and consumer-looking Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. “Brilliant attention to detail with targeted development in past problem areas. It’s nice to see simple solutions applied to complex problems.” 35 Aeratron Ceiling Fan Aeratron Designed in Australia

A new generation of ceiling fan fusing bionic engineering with creative and advanced technologies, best suited to customer requirements in terms of efficiency, silence, design and the environment. “Easily the most efficient fan available today. A real energy saver packaged in a beautiful product of outstanding functionality and commercial appeal.”

design award – best in category








‘design genius’ is... DQ44_Charlwood_QP spread.indd 1


Market Leading

3/11/11 4:28 PM

33 36 EONA Table System Thinking Ergonomix Designed in Australia

An environmentally considered table system available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and steel. “A big improvement on existing systems through a very strong and elegant base system. Modern day craftsmanship at its best!” 37 Smart Lifter Nano Smart Openers Designed in Australia

A whisper quiet and compact solution for automating sectional overhead and one-piece tilt garage doors. “A cost effective, compact system that is whisper quiet and knows it place.” 35 38 Fisher & Paykel CookSpace Fisher & Paykel Designed in New Zealand

An oven that can be easily installed in walls or under benches, with the advantage of easy access. The wide format allows two dishes to be cooked side by side in its massive 79 litre internal space. “Its slick modern look with nicely detailed controls and good quality finishes are standout among the other entries in this sector.”


two decades of successful product design


DQ44_Charlwood_QP spread.indd 2

Award Winning

www.charlwood.com.au +61 3 9416 1611


3/11/11 4:28 PM

20 Design Award™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

“ Part of the job of any designer is to be really progressive” – Shashi Caan


Outerspace Design Heinz Australia

Audi AG

Designed in Australia

Designed in Germany

A juice bottle incorporating a landmark design bringing the consumer’s needs and desires back in frame.

A large four-door luxury vehicle introducing a new and original concept to motoring and boasting a worldbest interior in terms of ergonomics, craftsmanship and materials.

43 Golden Circle Chilled Juice Bottle

“Clever, unconventional and inspired. This product has an unusual configuration that works extremely well. What’s not to love?”

“This exudes a premium quality feel but is not overdone. Its superb roofline integration and contemporary finishes 44 WTP™ – Winning Tongue Plate 3Di Design tick every box.” Intelligent Inventions

40 Breville Kitchen Wizz Pro Breville Group

Designed in Australia

Designed in Australia

A revolutionary new horse bit designed to improve performance, comfort and safety.

A food processor with adjustable stainless steel slicing disc providing 24 precise thickness settings from 0.3mm to 8mm.

“A beautifully made, elegant solution addressing a known animal welfare problem, with scores of positive user testimonials.”

“Very impressive performance, solid construction and interface design make this a necessity in every kitchen.” 41 Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air Bowers & Wilkins Convoy International Designed in United Kingdom

45 Occhio Piu Occhio KODA Lighting Designed in Germany

The first complete lighting system designed for residential, commercial and public lighting applications, incorporating LED chips with a life span of 20,000 hours.

The ultimate wireless speaker system and first premium iPod speaker to feature the new Apple AirPlay wireless streaming technology, allowing music to be streamed wirelessly from your Mac or PC.

“Effortless elegance in a very nicely engineered product adapted well to new technology.”

“Very nice product, function and aesthetic. A fine embodiment of technology with an excellent finish, logical display and multi-unit capabilities.”

Swags for Homeless Tony Clark Lisa Clark

42 Klinch Tool Tethers Rocka Devices Designed in Australia

A device that allows users to safely and securely carry and use tools at heights, and effectively manage them. “A great product solution to a problem generally ignored. This warrants a mandatory standard. Clever stuff!”

DQ44_Outerspace_QP spread.indd 1


46 Backpack Bed

Designed in Australia

A backpack and bed in one that has revolutionised single bed outdoor sleeping and provides emergency relief to both street sleeping homeless people and people in disaster areas.


“The work of this company is truly inspiring. Delivering great design to the least fortunate is worthy of applause.”

4/11/11 11:37 AM



design award – best in category

DQ44_Outerspace_QP spread.indd 2










4/11/11 11:37 AM

22 Good Design™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

Architectural and Interior Products DR700 Brightgreen Designed in Australia The world’s first LED-based downlight bulb of 720 lumens to match the total light output of an average 50W halogen globe.

Flo Dynamic Monitor Arm Colebrook Bosson Saunders Designed in United Kingdom A monitor arm enabling a screen to float above the desk and be precisely positioned with an easy and natural sweeping motion in an ergonomically correct way.

HÅG Capisco Puls HÅG ScandinavIAn Business Seating DAL Seating Designed in Norway A task chair which is visually attractive, ergonomically designed and environmentally friendly.

Philips FreeStreet Philips Design Royal Philips Electronics Designed in The Netherlands A street lighting system that offers a progressive and exciting solution helping to clear clutter from busy urban landscapes.

HUB Street Equipment Railcorp NSW University of Technology Sydney Designed in Australia A trash receptacle offering a high level of visual access to ensure suspicious objects can be detected without obstruction.

Britac Childcare Designed in Australia A convertible child restraint for the car, made in Melbourne using robotic assembly.

Postura Desk Sebel Furniture Designed in Australia A desk available in different shapes and sizes to suit modern collaborative teaching needs.

Tri-Tek Pressure Reduction Seat Technology Gregory Commercial Furniture Designed in Australia A cushion technology for task chairs improving the comfort and circulation of the user by distributing pressure in an innovative manner.

Wilkhahn Chassis HUB 20/20 Bin

Safe-n-Sound Meridian AHR Tilt & Adjust Convertible Child Restraint for Cars

Wilkhahn Asia Pacific Designed in Germany A multipurpose chair designed using industrial space-frame technology featuring a unitary detachable seat and backrest shell.

Supalite SCF Group Designed in Australia The latest innovation in containers for the transport of cargo and freight that is 8% lighter than current models, resulting in valuable fuel savings.

The All New 2011 Ford Ranger Ford Motor Company Designed in Australia A utility vehicle designed and developed to be a leader in every area important to the customer, such as innovation, safety, fuel efficiency, capability and interior comfort levels.

Business and Technology 3M Pistonz – ‘No Roll Down’ Earplugs 3M Company Designed in USA Earplugs designed in the form of an engine piston offering a radical new shape to foam insert earplugs, as well as greater comfort and ease of use.

Automotive and Transport MR16 LED Downlight Lamp and Driver Gerard Lighting Pierlite Australia Crompton Lighting Sylvania Lighting Australasia Designed in Australia and China A LED that replaces a 50W dichroic halogen lamp with innovative features.

Hyundai Elantra Hyundai Motor Company Australia Hyundai America Technical Center Hyundai Motor Company Namyang Design Center Designed in USA A small car encompassing Hyundai's latest Fluidic Sculpture design, advanced safety and fuel efficiency.

Peugeot RCZ Coupe Nimbus LED.next Office Air LED 45/99 Nimbus Group KODA Lighting Designed in Germany A complete redevelopment in LED technology, this floor or table lamp has direct and indirect light which can be controlled separately.

Orangebox Ara Orangebox Designed in United Kingdom A chair of refined performance, comfort and support that redefines our perspective on sustainability.

Automobiles Peugeot Peugeot Automobiles Australia Designed in France A compact 2+2 coupe that marks a new stage in the line-up of Peugeot’s leisure vehicles and features the latest Peugeot Lion brand identity.

Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner Booster Seat for Cars Britax Childcare Designed in Australia A car booster seat to restrain children from approximately four to eight years old using the car’s seat belt.

Artificial Alabaster Stone Rong Jih Designed in Germany and China An eco-friendly artificial stone with light penetrating properties that results in a gentle light source, [reflecting] Taiwan’s fine craftsmanship and design culture.

ASSA ABLOY Aperio C100 Series Cylinder ASSA ABLOY AB ASSA ABLOY Australia Designed in Sweden A mechanical lock designed to complement existing electronic access control systems, providing a simple, intelligent way to upgrade the security level of premises.

Crinia C7™ Wireless Headset Crinia Design + Industry Designed in Australia A wireless headset designed for the professional communications market featuring patented LIVE SWAP technology.

HP ENVY 100 e-All-in-One

RØDE VideoMic Pro

Hewlett-Packard Designed in USA A new brand of printer to fit consumers’ modern lifestyles and designed specifically to inhabit users’ living spaces.

Intelligy™ Energy Management System Millennium Electronics Designed in Australia An energy management system that provides complete control over energy consumption, helping to minimise energy usage, reduce bills and environmental impact.

Intensity Shuttle Blackmagic Design Designed in Australia The world’s first portable USB 3.0 video capture device designed for video editing professionals and gaming developers.

MST – ICCL LED Headpiece Mine Site Technologies A.Forrester Vicious Power Designed in Australia An LED headpiece designed to replace traditional incandescent bulbs used for the past 50 years.

Open Area Smoke Imaging Detector (OSID) Xtralis Designed in Australia An innovative optical beam smoke detector that uses a camera-like imager instead of a photo-diode based receiver.

Qantas Next Generation Check-In Qantas Airways Blue Sky Design Group Euroline Marc Newson Designed in Australia An innovative airport check-in system that reduces queuing and check-in times.

Quest duo: Mobile Sales + Mobile Payment Quest Payment Systems Outerspace Design Designed in Australia A handheld sales and payment device for the retail and hospitality industries. Its unique two-sided architecture allows sales to be entered on one side and payments processed on the other.

Bosch Logixx 8 Washing Machine with Vario Perfect

RØDE Microphones Konstrukt Designed in Australia A broadcast quality microphone designed to be mounted to video camcorders and the latest generation of digital SLR cameras with video capture.

Bosch Home Appliances Designed in Germany A clever washing machine with fast wash combined with energy efficient options.

TZ Packaged Asset Delivery Solutions

Breville Smart Grinder

Infinity Design Development TZ Designed in Australia and USA A system designed for use by businesses to streamline and improve parcel distribution between the collection point and intended recipients.

Breville Group Cube Industrial Design Designed in Australia A coffee grinder that delivers a precise dose of freshly ground beans. Calibrates each dose every time the grind size is adjusted.

Breville Tea Maker

Consumer 321 Water Half A Teaspoon Charlwood Design Bayly Group Toolcraft Designed in Australia A beautifully designed, re-usable water bottle with a distinctive French-Press filter system.

Breville Group Cube Industrial Design Designed in Australia A fully automated tea maker for all types of teas. The tea basket automatically raises and lowers in complete silence to achieve the desired brew strength.

Dyson Digital Slim Baby Jogger City Select Baby Jogger Australia The Amazing Baby Company Designed in USA A baby jogger presenting 16 unique seating combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo.

Blanco LCD Induction Cooktop CI804L Blanco Designed in France An induction cooktop in a metallic champagne colour in response to the demand for flushed, integrated cooktops that blend in with light coloured bench tops.

BlueAnt Q2 Platinum BlueAnt Wireless Studio Periscope Designed in Australia A bluetooth headset that features caller name announce, voice answer, voice access, patent pending wind armour technology and sophisticated styling.

Dyson Designed in United Kingdom A cordless vacuum cleaner designed for everyday cleaning, featuring a detachable long-reach wand to easily reach up top, down below or in-between.

Easy Up Safe and Easy Downlight System Easy Up Lighting Jadig Corporate Designed in Australia A revolutionary lighting system designed to enable users to replace MR16 downlight globes with their feet planted firmly on the ground.

EcoSmart Fire “STIX” EcoSmart Fire Hiroshi Tsunoda Design Studio Designed in Spain Barcelona-based designer Hiroshi Tsunoda has designed a fireplace with a contemporary twist on the traditional campfire.

Electrolux E:Line French Door Refrigerator Bosch ActiveWater Smart Dishwasher Bosch Home Appliances Designed in Germany Measuring just 45cm or 60cm in height, this new dishwasher is designed as a modular appliance enabling full integration almost anywhere in the kitchen.

Electrolux Home Products Designed in Australia A refrigerator with a Frenchdoor design, freezer on the bottom and fridge on the top, giving easy access to everyday fresh food items.

24 Good Design™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011


Consumer (continued) Electrolux E:Motion Wok Set Electrolux Home Products Designed in Australia A stylish trivet which allows wok cooking on induction hobs.

Joeycan (Australia) Designed in Australia A combination bucket and watering can designed to collect and re-use water as people adjust the temperature when turning on their showers.

Kenwood Meat Mincer MG700 Electrolux E:Volution Barbecue Electrolux Home Products Designed in Australia Designed to harmonise with its environment, this streamlined barbecue comes with thoughtful details and stylish durable finishes.

Electrolux UltraActive Electrolux AB Designed in Sweden A high performance, cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner designed to help get the job done quicker.

Kenwood Designed in United Kingdom A kitchen meat mincer with market leading performance, iconic design; made with premium quality materials.

Miele CM5 Series of Benchtop Coffee Machines Miele & Cie. KG Miele Design Centre Miele Australia Designed in Germany A benchtop coffee machine incorporating the innovative Cappuccinatore user interface.

Miele Cordless Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux UltraSilencer Green Electrolux AB Designed in Sweden Addressing issues of energy consumption, materials use and embodied energy, this product is 35% more efficient and uses 55% recycled plastic in its manufacture.

Ergorapido Plus Electrolux AB Designed in Sweden An upright vacuum cleaner that offers consumers instant graband-go cleaning performance.

Miele & Cie. KG Miele Design Centre Miele Australia Designed in Germany A world-first hybrid compact vacuum cleaner in domestic floorcare designed to use either mains power or a rechargeable battery system.

Fisher & Paykel Designed in New Zealand The world’s first and only 900mm DishDrawer. A flexible racking system for items such as chopping boards and wine glasses which usually require hand washing.

Grundig Trio Touch Bush Australia Grundig Therefore Product Design Consultants Designed in Australia and United Kingdom Combining eye-catching Australian and European design and advanced technology, this music system provides access to a wide range of music sources.

Samsung Electronics Designed in Korea A washing machine featuring Samsung’s new cutting edge Bubble Wash technology delivering advanced fabric care by minimising damage.

Samsung Four Door French Door Refrigerator Samsung Electronics Designed in Korea The latest in refrigerator design to offer increased capacity using proprietary space technology, a flexible middle drawer and Twin Cooling Plus technology.

Samsung Series 8 LED TV Samsung Electronics Designed in Korea An LED television reducing the bezel around the screen to only 5mm and showcases a new design, connectivity functions and immersive experiences.

Scanpan IQ Scanpan Designed in Denmark Incorporating the Silencio System, this cookware features streamlined silicone rimmed lids for clang-free cooking. Integrated steam vents direct steam away from the body.

Oates Sqwivel Mop Oates Charlwood Design Designed in Australia A swivel mop specially designed to combine convenience with an innovative swivelling mechanism allowing you to twist and turn the mop as you use it.

Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS9000

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Wide

Samsung Bubble Wash Washing Machine

Philips Design Royal Philips Electronics Designed in Hong Kong A compact yet complete music system delivering unparalleled purity and precision of sound from iPhones and iPods.

QuickSmart Back Pack Stroller Funtastic Designed in Australia An ultra-convenient travel stroller that folds in four intuitive steps for guardians on the go.

Siemens iQ700 ActiveAir Technology Condenser Dryer Siemens Home Appliances Designed in Germany Boasting a 6.5kg capacity, this 6+ star energy efficiency rated clothes dryer affords your laundry plenty of room to spare.

Sunbeam Pure Elements® Grill – GC7200 Sunbeam Corporation Designed in Australia A grill capturing a dynamic aesthetic within a mature category dominated by stainless steel finishes.

Sunbeam Pure Elements® Toaster – TA8200 Sunbeam Corporation Designed in Australia A toaster featuring the CNC anodised aluminium extrusion, exposed edges, and softly textured plastic details Sunbeam’s Pure Elements® range signifies.

design award – sustainability


Open COnneCt Share

through the integration of furniture and technology, media:scape™ is reshaping the way people collaborate in a connected world. reshape your collaborative experience – locally – globally. media:scape™ with hD Videoconferencing.

Sydney 61 2 9660 5511 Melbourne 61 3 9670 1555 steelcase.com

26 Good Design™ Accolades DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

Sunbeam Verve® Irons

Root Blade

ResMed Quattro FX Full Face Mask

Ian’s Ideas Designed in Australia A long handle shovel designed to extract plants and weeds from the ground by the roots for destruction.

Sunbeam Corporation Designed in Australia Sunbeam’s next generation domestic steam iron designed to replace the Ultura® – Australia’s number one selling iron range for over a decade.

ResMed – Quattro FX Design Team Designed in Australia A full-face mask system delivering ongoing effective sleep therapy for people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, comfortably, reliably and safely.

Smart Roller Nano Smart Openers Designed in Australia A premium residential roll-up door which blends beautifully with the aesthetics of the once forgotten part of the home.

Heavy Machinery Ontrak OFB-30 Feeder Breaker Ontrak Engineering Designed in Australia A machine for underground coal mines that breaks and feeds ore, designed and engineered to be the best built and performing machine of its type.

Real Inventions Jamb Designed in Australia A new stair layout tool innovatively designed to make it easy to set out any type of stair stringers.

Desert Eco Adapt Advanced Urinal Cartridge Outerspace Design Desert Ecosystems Designed in Australia An innovative waterless urinal cartridge making the switch to waterless urinals easy, risk-free and hassle-free.

Zip HydroTap All In One Zip Heaters (Australia) Designed in Australia A world-first water dispensing unit providing boiling, chilled, hot, cold and ambient water from a single tap.

EM-Series LED Pool Lighting range Spa Electrics Marc Fraser Design Designed in Australia An energy-efficient, high-output, ultra-compact and modular 12 volt lighting system that is adaptable to fibreglass, vinyl and concrete swimming pools.

Zip HydroTap Compact 2 Zip Heaters (Australia) Designed in Australia An extremely compact under-sink water dispensing unit featuring an easy-to-use digital LCD display with multiple functions.

Golf – Electrical Distribution Board

Hunter Pacific Vortx V500i Exhaust Fan Hunter Pacific International Designed in Australia A 150mm diameter ducted axialfan system that snaps together, offering fast low-cost installation with performance similar to larger diameter extractor fans.

Bolwell Edge Bolwell RV Bolwell Corporation Designed in Australia A radical, fully moulded fibreglass caravan combining light weight, strength and aerodynamics.

Stair Square

Housing and Building

Hager B&R Hager Electro GmbH & Co KG Designed in France An electrical distribution board designed for easy installation offering use in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Sport and Leisure

Medical and Scientific OXO® Good Grips Pre-Filled Syringe for Rheumatoid Arthritis UCB Australia OXO Smart Design Designed in USA, Belgium and United Kingdom A pre-filled syringe designed for people with rheumatoid arthritis using principles of universal design.

Contour GPS Hands-free Video Camera Contour Salix Designsense Meeco Sales Designed in USA and New Zealand A hands-free video camera that adds an entirely new dimension to your storytelling.

Knog Sausage Locks Catalyst Design Group Knog Designed in Australia A range of bicycle sausage locks with soft-to-touch, seamless, over-moulded silicone outer casing, guarantees no scratches.

Knog Strongman Catalyst Design Group Knog Designed in Australia A single piece, investment cast hardened steel bicycle lock that forms a highly secure mechanical assembly, with the custom press formed U-shackle strengthening against high tensile forces.

MGI Navigator G800 MGI Designed in Australia The world’s first motorised golf buggy with onboard GPS course mapping, complemented by StraightTracker technology.


28 Powerhouse Museum Design Award DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

celebrating excellence in australian product design Since 1992 the Powerhouse Museum has recognised excellence in Australian product design with its own selection, as part of the Australian International Design Awards. This encompasses a selection of finalists, and one Powerhouse Museum Design Award recipient. The Museum displays the winning products in the Success and Innovation Gallery for one year. Products demonstrate innovation in design, technology or materials that offer real benefit to users. They must also show potential to become important in the lives of Australians, be significant to local industry, or provide an opportunity for Australian design to be recognised globally.

Powerhouse Museum Design Award

Backpack Bed Swags for Homeless Tony Clark Lisa Clark

“ Products that demonstrate innovation in design, technology or materials”

Powerhouse Museum Selection

Axolotl Concrete Axolotl Group

Caroma Flow GWA Bathrooms & Kitchens

FlipBike FlipBike Ideation Design

Golden Circle Chilled Juice Bottle Outerspace Design Heinz Australia

Joeycan Joeycan (Australia)

Klinch Tool Tethers Rocka Devices

ResMed S9T Series with Automatic Climate Control™ ResMed – Sleep SBU – S9 Design Team ResMed Motor Technologies Inc Blue Sky Design Group

Sunbeam Pure Elements® Toaster – TA8200 Sunbeam Corporation

30 Australian Design Award – James Dyson Award DESIGN AWARDS YEARBOOK 2011

student design awards

GOLD PRIZE 1 Liquid Nitrogen Carrier Joshua Sunghoon Mun University of Technology Sydney Designed in Australia

A multipurpose liquid nitrogen carrier unit with the ability to store, organise, transport and reduce evaporation and exposure of liquid nitrogen in the workplace. “An effective solution to an existing workplace problem backed up by exquisite detailing, extensive market research and industry-standard presentation. I’d be very proud to call this my own.” SILVER PRIZE 2 9th Life – Personal Flotation Device for Water Sports Chris Fox University of New South Wales Designed in Australia



An innovative personal flotation device designed for water sport participants to overcome their perceived barriers to wearing a life jacket. “Highly innovative use of technology in a wearable, usable design that has unearthed a real opportunity in the market.” BRONZE PRIZE 3 Mass Rescue Board Christina Heggie Monash University Designed in Australia

A surf rescue board incorporating a number of innovations compared to existing systems. “Good evolution of a necessary tool in the surf lifesaving industry born from observation of product usage and maintenance over time.”

finalists all designed in australia



Jonathan Liow Monash University

HIGHLY COMMENDED 4 Airdrop Irrigation


Edward Linacre Swinburne University of Technology

Berty Bhuruth University of New South Wales

Designed in Australia

A response to poor agricultural conditions in periods of severe drought. “Appropriate design at its best, based on a sound idea, well thought-out construction and meeting market needs in rural territories.”


Ajiro – Naturally Grown Urban Personal Mobility Alexander Vittouris Monash University

Sonic Scan Richard Webb University of New South Wales

EFD – Emergency Flotation Device 4

Ben Lau University of Canberra

Proteus Folding Motorcycle Helmet Jessica Lea Dunn University of Technology Sydney

“ To be a good designer you need to be a student of observation” – paul huxtable

Hy-Jack Low Profile Telescopic Hydraulic Jack Eric Chau University of New South Wales

G-Navi Youndong (Shawn) Kim University of Technology Sydney

Industrial Design @ UNSW


One of the leading Industrial Design education programs in Australia with graduates working for cutting edge Australian and International award winning firms 20 years of Industrial Design at UNSW www.fbe.unsw.edu.au SnowGlazed Instant Ice Cream Maker | Jason Khiang